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^970Version 2.1.6^* ----------^292- ^*The current Free Heroes have changed.

The current available list is: ^717* ^*^079Forsaken Archer^* ^717* ^*^079Arachna^* ^717* ^*^079Soul Reaper^* ^717* ^*^079Maliken^* ^717* ^*^079Madman^* ^717* ^*^079Legionnaire^* ^717* ^*^079Amun-Ra^* ^717* ^*^079Tundra^* ^717* ^*^079Pyromancer^* ^717* ^*^079Deadwood^* ^717* ^*^079Slither^* ^717* ^*^079Bubbles^* ^717* ^*^079Glacius^* ^717* ^*^079Jeraziah^* ^717* ^*^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292- ^*^428Matchmaking groups are now persistent^* ^717* ^*After a match or when a game fails to be made you will still be in the s ame group you were in before for easy requeueing ^292- ^*Made some adjustments to the matchmaking algorithm that should match up groups with other groups much closer to their MMR value than before ^292- ^*Groups of 5 solo players will no longer be matched against a full group of 5 under any circumstances ^292- ^*Made several improvements to decrease the chances of players failing to load into a matchmaking games, especially for matchmaking groups with multiple p layers on one IP address that are behind overly strict routers/firewalls (causin g grey circles) ^292- ^*Adjusted how the PSR/MMR calculations work slightly and put a low end ca p of 750 PSR/MMR ^717* ^*Any players who are below this value will have their PSR/MMR adjusted up to 750 after the patch ^292- ^*Over the weekend we plan to turn on and test a new feature we've been wo rking on: ^428Match Stat Re-submissions^* ^717* ^*If at any time a game server is unable to submit match stats properly at the end of the game, it will let players in game know that the match submission failed, and attempt to re-submit the stats from that match at a later time (nor mally within 15-30 minutes) ^717* ^*To those that have experienced frustration due to matches not being reco rded in the past, we apologize. Moving forward we are taking serious action to m itigate this sort of occurrence from happening and want to thank everybody for t heir patience with us ^292- ^*When receiving an incoming whisper coming from ClanWhisper or BuddyWhisp er the game client will no longer add the sender to the /reply history ^717* ^*This is to stop players from having a conversation, getting a clan or bu ddy whisper, typing /r and then realizing they sent the message to a person they didn't intend to ^292- ^*Fixed a crash with an unexpected format for JPEG custom account icons ^292- ^*Fixed projectiles stopping mid-air if the touch active schemes were inva lid ^292- ^*Buildings in the bases now have 0 death time so they don't block movemen t after death ^292- ^*Current Health and Mana Regen are now shown on the right side of the bar s ^292- ^*Touched up all of the Taunt voice responses in the game to be more clear

and able to be heard well ^090Wards^* ^292- ^*Attacks will always hit wards now, no more uphill miss chance against th em ^292- ^*Now have 4 max health, each hit takes off 1 health ^292^717* ^292^292^292^*Added ^*Based ^*Added ^*Added ^*Added a New Hero: ^079Geomancer^* off the Intelligence Community Contest Winner^* a new Early Access Limited Edition Alt Avatar: ^079Centipedalisk^* a new Alt Avatar: ^079Sub Zero Accursed^* a new Taunt: ^095Heavy Metal Taunt^*

^292- ^*Fixes to ^079Monkey King^* so auto leveling his abilities through a Guid e will work properly ^970Version 2.1.5^* ----------^292- ^*Fixed ^090Shieldbreaker^* applying the debuff on Spell Damage ^292- ^*Fixed ^079Frost Rider^* slow from ^256Cursed Shield^* working correctly ^292- ^*This was missing from the 2.1.4 Patch Notes: ^717* ^*^079Amun-Ra^*'s ^256Path of Destruction^* is now a ground target ability instead of a facing ability. Still goes 600 units, just in the direction you ta rget ^970Version 2.1.4^* ----------^292- ^*The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is: ^717* ^*^079Soulstealer^* ^717* ^*^079Silhouette^* ^717* ^*^079Defiler^* ^717* ^*^079Gladiator^* ^717* ^*^079Tremble^* ^717* ^*^079Devourer^* ^717* ^*^079Pestilence^* ^717* ^*^079Magmus^* ^717* ^*^079Blacksmith^* ^717* ^*^079Pebbles^* ^717* ^*^079Rampage^* ^717* ^*^079Pollywog Priest^* ^717* ^*^079Nymphora^* ^717* ^*^079Andromeda^* ^717* ^*^079Vindicator^* ^292^292^292^292^*Fixed a duplicate bug with Guides ^*Ingame levelup effects now delayed slightly ^*Added spectator chat ignore checkbox in the Spec UI ^*Updated minimalist options for spec UI

^292- ^*Healing radius of the Wells increased to better match the actual water ^292- ^*Tree of Life and Sacrifical Shrine now have truesight ^970== NPCs ==^* ^292g. ^292^292^717* ^*Fixed sound bug with the bad range(warlocks) NPCS death sound not playin ^*Added death sounds to the good range(archers). ^*^095Kongor^* ^*Fixed the faction, non-player-controlled units giving the team 0 gold wh

en they land the killing blow from Kongor. ^717* ^*Now if a non-player controlled unit lands the killing blow on Kongor, th en it gives 230 gold to the team (before it was giving 0) ^970== Items ==^* ^292- ^*Re-ordered components for all recipe items so the most expensive items c ome first. This makes right clicking on an item in the store more useful and les s dumb ^292- ^*All teams now start with a basic ^090Ground Courier^* by default ^292- ^*^090Bottle^* is no longer refilled when held by a Courier ^292- ^*^090Shieldbreaker^*: Increased damage by 10 per level from 30/45/60 to 4 0/55/70 and ignore's the target's Deflection when you attack them ^717* ^*Deflection is the damage blocked by items like Helm of the Black Legion and Iron Shield ^292- ^*^090Alchemist Bones^*' timer is now paused while the hero is dead ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292- ^*Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Frost Rider^* ^079Arachna^* ^292- ^*Movespeed from 290 to 295 ^079Dark Lady^* ^292- ^*^256Dark Blades^* cooldown from 22/18/14/10 to 16/14/12/10 ^292- ^*^256Charging Strikes^* cooldown from 21/17/13/9 to 15/13/11/9 ^079Drunken Master^* ^292- ^*^256Drink^* rescaled to channel for 2 seconds, gaining 2/4/6/8 charges p er second. Upon enemy death in 500 AoE, he gains 2/4/6/8 charges ^292- ^*^256Stagger^* deals 50% more damage to creeps ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*^256Infernal Instability^* now gives 50% mana back if you do not attack anything. ^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292- ^*^256Treant Dogs^* are now limited to 2/3/4/5 max. If you summon more tha n the max the oldest ones will automatically die ^292- ^*^256Treant Dogs^* can no longer attack Towers if they are more than 800 units away from the Keeper ^292- ^*Fixed scripting to be better ^079Magebane^* ^292- ^*^256Master of Mantra^* aura increased from 600 to 800 ^079Monkey King^* ^292- ^*Starting Stength increased by 2 ^292- ^*^256Flying Nimbus^* activation removed. Is now a full passive with a 5 s econd cooldown that will automatically trigger when not taking damage ^970== Bugfixes ==^* ^079Andromeda^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Aurora^* affector speed & lifetime so it matches the visuals

^079Dampeer^* ^292- ^*Fixed his ^256Bloodthirst^* aura so it stacks with ^090Harkon's Blade^*, ^256Webbed Shot^* and ^256Master's Incantation^* ^079Defiler^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug where she can super deny allies & herself ^079Demented Shaman^* ^292- ^*Fixed scripting so ^256Unbreakable^* is more robust against odd frame si tuations (healing 2 times in 1 frame, etc.) ^079Doctor Repulsor^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Opposite Charges^* so it plays the link ^292- ^*Optimized ^256Magnetic Contraption^* a bit ^292- ^*Fixed Portal Key exploit ^079Drunken Master^* ^292- ^*Fixed the double-activate bug on ^256Lunge^* where it can deal 2x the pu sh and 2x the damage ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Lunge^* bug where it was teleporting Drunken Master to (0,0) ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Lunge^* bug when you play animations after dead (again) ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Lunge^*'s push affecting invulnerable units ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Untouchable^*'s "HIC!" sound not playing at the correct times on levels 1 & 2 ^079Emerald Warden^* ^292- ^*Fixed a small visual bug where the large vine model was lingering too lo ng at lower levels of ^256Overgrowth^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Gawain^* using ^256Diving Strikes^* when he's dead ^292- ^*Fixed a super-duper rare bug where he gets glitched after respawn when ^ 256Gawain^* attempts to use Forest's Touch on the same frame he dies ^079Empath^* ^292- ^*Now doesn't follow her last queued action after she gets out of someone ^292- ^*Fixed a visual bug where the wall visual was expiring 1 second before th e real wall expired ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Essence Link^* so it does DOT damage now ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Passing through the ^256Energy Field^* will now automatically break chan nelling if it hits you ^292- ^*Made ^256Spider Mines^* have 0 cast time ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*Made ^256Whirling Blade^* proc on fountain attacks ^292- ^*Fixed a small animation bug where he would still be in charging animatio n if the skill cancels via the distance check ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*Fixed an issue with ^256Eruption^*'s idle animation and the effects ^079Moraxus^* ^292- ^*Made ^256More Axes^* blockable via Arcane Shield and Untouchable ^079Myrmidon^* ^292- ^*Weed field now breaks Succubus' ^256Mesmerize^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug where Carp would stun you if you were rooted or immobilized and had a movement order queued up

^079Parasite^* ^292- ^*Fixed him teleporting to the target's location if the target dies before the ^256Infest^* projectile impacts ^292- ^*Fixed the Parasite-Gauntlet ult bug ^079Pharaoh^* ^292- ^*Fixed a small spawn location bug with his ^256Wrath of the Pharaoh^* if he turns 90 degrees; it now spawns in the correct position relative to Pharaoh & the target ^079Rhapsody^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug where the DoT from ^256Disco Inferno^* wasn't being applied if an enemy was stunned inside ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*Fixed his passive AOE triggering Nomad's ultimate and canceling Succubus ' ^256Mesmerize^* ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*Fixed a small issue with ^256Poison Spray^* target cursor not highlighti ng the correct targets ^079Wretched Hag^* ^292- ^*Fixed an extremely rare bug with ^256Bat Blast^*'s cone visual ^970Version 2.1.3^* ----------^079Master of Arms^* ^292- ^*Fixed some minor icon stuff ^292- ^*Fixed swapping between weapons giving charges to ^090Mana Battery^*/^090 Power Supply^* ^292- ^*Fixed some minor tooltip and icon discrepancies ^079Rhapsody^* ^292- ^*Fixed some minor missing icons and tooltips ^292- ^*Fixed a bug where you could tab to the dance floor ^292- ^*Fixed aura effects ^292- ^*Fixed aura not affecting SuperiorMagic ^292- ^*Fixed Attack Projectile ^970Version 2.1.2^* ----------^292- ^*The current Free Heroes have changed. The current available list is: ^717* ^*^079Wildsoul^* ^717* ^*^079Emerald Warden^* ^717* ^*^079Aluna^* ^717* ^*^079Nomad^* ^717* ^*^079Pandamonium^* ^717* ^*^079Electrican^* ^717* ^*^079Moraxus^* ^717* ^*^079Tempest^* ^717* ^*^079Myrmidon^* ^717* ^*^079Dampeer^* ^717* ^*^079Torturer^* ^717* ^*^079Succubus^* ^717* ^*^079Accursed^* ^717* ^*^079Flux^* ^717* ^*^079Hellbringer^* ^292- ^*^428Purchasing Early Access to a hero now unlocks a Limited Edition Alt

Avatar for that hero for free^* ^717* ^*This Limited Edition Alt Avatar is only available while the hero is Earl y Access ^717* ^*You can see what the Alt Avatar looks like in the Early Access part of t he Hon Store ^717* ^*All prior purchases of ^079Monkey King^* will be given the new Alt Avata r automatically ^292- ^*^428Hero picking screen expanded^* ^717* ^*OMG HOW DID WE DO THAT? MAGIC! ^292- ^*UI fixes to the HoN Store and game lobby ^292- ^*Fixed some spec UI cornercase bugs ^292- ^*New option that lets you switch between OpenGL and DirectX in options ^970== Items ==^* ^292- ^*^090Abyssal Skull^*, ^090Nome's Wisdom^*, and ^090Refreshing Ornament^* can now be toggled between all and only heroes ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292- ^*New Intelligence Hero: ^079Rhapsody^* ^292- ^*New Early Access Agility Hero: ^079Master of Arms^* ^292- ^*Added a new Premium Alt Avatar: ^079Overseer Hellbringer^* ^292- ^*Added a new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: ^079Commander of Ar ms^* ^292- ^*Added a new Limited Edition Early Access Alt Avatar: ^079Jade Warrior^* ^079Drunken Master^* ^292- ^*Fixes him playing animations while dead ^079Martyr^* ^292- ^*Can now cast ^256Hand in Hand^* on Magic Immune units ^079Monkey King^* ^292- ^*Fixes to him hitting people who are Physical Immune ^079Parasite^* ^292- ^*Tweak to ^256Infest^* so it checks better for when he dies ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Infest^* giving gold and exp from allied units in cornercase s ituations ^079Tempest^* ^292- ^*Tweak pets visuals ^970Version 2.1.1^* --------^292- ^*A few UI fixes for weird behavior in the HoN Store ^292- ^*Shader fix for macs ^292- ^*^079Parasite^* no longer gets gold or exp from killing an allied creep w ith ^256Infest^* ^079Monkey King^* ^292- ^*^256Illusive Dash^*: accomodated for ^256Slam^* cancelling correctly ^292- ^*Various Vault fixes and optimizations ^717* ^*Fixed teleporting units back to their original position

^717* ^*Fixed AoE impact effect to play properly at the point of damage instead of the Monkey King's position ^717* ^*Fixed AoE impact sound playing multiple times ^970Version^* --------^292- ^*Fixed graphics corruption for Macs ^292- ^*Tweaked selection coloring ^292- ^*Fixed Basic members in a group hosted by a Verified player never being a ble to ready up ^970Version 2.1.0^* --------^292- ^*^428Heroes of Newerth is now Free to Play!^* ^717* ^*Please read Maliken's Letter to the Playerbase ^717* ^*Please refer to our forums for an FAQ that will answer most questions ab out what this means to you ^970== Account Type Explanation ==^* ^292- ^*^428Basic^*: The standard, free account new players will receive upon si gn up. ^717* ^*Access to the weekly 15 free heroes ^717* ^*Matchmaking restricted to All Pick ^717* ^*Can purchase access to additional Heroes through the in-game store ^292- ^*^428Verified^*: Basic accounts that have been upgraded through a show of commitment to their account, by either purchasing Goblin Coins or surpassing a certain threshold of play time ^717* ^*Access to everything a basic player has, plus the ability to participate in Verified Only Matchmaking, to guarantee separation from Basic players if des ired ^717* ^*Can choose to play all matchmaking modes, however the use of Tokens or P asses are required (some tokens are awarded once a Basic account upgrades to Ver ified) ^292- ^*^428Legacy^*: anyone with a paid HoN account before the F2P switch has a utomatically been upgraded to a "Legacy" account ^717* ^*Access to Verified Only matchmaking ^717* ^*Can continue to play all game modes without the need for Tokens or Passe s ^717* ^*Will continue to enjoy free access to the general hero pool ^970== HoN Store ==^* ^292- ^*^428NEW ANNOUNCER: British Gentleman Announcer^* ^292- ^*Alt Avatars are now in a big list and can be sorted by Hero Name, Price Low to High, Price High to Low, or Avatar Name ^292- ^*Previews for Alt Avatars changed to be much larger and more detailed ^292- ^*Alt Avatars are no longer in the vault, if you own them there is a check box next to them in the list ^292- ^*^428Early Access^* ^717* ^*New heroes may be released as part of the Early Access Program ^717* ^*Early Access is a new system that allows Legacy players to purchase the ability to play these heroes prior to being available for FREE in the general he ro pool ^717* ^*Early Access Heroes are disabled in Tournament Mode

^717* ^*For Basic/Verified ("Free to Play" accounts), purchasing a hero that is in the Early Access period will unlock access to that hero for all time ^970== General HoN Changes ==^* ^292- ^*^428Matchmaking^* ^717* ^*Improved matchmaking algorithms to result in slightly faster match times , with potentially more well-balanced teams ^717* ^*Significantly improved matchmaking algorithms for how they pertain to 3v 3 solo matching. Queue times for Grimm's Crossing should be significantly faster for solo players. ^292- ^*^428Social Bonus for Matchmaking added^* ^717* ^*Social Bonus is a replacement for Quick Victory ^717* ^*If you play with 1-2 friends (total of 2-3 people in the party), you get 1 additional coin ^717* ^*If you play with 3-4 friends (total of 4-5 people in the party), you get 2 additional coins ^292- ^*^428Compendium removed, replaced with the Herodex^* ^717* ^*Now contains detailed information about Heroes, including usage stats an d Guides ^292- ^*^428General Interface Changes^* ^717* ^*A lot of the Interface has changed and been updated for ease of use ^717* ^*Midbar redesigned to be more clear and catchy to both new and veterans ^717* ^*Status Bar has players online moved from right to left side and now disp lays your current coins, tokens, and passes ^717* ^*Friends List is now limited to 100 max and shows how many you have onlin e ^292- ^*^428Tutorial Fixes^* ^717* ^*Fixed music warning spam in console (slightly improves performance) ^717* ^*Fixed an issue that was preventing the confirmation button on the "you h ave died" message from allowing the player to continue ^292- ^*Randoming in All Pick no longer gives bonus Gold ^292- ^*A few small updates for stat submissions ^292- ^*Group chat channels will no longer show the "Auto-Connect" checkbox and accompanying tooltip next to it ^717* ^*Clicking the "X" in a group chat channel will now remove you from that g roup ^292- ^*Fixed a few typos in the Matchmaking window ^292- ^*All Random is no longer a checkbox. It is now a Game Mode similar to All Pick, Random Draft, or Banning Pick ^292- ^*Practice mode can now only be All Pick ^292- ^*Can now spawn Alt Avatars in Practice mode if you own them ^292- ^*Added new tooltips for when players hover over the voice chat button in the game lobby. ^292- ^*If a player is ignored then the player who has ignored them will no long er receive messages about them when the ignored player silences them from a chan nel or bans/unbans them from a channel ^717* ^*This also fixes people spamming you with clan invites while under the ef fects of /dnd ^292- ^*Editor now has the Water Tool added! ^970== General Gameplay Changes ==^*

^292- ^*When attacking from the fog, the amount of time you are revealed to the enemy has been lowered from 3 seconds to 1.25 seconds ^292- ^*All neutral creeps abilities have had their cast times lowered from 500m s cast time to 250ms ^292- ^*Removed a rock in the west Legion large neutral camp that blocked moveme nt ^292- ^*Removed the statue on top of the hill to the west of the Legion Ancient Camp ^292- ^*Water on Caldavar replaced with dynamic better water ^292- ^*Added new tooltips to the in game buttons for sharing units with allies, enabling/disabling no-help, and toggling voice chat. ^292- ^*Fix to ^090Homecoming Stone^* and ^079Dr Repulsor's^* ^256Electric Frenz y^* ^292- ^*Fix to ^090Homecoming Stone^* and ^090Steamboots^* causing a visual Max HP/MP desync ^292- ^*Teleport (like BooBoo) will now clear fog vision reveal ^717* ^*This should fix the infamous Booboo Cross-map Creep Pull ^292- ^*You can no longer swap an item in your stash with an item on the courier if you do not own the second item ^292- ^*^428New Selection System^* ^717* ^*Heroes and units are highlighted with outlines ^717* ^*White is your selection, Green are allies, Red ^717* ^*By Default, your hero is NOT highlighted. This the options menu by selecting "Self Hero Outline" ^717* ^*Can switch between circles and outlines in the instead of circles are enemies option can be enabled in options menu

^292- ^*^428Hero Guides Fixes^* ^717* ^*Plugged some cases where guides wouldn't work ^717* ^*Should better handle the case where two timeouts occur before the guide is opened (fixes no guide bug) ^717* ^*Featured guides prompted because of a timeout in the second part of the retrieval should now show items and abilities every time (fixes text only bug) ^717* ^*Should recheck the hero every time the guide is opened, in case the ui h asnt loaded when the hero spawn trigger fires (fixes wrong hero bug) ^292- ^*^428Spectator Interface reworked^* ^717* ^*Now has three major adjustable pieces: Information Panel (Bottom Middle) , Pushbars (Top Middle), Hero Panes (Top Left and Top Right) ^717* ^*Spectators can now zoom out much farther ^292- ^*Can now free look with the \ key while a Spectator ^717* ^*Spectator Options menu is accessable in the bottom right of the Informat ion Panel (Gear) ^717* ^*Pushbars at the top now easily show which team has more Gold and Experie nce ^717* ^*A hero taking damage sets off the Gank Alert at the top of the screen ^717* ^*Any item bought that is more expensive than 700 gold pops up next to a h ero portrait and plays a gold noise so you know they bought something and what i t is easily. The value that triggers this event is adjustable in the Spectator O ptions. ^717* ^*Keybindings for the spectator interface can now be shared with ingame on es, so Q W E R are abilities ingame but can be completely different in the spec UI! Some defaulted keybinds/functionality: ^717* ^*TAB, when held, shows the Expanded Hero Panes, the current selected Info rmation Tab, and Expanded Pushbars at the same time ^717* ^*CAPS LOCK, when held, hides all elements (Hero Panes, Info Screen, Pushb ars, Replay Controls) at the same time. This is the inverse of TAB functionality ^717* ^*Left click a hero portrait, it selects the hero. Double left click, it c

enters on the hero. Right click, it locks the camera on the hero. Right click ag ain to undo the lock. ^717* ^*Left click any ability icon to turn on numbered cooldowns on top of the icon. Left click again to undo. ^717* ^*Left click any Health bar to turn on Health bar numbers. Left click agai n to undo. ^717* ^*Left click any Mana bar to turn on Mana bar numbers. Left click again to undo. ^717* ^*Left click the colored large dot to the right of the hero abilities to c ycle hero panes between hidden and shown. Right click to expand all hero portrai ts. ^717* ^*Left click the shield of a team at the top to see the towers and barrack s remaining. Right click to see Gold and Exp differences between teams. Left cli ck on the numbers to cycle between different ways of seeing this ^717* ^*1 through 5 change which Tab at the bottom you are using. In order: Play ers, Stats, Gold per Minute, Experience per Minute, and Player Damage ^717* ^*F1 cycles the visibility of the Hero Panes (None, Default, Expanded) ^717* ^*F2 shows or hides the Information Panel ^717* ^*F3 shows or hides the Pushbars ^717* ^*F4 shows or hides the Replay Controls ^717* ^*Q toggles between all elements Hidden and Shown. This is the same as hit ting F1 through F4, except it only cycles the Hero Panes between None and Defaul t ^717* ^*E locks or unlocks the Camera on the selected unit ^717* ^*X, C, and V snap the camera to the corresponding Gank Alert ^292- ^*^428Replay Controls^* ^717* ^*Based off the Small Replay mod by Duker ^717* ^*Can now free look with the \ key ^717* ^*All buttons are now bindable ^717* ^*Now features a hold to fast forward key (Default F) ^717* ^*Jump to PoV (R) temporarily changes your perspective to that of the unit you have selected until you release the key ^970== Neutral Creeps ==^* ^292- ^*^095Wild Hunter^* (The Magic Immune ones) ^717* ^*Now have the ability to stealth for 15 seconds with 50 bonus attack dama ge on attack out of stealth and 20% movement speed ^292^717* ^717* ^717* ^*^095Ice Ogre armor^* ^*Increase cooldown from 5 to 10 seconds ^*Remove Melee Slow part ^*Duration from 45 to 30 seconds

^970== Items ==^* ^292- ^*Removed the ^090Winged Courier ^*recipe! ^717* ^*The Upgrade ability on a Ground Courier will now take 200 gold from whoe ver uses the ability and upgrade the courier ^717* ^*Can be done anywhere on the map ^292- ^*Basic ^090Ground Courier ^*cooldown increased to 10 seconds ^292- ^*Fixed ^090Stormspirit ^*to work with new channeling state for Homcoming Stones ^292- ^* ^090Nullfire Blade ^*moved to Combative shop from Morph Attack ^292- ^* ^090Energizer ^*manacost lowered by 50 and movespeed buff increased to 75

^970== Heroes ==^* ^292- ^*New hero: ^079Drunken Master^* ^292- ^*New Early Access hero: ^079Monkey King^* ^292- ^*Added an Alt Avatar for^079 Zephyr^*: Snow^079 Zephyr^* ^292- ^*Added an Alt Avatar for Drunken Master: Hillbilly Brawler ^079Amun-Ra^* ^292- ^*Intelligence from 10+1.0 to 15+1.5 ^292- ^*^256 Path of Destruction ^*self damage reduced from 20% to 15% ^079Balphagore^* ^292- ^*Charges gained from enemy spellcasts up from 60% to 75% of the enemy Man acosts ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292- ^*^256 Overload ^*duration lowered from 20/25/30 to 20 seconds at all leve ls ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Keg cooldown from 14 seconds to 12 seconds ^292- ^*Already placed^256 Spider Mines ^*now level up with ability level up, co oldown on recharge from 30 seconds to 25 seconds ^292- ^*^256Energy Field ^*damage per second from 28/58/88 to 50/75/100 ^292- ^*Attack action time from 500 to 450, Damage from 37-50 to 40-47 ^079Martyr^* ^292- ^*^256Sacrificial Lamb ^*now heals nearby allies for (40/60/80/100) + (20/ 30/40/50)% of health sacrificed ^292- ^*^256Retribution ^*now slows 15% base, +1% per 1% of health missing, stil l up to 50% ^079Myrmidon^* ^292- ^*^256Weed Field ^*manacost from 90/100/110/120 to 105/110/115/120 ^292- ^*^256Magic Carp ^*manacost from 85/95/105/115 to 100/105/110/115 ^079Parasite^* ^292- ^*^256Leech ^*damage from 80/130/180/230 to 80/140/200/260 ^292- ^*^256Draining Venom ^*now also benefits creeps that ^079 Parasite ^*inhab its ^292- ^*COLOR=#4682b4] Draining Venom ^*now also applies from ability casts ^079Tremble^* ^292- ^*^256Shudder^* auto-levels with ability level up ^292- ^*^256Terrorport^* no longer costs mana ^292- ^*^256Mounds^* now level properly (previously would give correct aura but incorrect gadget level) ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292- ^*Attack action time from 530 to 450 ^970== Bug Fixes ==^* ^079Aluna^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Power Throw's^* projectile hitting a bit behind her

^079Arachna^* ^292- ^*Removed noninterrupting="true" from her ^256Webbed Shot^* ^717* ^*Fixes the fact she could attack while channeling LOL ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*Fixed^256 Decay ^*dealing damage to enemies while stealthed; it no longe r does so. ^079Electrician^* ^292- ^*Optimized^256 Electric Shield ^*& ^256Energy Absorption^* ^079Emerald Warden^* ^292- ^*Fixed illusions bugging Gawain when you level them up on the illusions ^292- ^*Lowered her ^256Overgrowth's^* trap impact interval from 500ms to 350ms ^292- ^*Fixed Dryad Warden's projectile attack impact sound ^079Empath^* ^292- ^*Fixed^256 As One ^*cooldown to the correct values ^079Flux^* ^292- ^*Hid the^256 Magnetic Surge ^*and^256 Discharge ^*states ^292- ^*Fixed it so the correct state icon is displayed for the proper^256 Relea se ^*state applied (purple for push, light-blue for pull) ^292- ^*Fixed it so the correct colour of rings is displayed on the target for t he proper^256 Release ^*state applied (purple for push, light-blue for pull) ^079Gladiator^* ^292- ^*Fixed the vision from ^256Pitfall^*; now it grants vision of the target area 1 frame before the enemies gets launched into the air. ^079Hammerstorm^* ^292- ^*Set cast time of^256 Galvanize ^*to 1 ^079Madman^* ^292- ^*Fixed another super long^256 Barrel Roll ^*return bug. ^292- ^*Fixed^256 Stalk ^*mod exploit ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*^256 Steam Bath ^*state changed from StatusBuff to StatusStealth ^717* ^*Makes this consistent with all other stealth in the game ^292- ^*Fixed Eruption's SotM-boosted as it was dealing one too few damage pulse s ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*Fixed^079 Nymphora^*'s ^256Zeal's^* projectile hitting a bit behind her ^079Parasite^* ^292- ^*Fixed couriers suddenly stopping when ^079 Parasite ^*infests a creep ^292- ^*Fixed an issue with him not leaping at people the whole way in long leap s ^079Revenant^* ^292- ^*Fixed enemies seeing^256 Mortification ^*affector visuals in fog/invisib ility when you cast it on them with level 2 or 3 of Manifestation ^292- ^*Fixed a movement bug from hindering ^079 Revenant^*'s spells when the ta rgets are out of range ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*Allowed^256 Mirage ^*to spawn illusions even if the target is invulnerab le

^717* ^*Prevents invulnerability skills from "canceling" ^079Sand Wraith^*'s ult imate ^292- ^*Fixed the^256 Mirage ^*illusions so that they will properly stay to the target even if their target becomes invulnerable ^292- ^*Fixed the^256 Mirage ^*illusions so that they die if their target dies ^079Scout^* ^292- ^*Optimized his Vanish ^292- ^*Fixed his^256 Disarm ^*so it works properly on non-heroes now ^079Tremble^* ^292- ^*Fixed Shudder's Terrorport mana cost; it is now 0 as well. ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*Fixed Vigilante ^079Vindicator^*'s^256 Master's Incantation ^*projectile ; it has an impact sound now ^292- ^*Removed noninterrupting="true" from his Master's Incantation ^717* ^*Fixes the fact he could attack while channeling LOL ^292Monkey Courier^* ^292- ^*Fixed a minor preview issue with Rat Courier - the preview scaling is no w correct & consistent with the others ^292Sol's Bulwark^* ^292- ^*Won't apply the armor or negative armor to invulnerable units anymore ^095Vulture Lord^* ^292- ^*Fixed the slow from the^256 Tornado ^*lasting infinite time when ^079Par asite ^*swaps it onto someone ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Old replays should now work correctly ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixing the new Alt Avatar ^970Version 2.0.40^* ------------^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Flint Boomstick^* ^292-^* The Tutorial should be much more functional ^292-^* ^079Moraxus'^* Shield Bar should be fixed ^292-^* Tweaked tooltips for ^079Revenant^* ^970Version 2.0.39^* ------------^292-^* Added new chat color, ^429Royal Tanzanite^* ^292-^* Added new Alt Courier, ^090Robot Courier^* ^292-^* Stat Resets and Sub Accounts can be bought in the Store with Gold Coins ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ommand ^292-^* Fix to effects with 0 lifetime Fix for custom account icons being treated as modded files Fixed front queue tools not front queueing when double activating Fixed a buffer overflow when attempting to execute a very long console c Russian Stringtables updated

^292-^* Channel code change ^717*^* Item swaps between backpack slots no longer breaks channel

^717*^* Moving items to Stash interrupts properly ^717*^* ^090Homecoming Stone^* tweaked slightly, now consumes the stone at the s tart of the channel ^970== Items ==^* ^292-^* Added new item: ^090Sol's Bulwark^* ^717*^* Components ^717*^* ^090Ringmail^* (550) ^717*^* ^090Ringmail^* (550) ^717*^* Sol's Bulwark Recipe (700) ^717*^* Total Cost: 1700 ^717*^* Passive Effects ^717*^* +5 Armor ^717*^* Can be toggled between a +5 Armor Aura for Allies or a -5 Armor Aura for Enemies. 10 second cooldown ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^090Daemonic Breastplate^* Reworked Components ^090Ringmail^* (550) ^090Sol's Bulwark^* (1700) ^090Warpcleft^* (2100) Daemonic Breastplate Recipe (1100) Total Cost: 5550

^292-^* ^090Dust of Revelation^* visual effect now plays if Empath uses it while inside someone ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* New hero: ^079Revenant^* ^079Aluna^* ^292-^* Attack cooldown from 1450 to 1700 ^079Dampeer^* ^292-^* ^256Terrorize^* now applies a 50% movespeed slow to feared targets ^292-^* ^256Consume^* cooldown lowered from 50/40/30s to 30s flat ^717*^* Killing a hero now gives 3 essences at all levels ^079Flux^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Magnetic Surge^* push so that it applies the same state as the pull ^079Empath^* ^292-^* ^256Essence Link^* cast range from 500 to 550 and break range from 750 t o 800 ^292-^* ^256Essence Link^* casttime from 500 to 400 and castactiontime from 250 to 150 ^292-^* ^256Synergy^* numerical regen from .75/1.5/2.25/3 to 1/2/3/4 ^292-^* ^256As One^* cooldown from 100 to 100/80/60 seconds ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292-^* ^256Improved Split Fire^* so that you won't lose its setting when you di e ^292-^* ^256Piercing Arrow^* cooldown from 120 to 100/80/60 seconds ^079Parasite^*

^292-^* Fixed him from following his last-issued command after you Infest ^079Pyromancer^* ^292-^* Fixed the burn from ^256Fervor^* applying the proper level ^079Slither^* ^292-^* Fixed his projectile from ^256Poison Spray^* hitting units directly behi nd him if they are too close ^079Ra^* ^292-^* ^256Ashes to Ashes^* regen lowered from 2/4/6/8 to 1/2/3/4 ^970Version 2.0.38^* ------------^292-^* Fixed hitting S or H while connecting to a server causing the game to ne ver load ^292-^* Updated text when disconnecting from Matchmaking to be more clear ^292-^* Fixed players respawning attached to projectiles when Gore Taunted when "no respawn timers" is set ^292-^* Fixed custom account icons counting as modified files for the purposes o f Tournament Rules ^292-^* Fixed exploit with ^079Rampage^* and ^079Blood Hunter^* reveal gadgets ^292-^* Fixes to ^079Emerald Warden^* bugs with ^090Nullstone^* and ^090Magic Im munity^* ^292-^* Nullstone effects tweaked ^292-^* Added new Alt Avatar: ^079Phantom Defiler^* ^292-^* Added new Alt Courier: ^090Rat Courier^* ^970== Items ==^* ^292-^* ^090Alchemist Bones^* cooldown/timer increased by 20 seconds ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ds. 100 ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^090Astrolabe^* Reworked Components ^090Fortified Bracer^* (510) ^090Refreshing Ornament^* (603) ^090Astrolabe Recipe^* (600) Total Cost: 1713 Effects +8 Strength, +5 Agility, +5 Intelligence +3 Health Regen aura On use: Heals nearby allies for 200 Health. 100 Mana cost, 45 second cd A hero/unit can still only be healed once every 25 seconds ^090Energizer^* Components ^090Soulscream Ring^* (460) ^090Major Totem^* (540) ^090Energizer Recipe^* (700) Total Cost: 1700 Effects +7 Strength, +10 Agility, +7 Intelligence On use: Nearby allies gain 50 Movement Speed and Unitwalking for 5 secon Mana cost, 45 second cd ^090Ring of Sorcery^* Reworked Components ^090Amulet of Exile^* (485) ^090Pickled Brain^* (900)

^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^*

Auto combines Total Cost: 1385 Effects +300 Mana, +3 Strength, +3 Agility, +6 Intelligence On use: Nearby allies gain 135 Mana. 25 Mana cost, 33 second cd ^090Shieldbreaker^* Components ^090Warhammer^* (1600) ^090Shieldbreaker Recipe^* (900) Total Cost: 2500 / 3400 / 4300 Effects +30 / 45 / 60 Damage -2 / -4 / -6 Armor debuff on target

