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Dear City Council Colleagues, Let me take this opportunity to address a matter that has impacted, challenged and questioned my character and public leadership. Generally, I do not respond to such attacks. However, my sense of right and wrong compels me to invoke this public discussion at this time.

Recently, City Council was asked to consider and vote on legislation awarding a


associated with Ezion Fair Baptist Church, $250,000 to construct a gym that would be under the guidance, control and management of Ezion's CDC. While it was presented as a public gym, it, in fact, will be a facility under the absolute guidance of Ezion's CDC. And, of course, the
r -

CDC's design places it under Rev. Curry's control. This violates the separation of church and state constitutional principle. Notably, as a councilman this constitutional principle challenges me. It is, however, my duty as a councilman to voice and execute my wisdom-principles and opinions on behalf of Wilmington's citizenry.

Exercising myduty has caused Rev. Chris Curry to publicly attack me as an elected official. As Ezion's pastor, Rev. Curry during his Sunday, August 21,2011 service found some basis in scripture to vehemently criticize my opposition to the City's awarding $250,000 to

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CITY COUNCIL ~ 94343300

NO. 880


Ezion's CDC for a quasi public gym. By doing so, Rev. Curry invoked four (4) concerns that causes me to publicly comment. First, Rev. Curry criticized my separation of church and state rationale, resulting in a no vote. Knowing that two other council members offered similar and additional rationales, and voted no, Rev. Curry did not in any way whatsoever mention their names or criticize them. I have tried to draw some reasonabledistinction Also, I am a Republican; they are democrats. Secondly, to publicly present his ire, disdain and disagreement with me from the pulpit causes me concern. It is the intertwining of church and state that caused my initial opposition. The content of his criticism is even more disturbing. I was accused of being vindictive and vengeful relating to Rev. Curry's role withjoining the State in its high tech lynching of Moyer Academy. While I disagree with his and other leaders' roles, and have said so publicly, at no time have I called names. Rev. Curry should reveal the role he played in secretly travelling to New Orleans on a paid mission for the State to assess how K12 a curriculum. company, not a, management company, was struggling to operate the Sarah T. Reed Academy a state takeover school. And ultimately Louisiana did not give K12 that charter. This was due to prevalent conflicts between K12 (for profit), Louisiana and, Reed's Board. The same conflicts that Delaware ignored in its review process. And Reed's rating under K12 was subpar. Yet that company was selected by the State. as to why. One fact is I am black; they are white.

Rev. Curry went on to profess that he had cleaned up the mess at Moyer. But has he? The initial Moyer had 480 students, with a commendable rating and operating with a substantial surplus. Curry's Moyer has approximately 200 students, but needs 300 students, to turn a profit.

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CITY COUNCIL ~ 94343300

NO. 880


The board is in internal disarray, and in conflict with K12. Recently, they voted out or caused the board President to quit. This was led by Rev. Curry, again doing the deeds for K12 and State. Will he become the president? Parents are dissatisfied and complaining. High school students only work on computers all day. There is little to no interaction with a live classroom teacher. All but two (2) teachers that K12 hired last year have left. The students only go to school Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM - 5:00PM, with no school on Fridays. And finding the days too long for instruction school is consistently dismissed between 4 - 4:30PM. The State now mandates that

the school be opened on Fridays from 9:00AM -12:30PM. However, this is tutorial time, not


classroom instructional time. This cannot be a best practice for education. This is a schedule for adult faculty and staff lifestyle and convenience. And yet, with all of this Rev. Curry claims to have saved Moyer. Thirdly, given the State's new charter scho?llaw regarding board members career history as well as other character indicators, is Rev. Curry eligible to serve? Rev. Curry left his administrative position at Delaware State University and Lincoln University under challenging conditions. He needs to shed light on this matter.

Fourth, Rev. Curry telephoned me Monday, August 22, 2011, and not the other two councilmen with accusations and threats. Again, he questioned the motives for my rationale and vote. He threatened to get me in the 2012 elections. He states that he will turn the Southbridge community against me. I am okay with this disagreement and it is his privilege as he put it to get me. However, the same scrutiny is warranted of the other two councilmen, one of whom covers Southbridge.

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Generally, I do not respond to such nonsense and foolishness as this. However, Rev. Curry's actions against me represent the mean spirit of American politics today. It represents the absolute rationale, values, and public policy for separation of church and state. Finally, sadly and unfortunately, it represents black on black hatred and disrespect.

This is not the first time that Rev. Curry has placed lobbying or threatening calls to the
City Council. He called me and other council members to demand support for legislation precluding the Mayor from entering into one (l) year contracts for $250,000 or more. At that time his language was threatening as opposed to articulating values or a policy position. Now he is asserting himself into local politics under the guise of Ezion's CDC, making transparent the public policy concerns raised in such matters. By preaching politics in his service Rev. Curry seems to have made the quid pro quo of local politics more important than the salvation of his flock.

Thanks, you are so kind.

Michael A. Brown City Councilman At-Large


Mayor James M. Baker

"If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing 80 until the end If the end brings me out all right, what's said against me won't amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference. . -- Abraham Lincoln
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