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ReIsrNc CnrronnN rN SAHAII Yoce

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Deui

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FoR rN!oRr1^rroN Shri


Mar.ji Nirmala Devi Sahaia Yosr vorld I'ounidrion. Pal.zzo Dori., Via Martiri della Libcrri 11, Cabeih I-isure. Italy.
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S,\'rAJA Yoc.! oNLy

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of all the hnowLedge u)hich it contdills. Her loue for children, Her patience with pdrents d11d ller cotupassion for humanity will aLways be an example [or the present dnd f tute generutions.


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The Importance of Proper Upbnngtng

14 CHTLDREN,THE REFLECTToN oF SHRI GANESHA ..... r6 zo MoTHERHooD rs rHE Gnsarl'st THING ..,...,... 26 THE NEED FoR A ?RopER UpBRINcINc .....,,,... 30 General Advice on THE lMpoR:rANcE or. PARENT's BEHAVIouR....... 3z


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Appendix: List of Talks on Children
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RArsrNc CrrrLDRlN rN SAHAJA Yoc^

er Holiness Shri Mataji Nirr:,aLa Deti hus offued so nu.h dduice on Miilq dnd educdtmg children. This
baok is dn dttempt ta nake this knouletlge easill'accessable. It .ontains excerpts fratn taLhs of Sbri Mtttaji reLeuant to the subjact of taising dnd edu.ating children in Sahujd Yctga. The idea for this book dtuse fram tbe desire ta prouile d.cuss to this nLuable ndteridl.The original intentir)n atls ta create this for SahajYuuas, nany ctf nhou alt'eadl' haue, or are rettching the age, of beconting parents tbenseh.]es. As ute begdn campilillg ndteridl, ute discoueretl so mucb knouledge *,hich ue had at knotun (tt forgrtten). The book has ptcned heLpfuL to tts in cttu tontinuerl et'forts in raisl g our outn children as welL as tredtng all Snh.tj chiklren with the dignitl dnd respeo Shri Mataji hds shoun us. This a;tnpilation is not d tepldcelnent for Shri Mdtdii's Ie.tues n 'h- , r'1t, !). t)t " t,t'.'ttt "t ts t. ol ta Her dlltoach in raising and etlucating children. Retrding ctr listeni g to the atigillnL speechts is recomnended. We hope the ccllectiuitl trill eniaJ, this resource dnd tbat tl)e Spirit of Shri Matali's tcdthings tuill resotlnte m trs tntl help us set a bertutifulexnntpLe for all children.






uould Like to thank the follouutg Yogis for theit effort in nnkng the publication oftbis booh possible: ptr de GMaf fot the resedrch d Ll .otnfilati(n. Hellna de Tr ()raaf and Mdggie Kcet fot their encoLl gemeiit antl constdnt support. CuduLu Diaz Grandt ts, Ouillemette Metouri and B/igitte Sheb(t for tbeir aduice ond support.
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according to the utbiect they toucl: uptnt stLth tts disciPlne, motberhaod ot ph)sicdl care,fot instance At the beginning of seueral chtpters. a feut ca lnlenls 1rrittel1 'i itali.s drc gil)ert to introtluct tbe subiea Tl'ese arc rcsearchers nates dnd nat fran Shti Mdtdii AII .ante I betLL'ccn " . " e quotes roln Shti lrldtdii's tdlks 'lba titles in the be1;tlning arc in bold to giue y'ttu a quick otter' rietu of thc subiect. An dppcltdix compil; g the talks ft'otn u$ich these ex'crpts hdue bcen tdkell is in tbc back of the book'

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RaIsrNc CnrronpN rN SAHAJa Yoce

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Shii ilt,ttrji JcsLribitry tht ltL:,rttt'r ,tl thiltlrut.

tbc grettnc:ss ol nrothcrhootl tttLl tl.,c ttcet! t)f ,! prop(,r upbritt,ging f or ottr cl.:il,lrctt.



TrrL lNlFoRr rN(rL ol, PROTTR IIIBRIN(ir\c

TIrr IuroRr^N.r of llRoIER lirRRrNctNc

CuItonoN, tgr Rsn rncrroN op Snnr Geursna

Shri Ganesha shines through them very clearly:
should have to learn so m uch from the chiLdren, how innocnt they ar, how simpLe they are. They are verygenerous, and children wtLLgive awaV everything that they have. everythlng. They don t Lrnderstand possession of things, just imaginel lf somebody I kes somethlrg, "All right, have it!'. And they'LL keep something for a person who Likes something, you know. They are rlonderlul peopLe, and,,.re have to learn a Lot frorn chitdren. And thelr smiLing lac-.s and thelr joy should leach us how to bhave, becaus
. . W



bd ",h".1

.", I o.g tF r,"./ .eo./...

C^N!sI^ luJA. C^u'ir_L^


c h ild. il IickLes the joy wilhin you: So this princlple (innocence) is the most pLeaslng princtpLe, is the mosl pLasing principle for hLrman beings io see the chiLdren, to pLay with thern, to enjoy their company. Why? Because it has that sweetness of a chlLd. lt raLly, should say, tickLes ioy within you when you se a chtLd.

When you 5ee a


different. have told you that lhave even sen a crocodiLe crackin g her eggs. Thy showed it ln a film, and yo! sho uLd have seen the eyes ol the crocodiL at that time, how carelutly she was
cracking. So bautiflrL her eyes were, fuLL ol such Love poLrring out of her eyes, You can t beLieve these are the eyes of the same crocodile, and so slowLy she was crac(ing wlth hr mouth aLL th eggs and the llttle, little crocodiles comlng out. And then she brings thern on the shore and washs them in the mouth all the time, so carefLLly, lt(e a bathroom she uses her mouth, you se.,. '

rnmediately, the fac becomes






R^rsrNc CInrDRt\ rN SAHAJ'\ YocA

RArsr\L (i


SrH^l^ Yoca


Trrr l\1 ,orir.\N.r (rr PR()'r

R trINRrN(


(.ullr)rr\. 1r ltrr r-(-|oi\ or SriRr (;\Nr\rr^

We have to learn a

lot from chiLdren... ''...Thyare rol onLy spontaneous, bui they are vry confident Andthe

vray they wer anxious that r,,/e shouLd aLL b one r'/iIh them. They tried to act so wLL .s surprlsing and do their levelbesi to rnake lt a success don t (now how to reaLLy express [4y thanks to them n their ch]Ldl ke Language Thls is the era where children are going to b born of a very high quality. And we alL have io Lndersland thaL we have Lo have fLLt understand ng and

See and watch how children are: ''... i ShriGanesha is wlthif, yoLr berome ll{e a child, chiLdLl(e inno.erce, yoLr don t get angry with somebody li(e a dog bar (s. There are some Sa haja Yogis I know who are aLLthe tlme barklng, jLrst llk dogs or beggars in nd ia. But Vou become Like a rhjLd who is very sweet, wro aLways tris io amuse yo!, aLways tries io say nice thlngs. aLways tries to make you leel happy. The source ol s!ch joy.

a!!areness ofthese great peopL being born or thls Earth and also that tre are the pople \r!ho .re trustees of thse childrn we have to Look after them as trustees and to guide thm properly Our own llves shouLd be sLrch thrt the.hlLdren shouLd Llnderstand thaii Thls is a differenl type offam ly we are born into 0ur par'ants ar dlfferent and we are in a very dharmlc area... '

And thdt s ho\ir yolr become a source of ioy, source ol happiness, sour.e of fulfilmenr. AIL lhe lime bubbllng with LaLrghter .nd happiress, bubbling wilh beautiflrL things. How the children amuse you, just se and vlatclr. How they come round wlth llttle, Litlle hands, hor' thy work it o(,]t. Ho\,,r they (now what the right lhing ls. A chiLd who is a Reallzed soul is
much more sensible than a grown up person, I ve sen that.

F!r\rN! Li to. tr!.