^970Version 2.0.37^* ------------^292-^* You are now able to view other chat channels in the time period between the lobby countdown and the game's start ^292-^* Pause functionality cleaned up on the backend ^292-^* Vast and unending interface memory reductions ^292-^* You can now hold shift to drag and drop shop items into the quickslots ^292-^* fixed account switching not clearing clan / buddy list ^292-^* Fixed ^090Frostwolf Skull^* projectiles with alt avatars ^292-^* Added ^095Baby Taunt^* ^292-^* Added New Gold Collection Alt Avatar: ^079Leprechaun Blacksmith^* ^970== Items ==^* Disassemble business ^292-^* ^090Charged Hammer^* no longer allowed ^292-^* ^090Geometer's Bane^* no longer allowed ^292-^* ^090Iron Shield^* allowed now ^292-^* ^090Wingbow^* allowed now ^090Barrier Idol^* ^292-^* Fixed its active buff so it will reduce SuperiorMagic damage as well ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* Added a New Hero: ^079Emerald Warden^* ^079Accursed^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Sear^* & ^090Harkon's Blade^* so they will stack ^079Balphagore^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Demonic Pathogen^* spreading to nothing if you manually spread it when no valid targets are around. ^292-^* Added a timer when the ^256Demonic Pathogen^* is in "pre-spread mode" ^079Blacksmith^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Frenzy's^* multicast application from going through Magic Immunity ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292-^* Tweaked his silence so it's scripting is better

^079Dark Lady^* ^292-^* Made ^256Cover of Darkness^* application go through invulnerability ^079Deadwood^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Rotten Grasp^* from applying the immobilizing+DoT if the targe t gets pushed out of the Rotten Grasp ^079Flux^* ^292-^* Tweaked ^256Release^* slow scaling (again), thanks to Habile ^292-^* Tweaked ^256Magnetic Surge^* so it won't have any collision problems at certain distances ^292-^* Tweaked ^256Discharge^* so it won't have any collision problems at certa in distances ^079Gauntlet^* ^292-^* Added ^256Grapple^* double-tap functionality as a single button press to E ^292-^* Fixed ^256Enfeeble^* & ^090Harkon's Blade^* interaction so they now stac k ^079Myrmidon^* ^292-^* Fixed buildings being turned blue while his ultimate was on. ^079Nomad^* ^292-^* Fixed a fog bug with his charges ^079Pandamonium^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug where if you used ^256Flurry^* and immediately queue up ^256 Cannonball^*, Panda will appear to be "frozen" ^079Parasite^* ^292-^* Fixed role/description ^292-^* Fixed LODs ^292-^* Fixed ^256Leech^* so it's not true damage ^292-^* Fixed ^256Draining Venom^* so that his infested minion receives the atta cking debuff application when that minion is an ally. ^292-^* Fixed ^256Draining Venom^* so that it applies the correct state level no w ^292-^* Fixed ^090Homecoming Stone^* bug when Parasite latches on the target on the same frame the unit teleports ^292-^* Fixed being both Dead or Alive at the same time ^079Puppet Master^* ^292-^* Fixed enemies of Puppet Master being able to teleport to ^256Voodoo Pupp et^* with Post Haste ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Tweaked his ^256Charge^* when it completes ^079Silhouette^* ^292-^* Fixed her alt avatar not playing the proper cast sound when she uses ^25 6Shadow^* to summon her illusion ^079Slither^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Toxicity^* & ^090Harkon's Blade^* so they will stack ^079Tundra^* ^292-^* Made him not magically stand up if he dies during his ^256Cold Shoulder^ *

^079Zephyr^* ^292-^* Made ^256Gust^* do damage to ancients ^717*^* Ancients are still immune to the push portion of Zephyr's gust ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed a crash with Custom Account Icons ^292-^* Fixed some tooltips (Parasite, Engineer) ^970Version 2.0.36^* ------------^292-^* Added a new hero: ^079Parasite^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Mutant Parasite^* ^292-^* You can no longer touch things (teleporters, items, etc.) while stunned ^292-^* Updated some User Interface files with fixes to speed and reliability ^292-^* Fixed a bug with stats not displaying for people in a Clan ^292-^* Fixed Neutrals in Caldavar stacking 3 times instead of 2 ^292-^* Fixed a bug with ^090Alchemist Bones'^* timer when it was dropped on the ground ^292-^* Fixed ^090Barrier Idol^* and ^079Chipper's^* ability to properly absorb Superior Magic damage ^292-^* Fixed a bug with ^079Treant^* invisibility ^292-^* Fixed a bug with ^079Silhouette's^* timers ^292-^* Fixed a bug with ^079Corrupted Disciple's^* drain that made it last fore ver ^970Version 2.0.34/35^* "Think of it as two for the price of one!" ------------^292-^* Added Alt Couriers! ^717*^* Can now change the courier ingame into a different model ^292-^* Added Alt Taunt! ^717*^* Gore Taunt added ^717*^* You must purchase the original Taunt before you can purchase an Alt Taun t ^292-^* Added Custom Account Icons! ^717*^* Purchasable in the store. Upload an icon on the website at http://www.h eroesofnewerth.com/icons to see it ingame ^292-^* When downloading replays, the progress bar will now properly display a % sign ^292-^* You can now purchase stat resets and sub accounts in the store with Gold coins ^292-^* Store UI significantly updated ^292-^* Updated some stringtables ^292-^* Fixed an issue with stat resets that incorrectly reset some fields ^292-^* You can now click a subaccount in the dropdown menu to switch to it ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* 00 ^292-^* All Melee heroes now all have 128 Attack Range Non-lethal damage can no longer get credit for kills (For real) Increased the movespeed of some of the Neutrals under 300 Movespeed to 3 Leash time all Neutrals lowered from 7 seconds to 5.25 seconds

^292-^* Forests of Caldavar have been changed ^717*^* Kongor area widened to make it more 'even', including a new Legion ramp in the area ^717*^* Vision blockers of Kongor's lair removed

^970== Items ==^* In-game Shop changes ^292-^* Significant upgrades to the smoothness of the shop when changing panels quickly ^717*^* Funfact: If you close the guide using the red button on the left the sho p will only be one single panel when you open it. Much smaller!! ^292-^* Fixed not having recommended items when playing the same hero twice in a row if you failed to retrieve a guide ^292-^* There is now a default guide for when your connection to the Database de cides to use the Failboat ^292-^* Outpost no longer contains a ^090Pickled Brain^* ^292-^* Added 5 "Quickslot" item spots in the upper left partof the shop ^717*^* Shift + left click an item in the shop then click one of the slots to sa ve that item to a slot ^717*^* Right click an item in your inventory and click one of the slots to save that item to a slot ^717*^* You can always buy from the quickslots and which items are there persist between games ^717*^* Useful for items like Homecoming Stones, a specific type of boots you wa nt, potions, etc. ^292-^* Secret Shop removed ^717*^* Items that were purchasable in this shop are now purchasable in the main base ^717*^* Secret Shop renamed to Legendary Shop ^292-^* At the old Secret Shop location, the building is now replaced with an Ob servatory ^292-^* Observatory contain 1 item: ^090Wards of Sight^* ^717*^* Wards seen in the Observatory are shared with the ones in your main base in stock ^292-^* ^090Nullfire Blade^* level 1 back to a 12s cooldown ^717*^* Level 2 is still 20s ^292-^* Fix to giving ^090Insanitarious^* to other players and it bugged out ter ribly (LOL) ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* Added a new Premium Alt Avatar for ^079Ra^*: ^079King Ra^* ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292-^* Rebalanced ^292-^* +15 Starting Movespeed (305 to 320) ^292-^* ^256Blood Crazy^* duration nerfed from 6/9/12/15 to 6/7/8/9 ^292-^* ^256Blood Crazy^* damage to 20/s flat. Separated into a debuff and a buf f, so that you can rid yourself of the negative element with a purge, or rid an enemy of the positive element with the purge ^292-^* ^256Blood Sense^* now activates off allied heroes as well, but not self ^292-^* ^256Hemorrhage^* changed to superior magic damage, damage values increas ed by 25% ^079Fayde^* ^292-^* Fixed the sound from ^256Deep Shadows^* playing at ear-killing levels ^079Keeper rework^* ^292-^* Starting STR reduced to 25 from 27 ^292-^* STR/level reduced to 3 from 3.4 ^292-^* ^256Camouflage^* ^717*^* Renamed to ^256Nature's Veil^*

^717*^* Now gives BOTH ^256Camouflage^* and old ^256Nature's Protection^* effect s (invises near trees and gives the armor/regen buff) ^717*^* Duration for both buffs changed to 10/20/30/40 seconds ^717*^* Old ^256Nature's Protection^* component now gives a flat 4 Health Regene ration and 6/8/10/12 Armor ^717*^* Mana cost to a flat 60 ^717*^* Cooldown to a flat 5 seconds ^717*^* 500 cast range ^292-^* ^256Tree Sight^* ^717*^* Removed, replaced with ^256Animate Forest^* ^292-^* ^256Animate Forest^* ^717*^* 130 Mana cost, 30 second cooldown, 700 cast range ^717*^* Casts on target tree. ^717*^* Target tree and 1/2/3/4 nearby trees (takes closest to target, max searc h range of 500) are converted to Treants ^717*^* Treants have 500 Health, 2 Armor, and 325 Movespeed ^717*^* These trees last for 45 seconds ^717*^* These treants serve as "trees" for ^256Nature's Veil^*, keeping people i nvisible around them ^717*^* These treants serve as "trees" for ^256Entmoot^*, giving KotF charges of Attack Speed/Movement Speed ^292-^* ^256Nature's Protection^* removed ^292-^* New Ability: ^256Entmoot^*, passive self-buff ^717*^* Keeper of the Forest gains 3/6/9/12 Attack Speed and Movement Speed per nearby tree, up to 5 charges. ^717*^* Radius of 375 ^292-^* ^256Root^* ^717*^* Duration lowered from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4 seconds ^717*^* Cooldown lowered from 160 to 120/110/100 ^717*^* Damage per second increased from 85 to 100 ^079Ra^* ^292-^* Optimized his abilities ^292-^* Fixed ^256Ashes to Ashes^* so it does Magic DoT damage ^292-^* Fixed ^256Ashes to Ashes^* retaining all charges when he dies; he no lon ger retains them after death ^292-^* Fixed ^256Pyroclasmic Rebirth^* so it won't interact with Vindicator's I nt Sap/Devourer's Str gain ^292-^* Removed the bad icon ^079Silhouette^* ^292-^* Base damage lowered by 3 ^292-^* ^256Tree Grapple^* mana cost from 95/105/115/125 to 120 flat ^292-^* ^256Tree Grapple^* stun from Physical to Magical ^292-^* ^256Relentless Salvo^* damage per stack from 6/9/12/15 to 3/6/9/12 ^292-^* ^256Shadow^* cooldown from 90/75/60 to 120/105/90 seconds ^292-^* ^256Shadow^* duration from 30 to 15/25/35 seconds ^292-^* ^256Shadow^* damage ratio from 33/66/100% to flat 66% ^970Version 2.0.33^* ------------^292-^* Added a new Strength hero: ^079Amun-Ra^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Oni Devourer^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Mermaidon^* ^292-^* Skull^* ^292-^* ^292-^* Fixed attack projectiles not being invisible when you get ^090Frostwolf on an Alt Avatar Fixed a Practice Mode bug when you give yourself items Touched up ^079Martyr^* Voice

^292-^* Neutral and lane creeps no longer have any random damage, they now do st atic amounts of damage ^970Version 2.0.32^* ------------^292-^* Fixing the 0:00 Matchmaking interface ^292-^* Backend server improvements ^970Version 2.0.31^* ------------^292-^* Fixing the auth issue this time. FOR REALZ. ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed up some login authentication issues ^292-^* Removed the 40$ Account deal ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed Fayde being able to use items while in stealth ^292-^* Fixed the missing Account Icons ^292-^* Fixed Steamboots being able to toggle ^292-^* Fixed the Matchmaking interface ^970Version 2.0.30^* ------------^970== General ==^* ^292-^* 5 new icons ^292-^* Fixed recipes being able to combine using items from multiple players ^292-^* You can combine items properly using ownerless (i.e. dropped by a leaver ) items now ^292-^* Fixed a crash during loading ^292-^* Touched up some of the Matchmaking UI ^292-^* Fixed Grimm's Crossing teleporters so that immobile gadgets can't use it to teleport ^292-^* Vulture lord's tornado now goes through trees and cliffs ^292-^* Fixed lifesteal to not lifesteal on gadgets and chests. Also fixed lifes teal so it won't play a sound unless you validly lifesteal a unit. The following things are affected by this change: ^717*^* Dampeer's melee/ranged lifesteal aura ^717*^* Elder Parasite ^717*^* Hungry Spirit ^717*^* Symbol of Rage ^717*^* Whispering Helm ^970== Items ==^* ^090Astrolabe^* ^292-^* Aura radius to 900 ^292-^* Activation radius increased from 450 to 600 ^090Barrier Idol^* ^292-^* Radius from 500 to 600 ^090Elder Parasite^* ^292-^* Damage taken reduced from 20% to 15% ^090Frostfield Plate^*

^292-^* Aura radius from 1000 to 900 ^090Logger's Hatchet^* ^292-^* Reworked slightly ^717*^* Activates to throw an axe at target enemy creep or neutral ^717*^* 600 Range, 30s cooldown ^717*^* Deals your attack damage to target on impact ^717*^* Can still target a tree to kill it and only has a 15 second cooldown if targeting a tree ^292-^* Retains passive ^090Insanitarius^* ^292-^* Now has a short 500ms cooldown when toggled on ^090Nome's Wisdom^* ^292-^* Aura radius from 800 to 900 ^090Nullfire Blade^* ^292-^* Upgraded version has infinite charges ^292-^* Cooldown increased from 12 to 20 seconds ^090Plated Greaves^* ^292-^* Radius from 450 to 600 ^090Homecoming Stone^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug where you can infinitely disarm a tower with Post Haste ^090Puzzlebox^* -Added visual timer on the item so you don't have to select the minions to see t heir lifetimes ^090Refreshing Ornament^* ^292-^* Aura radius to 900 ^090Restoration Stone^* ^292-^* Mana cost reduced from 375 to 300 ^090Runed Axe^* ^292-^* Now can be used to cuts down trees ^090Shield of the Five^* ^292-^* Radius from 450 to 600 ^090Stormspirit^* ^292-^* Made it unbind the target it's used on ^717*^* This stops it from causing derps or people flying all over the screen ra ndomly ^292-^* Fixed Pebbles graphical bug ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* New Intelligence Hero: ^079Martyr^* ^292-^* New Gold Collection Alternate Avatar: ^079Golden Pebbles^* ^292-^* ^079Flux^* now sides with the Legion! ^079Accursed^* ^292-^* ^256Sear^* is no longer an Attack modifier ^079Andromeda^*

^292-^* Mana cost of ^256Comet^* from 95/110/125/140 to 110/120/130/140 ^292-^* ^256Aurora^* duration from 14/16/18/20 to 14 seconds ^292-^* ^256Void Rip^* cooldown from 45/45/45 to 70/60/50 ^079Arachna^* ^292-^* Mana cost of ^256Harden Carapace^* from 90 to 50 ^717*^* Increased Magic Armor from 5/10/18/35 to 8/16/24/32 ^079Armadon^* ^292-^* ^256Snot Storm^* armor reduction from 1/1/2/2 to 1/1.5/2/2.5 ^079Balphagore^* ^292-^* Added a timer for his minion summons ^079Behemoth^* ^292-^* ^256Heavyweight^* damage from 25/45/75/115 to 25/55/85/115 ^292-^* ^256Heavyweight^* stun duration from 0.3/0.7/1.2/1.5 to 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5 ^292-^* ^256Shockwave^* Magic damage for additional units from 35/45/65 to 35/45 /55 ^292-^* ^256Shockwave^* Magic damage from corpses removed ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292-^* Fixed mod exploits with his ^256Blood Sense^* ^079Bubbles^* ^292-^* ^256Take Cover^* duration reduced from 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 to .25/1/1.75/2.5 ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* ^256Focus Buffer^* from 150/300/450/600 to 125/250/375/500 ^079Chronos^* ^292-^* ^256Time Leap^* movespeed slow from 10/20/30/40% to 22/28/34/40% ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292-^* Script cleanup for ^256Electric Tide^* ^079Dark Lady^* ^292-^* ^256Taint Soul^* mana cost from 35/45/55/65 to static 35 ^079Empath^* ^292-^* ^256Illusory Veil^* duration from 2/3/4/5 to 3/4/5/6 ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Made ^256Mines^* not trigger on siege units ^079Fayde Rework^* ^292-^* ^256Cull^* ^717*^* Now always manaburns ^717*^* Damage increased from 100/150/200/250 to 100/160/220/280 ^717*^* Manaburn is now 7/14/21/28% on all targets hit, Fayde gains mana equal t o half the mana burnt ^292-^* ^256Burning Shadows^* ^717*^* Now always stuns ^717*^* Manacost lowered from 85/105/125/145 to 85/100/115/130 ^717*^* Damage and stun are the same ^292-^* ^256Scythe Stance^* ^717*^* Removed ^292-^* New ability: ^256Deep Shadows^* ^717*^* Target an area, summoning shadows there for 5 seconds ^717*^* Shadows slow enemies by 15/20/25/30% and increase Fayde's movespeed by 1

5/20/25/30% while they are inside of it ^717*^* Movespeed modifiers linger for 1 second ^292-^* ^256Reflection^* ^717*^* Now has treewalking ^717*^* Now grants Fayde 1200 clearvision while stealthed by Reflection ^717*^* This sight lingers for 2 seconds after exiting stealth ^079Flux^* ^292-^* Optimized his ^256Magnetic Surge^* and ^256Discharge^* by removing super fluous checks & improved algorithms ^292-^* Tweaked ^256Magnetic Surge^* & ^256Discharge^* pushes to be more accurat e ^292-^* Reduced the sound on his ^256Polarity Swap^* modes by a factor of 4 ^292-^* Made ^256Discharge^* give assists ^292-^* Dampened Flux's & Flux's alt's walk and regular attack sounds ^292-^* Fixed tooltip on ^256Release^* to show radius correctly ^292-^* Made ^256Discharge^* unbind so it stops interacting with projectiles ver y (VERY) poorly ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292-^* ^256Skeletons^* TP with FA ^292-^* ^256Splitshot^* reworked to basically be ranged cleave ^717*^* Main target takes full, 2 additional targets take 14/21/28/35% damage ^079Gauntlet^* ^292-^* ^256Infernal Instability^* grants 40 Movespeed at all levels instead of 10/20/30/40 ^292-^* ^256Grapple^* slightly increased touch radius to 80 from 75 ^292-^* ^256Enfeeble^* is no longer an Attack Modifier ^292-^* Capped the charges on ^256Enfeeble^* to prevent rollover ^292-^* Fixed a bug with ^256Gauntlet Blast^* where it was waking people up inco rrectly ^079Hellbringer^* ^292-^* ^256Life Void^* damage healed from 10/20/30/40% to 15/20/25/30% ^292-^* Added visual timer to ^256Summon Malphas^* ^079Jeraziah^* ^292-^* ^256Inner Light^* from True Damage to Magic Damage ^292-^* ^256Inner Light^* radius from 250 to 300 ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Tower attacks may now proc ^256Whirling Blade^* ^079Magmus^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Eruption^* playing the animation correctly ^079Moraxus^* ^292-^* ^256Matraxe^* now has a small cooldown on it ^292-^* ^256Quake^* stun duration from 1/1.5/2.0/2.5 to 1.75/2.0/2.25/2.5 ^292-^* Fixed his attack animation not playing while he has ^256Arcane Shield^* up (before absorbing a spell) ^079Nomad^* ^292-^* Fixed his illusion from spamming attack commands ^292-^* Fixed the illusion playing the "ZING!" charge initial sound twice if the unit is invulnerable before the illusion gets a chance to attack ^079Nymphora^* ^292-^* Fixed her visual green pod lifetime lingering for 1 second too long on t

he ground ^079Pandamonium^* ^292-^* ^256Cannonball^* stun duration from 0.75/1.25/1.75/2.25 to 1.5/1.75/2/2. 25 ^079Pharaoh^* ^292-^* ^256Tormented Soul^* manacost increased from 50/50/50/50 to 50/55/60/65 ^079Pollywog Priest^* ^292-^* Added visual timer to ^256Voodoo Wards^* ^079Puppet Master^* ^292-^* Cleaned up scripting for ^256Puppet Show^* ^292-^* Fixed the target from spamming attack commands with ^256Puppet Show^* ev ery frame since it messes with pathing ^292-^* ^256Voodoo Puppet^* health from 450/700/950 to 500/750/1000 ^292-^* ^256Voodoo Puppet^* decreased damage amp from 160/180/210 to 140/160/180 ^292-^* ^256Voodoo Puppet^* overkill damage is still transferred to target, but not amplified ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Fixed a mod exploit ^079Scout^* ^292-^* ^256Vanish^* no longer loses 'Flurry' when Invisibility is manually disa bled ^079Silhouette^* ^292-^* Fixed her ^256Grapple^* from interacting like derp with ^079Bubbles'^* ^ 256Take Cover^* ^079Slither^* ^292-^* Added a targetradius for the tooltip of ^256Poison Spray^* ^292-^* Removed 10% movement slow from ^256Toxicity^* ^292-^* ^256Toxicity^* is no longer an attack modifer ^292-^* ^256Toxicity's^* regen disable from 40/60/80/100% to 20/40/60/80% ^079SoulStealer^* ^292-^* ^256Demon Hand^* manacost increased from 75 to 80 ^079Succubus^* ^292-^* ^256Mesmerize^* manacost reduced from 165 to 130/140/150/160 ^079Thunderbringer^* ^292-^* ^256Lightning Rod^* damage from 5/7/9/11% to 3/5/7/9% ^079Torturer^* ^292-^* ^256Chain Reaction^* manacost increased from 100/125/140/165 to 120/135/ 150/165 ^292-^* ^256Impalement^* manacost increased from 95/120/135/155 to 115/130/145/1 60 ^292-^* ^256Agonizing Bonds^* damage reduced from 80/145/205/265 to 80/140/200/2 60 ^292-^* ^256Agonizing Bonds^* targets lowered from 3/5/6/7 to 3/4/5/6 ^292-^* ^256Agonizing Bonds^* pull radius reduced from 650 to 600 ^079Tundra^* ^292-^* Added timer to ^256Call of Winter^* so you don't have to select the summ ons to see their lifetime

^292-^* ^256Cold Shoulder^* is now always 600 range ^079Valkyrie^* ^292-^* Fixed a super duper rare long range ^256Javelin bug^* ^079War Beast^* ^292-^* Added visual timer for his ^256Hellhounds^* ^079Witchslayer^* ^292-^* ^256Power Drain^* rescaled drain from 20/40/60/100 mana per second to 25 /50/75/100 ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed the tutorial breaking the ingame shop ^292-^* Fixed the trial accounts not seeing the upgrade button ^970Version 2.0.29^* ------------^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Winston Charmadon^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Thor Thunderbringer^* ^292-^* Fixed ^079Silhouette^* stacking neutrals when using a homecoming stone ^292-^* Fixed the Tutorial and removed the "Shop" section of it for now ^292-^* ^717-^* ^717-^* ^717-^* New "Simple Tooltips" Shorter and more concise for easy reading Are now default Old Long Tooltips can be enabled in the options menu

^292-^* New UI for the Hero Picking phase ^717-^* Now with a hero's role instead of their background story ^717-^* Includes the simple tooltips for easy picking ^970Redesigned the Ingame Shop!^* ^292-^* New Features of the Shop: ^717-^* Can switch between standard categories and a filter where you can see it ems by what they do ^717-^* Can switch between descriptions and item only view ^717-^* New recipe-tree when left-clicking an item ^717-^* Guide system added that lets dynamic guides lead a new or experienced pl ayer! ^717-^* Guides can auto-levelup abilities of the hero you are playing ^717-^* Guides change the recommended items of a hero based on the items picked for the guide ^717-^* Guides can be voted up or down and the highest % ones are listed at the top. You can tag one as favorite or default for this hero ingame! ^717-^* You can make and browse all guides for all heroes on the website ^717-^* Recommended items are tagged with Stars ^717-^* Added a search feature in the upper left for all items ^717-^* Opacity can be changed ^292-^* More about the shop: ^717-^* This is designed to be much easier for newer players while still retaini ng all of the goodies that experienced players like ^717-^* Left click to "Select" an item, which will open the build-tree in the bo ttom half of the shop where you can see recipe trees ^717-^* You can left click any item to make it the focus of the tree, even ones in the tree itself ^717-^* Right click any item to buy it. Right click a recipe item to pop up a bo

x to buy all remaining components. Or click the buy all remaining button in the lower section ^717-^* Ctrl-Right click to buy just the recipe of any item (normal behavior). S ame with Hotkeys. ^717-^* Expanded tooltips in the upper right ^970Version 2.0.28^* ------------Tournament rules changes ^292-^* Pauses can last for 10 minutes ^292-^* Enemy team can't unpause for 90 seconds ^292-^* Only one vote is required to pause ^292-^* ^090Alchemist's Bones^* now gain charges even when not on a hero ^292-^* Fixed a server crash ^292-^* Rolled back the last of the April Fools stuff (Vindicator ult and "lets get it on") ^292-^* ^090Nullfire Blade^* blue effects now play on the illusion even if they take no mana ^292-^* Fixed the ^079Legionnaire^* double-stuffed ^256Charge bug ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* Added Added Added Added new Strength hero: ^079Flux^* new Alt Avatar: ^079Vigilante Vindicator^* new Alt Avatar: ^079Steam Flux^* 4 new account icons

^079Gauntlet^* ^292-^* Fixed people he knocks over standing up correctly ^079Silhouette^* ^717*^* Fixes illusion & Silhouette herself gains more blades if she levels up h er ^256Death Lotus^* while she has her illusion out ^292-^* Made her ^256Death Lotus^* spin animation play on the illusion when she activates Death Lotus ^292-^* Made her ^256Death Lotus^* kunai not respawn with her if the skill is st ill on cooldown when she actually respawns ^292-^* Made ^256Death Lotus^* kunai vanish on illusion when the main Silhouette dies. ^717*^* Fixes an issue with illusion receiving more than 4 kunai at once ^292-^* Fixed illusion so it doesn't die if you have it out and you level ^256De ath Lotus^* from level 0 to level 1 ^292-^* Related to the above point, fixed the illusion so it will properly gain a level of ^256Death Lotus^* from level 0 to 1 if you learn it with the illusion out. ^292-^* Fixed upgrading ^256Death Lotus^* when she's dead from level 0 to level 1 from giving an extra blade to the illusion if it is out. ^292-^* Made upgrading ^256Death Lotus^* not spawn extra kunai on ^079Silhouette ^* and/or illusion if the skill is on cooldown while you upgrade it. ^292-^* Made upgrading ^256Death Lotus^* while dead not alter the number of kuna i on the illusion if the illusion is still alive when Silhouette is dead ^292-^* Fixed ^256Shadow^* swap from killing her illusion if she has 0 points in Death Lotus ^292-^* Added a visual timer to ^256Shadow^* so people can see how much time is left on the illusion without actually selecting the illusion ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed Homecoming Stone effects playing on Towers through fog

^970Version 2.0.27^* ------------^292-^* AFK players are no longer included in vote counts ^292-^* Added 6 account icons created by community member Popo` ^292-^* Added some new data to the Watch User interface ^292-^* Fixed some annoyances with the Topbar and Notifications Fixed the following to prevent mod exploits: ^292-^* ^090Blood Chalice^* ^292-^* ^090Sacrificial Stone^* ^292-^* ^079Balphagore's^* ^256Hell on Newerth^* ^970== Items ==^* ^090Flying Courier^* ^292-^* Returned the visual effects when the Flying Courier used its abilities ^090Health Potion^* ^292-^* Fixed so it won't affect siege units ^090Homecoming Stone^* ^292-^* Now disarms the tower you teleport into for 3 seconds (begins at the sta rt of the channel) ^292-^* Adds an additional 3 seconds to the disarm for every additional teleport while it is still disarmed ^717*^* First disarms for 3s total, length of the channel ^717*^* Second disarms for 6s total, 3s seconds past channel ^717*^* Third disarms for 9s total, 6s seconds past channel, etc ^090Mana Potion^* ^292-^* Fixed so it won't affect siege units ^090Mock of Brilliance^* ^292-^* Fixed it showing the glow only when it is 'on' and not 'off' ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* Added new Gold Collection Alt Avatar: ^079Forsaken Strider^* ^079Accursed^* ^292-^* Fix his attacks playing an impact sound correctly ^079Aluna^* ^292-^* Fixed ^079Emerald Red^* from not getting max charges regenerated when sh e levels it ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Fixed one of the mine states showing for 1 frame ^292-^* ^256Turret^* now deals Magic damage ^079Fayde^* ^292-^* Tweaked ^256Reflection's^* stealth attack so it uses the correct impact and works with attack items ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Flare^* initial damage so it breaks things like Sleep and can stack between different Flints

^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292-^* Fixed an exploit where if you toggled ^256Call of the Damned^* on the sa me frame as your projectile is killing a unit, then you would get 1 skeleton spa wned while building up a charge at the same time ^079Glacius^* ^292-^* Fixed units animating correctly after the freeze ends ^079Gladiator^* ^292-^* Fixed interaction between ^256Pitfall^* and ^079Nomad's^* ^256Edge Count er^* ^079Kraken^* ^292-^* Fixed ^079Release the Kraken!^* interaction with ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^* and ^079Nomad's^* ^256Edge Counter^* ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Attempt to make the ^256Terrifying Charge^* shift-queuable with ^256Taun t^* ^292-^* Made the ^256Terrifying Charge^* axe-swing animation play ^292-^* Also fixed his ^256Terrifying Charge^* animation to change properly when he kills a unit & no other valid targets are around ^292-^* Also recalibrated his attack point & backswing & BAT while in ^256Terrif ying Charge^* mode so his attack comes out smoothly ^079Magmus^* ^292-^* Fixed Steam Bath from triggering ^079Nomad's^* ^256Edge Counter^* ^079Nomad^* ^292-^* Fixed "No retreat!" playing X times when X units are hit ^292-^* Also fixed ^256Edge Counter^* from not proccing if the enemy hero is dea d and his attack is in mid-air/continuous ^079Puppet Master^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Voodoo Puppet^* not giving assists ^292-^* Fixed ^256Voodoo Puppet^* + ^256Boom Dust^* crashing the game when the p uppet/hero are hugging each other and ^256Boom Dust^* procs ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256The Chains That Bind^* from making units temporarily unclickab le if they were launched into the air when this skill affects them ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Added in a missing texture ^970Version 2.0.26^* ------------^292-^* Fixed shop stock decreasing even if you had a full inventory when trying to buy a limited quanity item ^292-^* Fixed a longstanding annoyance where on screen health bars that appear a bove units would occlude other health bars ^717*^* This was most prevalent when a full health creep was standing to the lef t of a low health creep. The full health creep's health bar would end up occuldi ng the health bar of the low hp creep, making it much harder to last hit/deny ^292-^* Added 4 new Account Icons ^970== Heroes ==^*

^292-^* Added a new Agility hero: ^079Silhouette^* ^292-^* Introducing a Limited Edition Alt Avatar: ^079Bunny Predator^* ^292-^* Added a new Premium Alt Avatar: ^079Wretched Hottie^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079White Lotus Silhouette^* ^079Aluna^* ^292-^* Fixed her ^256Emerald Lightning^* so it will stun the first target even if the target enters fog on the same frame the ability goes off ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292-^* Made his ^256Blood Sense^* map icon have the proper icon when you hover over it on the minimap ^292-^* Made ^256Blood Sense^* map icon slightly smaller so it doesn't clutter s tuff up as much ^079Bombardier^* ^292-^* Optimized ^256Boom Dust^* performance ^079Dampeer^* ^292-^* Lifesteal streak effects play again when attacking with his aura. Derp. ^079Defiler^* ^292-^* Made ^256Unholy Expulsion's^* tooltip list it as a Physical spell ^292-^* Added a 30 second timer to ^256Unholy Expulsion^* ^717*^* Timer starts when skill is cast, so it will indicate when the spirits st art to fade away ^079Empath^* ^292-^* Made the damage source equal to Empath if Empath goes inside someone and uses ^256Essence Link^* ^717*^* Fixes your ally getting the kill credit rather than yourself if they die from ^256Essence Link^* ^079Fayde^* ^292-^* Added cliffwalking, treewalking and buildingwalking to ^256Burning Shado ws'^* illusions ^717*^* Allows them to chase without being blocked by obstacles ^292-^* Sped up her attack time when under the effects of ^256Reflection^* so yo u do not stand there after attacking out of stealth ^079Gauntlet^* ^292-^* ^256Grapple's^* gadget now doesn't draw on minimap. ^292-^* Fixed a bug where ^256Grapple^* was hitting heroes directly behind him i f the hero was hugging Gauntlet's back ^079Night Hound^* ^292-^* Fixed Teen Night Hound's ^256Pounce^*; it now plays its sound + animatio n when used on an enemy unit ^079Nomad^* ^292-^* Fixed all of the sounds while his Alt Avatar is active ^079Pharaoh^* ^292-^* Fixed an extremely rare bug with Ophelia/Nymphora teleporting Pharaoh to fountain and Pharaoh teleporting all the enemy heroes to his fountain ^079Puppet Master^* ^292-^* Made ^256Puppet Show^* not issue a stop command on the target if the tar

get doesn't find another target to attack ^717*^* This fixes a hitch if the target never attacks anything ^292-^* Fixed ^256Puppet Show^* to not cancel when the acquired target goes invu lnerable for a split second ^717*^* Magmus able to cancel the ability completely if he is targeted, for exam ple ^292-^* Fixed ^256Puppet Show^* to not cancel when the acquired target gets fogg ed ^717*^* Fixing bad and buggy behavior ^292-^* Fixed a server crash with ^256Voodoo Puppet^* ^292-^* Changed the assist mechanics of ^256Voodoo Puppet^* ^717*^* Now awards kill credit to Puppet Master instead of the allied hero attac king the Puppet if the allied hero lands the killing blow ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Fixed a mod-enabled exploit ^079Scout^* ^292-^* Changed ^256Marksman Shot^* so it won't be targetable on siege units ^079Swiftblade^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Swift Slashes^* from making his corpse stand up at the end if he dies while using it ^079Tempest^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Elemental Void^* so people can use tablet on allies caught wit hin ^079Tremble^* ^292-^* ^256Dark Swarm^* damage scaling from 20/40/60/80 to 32/48/64/80 ^292-^* ^256Terrorform^* tweaked so Tremble is now revealed 1 second after an en emy hero enters the same mound as him ^292-^* Linger time when leaving Mounds and retaining the perks is reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds ^292-^* ^256Shudder^* can no longer be killed by Nullfire Blade ^292-^* ^256Shudder's^* disable is a now properly a Debuff ^079Vindicator^* ^292-^* Tweaked how he gains Intelligence so he can gain an unlimited amount ^717*^* The amount of Intelligence a single enemy can lose is still capped at 12 5 ^970Version 2.0.25^* ------------^292-^* Added a new ^079Pestilence^* Alt Avatar: ^079Ladybug Pestilence^* ^292-^* Fix to a server issue that caused them to degrade after extended uptime ^292-^* ^090Alchemist Bones^* have been changed back to the 2-charge buildup ver sion ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed resetting keybinds ^970Version 2.0.24^* ------------^292-^* Fixed a stringtable error with ^079Engineer's^* ^256Spider Mines^* ^292-^* Fixed a cosmetic shop model that was missing ^292-^* Fixed ^079Nomad's^* third level of ^256Sandstorm^* giving 1500% movespee d ^292-^* Updated the icon for ^079Rosie Engineer^*

