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New Bushwacked Song Not Critical at All of George W. Bush, Says Composer C.R.

. Ecker, the composer of the apolitical title song and the nine others in the 'Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke)' album says misperceptions that the lead song represents a creative slur against former President George W. Bus h are creating an unwarranted controversy within weeks of the album launch. Los Angeles, CA. August 25, 2011 -- The just launched Bushwacked (Bewildered, Bea t-up Bad and Broke) album's title song, by The C.R. Ecker Band, is creating contr oversy, one the composer of the lead song says is "misguided and unfair." "It's not about him; it's about all who are suffering economic misfortune and th ose who sympathize with them. If anything, I consider the song, written and reco rded in 1991 but only offered to the public this summer, an 'Anthem of American Angst'. The negative reaction solely to the use of the word 'Bushwacked' from pe ople who are unwilling to even listen to the song is unfortunate, and not even u nderstandable, given our trying economic times. C.R. Ecker makes that claim after an Orange County (CA) Fair meet and greet" as p art of an album launch promotion. He says a group of fan-goers accused him of ano ther George Bush-bashing song just based on hearing the title name and seeing pro motional shirts bearing the full album title. Ecker explained that was not possible as the song was written, and recorded, in 1991. He also pointed to the Bushwacked Sing-along Video on YouTube as another ind icator that the song is apolitical. The album was released August 1 with ten tra ditional and contemporary country songs reflecting a variety of country themes a nd styles. Additionally, Ecker arranged for a Facebook posting to 750 Republicans solicitin g reaction to the song just after the launch. But over ten days, the message got no response whatsoever, presumably because of misinterpretation of the word Bushw acked, notes the former Communications Director for the GOP candidate who challeng ed the Democrat incumbent in the 35th California Congressional District Race las t year. "There can be no other explanation." I made it clear the lead song with its alliterative title is an anthem of American Angst that all Americans, no matter their politics, should rally behind in these troubled times, more challenging than when I first wrote the song twenty years ago. But I realize there have been approximately one half-dozen videos with the word Bushwacked or Bushwhacked produced over the past decade antagonistic to the for mer President. "My song and video should not be lumped among them. There is no finger pointing in either and that is clear to anyone hearing the song or watching the video. Ecker adds that he was not influenced in writing the song title by former Presid ent George H.W. Bush, a man I hold in high regard. The album, so far ignored by traditional AM and FM country stations, is availabl e in the United States and worldwide through all major digital music download se rvices and the lead song broadcast via several Internet Radio services, world-wi de. A portion of the proceeds from the album sales go to Wounded Warrior Project and D.E.L.T.A. Animal Rescue, a large no-kill sanctuary north of Los Angeles. Contact : Charles Ecker Charles R. Ecker Music Publishing Los Angeles, CA

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