!| r'.;\!r


\ i




lnnocence is under attack... ...1t is difficutt to know how far to go with chitdren: ''...ThfirsisignofShri cansha in a .hild is wisdonr. f th chiLd ls not w se, li he is troubLesome, if he does not know how to bhave, thn that sho\,rs that the Shri Ganesha is being attac(ed by hlm. And these days ln th rirodern tlms, as lt ls, rhildren are verv rnuch under attack. nnocence is !nder attack. And jt is very difficult for peopLe io make a fine line as to how far to go ,,!iih children aid how far not to go . . .
,e1je 5rL!r

(i^N \L\




ll.,\ \r\.r (lrIlr.r)tr N r\ S.\r '\ \ Yo( r

Il^rirNc (.u 0rlr\


S.\rr\t\ )i).,\


luroRr,\NLI or PR!)rrrR UPtsRIN'' \(:

lHL. lirroRr.\NLr.

or ljRo,r,r LlI rRr\cr\c

Mo:rHsRnoon rs rHE GnEetrst THrNc

Motherhood is the highest thing: "... teLl Vou the race, any race which does not have superior rnothers
cannot xlst, cannot exlst. Any coLrntry which doesn t have mothers of a sreat qualty cannot exlst. lt wi{L perish no doLbt about lt. The mothers have to loo( after the preservation, not only olth;r o!rn chlLdrn, bLrt of the whoL ra.e, ofthe whole nalion. t ls a very lmporlani thing... ... Wherever the mothers hav faiLd, the nations have iailed. So iry to understand that il is the molhers dutv to do this. f the rnothrs thenrseLves are smaLl nilrded, mothers themseLves are selfish, th whoL nation wiLL be. Evrything passes through the molher 1o the chlLdren . . . '


(.rJr.DRr N. l',\Rri\ r \. S.rLoor.\

It is the greatest thing to be a mother, to love everyone: '' . . . You see, Vou aTe a nother, and you have io treat your children with that dignity and with that love that a mother sho!Ld glve. lt is very difficult for some popL to accept the position of a rnother. The\ Ihink: "luhy wanen should be the nathers?" say this is the greatest thing. Look at lvle. I is the greatst thlng io be a rnothr, to love everyone, that they depend on you for Love and guidance. Just for love. Such a grat thing to say. "Oh Gad, yau see, haw nuch I can give. HDW nany I rcn tlli". lt s such a great

fellngl wlsh

':ups wo!Ld knorfr what a moiher ls. And the rnothrhood you have to learn from your children and grandchildren, and expand ... r.8o O\ ( Ir r)r r)r)r)

The dignity of a mother must be respected:

" .. I mslrreyoualLmusihavrspctedyo!rrnothersverymuch.

Butnovfr as mothers I don t know if you will be rspected. Once this is establlshed, thal a mother itsell ls th hlghest position . wonran can rea.h and sh is to b respected, aLLth priorities wilLchange among women atso. Because

ItAL\rN., (lrrrL.r)Rr.N rN S'\rr.\l^ Yo'^

l{.\ \r\(, (lllrL.DRr.N rr Sr r.\



I Tirr IrrroRr^\.r.of

PRoprR llruRr\crNci

\4 o r

n rr ( ) ( )

r) \ r]lr (;Rr^r




what car they do? They hav no place as mothers, so they just get led up ol their children, they think, "l'vhdt's the use af this nothehaad?
It's a thankless h Tc" '. ,1' "

jab." ALlthis can only rhange when man h" rdn .ror ," o o ". plo. p . , e8r I)l DrrFy lJ! ruD:)l r.l:lr,\R!. A!:Nr.\

changes within

Motherhood is nuch more importantthan the 6rrrrood... ".-.Because the guru is the one r,rho tralns you, rnakes yoLr efficient.
But the l\4other forglves, She Loves you, She sustains yoLr and She teachs

you how to love. She has tremendous patience and tremendous Love and Sh does it slngle.handed, She doesn t expect anything from you. AbsoLutLy selfless. Selfless ls a very smalLword shouLd say. it s such an
expansive cornpassion which engulfs veryihing that is wrong, dissolvs it, dlgests it, absorbs it. So it s a very grat day ol Navara{ri for all the Sahaja Yogis. Because thn She took Her forr. as Sita, as the Power of Shri Rama, th silent potentlal, suffering...how rnuch She suffered, how much She suffredl Then Sh took the form of Radha. Then She carne as five powers oi Saraswati as th five wivs of Shri Krlshna. Then She came as IMary. That was the Sratsi sulfring, lthink, lo see ih 5on being crLcified. The suffering silent, patient srfferlng She had to go through it. To see aLLthat drama rlas too nruch. Sh went through aLLthat bcaus you aLL had 1o cross your Agnya Chakra, She had to sacrifice Hr Child. lt s easy for a father to do that, very difficult for a mother Now you are all mothers, so many ofyou, you willknow what it isto have a child and how one feeLs about it.. - "

Vatsala, the feeling of love between the child and the Mother: ''...5o the vlbraiions itseLf about which you ar asklng, thse vibraiions thernselves are nothing but the Principle of Shri Ganesha. H is ornkara. And when it is, then what is it, thai fellng as ltold you, the Vatsala, the feeLing oi love between a chlLd and a nrother. That feLing, it is the one that ls vlbrations between the child and the nrother. The distance between the two is vibratlons and that's what one has to feeL that he is a child stlLL and there ls the mother and the mother is br nglng up th chiLd, giving aLl th powrs to the chlld, bringing Lrp, loving the child, understanding the tinitations ofthe child. Looking after alL that. ALL the sweetness, all the wisdonr of the child to b appreclated. That is vibratlons. And if you see th subtle slde of thls, il s not my chlLd. Should not lt s not only a Linrlted thlng beca!se it is trnaL, it's everywhr, so yo! cannot hav it Limited ... , e8, Sirrr C^Nf srrr IJJ\
To love and protect your

children is ioy giving:

'' . . . When it comes to giving, give it wlth your flrLL heart.lust feelthat love of giving. and you fel so happy. Because you leel so big about yoLrrself. Like an ocan that s giving so many clouds and again it ls reclving these rivers into it, and again making it irto clouds. I's sort of a circL of a beaLltifuL conversion ifto bea!ty after beauty starts, it is so beautiful. And that s what we sho!Ld try to become. A part oi that rircl which is so beaLrtllul and whlch is so joy-glving to yourseLf also. And this is what it thls hand is lor ?slrdyn', rneans for the protectlon. YoLr rnust proiect


the peopLe who are your subordinates, who are dperdent on you, your

igtt NAVArlrrJ n




,eso ON CrL-D ooD

Why, why? Why should we make ourselves so cheap?:

"...We are rnothers and we should b proud of our

Motherhood is the highest


achieve. I mean, I have achiev-"d it, because am a IMother for thousands. And lthlnk lhat ls the greatest thlng that can happn to a woman is to be a mother. .. '


esa l)P

Dr.RBl Vr\s'JDnlJ. Hr ARr. t.\r^

You enioy working for your children: ''. . . Bui a mother accepts as the ch;ld is. BecaLrse that ls her own creatlon lfthre is a delect in th child she accepts that defct as hr own and she wor(s for it. Sh works very hard. So sacrlfice becaLrse yoL enioy lt, you enjoy doing iha!, you enjoy rrrorking for yoLrr chiLdren and if it was not so, thls world would never have existed... ,ello lrL'\1orrrr,,

Il,\isL\c CHTLDRf-r* r\ SAH,!r.\ Yo(;^

R,lrsrNG (lrrtl Dr{r.\ JN S.\H,rt^




lini l,\r,o{r,1\(.i ()r l)rorriR LlrrRr\(,


\1() rllIRLroi)r) r\ rl]r

(;rr 1rr \ r Tr


children understand the Motherl "...So on l!4othels Dav we mLrsL understand that we ar mothers irrd rnothers have a spec al responsiblLity. to be so pLaced ihat thy shoLrLd rot
be lrrltated. hot tempered and also un (ind. They can ta (e up Lots of things


iflhey understand they are rnothers.

Afier all. look at the Alother Earth. Ho!,r rnuch shc suffers.

the sam

wav, aLlthe mothers can lake up a lot of thlfgs about the n afd the chlLdren reriembr allthat, that ho!! .nLrch our nother has done for us. How much
paLienL she was. Hor,\' klndly she !,ras. How she Loo (ed alter us. AIL these

thlngs they undrstand...' .S. ()N r rrrr rr ro() i

. '-tl


Mothers wilt aspire to be something higher than the rest ofthe people: '... So in ths .oLrntrles \rhere people are already ego oriented, when thre are aLl (inds of other plobLerns, ever\rlhing, we shouLd try to purify our inlnds, (eep it clean, hav the thoughts of highervis ons, higherthlngs, greater peopLe who are able to come to Sahala Yoga. Those numbers that we thln ( ol Let Lrs have, hour many we ar going to have, how rnany we are golng to rceive. ALL these ihings, you see, ih ey make you sLrb[ime, and all thls subLimation of th brain glves you lhat kind ol a porrer by u'hich yoLl
really heLp your chiLdrn. A lather ls a drun (ard, supposing. but the son never remembers it, he doesnl wanl io rrnember. A fathr who is a mLrrderer or a lhief, no son feels ver\' happy about it, thoLrgh he rnay say h s nry ialher. But a father is the idaLisnr, iaLher who ls sacritice, a lather who has so mething speciaL about hlrn, every chlLd ur Ll remember him. A lathr,r!ho s hot tempered, who ls afgry type, the child iray agree or succ!mb to hlm, bLrt he wlLL not rernrnbr th at father rnuch. He w Ll have no respert for such a father. So lt's such a mutuaL thing to have respect, to have anything, you nrust behave in a mannr whlch is rspectable and Lhe ldea ol a mother is th.t she should be worshipable. So you mothers, you wiLL aspirc lo be sonething nLrch hlgherihan the restof the peopL...