^970Version 2.0.23^* ------------^292-^* Fixed the Zzz above creeps for player controlled units ^292-^* Vagabond Leader, Minotaur, and Catman Champion now no longer use abiliti es against Magic Immune units ^970== Items ==^* ^292-^* ^090Token of Life^* duration lowered from 10 minutes to 7 minutes ^717*^* Kongor's respawn time is still 10 minutes ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^090Bastard Sword^* removed from the game ^090Halberd^* removed from the game ^090Fortified Bracelet^* renamed to ^090Fortified Bracer^* ^090Talisman of Exile^* renamed to ^090Amulet of Exile^* ^090Great Arcana^* renamed to ^090Arcana^*

^090Assassin's Shroud^* ^292-^* Fixed a tiny bug where if you had a high enough attackspeed you can proc Shroud bonus damage more than once on the same Shroud state. ^292-^* ^090Bastard Sword^* replaced with a ^090Broadsword^* ^292-^* Recipe cost increased by 200 ^090Brutalizer^* ^292-^* Old: ^717*^* ^090Bolstering Armband^*, ^090Halbred^*, 1150 Recipe ^717*^* +6 Str, +30 Damage, Bash ^292-^* New: ^717*^* ^090Mighty Blade^*, ^090Quickblade^*, 1100 Recipe ^717*^* +10 Str, +10 Agi, +20 Damage, Bash ^090Runed Axe^* ^292-^* Renamed to ^090Runed Cleaver^* ^292-^* ^090Bastard Sword^* replaced with a ^090Broadsword^* ^292-^* Damage lowered from 65 to 55 ^090Savage Mace^* ^292-^* Old: ^717*^* ^090Halberd^*, ^090Halberd^*, ^090Slayer^* ^292-^* New: ^717*^* ^090Warhammer^*, ^090Warhammer^*, ^090Slayer^* ^090Slayer^* ^292-^* Cost lowered from 2400 to 2200 ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* Added a new Agility hero: ^079Nomad^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Nomaddin^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar: ^079Rosie Engineer^* ^079Empath^* ^292-^* ^256Essence Link^* fixed so it links correctly when the person she is in side is moving very quickly ^292-^* Made the detection if the target becomes invulnerable better ^079Engineer^*

^292-^* Push from ^256Turret^* increased by ~20% ^292-^* Damage from ^256Energy Field^* changed from % based to 28/58/88 per seco nd to all units inside ^292-^* ^256Tinker^* removed. Replaced with ^256Spider Mines^* ^292-^* ^256Spider Mines^* ^717*^* 7 second cooldown, 90/100/110/120 Manacost ^717*^* Activate to consume one charge to place a Spider Mine at your location. Up to 9 may be placed at one time, each dealing 150/200/250/300 Magic Damage. ^717*^* Up to 1/2/2/3 charges may be stored, refreshing every 30 seconds ^717*^* ^256Spider Mines^* are stealthed and appear when an enemy comes near the m, chasing them until contact. ^079Fayde^* ^292-^* Fixed illusions from switching targets if the target becomes invulnerabl e ^292-^* Improved the server performance of her stances and illusions ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292-^* Fixed an exploit with effects and ^256Crippling Volley^* ^079Pollywog Priest^* ^292-^* Made the target animate properly after finishing ^256Tongue Tied^* ^079Predator^* ^292-^* Made damage on ^256Carnivorous^* be nonlethal ^717*^* Fixes Predator killing enemy units when he shouldn't be ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Stampede's^* projectile going through invulnerability ^079Scout^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Electric Eye^* so that if you use Detonate on the Eye, then it will put Scout's Detonate ability on cooldown ^292-^* The silence will no longer hit mechanical units ^079Slither^* ^292-^* Altered the effects of ^256Poison Spray^* to fix it shooting off in the wrong direction ^079Succubus^* ^292-^* Fixed the dual-red wings so it moves with the target if the target is pu shed ^079Valkyrie^* ^292-^* Frost modifier priority changed to fix issues in a real game with her pr ojectile being invisible ^970Version 2.0.22^* ------------^292-^* April Fools~! ^717*^* Some announcer sounds and hero voices have been... touched up... ^292-^* ^090Alchemist Bones^* have been reverted to the older cooldown version ^717*^* This is a temporary fix while we get new code to fix a significant bug ^292-^* Added a new Alternate Avatar designed by FnaticMSI: ^079MSIvy Slither^* ^292-^* Added a new Alternate Avatar: ^079Mountain Tundra^* ^292-^* Added a new Alternate Avatar: ^079Quadropod Tremble^* ^970Version^*

------------^292-^* Updated the frontscreen picture ^970Version 2.0.21^* ------------^292-^* Fixed ^079Puppetmaster's^* ^256Voodoo Puppet^* deleting heroes ^292-^* ^079Tremble^* can no longer teleport to an enemy's mounds ^970Version 2.0.20^* ------------^292-^* Powerups will no longer spawn at 0:00 gametime ^292-^* Buying Back is now limited to 2 per player ^717*^* They never 'restock', so you can buy back only twice during any single g ame ^717*^* The game tells you when you buy back how many you have remaining ^292-^* Fixed the bounty for Barrracks so that the killer gets the bounty as wel l ^717*^* Was bugged and everyone on the team except the killer got bounty ^292-^* Fixed a crash with the Match Stats screen ^970== Items ==^* ^292-^* ^090Alchemist Bones^* are now limited to 1 per player and are bind on pi ckup ^717*^* While a player already has one, they can't assemble another ^717*^* ^090Alchemist Bones is muted when unowned (dropped by a terminated playe r) ^292-^* ^090Tablet of Command^* now takes a ^090Major Totem^* instead of an ^090 Apprentice's Robe^* ^717*^* Stat gain changed from +16 Intelligence to +4 Strength, +4 Agility, +14 Intelligence ^970== Heroes ==^* ^292-^* Added a new Hellbourne Agility Hero: ^079Tremble ^079Andromeda^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug with ^256Swap ^*that caused you and her target to move sligh tly closer to each other ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Rockets^* so you do not gain a free rocket when you level them from 2 to 3 ^079Chronos^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Curse of Ages^* Tooltip ^292-^* Fixed ^256Curse of Ages^* bugging out when you miss the bashing attack ^079Deadwood^* ^292-^* Fixed interation between ^256Willowmaker^* and ^256Unbreakable^* ^079Demented Shaman^* ^292-^* Fixed an issue with ^256Unbreakable^* when you have healing-reducing eff ects on you ^079Devourer^* ^292-^* Stopped him from standing up and being silly after he dies while hooking

somoeone ^079Doctor Repulsor^* ^292-^* Corrected some efficiency issues with his abilities ^079Kraken^* ^292-^* ^256Tsunami Charge^* cleaned up ^292-^* Fixed ^256Tsunami Charge^* so that if he's still charging and dies, his corpse won't stand there ^292-^* Fixed a bug where ^079Accursed's^* ^256Fire Shield^* can shield Kraken a nd he can do actions while charging ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Updated the ^256Taunt^* so that it will function properly in duplicate h ero mode ^079Pandamonium^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Flick^* from triggering stuff like ^079Corrupted Disciple's^* ^256Static Discharge^* twice ^079Pharaoh^* ^292-^* ^256Wall of Mummies^* grab radius increased by 5 ^717*^* This is a fix to the cornercase of someone being caught inside of the mu mmies but not grabbed ^292-^* Made his ^256Tormented Soul^* unselectable so you cant tab to them ^079Pollywog Priest^* ^292-^* Fixed his alt avatar not playing the cast sound on his ^256Tongue Tied^* ^079Puppet Master^* ^292-^* Fixed a very small bug that didn't give ^256Whiplash^* a timer when Pupp et Master died with 1 charge on it ^292-^* Fixed ^256Voodoo Puppet^* to give bloodlusts and assists correctly ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* ^256Stampede^* magic immunity now take place when charges are 4 instead of 5 ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292-^* Fixed a majority of cases of his aura getting around ^256Unbreakable^* ^079Soulstealer^* ^292-^* Removed the channeling bar from his ultimate for now, we will fix it and re-add it later ^970Version 2.0.19^* ------------^292-^* Added ^079Rainbow Rampage^* ^717*^* ^079Unicorn Rampage^* was the Community Alt Avatar Contest Winner. We ha ve heard your suggestions and have made an alternate version of the alternate av atar: enter ^079Rainbow Rampage^*. With more color and more effects, we hope thi s is what the community was looking for. ^717*^* All players who purchased ^079Unicorn Rampage^* will have ^079Rainbow Ra mpage^* added to their account ^717*^* Moving forward, you will be able to purchase either ^079Unicorn Rampage^ * or ^079Rainbow Rampage^* from the Goblin Store ^292-^* Added Heart Japan Account Icon ^717*^* With 10% of the revenue from the double coin promotion going to the Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts, we have added the Heart Japan account

icon to the Store for people to be able to show their support ^717*^* This item is a Premium item that only costs 25 gold coins and is intende d to show your thoughts are with those in Japan ^717*^* The S2 Staff sends its thoughts and prayers to those affected by this di saster and thanks the HoN community for their overwhelming support for the peopl e of Japan ^970Version 2.0.18^* ------------^292-^* Reverted creep stacking mechanism to allow for 2 stacks (3 camps total) ^717*^* The change was mistakenly patched into the retail client. We are, howeve r, considering such a change as part of a package of changes aimed at shifting t he focus of play away from funneling all of a team's resources into one carry. ^970Version 2.0.17^* ------------^970== General ==^* ^292-^* New Alternate Avatar for ^079Rampage^*: ^079Unicorn Rampage^*! ^717*^* Community Alt Avatar Contest Winner, suggested by Kalium. ^292-^* Added a Channeling Bar for heroes with channeling abilities ^292-^* Ancient creeps now have 5.5 Magic Armor ^717*^* The large Dragon is no longer Magic Immune, but has 10 Magic Armor ^292-^* Fixed shop item tooltips not showing bonuses from modifiers (e.g. hatche t, mystic vestments) ^292-^* Changed the logic of neutral creeps to only use their abilities when the re are a number of visible enemy player controlled units instead of just enemy u nits around them ^717*^* This means that they will not use their abilities on lane creeps ^292-^* Added order disjoint to creeps that ^079Ophelia^* (and ^090Whispering He lm^*) gains control of so they dont mess with other controlled units actions ^292-^* Fixed up some of the stringtables ^292-^* Fixed an issue that could cause creeps to skip towers very occasionally (when dragged away from the lane at strange angles) ^079Kongor^* ^292-^* Can no longer be attacked from outside of his lair even with Savage Mace ^292-^* Fixed his lair to clean up the places you could attack him from outside ^970== Items ==^* ^292-^* s ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* The following items' Attack effects will no longer propagate to illusion ^090Icebrand^* ^090Frostburn^* ^090Shieldbreaker^* ^090Frostwolf's Skull^* ^090Nullfire Blade^*

^090Assassin's Shroud^* ^292-^* Fixed it so that it procs when other projectile-based attack modifiers ( Harkon's Blade/Arachna/Vindicator) are used ^090Brutalizer^* ^292-^* Fixed Brutalizer so that it doesn't waste ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^ * and optimized some script ^090Doombringer^*

^292-^* Cleaned up some scripting ^090Frostwolf Skull^* ^292-^* Optimized scripting ^292-^* Fixed it so it won't make buildings glow blue ^090Geometer's Bane^* ^292-^* Recipe cost reduced from 1200 to 800 ^090Halberd^* ^292-^* Optimized scripting ^292-^* Fixed it so the damage popup shows above the target, not the attacking h ero ^292-^* Made it nonlethal against allied units when ^256Puppet Show'd^* ^090Homecoming Stone^* ^292-^* Optimized some scripting ^292-^* Fixed an issue where if you sold your ^090Homecoming Stone^* while chann eling, it'll leave a state that lasts until you die/next teleport is used ^090Post Haste^* ^292-^* Optimized the scripting ^090Ring of the Teacher^* ^292-^* Made its toggle not interrupt channeling ^090Savage Mace^* ^292-^* Fixed to not own ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^* ^090Striders^* ^292-^* Optimized scripting slightly ^090Void Talisman^* ^292-^* Anyone under the effect of ^090Void Talisman^* can now be attacked and a ll attacks except for Magic-based ones are negated ^970== Heroes ==^* ^079Aluna^* ^292-^* ^256Deja Vu^* ^717*^* Unitwalking & shadow slow moved to regular form ^717*^* ^256Boosted Deja Vu^* will now cause Aluna to slow any units she runs th rough (in addition to shadow also slowing) ^292-^* ^256Emerald Red^* ^717*^* Manacost lowered from 150 to 75/100/125 ^717*^* Now uses only 1 charge on use instead of all charges ^717*^* Added 0.5 sec cd to skill ^079Andromeda^* ^292-^* Units hit by her stun will now animate properly after it wears off ^292-^* Made her Aura toggle not interrupt channeling and work on invulnerable u nits ^079Arachna^* ^292-^* Made her Aura toggle not interrupt channeling and work on invulnerable u nits ^079Armadon^* ^292-^* Touched up the scripting on his ^256Armordillo^*

^079Chipper^* ^292-^* ^256Sawblades ^*cooldown increased from 50 to 65 seconds ^079Chronos^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Curse of Ages ^*to work with ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover ^* ^292-^* Fixed enemy units play idle animation after being Stunned ^079Dampeer^* ^292-^* Optimized scripting slightly ^292-^* Made his ^256Vampiric Flight^* impact the main target when he is 60 unit s away instead of on top of them ^717*^* This stops him being inside of someone when he has unitwalking ^292-^* His aura will now affect invulnerable allies correctly ^079Deadwood^* ^292-^* Optimized the scripting in his skills ^079Devourer^* ^292-^* ^256Hook^* will no longer grab people on the way back ^079Empath^* ^292-^* Fixed her ^256Essence Link^* so it successfully heals someone you are in side if they are moving quickly (Magmus stun, etc) ^079Fayde^* ^292-^* Fixed the interation between ^256Reflection^* and things like ^090Harkon 's Blade^* ^292-^* Tweaked the scripting slightly ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Hollowpoint Shells^* to work with ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^* ^079Gauntlet^* ^292-^* Optimized his ^256Grapple^* and ^256Enfeeble^* ^292-^* Optimized his ^256Gauntlet Blast^* and fixed a spelling derp ^292-^* ^256Gauntlet Blast^* will now dispel targets before the damage is dealt ^079Gladiator^* ^292-^* ^256Call to Arms^* will no longer deal damage to dead (or just rezzed) p eople who died under it's effects ^079Hammerstorm^* ^292-^* Made his Aura toggle not interrupt channeling ^079Jeraziah^* ^292-^* Made his Aura toggle not interrupt channeling ^292-^* Changed Aura to a Debuff ^079Kraken^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Splash ^*to interact with Unbreakable correctly ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* ^256Charge^* bonus speed from 100/150/200/250 to 100/150/200/500 ^292-^* Fixed a projectile was only for art affecting gameplay in corner cases ^292-^* Fixed ^256Taunt^* so that if enemies are taunted in fog, they will attac k Legionnaire ^292-^* Optimized his ^256Charge^* and ^256Decapitate^*

^079Madman^* ^292-^* +1 second to the cooldown of all levels of ^256Stalk ^292-^* Fixed rare super long ^256Barrel Roll^* ^079Magebane^* ^292-^* Made his Aura toggle not interrupt channeling ^292-^* Fixed a damage popup bug with Mana Rift ^717*^* Now shows the correct popup value on the target ^079Moon Queen^* ^292-^* Made her Aura toggle not interrupt channeling and working on invulnerabl e allies ^292-^* Optimized her bounce attack's scripting ^079Myrmidon^* ^292-^* Int growth lowered from 3.2 to 2.9 ^292-^* ^256Wave Form ^*range lowered from 1000 to 850 ^079Ophelia^* ^292-^* Optimized her ^256Judgment^* and fixed the state application time to be accurate in time length before the port ^292-^* Optimized ^256Ophelia's Touch^* tags ^079Pandamonium^* ^292-^* Fixed enemy units play idle animation after being smashed on ^079Pebbles^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Toss^* to interact with Unbreakable correctly ^079Pestilence^* ^292-^* Fixed his bash from triggering ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^* ^079Pharaoh^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Hellfire ^*so it does the correct number of pulses ^717*^* Was doing one too few ^292-^* Range of the ^256Mummies ^*pushback/manaburn lowered from 200 to 150 ^079Puppet Master^* ^292-^* Optimized ^256Puppet Show ^*scripting ^292-^* Optimized ^256Whiplash^*; now uses a timer instead of onframe condition ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Optimized ^292-^* Fixed the g the enemy ^292-^* Fixed his ^292-^* Optimized some tags of the ^256Charge^* charge to prevent it from bugging out sometimes and not pushin bash from triggering ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^* some tags in ^256The Chains That Bind^*

^079Scout^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Marksman Shot^* to have a correct buffer range (was 100 too sh ort) ^292-^* Optimized his stealth ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292-^* Made his Aura toggle not interrupt channeling and a Debuff ^079Swiftblade^* ^292-^* Can no longer crit from ^256Way of the Sword^* while spinning

^079Torturer^* ^292-^* ^256Chain Reaction^* stun from 2s flat to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s ^292-^* Cleaned up ^256Torment's^* scripting ^079Tundra^* ^292-^* Optimized ^256Piercing Shards^* and Call of Winter ^292-^* Made his ^256Cold Shoulder ^*not sometimes put him in a random position relative to the enemy ^292-^* Made his ^256Avalanche^* speed faster to speed up when the push happens ^079Vindicator^* ^292-^* Optimized his Aura ^292-^* Made ^256Final Chapter^* go through invulnerability ^079Wildsoul^* ^292-^* Optimized a tag in ^256Bear Root^* ^292-^* Made ^256Booboo's^* deniable percent to 10% from 50% ^079Witch Slayer^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug that caused him to gain mana even if he had none ^079Zephyr^* ^292-^* ^256Cyclones^* will heal the same amount (30) if they expire or are used ^292-^* Fixed ^079Zephyr^* spawning ^256Cyclones^* on enemy corpses if he kills stuff while dead ^970Version 2.0.16^* ------------^292- ^*Added a new Gold Collection Alternate Avatar: ^079Legendary Valkyrie^* ^717* ^*She will be available for 14 days before being removed from the shop ^292- ^*New Legion Intelligence Hero: ^079Aluna^* ^292- ^*^079Myrmidon^* and ^079Glacius^* have defected to the Hellbourne ^292- ^*When a player views their own match stats and history, the "Back" button will appear at the top of the screen ^292- ^*The game lobby will now display the appropriate tooltip indicating the p layers MMR instead of PSR ^292- ^*Fixed Powerups not precaching in old replays ^292- ^*Fixed souls now showing on Dampeer's Alt ^292- ^*Added new account icons ^292- ^*Updated Shaders ^292- ^*Fixed some broken models ^292- ^*Fixed a messy cliff on Caldavar ^079Empath^* ^292- ^*^256Essence Link^* range from 600 to 500 ^292- ^*^256Essence Link^* break range from 850 to 750 ^292- ^*^256Essence Link^* Damage and Heal per second from 30/45/60/75 to 20/35/ 50/65 ^970Version 2.0.15^* ------------^292- ^*Fixed ^079Armadon^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^090Alchemist Bones^* always starting with 1 charge ^292- ^*Fixed the End Game Match screen so it properly references Silver Coins ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^*Fixed a derp that made tooltips not work at all

^970Version 2.0.14^* ------------== ^970Store Currency Update^* == ^292- ^*There are now Gold and Silver Goblin Coins in the Store ^717* ^*Gold coins come from purchasing coins in the Store and on the website, w hile you receive Silver coins from matchmaking. Everyone has had there current s tash of coins converted to Gold coins based on how many coins they have purchase d thus far. If you have purchased 2000 coins and you have 2100 coins, you will n ow have 2000 Gold Coins and 100 Silver Coins. Similarly, if you purchased 2000 c oins and currently have 500 coins, you will now have 500 Gold Coins. ^292- ^*When purchasing items, your Silver coins will always be used first, then it will dip into your Gold coins. There is a coin breakdown showing how many of each type of coin will be used before you confirm your purchase. ^717* ^*Past items and their prices remain the same ^292- ^*^990^:Premium Items^* ^717* ^*^990Premium items^* can be purchased at normal price with Gold Coins or at a premium price with Silver Coins. Gold and Silver Coins may not be combined on ^990Premium items^* == ^970General^* == ^292- ^*Added a new Announcer Pack: The Bad Ass Pack voiced by the great Jon St John himself ^717* ^*This is the first ^990Premium Item^* ^292- ^*Added new ^079Tempest^* Alternate Avatar: Mystic Tempest ^292- ^*If multiple heroes do damage to a player and a creep/tower gets the fina l blow, it'll trigger Bloodlust with the gold being shared ^292- ^*Fixed bug where double-tapping your control group for a pet while it was being summoned would end up having you control your hero, but have the pet sele cted ^292- ^*Casual mode building armor reduction should no longer wonk out if someon e disconnects ^292- ^*Items bought on the Courier will no longer be credited to the owner of t he Courier ^292- ^*Added an "Off" icon for when you toggle off skills ^292- ^*Upped number of state slots by 8 ^292- ^*Tweaked the appearance of the default arcade text slightly ^292- ^*Fixed the Wells so they heal invulnerable units correctly ^292- ^*Fixed the invisible rock in Caldavar bottom lane ^292- ^*Fixed the overly-large blockers in Caldavar middle lane ^292- ^*Courier spam share messages are now more restricted ^292- ^*Fixed some model and linear affector errors ^292- ^*Fixed up some animation jitters ^292- ^*Fixed up a crash while loading into a game ^292- ^*Added missing tooltip info to the "Weather Conditions" in the game optio ns "Interface" section ^292- ^*Added new account icons and bundles == ^970Items^* == ^090Alchemist Bones^* ^292- ^*Builds up to 2 charges, recharge cooldown of 100 seconds (allows you to instantly transmute two creeps in one jungle trip)

^292- ^*Does not work on player controlled creeps ^292- ^*No longer works on runes ^090Barrier Idol^* ^292- ^*Added the missing +2 All Stats ^090Behemoth's Heart^* ^292- ^*Heart now only gives .75% of Max Health in regen along with the Strength and Health, regardless of primary attribute ^090Blood Chalice^* ^292- ^*Is now disassembleable ^292- ^*Fixed the issue with only one person getting Health back instead of seve ral ^090Bottle^* ^292- ^*Renamed to Bottle of Tears for now =] ^090Daemonic Breastplate^* ^292- ^*No longer will place it's aura on gadgets ^090Dancing Blade^* ^292- ^*Price lowered from 3300 to 3000 Gold ^090Dust of Revelation^* ^292- ^*No longer has a maximum stack of 2 ^090Frostfield Plate^* ^292- ^*Blast now spreads twice as fast ^292- ^*Gives a lingering 2 seconds of clearvision on use ^090Frostwolf Skull^* ^292- ^*Fixed ability projectiles applying the slow ^090Nome's Wisdom^* ^292- ^*Added an additional +50% Mana regeneration for the bearer ^090Nullfire Blade^* ^292- ^*On upgrade, adds 8 charges instead of replacing unused charges (still ca n only be upgraded once) ^090Pickled Brain^* ^292- ^*Price lowered from 1000 to 900 gold ^090Post Haste^* ^292- ^*Movespeed increased from 95 to 105 ^292- ^*On teleport completion, gives you an additional +200 Movespeed buff for 5 seconds ^717* ^*Movement speed buff breaks on entering combat ^090Savage Mace^* ^292- ^*Fixed so it's bonus damage is not lethal to allies ^292- ^*Fixed the popup so it is properly over the target ^292- ^*Fixed the mini-stun so it won't own Bubbles == ^970Heroes^* == ^079Accursed^* ^292- ^*^256 Fire Shield^* cast range increased from 450 to 700

^079Arachna^* ^292- ^*^256 Spider Sting^* Spiderling health increased from 3 to 4 ^292- ^*^256 Webbed Shot^* now deals 4/8/12/16 Magic Damage per second to the ta rget for its duration ^079Armadon^* ^292- ^*^256 Quill Spray^* mana cost from 35 to 30 ^079Balphagore^* ^292- ^*^256 Demonic Pathogen^* can now be clicked again to immediately spread s ilence, but the original target becomes unsilenced ^292- ^*Exploding Minions from ^256 Hell on Newerth^* will now explode when they expire naturally ^079Blacksmith^* ^292- ^*^256 Fireball^* cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds ^292- ^*^256 Flaming Hammer^* projectile speed from 950 to 1200 ^292- ^*^256 Chaotic Flames^* previously reduced ^256 Fireball^* cooldown by 3/6 /9 seconds. Now, reduces ^256 Fireball^* cooldown by 2/4/6 seconds ^717* ^*^256 Fireball^* cooldown at level 16 remains the same as previously. Tha t is, 6 seconds. ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292- ^*Movespeed from 290 to 300 ^292- ^*Agility gain per level from 2.5 to 2.8 ^079Dampeer^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Bloodthirst^* so it doesn't reset on death ^079Demented Shaman^* ^292- ^*^256 Arcane Hide^* removed and replaced with ^256 Unbreakable^* ^292- ^*^256 Unbreakable^*: Target allied hero is affected with Unbreakable (sta te) for 6 seconds. Affected hero gains 15/30/45/60 Attack Damage and if he recei ves fatal damage while affected by ^256 Unbreakable^*, he does not die and is in stead restored to 150/250/350/450 health ^717* ^*^256 Unbreakable^* is dispelled when it prevents the target's death ^079Empath^* ^292- ^*Fixed so she does not draw on the map while using ^256 As One^* ^292- ^*Fixed her ^256 Essence Link^* when she is inside of someone so it links correctly ^292- ^*Fixed her ^256 Essence Link^* so it breaks if the target goes invulnerab le ^292- ^*^079Empath^* should now correctly get assists if her target of As One ge ts a kill or assist ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292- ^*Fixed his Alternate Avatar ^256 Hollowpoint^* noise ^079Hammerstorm^* ^292- ^*^256 Brute Strength^* can no longer be removed early ^079Jeraziah^* ^292- ^*Movement Speed from 300 to 310 ^292- ^*Cast times on ^256 Inner Light^*, ^256 Protective Charm^*, and ^256 Sol' s Blessing^* all improved to 700 cast time and 300 cast action time ^292- ^*Any hero under the affect of ^256 Protective Charm^* that earns a kill g rants Jeraziah an assist ^292- ^*Any hero under the affect of ^256 Sol's Blessing^* that earns a kill gra

nts Jeraziah an assist ^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Tree Sight^* so they don't disappear if more than one person crowds around them ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*^256 Terrifying Charge^* Movement Speed bonus from 60/100/140/500 to 100 /150/200/250 ^292- ^*^256 Terrifying Charge^* now gives ^079Legionnaire^* 0/2/4/6 Armor and M agic Armor while he is charging ^292- ^*Fixed ^079Legionnaire^* attacking correctly after ^256 Terrifying Charge ^* ^292- ^*Whirling Blade modified to function as such: If ^079Legionnaire^* is str uck once, a counter is added to the ability. If the counter reaches 12 (On takin g the 12th attack), Legionnaire spins, and the counter is reset ^717* ^*If ^079Legionnaire^* spins due to the 17% proc chance, the counter is re set ^717* ^*If ^079Legionnaire^* leaves combat for five seconds, the counter is rese t ^079Magebane^* ^292- ^*Base Strength increased from 17 to 18 ^292- ^*^256 Void^* can now only be cast on units with mana to avoid misclicks ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*Base armor increased from 0.66 to 1.76 ^292- ^*^256 Volcanic Touch^* no longer considered an Attack Modifier ^292- ^*^256 Volcanic Touch^* is now toggleable ^079Maliken^* ^292- ^*Damage inflicted to self changed from True Damage to Magic Damage ^292- ^*Fixed him always playing the heal sword sound in his ranged form ^079Moraxus^* ^292- ^*^256 More Axes^* damage from 60/80/100/120 to 30/40/50/60 + (3/4/5/6)% o f target's max health ^079Night Hound^* ^292- ^*^079Night Hound^* is able to be attacked by towers and creeps while in h is ^256 Smoke Bomb^*, and ^079Pollywog^*/^079Slither^* wards may attack while in ^256 Smoke Bomb^* ^292- ^*^079Night Hound^* may attack towers in his own ^256 Smoke Bomb^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^079Night Hound^*'s ^256 Smoke Bomb^* from being selectable and dr awn on the map ^079Ophelia^* ^292- ^*^256 Command^* now uses a charge system, max of 1/1/2/3 charges. Charges gained every 30s. ^292- ^*^256 Command^* now also increases movement speed of creeps by 0/15/30/45 ^292- ^*^256 Ophelia's Judgment^* normalized to 75/150/225/300 Magic damage ^717* ^*Cooldown lowered from 30s to 16s ^079Pandamonium^* ^292- ^*Missing ^256 Cannon Ball^* will no longer slow ^079Pandamonium^* ^292- ^*Fixed him being able to turn during ^256 Flurry^* ^079Pharaoh^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Wall of Mummies^* from grabbing people and then pushing them with the burn

^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Wall of Mummies^* so that someone charging through it did not burn all of the mummy 'charges' in one go ^079Plague Rider^* ^292- ^*Movement Speed from 305 to 320 ^079Predator^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Carnivorous^* propagating to illusions ^079Puppet Master^* ^292- ^*Agility gain per level from 1.5 to 2.0 ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Voodoo Puppet^* so it gives assists to anyone who hits it ^079Pyromancer^* ^292- ^*Base Damage from 37-55 to 43-49 ^717* ^*Same average value ^292- ^*^256 Phoenix Wave^* damage increased from 100/170/230/280 to 100/170/240 /310 ^079Rampage^* ^292- ^*Attack action time improved from 600 ms to 450 ms ^292- ^*^256 Stampede^* range increased from 9001 to global ^292- ^*At 4+ charges ^256 Stampede^*, ^079Rampage^* is now Magic Immune instead of having Slow Resistance ^717* ^*The Magic Immunity does not linger past the impact point ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*^256 Desert's Curse^* linger time lowered from 7 seconds to 3 seconds ^292- ^*^256 Dissipate^* range reduced from 1000 to 700 AoE ^292- ^*^256 Dissipate^* damage reduction and damage return lowered from 5/10/15 /20% to 4/8/12/16% ^079Scout^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug where he would lose his attack speed if he canceled an attac k without coming out of stealth ^292- ^*^256 Marksman Shot^* is no longer canceled if vision of the target is lo st ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292- ^*Base Strength from 16 to 18 ^292- ^*Strength gain per level from 1.7 to 2.0 ^079Succubus^* ^292- ^*^256 Heartache^* cast range increased from 600 to 625 ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Mesmerize^* so it properly puts things like ^090Portal Key^* on cooldown ^292- ^*^256 Smitten^* mana cost changed to scale from flat 125 to 95/105/115/12 5 ^292- ^*Attack Range from 400 to 500 ^079Tempest^* ^292- ^*Fixed duplicated Elementals having full lifetime ^079Torturer^* ^292- ^*^256 Chain Reaction^* and ^256 Agonizing Bonds^* cast action times (the portion that may NOT be animation canceled) both reduced to 500 ms from 700 ms ^292- ^*^256 Torment^* radius changed from 300/350/400 to a static 400 ^292- ^*^256 Chain Reaction^* stun duration changed from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds to static 2 seconds

^079Tundra^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug with ^256 Cold Shoulder^* that made him run in place like a boss! ^079Warbeast^* ^292- ^*^256 Hellhounds^*' attack damage normalized ^292- ^*^256 Metamorphosis^* duration changed from 14/15/16 seconds to static 16 seconds ^079Wildsoul^* ^292- ^*^256 Summon Booboo^* cooldown reduced from 180/160/140/120 seconds to st atic 120 seconds ^292- ^*Booboo leash range increased from 925 to 1050 ^292- ^*^256 Battle Cry^* hotkey changed from D to E ^079Witch Slayer^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Power Drain^* so it doesn't waste 10 Mana if used incorrectly ^079Zephyr^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256 Gust^*'s Stun so it doesn't own Bubbles ^292- ^*^256 Cyclones^* now do 75% damage to neutrals and creeps, increased from 50% ^292- ^*^256 Cyclones^* will now teleport with ^079Zephyr^* correctly ^292- ^*Sped up the movespeed of the ^256 Cyclones^* so they keep up when he is just running around ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed Grim Reaper death ^292-^* Fixed some missing UI textures ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixes a cursor issue ^970Version 2.0.13^* ------------^292-^* New Monitor game feature ^717*^* Right click a friend or clanmate who is ingame to Monitor them, getting basic stats that update every minute ^292-^* Casual mode changes ^717*^* Decrease creep bounty to Normal Mode values ^717*^* Double hero bounty ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar for Soul Reaper, the Grim Reaper ^292-^* There are now keybinds in the options menu to level up each of your skil ls ^717*^* Default bound to ALT+Z, ALT+X, ALT+C, ALT+V, and ALT+O for abilities and stats ^292-^* Fixed a bug where mousing over the minimap would sometimes turn the curs or into a targeting cursor ^292-^* Fixed bugs with many of the models in the game. Results in a small perfo rmance increase ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* Predasaurs no longer have evasion, now have additional Armor Vagabond Assasins will not longer automatically purge nearby players Sporespitter no longer has +15 free damage per attack Antlore Healers will no longer heal themselves

^292-^* ^079Empath^* ^717*^* Range on ^256Wall^* changed to 800 ^970Version 2.0.12^* ------------^292-^* Fixed an issue causing ^079Myrmidon's^* ^256Weed Field^* and ^079Behemot h's^* ^256Fissure^* to hit units in a wider area than they should have ^292-^* ^079Empath's^* ^256Essence Link^* will now display its beam properly thr ough the fog of war ^717*^* Note, Empath will not be able to see the beam if her target is in the fo g. The target will, however, be able to see the beam if Empath is in the fog ^292-^* If the target dies prematurely, ^079Empath's^* ^256Essence Link^* will n o longer continue to give health to the host of her As One With Empath skill ^292-^* ^079Empath^* can no longer target allied illusions with her ^256As One^* skill ^970Version 2.0.11^* ------------^292-^* Added a new Intelligence hero: ^079Empath^* ^717*^* Empath has an Alternate Avatar, the ^079Mage Empath^* ^292-^* Towers have had their damage normalized to have no damage range, dealing the average value all the time ^292-^* Barracks, when they die, will award the killing team with 100 gold for e ach player. Last hitter gets no bonus gold. Applies to Casual Mode, but 150 gold per player. ^292-^* Added cast-range indicator support ^717*^* When casting an AoE spell, the AoE will be colored green if you are targ eting within range of your hero, yellow if you are out of range, or red if you a re trying to target an invalid location ^717*^* When casting a direct target spell, the cursor will turn yellow if you a re attempting to cast on a valid target that's out of range. Green and red still represent ally or enemy casts, that part is unchanged ^292-^* ^079Gauntlet^* can now double-activate his hookfist and it will go in th e direction he is facing and pull anyone hit back to right infront of himself ^292-^* Debuffs that are flagged for giving assists will now award an assist if they were actively on a target within 20 seconds of it dying (similar to how ass ist damage works) ^717*^* Non-damaging abilities such as ^079Voodoo Jester's^* stun will give assi sts correctly now ^292-^* Beardulon has been renamed to Booboo ^292-^* Fixed ^079Swiftblade's^* stringtables ^292-^* Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow players to change their vote afte r voting ^292-^* Fixed the scoreboard sometimes showing incorrect info when a player is t erminated. ^292-^* Added new account icons, including 8-Bit Heroes by the community's Avise ras ^970Version 2.0.10^* ------------^292-^* Fixed Panda Flick and Legionnaire Charge ^970Version 2.0.9^* -------------== ^970General^* == ^292-^* This patch has brought the first Gold Collection Avatar, ^079Sachi Swift blade^*. She will only be available for purchase until Friday, February 4th at 1

