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Weekly Training Report

Day 1:1 June 2011:

It was my first day of training. I entered COCA-COLA as a six week summer trainee programme.I along with six other trainee had an induction and orientation session with Divya madam .Miss. Divya briefed us with Coca-Cola regarding its history, network and products. A PowerPoint presentation was given to us on Waves beverages motto, its business model, its coverage area in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and various rules to be followed for being a part of Waves beverages. Later on we had an interaction with GM of CCI(Coca Cola India.). The discussion session with the GM was very interesting, healthy and made the environment very light. I thoroughly enjoyed my interaction with him. He boosted my morale and made me mentally ready for entering into training programme. The line which was centre of focus on that day was that we are here to add value to already existing system i.e. I have to prove myself as an asset not liability on the part of organization.

Day 2:2 June 2011:

On that day we had to report for a gate meeting at 7:30 a.m. GM of sales had a meeting about various schemes to be followed by dealers. Then we had a short interaction with GM of sales which was again a nice learning experience. After that Divya mam allotted us a sales supervisor with whom we had to visit a market. I was accompanied by Mr.Arvind who took me to Islamabad area. We covered almost 20 outlets. These outlets were divided into 3 categories: 1. Convenience shops 2. Eating and drinking points 3. Grocery shops. Arvind sir told me about visicoolers. Three points were covered about visicoolers:

1. Purpose: To create an impulse. For this reason glass doors were

provided. 2. Purity: All products in visicooler should belong to Coca-Cola, no competitor products should be there otherwise it would be considered as impure. 3. Shelving: RGB and PET bottles should be arranged according to company prescribed stacking order. OBSERVATION: 1. The coverage of coca cola in that area (Islamabad) was more than 80 percent. 2. The relationships maintained with various outlets owners are prominent feature of more coverage. 3. This market visit made me learn how to deal with various levels people, Handle their grievances and assuring them that their interest are given due consideration. My supervisor Mr.Arvind was very supportive, told me each and every aspect and answered my queries completely. Various outlets covered on that day were: 1. Sharma cold drinks. 2. Sidh baba balak shop 3. Sandhu dairy 4. Good Morning Confectionery. 5. Pardesi Ice Cream 6. Classic ice cream parlor 7. Gulzar sweets. 8. Bawa kulcha. 9. Setha di hatti 10. Heera confectionery. 11. Dutta Shop 12. Mahadevan Confectionery 13. Sardar dairy.

Day 3: 3 June 2011:

On 3 June I attended gate meeting. GM of sales announced scheme of that day and along with that passes of READY movie were given to distribute among various outlets owners , distributors as a promotional effort. After that I had to leave for university to attend yearly meeting in Food Science and Technology Department.

Day 4: 4 June 2011:

On that day same schedule was followed I attended gate meeting at 7:30 a.m. The GM on that day announced target of 9000 crates. I was allotted sales dealer Mr. Kasturi to accompany him during his delivery area covering Shivala Colony, Tilak Nagar and Majitha road along with the truck carrying stock. He was given target of 125 crates. OBSERVATION 1. On that day I viewed market from point how the filling of crates is being done, day to day basis payment is being taken. 2. One thing I observed that many outlet owners had a complaint of lower schemes as compared to Pepsi schemes. Overall it was good experience. Various outlets covered on that day were: 1. Ashwani cold drinks (dealer) 2. Makhan chicken 3. Madaan hospital canteen 4. Vijay tea stall. 5. Bhandari hospital canteen. 6. Beera chicken. 7. Ram Ashram school canteen. 8. Government Dental College girls hostel canteen

9. Mokha hospital and kidney centre canteen

10.Dhaliwal hospital canteen 11.Billa chicken bar. 12.Celebration-Pind Baluchhi 13.Malhotra dhaba 14.Dinesh bakery 15.Ashok kiryana 16.Billa pithi walla 17.Bawa general store 18. Mahahajan Karayana. 19.Chaurasiya pan shop 20.Shubham pan shop 21.Beotra cold drinks 22.Chinar hot shop 23.Tango hut 24. Gaurav refreshments. 25.Deepak tea stall 26. Shiv shankar Bhog Bhandar 27.Vijay Mahajan general store 28.Gupta STD PCO 29.Daljit eye hospital canteen. 30.Rakesh Mahajan Karayana store. Submitted By: Manpreet Kaur