,S.i (lI

r. )

i \. ']1i \ '. \t ()()i\


l{\ \r\(, (jjrILDRr.N r\ \\lL\r\ E-




I\rpoRrANcr or PRoptR LiIBRTNcING

Trrr I\apoRTA\cr oI lRol'!R


Tse Nnpo FoR A

Pnopnn UpsnrNlcrNc
With a good upbringing children become extrernely bautifuL: ". .. But as chiLdren if thy hav an lnlLuence, very beautifl.rL lnfLuence of
proper farniLy life, proper schooL Life. proper guidance, proper love and heLp

ln evry way ln their growth, then chiLdrn bcorn extremely, extrernely good, beautifuL. And I bLss aLL the Sahaja Yogls to have children of that
nature, and to Look aftr your children. That's very irl1portant. becaLrse they are tornorrow s Sahaja YoSis and they should be a better quaLity, b.aus yoLr are coming from another Lotl They are coming frorn the irnocenc so they are very pur-A, and their purity rnust be rspected and must be guarded. IUaybe that you will understand the importance of children and develop canesha quallties in thrn . . - "


CnNrsrr.\ Pr rr. CntsLLh

Children are the ones who ar going to lad humanityr

"..-Now we ar facing llttle

chiLdren. They are

ihe ones who


ncarnations. Thy are the ones who are going to lead hLrmanity into some great advancernenl. The humanity has to be Looked afteL They are tomorrour s humanity. And we are today s. And what ar ,,^r giving to thm, lor them to foLLow? What is thelr alrn in Life? Very, very difficuli to say. But, !'rith the Sahaja Yoga, thy wlLL aLL go in the proper way. They ll behave in a proper way and the whoL thing wlLl b a dlfferent mass of Sahaja Yogls
coming up.

But it is the duty of bigger Sahaia Yogis to loo( afler them; to have better moralstandards, to have better lives so that they foLLow your llf and becorne genuineLy good Sahaja Yogis. lt s a very big responsibiLity. Perhaps we don't recognlze it, h,e don t understand. bLrt allthese are Litlle creatures which are after the image of great souls, and they should be broLght Lp in that way, respected ln that mannr and Lovd wlth great care. This ls io be


RArs NG CHrrDRr|.l rN 5AHAJ.\ Yoc^






l\iIoRr,\\!i: ()r l)ior'f

tr LrL



Tllri \r'r D ros \

PRl)r'L:R LrrBRr\(;rN(;

The problem !rith our eLderLV peopLe js this, lhat $re do not cons der them to b considered, to be bothered about, to be Lrnderstood aboLrt, We think we are too lnteLLigent, too good and we ned not waste our enersy with them. Thls is the trouble of th eLderLy people . . .

allchildrcn arc like this, what to soy ta the child, everything is fine." . . . ... Another mothr ls there who wants to make hr chiLdren dutliul and
responsibLe. For that she says to her children to get


earLy in

th morning,


ri (,r\i.\ r lill\.(l\iir.r

be actlv, study hard, go to school in time, sit her, slt thre, wear the
cLothes properLy etc... And sh is aLways behind her ch iLd io corrct him. Now should teLL you that thls is not integrated. Today ln Sahaja Yoga
We have lntegratlon. Both the thlngs (emotion and responsiblLity) have to

You have to care for them, and everything will work out: '' . . . And peopLe care for chiLdren. That is the first thlng you must do ls to car for yoLrr children. That is fightlng your Swadlslhana. Anyihing bothrs you, yoLr worry aboui your own children finishcd. You have 10 bother about thra. and evervth ngwiLlwor(out...'

be integrated. Thre has to be integratjon, not combinailon. The difiere rce btween comblnaiion and integratlon comes bcause oLrr rnotlons shoLrLd be responsibillty and responsibiLity shouLd be our emotions.



.oNri \rcr


\ r \rr L ir Irit

\. 5rD\'

You must know how to l(eep a complete margin to your love: ''...50 Love for your child has to be absoLuteLy important. but yoLr should not as Sahaja Yogis have onLy attachrnnt lor yoLrr child, first thing. And the second thlng is you rnust (now how to kep a complet margin to

Ll(e we Lov our chlLdren. Thn we will say that because !!e Love him so it is our dLrty and rsponsibilty that he shouLd waLk of the right path. And he should waLk on the risht palh because we Love hlrn. lf we don t correcl our child or do r t tlL him the right way lo liv then it means th;t we are emotionaLLy dorninatlng. Then you say: " L'4/hat is therc in corccting

then? Let it be, let then da what they want, they will be hurt if
catrect then or scold lhem. why to hurt then?"


The margln is bnevolence. "]s il benevolent fot ny childa An I spoiling ny.hild? Am ltaa nuch encaLtraging ]ny child? An I pldying into the hands af ny child? Ot i an n)anaging the child alright?" BecaLrse in childhood the father and mother have to manage the chiLdren. Thev have to ta(e chiLdren and children have to be obedient and they have to llsten to parents . . . ' i 9S9 \rkr (,\\r srr\ l'(,11
Both emotion and responsibitity have to be integrated in children: _. But .. !,rhat anr going to telL yoLr today is a llttLe about the reLatlonshlp ol parenls with their chiLdren and how it is sLrpposed to be. First of all, we develop two kind of reLationship w th oLrr chlLdrn, ln that one is emotionaL dnd the other ls responsibjLity. Emotlons and responsibility remain t$ro different thlngs. Suppose thre is one mother, and hcr chlLl le. rns or does soneLhifg wrong,stillbecauseolemotionsshesays: ?l1,9ht1el hin da it, nowoddys

Anolher person wlLl think: "No, even if they feel bad at get hutt, we have to purify then, cieanse then and nake then shinin]." BLrt r,/hen intgration comes, thef th person makes hls own behav oLrr
and fature su.h that it afl.ts the ch ld


rgsl lrrf I{fr\LroN\rrif r)r li\rr\r\\{ri

r)rN. I


\ \rurr.Nr\


GrNnRer Aovrcr oN CrrrrocARE

bi, ,rrti,,, ;' 'nlain, .tduici Shri l11r1o1 ho' qiru us t,n raisinx childrtn. She often told us of the importance of


\ \'

correct behduior in pdrents dnd the need to git,e discipline in d balanced manner. Shri Matdji spoke ttbout su.btle ways to correct children as well as tlte danger of spoiling or gettittg too attdchecl to thent. She has empbasized the udbte oIcollectiue care in strengthetting the Mooladhara of our cbildren. She has toLd tts how to look after tbeir uibrations and what ue haue t() ted.l) them as chilclren, as yogis and as members of soclety. Finally, Sbri Mntaji bas giuen us utattl, practit:trl and ualuable tips tnt the physical
care of chiltlren.


(ir NIN\r qr!r.r

.N a,r,



(;r\r'k\r .\ )\ r( r ()\ ( rrrr)(


Tng IlrIponrANcE oF PeRnNts'BEn,qvror

hri Mataji hds, on nnrt),
tbottt the
r.tccasirns, talked

rliLt\t p.treTrts beltaue

ht tlte fami/,t

and botu it has d big influence on childrcn. (,hiltlren follou, thc exitmpLe ctf their ptrrents cLnd parents need to giue o prol)er ltloce to the children itt theit'life.
Shri lvtatoji hos aLso often said that pLtrents should ttot fighL in fi'ont r.tf tbe children. They' shottld behaue in a deccnt ual,and gtt'e sectn'it,t. the ch ildrert r. (,ll



\ i t,\R\


rIIt Btn!\\,lort


rJr r R I),\ltr.N r s

Children learn from the behavior of their parents:

They folloW Vour erainpLe. They dbsorb yoLrr behavior. Children also from Vour behavio. Nolv you teLL your children not to drink, and if yoLr drink Like a fish, then how wilLthey listen to yo!? n the same $/ay ln Sahaja Yoga also, yo! do noL riedltalc, Vou are not discipLined, yo! llve in a very unt dy manner, you are exLrcmely carelss, y0u do rot honoLrr people, youriongLrc s verV lcose, cr yo! are very sharp, childlen pirk it up. They absorb thes Lhings so qulc(lV. t s amazing how




itSr \r'Lr


ll..\r\ \ri (rllrrrr\

r\ S\r\t\ )i)(i.\




(;r \riR,\r. .\D\ r.r, 0\ ( Ir )(-|{l

lrrr l\rr,iNr


d' |\r|N1!

Whatever w do, the children take to it easily: ''. . . lt s a common sense, that whatever we do, th chlLdrn take to easiLV, so whatever you waft to give them, whatevr yoLr wani to impart lo them, that s how you shouLd behav before them. But nour as the society is today, peo ple are noi paying so nr Lrch aLtention to their chiLdren, at aLL. They re so, rnean still the ladles ar, the [4others ar st]LL ll(e brides, you (now busy

someihing wrong, maybe in ihe Nabhl, in



stomach, mavbe on the


tral the chiLd s aLL lhe tlnre restLess ... resi (.rr Dnr N. l)\rL\ r\. tL r oor\

Adults should Laugh in the presence of children:

fifding new husbands. Husbands are slilL Like bridegrooms, finding new wives, and the children, poor thlngs, don t (now whre to look. . . '

- o.p hop, r. ppr" ^

lJse proper [anguage and speak with dignity: ". . . We have to us very good language and we are not to be angry

,s: Il). I)r.krr \rr\rriDDrL.