2 PM EST, so act swiftly to be one of the lucky few to own her! ^717* ^*Gold Collection items are only available for a limited time ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* has an Tweaked the ramps near Kongor on Caldavar to be much wider Casual Mode games now automatically start with a courier for each team Outpost no longer has ^090SnakeBracelet^* or ^090MajorTotem^* in it, now ^090ApprenticesRobe^*

Shop improvements ^292-^* The green border around a component now takes into account your stash. ^292-^* An orange border will be displayed around a component if you own it, but it's not in the selected unit's inventory. It will not show up if it's in anyon e else's stash, if you can't see it, or if it's held by an enemy. ^292- ^*"Buy All Components" is now "Buy Remaining", which will purchase only th e items without a green or orange border. It'll also buy items going left to rig ht, depth-first, so it can still buy some components even if you can't afford al l. ^292-^* You can now buy while dead and then sell those items back while still de ad ^292-^* Added a new icon over the item when it's still in the grace period for 1 00% sell-back value ^292-^* Fixed Courier purchase messages showing the wrong player as buying them ^292-^* Added more account icons ^292-^* A courier will no longer automatically transfer wards to you, unless you bought the wards ^292-^* Stunned units can no longer use the Grimm Teleporters ^292-^* You can now earn smackdowns/humiliations if a player-owned unit gets the killing blow. These kills are now also counted for nemesis/paybacks ^292-^* Fixed the timer for votes showing the wrong amount of time remaining. It wasn't taking into account time spent paused ^292- ^*You can no longer concede once the enemy team has conceded ^292-^* Fixed the available avatars icon from incorrectly showing if a player do es not have access or the ability to purchase any of the avatars for that hero ^292-^* Added GetGameTime and GetTotalTime console commands ^292-^* Font loading and memory optimizations ^717*^* Fonts load about twice as fast now and use about half the memory ^292-^* When a user joins the queue and a match has not been established in thei r MMR bracket/game type/map, the average wait time will display as "??? seconds" instead of "0 seconds" == ^970Items^* == ^090Blood Chalice^* ^292-^* Now takes a ^090Scarab^* instead of a ^090Trinket Of Restoration^* ^717*^* No longer gives +2 Health Regeneration ^717*^* Does not give any Mana Regeneration passively ^090Hellflower^* ^292-^* Now gives +51 damage instead of +50 as it is a correct sum of its parts ^090Nullstone^* ^292-^* The spell-block component no longer propagates to Illusions ^090Puzzlebox^* ^292-^* Fixed the manaburn to correctly do Magic damage instead of True ^090Sacrificial Stone^*

^292-^* Added +10 damage (from ^090Sustainer^*) ^292-^* Fixed a bug where you could put the stone on a non-hero unit and it woul dn't lose charges ^292-^* Fixed it so that the wielder must be a hero in order to get charges adde d to it. == ^970Heroes^* == ^079Bombardier^* ^292-^* Fixed an anomaly with ^090Nullstone^* and ^256Boom Dust^* allowing ^079B ombardier^* to use ^256Boom Dust^* when he has 0 charges ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Sticky Bomb^* from showing a stun visual when it explodes with 0 charges on it. ^079Chronos^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Time Freeze^* so that the damage won't be lethal to allied uni ts ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292-^* Optimized ^256Corrupted Conduit^* ^079Dampeer^* ^292-^* Fixed Dampeer's Aura dispeling Sage's Lore ^292-^* Fixed his Aura to toggle correctly ^292-^* Should no longer lose his souls if he dies with Token of Life active ^079Devourer^* ^292-^* Cadaver Armor will now gain charges equal to the strength gained ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292-^* Fixed Ultimate so that it always plays the sound when it should ^717*^* Fixes an issue where the "Headshot" would play even if the target did no t die ^292-^* Fixed alternate avatar from saying gibberish each time he procs his ^256 Hollowpoint Shells^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256Hollowpoint Shells^* from killing allied heroes ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292-^* Fixed Forsaken Archers' skeletons not attacking your target if you issue an attack order from far away & decide to activate skeletons early on ^292-^* Fixed Forsaken Archer's skeleton timer from displaying wrong time values when you summon a bunch of skeletons by toggling quickly ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*^256Infernal Instability^* is no longer dispellable ^079Gladiator^* ^292-^* Added disjoint to ^256Showdown^* upon returning the target ^292-^* Fixed ^256Pitfall^* sound effect glitches ^292-^* Made the state that deals damage to you after the ult visible so you kno w what is hitting you ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Fixed units on edge of fog canceling Charge (again) ^292-^* Fixed Terrifying Charge so it can be blocked by ^079Moraxus^* ^292- ^*Decapitate cast effect type changed from Physical to SuperiorMagic ^717*^* This means it can now be cast on Physical Immune as well as Magic Immune units

^079Kraken^* ^292-^* Resized his alt avatar ^292-^* Fixed his charge so it will no longer dispel other stuns on the enemies ^292-^* Fixed his Ultimate effect playing 1 second too long ^079Maliken^* ^292-^* Fixed his sword stance not playing his idle animation when you go back t o regular sword stance ^292-^* Fixed Maliken's colors when using sword modes ^079Myrmidon^* ^292- ^*Fixing his carp from proccing events like ^079Corrupted Disciple's^* sta tic field more than once ^079Pandamonium^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Flick^* to not work on invulnerable units ^717*^* Also fixed ^256Flick^* to properly trigger ^079Moraxus'^* Arcane Shield ^079Pharaoh^* ^292-^* Fixed the ult being able to hit a unit behind him when he casts it ^292- ^*Tweaked how the ult works with SOTM. Added a new fifth ability to swap b etween the versions ^079Predator^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Venomous Leap^* so you can correctly disjoint it ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*Properly fixed ^256Mirage^* so there won't be a cooldown on Manifest rig ht after you cast Mirage ^292-^* Implemented a visual timer on ^256Mirage^* to let Sand Wraith users know how long Manifest is going to be available ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292-^* Fixed Ultimate so that it always plays the sound when it should ^717*^* Fixes an issue where the sound would play even if the target did not die ^079Soulstealer^* ^292-^* No longer gains souls from killing gadgets ^079Succubus^* ^292-^* Fixed ^256Mesmerize^* so the first damage tick happens correctly ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed building attack and building destroyed announcer messages ^970Version 2.0.8^* ------------^292-^* Units in the fog of war will no longer block pathing ^717*^* This means that if you are clicking to move through a juke spot and an e nemy is in the fog, blocking that path, your hero will still attempt to follow t hat path until you see the enemy hero, rather than run around the long way ^717*^* This includes stuff like fissure or other movement blocking gadgets ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* New Kraken alternate avatar: ^079Crustacean Kraken^* Added new account icons Moved the concede and pause options slightly Added a confirmation box when you call a concede vote Removed snow from Caldavar

^292-^* Players can now right click the "Auto-Connect" checkbox to remove all ch at rooms from their auto join list ^717*^* Doing so will also leave each auto join channel they are currently in ^292-^* Fixed the UI acting like spectators could vote on remaking ^292-^* Fixed spectators being able to vote on kick votes ^292-^* Each team now has a 5 second cooldown between any vote call ^292-^* Any global votes fail immediately if enough people vote no ^292-^* Players will now automatically be placed in a group channel when they do team matchmaking ^292-^* When a player joins a group the group channel will automatically have ch annel focus ^292-^* Fixed the editor deleting the /resources/ folder inside of a map archive when you save ^292-^* Fixed a crash after playing 2+ games in a row ^292-^* Fixed a crash within the hero compendium ^090Geometer's Bane^* ^292-^* Recipe cost increased from 500 to 1200 ^292-^* Now "Order Disjoints" when used ^717*^* This means someone who queues up a spell or attack on the user has that order canceled when it is used ^079Bombardier^* ^292-^* ^256Boom dust^* ranged decreased from 600 to 500 ^292-^* ^256Boom dust^* damage scaling from 40/60/80/100 to 25/50/75/100 ^079Dampeer^* ^292-^* ^256Terrorize^* cooldown increased from 8s to 10s ^292-^* ^256Vampiric Flight^* cooldown increased from 20/16/12/8 to 22/18/14/10 ^079Thunderbringer^* ^292-^* ^256Lightning Rod^* area of effect reduced from 1000 to 800 ^079Slither^* ^292-^* Vision on wards reduced from 1400 to 300 ^079Voodoo Jester^* ^292-^* Base damage decreased from 51-61 to 46-56 ^079Zephyr^* ^292-^* ^256Gust^* now has a 0.1 second ministun ^970Version 2.0.7^* ------------^292-^* Fixed AFK kick vote ^292-^* Kick votes now have the proper cooldown ^292-^* Fixed the yellow 'time left' bar over all other units appearing ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed a minor exploit with the RAP form ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed Reconnection issues ^717*^* Reconnection was not always working, this fix should get it off the fail boat ^970Version^* -------------

- Fixed Helga Hammerstorm icon ^970Version 2.0.6^* ------------^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar for Gladiator: Adventure Gladiator ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar for Hammerstorm: Helga Hammerstorm ^292-^* Based on player feedback and data from the last month of matches signifi cant improvements to the MM algorithm have been made which should result in matc hes being much more balanced ^292-^* Groups waiting more than a few minutes in the queue should now find them selves being placed into a fair match much sooner than previously ^717*^* This also includes groups with very high or very low MMR that were havin g to wait much longer than the average queue times ^292-^* Added more icons and another bundle ^292-^* Vote kick has been re-added to the game ^717*^* A kick vote against someone can only be called once every 3 minutes ^292-^* Concede now only requires 4/5 "Yes" votes after 30 minutes instead of no rmal 5/5 ^292-^* Fixed a bunch of console errors ^292-^* Fixed an issue on the hero selection screen for the Hellbourne team ^717*^* Part of the UI was overlapping the hero selected circle and causing issu es ^292-^* Can now click store item icons to view bundle/avatar/announcer preview w indows ^292-^* Add Romanian language to system bar language selection combobox ^292-^* Tweak to progression interface to display 4-digit cumulative stats ^292-^* Added a "Back" button [back to player stats] for match stats panel when clicking to view another player's stats for a particular match ^292-^* Fixed the AFK kick vote to indicate that it is team only ^292-^* Items in the shop now show their total cost by default ^717*^* To see just the recipe cost, hold down control with the shop open ^292-^* ^090Wards^* now have a 'Timer' bar above them that shows how much time i s left at a glance ^292-^* Fixed a bug where ^090Striders^* could get charges while on cooldown ^292-^* Re-recorded ^079Gladiator's^* voice ^970Version 2.0.5^* ------------^292-^* Added new Alt Avatar for Arachna, "Queen Arachna" ^292-^* Added new Flags, Icons, and Bundles ^292-^* Fixed up Chipper recommended items ^292-^* "Ownage" now only plays on the fifth team kill streak, not all kills fiv e or greater ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* Fixed weather effects stopping when joining a new game Fixed Alt Avatars being selected during hero loading Fixed a crash when someone selected an invalid Alt Avatar The Wards stat is now Wards Places instead of Wards Bought

^090Striders^* ^292-^* Now begins to lose charges (and consequently, speed) when you are within 900 units of a visible enemy hero ^717*^* The max number of charges is lowered by 1 for every 100 units closer you are to an enemy hero ^079Dampeer^*

^292-^* Fixed some abilities playing through fog ^292-^* No longer invulnerable when charging at someone ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Fixed the no damage charge bug ^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292-^* Stealth is now removed when the attack completes, not when it starts ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed the chest present box ^292-^* Merry Christmas! :) ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed an issue with recent matches in the stats page ^970Version 2.0.4^* ------------^292-^* Added a new Hero, ^079Dampeer^* ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar for ^079Dampeer^* in the store: ^079Vacation Damp eer^*! ^292-^* Added a new Alt Avatar for ^079Flint Beastwood^* in the store: ^079Capta in Flint^*! ^292-^* Added new account icons to the Store ^292-^* Added more flags upon request to the store ^292-^* Added new Icons for the minimap ^292-^* Added a new "Terror" overhead icon for When you are feared ^292-^* Improved feedback in Matchmaking for leavers ^717*^* This now tells you how many games you need to play to be a non-leaver ^292-^* Romanian string table update ^292-^* Fixed crash if you used the mousewheel over a playerlist in a chat chann el without clicking, and then hit Up ^292-^* Fixed a drawSelectedPath crash ^292-^* Fixed any attempts to auto-follow into matchmaking games ^292-^* Fix to prevent alt avatars from being selected during hero loading ^292-^* Fixed Neutrals aggro and added a ZZz effect over their heads when they a re asleep ^292-^* Added ^090Spellshards^* as recommended items to some heroes ^292-^* Fixed ^090Geometer's Bane^* to correctly remove the "Attack this hero!" indicator when used ^292-^* Fixed ^079Maliken's^* weird textures with sword mode on ^292-^* Fixed ^079Legionnaire's^* ^256Charge^* so it doesn't cancel when you use it on someone on the edge of fog ^292-^* Fixed ^079Rampage's^* ^256Charge^* so it doesn't cancel when you use it on someone on the edge of fog ^292-^* Fixed ^079Night Hound's^* ^256Pounce^* so it always does the bonus damag e ^292-^* Fixed up the weird interactions with ^079Pharaoh^* mummy and other heroe s. You could get pushed and pulled from weird angles and this fixes that ^717*^* Also makes the circle around him of mummies slightly more circular ^292-^* Fixed ^079Bubbles'^* and ^079Gladiator's^* abilities with timers so they reset to 0 correctly if you use the ability early ^292-^* Fixed ^079Soul Reaper's^* ^256Judgment^*, it was hitting siege units bef ore

^970Version 2.0.3^* ------------^292-^* Added more Winter/Christmas stuff, including a new courier and three fre e new Alt Avatars in the store! ^292-^* Maliken, Keeper of the Forest, and Deadwood now have alt avatars in the store that cost 0 coins. Merry Christmas! ^292-^* Fixed some matchmaking bugs ^292-^* Fixed some UI bugs with the minimap and RAP ^717*^* This should fix the FPS issues players have been having ^292-^* Added some new icons and country flags that were missing ^292-^* Fixed gold report's GPM calculations (this the popup you get when you ho ver over your gold) ^292-^* Fixed Ophelia's targeting with Judgment ^292-^* Fixed Nymphora and her ultimate on Grimm's ^292-^* Fixed a few spots on Caldavar you could get perma stuck ^292-^* Fixed Pollywog's alt shooting lightning from the wrong hand ^970Version 2.0.2^* ------------^292-^* Fixing up a music track ^292-^* Tweaked and fixed some UI issues ^970Version 2.0.1^* ------------^292-^* Winter Maliken and Kongor! ^292-^* Added snow and snow trees to Caldavar for Christmas ^292-^* Editor Load Map division by 0 fix ^292-^* Fixing Night Hound's Alt Avatar display name in the Vault ^292-^* Nemesis/Payback now only count on direct kills, not assists ^292-^* Hooked up "mystery hero" icon for blind picking in SD ^292-^* Fixed music streaming when there is a Unicode character in the path ^292-^* Fixed interaction with the alt-clicking buildings/heroes and Attack-Movi ng and other actions ^292-^* Updated weather effects ^292-^* Updated several effects and sounds ^079Ophelia^* ^292-^* Can no longer teleport herself back to base like lawls ^079Slither^* ^292-^* Wards will no longer be able to hovered over on the minimap ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed public games list being empty ^292-^* Cleaned up the 'First Time Purchase' window to clearly show the bonus ^292-^* "/weather rain" should now always start the rain effect ^292-^* After a match starts, the game music starts playing immediately after he ro loading ^292-^* Remove the "Voting/etc has moved" box when you hit F6 ^292-^* Fixing Blacksmith's Account Icon name ^292-^* Fix for the unexpected interaction between pathing and holding Alt These changes were in 2.0.0, just were not in the changelog: ^079Vindicator^* ^292-^* Base strength increased from 17 to 20 ^292-^* Master's Incantation cooldown from 3/2/1/0 to 2/1/0/0

^970Version 2.0.0^* ------------== ^970Team Matchmaking^* == ^292-^* Find matches faster! Boasting arranged-team or solo play, this innovativ e and intuitive feature increases the efficiency of game creation by automatical ly gathering player statistics from a variety of group sizes, formulating teams, then matching those teams in as fair a manner as possible. With the ability to customize game mode, region, and map preferences, as well as group up with playe rs on or off your friends list, the new Matchmaking will not only make it much f aster to find a game of HoN, but also maximize the fairness and quality of the m atch. ^292-^* Playing Matchmaking rewards you with valuable Goblin Coins! Check out th e new end-game scorescreen function after a Matchmaking game. ^292-^* Matchmaking will be disabled initially, we'll enable it when we're ready to begin public testing on it this week. Once enabled, expect it to have cycles of going up and down as we gather data, iterate, improve the algorithms, and fi x any bugs. == ^970Cosmetic Store^* == ^292-^* With goblin coin currency, which can be earned or bought, players can pu rchase in-game brag-worthy cosmetic upgrades. The micro-transaction based store, controlled by Merrick the goblin shopkeeper, lets players customize their exper ience without affecting game play or allowing the purchases to change the level of competition. ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* Cosmetic upgrades include: Alternate hero avatars Taunt Account icons Alternate announcer packs Name color options. Account Symbols

== ^970New 3v3 Map: Grimm's Crossing^* == ^292-^* A new action-packed and exciting map that includes a two-way teleporter in the middle area, allowing for more innovative fighting strategies and tactics . Grimm's Crossing is a battlefield for the bloodthirsty. The terrain favors the cunning and aggressive, as hidden paths within the trees can provide a quick wa y to rout unsuspecting enemies. There is precious little territory to be contest ed over; battles are won and lost at frantic paces, often beginning and ending u nexpectedly. ^292-^* Features of the new map: ^717*^* 2 lanes that are very close together ^717*^* Only one set of towers outside of each base ^717*^* Small, tightly packed map ^717*^* Neutral creeps spawn only in the middle section of the map ^717*^* No elevation at entrances into bases ^717*^* 1 rune spawn location in the center ^717*^* Towers' armor scales with number of players alive; Buildings have 100% o f armor when all are alive, scaling to 0 armor when your entire team is dead. Th is is active if with both Casual and Normal mode on this map. ^717*^* Twin teleporters for quick transit and fun surprises ^717*^* It's a winter wonderland! Try the snow weather on this map!

== ^970New Game Mode: Casual Mode^* == ^292-^* This entirely new mode of play will provide new HoN players and casual g amers with a more fun, less punishing way to learn and play HoN. Elements in Casua l Mode speed up progression and increase rewards in ways that remain true to the game's core identity, delivering a version that can be embraced by new and vete ran players alike. ^292-^* Changes from Normal Mode to Casual Mode are as follows ^717*^* Exp range from 1000 to 1300 ^717*^* Removed gold loss on death ^717*^* Increased hero bounty ^717*^*^717*^* Hero base gold bounty: from 200 to 300 ^717*^*^717*^* Hero gold bounty per level: from 5 to 10 ^717*^* First blood bonus: from 200 to 300 ^717*^* Gold bounty per streak: from 50 to 75 ^717*^* Hero assist gold totals 50% of kill amount, split between all assisters ^717*^* Radius assist gold base: from 30 to 0 ^717*^* Radius assist gold per level: from 5 to 0 ^717*^* Respawn time per level from 4 seconds to 3 seconds ^717*^* Denies no longer deny experience ^717*^* Uphill miss chance removed ^717*^* Creeps give 1.25x of average normal mode value, no gold fluctuation ^717*^* Buildings give 1.5x of average normal mode value, no gold fluctuation ^717*^* Towers give global experience when killed, even to dead people, (by towe r level): 150,200,250,300 ^717*^* Tower last hit gold bounty: from 470,520,570,620 to 300,350,400,450 ^717*^* Tower Team gold bounty: from 200,240,280,320 to 300,350,400,450 ^717*^* The amount of experience required to reach the next level increases as t he game goes on. This means that at the beginning, players level up a lot faster than in Normal Mode, but in the mid and late game they level up at about the sa me rate as in Normal Mode. ^717*^* Buyback costs are at 1.75x normal mode values ^717*^* Towers' armor scales with number of players alive; Buildings have 100% o f armor when all are alive, scaling to 0 armor when your entire team is dead. == ^970New Interface Features^* == ^292-^* We have revamped the in-game interface to be more dynamic, informative, and efficient. ^292-^* Enhancements include: ^717*^* Advanced mini-map interaction. Try hovering over heroes, buildings, or w ards! ^717*^* Pull down tabs in the upper right for intuitive access to vote functions and game options ^717*^* Graphic kill messages for feedback when you net a kill in the upper left . ^717*^* A gold counter to see the breakdown of your gold earnings from different sources. Hover your mouse over your gold count to see the exact breakdown! ^717*^* Experience range indicators to mark enemies within the experience gain r ange. You will notice a small purple diamond next a creep's health bar when you are in range and a purple diamond effect will play when they die if you got expe rience. ^717*^* Context-sensitive pings to highlight the object and send out alert messa ges to allies. Try Alt+Clicking an ally, enemy, or building. ^717*^* A hover-over inventory to allow for quicker inventory feedback on allies and enemies. Hover over an enemy to quickly see their inventory.

== ^970BETA Map Editor^* == ^292-^* With the exact same tool that we used to make HoN, users can now create and edit maps for enhanced single-player experiences. Users who are inspired to create multi-player maps can submit their map designs to the HoN DREAM website f or potential inclusion in HoN. Also, in conjunction with scripting manipulation, players can create their own custom modes. ^292-^* This is still a BETA version of the Map Editor, and as such still has fe atures to be added, polish to be done, and bugs to be fixed. Keep this in mind! ^292-^* To open the editor, use the editor.bat file in your HoN directory or reinstall the game and it will automatically add a shortcut to your start menu as well == ^970Weather Effects^* == ^292- ^*A storm has arrived on Newerth with HoN 2.0 and it shows! Change the wea ther of the map you are in at any time through the Options menu and feel free to sing in the rain. ^292-^* Players can set their preferred weather effect in the interface options or with a chat command. Right now we support "Rain" and "Snow". The default is " Off". ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* Chat commands are as follows: /weather /weather None /weather Rain /weather Snow

^292-^* We included a text file with instructions on how to make your own weathe r effects in the HoN directory == ^970New Item: Spellshards^* == ^292-^* It's time for the magic users of Newerth to show their true power! With Spellshards, they can pierce the defenses of the enemy and burn them to a crisp that much faster. ^292-^* The wielder's spells ignore a portion of their enemy's magic armor, caus ing increased magic damage. ^292-^* After obtaining this item, the recipe may be re-purchased to upgrade it. Can be upgraded two additional times. ^292-^* Components: Great Arcana (1675) + Recipe (1000) ^292-^* Stats: ^717*^* 6 Intelligence ^717*^* 17 Damage ^717*^* 10 Attack Speed ^717*^* 3/6/9% Cooldown Reduction ^717*^* 75% Mana Regeneration ^717*^* Causes any Magic damage you deal to ignore 2/4/6 of your target's Magic Armor. This effect can never cause their magic armor to go below 0. ^292-^*[I] Note: The item "Trophy Belt" did not make it into this patch.[/I] == ^970Nemesis and Payback^* ==

^292-^* Beat down an opponent hard enough and you will become their Nemesis! Be careful, though, for payback is sweet revenge. ^292-^* A 'Nemesis' against an opponent is gained when you kill them 4 times in a row without them killing or assisting in a kill against you. ^292-^* A 'Payback' is given when you kill or help kill your Nemesis. == ^970New Music^* == ^292-^* Newerth's citizens, every now and then, take the time away from the batt lefield to learn new musical scores. They have brought us six new songs to encou rage us in battle! ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* New songs: The Missing Rune Hope From The Depths They Rose The Chase Overrun Lane Kongor's Lair

^292-^* Each map now has a custom music soundtrack that plays songs in a pre-det ermined order. ^292-^* In addition, several music related bugs were fixed: ^717*^* Fixed music looping ^717*^* Fixed playlist looping ^717*^* Fixed music fade-out/fade-in ^717*^* When a music track is stopped, it defaults to fading out ^717*^* Music is now streamed rather than loaded upfront. This fixes an issue wh ere lower-end computers would randomly hitch when the music switched. ^717*^* When a music track ends, its memory is now freed == ^970Other Features^* == ^292-^* BP bans increased from 3 to 4 ^292-^* Single draft now has blind pick, meaning you won't see the other team's hero picks during hero selection ^292-^* Banning draft will now switch bans immediately ^292-^* Mid-bar completely redone for HoN 2.0 ^292-^* Streak stats are no longer recorded for public games ^292- ^*Fixes for Caldavar so the creeps won't start in tower range in bottom la ne and the middle lane will be more even == ^970General^* == ^292-^* Fixed GPM calculations. Gold that wasn't counted in GPM before: ^717*^* Passive ^717*^* First blood bounty ^717*^* Assists ^717*^* Radius bounty ^717*^* Was counting how much a player should have lost on death, rather than wh at he actually lost if he didn't have enough gold ^292-^* Fixed a spot you can hit Kongor from outside of his pit ^292-^* You can now also "buy all components" for items without components and i t'll just buy the individual item. ^292-^* Swapping the minimap to right side now also swaps the location of attack

modifiers ^292-^* Added sounds to the pause/unpause countdown ^292-^* You can no longer transfer items from your stash onto units that can't c arry items ^292-^* Toggling mute on a player no longer /ignores them ^292-^* Tweaked effects, voices, and animations of several heroes ^292-^* A code tweak that will increase load time for computers with limited amo unt of virtual memory, but should help alleviate crashes due to running out of v irtual memory (32 bit Vista and 7) ^292-^* Gold will now max at 65535 instead of looping back to 0 ^292-^* Sped up ^090Frostwolf Skull^* projectile to 1500 (medium speed based on high and low ranges) ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* for the ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* ^292-^* Fixed up a lot of the stringtables Fixed some divide by zero errors Shrunk some giant textures Custom Game renamed to Public Game Fixed some map textures Fixed follow coloring to update when first displayed Fixed a crash when viewing match stats containing a null player slot Added a unit voice delay slider to the options panel. Credit to Bangerz initial implementation. Follow is now removed when removing buddy Fixed model quality change crash Fixed Tournament Mode not working on linux client Replay_autoSkipPause cvar for auto skipping pauses in replays Deleted un-used voice commands

== ^970Bugfixes^* == ^292-^* Previously, if a ^090courier^* dropped an upgradeable item on you when y ou had a full inventory, including a recipe for that item, the recipe would be c onsumed but the item wouldn't upgrade. Fixed. ^292-^* Fixed a ^079Bombardier^* ^256Boom Dust^* bug relating to casting it from long ranges resulting in quirky behavior ^292-^* ^079Chipper^* ^256ult^* won't draw on the minimap anymore ^292-^* ^079Fayde's^* ^256Burning Shadows^* now give small clearvision ^292-^* ^079Legionnaire's^* ^256ult damage^* when he doesn't kill now correctly does Magic damage (was a script error) ^292-^* ^079Pharaoh's^* ^256Wall of Mummies^* will now grab people correctly to the middle ^292-^* ^079Tempest's^* ^256Glacial Blasts^* won't stun magic immune units or in vulnerable units anymore ^292-^* Fixed ^079Arachna's^* ^256ult^* still spawning if the target dies first ^292-^* ^079Thunderbringer's^* ^256ult^* won't hit illusions anymore ^292-^* ^079Vindicator's^* illusions won't steal int from him anymore and will g et the +2 int popup so it's not obvious who the real one is ^292-^* ^079Blacksmith^* can now hit himself with ^256Frenzy^* when it multicast s on another target ^292-^* ^079Gladiator's^* ^256ult^* won't wonk out anymore if he casts it while frozen and can't turn ^292-^* ^079Gauntlet's^* ^256fist^* won't wonk out anymore if he casts it while frozen and can't turn ^292-^* Fixed the manacost of ^079Defiler's^* ^256Silence^* to match the tooltip correctly ^292-^* Fixed ^090Thunderclaw^* and ^090Charged Hammer^* so they won't go off on denies ^292-^* Added double activate to ^079Blood Hunter^* ^256Blood Crazy^* ^292-^* Added double activate to ^079Succubus^* ^256Mesmerize^*

^292-^* Made ^079Succubus^* ^256ult^* undispellable ^292-^* Made ^090Tablet of Command^* unbind it's target ^292-^* Warbeast's ^256Wolves^* won't take the craters they come out of with the m anymore == ^970Neutrals^* == ^090-^* Neutrals now sleep at night ^717*^* They have zero aggro range at night and normal aggro range in the day ^079Minotaur^* Neutral Creep: - Fixed a damage/stun event to fix ^079Bubbles^* wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st == ^970Heroes^* == - Fixed ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* some effects playing through fog: ^079Gladiator^* ^256Pitfall^* ^079Moraxus ^*^256Stomp^* ^079Bubbles' ^*teleport-to-^256Shell-Surf^* "water splash" ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Song of the Sea^*

^079Balphagore^* ^292-^* Fixed his illusions from eating creeps ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256ult^* from drawing on the minimap like silliness ^079 Devourer^* ^292-^* Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st ^079 Doctor Repulsor^* ^292-^* Fixed missing tooltip info ^079Electrician^* ^292-^* Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Turret now shoots twice as fast and the cap of number of hits removed. ^717*^* Damage per bullet starts at 40 and is lowered by 10% for every bullet th at hits you ^717*^* The push starts at the same it was, but gets weaker the more you are hit ^717*^* Snare is still max of 35% from 10 hits ^079Gauntlet^* ^292-^* Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st :glad:^079Gladiator^* ^292-^* Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st ^292-^* Added a glow to the whip ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Fixed a typo in his ^256ult^* damage (was doing 300, should be 350) if y ou missed with it

^079Maliken^* ^292-^* Re-exported and cleaned up voice ^079Moraxus^* ^292-^* ^256Axes^* damage from 80/100/120/140 to 60/80/100/120 ^079Myrmidon^* ^292-^* New sounds ^292-^* Fixed infinite life ^256weed field^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug that caused him to have a projectile with ^090Frostwolf Skul l^* even in melee form ^292-^* Fixed a permanent vision bug ^079Nymphora^* ^292-^* ^256Pod^* is now 250 AOE, 1 second delay, and 60/120/180/240 Damage/Heal . Used to be 325 AOE, 2.5 second delay, 90/180/270/360 Damage/Heal. ^079Pebbles^* ^292-^* Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292-^* Fixed an issue with ^256Dissipate^* that let him get some long range dam age ^292-^* Fixed a bug with the ult that reset the cooldown to the max length incor rectly when ^256Mirage^* was used ^292-^* Fixed the illusions incorrectly giving vision the whole duration of the ult instead of just while they are alive ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292-^* Fixed him getting mana from hero kills correctly ^079Succubus^* ^292-^* Fixed a damage/stun event to fix Bubbles wasting ^256Take Cover^* autoca st ^292-^* Fixed heroes ulted by her not doing their idle animation after it ends ^079Tundra^* ^292-^* Fixed his ^256charge^* and interaction with ^256Moraxus' Shield^* ^079Wildsoul^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug that caused him to have a projectile with ^090Frostwolf Skul l^* even in melee form == ^970Console Commands / UI Commands^* == ^717*^* This section is mainly for modders ^292-^* StopMusic(true) will now fade out the current music track ^717*^* StopMusic() will still stop it instantly ^292-^* New console command 'MusicInfo' ^717*^* Displays the name of current track, length of current track, and positio n within current track ^292-^* New console command 'MusicSeek' ^717*^* Allows you to jump to a specific time index within the current music tra ck

^717*^* The argument can be in 'mm:ss' format, for example 01:30, or in seconds, for example 90 ^717*^* If the argument begins with '-' then it represents a time offset from th e end of the track (for example -10 would seek to 10 seconds from the end of the current track) ^292-^* New console command 'PlaylistStart' ^717*^* Begins playing the specified tracks in order. Example: PlaylistStart mus ic/track_01.mp3 music/track_02.mp3 music/track_03.mp3 ^292-^* New console command 'PlaylistClear' ^717*^* Clears the current playlist ^292-^* New console command 'PlaylistNext' ^717*^* Plays the next track in the playlist ^717*^*^717*^* Fades out the current music track and fades in the next music tra ck ^292-^* New console command 'PlaylistInfo' ^717*^* Displays information about the current active playlist, including number of tracks, name of each track, and which track is currently active ^970Version 1.0.20^* ------------^292-^* Added a new strength hero: ^079Moraxus^* ^292-^* Delay before the other team can unpause lowered from 60s to 30s ^292-^* Disabled voice responses for a lot of abilities that have custom sounds ^292-^* New Immortal sound ^090Puzzlebox^* ^292-^* Spawn order changed so next unit tabs to Puzzlebox Wizard when Hero + su mmons grouped together ^292-^* Puzzlebox Mauler's passives moved to slots 2/3/4 so that player can easi ly distinguish Wizard from Mauler ^292-^* Fixed Puzzlebox Wizard's Manaburn incorrectly burning 275 instead of 225 at lvl 3 ^292-^* Manaburn popup is now above target instead of Wizard ^292-^* Tooltips redone/fixed ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Removed label abuse ^970Version 1.0.19^* ------------^292-^* Fixed ^079Arachna^* ^292-^* Fixed ^079Bombardier's^* ^256Air Strike!^* not working with Staff of the Master ^292-^* ^079Kraken^* Ultimate from 90/80/70 to 110/100/90 second cooldown ^292-^* Reverted the change to ^079Sand Wraith^* due to a technical issue ^292-^* ^090Bottle^* now loses ownership when it is dropped from a ^090Courier^* death ^292-^* Missing from 1.0.18 changelog: ^717*^* Tutorial re-voiced by Ms Pudding ^717*^* ^090Tablet of Command^* recipe changed to include an ^090Apprentice's Ro be^* instead of a ^090Major Totem^*. Now gives +16 int and 10 damage ^970Version 1.0.18^* -------------