HL \nL.

t. \r

,Si ( i L)i\r\r()iirrII)rr\.Ie
Childrn atways take notice ofyour behavior: -. . . For exanple, the father ls a very Lazy person, he is a drunkard, smokes and does aLl fiLthy things. Th [4oihr is verV short tempered, beats and
scolds th children a lot, speaks harsh. Then aLLthis afiects on the chiLdrn spontaneoLrsly. Then even ilyou lry to give them a thousand preachlng s, nice

Even a dacoit knows that he should behave properly: " ..."Gel aul, get away!" iom v/here do lhev le.rn th s firsl? They learn it frorn th elr parenls, or Learn lt kom ftie rd 9. Thev nLrst be lear rins Lhls lro nr sorneone becaLrse these ,r\rords ar normaLLy not spoken by chiLdren.

ed!caiion etc. bul they see r,/hat is yo!r behavlor. How are these people?
othing is going to elfect by teaching orteLling th chlLdren. TheV Learn by seeing. Thy se the behavior of their parents and learn. They see how you behave With othrs and how you behave wlth them. Ho,,\' you bhave n'ith each othr. Children aLwa,,,s keep noticine aLlthis. . . . So the children allr,ays keep on obseling yoLrr bhavior, and whatever you do affecls Vour chiLd deeply. rather than glving him big leriures about right.eousness florn morning tilL night. Threlor, all the Sahaiir Yogls who are here and whose chiLdrn are stLdying here shoLrLd understand whether Lhey have the lntegrated knowLdge or not. After getting the integratd knor,rLedg one doesn t lel bad if made to understa rd things afd doesn I get spoiled vn if he ls loved a lot . . . '

"6ctlost" Ivseenatlttlechildsaylngthat "Geljoil." Imaf,this

is too much to say to someoie. Bui ii happens like ihat, becaLrse we do noi

undersland how ,e should t. Li belore thc ch ldren, how decenily. We may be the most lndecenl peopLe, doesn L maLter, We mlght be absolLrteLv rotten peopLe. Even a dacoit (bandit) (nows that h shouLd behav properLy bfore his chiLdren, because children wlLL becorn da.olts. Even a prostitut, ven a prostitute rrilL understand that she should not behave ln a rnanner that the child ta(es to prost tution. iesr l)|. l) ri\ \I \ r . r r i . l l r \ ( . ,\ ( \ r \

lf the parents are not discLipined, the children wiLl not be;


Anothr hablt th children mLrst form is to set up eirrLy in lhe morn ns,

rrs; lrrr l{rL\Li()\\rLi.


rlRr\.TrrrrL!!\ \ SrLrLl\'\

giveihem bath; gtthem ready; giv thm tea. f the chlLdrer do notdo
that, il ls be.aus th parnts do fot dls.lpLine them. And aLso the parents nust be ld eal about lt. if the parents do not have that, thn the chlldren ar
whole responslb Lilv olspoiling ch ldren resides !!ilh th parents Even Sahaia Yog s should not spollthe chlLdren. I .an spoiL becaLrse I arn the cr.ndria. You rnust take your responsibillty... ' 11.\Ll e8. ,\1\rri rr.r \\)(()iLi( \!rr.(rrr\rr\!
So the

Do not shout, get angry or hurry up:

The parent's behavlor ls extrrnely lmporiani for thE children. Before yoLr shoLrLd not shout, you should not huny up, you should noL get irngry. So th .hlLd becomes quieter. llthc chlLd is not a quiet child then undrstand somethlng is vrrong urith yoLr. DefiniteLy r,ith the pdrefts,


lhe chiLdren


fo one else.


ll\ \ !, r



R^rsrNri ( r r L)rr\ r\ S.\lL\t,\ ')()(,\




I1 (irNrR\r

,\LrvL(-r, oN

( rr


lur I\rroR r\r r or rl


r\\ ioR or |\|\

What you watch, the children witt watch:

There are teLvisions. There are so many prograns, shouLd say, pro pagating thinss \,,rhi.h ar not good for children, and they should not se

Do not argue in



front of the children: The parenLs shouLd not argue in the presence of th chttdren,

them also. And lthe ch ldren are real zed so!Ls they don t I ke to see, they don't ll(e to see vioLence, thev don't like to see nonsense, have seen t, They don t Li( it. But the parnts ar sltting and njoyjng nonsense, so they are also sitllng. GraduaLLy iL mlght crawl nto thelr heads. But normalLy children don t like any violence. any beating, any klnd of thing...'

Fight in Vour bedrooms: ''... The h!sband and wlie shoLLd nver

qu.fiel rthepresenceotchildren.

ilyoLr want to quarreL I can even lend yoLr sorll st rks, you can fight. Fight



i r\ lrri \.(1!rrLr


IL,\ct To TII[


in your bedrooms, do what yo! Like. You can brea( the hads or brea( the hearts or do vrhat yo! Li(e, but ouisidc yo!r rooms you are !!ondeduL husband andwife. At Least Letyo!rchlLdren b good,enioyinghLrsbaf d and wil. ActuaLLy it is stlrpld to trght because you must Leanr how to enjoy

They should be looked after by everyone: '. . . ahiLdren should be given the first, the primary plare in the hoLrsehold, in the famiLy, and they shouLd be looked aftr by everyore- They are the most lmportant ihing. Noi somebody, he's the head ol lhe lamlLy, he can

j \(



sho!tatthechildren.nolhingofiheklnd...' ro.r (,r\r \ r l,r r. (,\Nr,r.r \

Take time for the chitdren: ''... NorrnaLLy right sldd peopl don t get chlldren. NormallV. They re over right sidd. Then even they gei children. BLrt they are reaLLy nol ll(ed by th children, bcause ihey have no ilme for children. They, .LL the time, are very str.l wiih lhe children, they sho ut at them, shoLrt at them. they don t know how Lo handLe the children. 0r they are ovr indLrLSnt, becaLrse they aLways thin ( that: '/ never gat this, so let ne give it to the child . . . r eeo SrRr I l \\L ! 1N \ |L r1. a,r R !1\\

There is no reason to quarrel: '' . . . Now th husband . rd wife aLso should rot qLrarreL too much, I thin ( there is no reason 1o quarreL, it s better to (eep quiet. lihre is anV .rsu ment, just keep quiet, it wilLwork out. Quarrell ng, shouting ls not.LLowed with Sahaia yogis. t!1orover in the presence of ch Ldren yo! shouLd never shor/ that. Whatever happens, happens within yoursell, rome oLrt with it and be (iid to ea.h other, ii the presence ol.hiLdren t shoLrld not be seen ... '

eli .l (lr ri


r r\r l) l n l() r..])i.Rr

Father and Mother should respect each other: ''... fthe father doesn t make lhe chiLd res!ect the IVlother, the.hitd can never be allright. Because rhe authoritv cons lronr Lhe father no doLrbt. but the l\4other mLrst be respected. BLrt lor thar it is very lmportant that ih

t. No

ftc TrNa

l-lloN I a)l IFlt (:HIl.t)RIN

Forget your probtems:

''... So I hav to rqLrest to you that forget your probLems, husband r,^rife probLms is nothlng. Look after yoLrr children, giv thern dignity, give them
il nest \rhere thy could
Live . .

lllother must rspect ihe fathe r. So in th presence of chiLdren, if you start fighting lvith each other, misbehavifg, and ia (ing in a manner ih.t ls not propr, aLso it wilL have d very bad lfeci on Lhe canesha Tatt\,\ra of the child . . . '


r (,r\i.\ r\





l{rr\L\(, (rr

r-r) iL:N

r\ SrH^rr



r rr r


\ \\,



ll (ir\r'Rrr

AD\ r(rri

()\ ( rrrr



Trl i\1 ,()tr rrN|. ()r nni Llr.rr\\'rot (|


\ r\

Men should give the authority to the Mother: _...l\4e r have to respect the women in th prsence of the .hlLdren. n Lhe presence ol chlLdrcn yo! sho!Ld beha,r. The men should put the authorlty


r\ r


ofyour children:

Do not be romantic in the presence

Do not answer backl

f th husband ls gentL wlth the mother, the chiLdron rfr Ll be gentle $rith peopte. Children should not ans,,,rr their parents back. so !!omen shoLrld nol answer bac( lheir h usban ds at alL. Eren, ther is no need for yoLr to spend Lime arra\r from chiLd when the chilrL is in the hoLrse. t s alrlght, th.hild is there. When the chlLd ls sLeeplng, ii s alrlght yoLr spend tlrne together. But rnany people also hav thls habit, thal Lhey keep the child in another room and the hLrsband, wll ar sltting in another roorn.
th tlme the .hlLd shoLrLd fot feeLthat th parnts are separate. He s a part and parcelolthe famlLy aLlthe time. When the .h iLd sleeps, then yoL.r go and taLk 1o each other. But also som people fight and quarrel lr Lhe presence ol children. That also is somelhing horrible. So the whoL thing depends oi your behavior . . . '


have lo guide yoLrr childref towards a proper, sanc moraLity. For that you rnust bhave proprly. You should not be romantlc in the presenc ot yoLrr .hildren. You shouLd nol Lry to put them if a way that you lock !p yoLrr rooms.nd do aLL (inds of things. Behave namanncrthat'sdlgrliied. 0therwlse.hiLdren rrill pick up frorn you lo begin r!ith... ,, I \!ir rl)!r\.5r iNr.l
. . YoLr


chastity brings peace: .'. . . ll rhe falhcr and l"'lother don t hdve chastity, the children don t feel alrlght, lhey doi t feL paceful. They LL become restless and lhe n they de veLop the sarn rstLssness rriihin themscLves. A chaste flraf can nvr get possessd, tak it from A4e can never gt possssed. You mlght b
very lntelllgenl, you rnlghl be anythlng. YoL might be a grat writer, but you cari get possessed, But a chast rnan, an ordinary.haste person, can nVer

sho!ld feel he

get possessed. Bhoot5areafraldof chast


reir.i \IRr (,1N1\I1


eti (. Irirr\. lrrrr\r\, Sr:r..


Do not toose your temper in the presenre of chitdren:

For the coupLc, be aware of yoLrr pLrre and chaste behavior in lrant ofthe chiLdren. Don't show or expose your romantlc and sexLral lll to the


olour understanding, and a promlse to me thai yoLr w LLtrV to be good molhers. t rnaV be ih.t somctimes, say, the h!sbands o^tp.r (o o i! \ u,o I. o o d.o"
So loday ls a day


children. Keep lt for when you are aLone. By yoLrr exarnple, teach ihem
genuine sense of sham


them not to loose temper in the presence of ch:Ldren. ALr ght, a rd you have to bear lt up, doesn t matter. Because you c.n. As rnothers yo! .an. Th [4other has a speciaL personal]ty that she .ar preserv the chiLd, she can digest a lot ol thiigs. She has a speciaL personaLity and that s why a molhcr m!sl rome Lrp io that point. l!4oreover, wo!Ld request the fathcrs and olher rlations the male ones Lo respecl lhe mother. [,lotherhood ]s the highesi th ng...'

Abstain from thinking about sex alt the time: ''. .. BLrt as far as possibLe try to abslain fiom alL the tlme thlnking about sex lll. lyou are lhat waV, too rnuch to!!ards lt, then what happens is that yoLrr mlnd stalts building !p and th chiLdrn sLrffer becaLrse your atmo
sphere, vour vibr.tlons. affe.t the children. So when you ar narrld it does not rnaf ihat all the time you should thinkotthat. t is so common that people, for them as if it ls a bls a.hievc. mnt or sorn sort of a b g entertalnrnent. lt is just a thlng whlch should happn to yoLr spontaneously. And ih amount of atteition wc pay to thls

,lr.i ( rrrr.r)irr. ')ri \r\.\(


Itrr\ N(i (.rn Drr \

rN 5^rr,1t.\ \'ori1




(lriNr.R^r AL)\ ( r oN ( rrrr.r)(r.\rtr

rrr l\ir


Ilr rr.\! oR ()r l),\lL.r. I\

nonsense is so rnuch and so fruslrai ng somei mes that people gei that lrustration wlthin thenseLves. Then the chlLdren aLso bulL| rp the sanre lrustration, wlthout (nouring lvhy thy ar so frLrstrated . . . '

,)3j (lr


N. L'1r


Security gives balance to children: - . . Now ihe main thlng .boLiL children ls that they should feeL .ompleiely scure in a pLace. Security is a very important thing for chiLdren. i Lhey do not feeL secur ln that pla.e lhen we won t be abLe Lo baLance them mLrch

... t.a'r\

resi ( r rL )rr\.Pri N \.\(. ro.r\


r tii t I

The chitdren have to get complete love from their parents, CompLete assurancei

Keep a peaceful atmosphere in the famity: '' . . . The rnosl essentlal lhing is that o!r chlLdren sho uLd leL our presen.e, which ,,,/iLl soothe him dowf and rnake him a personal iV lulL ol peace. A peacflrL atmosphere n the famiLy peaceiul parents and paceflrL reLationships \r'rith others wlLL create popLe who will appreciate pace. Nol by lalk ng a bout peace or having organisations ol peace . . . '

hav dogs

andwfewlLL be sLeeplng

afd cats ln thelr bedroons and the h!sb.nd separately fron chiLdrn. t s wrong. They must

be glven Love. They mLrsi leel ihy are very m!ch wanted. Thy musi be i nportant, very important. Why husband and wll are fighting dmong themseLves yoLr see? The !rife is a brid and the hLrsband is a bridegroom. Even he s eighty years old he s a br degroom, stlll ready for marriage. mean what sort ot a thing? Absurd i1 slThe attenl on s fot on the ch Ldren at aLL. The.hildren havc to get compLete love frorn thelr parenls. Complete assurance. And a picture and a modeLthat marri.se ltseLf s a boon. The lntgrlty and fidLity between hLrsband afd wlfe wlth Lov and harmony gives thm that teLing. Our children ln ndia that way ta( too many libertles \,!iih us. They have our keys, they can ta(e away \irhatever

I r


'\nr Nr\

. L\

To be on our own gives rise to ego: '' . . . Now. those peopLe who do fot have that assurance lrom their p.rents

ll(e orphans. Fellng, t s an awlul feellng ol terribLe desoLation, .ornpLet dsoLate to fe1. You leeLso Lost ln Liie. I n ean, nother and father are part in yoursell, wlih n yo!. You know th aL. We have seen now in Sahaja Yoga, how $re h;ve to correct your nother and father cha(ras. Thy are
are iust

theyL (e.Theycanuseanyoneolmysaris.Noprobem. mean,theyhave to do lt, buL then they feeLresponsibLe. They don'twaste so nuch rnoney as the chlLdren here do. f you keep Lhe n iLrlfi LLed, mean they neve' as( for anythifg. But this s the basic probLern from the very rhildhood, to be of

Lr:r l)


Nt L

,oqd,o b- o lir r\ r rN t\,r


\\r )r. (l\\Lo! lllr

lnstalt a sense of security and respect in the childrenl '' . . . So first thing is to ifstall ln them the sen se of security and .r sense of seLf respct thirk th is is the rnost important thifg we have to do . . . ' I e! i (. LI r r)rir \. lrrNr \ r\. s(.ir.or.!

within you, you cannot get rid of the m. 50 this is one big probLern r,rhi.h is lacing us is this lhat you have lacked Love. Without lov, the seed ol a human being ls drowned ln a l"\ray. You maybe, because of ego orientatlon, Vou see lhis gives rlse to ego. You are on yoLrr own, so, you are on \rour o$rn. Big ego slarts wor(ing out, oh. 'rn going to do ihis, nr going lo do this, rngoingtobeLl(eths.Theego orleniation stans. Then. even Whe n you come to spirltuallty, the ego orientat on ls there, to such a great extent, you Llbe amazd. SLrch a great extent. . ' rer! I)irrNL\.r llr!\rr\ 1.1\L \Nr)\\L!r.(r\ 1)r ll\Lr



\ \rr(;



S.\r,\.r,\ \i)(;^

It.\r\r\(, (lr rD!

N L\






(lINr,R^r ALrvL.r oN




\r)\ r.r ()N (Hr L).rRri

hri Mdtaii ltas advisetl us on tbe necessitl' of dis.iplinin1 children and hou, to do this: \,Yitlt loue , digni4,and respect.
r. IT Is \l-crssARy ro DtsctpLINE cHll


Sahaja Yoga childrn have to be eilrenrely welL discipl nd



rrir.r| \N! ( o'.t'r .rrr rr. (lr',L.rrr,\! lt()lLl

The children should be handted very carefutty and with love: '...1f4y etrnaL Love fLows towards you all and kep on telllng you things and making you undrstand but you have not got hurt neithr you got spolled. The reason ls becaLrse lt ls done t!iLh inlegrated knowLedge. fthe children know that Vou love them wlth full heart then even one scoLdlng ls enough but inslead if yoLr always kep on scoLding them then they think that it is your habit to scold and they don t pay attention or respect. ' 5o th chlLdren shoLrld be handLed very carfLLLy and wlth love ... ('rrirDRr.\. Tt triI,(\. S ! irN!! r98l l1!! ltLrrr.\\rrr ILL\ .,N P^r Nrs.