== ^970General / Bugfixes^* == ^292-^* Removed Halloween effects ^292-^* Fixed some water effect problems with ^079Rampage^* ^292-^* Fixed ^079Nighthound's^* attackscheme when he is in cloud so it function s correctly. ^292-^* Corrected ^079Valkyrie's^* ^256Javelin^* speed from 837 to 857.14 ^292-^* ^079Andromeda's^* ^256Void Rip^* will now disjoint her as well as her ta rget on use ^292-^* ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Take Cover^* will now properly trigger from invulnera ble sources of damage ^292-^* ^079Bubbles'^* ^256Kelp Field^* will now properly stun invulnerable unit s that move out of the radius (Magmus Lava Surge, for example) ^292-^* Bugfix for ^079Ophelia's^* ^256Judgment^* so it unbinds the target when they are teleported ^292-^* ^079Ophelia's^* ^256Judgment^* can no longer be cast on allied lane cree ps ^292-^* Fixed an old bug with ^079Ophelia^* that lets her perma-block a neutral creep spawn with illusions ^292-^* ^079Wildsoul Bear's^* ^256Root^* will now correctly last 9 seconds on no n-hero units ^292-^* ^079Witch Slayer's^* ^256Power Drain^* will now instantly kill illusions on use ^292-^* Fixed ^079Bombardier's^* ^256Boom Dust^* so it is correctly blocked by N ull Stone ^292-^* Correctly unbind the targets of ^079Nymphora's^* ^256Teleport^* ^292-^* ^079Nymphora's^* ^256Teleport^* now picks the closest targets to her, no t random ones ^292-^* ^079Puppetmaster's^* ^256Puppet Show^* now silences as well (This is a b ugfix for weird situations it can cause) ^292-^* ^079Pharaoh's^* ^256Soul^* will again reveal around itself while in flig ht properly ^292-^* ^079Pharaoh's^* ^256Wrath of the Pharaoh^* is now a Superior Magic inste ad of Superior Physical touch to fix some issues. No gameplay change. ^292-^* Bugfix for ^079Kraken's^* ^256Charge^* warping people around ^292-^* ^079Thunderbringer's^* ^256Bolt's^* reveal is now clearvision ^292-^* Fix for ^079Pestilence's^* ^256Swarm^* so you can't lose vision on someo ne in odd situations ^292-^* Fixed ^079Dark Lady's^* ^256Dark Blades^* so they silence Bubbles correc tly when he has Autocast on ^292-^* ^079Tundra's^* ^256Coeurl^* now has the correct backswing (from 800 to 1 000) ^292-^* Fixed ^079Tempest's^* ^256Glacial Blasts^* from doing 2x damage on the f irst blast ^292-^* Fixed ^079Forsaken Archer's^* ^256Skeletons^* so they won't stand around like dorks if she is attacking from max range ^292-^* Fixed some effects from playing through the fog == ^970Items^* == ^292-^* Added ^090Courier^* sounds and some effects ^292-^* ^090Mana Potion^*, ^090Health Potion^*, ^090Wards^*, and ^090Runes of th e Blight^* now lose ownership when dropped from a courier death ^717*^* This means that if you kill an enemy ^090Courier^* that is carrying ward s, you can now use those wards as if you bought them ^090Ring of Sorcery^* ^292-^* Recipe lowered from 525 to 200

^090Striders^* ^292-^* They now lose charges if you are within 600 units of a visible enemy her o at the same rate they gained them. You begin to gain the charges back as soon as you run away from the enemy. == ^970Heroes^* == ^079Accursed^* ^292-^* ^256Fire Shield^* cast range from 350 to 450 ^079Armadon^* ^292-^* Buff ^256Quills^* projectile flight speed from 900 to 2700 ^079Bombardier^* ^292-^* ^256Boom Dust^* cast range reduced from 700 to 600 ^292-^* ^256Ultimate^* no longer has a long delay before the bombs drop ^292-^* Pick sound corrected ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292-^* ^256Blood Crazy^* from unremovable debuff to removable on enemies, debuf f is a "buff" on allies ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* When you hit someone who is Tar'd with a Rocket, it will put a stacking DoT on them for each Rocket that hits ^717*^* DoT does 15/20/25/30 Magic Damage per second charge ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292-^* ^256Flare^* DoT to smooth damage over the 2 seconds instead of 2 ticks ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Terrifying ^256Charge^* cooldown from 30 static to 30/26/22/18 ^079Kraken^* ^292-^* ^256sunami Charge^* touch radius from 60 to 80 ^292-^* ^256Splash^* cooldown from 8 secs to 11/10/9/8 seconds, damage type chan ged from magic to physical ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292-^* Any valid enemy target hit by the initial sand projectile will leave a s and trail behind them! ^079Voodoo Jester^* ^292-^* Manacost on ^256Mojo^* from 95/105/115/125 to 110/120/130/140 ^970Version 1.0.17^* ------------^292- ^*Added kill streaks, and other kill events to the player stats page ^717* ^*This includes Smackdowns and Humiliations (The tracked Humiliation is no t a failed attempt at a smackdown, but when you kill someone who taunted you) ^292- ^*Touched up some effects on the main menu background ^292- ^*Updated stringtables ^292- ^*Updated Catman Leader effects when he stomps ^090Tablet of Command^* ^292- ^*Can no longer be used while immobilized

^090Harkon's Blade^* ^292- ^*Can be toggled while stunned ^079Bombardier^* ^292- ^*Tweaked sounds and effects slightly ^292- ^*Added voice ^079Deadwood^* ^292- ^*Slow from ^256Willowmaker^* is now linear in how it decreases instead of down-up-down weirdness ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292- ^*^256Flare^* now does DOT damage over 2 seconds (initial hit, 1 tick afte r first second, 1 tick after second second) ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*^256Terrify^* is now properly applied in a cone in-front of him again ^079Pharaoh^* ^292- ^*Ult (with SOTM only) can now be toggled between targeting enemies only o r enemies and allied heroes ^970Version 1.0.16^* ------------^292- ^*Fix to quick stats ^292- ^*Candles now fade to smaller versions when in a lobby so they don't block any buttons ^292- ^*Fix to allow clan tags with a length greater than 3. ^079Bombardier^* ^292- ^*Added recommended items ^292- ^*Fixed a hitch in bombardier's portrait animation ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Boom Dust^* not crediting the damage to Bombardier correctly s ometimes ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Boom Dust^* so the graphics update correctly as you slowly app ly charges to someone and they expire ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Boom Dust^* exploding from DOTs when put on an ally ^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292- ^*Updated ^256Root^* effect so it's less nonsense and more pumpkin ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*Fixed the aura not turning off when he dies ^970Version 1.0.15^* ------------== ^970General^* == ^292- ^*^oHalloween on Newerth has arrived...^* ^292- ^*Increased the number of hero slots on the picking screen. ^292- ^*Quick stats favorite hero % will now display correctly for accounts with over 32,000 seconds played on that hero ^292- ^*Added EM % to quickstats ^292- ^*Fix for that infinite life infinite spawn simpleemitter particle on the background effect ^292- ^*Fixed almost all of the tooltip bugs and errors thanks to ElementUser ^292- ^*Removed the "All Heroes" option ^717* ^*All games are now "All Heroes" by default

^292- ^*The "selected" buff icons no longer incorrectly pop / blink ^292- ^*Fixed Bloodlust gold reward from not being logged correctly ^292- ^*Updated French stringtables for the tutorial, courtesy of QualQuek, Bass , Jelucyr, Tyr00, Neuroleptik. ^292- ^*Normalized the building gold and Kongor kill gold ^292- ^*Hid some states that should not have been shown == ^970Neutrals^* == ^292- ^*Added some new effects to the neutrals who have abilities ^095Kongor^* ^292^292^292^292^292^*^095Kongor^* now has a larger health bar ^*^095Kongor^* now has 75% Magic reduction ^*^095Kongor^* base armor lowered from 3.5 to 3 ^*^095Kongor^* attack range increased from 100 to 128 ^*Added effects and partial tweaks to his stomp

== ^970Items^* == ^090Bottle^* ^292- ^*Crow ferrying now refills to 2/3 instead of full ^090Insanitarius^* ^292- ^*Fixed it to be a proper sum of its part ^717* ^*From 11 Damage to 12 Damage ^717* ^*From 15 Attack Speed to 25 Attack Speed ^090Logger's Hatchet^* ^292- ^*No longer works on ^095Kongor^* ^090Mana Battery^* ^292- ^*AoE radius from 1600 to 1200 ^292- ^*Health gain from 12 to 10 per charge ^292- ^*Cost from 210 to 200 ^090Power Supply^* ^292- ^*AoE radius from 1600 to 1200 ^292- ^*Health gain from 15 to 10 per charge ^292- ^*Cost from 290 to 240 ^090Ghost Marchers^* ^292- ^*No longer let you move through Pollywog Priest's Voodoo Wards == ^970Heroes^* == ^292- ^*New Legion Int hero, ^079Bombardier^* ^292- ^*Tagged a lot of hero abilities so they will only play the custom voice r esponse instead of two overlapping ones ^292- ^*Added new debuff states for ^079Swiftblade^*'s ^256Blade Frenzy^*, ^079M agmus^*' ^256Steam Bath^*, and ^079Tempest^*'s ^256Meteor^* so players know when they are taking damage and when they are not ^079Andromeda^* ^292- ^*Correctly hid her stunned state ^292- ^*Base agility from 27 to 26

^292- ^*Strength gain from 2.3 to 2.1 ^292- ^*^256Dimensional Link^* aura radius from 900 to 800 ^292- ^*Aurora AoE from 300 to 275, damage from 25/50/75/100 to 40/65/90/115 ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292- ^*Fixed him gaining health from illusions ^079Bubbles^* ^292- ^*^256Shell Surf^* now disjoints ^079Chipper^* ^292- ^*^256Tar Toss^* ^717* ^*Cooldown from 25/20/15/10 to 18/15/12/9 ^717* ^*Cast action time from 0.25 to 0 ^292- ^*^256Sawblade Showdown^* ^717* ^*Initial damage increased from 100/200/300 to 200/300/400 ^717* ^*Fixed bug that placed a lingering DoT on enemies who ran through the saw s quickly which artifically increased its damage ^717* ^*Can not take the initial damage again for 2s after leaving the saws even if you re-enter them ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292- ^*No longer can get an infinite damage boost in certain situations ^079Dark Lady^* ^292- ^*^256Dark Blades'^* damage increase lowered from 50/70/90/110% to 50/60/7 0/80% ^292- ^*^256Taint Soul^* cast range from 1200 to 800/900/1000/1100 ^079Deadwood^* ^292- ^*Fixed up ^256Willowmaker^*'s tooltip to list duration of debuffs ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*Maximum health gained from devouring from 100/150/200 to 75/125/175 per charge ^292- ^*Fixed tooltip on ^256Devour^* to display correct duration of charges (7s per charge, incorrectly listed 10s) ^079Electrician^* ^292- ^*Cooldown on ^256Electric Shield^* from 2 secs to 0.5 secs ^292- ^*^256Cleansing Shock^* SotM effect changed: instead of bouncing, it purge s target and yourself at the same time ^292- ^*Cleansed now loses its movespeed bonus smoothly over the whole duration ^292- ^*Purge damage on summoned units is now pure instead of magical ^079Fayde^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Burning Shadows^* so it does not reveal enemies hit for a long er time than intended ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292- ^*His ^256Flare^* effect will no longer play in the fog ^292- ^*Fixing a bug causing him to say several different voice responses when u sing ^256Flare^* ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Grapple^* hit detection while right next to someone ^079Jereziah^* ^292- ^*Removed the attack, replaced with a slow aura with 7/14/21/28% 300 radiu s AOE slow

^079Kraken^* ^292- ^*Projectile speed of ^256Torrent^* increased from 1000 to 1250 ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*^256Terrifying Charge^* ^717* ^*Damage is now instant instead of through an attack ^717* ^*The increased movespeed is kept for an additional second ^292- ^*^256Decapitate^* range increased from 150 to 175 ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*Allied units will no longer 'block' the casting of ^256Lava Surge^* ^079Panda^* ^292- ^*Removed silence from ^256Flick^*, made it a stun instead ^079Puppetmaster^* ^292- ^*Increased casting speed of ^256Puppet Show^* and ^256Voodoo Puppet^* ^717* ^*Cast action time lowered from 500ms to 300ms ^079Soulstealer^* ^292- ^*Will no longer gain charges if he dies and an attack is in midair that k ills something ^079Tundra^* ^292- ^*Shiver is no longer Magic Immune, but is now Splash Immune ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*No longer applies his silence aura to enemy heroes he cannot see ^079Voodoo^* ^292- ^*^256Mojo^* can now be double activated to cast on self ^090Patch notes^* ^256colored ^*by ^079Warchamp7^* ^970Version 1.0.14^* ------------== ^970General^* == ^292- ^*Updated effects for the Vagabond neutrals ^292- ^*Added Australia region filter to public games and create game interfaces ^292- ^*Fixed Kongor slain sound anytime Kongor is killed (Only a problem on som e systems) ^292- ^*Quick Stats bad baseline fix. ^292- ^*Fix quick stats always saying "Player's First Game" on Mac/Linux clients ^292- ^*When a killstreak of 11 thru 14 is ended, the game now properly displays "X has ended Y's BLOODBATH streak", not "X has ended Y's IMMORTAL streak" ^292- ^*Fix for the restore button disappearing on the replay scoreboard (the en tire scoreboard was moving off screen) when a player is terminated == ^970Heroes^* == ^079Devourer ^292- ^*Fixerd him not gaining strength from killing a hero. Logic failure. ^079Nymphora ^292- ^*Fixed not being able to teleport into your own base ^079Kraken

^292st go ^292^292^292-

^*Fixed Hellbourne Main Building bounds so ^256Tsunami Charge^* doesn't ju through it ^*Fixed ^256Tsunami Charge^* doing too much damage ^*^256Tsunami Charge^* no longer brings Invulnerable units along with him ^*^256Splash^* no longer propagates to illusions

^079Succubus ^292- ^*All non-cleave splash damage will now wake up someone slept by Mesmerize ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^* Fix to Deadwood's stringtables ^970Version 1.0.13^* ------------== ^970General^* == ^292- ^*Darkwood Vale is now a 4v4 map ^292- ^*Kill streaks of 15 or more now play the "IMMORTAL!" announcer sound / me ssage ^292- ^*Taunt effect is now more intense and shiny for the first few seconds ^292- ^*Heroes will now fully turn toward their final goal even when pathing int o deeply blocked areas ^292- ^*Max possible charges are now ~16,000 (Fixes several issues) ^292- ^*Change default lag threshold to 1000 ms from 500 ms ^292- ^*Clients no longer precache the voice responses of enemy heroes ^292- ^*Muting a player will /ignore that player, and unmuting will /unignore. ^292- ^*Fixes the white icons when someone randoms. The random now happens befor e the load, not after ^292- ^*Updated visual effects for some neutrals' skills ^292- ^*A teammate right clicking on a shop with the courier will open there own shop window now ^292- ^*Added watery grass to show where fog is blocked yet you can run through ^292- ^*Added global announcer sounds anytime Kongor is slain ^292- ^*New Effects for minotaur, catman, and vagabond leader ^292- ^*Update Frostburn tooltip to show max of 3 charges, instead of 5 ^292- ^*Updated effects and sounds for several items like Blood Chalice, Puzzleb ox, and Striders ^292- ^*Updated sounds to several heroes ^292- ^*Fix some loading bar funkiness ^292- ^*Fixed game hosts not being able to assign players from Hellbourne to Leg ion side when right clicking their portrait. Credit to Bangerz for this fix ^292- ^*Fixed the quick stats ^292- ^*K:D ratio now displays two digits after the decimal (for example K:D wil l be "1.58" instead of "1.6") ^292- ^*Fixed client not handling valid clan name tags that are 4 chars long ^292- ^*Fix for a few of the public game filters (mode, num players, map name, s erver type) to correctly save their settings. Credit to Bangerz for this fix ^292- ^*Fixes for Full Game, Advanced Game Option, and Advanced Game Mode Filter s ^292- ^*Fixed a potential crash on the chat server that occured when a user was not able to be resolved during a clan invite ^292- ^*Cleaned up some of the error messages to properly represent the error oc curing == ^970Mod Integration^* ==

^292- ^*Added UI_CMD's GetFPS() and GetPing() ^292- ^*Hon now natively supports the "Mod Options" mod framework ^292- ^*HoN now natively supports the "Movable Frames" mod framework ^717* ^*Movable Frames now supports spectator mode ^717* ^*Cleanly integrated Movable Frames with Mod Options, so that the user can customize his movable frames the same way he would customize any other mod ^292- ^*The Replay Stats Button mod is now built in (Credit to BASH) ^717* ^*Adds a button to the Local Replays list to view the match stats ^292- ^*The Enhanced Buff Icons mod is now built in ^292- ^*The Improved Spectator UI mod is now built in == ^970Neutrals^* == ^095Skeleton Boss^* ^292- ^*Now a ranged unit. Damage re-adjusted ^292- ^*His castable root now ministuns on impact ^095Neutral Ogre^* ^292- ^*Fixed the ^256Ice Shield^* so it doesn't apply when a melee hero casts a t someone who has it on == ^970Items^* == ^090Blood Chalice^* ^292- ^*Mana returned from 150 to 100 ^292- ^*Now stops all regeneration effects (bottle/health potion) when used ^090Hellflower^* ^292- ^*Added visual trail to silence state for some anti-juke fun ^090Savage Mace^* ^292- ^*The proc can no longer propagate to illusions ^090Striders^* ^292- ^*Will no longer go on cooldown just from looking at someone, you now have to attack ^292- ^*^090Runes of the Blight^* can now be used and not put the item into cool down ^292- ^*Fixed a bug causing them not to reset cooldown when they are picked up o r transferred ^090Sword of the High^* ^292- ^*Cost lowered from 3800 to 3400 ^090Tablet of Command^* ^292- ^*Added to the "nohelp" list, so you can no longer push allies who do not allow you to ^292- ^*Now applies a ministun on use to the target if it is an enemy ^292- ^*The target is no longer silenced or perplexed, and can turn while being pushed ^090Void Talisman^* ^292- ^*Fixed so you cannot activate while magic immune (Can't waste it anymore) == ^970Heroes^* ==

Fixed ^717* ^717* ^717* ^717* ^717*

the following playing through fog: ^*^079Magmus'^* ^256Steam Bath^* ^*^079Wildsoul's^* ^256Bear Teleport^* ^*^079Forsaken's^* ^256Volley^* ^*^079Blacksmith's^* ^256Flaming Hammer^* ^*^079Chronos'^* ^256Timeleap^*

^079Balphagore^* ^292- ^*Decreased str gain from 3.1 to 2.7 ^292- ^*^256Hell on Newerth^* ^717* ^*Damage: ^717* ^*(Lvl 1) 200/300/400 to 175/250/325 ^717* ^*(Lvl 2/3) 350,450,550 to 300/375/450 ^717* ^*Effects: ^717* ^*(Lvl 2/3) ^256Hell Snare^* from 6 seconds to 4 seconds ^717* ^*(Lvl 3) ^256Volatile Minions^* damage from 150/225/300 to 125/200/275 ^717* ^*When ultimate is in cd you no longer gain charges when enemies cast spel ls near you, instead you decrease the cd of your ultimate by 1 seconds per spell cast ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292- ^*Clarify ^256Blood Sense's^* tooltip to show that the aura increases by 1 500 range per level ^292- ^*^256Feast^* now leaves a lingering debuff for 1.5s when attacking a hero ^717* ^*If they die in this time, ^079Blood Hunter^* still gets healed. ^079Chipper^* ^292- ^*Removed the 0.1s cooldown when a new charge is available for ^256Rockets ^* ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*^256Curse of Ages^* no longer works on buildings ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*^090Striders^* will now be 'turned off' while ^256Decay^* is activated ^292- ^*No longer gains strength from killing himself. :( ^292- ^*His own illusions should no longer steal strength from him when someone dies nearby ^292- ^*Lower strength gain to 1 per kill ^292- ^*Ult ^256Decay^* increase range rebalanced from 50 per charge/level to 30 /40/50 per charge/level ^079Doctor Repulsor^* ^292- ^*Starting int from 27 to 25 ^292- ^*Level 1 armor lowered from 5.1 to 4.1 ^292- ^*^256Magnetic Contraption^* still happens instantly, just a 400ms backswi ng. Can anim cancel the backswing like normal ^292- ^*Attackspeed slow from ^256Electric Frenzy^* is now -50 instead of -50% ^292- ^*Tree destruction radius on ^256Ludicrous Speed^* reduced from 100 to 75 ^292- ^*Can no longer use ^256Ludicrous Speed^* while immobilized ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Strength gain lowered from 2.3 to 2 ^292- ^*^256Turret^* duration from 6s to 5s ^717* ^*Can only be hit a max of 5 times now (down from 8) ^292- ^*Fixed a bug with ^256Energy Field^* that caused units to get owned if th ey went invulnerable while inside ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292- ^*^256Money Shot's^* will now auto-cancel if the target is greater than 18

00/2300/2800 units away from you while you're still channeling ^292- ^*Crosshair on target should be visible to allies only ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292- ^*Will no longer spawn skeletons after she dies from a midair arrow ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*^256Enfeeble^* no longer has charges set to 0 when attacking creeps, onl y when hitting heroes ^292- ^*^256Enfeeble^* duration incresed from 3s to 4s ^292- ^*Now steals 1% of anything hit's total damage per charge and gives that d amage to gauntlet for the duration of the slow/steal ^292- ^*Max charges from 50 to 35 ^292- ^*Fixed his glove getting snagged on buildings when he threw it ^292- ^*The glove throws no longer disable each other ^079Glacius^* ^292- ^*^256Tundra Blast^* slow from 5s static to 3/3.5/4/4.5s ^079Kraken^* ^292- ^*Reworked ^292- ^*Ability 1: ^256Torrent^* ^717* ^*Kraken conjures a surge of seawater, drowning an enemy. Deals damage, sl ows, and reduces armor ^717* ^*Deals 110/160/210/260 Magic damage and applies Torrent to the target for 3 seconds ^717* ^*Torrent: 30% Movement Slow, -2/-3/-4/-5 Armor ^292- ^*Ability 2: ^256Tsunami Charge^* ^717* ^*Kraken charges with great strength and speed, dragging the first enemy h e encounters to sure doom. If Kraken collides with a tree, cliff, or structure, he will stop. If he is dragging someone at that time, they will get stunned. ^717* ^*Charges 800 units in the targeted direction. Deals 60/90/120/150 Magic d amage in a 200 AoE to all enemy units he charges past. On collision with an enem y hero, that hero is picked up and carried along with Kraken. When he hits a cli ff, building, or tree he stops charging. If he is carrying an enemy hero, that h ero is stunned for 1/1.33/1.66/2 seconds and takes an additional 50/100/150/200 Physical damage. ^292- ^*Ability 3: ^256Splash^* ^717* ^*Kraken releases a devastating slam that splits the seven seas, passively dealing additional splash damage on occasion. ^717* ^*Deals 30/50/70/90 bonus Magical damage to targets in a 325 radius and an additional 30/50/70/90 Magical damage to targets in a 200 radius. Attacking wil l reduce cooldown by 1 second. ^292- ^*Ability 4: ^256Release the Kraken!^* ^717* ^*Every seafarer's nightmare is manifest as this hulk of watery flesh! Sum mons a Whirlpool that damages and pulls in enemies. If they reach the center, th ey are damaged and stuned by its lashing tentacles. ^717* ^*After a delay of 1 second a 300 radius whirlpool spawns, dealing 40/50/7 0 Magic damage per second, slowing by 50%, and pulling units towards the center with a force of 100/125/150. Any enemies who reach the center are dealt 200/300/ 400 Magic damage and are stunned for 1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Lasts 3/4/5 seconds. ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*^256Steam Bath^* now disjoints on use ^292- ^*Fixed a bug causing you to not always go to exactly where you click when using ^256Lava Surge^* ^079Panda^* ^292- ^*Removed the 0.1s cooldown when a new charge is available for ^256Flurry^ *

^079Rampage^* ^292- ^*Updated tooltips to show he gains slow resistance and reveals the target while charging ^292- ^*Reveal time after ^256Charge^* is over lowered from 4s to 2s ^292- ^*^256Horned Strike^* damage increased by 20 across all levels ^292- ^*Damage from ult +5% at all levels ^292- ^*When ^256Horned Strike^* procs, +15% movespeed for 1.5s ^292- ^*^256Charge^* slow resistance added instead of treewalking ^292- ^*Fixed a bug with the ult that caused the target to get endless unitwalki ng ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*^256Deserted^* range check for people being alone lowered from 400 to 30 0 ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*Removed the 0.1s cooldown when a new charge is available for ^256Wards^* ^079Scout^* ^292- ^*A 500ms cooldown now starts when using ^256Vanish^* to avoid double acti vating it ^079Succubus^* ^292- ^*Anyone who breaks ^256Mesmerize^* and is slept themselves now are immune to damage for the first 1s ^079Torturer^* ^292- ^*Base strength from 16 to 18 ^079Tundra^* ^292- ^*Fixed infinite buff bug with ^256Cold Shoulder^* ^292- ^*The "push-away" from ^256Avalanche^* now correctly goes the full distanc e every time and will not push people who were behind Tundra ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*^079Vindicator^* illusions can no longer steal intelligence ^292- ^*^256Global Silence^* is now dispellable ^079Voodoo Jester^* ^292- ^*Fixed the bug causing ^256Acid Cocktail^* to occasionally split into two ^292- ^*Sped up ^256Acid Cocktail^* from 750 to 800 initial and 450 to 600 for t he bounce ^292- ^*Fixed his tooltips to clarify that his ^256Acid Cocktail^* do no damage to heroes ^079Witch Slayer^* ^292- ^*Can now only cast ^256Power Drain^* on units with mana ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^*Fix for trial accounts ^970Version 1.0.12^* ------------^292- ^*Fixed invisible heroes ^292- ^*Fixed a server crash when moving a flying unit ^970Version 1.0.11^* -------------

== ^970Report Abusive Behavior^* == ^292- ^*Form fixed ^292- ^*Griefing category added (please be sure to describe the situation carefu lly before submitting) == ^970Hero Resource Unloading^* == ^292- ^*Mainly some memory management optimizations. If you frequently crash aft er playing multiple games in a row, this should help ^292- ^*Please report any issues or crashes on the forums == ^970General^* == ^292- ^*Player Controlled minions are now deniable ^292- ^*Improved chat server stability ^292- ^*Fixed an issue where players were able to invite other players to their clan even if the targetted player was already in a clan ^292- ^*Game lobby now displays more stats about players when you hover over the stats button next to their character portrait ^292- ^*Fixed an exploit where players could set d_drawAreaAffectors to true, an d they could see the effect of Madman's stalk in action while he was invisible. This cvar will only work on practice games or replays from now on ^292- ^*Fixed drag selection of flying units (Tundra Bird or Courier). Trying to select the bird should no longer cause epic levels of rage. ^292- ^*Spectators (and players in replays) can now view the shop ^292- ^*Fixed shop error messages not showing up when shopping from the main sho p panel ^292- ^*Fixed spectator gold/min inaccuracies when players sell items ^292- ^*Little fix for the tiny icons in spectator mode == ^970Items^* == ^090Blood Chalice^* ^292- ^*Cooldown increased from 25 to 35 == ^970Heroes^* == ^079Armadon^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug with ^256Spine Burst^* doing too much damage ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*Agi Steal from ^256Curse of Ages^* removed ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug that made heroes unbind from projectiles well after he Hooke d them ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Range of ^256Keg^* lowered from 1000 to 800 ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*Infoheight changed so the healthbar isn't on her face ^292- ^*^256Grace of the Nymph^* now also increases the target's Movespeed by 25 /50/75/100 ^292- ^*^256Zeal^* range lowered from 1200 to 900 ^292- ^*Speed of the ^256Zeal^* projectile lowered from 1100 to 1000

^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Desert's Curse^* to follow correctly ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*^256Glyph of Silence^* can now silence people in the fog again ^717* ^*This is a temp bugfix to when someone won't get silenced even if you can see them ^717* ^*It is possible it will be changed back to vision-limited once the code b ug is fixed ^970Version 1.0.10^* ------------== ^970General^* == ^292- ^*Fixed Flint Beastwood's icon to show up in player stats properly ^292- ^*Fixed the remaining issues related to watching a replay when skipping pa st the hero loading portion ^292- ^*Fixed an issue where the "permanent keybind" feature for control groups was not allowing the camera to center when the control group key was double tapp ed ^292- ^*Fixed the "Save Channel" button to work properly ^292- ^*Fixed an issue with the display of player stats, win percent should once again be accurate ^292- ^*Fixed advanced game mode filter and advanced game options filter on publ ic game interface to correctly save values == ^970Items^* == ^090Stormspirit^* ^292- ^*Using ^090Stormspirit^* on an enemy will now block item usage, for examp le it will disable a homecoming stone from being used ^292- ^*Using ^090StormSpirit^* on an ally will no longer be dispellable ^090Striders^* ^292- ^*^090Striders^* will now go into cool down when channeling a spell ^717* ^*They will stay in cool down for the duration of a channeled spell or ite m, meaning that if a player teleports to a lane with a home coming stone, they w ill have to wait 3 more seconds to get full speed from striders ^292- ^*^090Striders^* will now remain in cool down while dead ^292- ^*^090Striders^* will not longer be put into cool down as the result of de aling damage over time (DoT) damage on another player ^717* ^*Casting the spell that deals DoT damage will still put them into cool do wn, but the lingering DoT will not keep the boots in cool down if the player has otherwise exited combat ^090Puzzlebox^* ^292- ^*Added more sound effects for spawn and ability usage == ^970Heroes^* == ^079Armadon^* ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing ^256Spine Burst^* to not always deal its damage ^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292- ^*Fixed base damage from 39-50 to 36-42 ^292- ^*Lowered base armor from 2.94 to 2 ^292- ^*Adjusted ^256Hollowpoint^* damage from 30/40/50/60 to 20/30/40/50 ^717* ^*Fixed tooltips to show corrrect % chance to proc

^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing vision to never be lost on a target if Flint used his ult and had his mana drained during the channel time ^292- ^*Aggro range for Flint Beastwood increases to 850 when Dead Eye is at max level ^292- ^*Can no longer target Mechanical units with ^256Money Shot^* ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing his ^256Desert's Curse^* to not properly track ta rgets when an enemy hero is selected ^079Succubus^* ^292- ^*Fixed an issue preventing ^256Mesmerize^* from dealing its damage ^970Version 1.0.9^* ------------== ^970General^* == ^292- ^*Greatly optimized client performance on all systems ^292- ^*Optimized various interfaces to run more efficiently (9000% more efficie nt!) ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing F6 to re-set the position of the scoreboard ^292- ^*Fixed various crashes that could occur during gameplay ^292- ^*Fixed experience popups to off-set from gold popups, such that they do n ot overlap ^292- ^*Added a new music track to Caldavar, entitled "Encounter at the River" ^292- ^*Fixed in game match stats screen to display the correct XP/Min, such tha t it will not calculate time spent playing after reaching level 25 ^292- ^*Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing FPS hitching when new music is loaded ^292- ^*Added hero selection announcements for bubbles, chipper, doctor repulsor , gauntlet, and tundra ^292- ^*Pre-match time for all game modes changed from 1 minute 15 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds ^292- ^*Fixed several interface crashes ^292- ^*Fixed advanced game mode filter on public game interface to correctly sa ve values. ^292- ^*Fixed animations getting stuck when rewinding replays ^292- ^*Fixed rewinding tree deaths in replays ^292- ^*Fixed projectile orientations ^292- ^*Fixed attacking buildings and towers without sight of that building or t ower ^292- ^*Fixed duration of deny animation glow ^292- ^*During modes that use alternating pick (Banning Draft, Banning Pick, etc ), once a player selects their hero it will instantly switch to the other team ( rather than waiting the remaining time) ^717* ^*Each player now has 40 seconds to select their hero, from 30 ^717* ^*Transition time between banning and picking is now 15 seconds, from 20 ^717* ^*The time after the hero picks has been reduced from 2 minutes to 45 seco nds ^292- ^*Hero selection time in all pick reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute == ^970Mac Bug Fixes^* == ^292- ^*Fixed a crash in OS X when a user quits by closing the HoN window ^292- ^*Limit AA to 4x on OS X client to avoid all white/black screens caused by higher settings

== ^970Items^* == New Item - ^090Striders^* ^292- ^*New boots added to the Initiation shop ^292- ^*^090Marchers^* + 300 (Recipe) ^292- ^*50 Movespeed. No other bonuses. ^292- ^*When out of combat for 6 seconds, increases movespeed by 100 over the ne xt 2 seconds, for a total of +150 movement speed (including the base). ^292- ^*Bonus movespeed is removed when the owner takes damage, casts a spell, a ttacks, or uses an item. ^717* ^*Using Non-combat items such as ^090Wards^*, ^090Bottle^*, ^090Mana^*, or ^090Health Potions^* will not remove the bonus speed ^090Blood Chalice^* ^292- ^*Now requires a ^090Mark of the Novice^* (+3 int) and ^090Crushing Claws^ * (+3 str) instead of a ^090Scarab^*, granting +3 Str/Int ^292- ^*Grants 150 mana for 150 health. Mana is no longer lost after a duration ^292- ^*If an enemy hero dies within 15 seconds and 700 AOE of the user, the use r is healed for 150 as the chalice uses the enemy's spilt blood to pay the debt. ^292- ^*Cooldown lowered from 35s to 25s ^090Nullstone^* ^292- ^*AOE abilities (Such as ^079Witch Slayer^*'s ^256Graveyard^* / ^079Pyroma ncer^*'s ^256Phoenix Wave^*) no longer proc ^090Nullstone^* when clicking direct ly on a target ^090Savage Mace^* ^292- ^*Illusions will no longer proc a ministun. They still can get the +100 da mage. ^090Stormspirit^* ^292- ^*Now only 'stuns' allies, letting them queue up abilities. Enemies it is used on can not queue up abilities or items while cycloned. == ^970Heroes^* == ^292^292^717* ract, bbles ^*Updated many recommended items ^*Reworked how many projectile-based abilities interact with eachother ^*This fixes strange behavior when two skills that try to move a unit inte such as a charging Kraken getting hooked by Devourer who gets tossed by Be

^079Flint Beastwood^* ^292- ^*New Hellbourne Agi hero, based on DotA's Sniper ^292- ^*Skills: ^717* ^*^256Explosive Flare^* - Deals damage in an area immediately, then gives vision over that area and slows/reveals any enemies who come within the vicinity ^717* ^*^256Hollowpoint Shells^* - Gives a chance that an auto-attack will deal bonus damage and apply a mini-stun ^717* ^*^256Deadeye^* - Increases attack range ^717* ^*^256Money Shot^* - Channels for a brief time then fires a massive shot, dealing high damage at a long range to a single target ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*Damage from ^256Curse of Ages^* proc from 20/40/60/80 Magic to 15/30/45/ 60 Physical ^079Doctor Repulsor^* ^292- ^*Increased vision range on first skill to from 300 to 800

^292- ^*Fixed an issue with sounds on the first skill where some super human pla yers could hear high frequencies ^292- ^*Radius of tree killing on ult lowered from 150 to 100 ^292- ^*No longer disarmed while using ult ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Turret is now killable, dies in 3 hits. Units can only get hit a maximum of 8 times, down from 10 ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292- ^*^256Crippling Volley^* range from awful/awful/decent/800 to 800 at all l evels ^292- ^*^256Crippling Volley^* immobilize time from 1.75/2/2.25/2.5 to 1/1.5/2/2 .5 ^292- ^*^256Skeletons^* no longer apply the DoT ^079Gladiator^* ^292- ^*^256Flagellation^* will no longer deal double bonus damage to buildings ^292- ^*The visual effect on ^256Call to Arms^* now matches the actual area ^292- ^*Damage taken from ^256Call to Arms^* is now spread over 5/6/7 seconds in stead of instant ^292- ^*Increased speed of ^256Call to Arms^* from 650 to 750 ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*^256Nymphora's Zeal^* damage from 55/90/130/160 to 50/85/120/155 ^292- ^*^256Nymphora's Zeal^* stun duration from 1/1.3/1.6/2 to 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 ^079Rampage^* ^292- ^*Can now target and affect Magic Immune heroes with all of his abilities ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*^256Poison Spray^* range from 1000 at all levels to 600/725/850/1000 ^079Soulstealer^* ^292- ^*Cast time for ^256Soul Burst^* increased from 1s to 1.4s ^079Tundra^* ^292- ^*Ranged pet attack cooldown from 1.5s to 1s ^292- ^*^256Coldblooded^* replaced with ^256Cold Shoulder^* ^717* ^*300,400,500,600 Range, 40 Manacost, 12s cooldown ^717* ^*Last winter, ^079Tundra^* had two distant relatives teach him how to cha rge his enemies correctly, coating them in ice on contact. The ice makes them ea sier to hit, increasing everyone's attack speed against that target. ^717* ^*On use, charges the target, dealing ^079Tundra^*'s Attack Damage on impa ct. Applies Cold Shoulder to them for 8 seconds. ^717* ^*Cold Shoulder Effects: Increases attackspeed against this target by 15/3 0/45/60 ^717* ^*Attackspeed will linger for 2 seconds after changing targets ^717* ^*The Brothers of cold send their regards... ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*Silence aura will no longer be disabled by skills like ^079Devourer^*'s hook, ^079Chronos^*' ult, ^079Pebbles^*' ^256Chuck^*, etc ^970Version 1.0.8^* ------------^292- ^*Fixed Pause, Remake, and AFK votes ^717* ^*Remake threshold bumped back to 70%, unless someone has been terminated, in which case it's 50% ^292- ^*Cleaned up some interface errors

^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*^256Cadaver Armor^* strength gain lowered to 1.5 from 2 ^292- ^*^256Cadaver Armor^* Magic Armor back to 1,2,3,4 ^292- ^*Tweaks to the tweaks to ^256Devour^* ^717* ^*Health gained from the buff is now added to current health pool. For exa mple if devourer is at 100/1000 hp and uses his ult at level 6, he'll increase t o 400/1300 hp ^717* ^*Each charge now lasts 10 seconds. This means that for 8 seconds after us ing the ult devourer will be at stage 3/max buff, decreasing by 1 stage per seco nd and wearing off completely at 10 seconds ^717* ^*Damage per charge increased to 15/25/35 ^079Doctor Repulsor^* ^292- ^*Fixed Teapots ^292- ^*Added story ^292- ^*Added recommended items ^292- ^*Effects optimizations, fixing FPS lag created by his attacks ^292- ^*Fix some gadgets showing up on the minimap ^292- ^*^256Ludacrious Speed^* now disjoints properly ^717* ^*Can no longer use this ability again while it is in flight ^079Gladiator^* ^292- ^*Fix the timing on his ^256Pitfall^* delay correctly. ^079Nymph^* ^292- ^*^256Zeal^* damage from 70,100,130,160 to 55,90,130,160 ^079Pebbles^* ^292- ^*Fix ^256Chuck^* targetting. Nohelp now stops you from being thrown, not being thrown to ^079Warbeast^* ^292- ^*Updated recommended items ^970Version 1.0.7^* ------------^970In-game^* ^292- ^*Removed general kick vote ^292- ^*Players who are marked as AFK are no longer auto-kicked, but instead can be vote-kicked via a team-only vote ^292- ^*Changed AFK detection to include all areas of the map ^292- ^*Remake time limit extended to 7.5 minutes ^292- ^*Remake will now pass with a 70% majority vote, 50% if there is a leaver in that time ^292- ^*Pause vote will now pass with a 70% majority ^292- ^*Added a green "no help" button to the left of the teammate portraits tha t will toggle their ability to use certain abilities on your units: ^717* ^*^079Andromeda^* - ^256Void Rip^* ^717* ^*^079Blood Hunter^* - ^256Blood Crazy^* ^717* ^*^079Nymphora^* - ^256Teleport^* ^717* ^*^079Glacius^* - ^256Ice Imprisonment^* ^717* ^*^079Ophelia^* - ^256Ophelia's Judgement^* ^717* ^*^079Tempest^* - ^256Elemental^* ^717* ^*^079Succubus^* - ^256Mesmerize^* ^717* ^*^079Pebbles^* - ^256Chuck^* ^717* ^*^079Gladiator^* - ^256Showdown^* ^717* ^*Item - ^090Stormspirit^* ^292- ^*Updated shop icons to more clearly indicate their categories

^292- ^*Updated several jukespots on Caldavar ^292- ^*Added three new music tracks to the ingame music ^292- ^*Fixed Hellbourne ranged super creeps having the same icon/portrait as He llbourne melee super creeps ^292- ^*If a player is Taunted and picks up an illusion rune, those illusions wi ll have the taunted icon play above their heads ^292- ^*Players attempting to spam game servers with courier sharing messages w ill now have their sharing messages blocked and subsequent requests they send w ill be ignored. Waiting a few seconds before sending another share request will eventually remove this block. ^292- ^*Kongor ^717* ^*Fixed so wards/gadgets can properly attack him ^717* ^*Increased the size of the area in which you can attack without missing s lightly ^970Lobby/Pregame^* ^292- ^*Added /pingall (and /pa) chat commands ^717* ^*These commands display the ping for other users in the game. This is in tended primarily for settling ping disputes in tournament matches. Note that an other player's ping does not affect the quality of the game for anyone other th an that player ^292- ^*Added "fs_disablemods" console command. When set to true, HoN will igno re custom archives/files (mods) the next time it starts up ^717* ^*This is for players having difficulty using tournament mode. More suppor t for this will be added in the future. ^292- ^*Fixed an issue where players could connect to the same game server usi ng the same account. The server will now disconnect the connecting player wit h an appropriate message if it finds two account_ids that are the same. ^970General^* ^292- ^*Some updates to the Report a Player interface and functionality ^292- ^*Fixed a crash relating to when a check for match stats fail ^717* ^*This mainly fixes the issue some players had of crashing after a game en ds, when they go back to the main menu ^292- ^*Fixed a few other miscellaneous crashes ^292- ^*"Invite to Clan" requests will no longer notify players in "Invisible M ode" or in "/dnd" mode. If the player is invisible, the player inviting them to a clan will receive a message indicating they are offline. If they are in /dnd mode the player inviting them will receive a message indicating they are in /d nd mode. ^292- ^*"Add Buddy" requests will no longer work on players in "/dnd" mode. Pla yers inviting them will receive a message indicating they are in /dnd mode. ^292- ^*Un-checking the Options -> Interface -> Friends -> Request checkbox wil l now disable the message printed out to chat, in addition to the notification. ^292-^* Non server game clients will now print additional system details towards the end of the console.log ^970Items^* ^090Bottle^* ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing ^095Double Damage^* to only last 30 seconds when used. Now lasts the correct 45 seconds ^090Codex^* ^292- ^*Recipe from ^090Neophyte's Book^* + ^090Punch Dagger^* changed to ^090Ne ophyte's Book^* + 2x ^090Punch Dagger^* ^292- ^*Recipe cost from 1350 to 1000 ^292- ^*Passive damage bonus from 9 to 18

^090Insanitarius^* ^292- ^*Cooldown from 10 secs to 7 secs ^090Geometer's Bane^* ^292- ^*Lower strength from 15 to 10 ^292- ^*Changed total agility to be equal to the sum of its parts, from 30 to 26 ^090Restoration Stone^* ^292- ^*Will now refresh ^090Shrunken Head^* ^970Heroes^* ^292- ^*New Hellbourne Intelligence Hero: ^079Doctor Repulsor^* ^717* ^*Based on Storm Spirit from DotA ^079Accursed^* ^292- ^*^256Fire Shield^* casting range from 400 to 350 ^292- ^*^256Fire Shield^* mana cost from 100/105/110/115 to 100/110/120/130 ^292- ^*^256Cauterize^* range from 750 to 700 ^079Arachna^* ^292- ^*Strength gain lowered from 1.9 to 1.7 ^292- ^*^256Hardened Carapace^* duration reduced from 6s to 3s ^079Balphagore^* ^292- ^*Movement speed from 290 to 295 ^292- ^*^256Hell on Newerth^* will no longer reset to zero after dying with ^090 Token of Life^* ^079Blacksmith^* ^292- ^*^256Flaming Hammer^*'s negative magic armor debuff is now in the tooltip properly ^292- ^*^256Flaming Hammer^* projectile speed from 800 to 950 ^079Bubbles^* ^292- ^*Base damage from 38-49 to 45-50 ^292- ^*^256Shell Surf^* will leave vision behind properly when teleported to th at spot ^292- ^*Increase speed of the shell from 600 to 850 ^717* ^*Will still only go a max of 1800 units, timer updated accordingly ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*^256Cadaver Armor^* strength gain per hero kill from 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 to 2 at all levels ^292- ^*^256Cadaver Armor^* strength gain per non-hero kill removed ^292- ^*^256Cadaver Armor^* Magic Armor from 1/2/3/4 to 0/1.35/2.7/4.0 ^292- ^*^256Devour^* slightly reworked. While channeling ^256Devour^*, 1 charge is added each second, which last 10 seconds. Each charge: ^717* ^*Increases the size of ^079Devourer^* ^717* ^*Increases the radius of Decay by 50 ^717* ^*Adds 15/25/35 attack damage ^717* ^*Max health increased by 100/150/200 ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Increase the projectile speed of the turret's deployment by 50% and remo ve cast time ^292- ^*Limit to the number of times someone can be hit by the Turret from 5 to 10

^717* ^*Max snare of 35% is still achieved at 5 hits, slowing 7% per hit ^079Fayde^* ^292- ^*^256Cull^* cooldown from 10 secs to 11 secs ^292- ^*^256Cull^* radius from 350 to 300 ^292- ^*^256Stance^* blocking from 50 damage to 40 damage ^292- ^*^256Reflection^* no longer leaves behind an illusion ^292- ^*^256Shadow Cripple^* now deals the first tick of damage immediately, sec ond at end of 1, third at end of 2 (used to be end of 1, end of 2, end of 3) ^292- ^*^256Shadow Cripple^* still reduces healing by 50% for 3 seconds ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292- ^*Agility gain from +2.7 to +2.5 ^292- ^*^256Call of the Damned^* skeletons poison from 4/8/12/16 to 6/8/10/12 ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*^256Infernal Instability^* no longer snares ^292- ^*^256Infernal Instability^* no longer applies its buff to ult or second a bility ^292- ^*^256Infernal Instability^* on use will give max charges on Enfeeble ^292- ^*^256Grapple^* cast time lowered from 400ms to 200ms ^292- ^*^256Grapple^* projectile speed increased from 1500 to 1600 ^292- ^*Max charges on ^256Enfeeble^* now scale from 30 to 20/25/30/35 ^292- ^*Duration of ^256Enfeeble^* slow decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds ^292- ^*Max slow on an enemy by ^256Enfeeble^* is now 50% ^292- ^*^256Gauntlet Blast^* damage reduced from 300/450/600 to 300/400/500 ^292- ^*^256Gauntlet Blast^* range from 600/700/800 to 600 at all levels ^292- ^*^256Gauntlet Blast^* cooldown from 75/65/55 to 80/70/60 ^292- ^*^256Gauntlet Blast^* Consumed by Power AoE from 200 to 200/225/250 ^079Gladiator^* ^292- ^*^256Call to Arms^* now uses the same cast animation as ^256Pitfall^* ^292- ^*Removed the backswing time on his abilities ^292- ^*Lowered the 'trigger time' from 2s to 1.6s on Pitfall ^292- ^*^256Showdown^* now issues a stop command to whoever is teleported back ^292- ^*^256Call to Arms^* now plays no sounds other than at the impact time ^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292- ^*^256Camouflage^* cast range from 300 to 500, cast time halved ^292- ^*^256Nature's Protection^* cooldown from 7 secs to 5 secs, cast time halv ed ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*^256Terrifying Charge^* from +40/80/120/MAX to +60/100/140/MAX, charge w ill last max of 5 seconds ^292- ^*Movement speed from 290 to 295 ^079Madman^* ^292- ^*^256Barrel Roll^* no longer slows attack speed ^292- ^*^256Barrel Roll^* cooldown increased from 11s to 13s ^292- ^*^256Barrel Roll^*'s debuff is now dispellable ^079Magebane^* ^292- ^*Base strength from 16 to 17 ^292- ^*Strength gain from 1.6 to 1.7 ^079Night Hound^* ^292- ^*Added a third variation for the attack animation on his third ability ^079Nymph^*

^292- ^*Damage from the stun from 25/50/75/100 to 70/100/130/160 ^292- ^*Stun duration increased to 1/1.3/1.6/2 ^079Rampage^* ^292- ^*Lower base armor by 1 ^292- ^*^256Stampede^* cooldown from 25 to 30 ^292- ^*Movespeed slow from ^256Might of the Herd^* (when used) is now static 35/50/65/80 MS as long as they stay around him. Lasts for 4 seconds at all leve ls from 1/2/3/4. 1 second timeout when moving out of the affector. ^292- ^*Damage from ^256Horned Strike^* rescaled from 100 to 40/60/80/100 ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292- ^*Strength gain from 2.0 to 1.7 ^292- ^*^256Withering Presence^* from 1000 radius flat to 700/800/900/1000 ^079Tundra^* ^292- ^*Speed up the ice spikes from 1.25s lifetime to 1s lifetime ^292- ^*Bird is now magic immune ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*^256Sage's Lore^* duration changed from 5/6/7/8 to 7s ^292- ^*^256Sage's Lore^* damage/burn from 20/10,30/15,40/20,50/25 to 14/7,26/13 ,40/20,57/28.5 ^292- ^*^256Sage's Lore^* cooldown from 14 to 15 ^292- ^*^256Sage's Lore^* manacost from 75/95/115/135 to 80/100/120/140 ^292- ^*^256Glyph of Silence^* AoE from 950 to 800 ^292- ^*^256Glyph of Silence^* will no longer silence heroes that Vindicator doe s not have vision of ^292- ^*^256Glyph of Silence^* int gain from 1 Intelligence to 2 Intelligence pe r kill ^292- ^*^256Glyph of Silence^* silence duration from 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 to 1/1.75/2 .5/3.25 ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^*^079Gladiator^* Voice ^970Version 1.0.6^* ------------^292- ^*Improved pathfinding most noticeable during the laning phase. ^292- ^*Some effects tweaks to heroes to clean things up ^292- ^*Some tooltip fixes ^292- ^*Added note about AudaciousSam's Blood Chalice to the 1.0.5 patch notes ^095Vulture Lord^* ^292- ^*Removed armor aura ^090Nullstone^* ^292- ^*Recipe price from 825 to 1000 ^292- ^*No longer reduces cooldown if hit by a spell while in cooldown ^090Steamstaff^* ^292- ^*Damage increased by 2 ^717* ^*This means any item that uses a ^090Steamstaff^* in some way was increas ed accordingly ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Curse of Ages^* level 2/3/4, it will now properly stun and res et charges ^292- ^*^256Curse of Ages^* now counts "down" in charges rather than up, always

stunning when no charges are left ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*Fix to make sure when gauntlet activates ^256Infernal Instability^* whil e the glove is in midair it works properly after it's return and can still go of f ^079Glacius^* ^292- ^*Ally-freeze through ^256Ice Imprisonment^* damage reduction from 20/40/6 0/80 to 20/30/40/50% ^079Gladiator^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Showdown^* so it does not teleport magic immune units ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Flagellation^* going on cooldown correctly when you attack gad gets ^079Rampage^* ^292- ^*Fixed the instant death bug ^970Version 1.0.5^* ------------^970General^* ^292^717* ^717* ^717* ^*"Report A Player" added ^*Upper left on the System Bar, ^r!^* symbol ^*Fill out the form to report another player for inappropriate actions ^*False reporters will be punished

^292- ^*Tons of tool tip updates and fixes ^292- ^*Fixed a bug allowing ^090Post Haste^* to teleport to couriers. ^090Post Haste^* can teleport to player owned pets, such as War Beast's wolves ^292- ^*Gave Vulture Lord's second ability an icon (means the aura no longer dis plays a black and white checkerboard) ^292- ^*Stores will no longer remove the 'can buy from me' state if you or a cou rier goes invulnerable ^292- ^*Decreased in-game font size slightly ^292- ^*Added a new message when the courier is killed by a non-hero unit, it wi ll now show a minimap ping along with the appropriate game message indicating wh ich team the courier was killed by ^292- ^*Fixed an issue where players would add a chat channel to auto connect to upon startup, and then later be unable to remove this channel from their list b ecause they were banned from the channel. Players attempting to join channels th ey are set to auto connect to and are also banned from will have that channel au tomatically removed from their list if they attempt to connect to the channel th ey are banned from ^292- ^*Pressing the "Alt" key (or whatever key the player has defined as chat_g ameLobbyChatToggle) when in the game lobby will no longer toggle the chat type l ike it used to. It now must be held down and used in conjunction with the enter key, or with the mouse click of the "Send" button ^292- ^*Fixed a Mac/Linux crash ^292- ^*Fixed issue preventing players from selecting a potential hero during th e banning phase. ^292- ^*Disconnected players will no longer random when it becomes their turn to pick, unless they run out of time. ^717* ^*Disconnected players are not allowed to use "extra time" in BP mode (if it is their turn, and they are disconnected, then they will pick their potential hero or a random hero) ^292- ^*Fixed an issue in duplicate hero mode where if two players had the same hero "potentially" selected, only one would get it and the other would random

^292- ^*Misc server optimizations to improve stability ^292- ^*News is hidden when choosing to follow a player ^292- ^*The client will no longer display a message indicating the player will g et a leave for disconnecting if they are in a replay or a practice game ^095Invis Rune^* ^292- ^*Now has a 2s fade time. Any spell, ability, or item can be used in this fade time without ending the stealth. ^970Items^* ^292- ^*^090Mana Battery^* is now in Supplies ^292- ^*^090Power Supply^* is now in both Supplies and Initiation New Item: ^090Blood Chalice^* (Initiation) ^717* ^*On use, grants 150 temporary mana in exchange for 150 health. Mana will disappear slowly if not used. Damage cannot kill. ^717* ^* Special thanks to user AudaciousSam, who originally suggested the conce pt for this item in DotA and gave us permission to use it in HoN. ^090Astrolabe^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug so the debuff cannot be dispelled ^090Bottle^* ^292- ^*Fixed it so when you have illusion bottled and use it, the illusions sti ll don't have it bottled! ^292- ^*^095Double Damage^* will now correctly last 45 seconds instead of 30 sec onds when used out of a bottle ^090Frostfield Plate^* ^292- ^*Can no longer be used by ^090Couriers^* ^090Geometer's Bane^* ^292- ^*Illusions now gain the 0.1s invulnerability as well ^090Ground Courier^* ^292- ^*Will be attacked by creeps/towers again ^090Loggers Hatchet^* ^292- ^*No longer works on splash damage ^090Puzzlebox^* ^292- ^*Melee minion abilities moved to slots 2,3,4 to make it clear which is wh ich ^292- ^*Puzzlebox Minions will no longer be able to attack towers unless the own er is within 925 units of them ^090Void Talisman^* ^292- ^*Applies -5.5 Magic Armor for the duration ^090Whispering Helm^* ^292- ^*Can no longer be used by ^090Couriers^* ^970Heroes^* ^292- ^*New Legion Strength hero, ^079Gladiator^*, based off DotA's Kunkka ^292- ^*Updated recommended items for several heroes

^079Balphagore^* ^292- ^*^079Balphagore^*'s third ability will no longer consume gadgets. Om nom nom. ^292- ^*^256Hell on Newerth^* ^717* ^*Cast time removed ^717* ^*Expanding ring now 'sticks' on ^079Balphagore^* as he moves and expands to max distance 300ms faster ^079Behemoth^* ^292- ^*^256Shockwave^* will no longer hit couriers ^079Bubbles^* ^292- ^*When toggled on, ^256Take Cover^* will now automatically be used if the source of damage is owned by an enemy hero (enemy pets/gadgets will trigger it) ^079Blacksmith^* ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing ^256Frenzy^* multicast to not apply to the correc t number of targets (usually one less than it should) ^079Chipper^* ^292- ^*Players are now deny-able if they are burning from the ^256Tar Toss^* + ^256Rocket^* combo ^292- ^*^256Tar Toss^* duration lowered from 5s to 2/3/4/5 secs ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*^256Rewind^* heal rate doubled (max 50% per second) ^292- ^*^256Curse of Ages^* ^717* ^*Buff/Debuff time lowered from 10s to 8.5s ^717* ^*Bashes every 8/7/6/5 hits ^717* ^*Deals 20/40/60/80 magic damage on bash hit ^717* ^*Bash stun from .25/.5/.75/1 to 1s all levels ^717* ^*Agi steal from 1/1/2/3 to 1/2/2/3 agility per hit against heroes ^717* ^*Can now build charges between targets for ^256Curse of Ages^* ^717* ^*Can now gain charges from denies ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*^256Devour^* now reveals any target bit for the duration ^079Electrician^* ^292- ^*^256Shield^* is now a self target cast instead of a toggle ^717* ^*Cast time removed ^717* ^*Costs 20% of max mana to cast, if mana is less than that, uses all of it ^717* ^*Mana consumed is applied as the shield for 12s ^717* ^*Absorbs 50% of damage at the cost of 2/1.66/1.25/0.75 mana consumed per damage taken ^717* ^*DPS of the shield AOE increased from 12/24/36/48 to 15/30/45/60 ^717* ^*^256Shield^* is unremovable ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*^256Turret^* reworked ^717* ^*Changed to a vector targeting ability to decide the direction it is faci ng ^717* ^*Manacost lowered from 120 to 100 ^717* ^*No longer controllable and only lasts 6 seconds ^717* ^*No longer gets a copy of ^079Engineer^*'s items ^717* ^*Lays down suppressive cover fire in a cone shooting 6 times across the c one's 800 range, 400 unit spread, 30 shots total ^717* ^*Each bullet deals 25/40/55/70 Physical damage and applies a 7% stacking movespeed snare (5s duration) to all targets hit ^717* ^*Units hit are pushed 25 units away from the turret

^717* ^292^717* ^717* ^717*

^*Can only be hit by a max of 5 bullets ^*^256Energy Field^* ^*Will no longer hit couriers ^*Duration lowered from 6/9/12 to 6/8/10 ^*Hits to kill lowered from 5 to 4

^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292- ^*^256Crippling Volley^* ^717* ^*Ministun removed ^717* ^*Radius lowered from 225 to 200 ^717* ^*Damage done increased from 85/140/195/250 to 85/150/215/280 ^079Fayde^* ^292- ^*Strength growth from 2.2 to 2.0 ^292- ^*Base agility from 21 to 19 ^292- ^*Lowered movement speed from 305 to 300 ^292- ^*Charges from ^256Scythe^*/^256Shadow Stance^* lowered from 2/3/4/5 and 1 /2/3/4 ^292- ^*^256Reflection^* ^717* ^*Movespeed while stealthed rebalanced from 10/20/30% to 10/15/20% ^717* ^*Duration rebalanced from 30/35/40 to 20/35/50 ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*Undev ^292- ^*Reworked ^292- ^*Base STR reduced by 2 (24 to 22) and armor decreased by 0.5 ^292- ^*^256Infernal Instability^* ^717* ^*Applies ^256Infernal Instability^* to self for 4 seconds. Granting 10/20 /30/40 movement speed for the duration ^717* ^*While Infernal Instability is active, ^079Gauntlet^*'s hand will detonat e on the first target that it comes in contact with. ^717* ^*This includes auto attacks, ^256Grapple^*, or ^256Gauntlet Blast^*. This ability can be activated while the glove is in mid flight. ^717* ^*Upon detonation, deals 120/180/260/320 Magic damage in the radius, pushi ng back units near the hit target and applying a short minor snare for 1.5s ^292- ^*^256Grapple^* ^717* ^*Hand goes 800 range ^717* ^*Can only hit heroes, goes through creeps ^717* ^*Now only grabs units on the way out, not the way back ^717* ^*Moves both ^079Gauntlet^* and the target to where you click, dealing 100 /140/180/220 Magic damage to the target and stunning him for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 secon ds ^292- ^*^256Cripple^* renamed to ^256Enfeeble^* ^717* ^*30 Max charges ^717* ^*0.8/0.6/0.4/0.2 time between a charge is gained ^717* ^*On attack, transfers all charges to the target, slowing 1% Move, Attack, and Cast speeds per charge for 5 seconds. ^292- ^*^256Gauntlet Blast^* ^717* ^*75/65/55s Cooldown ^717* ^*600/700/800 Range ^717* ^*100/150/200 Manacost ^717* ^*Shoots the glove out at the target unit. Any enemies within 200 units of the glove as it flies are stunned for 4 seconds. This stun is broken if they ta ke any damage after 1 second of being stunned. ^717* ^*When the glove strikes the target, they take 300/450/600 Magic damage an d all buffs are purged ^717* ^*The target hero is stunned and revealed for 1.5 seconds. ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*Int gain increased from 1.6 to 1.9

^292^717* ^717* ^717* ^717*

^*^256Terrify^* ^*Cast time removed (0.6 -> 0) ^*Now grants vision of the target for the duration of the charge ^*Now reveals target for the duration of the charge ^*Now grants 40/80/120/MAX movespeed (used to be max at all levels)

^079Madman^* ^292- ^*Base strength increased from 17 to 18 ^292- ^*^256Barrel Roll^* ^717* ^*Stun removed ^717* ^*Manacost lowered from 130 to 110 ^717* ^*Applies a 30/37/44/50% snare for 3.5s ^717* ^*Damage increased from 100/150/200/250 to 100/160/220/280 ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*^256Nymphora's Zeal^* now deals 25/50/75/100 Magic damage when hitting s omeone ^717* ^*Can be hit on both the send and return trip ^717* ^*No longer grants bonus AS / MS ^079Pebbles^* ^292- ^*Can no longer throw invisible units ^079Plague Rider^* ^292- ^*^256Extinguish^* is now a true deny (awards the stat) ^079Puppetmaster^* ^292- ^*^256Puppeteer's Hold^* ^717* ^*Fixed a rare bug causing Puppet Strings' floating handles to never disap pear ^717* ^*"Snare" effect while under the effect halved from 155 force to 80 force ^717* ^*Negative Attackspeed removed ^717* ^*Cast point sped up from 500ms to 300ms ^079Rampage^* ^292- ^*All Magic damage changed to Physical ^292- ^*^256Stampede^* Reworked ^717* ^*9001 Range ^717* ^*Same mechanic, charges target unit ^717* ^*Gains 15/20/25/30 Movespeed per second ^717* ^*Gains Treewalking after 4 seconds ^717* ^*Does not gain Magic Immunity and no reveal state is placed on enemies ^717* ^*When ^079Rampage^* gets within 450 units of his target, he pounces on th em almost instantly ^717* ^*Causes a Stun and Pushback upon impact instead of just a stun ^717* ^*Movespeed boost retained for 3s after impact ^292- ^*^256Might of the Herd^* Reworked ^717* ^*No longer has a team aura ^717* ^*50 Manacost ^717* ^*Gives self 4/6/8/10% Movespeed ^717* ^*Gains 3/6/9/12% of movespeed in attack damage ^717* ^*On use, stomps the ground every second for 1/2/3/4 seconds, applying Her ded (-15 Movespeed) to all enemies in the radius for 5 seconds. This stacks. ^292- ^*^256Horned Strike^* Reworked ^717* ^*10/9/8/7 second cooldown ^717* ^*Still stuns and pushes back the target on attack. 100 Physical damage at all levels ^717* ^*While in cooldown, one second is subtracted for every 1000 units travele d by Rampage ^292- ^*^256Favor of Sol^* removed

^292- ^*New Ultimate: ^256The Chains that Bind^* ^717* ^*^079Rampage^* can use chains he carries around to grab an enemy hero, st unning them and dragging them behind himself for a limited time ^717* ^*200 Range ^717* ^*175/200/225 Manacost ^717* ^*105/90/75 second cooldown ^717* ^*Binds the target to ^079Rampage^* for 3/3.5/4 seconds and the target wil l be dragged behind him as he moves ^717* ^*^079Rampage^* is Disarmed while dragging someone and the dragged target will take 20/30/40% of the distance they are dragged in Physical damage ^717* ^*If ^079Rampage^* and the target he is dragging get separated by more tha n 500 units the chains are broken ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*^256Toxin Wards^* will no longer apply their movement speed slow when th ey miss ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292- ^*^256Demonic Execution^* will no longer be usable on couriers ^079Soulstealer^* ^292- ^*^256Demon Hand^* now has a better indicator to its actual radius ^079Tempest^* ^292- ^*Purge should now affect ^079Tempest^*'s elementals after they split ^079Thunderbringer^* ^292- ^*Third ability's damage marked as splash (so it doesn't break ^079Succubu s^*' sleep, ^079Gauntlet^*'s ult etc.) ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*^256Glyph of Silence^* will properly silence heroes that go invulnerable during casts (^079Magmus^*, ^079Madman^*, etc.) ^079Wildsoul^* ^292- ^*Illusions will properly copy themselves when he is under the effects of Bear Form ^079War Beast^* ^292- ^*Illusions will properly copy themselves when he is under the effects of ^256Metamorphosis^* ^292- ^*Hellhounds will no longer be able to attack towers unless ^079War Beast^ * is within 925 units of them ^079Zephyr^* ^292- ^*^256Gust^* ^717* ^*Stun Removed ^717* ^*Damage increased from 75/125/175/250 to 75/150/225/300 ^970Version 1.0.4^* ------------^970General^* ^292- ^*Tournament mode updated to not allow mods to be used ^717* ^*Players with mods installed cannot play in tournament mode games, howeve r they can spectate ^717* ^*Tournament mode games are forced invitation-only games, meaning the host must invite the other players into the match ^717* ^*Tournament mode will still allow teams to specify who gets first ban so teams can decide between first ban/team pick

^292- ^*Reworked how health and mana lerps work so they are cleaner overall ^292- ^*You can now press tab after typing /r to rotate through a list of peopl e who have whispered you recently ^292- ^*The score screen can now be toggled (default [ key) ^292- ^*Fixed an extremely rare case where a player could be terminated after th e game ended (counting as a leave) ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min stats to become inaccurate w hen game was paused ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing gold/min and exp/min to become inaccurate when a player disconnected/reconnected ^292- ^*Removed an unnecessary option from options menu ^292- ^*Gold lerping removed ^292- ^*Fix to a bug that allowed people to pick a hero during a banning phase o r in an all-random game ^970Darkwoodvale^* ^292- ^*Moved outside tier 1 neutral camps to where the outposts were ^292- ^*Moved outposts to where the tier 1 outside neutral camps were ^292- ^*Building health increased to be -20% of normal, from -25% of normal ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Time Lock^* not applying to enemies ^079Electrician^* ^292- ^*^256Cleansing Shock^* can now be cast on self via double-activate ^970Version 1.0.3^* ------------Join the discussion about this patch on the forums: http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=136292 ^970Darkwood Vale^* ^292- ^*Removed two neutral spawns, replaced them with outposts ^292- ^*Replaced two of the higher tier neutral camps with tier 1 neutrals ^292- ^*Outermost towers are now level 1 towers (instead of level 2) ^717* ^*This means they will do slightly less damage and less starting health, s ame as the outer most towers on Caldavar ^292- ^*Lowered building health on this map by 25% ^292- ^*Moved some trees to allow better ward spots to cover runes ^970In-game^* ^292- ^*Players will no longer see trees die in fog ^717* ^*Meaning, juking with ^090Logger's Hatchet^* / ^090Runes of Blight^* is n ow much more fun! ^292- ^*Added an interface option for "Double Activate." When enabled, certain i tems and abilities may be double-clicked (or double-activated) for automatic use : ^717* ^*^090Homecoming Stone^* and ^090Post Haste^* teleports you home ^717* ^*^090Health Potion^*s and ^090Mana Potion^*s are used on self ^717* ^*^090Tablet of Command^*, ^090Stormspirit^*, ^090Charged Hammer^*, and ^0 90Nullfire Blade^* are used on self ^717* ^*^090Portal Key^* blinks towards home ^717* ^*^256Grace of the Nymph^*, ^256Inner Light^*, ^256Protective Charm^*, ^25 6Camouflage^*, ^256Nature's Protection^*, ^256Arcane Hide^*, ^256Healing Wave^*, ^256Cursed Shield^*, ^256Fire Shield^*, ^256Frenzy^*, and ^256Focus Buffer^* ar e used on self

^292- ^*Added new game interface option "Move To Spawn On Disconnect" ^717* ^*When enabled, the server will automatically issue a move command to your hero to move back to base whenever you crash, freeze, or lose your internet con nection ^292- ^*Added new keybind: "Cancel And Hold Position" ^717* ^*Functions exactly like "Hold Position", except it also cancels animation s ^717* ^*Players who want this functionality can replace their current Hold keybi nding with the new Cancel and Hold keybinding ^292- ^*A unit in the air no longer gains the 25% "uphill miss chance" evasion ^717* ^*Units stunned by ^079Witch Slayer^* or ^079Magmus^* or tossed by ^079Peb bles^* won't gain extra evasion ^717* ^*Couriers and ^079Tundra^*'s bird won't gain extra evasion ^292- ^*Health and Mana bars for heroes will now show the damage they take ^717* ^*This new 'shadowed' bar can be turned off in the options menu ^292- ^*If the player drag-selects, and the current active control entity is not a hero, and the selection contains a hero, then the active control entity will become the first hero in the selection. ^717* ^*This allows players to drag-select ophelia + her creeps and ALWAYS have Ophelia as active, regardless of the last active unit. ^292- ^*Scorescreen now contains voting options (kick, pause, concede, remake) a nd add friend functionality ^292- ^*The camera will no longer shake when an effect (such as homecoming stone ) is played in fog ^292- ^*Fix to properly calculate a player's exp/min, even if he reached max lev el ^292- ^*Neutral creep agro range for allc reeps set to 300 (some were 250, some were 300) ^292- ^*Vulture Lord now has a +3 AOE armor aura ^292- ^*Fix to Kongor so he won't wonk out and no one can hit him anymore ^292- ^*Added a visual effect for Main health bars, they now course with energy ^292- ^*Modified the internal random number generator to use a much higher quali ty distribution of random number ^292- ^*Dual target abilities now properly ignore trees if their target scheme i gnores them ^292- ^*Hero health/mana bars are now shadowed with 500ms delay on the shadows ^292- ^*Gold lerps to its actual value over 350m ^292- ^*Toggles are correctly propagated to illusions ^717* ^*Fixes illusion steamboots, illusion fayde stance, etc ^970Pre-Game^* ^292- ^*Added "Potential Hero Selection" functionality ^717* ^*At the hero selection screen, you can right-click on any hero to make it your "Potential Hero" ^717* ^*Spectators and anyone on your team can see your potential hero (the enem y team can't) ^717* ^*If you run out of time, you will select that hero rather than randoming ^292- ^*Prevent the "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Let's get it on" countdown from ha ppening after the hero selection screen ^292- ^*Loading bar now courses with energy ^292- ^*The game lobby will no longer display the message "PlayerName has connec ted." once for their initial connection, and again when they have finished loadi ng ^717* ^*It will now say "PlayerName is connecting." and "PlayerName has connecte d." to distinguish the different events ^292- ^*Set the max channel chat message (250), max game chat message (150), cha t channel topic (140), and channel name length (30).