You must Learn to d sclpline your chiLdren uslng love



i (;\\r \r 1l'r tr

Chitdren are to be controLLed: " ..children dre to be controlled, otherwise why do you ned teachers? Let thm learn on thelr own. They need iheir parents aLso, very rnuch, io tell them. otheryise thev would be born from some trs. why are thay boln to

,.. ' 9!: TrL ri ro 5\"\


1r r.R

fl. ljri.


ltrrsrN.i (lurLr)R!'\ rN S^rr\1,\ \oc\

\ \r!i ( | r r

r \. tt t ) '





Ar)\ i(

r or ( r

r)( \Rr.

Chitdren have to be construtive:


ndlan.hildren are.onsideral lto others).nd western chiLdren are

' (llvlThe best



anlt oRri\

desLructive. Thev hav to be

consrrLr.rive ' re,!i (.rrr rirL \ 1\ r ()irn.N l_rirrr.\, L,r ! ri

Don't be afraid ofyour children: '...Here find that the parerts do not ta<e the responsiblLity to pass on any nformation to chlLdren about d scipLinlfg themseLves, becaLrse children are .Lso extremeLv aeqfessive. Thev don t want io (now ibout it. 5o the parents aLso dare not LeLL them: "i t is qood lr t yau, please da it this way, it ls betet that you t dltdt". They re akald that they may los their .hildren ll they teLL thm li( ih is . . . ee r ljr s \\ \.i1 r r liL r. ljRr\ r r\L
You must know how far to go with your chiLdren: '' . . . This upbringing is a very important thiig ln Sahaia Yoga becaLtse. bv God s grace, you aLl have got reaLised childref. So yoLr must (now hoh, far to go nith yoLr .hiLdren. To ma (e Lhem lvisr, io b moraL, to be riehteous. Flrst thlng ls ih at you should try to preserve the I u,isdonr. f thy say some thing w se, you must apprecldt. But they s hould not also say out ol place, out ol grace. So the misbehav our is also not io be tolerated ln the sense ' that, whatever is \,!isdom u/lth n has to be expressd outside as

isciplin e is to give dignity to the chitdren: '' . . . t s a vry comnon thing to lnsult your chiLdren from lhelr childhood: "Why did yau :;poil lhat carpell Why ditl you do that? You should nat have said thisl Why did you?" Thls is a vry \,,rrong $ray to d isc pline. The bstdiscipllne is to put dign ty nto chiLdren. YoLt see. a good home ln ndla js known by the way children are addressed ln the lamily. Ll( ln a good famiLy we address the chiLdrn Lik 'Sil. Litile blt ll(e thai, . . . nre.ns '51f. We never address thc chldren \{,ith ind]grlty, and we put them on a dignlfied LeveL. And it s a very flce thing.. ' r!s. ON a rr r rJrr(J,rD


,N! \r ir


\Nr.\I \ l,r


DiscipLine has to be there:

lo pLrL too mafy restrictlons on childref in the name of discipline n the beginrirg, because chlldrcn are themsLves verV much dis.lplined. Bul dlsclpLife has to be there. So lor.ertain things, telLVoLr,
if you lollo\,! ihe practlce, say ol gettlng up in the morntng time, s o\!lV yoLl

''... Now do not wanl

w Llfind childref cannot sLep after that tim.

good habits can be d one. To sLep earLier, io gct up eirrLy, not io iaLk Loo mLrch, not becomc aLso absolrteLy deaf and d!nrb sort, bLri to tal( whatever is necessary. W raL is not fecssary nortoLaLirLrbbtsh,not to be fllvoLous, not to be sarc.stic. ALLthese things.nn be watched vry
AiL th ese

carelulLy ,e!i (.,



\.r,\^,\ \,!(,.i),\

Give them dignity, thn they witL behave: '' . . . When we cut them, r,e cut them at the rooL. TheV expect so rnu.h from us. yoLr see. They loosc allthcir dlgniLy. And 'LL tellVou, yo! try th is with the chlLdrei civ thenr d gn ty. You lL be anraTed how they behav. We say: Ihe! dre sp.riied". have never seen childref being spoilt Iryhen they are dignified ... L 9ll. ()\ ( r r)r ()()rr

Itrr\r'i(i (lrL r.r,rtl.N

\\rrr r \'()(

Il \L\rN( (l

S,1r.\r\ Yo(,,\



GLNTR.\r AL)v cr oN l'tsr .r).,\Rr,




They allow their children to have alL the freedom: '... Childrei should b aLlor,^red to have thelr freedom- ActuaLLV when we sLrppress thn too much, they become hoollgans- Thai uraV ndians are better, they (now how to brlng up their ch Ldrn. They aLlo!1' the]r .hlLdren to have alL the freedorn. lust give them lhe idea of dignity, ard when the children ar so fre with the parents in childhood, by th t me theV are about four or five they becorn extremely dignified . . . ' ,8: |!Nr.r. IrRo.iRr\r. l)1. ttr,, \' s iL !D r. llr:nRr. ,\(;\r^

the time hittlng the child, Jrou see. gives hlm a person. hoLd anything substantiaL wlthin. He might later on bcome a very arrogant person, taking a cLre lrom hls parents and he may behav the same manner. BLrt he would not be lhat dignitv, which iust is silent and expressing and manifesting. t shouLd b a siLent dignity which just nraflfests. And r!hn popLe see s uch a person with hiSht, people se But dir.tty

ality which does not

and say: "Oh, what a nanlWhdt a di9nity." You see that s what it is- And they become sort of idaLs lor soci-"ty. I thin ( this coftecting the chiLdren ls nol the way, lt is not . . . You will never have tenage problem, yoLr'Ll be surprisd

.. "

,9N. ON


rr r Lr





Without respect there is no discipline: ''...Respect is the thing w do not respert our possessions we just indulgeinthem.Dowerespect? Wethrowourclothshreandthere.That's
why the children are born when lhey gro!r !p lhey have no dls.lpLine. They throw aI th]r cloths here, untldiness. Then you shout at thern .. . ' , e8o r\hRRr\cr rND Cor r r r\ rr,. ( , ,,i.si,rN, llor r

Respect for the lllother gives respect for oneself: '' - - . You know what I m told, ihings th mothr has to bear when the child

istobeborn.Actuallyit satestof herlov, fel,atthattime-StilLshegoes on wlth it because she h,ants a child. B!t when this mothrhood is spolLed
Tell them about somebody elsel '' . . . f you tll thern, see you need not teLL thern: "Dan't spail the carpet"_ BLrt giv thm dlgnlty, and they LL nver spo I t. You lL be surprised, becaLrse we allthe tlme cut thern shori. They becoire so bad they thlnk th ey are good for nothlrg, We don t knor, r,hat to do. ALL the tlrn they are tlLing us ll{e this. Or even lfyou hav to telLthenr, tellabout somebody else Iike: "Tho! boy, yau knaw, he was absalutely useless. He didn't knat| whdt ta do. He spoilt the whole rcrpet. I vtent ta his hause and he siipped out". The child inrnrediateLy gets the th ng.
in its iinage, when the mothers are no nrore rnothers,lhey ar not rspect abLe. then they ar not rspected. And then the chiLdren don t resped their mothers because they hav no respect for anything else whatsoevr. The first thing and the Last thing is the respect for the mothr. f one does not respect the mothr or the motherhood, that rneans he has no respect for himsell either. So hovr does he exlst? He exlsts through hls mother. 5o mother is a very, very importart institLrtion foI the whole creation, for your creation and lor the creation of your children and all the progeny that has to come.., '



It A rs

rN(i (lHrL.DRr,N rN

S\rrrl^ Yoc \

R,\rsrN.; (lnn DRr\ r^- S\H:\t.\ Yoc'\




A rrV



llrLrrrr.r \Rr



AD\,r.r o\ (irur.Dc,\RL

Have faith in yourseLfl _. . . So, the go orinted socielies lose lheir lalth, that s the way it happe ns you see. Vllhat is a vry important thlng is faith. They have no laith in thir own parents. Nor,/ on whom ,,,rillyou hav faith? You don t have falth ir your o,,,rn children, then ln ,/,rhonr wlLL yo! have your falth? That s a vicious c rcLe we hav nade. First the parents had no faith in thlr chiLdren, so the children have no faith in the parents. Where to cut it? Let

!s cut it at this point and

see wherever we are. Lei us hav faith ln

oLrrseLves. Faith in ourslves...

ie.l llrr r.sL\(r ll rtirr F.\\r \\!\\rr'r.a^xr.NIlrl'.