^292- ^*Channel messages will only play sounds when receiving a message in the c urrent channel that has focus ^717* ^*This fixes all the sounds that used to play when a user was in multiple channels at the same time ^292- ^*The channel name + topic area of the channel is now truncated off proper ly and no longer wraps off the panel onto the rest of the UI for long channel to pics ^292- ^*Added a hovertip to the channel name + topic so if the topic is 95+ char s, if you hover over it it displays the full topic, similar to how long game nam es work in the Public Game interface ^292- ^*The game lobby will now play the epic lobby.mp3 music ^292- ^*Moved the voip mute button/icon things to the small colored circle to th e side of the player slot (which normally is only used for the right-click menu) in all game phases ^717* ^*The normal right-click menu (which is only available pre-hero-picker) no w occupies the same spot used to show the player's avatar/left-click to join but ton) ^970General^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bunch of random crashes caused from clicking the "Disconnect" bu tton ^717* ^*Before, clicking the button had a small random chance to corrupt a rando m place in memory that caused you to crash at a random time doing something rand om ^292- ^*Updated the wording of some of the tooltips to be a bit more clear ^292- ^*When viewing a player's stats, "Public Statistics" is now selected by de fault (previously "Ranked Statistics") ^292- ^*Prevent a buddylist bug when the user loses connection to the chat serve r, then reconnects to the chat server ^292- ^*Russian stringtables updated ^292- ^*Fixed lock camera on player not turning off after a replay ^292- ^*Profanity filter is now optional ^292- ^*Follow fix: If two players are following each other and one of them join s a game, the other one will now join that game instead of both of them disconne cting ^292- ^*Fixed a spelling error in the matchmaking interface ^292- ^*Fixed crash when CLIPBOARD selection is unowned and an attempt is made t o paste ^292- ^*Fixed an issue that disconnected a user if they typed a player's name in to the IM window ^292- ^*Fix to the close button of the MOTD so you can click it easier ^292- ^*Fixed mousewheel events not having the correct coordinates in windowed m ode ^292- ^*Re-organized the options menu slightly ^292- ^*The game list is no longer cleared when closed ^717* ^*The list will only auto-refresh when it is opened for the first time or a game starts ^292- ^*Fixed Official Stats or No Stats showing up when you invite someone to a game ^970Taunt^* ^292- ^*Cast time removed ^970Items^* ^090Courier^*

^292- ^*Will now be attacked by Towers and the Well ^090Geometer's Bane^* ^292- ^*Grants 0.1sec invulnerability on activation ^090Hellflower^* ^292- ^*Damage increased from 40 to 45 ^090Plated Greaves^* ^292- ^*Will no longer apply it's buff to Wildsoul's bear ^090Puzzlebox^* ^292- ^*Recipe increased from 1100 to 1250 ^090Shrunken Head^* ^292- ^*Added to the tooltip that it cannot be dispelled ^090Steamstaff^* ^292- ^*Price lowered to 800 from 900 ^090Stormspirit^* ^292- ^*No longer silences or perplexes, just stuns ^717* ^*This allows you to queue up orders while under it's effects ^970Heroes^* ^292- ^*^079Maliken^*, ^079Warbeast^*, and ^079Wildsoul^* transformations will n o longer act stupid when ^079Dark Lady^* Ults ^292- ^*^079Valkyrie^*'s ^256Javelin^*, ^079Devourer^*'s ^256Hook^*, and ^079Voo doo Jester^*'s ^256Casks^* will no longer hit couriers ^292- ^*Added new Legion Strength hero, ^079Tundra^* ^717* ^*Based on Rexxar the Beastmaster from DotA ^079Accursed^* ^292- ^*Fire Shield dispels stuns once again ^292- ^*Flame Consumption will no longer automatically activate below 400hp. Mus t be cast manually. ^717* ^*This means that silences/stuns/etc will prevent Accursed from triggering his ult ^292- ^*Staff of the Master now lets Accursed use Flame Consumption while silenc ed ^079Arachna^* ^292- ^*Spiderling will no longer stand there like a dummy if a hero blinked whi le the projectile was midair ^079Behemoth^* ^292- ^*Initial 200/275/350 Magic damage on the ult is now Superior Magic, meani ng it will go through magic immunity ^079Bubbles^* ^292- ^*^256Shell Surf^* vision increased from 600 to 800 units and now keeps gr anting vision if it goes the max distance for 3.34 seconds. ^292- ^*Fixed a bug with ^256Shell Toss^* that was resetting the cooldown incorr ectly ^292- ^*^256Song of the Sea^* now hits units in fog and invisible units ^292- ^*^256Take Cover^* no longer perplexes ^292- ^*^256Kelp Field^* will no longer deal damage or stun magic immune heroes

^079Chipper^* ^292- ^*Attack time increased from 350ms to 450ms ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292- ^*^256Electric Tide^* now is now correctly displayed when originating from a position within fog ^079Deadwood^* ^292- ^*Base strength increased from 23 to 25 ^292- ^*Base Armor increased from 2.24 to 2.74 ^292- ^*Creeps will no longer dispel the tree ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Fixed the Turret's attacks eating ^090Nullstone^* ^292- ^*^256Tinker^* cooldown increased from 15 to 20 ^292- ^*^256Tinker^* manacost increased from 25 to 50 ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292- ^*^256Skeletons^* will no longer trigger neutrals to use their abilities ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*Ability 1 now has an instant cast time ^292- ^*Cast range on second ability increased from 625/800/975/1150 to 725/850/ 975/1150 ^079Hammerstorm^* ^292- ^*^256Mighty Swing^* can now be toggled on and off ^079Hellbringer^* ^292- ^*Base armor lowered from 2.4 to 1.4 ^292- ^*^256Life Void^* cooldown increased from 7 seconds to 10 seconds ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*^256Volcanic Touch^* now correctly deals damage to Mechanical units ^079Maliken^* ^292- ^*Fixed tooltips ^292- ^*^256Possession^* manacost lowered from 150 to 100 ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*Number of people taken with her ^256Teleport^* increased from 0,1,2 to 1 ,2,3 additional targets per level ^079Pandamonium^* ^292- ^*Slow from missing a ^256Cannonball^* lowered from 4s to 2s ^079Pollywog Priest^* ^292- ^*Max distance of ^256Jolt^* lowered by 200 ^079Pyromancer^* ^292- ^*^256Phoenix Wave^* can now target both units and the ground ^079Sand Wraith^* ^292- ^*Using ^256Manifest^* no longer kills all active illusions ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292- ^*Added to the ult tooltip to correctly state the cooldown changes to 70s at all levels with it

^079Soulstealer^* ^292- ^*Fixed the "being knocked down" while using an item bug ^079Succubus^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug causing sleep to sometimes be removed instantly by a creep ^292- ^*^256Succubus' Hold^* cooldown lowered from 120s at all levels to 120/110 /100 ^079Swiftblade^* ^292- ^*Base movespeed increased from 300 to 305 ^292- ^*Returned attack no longer triggers responses like ^079Corrupted Disciple ^*'s ^256Static Discharge^* ^079Valkyrie^* ^292- ^*^256Javelin^* will now leave lingering vision if it hits nothing ^292- ^*Tweaked ^256Prism^* to correctly hit invulnerable allied heroes ^079Wildsoul^* ^292- ^*Damage when the bear dies now properly goes through immunities ^292- ^*Updated his tooltip to reflect that he takes damage when his bear dies ^292- ^*Beardulon abilities reworked very slightly ^717* ^*Gains ^256Return^* at level 1 ^717* ^*Gains ^256Entangling Claws^* at level 2 ^717* ^*Gains ^256Demolish^* at level 3 ^717* ^*Gains ^256Magic Resist^* at level 4 ^292- ^*^256Wild^* cast time removed, letting him cast it on the run ^292- ^*Base movespeed while in Bear form increased from 270 to 285 ^079Wretched Hag^* ^292- ^*^256Bat Blast^* can now target both units and the ground ^079Zephyr^* ^292- ^*^256Cyclone^* damage halved against non-hero units ^970Version 1.0.2^* ------------Join the discussion about this patch on the forums: http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=128034 ^970General^* ^292- ^*^090Marchers^* are now in the outpost ^292- ^*Implemented functionality for "Buy All Components" ^717* ^*Clicking this button will attempt to purchase all components and sub-com ponents needed to complete the recipe. ^292- ^*Fixed several stringtable entries ^292- ^*Fixed blockers behind the Legion fountain to help people who teleport ba ck there ^292- ^*Updated some cliffs so wards will not sink into them anymore ^292- ^*Fixed "^090Helm of the Black Legion^*" appearing incorrectly on the shop due to it's length ^292- ^*Tweaked some weirdness with collisions in the pathing code ^292- ^*Fixed the pause dropdown so it now has the correct title ^292- ^*Following functionality added: Right click on a buddy or clanmate and se lect "Follow" to follow them. You will join and leave any games they join or lea ve until you unfollow them, quit the game, or are in a game that starts. ^717* ^*Thanks to __VIking for the idea ^292- ^*Players attempting to re-connect to servers they got disconnected from w ill no longer be unable to join them due to PSR restrictions for times when they

have recently played a game and their PSR was not updated before connecting to the server. ^292- ^*Fixed matchmaking to auto focus the channel they join in on ^292- ^*Removed the "stats reset by release" notification from the reset stats f orm ^292- ^*Fixed an issue where blank lines would appear on IMs when one of the pla yers chatting would join or leave a game. ^292- ^*Fixed a bug where the No Stats icon would not show up in notifications f or games that were "No Stats" ^292- ^*The game will no longer display an additional disconnect message indicat ing that the hero was removed and assets distributed to their team when a player with no team is kicked from the game ^292- ^*Rearranged the icons on the bottom of Public Games interface to make mor e space and fix alignments ^292- ^*Updated Min/Max PSR Filter to be a little more lenient, for example sele cting <1500 and >1600 now checks if it the server is <=1500 or >=1600. ^292- ^*The Public Game interface so that it can now display the actual advanced game options when hovering over the "Advanced Options" icon ^292- ^*Added a "Hide Restricted Games" option to the Public Game interface ^717* ^*When enabled any games a player is ineligible for due to having a leaver status or having a PSR outside the range of that game will be hidden ^717* ^*Credit to Bangerz for the implementation ^292- ^*Added the Premium Account icon to the Icon Key tooltip ^292- ^*Added more ping filter values (from a max of 270 to a max of 360) and ad ded more PSR values (1900 and 1950). ^292- ^*Added game hint indicating players can disable notifications in game via the options menu ^292- ^*Logging in with "Invisible Mode" will now always bring focus to the "Sta tus" channel, previously it wouldn't the first time logging in ^292- ^*Removed requirement to enter a reason when banning someone via "/bl add nickname", it now defaults to the reason "None" if none is specified ^292- ^*Fixed an issue where the banlist reason was not updated properly unless the player logged out first ^292- ^*Using "/r" will only reply to the last whisper received, and will no lon ger reply to the last buddy or clan whisper ^970Matchmaking^* ^292- ^*Added maximum spread setting for matchmaking ^292- ^*Restrict matchmaking regions to just USW, USE, EU ^292- ^*Improve tracking of matchmaking failure rates and player disconnections ^970Heroes^* ^079Bubbles^* ^292- ^*Fixed a glitch when you had a body effect on and threw the shell ^292- ^*Can now use ^256Shell Surf^*'s teleport while under the effects of ^256T ake Cover^* ^292- ^*^256Take Cover^* now triggers off tower hits ^292- ^*Initial radius of ^256Kelp Field^* changed from 600 to 400 ^079Chipper^* ^292- ^*^256Rocket Barrage^* damage reduced from 105/130/155/180 to 85/115/145/1 80 ^292- ^*^256Sawblade Showdown^* cooldown set to 50 seconds at all levels (from 6 0/45/30) ^079Fayde^*

^292- ^*^256Stances^* will no longer reset when she dies ^079Gauntlet^* ^292- ^*Completely reworked, still a dev hero. Let us know what you think on the forums. ^079Night Hound^* ^292- ^*Updated the tooltip for ^256Smoke Bomb^* to explain that he cannot attac k towers while in the cloud ^079Scout^* ^292- ^*^256Marksman Shot^* will no longer place an infinite life state on the t arget ^970Version 1.0.1^* ------------^970Matchmaking^* ^292- ^*Fixed average wait time and percent successful matches stat tracking fo r matchmaking ^292- ^*Added some matchmaker logging ^292- ^*Fixed substitutions not working properly ^292- ^*Tweaked some oddities in the pathing code ^717* ^*Heroes might 'stick' on each other slightly again. We are developing a more permanent solution ^292- ^*Toggling autocast and attack abilities no longer interrupt any current actions ^970Items^* ^090Harkon's Blade^* ^292- ^*No longer stacks with Lifeleech & other attack modifiers ^090Nome's Wisdom^* ^292- ^*Recipe cost from 600 to 200 ^090Plated Greaves^* ^292- ^*The activated effect can now apply to all allied non-hero units (includ ing player controlled units). ^090Puzzlebox^* ^292- ^*Recipe cost from 1000 to 1100 ^970Heroes^* Added New Legion Int hero, ^079Bubbles^*, inspired by Puck the Faerie Dragon ^717* ^*Fun Fact: The voice of this hero was recorded by [I]Robert Jadah[/I], w ho also voiced Morla The Thousand Year-Old Turtle for 'The Neverending Story' ^079Balphagore^* ^292- ^*Un-Dev ^292- ^*Fixed Recommended Items ^292- ^*Base armor lowered by 2 ^292- ^*^256Demonic Pathogen^* silence from 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds to 1/2/3/4 secon ds ^292- ^*^256Demonic Pathogen^* damage from 100 magic DPS to 60 magic DPS

^292- ^*^256Corpse Conversion^* cooldown from 30 to 20 ^292- ^*Gold bounty from minions from 21/26/36/41 to 10/13/18/20 ^292- ^*Minions now have 3 Magic Armor ^292- ^*Now takes 30 seconds for charges on his ult to start disappearing ^292- ^*His ultimate now gains 0.6 charges per 1% of enemy mana spent (increase d from 0.5) ^079Bloodhunter^* ^292- ^*Blood Sense now grants full vision of low HP targets ^079Deadwood^* ^292- ^*^256Uproot^*'s Mana Cost from 60 to 30 ^292- ^*^256Uproot^*'s charges from 5/6/7/8 to 5 at all levels ^292- ^*^256Willowmaker^* now casts 100ms faster ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*Armor from 1.96 to 2.96 ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Base STR from 22 to 20 ^292- ^*Base INT from 19 to 21 ^079Fayde^* ^292- ^*^256Scythe Stance^* now causes ^256Cull^* to stun and ^256Burning Shado ws^* to destroy mana ^292- ^*^256Shadow Stance^* now causes ^256Cull^* to destroy mana and ^256Burni ng Shadows^* to stun ^292- ^*Fayde now starts in Scythe Stance by default (this makes Reflection dea l Physical damage by default, even when stances are unleveled) ^079Hellbringer^* ^292- ^*STR growth from 2.5 to 2.1 ^292- ^*AGI growth from 1.0 to 1.2 ^292- ^*INT growth from 2.7 to 2.9 ^079Legionnaire^* ^292- ^*Armor from 1.8 to 2.8 ^079Madman^* ^292- ^*^256Stalk^* cooldown lowered by 1 ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*^256Grace of the Nymph^* now only dispels from player-controlled unit d amage ^292- ^*^256Teleport^* no longer displays graphic/sfx to enemies when in fog ^079Pandamonium^* ^292- ^*^256Cannonball^* now snares by 60% for 4 seconds instead of stunning wh en missed ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*^256Toxin Wards^* now have 1/1/2/2 charges for placement, decreased fro m 1/2/2/3 ^292- ^*^256Toxin Wards^* attack effect changed from -10% Movespeed to -25 Move speed at all levels ^292- ^*Fixed tool tip of ^256Toxin Wards^* displaying the incorrect amount of health ^079Swiftblade^* ^292- ^*^256Counter-Attack^* no longer uses real attacks, meaning it will not t

rigger things like critical strike, life steal, or ^090Frostburn^*. It now sim ply deals damage equal to ^079Swiftblade^*'s base attack damage. ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^* Fixing a minor UI issue with the new F6 menu while ingame ^970Version 1.0.0^* ------------^970Release Build^* ^292- ^* Fixed terminating players properly ingame when they left ^292- ^* Fixed disconnection caused by the terminated player message ^292- ^* Fixed upside down taskbar icon under Linux ^292- ^* Fixed matchmaking giving improper point values ^292- ^* Fixed the black and white box when picking a dev hero ^292- ^* Fixed MinPSR/MaxPSR not being reset back to 0 when a game ends ^292- ^* Rate of passive income is now adjusted when a player terminates (Higher with less players) ^292- ^* Cleaned up create game dialog ^292- ^* Added a frame that holds the disconnect button on the loading screen ^292- ^* Updated tooltip description for hardcore mode so it doesn't say items a re dropped ^292- ^* Tweaked Linux resource auto-reloading ^079Balphagore^* - Minions spawned by ^256Hell on Newerth^* will now die if their target dies - Won't eat ^090Items^*, ^256Wildsoul's Bear^*, or Mechanical units anymore ^970Version 0.3.6^* ------------^970Game Modes^* ^292- ^*Added Dev Hero Mode ^717* ^*When enabled, Dev Hero Mode allows work-in-progress "development" heroes to be played ^717*^* All future S2 Hero additions are going to be added as "dev heroes," this allows us to get feedback on a large scale and evaluate balance before includin g the hero in the stable hero pool ^717*^* Dev hero mode must be enabled when hosting games. It can be filtered in the game list. Dev heroes will not be used in matchmaking or competitive tournam ents ^292-^* Added new advanced game option "Tournament Rules" ^717*^* When enabled, allows the host to specify in the game lobby which team ge ts first ban ^717*^* Only affects BP and BD gamemodes ^292-^* Added "Hardcore Mode" advanced game option ^717*^* No passive gold/sec gain ^717*^* A creep/hero deny results in 0 experience for the enemy team ^717*^* A tower deny results in 0 gold for the enemy team ^292-^* "Item Drop" advanced game option now drops all items on death. ^717*^* Items dropped on death cannot be picked up by couriers, sold, or killed on the ground. ^717*^* Items dropped on death can be picked up and used by anyone. ^292-^* Added 5 seconds to each players pick time in Random Draft (25 -> 30) ^292-^* Added 5 seconds to transition between bans and picks in Random Draft (15 -> 20) ^970Important Bug Fixes^*

^292-^* When using Runes of Blight on a tree, heroes will now approach from the correct side. (Will now no longer go all the way around a tree to eat it) ^292-^* Heroes are much less likely to keep blocking each other as they try to r un past each other (HUGS!) ^292-^* Fixed ability tooltips sometimes getting stuck on screen ^292-^* Fixed an issue causing buying while dead to sometimes not work ^292- ^*Abilities used from in the fog will no longer originate from the 0,0 pos ition ^717*^* This includes Devourer's Hook, Electrician's Grip, Pollwog Priest's Tong ue Tied, Puppet Master's Puppeteer's Hold and Voodoo Puppet, and Witch Slayer's Mana Drain ^292-^* Fixed sound system/voicemanager interactions that were causing crashes u pon sound system restart ^292-^* You can now drop an item into an inventory spot with a building under it ^970Matchmaking 2.0^* ^292-^* Matchmaking has received some serious revisions that should drastically improve match making quality. Please help us further perfect our match making sy stem by giving it a try and leaving feedback on the forums ^717*^* Reworked how matches are formed to more consistently replace players who fail to load and to decrease time to find matches for players with exceptionall y high or low SMR ratings ^717*^* Players new to matchmaking must complete 5 provisional matches, in which they will be matched with other new players. If not enough new players are avai lable, they will eventually be matched with regular players. ^717*^* Players now have the option to set their initial standing according to g eneral skill level, which affects the types of players they will be matched agai nst. The three options are Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. ^717*^* Solo matchmaking uses Banning Draft (BD) ^970Ingame Changes^* ^292- ^*Added a new keybinding: Direct Pathing (Modifer 3) ^717*^* When held down and an order is given (Move, Attack, Cast, etc) will move the hero in a direct path towards where you click no matter what is in the way. Ignores cliffs, heroes, and creeps. Useful for chasing through the woods or pus hing yourself against a cliff to cast into the river! ^292-^* Re-arranged some of the shop to put modifers into the correct (bottom) s hop. This includes all lifesteal items. Brutalizer and Lightning items are now i n the Combat shop. Be wary of your hotkeys! ^292-^* If you buy an item on a courier then transfer that item to your hero, yo u can now sell that item for its full value within the 15sec sellback period ^292-^* Added game option "Minimap Rightclick" (default on). When disabled, the player cannot rightclick on the minimap. ^292-^* The game will no longer display an incorrect disconnect message indicati ng that the hero was removed and assets distributed to their team if the disconn ected player was a referee or spectator ^292-^* Fixed disconnect messages appearing twice when a player disconnects in g ame ^292-^* Calling a vote to remake, pause or kick (through the console) before the pre-match game phase will no longer work. (ie. only after the players are loade d into the map can they call these.) ^292-^* If displaying chat timestamps were enabled in game, various game message s sent to both teams were not being timestamped (disconnects, Kongor kills, Barr acks destruction, etc). These messages now display the timestamp properly if the client has this option enabled.

^292-^* New death for the legion main building ^292-^* Finally took down our Christmas lights... ^292-^* New Hellbourne sounds and effects for buildings ^292-^* Random small chest sound/model fixes ^292-^* The game option "Show exp numbers" is now on by default for new installa tions. ^292-^* Added an option "Center Camera on Respawn" that allows users to toggle w hether or not the camera will automatically focus on their hero after respawning ^292-^* Unpause now plays a noise so players are aware ^292-^* Fixed some neutral NPC sounds playing globally ^292-^* Updated map to remove texture seams ^292-^* Added a visible 'corpse' for NPCs dying ^292-^* Heroes can no longer pickup runes while stunned ^292-^* Referees are now treated as spectators ^717*^* Fixes the fog issue, allows them to see the scoreboard, allows them to t alk with other referees and spectators ^292-^* Added some environmental sound effects on Caldavar ^292-^* Double Tap returns! ^292-^* Fixed the sound bug where muting someone might not always work ^292-^* Restrict most actions while the game is paused ^292-^* Fixed the "Share All" courier button to reset its state at the start of every game ^292-^* Fixed a bug that occurred when spectators used the "Disable Fog of War" or "Lock Camera" options would see those settings carry over into the the next g ame they joined or played ^292-^* Fixed some tooltips for items in the shop ^292-^* Fixed spectators at 1920x1080 resolution ^970Pre-Game Changes^* ^292-^* Hero icons no-longer react to mouseovers/clicks when there's no hero ^292-^* The loading race values now start at 1 and end at 10, the old race value s should no longer appear when loading the next game ^292-^* Pressing ALT in the game lobby will now toggle the chat mode between "Te am" and "All" chat modes. ^292-^* Moved the Ping/Players/Version labels in the game lobby a bit to the rig ht as we weren't making use of the space and server names with long names like t hose we use for South Africa overlapped into these labels ^292-^* Voice chat indicator/mute button shows up in the hero picker/etc. now (o n the inner side of the hero name) ^292-^* Pressing the "All/Team" button in the game lobby will now set focus to t he chat input line ^292-^* Lobby now has sounds for actions (kick, join etc) ^292-^* Increase the max spectator slots to 10 ^292-^* Fixed the Alternate Picking crash ^292-^* The host option "Disband" has been changed to "Disconnect", Upon disconn ecting the game server will assign another player as the host and print a messa ge to the game lobby indicating the transfer of hosting privileges ^970General Changes^* ^292-^* Replays now begin recording during the picking phase ^292-^* Removed the "Tier" filters, columns and inputs from the game browser and create game interface ^292-^* Added filters, sortable columns and all inputs for Min/Max PSR to the ga me browser and create game interface ^717*^* Players may now specify a Min/Max PSR range when creating a game. Min/Ma x PSR games will appear normally as they would in the game browser and other pla yers may join a game if their PSR falls within 2% of the range the game server M

in/Max PSR is set to. (This means a player with 1471 PSR should be able to make it into a game marked Min 1500, and a 1734 player would be able to join a game m arked as Max 1700, but those are the very edge of the 2% tolerance, so anything higher or lower would be rejected.) ^292-^* Games outside of a player's PSR range are grayed out in the game browser similar to the way "No Leaver" games appear to a player with leaver status. If no range is specified when the game is created then no range is enforced. If a p layer is invited to a game, the server ignores the PSR restrictions for them all owing friends to play in games they may not normally be able to be playing ^292-^* Added Min/Max PSR to the /gi or /gameinfo commands ^292-^* The players PSR is now retrieved stored locally on the client when loggi ng in, and is accessible through the UI_CMD() GetPSR() ^292-^* Removed the ticks, grinds, and blips and whatnot that were playing when the game started up ^292-^* Added an option "Disable Background Effects" that allows users to toggle whether or not all the background lobby effects and animations are played. (Cre dit to Pancakeslp for the original mod) ^292-^* Fixed some buddy request/add notifications playing sounds a bunch of tim es when logging in if a player had those notifications saved in their history ^292-^* The Notification Duration slider under options->interface now sets the d uration (1-15 seconds) a notification is displayed for ^292-^* Fixed a number of incorrectly labeled tooltips on the options menu. Disa bled the "Health/Mana Bar Scale" in the options ^292-^* Removed the "Options" menu from the F10 in game menu ^292-^* Fixed "Add PlayerName" buttons on options menu to align properly and cor rectly add the player clicked on ^292-^* Increased max size of joinable channels to 30 ^292-^* Using the slash command /join <channelname> "password" will now attempt to join the channel with the password specified. (Anything in between the quotes at the end becomes the password) ^292-^* Fixed some issues in the client/interface causing the change password di alogue to not work ^292-^* Fixed the lock/unlocked tooltip for hosts to display the correct tip (wa s previously showing the opposite tooltip it should have been showing) ^292-^* Players can now select Logon/Logoff and Join/Leave Game notification set tings for clan members separately from the notifications they select for their f riends ^292-^* Fixed an issue where notifications were not being saved to the history p roperly ^292-^* Fixed the default notification time to be 10 seconds instead of 10000 ^292-^* Updated sub-account description ^292-^* Removed "Show Menu Transitions" from the options menu as the option is n ot currently being used ^292- ^*Fixed iris closing sound being heard on disconnect ^292-^* Fixed "/r" to not reply to a clan whisper automatically with "/c m", ins tead it will reply directly to the sender with a "/w PlayerName" just like how " /b m" works ^292-^* Trying out new color for the selected item in listboxes ^292-^* Fixed the "Show Winner" button on the match stats screen to correctly di splay and announce the team who won ^292-^* Fixed sound driver list sometimes showing the current driver incorrectly ^717*^* This means the sound system will only restart if it is indeed necessary ^292-^* Fixed a couple places where linux system class was using incorrect chara cter conversions ^292-^* Added console command "precacheworld <mapname>". So for example type "pr ecacheworld caldavar" to precache its resources ^292-^* Removed cvar browser_maxPing as it was not being used ^292-^* Invisible Mode will now remember its state the next time the game re-loa ds ^292- ^*Players in "Invisible Mode" will no longer auto join default HoN or Clan

channels when leaving a game, allowing them to properly remain in a hidden stat e ^292-^* Clicking on the clock in the system bar now toggles between 12 hour and 24 hour display ^292-^* Re-arranged Public and Create Game interfaces to make more space and add ed icons/checkboxes for the new "Hardcore" and "Dev Heroes" game options ^292- ^*Moved "Alt Hero Picking" on the Create Game interface to an Advanced Opt ion, which is what it is actually categorized as ^970Items^* ^090Bananas^* ^292-^* Can now be sold for 500 gold ^090Doombringer^* ^292-^* Can no longer be transferred to your stash, manually dropped on the grou nd, or given to teammates. ^090Frostburn^* ^292- ^*Snare is now 5% a charge and stacks 3 times ^090Frostwolf Skull^* ^292-^* Recipe cost increased by 500 ^090Geometer's Bane^* ^292- ^*Now spawns illusions in a triangle and randomizes the position of the he ro on use ^090Nome's Wisdom^* ^292-^* Rebalanced ^717*^* Strength lowered from 6 to 4 ^717* ^*Agility lowered from 6 to 4 ^717*^* Intelligence lowered from 16 to 14 ^717*^* +Damage lowered from 10 to 6 ^717*^* % Mana Regen removed ^717*^* Aura armor lowered from 4 to 3 ^717*^* Healing from the Aura tweaked so that if the healing exceeds your max he alth, a shield of equal value is applied for 10 seconds. ^090Nullfire Blade^* ^292-^* Fixed so it can now properly dispel Jeraziah's Protective Charm ^292-^* Recipe will sell for the correct value again ^090Plated Greaves^* ^292-^* Cooldown increased to 30s, duration lowered to 15s ^292-^* AOE effect now grants +20% damage but only affects allied non-player con trolled creeps ^292-^* AOE effect no longer grants armor ^090Stormspirit^* ^292-^* Can now target all heroes (allied and enemy). Can no longer target Kongo r. ^090Tokens^* ^292-^* Can no longer be sold ^970Heroes^*

^292-^* Added ^079Balphagore^* as a dev hero. Must host games with the dev hero option enabled to play him ^717*^* Feedback on this hero is appreciated, as we are still fine-tuning balanc e and making necessary adjustments ^079Behemoth^* ^292-^* Fixed weird shadows with ^256Fissure^* ^079Blacksmith^* ^292-^* Fixed some issues with multicast and ^256Frenzy ^* ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* Voice added. Nuts. ^292-^* ^256Tar Toss^* will no longer apply its slow to Magic Immune units ^292- ^*^256Sawblade's ^*staff of the master upgrade no longer provides a static 70% movement speed slow. Instead, units who walk into the saw blades will have a 4 second snare applied to them that starts at 90% and quickly reduces in stren gth over the duration. ^292-^* ^256Sawblade^* Showdown won't slow couriers anymore ^079Deadwood^* ^292-^* ^256Clearcutting^* now causes trees to die with a cooler animation. ^079Madman^* ^292-^* ^256Barrel Roll^* will once again grant invulnerability during the durat ion of the roll ^079Magmus^* ^292- ^*^256Lava Surge^* once again provides invulnerability during travel time ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Ult to 85s at all levels from 90/75/60 ^079Fayde^* ^292- ^*Voice added ^292-^* Updated description ^292- ^*A ton of effect changes ^292-^* ^256Slice^* renamed ^256Cull^* ^292-^* Illusions from ^256Burning Shadows ^*now attacks much faster ^292-^* Illusions from ^256Burning Shadows ^*are back to full size ^292- ^*Illusions from^256 Burning Shadows^* can no longer be selected or show h ealthbars ^292-^* Cooldown on switching between ^256Scythe^* and ^256Shadow Stanc^*e remov ed ^292-^* Fayde now starts in ^256Shadow Stance^* ^292-^* Charges on ^256Shadow/Scythe Stance^* increased to 2,3,4,5 ^292-^* ^256Reflection^* ^717* ^*Manacost increased to 150,175,200 from 150 ^717*^* Duration changed to 30,35,40 from 40 at all levels ^717*^* ^256Reflection^* stealth state will no longer have charges that do nothi ng ^717*^* Shadow Cripple now reduces all healing on the target by 50% while it's a ctive ^717*^* Shadow Cripple is no longer dispellable ^079Glacius^* ^292-^* Updated ^256Ice Imprisonment^* tooltip to explain that it lasts 10 secon ds when casted on creeps ^079Keeper of the Forest^*

^292-^* Updated ^256Root^* effect to match the area better ^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Added custom sounds for his charge ^079Maliken^* ^292-^* Updated recommended items ^079Ophelia^* ^292-^* ^256Command^* will no longer give the bonus HP to couriers she has bough t or to heroes/herself in weird situations ^079Pandamonium^* ^292-^* Voice added ^079Plague Rider^* ^292-^* Voice added ^079Pollywog^* ^292-^* Units under the effects of ^256Morph^* can no longer evade or deflect at tacks ^292-^* Cooldown of ^256Wards^* changed from 110/95/80 to 100 ^079Pyromancer^* ^292-^* Fixed a bug causing ult to trigger Nullstone twice (causing the cool dow n to decrease too much) ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292-^* Rewrote some tooltips ^079Witch Slayer^* ^292- ^*Units under the effects of ^256miniaturization^* can no longer evade or deflect attacks ^292-^* Fixed a bug causing ult to trigger Nullstone twice (causing the cool dow n to decrease too much) ^079Valkyrie^* ^292-^* ^256Call of the Valkyrie^* will now determine the close-range target to get hit twice at the time the ability is used, rather than after a 0.5 second de lay ^292- ^*Tweak leap distance from 630,690,780,840 to 630,720,780,870 ^079Vindicator^* ^292-^* Voice added ^079Voodoo Jester^* ^292-^* ^256Cask^* now bounces for 2/4/6/8 times, instead of the incorrect 2/4/5 /8 times ^079Warbeast ^*^292-^* ^256Metamorphosis ^*will no longer apply to his courier ^079Wildsoul^* ^292-^* ^256Wild^* will no longer apply to his courier ^079Zephyr^* ^292-^* Correctly credit him for damage that his ult does ^970Version 0.3.5^* -------------

^292-^* Fixed the 'terrain being black' bug ^970Items^* ^292-^* Tweaked effects on ^090Frostfield Plate^* to better match the area (than ks to Warchamp7) ^292-^* ^090Kuldra's Sheep^* stick will now dispel stealth on its target ^292-^* ^090Monkey Courier^* now has a three second cool down between purchases ^292-^* ^090Nullfire Blade's^* purge no longer passes through Magic Immunity ^090Tablet of Command^* ^292-^* No longer be castable on Magic Immune units ^292-^* Cooldown lowered from 25s to 16s ^090Icebrand^* ^292-^* Reduced recipe cost by 200 ^292-^* Now uses a ^090Bolstering Armband^* rather than ^090Fleetfeet^* ^292-^* Removed agility bonus, increased strength to +16 from +15 ^292-^* The movement speed slow now lasts 2.5 seconds when wielded by a melee he ro, still 1.5 seconds when wielded by ranged ^292-^* The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications ^717*^* Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow ^090Firebrand^* ^292-^* Reduced recipe cost by 200 ^292-^* Now uses a ^090Fleetfeet^* rather than ^090Bolstering Armband^* ^292-^* Removed Strength bonus, increased agility to +16 from +15 ^090Frostburn^* ^292-^* Total cost reduced by 400 (as a result of ^090IceBrand^* and ^090FireBra nd^* changes) ^292-^* Agility and Strength bonuses lowered to +16 each (from +21) ^292-^* Attackspeed bonus lowered to +20 from +30 ^292-^* The movement speed slow now lasts 3.5 seconds when wielded by a melee he ro, 2.5 seconds when wielded by ranged ^292-^* The slow now stacks in strength with consecutive applications ^717*^* Each attack applies a stacking 3% movement speed slow. Stacks a maximum of 5 times, for a 15% slow ^970Heroes^* ^079Behemoth^* ^292-^* Tweaked ^256Fissure's^* effects to improve performance ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* Delay on casting ^256Tar Toss^* reduced to 0.25 seconds (from 0.4), proj ectile travel time increased to 0.75 seconds (from 0.35) ^717*^* Increases total delay on the impact by 0.25 seconds ^079Corruped Disciple^* ^292-^* Base damage changed to 44^292-^*48 from 44^292-^*52 ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Damage on ^256Energy Field^* will no longer harm couriers or other splas h^292-^*immune units ^079Fayde^* ^292-^* ^256Guillotine^* is now renamed to ^256Slice^*

^717*^* The mana destruction is now reduced based on the number of hero targets hit. Destroys 6/12/18/24% of maximum mana, minus 1/2/3/4% per additional target hit (hitting 2 targets would destroy 20% mana each, hitting 3 targets would dest roy 16% mana, etc). ^717*^* Shadow Stance: Stuns for 1/1.5/2/2.5 s ^717*^* Scyth Stance: Burns Mana ^292-^* ^256Burning Shadows^* ^717*^* Now travels 160 units farther ^717*^* Illusions now attack 1,2,3,4 times and deal 70 damage per attack ^717*^* Illusions are now smaller so they don't stack over heroes ^717*^* Illusions will now chase heroes properly ^717*^* Shadow Stance: Burns Mana instantly when they are hit (same % at Slice) ^717*^* Scythe Stance: Stuns ^292-^* ^256Dark Shield^* removed. Replaced with ^256Scythe Stance^* and ^256Sha dow Stance^* ^717*^* On use, switches between Shadow and Scythe Stance ^717*^* Starts in ^256Scythe Stance^* ^717*^* No Manacost. 48/36/24/12s cooldown. ^717*^* Cannot switch Stances if either ^256Slice^* or ^256Burning Shadows^* are in cooldown ^717*^* Passive component: Blocks damage based on Stance. 50 damage per charge ( max 1,2,3,4 charges, gains one charge every 10 seconds). Ignores damage less tha n 25. ^717*^* Blocks magic in Shadow Stance. Blocks physical in Scythe Stance ^717*^* Example: You have 4 charges and are in Shadow Stance. Get nuked by a 300 dmg nuke. All charges removed and nuke damage lowered to 100. ^292-^* ^256Reflection^* reworked ^717*^* Still grants stealth and the seamless illusion. Manacost/cooldown/durati on unchanged ^717*^* Illusion no longer gives experience to Fayde ^717*^* Applies 3 second DoT on attack from stealth and stealth is removed/illus ion killed. No longer has extra stealth (exits stealth immediately). ^717*^* DoT no longer snares ^717*^* DoT damage set to 75/125/175 DPS. Deals Physical damage by default (in S cythe Stance), deals Magic damage in Shadow Stance. ^717*^* Invibility from the ult is not removed when changing between Shadow/Scyt he Stances ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292-^* Base damage tweaked to 44^292-^*50 from 40^292-^*51 ^292-^* ^256Call of the Damned^* can now be toggled to prevent skeletons from in stantly spawning when killing units. Instead, it will build up charges which can be used at will to spawn skeletons at a later time. ^079Hellbringer^* ^292-^* ^256Unholy Shackles^* attack + movement speed slow lowered to 20/30/40/5 0% from 30/40/50/60% ^292-^* ^256Summon Malphas^* mana cost increased to 200/300/400 from 200/250/300 ^079Ophelia^* ^292-^* Number of controllable creeps reduced to 1/1/2/3 from 1/2/2/3 ^079Thunderbringer^* ^292-^* Fixed an issue causing the passive third ability to play an overly loud sound ^970Version^* ------------^292-^* Fixed Fayde's tooltip for Reflection to correctly state that the Illusio n is killed when she lands her first attack from stealth.