I too i.ndulgeti. ()n tltis

guided us

I i< 44t (.t<) lar foretll> lu t,'tr, (l ;l.i!l;rn wttltout gaing t() the extremcs of being too strict subfect Shri |tlataji bas

the impartance of talking to tbetn and


teaching them hou

\Ve shotrld


not correct them in public - ittsteud bri.ngittg their dttentioll to grtocl things. Shri Mdtaji has also expldined thot it is 5;enerall,^,t lt trccessary to slap cbi.ldren itt ortler to correct theftt,


It^r\rNc (lrl



Srr,\I^ Yoc\

I{.\rsrNc alrr L.Dllr:)r

S^rr,\.r.\ Yo.;\



(;r:ir r.\r .\r)\ r( r o\ (lll


r)( \Rl

r, lT ts l\ttonr,\\T To



(-trr r D rrrj..r

And then there is a wav olcorrect ng criLdren, irea r, I don'i ll(e th.t punjshmeft, you .an nvr.orrert the chiLdrf. But by tlllng them storls, by telLing then, ial(ing to rhern, by sorting out viith them, you .af rrork It out very weLl. BecaLrse they are aLL reaLized so!Ls. Lhey .re not ordinary children.Afd ilyoLrtal(wlththm, teLlyoLr,thsdaysthechlLdrrareso wise, that they imnredlatcLy take to wlsdom, mrnedlately. When thy talk, thytaL(wlsdom. rn e a n a l L o f t h e m s o rn e t i r e s , li you tal( lo them, yorl


Talk to your own children as Shri Ganesha hirnself does, that: '?espert yout Mothet" Your [rlother means your HoLy l4other and your own

''. ..

Today s Lect!re woLrLd be mor concerning aboLrt

ShriGaresha as far as chlldrn are point becaLrse He is the glver oi\,!isdom. So the parents mLst ufderstand: "That if He is the giver af wisdan, there shou]d be wisdam, vtlsdan within r1e. And if I have the wisdont, then l hdvp lhe balance, and l dan t lose tenpers with children, but I Iry lo carrect then in such o nanner that they

horl far to go $/ith concerned bcause that's a very importaft

0n the contrary lf you try to be vry harsh r/ith your children thev
might react and they rnight go astray. Or you Iry to restrlct Lhern too n uch, ", nir opl So one lh ng ls to be: taLk Lo yoLrr o,/'rn chiLdrn as Shricanesha himself does,lhat; "fespe.ttorrl4olher" Your [4other mans your Holy 1\,,lother and yo!r own mother . . . ' ryl, \rNr (,1Nr \rL1 l'r r.\

l- I.o

a.. -e ,ror

feelyou are arnongst grandparnts or great grandparnts, th way thy are talking abo ut things. So you hav to understand that these are special chlLdrer, they are to be treated wlth resp.t afd to be brought Lrp with resp.1 and instalLln thelr mlnd ihat: volr dre special childrcn'\ha\ "YDu are thildren \,/ha have to change the vr'arld, yau have cone an this eatth fot a very qtedt putpose and that's,rhy yau have to be brought up like that." And then the discipLining also corns ln chiLdrn whn they Lrnder stand lhat they are . . . they themselves disc plln. So first thing ls to instaLL in thern Lhe sense of securily and a se nse ol self.respeci. I thlnk th is ls th nrost important thil]g !!e have to do

Your behavior has to be integrated '.. . . n lact would say that yoLr must raise thm wlth Love. f you find any bad behavior ln thenr or Iesative activitv thn observ lt three, fo!r t mes and then peacefuLLy sit With them and teLlthem that t ls not good. You wlLL be surprlsed to se ihat ilyou behav with them properly and 1^' th love then they wilL be afrald to Loose your love af d will coffect IhenrseLves frLLy. But if you have never shown your Love to your chiLd and always tried to corr.t hirn "/GEp thls herc, keep Ihis there, arrange this, da like this, do /l/ie rhrt e1.... ', then the chiLdref r!ilL think that it is yoLrr habit to always say Like this and they !.rill rot giv lrnportafce to whai yolr say. So your behavlor has to be inteerated ... '

S.i (




l'\ iL\ i'. \(

r ()()r \

Show determination: '' . . . When yoLr urant to say somthing to .hiLdren, don't sho!,r anger bLrt

determination Talk with



them: ... Don't saV .LL the tlnre; Dor'l do lltal, (lDn't touth


T.Lk wlth them . .

Have a conference: ''. . . Don't cone.i the ch ld rrhen thev rnisbhav. Thev gei dishonoured.

,!sr lrrr. l{rr

Lrrrr\r\. (rrLritrL\.

lr\(rrr\r 5rrrN.




o oe nono-

"D -".


ll.\r\r\(i ( rrr

r)Rr i\




\ \'or;,\


r\ s\ i\ r )()(,\





ri^r Auvll


o\ (lr

rr.. \RI


ishonou r them:

''...'vesenthatyouconectyourchiLdrnwhnthy'llmlsbeh.ve. "Dor't do trdu"That's not th way. Then you dishonour. You slt down with them, have a confernce. "lle ll have d canference nor,," you tell lhem. "14/'l/ sll dor!r." So lei them fe1. Lt them sit on IheiI chalrs Like a conference hall,
and tLL thenr: "Naw see we are all Sahdia Yogis. Yau dre Sahaja Yogis toa and the whole warld is walching you. You have to be hanaurable children. Yau have ta behave yaurself, yau have lo da this way. We have ta share out things athetuise they willsay yau are nat Sahoja yogi. You have ta have
You talk to lhem, deveLop their personality that way so thirt they know they have to be majestic, they have to be regaL (llk a king or a qLee n). They

3. Pr\y,trrENTloN

to coor)


Pay attention to good things: ''... The chiLd trls to attract attention. f they do something bad, ll(e bad u/ords, forgel abo !t it, they ririll forg1. Pay attentio. to good things . . . '

Distract their attention: _.. . So a rapporl has io be established and an Lnderslanding ollhe ch l.
dr n. An appreciation, when they do something good yoLr must appreciate.

And whn w are doing something, rnostLy they do wrong ihings just to

cannot b cheapish Like others. Because all the time we say, "Don't touch that, dan t da that".Ihey don't know, they ar confused. T.Lk to them, slt down, tal( to them about what is to be don, how we have to behave, how to say nice things, ho\! to heLp others, how to share your things. how to glve your toys, how to keep vour thinss. how to be nat, how to b tidy. Lt s a traln ng, that's what you

Vourattenlon. fVoudor'tpayanyattntiontothatthen jusldlstractthe attentlon to something eLse. lt's very easy . . . '





.+. SoNlLr

Hr,l.l,iriL TRIC(s ro Col{tlEcr

1r9ri S(:ror\k\r r,l

TetL them

Give them 2 sticks: ' . . . They should appreciat others, they should nol side wlth anyone. Let then quaneL a llttle bit. lthy fight too much, give them 2 sticks (to fight) .r, r | d a F, d.F o op

it is wrong:
telL them it ls r!rong. Don't aLLow them to


li childrn do wrorg things, '' have their own way...




Do\'T coltjtLc

r' r N



A chlLd should never b corrected in Lhe presenc ot others . .

TelI them some stories: '' . . . And yoLr se lf any of your children are ihIe you hav to teLL them some stories. l'11tllyou ho,/\'. Sonre chlLdren have a habit of beating others or doing someth ng. Then yau sall, "Now if yoLtbeat then a tdilcanrcs out af your ballan, like that yau see like a daggy dnd sonething like that-" And thev beLieve t- They beLieve it. Next day they'll a.k: "ls therc a tailcaning oLtl" (Sh(i Malajl laLrghlng) "Ya naybe, niaybe. So naw yau arc

Never punish a child in public: ''... Never punish a chiLd in public. Nvr shout. Give them notlce 3 tlrns, thn punlsh them the 4th linre nnd 5th time if presence oloIhers... '

gaing ta behave?" "Ya I'llbevety...' You se aLLthse tricks are lo be played to children. But they are vry clever and thy know how to ma (e you dan.e, yo! see how to mak you thlr sort ol slaves. Sometimes, you know. lor verylhlng they ,nrilldmand:
"Do this, da

Thy must know they will lose your love if thy misbehave

this... iee T\r(r,,,!.\1\rrt (\l'ur\.P,(rrr



rr rN(i


S^Lrrlr \o{i,\



\r r\Dvr( r ()N arrr .L)..^RI

tre yogitti uius Luorking ds o nnnlr' in the htxne uhere Shri Nlataji stayed while nnking progrdms irt Viettntt in tha etn'ly r98o's. During this timc Sbri Nlutaji goue d few tips on bout to bcbdue in cert.litr sitLtdtions *-hile She wds interacting LL,ir.b tr sftnll bq, of around z years tubLt

Let them have respect for you: At one point a lalher h,as roLLing around on the fLoor pLayjng wlth hls son, who was only aboLrt one year oLd, leLtlng hinr jump on him and sit on top of hlm. Shrl lrlat.jitoLd him that he shouLdn't lle on th floor lo pLay with the . hlLd, and if he Let hinr sit on top of hlrn Like that he woLrLd get ego and not have resped for his father.

correcting collectively
onc, the rnothe r olthe smaLt boy,,,ras telllng hlm not to do somethlng, blt he started playlng th clown a blt afd he was Looklng around at aLL of !as very s 7e1, and sorn people staded Laughing, whlLe th mother ,,\'as trylng to get hln to behave. Shri Mataji totd Lrs that we shouldn'i Let the chlLd se us Laughlng.Shesaid, ln lndia everyane willloak very seiaus and allsay na, ifthe child is doing sonething he shauldn't. They aLl look the same and so the child doesn't get confused." Shrl [lataii smiled and laughed qu]etly wlth us, enjoying th.hiLd's s$'et naughtiness but in a !,ray that h didn't notlc it, puLllng a ser ous face and shaklns Her head when h lookd at Hr.

plating itt the house...