^292-^* Fixed Fayde's model to not be a teapot. Sorry if you like teapots. ^970Version 0.3.4^* ------------Join the discussion about this patch on the forums: http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=107393 ^970General^* ^292-^* Life Steal items, except for ^090Abyssal Skull^*, are now exclusive atta ck modifiers (will not stack with ^090Frostburn^*, ^090Frostwolf's Skull^*, etc) ^292-^* Dominating neutral creeps (using ^079Ophelia^* or ^090Whispering Helm^*) will no longer cause the dominated creep's camp to stack less than 3 times tota l ^292-^* :Doombringer: A ^090Doombringer^* can no longer be killed, transferred t o your stash, sold, or held by a courier / Wildsoul bear. Once someone buys a ^0 90Doombringer^*, it's in the game for good! ^717*^* NOTE: This means that if you buy a ^090Doombringer^* on a courier / Wild soul bear, then it will immediately drop the Doombringer. Beware! ^292-^* Matchmaking will now sort players from top to bottom according to SMR ^292-^* Fixed an issue where the loading race number carries over to the next ga me, it should be reset properly each match now ^292-^* Right clicking images for the various game mode/options on the "Join Gam e" notification should now close the notification properly ^292-^* "Official" and "Official - No Stats" icons properly appear in the first column in the game browser now with their appropriate tooltip ^292-^* Hovering over locked or unlocked slots in the game lobby will display th e appropriate "Locked" or "Unlocked" tooltip now ^292-^* Fixed the Jail Bars appearing mis-aligned when a player is locked on the Hellbourne side in the game lobby ^292-^* Fixed the right click host visible menu appearing half cut-off if used o n the Hellbourne side of the game lobby ^292-^* Added an tooltip to the host's lock/unlock button indicating that slots can not be locked in the "Auto Balanced" game mode ^292-^* Empty hero picker icons no longer react to mouseover/clicks as if they'r e active ^292-^* Fixed an issue where players who tried to add friends during the first f ew days of open beta experienced issues trying to request new friends got a mess age indicating they had already requested them and needed to wait. They should n o longer need to wait any longer than 60 seconds to re-request their a friend ^292-^* Fixed an issue where certain players would always be flagged with a PSR of "N/A", resulting in 100% win chance for their team ^292-^* The notification history now adds the most recent notifications to the t op of the list ^292-^* Fixed a small animation on the effect indicators ^292-^* Fixed a bug which caused music to not loop ^292-^* Removed that non working update button ^292-^* Sending buddy/clan whispers to players in /afk mode will no longer retur n a response indicating that the player was AFK with the reason ^292-^* If a player wishes to not see buddy/clan whispers they can use /dnd mode and it will stop those messages from being delivered to them ^292-^* ^717*^* ^717*^* ^717*^* Startup.cfg fixes (credit to Notausgang) SetSave is now properly quoted and escaped BindButton, BindImpulse, etc is now properly escaped Alias is now properly quoted and escaped

UI modding enhancements (credit to Notausgang/Tisser):

^292-^* Added new UI function IsEnabled. (Credit to Tisser) ^292-^* Added a new UI function EscapeString(str). It scans the input string for any \ or ' characters and adds a backslash before them ^717*^* Don't do this twice to the same string! That will likely cause the resul t to be invalid ^292-^* Added new UI_CMD() AddTemplateListItemWithSortReversed() that takes the same parameters as AddTemplateListItemWithSort() but adds the newest elements to the top of the list instead of the end (so the newest item appears at the top o f the widget.) ^970Items^* ^090Barbed Armor^* ^292-^* Fixed it returning damage to owners of gadgets that deal damage (^079Voo doo's^* ^256Ward^*, ^079Defiler^* ^256Spirits^*, etc) ^090Hellflower^* ^292-^* Damage multiplier is now constant while the effect is on them (+20%), no t a burst at the end ^292-^* Now perplexes ^090Mock of Brilliance^* ^292-^* Damage will not be dealt if a Courier holds the Mock ^090Nomes Wisdom^* ^292-^* Recipe cost increased to 600 from 260 ^090Restoration Stone^* ^292-^* Now properly gives the sum of it's parts in bonuses ^090Savage Mace^* ^292-^* Damage increased to 88 (proper sum of it's parts) ^970Heroes^* New Hellbourne Agi Hero ^079Fayde^* ^079Armadon^* ^292-^* Sped up the quills for his ^256quill spray^* ^079Behemoth^* ^292-^* Fixed Announcer ^079Blacksmith^* ^292-^* Fixed a small ^256Multicast^* issue ^079Chipper^* ^292-^* Reduce walk noises by 66% ^292-^* Tweak footsteps, more organic sounding ^292-^* Mana cost of ^256rockets^* set to 50/60/70/85 from 50/65/80/95 ^292-^* Hitting a target with ^256rockets^* within 175 units will now deal full damage, rather than half ^292-^* ^256Tar Toss^* is now Physical instead of Magic, but can be removed by P urge, Shrunken Head activation, etc ^292-^* Reworked ^256Focus Buffer^* ^717*^* Now absorbs 150/300/450/600 Magic damage ^717*^* Buff lasts 20 seconds ^717*^* 20 second cooldown

^292-^* ^256Sawblade Showdown^* can now be boosted by Staff of the Master ^717*^* Increases range to 1000 from 700 ^717*^* Applies a 70% snare to all enemies inside of the saws ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292-^* Recommended Item tweaks ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Fixed the ^256turret^* sometimes not being able to fire the last 2 shots of the burst ^292-^* Fixed the ^256turret^* not using 1/16th of its mama per shot when it got more mana ^079Pharaoh^* ^292-^* ^256Tormented Soul^* no longer draws on the minimap ^079Slither^* ^292-^* ^256Ward^* health lowered to 60/110/160/210 ^079Swiftblade^* ^292-^* Movespeed lowered by 5 ^079Torturer^* ^292-^* Radius of the stun is now consistent across all levels at 225 ^079Valkyrie^* ^292-^* ^256Call of the Valkyrie^* cast time reduced from 1.33s to 0.6s ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^* Units that can't carry items can no longer pick up chests ^292- ^* Fixed -1 bug... AGAIN. ^292- ^* Fix not receiving the proper experience for killing heroes. ^292- ^* Sage's Lore will now be properly dispelled from Wildsoul if he activate s Wild or Battle Cry ^292- ^* Wildsoul will now properly be silenced when activating Wild or Battle C ry and is standing within range of Vindicator's aura ^970Version 0.3.3^* ------------^292- ^* Sending a whisper to a player who is not online will now return a messa ge indicating the player is not online ^292- ^* The updater no longer crashes when a file doesn't exist (such as tos.tx t) ^079The Chipper^* ^292- ^* Fixed a bug with Focus Buffer. I was dividing by zero. The universe alm ost ceased to exist. You can thank me later. ^970Version 0.3.2^* ------------^970General^* ^292- ^*Neutral Creep camps (Normal and Ancient) can now only be stacked up to 2 additional times (3 Stacks Total) ^717* ^*Exception are the smallest camps, which have no limit still ^292-^* Selling wards of sight / puzzlebox recipe within the 15s grace period w ill now restock the shop. ^292- ^*The weak neutral creep camp on Hellborne side can no longer be pulled i nto the lane.

^292- ^*Any teammate can now take ^090Wards of Sight^* and ^090Wards of Revelat ion^* from a courier, regardless of who purchased them ^717* ^*Previously either the courier owner or the purchaser of the wards had t o manually give the wards to a teammate; now the teammates can take it by thems elves ^292- ^*Activating a courier's "^256Transfer Items to Hero^*" ability (3rd abili ty) will automatically transfer any ^090Wards of Sight^* and ^090Wards of Reve lation^* from the courier to your inventory, regardless of who purchased them ^292- ^*Pets can no longer pick up ^090Token of Life^*, ^090Token of Sight^*, ^ 090Token of Stealth^*, or ^090Bananas^* ^717* ^*No more ninja'ing the token with a flying courier / ^079Wildsoul^*'s be ar ^292- ^*Consumables (^090Health Potions^*, etc) purchased by different teammate s will no longer combine together on couriers ^292-^* Ordering multiple units at a time will no longer artificially inflate y our APM ^292- ^*Added a Message of the Day upon logging in ^292- ^*The following changes pertain to players using "invisible" mode: ^717* ^*They will now appears as "offline" if a /whois or "User Information" is done on them ^717* ^*They will no longer be able to send/receive whispers, send/receive IM's , and send buddy/clan whispers, however they will still be able to receive budd y/clan whispers. ^717* ^*They will now properly see all their online buddies/clan members when l ogging in ^292- ^*Removing yourself as a buddy now fails with an appropriate error messag e. ^292- ^*When a buddy approves a friendship request, the person who requested it will no longer see "You are now friends with <yourname>." They will correctly see "You are now friends with <buddyname>." ^292- ^*Fixed right clicking a buddy to display the appropriate menu choices th e first time they are clicked (instead of the second) ^292- ^*Fixed Team/All chat to remember it's previous state, so when navigating to another channel and coming back to the game lobby it will properly show the last chat type that was used ^292- ^*When in the game lobby, clicking the "Send" button will now return focu s to the text input ^292- ^*Fixed some of the right click menu options either not appearing or not working ^292- ^*Fixed banning/unbanning someone from a chat channel, it should now work properly when used ^292- ^*Adding a user to your ignore list will stop all incoming buddy requests from the ignored user ^292- ^*Players can only request the same person as a buddy once every 5 minute s now ^292- ^*Fixed joining and leaving clan channels with long names ^292- ^*IM notifications only pop up once every 2 minutes now, however the IM c ount and any IM conversations will still be updated real time. ^292- ^*Fixed chat channels saving ^292- ^*Added additional flood protection to the chat server when requesting a buddy or approving a buddy. ^292-^* Arranged matches should now be reported to clan members and buddies, bu t the join notification will not show a "Join Game" button, it will merely be informational ^292-^* Using a /whois or "User Info" on another player in a matchmaking game s hould display their information correctly now ^292- ^*Implemented the community mod "Chat Textbox Improvements" for the game lobby, credit to slime73 for this contribution

^717* ^*Clicking anywhere on the chat window will set focus to the text input ^717* ^*Pressing escape will remove focus from the text input if it has no text , if there is text it will clear it without removing focus. You can then press escape again to remove focus ^717* ^*This fixes an issue where currently focus is forced to the chat window and doesn't allow players to use VOIP for the in the game lobby ^292- ^*Fixed matchmaking epic clock ticks ^292- ^*Fixed matchmaking ratings being -1 (For reals this time) ^970Heroes^* New Legion Intelligence Hero: ^079The Chipper^* http://i39.tinypic.com/52vc3.jpg ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*^256Hook^* cast time decreased to .3 from .41 ^079Engineer^* ^292-^* Tokens and Bananas are no longer cloned to the ^256Turret^* ^079Kraken^* ^292- ^*Fixed Ult grabbing gadgets/PsuedoPets ^079Maliken^* ^292- ^*Texture fixes ^079Pollywog Priest^* ^292- ^*Fixed the weird LOD model stuff ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*^256Toxin Ward^* health rebalanced to 100,150,200,250 from 75,150,225,3 00 ^079Swiftblade^* ^292- ^*Debuff while using level 4 ^256Blade Frenzy^* is now -50% Attack Speed i nstead of -55 Attackspeed ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^* Fixed replay compatizing to hot-fixed server versions ( ^292- ^* Fixed instances of list items staying highlighted when they shouldn't ^970Version 0.3.1^* ------------^970General^* ^292- ^* Fixed disassembled items losing owner information, thus not letting the m combine with other items ^292- ^* Fixed a crash when selecting a chest containing a token of life or chee se ^292- ^* Fixed unable to purchase from the shop while dead ^292- ^* Reconnect window will no longer show if game is over (conceded) and you leave ^292- ^* Show disconnect button in interface as soon as there is a winner (i.e. when a concede vote passes) ^292- ^* Updated French stringtables

^292- ^* Fixed downloading backwards compatibility archives after using the 0.3. 0 installer ^292- ^* Fixed issues with out of sync backwards compatibility archives ^292- ^* Fixed a crash when starting old version replays ^292- ^* Reset playback speed when closing a replay ^292- ^* Updated how the "Automatic" create game functionality works ^717*^* Previously it used the first server it recieved a valid response back fr om. Now it grabs a server only from the region last selected ^970Interface^* ^292- ^* Fix Team/All chat switching on phase changes during hero slection (Yes, this was just as annoying to us) ^292- ^* Player Stats screen now has a dropdown box to show Ranked Stats and nor mal play stats, which are now seperate ^292- ^* Added functionality to the UI option "Disable All Notifications" that t urns off all popup notifications, but still records notifications to the histor y. ^292- ^* Added new option "Disable Notifications In Game" that turns off popup notifications in game, but still fires them when not in a game. ^292- ^* Added a "Remove All Notifications" button to the bottom of the notifica tion history, clears out all notifications when used ^292- ^* Fixed buddy invites so when a user ignores or accepts the other persons friendship, the original buddy request notification in their history is remove d ^292- ^* Added space to buddy/clan/notification count to allow for counts 3 digi ts in length ^292- ^* Fixed "Disband Game" confirmation popping up for players who clicked "D isconnect" in their game and were not the host ^717*^* Added a "Disconnect from Game" confirmation instead for players who are in the game and not currently hosts when they click "Disconnect" ^292- ^* Added SMR/TMR listing in a player's stats ^292- ^* Fixed a problem where users could become silenced for excessively long times ^717*^* So for example a user types /silence "name" 9999999999, and they end up getting silenced in the channel for over a month. Now, /silence name 999999999 w ill silence them for a month, but if /silence name 1 is used afterwards, they wi ll only be silenced for 1 minute. ^292- ^* Added Russian back to lang selector ^292- ^* Fixed EM % in stats page rounding correctly ^970Matchmaking^* ^292- ^* Fixed leavers able to join matchmaking ^292- ^* Players who try to join matchmaking with no region selected will now be given an error and told to select a region ^292- ^* Fixed server not reading the proper rating value for matchmaking ^717*^* Caused -1 rating and players always gaining/losing 20 points no matter w hat ^292- ^* Added better feedback and information for when someone fails to load an d how long the game will wait before disbanding ^970Mac/Linux^* ^292- ^* Added Exclusive mode for OS X ^292- ^* Fixed a memory leak that was crashing OS X client ^292- ^* Mac mods should now be installed to /Users/<username>/Library/Applicati on Support/Heroes of Newerth ^292- ^* Linux mods should now be installed to ~/.Heroes of Newerth

^970Heroes^* ^079Pharaoh^* ^292- ^* Slight tweak to how the 'mummy grab' works to fix a control issue ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^*Fixed the US Regions for Matchmaking ^292- ^*Disabled custom avatars... ^970Version^* ------------^292- ^*Fix joining game on the game list ^292- ^*Fix game lobby enter key not working sometimes ^970Version 0.3.0^* ------------^292- ^*New Front End Interface ^292- ^*Solo Automatic Matchmaking ^717* ^*With one button you can enter the queue for as many different regions a s you want and play with random other people automatically. This does not use P SR, it uses SMR (Solo Matchmaking Rating) and everyone starts at 1500. Mode is Banning Pick. ^717* ^*Players tagged as "leavers" can not join Matchmaking ^717* ^*Players who leave a game before it starts (during the 'loading' phase o f a game) will automatically be replaced by someone else. ^717* ^*If you leave a Matchmaking game at the hero selection screen, you will get a leave ^292- ^*Tutorial ^717* ^*New ingame interactive Tutorial to help new players learn the basics of the game before diving in. Even experienced players might learn something! ^292- ^*New Player Stats screen ^717* ^*Including your most played heroes! ^292- ^*Hero Compendium ^717* ^*See detailed stats and recommended items about every hero ^292- ^*Ingame Ladder page ^717* ^*Search and filter the ladder to compare yourself to those at the top. A ny number of options can be turned on and filtered! ^292- ^*New Game Lobby ^292- ^*New Hero Picking screen ^717* ^*Now with 12 more slots for new heroes! How did we do that?!? ^970General^* ^292- ^*You can now swap the placement of the minimap from the bottom left to b ottom right hand corner ^292- ^*Leaver threshold lowered to 5% ^292- ^*Fix for StatusStealth ^717* ^*This fixed an issue that was causing ^079Witch Slayer^* and ^079Pollywog Priest^*'s crowd control abilities to dispel all states off the target ^292- ^*Updated br stringtables, thanks to Trilles ^292- ^*Recommended Items Updated ^292- ^*Item cursor now changes to a targeting cursor when hovering over an all ied unit ^292- ^*Stacked items (runes of blight, mana potions, health potions) will now sell for their full total value within 15 seconds of purchasing them. (e.g. if you buy two health potions for 200g then sell them within 15sec, you will now c orrectly gain 200g)

^292- ^*^090Logger's Hatchet^* can now be sold within 15 seconds of buying it ( but not if you used it) ^292- ^*Added "Host:" and "Version:" to the /gameinfo and /gi commands in game, also added the server version for display in the game lobby screen ^292- ^*Fixed when heroes were 'running in place' after using a Homecoming Ston e ^292- ^*Added messages to the game lobby for the following actions: 1) When the host assigns someone as the new host 2) When the host assigns someone as a spectator 3) When the host assigns someone as a referee 4) When the host locks or unlocks a slot ^292- ^*Removed 'remove hero' button in practice mode for now ^292-^* Tweaked the position of ancients ^292- ^*Invisible Mode added ^292- ^*Fixed a bug in the game setup interface where referee count was incorre ctly being set to the count of spectators chosen ^292- ^*Fixed a bug in the game lobby where the current player count exceeded t he max player count in games with spectators(2) and referees(1). e.g. "Players: 13/10". Now shows the correct max player count to match the main lobby game br owser numbers. e.g. "Players: 13/13" ^292- ^*Added flood protection to the chat server to protect against invite to clan spam and create clan attempts ^292- ^*Fixed an issue causing the change password functionality in game to not work correctly. ^292- ^*Fixed an issue on the chat server where in certain cases players were n ot properly being promoted/demoted ^292- ^*Optimized client code so game server refreshes should no longer hang th e client or user interface. ^292- ^*Chat channels can now be saved via the interface and will be automatica lly joined when logging in. ^292- ^*Added new "Ping" filter next to the "Full Games" checkbox. It filters t he results on the client so only pings less the chosen number populate the game list ^292- ^*Added a new filter option to the server browser "Game Mode:" section ca lled "Advanced". It allows players to filter multiple game modes (ie. SD, BD, B P) all at once locally in the client. Upon selecting 'Advanced' a small panel p ops up and the player can choose the game modes they want to see in the game li st just by selecting the appropriate checkbox then clicking OK ^292- ^*Default SFX volume down to 0.6 from 0.7 ^292-^* Fixed an issue with the chat server where if a user sent a message usi ng /b or /m and someone on one of those lists was in /dnd mode, it wouldn't se nd the message to all the people on the list. ^292-^* Overhauled how adding buddies/friends works. You now must request fri endship before someone is actually added as your friend. ^717*^* You can request friends when offline and they will get the notification s upon logging in, and approve at their convenience ^717*^* We might have to wipe current friends lists at some point in the future for this to work correctly. ^292- ^*Added new search support for filtering games by name: ^717* ^*Added feature to allow players to type in multiple search phrases. By t yping a search phrase and adding a ? ? the client will distinguish one phrase f rom another. The browser will then search the available games and show any game s showing any one of the phrases separated by a " ". ^717* ^*Added feature to allow players to exclude certain games based on the se arch phrase. By typing in a "-" at the beginning of the search phrase the clien t will automatically filter any games with "Phrase" to not show up. Note that e xclusion of search terms takes precedence over inclusion. (Excluding a term, an d then trying to include the same term will cause it not to appear, ie ?noobs -

noobs?) ^717* ^*The " " and "-" can be escaped with a "\" should the player want to sea rch on a game with the pipe or hyphen in it. ^717* ^*All searches are color and case insensitive, and the order that the sea rch phrases are entered have no effect on how they will display. So "1500 -no a b" is the same as "-no ab 1500". Some examples: ^717*^*Search Phrase: "1550 1600 1650 -no ab -noobs" - This searches on any gam e with "1550", "1600", and "1650" in the name, and if it has the words "no ab" or "noobs" in it it will not display. ^717*^*Search Phrase: "-no ab 1500 1550 -countryname ab" - This searches on any game with "1500", "1550" and "ab" in the name, and if it has the words "no ab" or "countryname" in it it will not display. ^717*^*Search Phrase: "1500 \-SDEM pipe\ test" - This searches on any game with "1500", "-sdem" and "pipe test" in the name. Kongor ^292- ^*If you attack him from outside of his lair you will have 100% miss now ^292- ^*After leaving his lair, 1.5 seconds later he retreats to go back in and is invuln on the run back ^292- ^*Is now 40% angrier Ice Ogre ^292- ^*Cooldown of the frost shield increased by 4 seconds (to 5s) ^970Items^* ^090Barrier Idol^* ^292- ^*Fixed a bug that caused it to absorb huge damage when damage taken was all at once ^090Elder Parasite^* ^292- ^*Incoming damage multiplier reduced to 20%, from 30% ^090Harkon's Blade^* ^292- ^*Increases manacost per attack to 75 from 50 ^090Nullstone^* ^292- ^*Recipe cost reduced to 825 from 1325 ^292- ^*Mana regen increased to 200% from 150% ^292- ^*Now grants +10 damage ^090Runes of the Blight^* ^292- ^*Heal over time is no longer dispellable ^090Wards of Sight^* ^292- ^*Now have a 50 gold bounty when killed ^970Heroes^* The following auras can now be toggled between all units and heroes only: ^292- ^*^079Andromeda^*'s ^256Dimensional Link^* ^292- ^*^079Arachna^*'s ^256Precision^* ^292- ^*^079Moon Queen^*'s ^256Lunar Glow^* ^079Accursed^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Flame Consumption^* to go off anytime he is below 400 health and takes non-fatal damage ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Flame Consumption^* to properly dispel himself when it automa tically goes off ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Sear^* so it continues to apply the slow and the buff while h is ultimate is active

^079Andromeda^* ^292- ^*Rescaled ult range to 750/975/1200 from 600/900/1200 ^079Armadon^* ^292- ^*Added cast effect for throwing snot ^717* ^*This is a visual effects change ^292- ^*Charges gained from ^256Restless^* are not longer capped at 4 ^079Behemoth^* ^292- ^*"Voice" ^079Blacksmith^* ^292- ^*Lowered base armor by 1 ^292- ^*Base Damage lowered to 54-60 from 58-64 ^292- ^*^256Flaming Hammer^*'s projectile speed lowered to 800 from 1100 ^292- ^*^256Flaming Hammer^*'s negative magic armor starts at -1/-2/-3/-4 for t he first 1 second, then reduces to 0 over its duration. ^292- ^*Base Manacost of ^256Flaming Hammer^* increased to 95/110/125/140 from 95/105/115/125 ^079Blood Hunter^* ^292- ^*^256Blood Sense^* now reveals stealth targets ^079Chronos^* ^292- ^*Manacost on ^256Time Leap^* increased to 135 from 120 ^292- ^*^256Time Leap^* damage lowered by 25 at all levels ^292- ^*^256Curse of Ages^* now steals 1/1/2/3 agility per charge, decreased fr om 1/2/3/4 ^292- ^*^256Curse of Ages^* now stuns the target after 5 attacks, increased fro m 4 ^292- ^*Targets stunned by ^256Curse of Ages^* will now properly play their att ack animation when the stun wears off ^292- ^*Stun from ^256Curse of Ages^* now scales as a .25,.5,.75,1 second stun from 1 second at all levels ^292- ^*^256Chronofield^* won't freeze invulnerable targets anymore (Such as ^0 79Swiftblade^* ulting or ^079Defiler^*'s ult) ^292- ^*^256Chronofield^* now freezes everyone by default, with ^090Staff of th e Master^* lets allies move at -80% speed in the field ^079Corrupted Disciple^* ^292-^* Top end base damage lowered by 5 ^079Dark Lady^* ^292- ^*Turn rate increased to 900 from 360 ^292- ^*^256Dark Blades^* don't interrupt movement, cast time removed ^079Deadwood^* ^292- ^*Proper announcement at hero selection ^292- ^*Rebalanced: ^292- ^*Base strength lowered to 23 (from 25) ^292- ^*Strength Gain lowered to 2.7 from 3.0 ^292- ^*Agility Gain increased to 2.0 from 1.6 ^292- ^*Base Armor increased to 2.24 from 1.24 ^292- ^*Slow from throwing the log increased to 75% max from 60% max ^292- ^*^256Oakbolt^*'s slow now lasts for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, from 3 seconds at all levels. ^292- ^*Projectile speed when throwing a log increased to 1200 from 1000 ^292- ^*^256Willowmaker^* ^717* ^*Cooldown rescaled to 85,75,65

^717* ^717* ^717* 0,40% ^717* ^717*

^*Cast point lowered to 500ms from 750ms ^*Damage rescaled to 350, 650, 950 from 400,600,800 ^*Debuff is now a constant 20% strength reduction at all levels from 20,3 ^*No longer splashes the debuff in a cone, only the single target ^*Stun duration increased to 1.5s from 1s

^079Demented Shaman^* ^292- ^*Base Intelligence lowered to 24 from 27 ^292- ^*Strength Gain lowered to 1.8 from 1.9 ^292- ^*Intelligence Gain lowered to 3.0 from 3.4 ^292- ^*Damage rescaled to 44-56 from 41-59 ^292- ^*The snare from Entangle will now give assists ^079Devourer^* ^292- ^*No longer gains strength from illusions ^292- ^*Touch radius of ^256Hook^* changed from 60 to 75 and will consistently hit targets with a 75 radius regardless of what angle it is being thrown ^079Electrician^* ^292- ^*Damage of ^256Clensing Shock^* against summoned units increased to 600, 800,1000 from 600 at all levels ^079Engineer^* ^292- ^*Voice ^292- ^*Fixed a ^256Turret^* bug that a bullet from the ^256Turret^* doing 200 + damage ^292- ^*Fixed a bug causing the splash damage when a siege unit debuffed by Tin ker to not deal AOE damage ^292- ^*^256Energy Field^* will only not purge a target if they are under the e ffects of ^090Shrunken Head^* ^717* ^*This means the shield will purge off ^079Jeraziah^*'s ^256Charm^*, for example. ^079Forsaken Archer^* ^292- ^*Voice ^292- ^*^256Skeletons^* now display a timer on the third ability indicating the time remaining for the next skeleton to expire (Thanks to Tisser) ^079Glacius^* ^292- ^*Base Agility increased to 17 from 16 ^292- ^*Damage rescaled to 43-51 from 38-44 ^292- ^*Base Armor increased to 1.44 from 1.24 ^079Hellbringer^* ^292- ^*^256Summon Malphas^* now has new ground effects ^292- ^*Negative Magic Armor is now -3,-4,-5,-6 from -2.7,-5.1,-6.9,-8.3 ^079Jeraziah^* ^292- ^*Fixed tooltips (a few errors) ^292- ^*Range of ^256Inner Light^* increased to 500 from 400 ^079Keeper of the Forest^* ^292- ^*Eyes are now stealthed and become revealed when a hero comes into the 4 50 reveal range (from 300) ^717* ^*This stops couriers from killing eyes unless a hero is nearby to spot t hem ^292- ^*^256Root^* can now be seen even when he is invisible ^292- ^*^256Root^* now hits units in fog

^079Legionnaire^* ^292-^* Base Int increased to 17 from 14 ^292- ^*^256Terrify^* removed ^292- ^*^256Terrifying Charge^* Added ^717* ^*The ^079Legionnaire^* charges very quickly at a target foe and swings w ide with his mighty axe upon reaching them, dealing damage and Terrifying those unfortunate enough to be standing there. Terrified enemies attack very quickly , but do less damage per attack. ^717* ^*1000 Range, 40/50/60/70 Manacost, 30s Cooldown ^717* ^*Charges at max movespeed towards the target. Being stunned, losing sigh t of the target, or issuing another command will cancel the charge early. Upon reaching the target, forces an attack that deals 150/200/250/300% of your base damage and applies Terrify for 4/5/6/7 seconds to all enemies in a 110 degree 2 40 distance cone. ^717* ^*If the target gets more then 2000 units away (Such as from using telepo rt) the charge will cancel ^717* ^*Terrify debuff: -50% Attack Damage, +50% Attack Speed ^079Madman^* ^292- ^*Snare debuff stuff removed from ^256Stalk^* ^292- ^*Manacost of ^256Berserk^* changed to 50,80,110 from 100,150,205 ^079Maliken^* ^292- ^*Model cleaned up ^292- ^*Voice ^292- ^*Stats tweaks: ^717* ^*Base Strength increased to 24 from 22 ^717* ^*Strength gain increased to 2.6 from 2.4 ^717* ^*Agility gain lowered to 2.0 from 2.4 ^717* ^*Base Intelligence lowered to 17 from 18 ^292- ^*Speed of ^256Sword Throw^* projectile increased to 850 from 700 ^292- ^*Radius of ^256Sword Throw^* lowered to 200 from 225 ^292- ^*Manacost on ^256Sword of the Damned^*'s heal mode removed ^292- ^*Self hurt from ^256Sword of the Damned^*'s flame mode changed to 6,9,12 ,15 from 5,10,15,20 ^292- ^*Range while under the effects of ^256Possession^* reduced to 550 from 60 0 ^079Night Hound^* ^292- ^*Base movement speed increased to 305 from 300 ^292- ^*Smoke Bomb cast range increased to 425 from 350 ^292- ^*Smoke Bomb cast point reduced to 200 from 400 ^292- ^*Pounce cooldown rescaled to 20,15,10,5 from 30,20,10,5 ^079Nymphora^* ^292- ^*Fixed targeting circle radius ^292- ^*Base Agility lowered to 18 from 22 ^292- ^*Base Armor lowered to 2.00 from 2.08 ^292- ^*Stun from ^256Nymphora's Zeal^* is now 1200 range at all ranks (from ba d) ^717* ^*Charges Nymphora gains rescaled slightly so the bonuses are zero at lev el 1 and the same at level 4 ^079Ophelia^* ^292- ^*New effects for first ability ^292- ^*^256Command^* now allows ^079Ophelia^* to control 1/2/2/3 creeps at on ce, from 1/2/3/3 ^292- ^*Level 4 of ^256Command^* no longer grants Magic armor to Ophelia's cree ps

^079Pebbles^* ^292- ^*New death ^079Pharaoh^* ^292- ^*Anyone within 175 units of ^079Pharaoh^* will be gauranteed to be caught inside of his mummy wall on use ^079Plague Rider^* ^292- ^*Agility Gain lowered to 1.8 from 2.0 ^292- ^*Damage rescaled to 42-51 from 37-56 ^079Pollywog Priest^* ^292- ^*Remodeled and effects redone ^292- ^*Range increased to 550 from 500 ^292- ^*Base Armor increased from 1.14 to 1.30 ^292- ^*Number of targets hit by ^256Electric Jolt^* is no longer capped ^292- ^*Cooldown of ^256Voodoo Wards^* is now 110/95/80 from 110 at all levels ^079Predator^* ^292- ^*"Voice" ^079Puppetmaster^* ^292- ^*^256Puppeteer's Hold^* duration lowered by .5 seconds at all levels ^079Pyromancer^* ^292- ^*Fixed ^256Fervor^* doing 1 DPS too much to buildings ^292- ^*^256Fervor^* set not to propagate to illusions ^079Slither^* ^292- ^*Wards bounty to 10-15 from 3-9 ^079Soul Reaper^* ^292- ^*Base Agility increased to 16 from 15 ^079Soulstealer^* ^292- ^*Dread can no longer be toggled. This fixes the keybinding issues. ^079Succubus^* ^292- ^*Voice ^292- ^*Manacost of ^256Succubus' Hold^* is now 150/250/350 from 200/300/400 ^079Thunderbringer^* ^292- ^*Cast times of all abilities lowered to 300ms from 400ms ^292- ^*Damage from ^256Chain Lightning^* is now instant on the first target ^292- ^*AOE of ^256Lightning Rod^* increased to 1000 from 800 ^079Valkyrie^* ^292- ^*Increase turn speed to 900 (from 360) ^292- ^*After hitting a target with ^256Javelin of Light^*, an 800 area around t he target will continue to be revealed for 3.34 seconds ^292- ^*Reworked collision on the ^256Javelin of Light^*. It now has a radius of 80 (reduced from 110) and will consistently hit targets with an 80 radius reg ardless of what angle it is being thrown ^717* ^*Previously, it was using a rectangle 110 units wide to calculate collis ion, so when thrown on an angle it would often hit targets greater than 110 uni ts away ^292- ^*^256Javelin of Light^* is no longer "Physical" ^717* ^*This means it will hit someone who has void talisman active ^292- ^*^256Javelin of Light^* plays a popup indicating the length of the stun ^292- ^*Removed cast noise on casting ^256Javelin of Light^*

^292- ^*Removed glow from ^256Javelin of Light^* ^079Vindicator^* ^292- ^*Base Armor increased from 1.30 to 1.50 ^292- ^*Damage rescaled to 45-55 from 39-61 ^079Voodoo Jester^* ^292- ^*Base Agility increased to 14 from 13 ^292- ^*Base Intelligence increased to 22 from 19 ^292- ^*Intelligence Gain increased to 3.0 from 2.9 ^292- ^*Initial projectile speed of ^256Acid Cocktail^* increased to 750 from 65 0 ^292- ^*Cast time on ^256Cursed Ground^* reduced to 0.35 seconds (from 0.5) ^079Warbeast^* ^292- ^*Manacost of ^256Battle Cry^* reduced to 15,10,5,0 from 15,20,25,30 ^079Witch Slayer^* ^292- ^*Base Agility increased to 16 from 15 ^292- ^*Base Intelligence increased to 23 from 22 ^079Zephyr^* ^292- ^*The gust of wind from ^256Gust^* now travels 540 total distance (reduced from 640) ^292- ^*^256Cyclones^* now display the time remaining before the next cyclone e xpires (thanks to Tisser) ^292- ^*^256Typhoon^* damage lowered to 60,80,100 from 60,90,120 ^292- ^*^256Typhoon^* no longer spawns max ^256Cyclones^* instantly. Instead, it spawns one cyclone per second for the duration of the ^256Typhoon^*