( orrect With a ToY:


Shrl l\/ataj expLa nd that if a smaLL child ls not behav ng !rell you can avold getting cross w th h m and gt cross wlth hls toy lnstead. She took the chiLd's teddy and started play ng vrith it saying, "Cone on teddy wele gaing ta neditate. Cane on, sit dotlvn. Ah,leddy dc'esnI Alant to meditate!" Sh ri l\4ataii pLayed r,rith the teddy as il he was refusing to sit do,,\'n and r/as be ng naushty, and dolng aLLthe things v^rhich lhis ch iLd somet mes did. The LillLe boy was looklng .arefuLLy at what lvas happening, and laughlng at how na!ghiy his teddy,,\ras. She totd us: "yor .dn get crcss wilh the tay, insteod af \uith the child'. Shrl l\rlatajl made a drama out of ii and told the teddy off and smacked hlrn. Th child s attention was compLeteLy enthralled by this joyfuL game. Shri ft4ataji spnt quite sorne t]rne playing w lh hirll and h s teddy ln this $'ay to show Lrs how lt can b done. Then She put the ieddy on the floor silt ng nicely for meditatlon, "No\,/ teddy's sitting nicely, very goc'd teddy.

fhdt's haw we neditate."

Shri lvlatajl explained that the child wiLL gt the message by whaL you are saying to the teddy so Vou do n't need to say it directLy to hlrn. And you
can tea.h them so rnuch just by pLay.



, \rN'.ts

rr' rN rN\,

\ \l


rr S \rr.\r,\ Yo(;^





rr \rr

5, No sN1,\cKtNai rN ctr.Nl-Rrll''...1've never batn my.hiLdren, ard ldon't like to. But llyou don't
row how to tea.h ihem .nd how to controlthem, yoLr may us someiimes a sLap, doesn't maLler for boys espclally once in a whlle doesn't matter llthey don t Lrnderstand, whai to do? So you have to d scipLine.. . ' i 9$. \11tr t 1. 1\r(lri.r.Lr:|\ \.(l|r \ r\! l{o.\i)

don't Like people beating th elr chiLdren or hitt ng rhen, and flrLfiLLing thelr ambitions ihrough the chlLdren it's very, very y/rong. ShouLd Leave thrn alone, they are pfect. 0nly thing is they shoLrld be given proper ideas at a time, apprclation lor their chastity, lor the r weLL behavior, that









\irri (i\N sI^ |Lt\. ( rrL L

Till the age of five years, very rarely, not in the p.esence of othe15: ' . . . UntiL 5 years you can snrack oLrr childrer if thy don'L behave (in th

hri itlatttji hss neuer lteaten Her cbildten trnd doesn't like it if pdrents clo. If a chil,J under ft,e reaLly' nisbeha'-cs and is nct longcr cotirollable,
one mtrl'giue a smoll szrtck rn the le[t Stuadisthana to scai'e the neg.ltil)ity iuua,- (ttot in public!).This is

roorn), bLrt not ln the presence of others. As toLd you, tiLL the ase of fiv yars, you [an smack thenr eentLV. BLrt not to !se abuse. not to use anylh:ng bad. not to beai ch ldren.

il they are extremLy flrffy, arrogant, it ls aLL right. Once in a wh le ii's aLL right, sometimes yoLr need to sLirp them. Sorn of the ch ldren are reaLly very siflstr. That's allrlghi but, th at's very rarLy because most ol thern are
reaLisd souls and th ey won't troLrble yoLr so

uch, l'm sure

th ey wlLL



(r I irr\


li),r...P1 iii

not me.tnt to hurt but to cafrect. 'l-ha pMents ttust be carefti nttt to do this ottt of

Don't let them hit: (after af lnrldent r,, th a ch ld I ''... ithey hit, yoLr hit thm on lhelr hand, if thy (i. ( with their

Less, you


rce or Llnger.



\r\r\(i (:rrn L|{r \ I\ S'\rr,\l^ \i)t




(,rr.rL \r 1L'\

r r,! a

rr,L \l l


. Nr r , ,\1,\ r! L, I

rLrrr( \r

this t:hapter tbe ttttention goes t() the dtngcrs
toc., mucb

of spoiling children u.,hethet' h1' giuing

.tttention arrJ ktue, b1, heittg too stri.:t, or b\' giuing loue onll'to )'otu't)ur1 child.,\poiling uith monel'
attd nutarialisttt is dlso o risk1.

Nor roo rI!aH

r.oVL rND

\or t'oo s tRrcr

Move with the instruction fiom the spirit: ''... We should not Love ihm in a way that they dor t respecl Vou or thv don t Listen to you and they sho!Ld not think that they can convlnce yoLr and iustify themslves. ln Lhis way by giv ng them blind love !.re spoilthem
and put them on

wro rg dlrection.

n the sanre r'ay by being too

stri.t rlith lhenr we

ma ( our .hildren

such that lhey turn their lacs from us. Then they don t want to look a! yoLrl lace. n between these two thlngs ls Sahaia Yoga on our SLrshLrmna.

Therfore,,,r should r.m;ln on 5!shumna. Neither we shouLd fLow with too mLrch love nor go wlth too n!ch responsibl behavlor We sho ! Ld fLow with th sp r L And when you wlLL move r,,rith the lnsLrucLion from th spirlt, thn you $riLi see th at you yriLl be looked alter and yoLtr children w lL aLso be looked alter . . . '


i ll ,irl()\\rrr.r

l'1(r\ \. ( l r|.N.Tr.1(-rrrn\ \


When you s poil them, you spoilyoursetf: ''... Once the chlldren are born to sahdja Yogis thcn the r,/hoLe world becomes thlr children. You LL spolL thern, you Ll spo lyoulsell They are just. you are just thelr trustees, but to you i1 becornes a very big th ng thai





r,\ j.\ Yoc.\

tl r,r I t \r \i'\

a dos produces prodrr'e1 you have produced a chlLd Anybody can 'ven

\rhat is so great?



glt li\\


r l! I \' I o\


amofg men as welL as in women. W have famiLies now. and thjs has to !'rork oul. Dos th whoLe fanrlLy sit do,,,rn and meditat? Do we teach our chiLdref the proper proto.oL ol Shri ftlataji? L](e a tady bringing a baby wagon in the haLL, is absurd. I mean, can you take a perambulator in the
? lhis is more than a chur.h- Do you reaLize whorn ar you facing? And this is what you hav !o tell your children, because this is the

''...50 to create a .hlLd is not somethlng great' bul thai in charge- But to lr.r,"Lu "i v"u, *r,i.f'' ftas to "!ork for God You are iust a i P! Da 0 '' "'o"t'|

you have a child

a"..;1":; bp'o''n" : "parl or it' but ihse ".; "" i:i,1" ii6t"t"" u"n.u ordinarv bombs can denrov a chird' that spoir .;;"; ;:;;:;'" ;""" 'ors And that "\ril spoit th "'ritr
also yoLr, very much,ln youT

greatest tlme, this is th grealest time when you are here, the greatest tine ol spirlt!allty ol the complet manifestation of th powers of the coddess. When your children hirve to be the re.LfLowers of beauty, ptease do n't try to covr thm up 1^,ith their souLs dying oui there under the covr of so ca ed

rN+ I 1\

ascent r ! Pr'rr. l'. N t( )\


ee. L)r\\ \L r P! 11

Too much love sPoits the child: of so lov is look il"v vou can be takn advanlage .. ' ' o'la r'6.. Id q B Fr -q qo a in"., ..'i"*,"g,;eruiclns I mean klndLlnes:

You should not over.spoil them or be over-strict with them. You have to be strict with your children: ''... No, you have to be xtremeLy strict wlth your children whn ihey are growins up. The grandparents can spoiLthem, not you . . . ' i 9s. \l \NRr\( r 1\Lrl11).r. \r1r.(lIi.r\\r l{o1r) You have to serue them, but they shouLd not exploit you: ''. . . Thls ls one ihing one has to learn aboLrt .hlldrn, Vou hav to serve them. Really, when thy are yo!ng you have to serve thm, pay aitenlion to thern, but they should noi xplolt. Li( your child. Vou rernmber, when he was tr.veLLing with me ln the traln thoughL h was very.lernandtng. ALL th time the rnothr had to taLk to him, teLl hlrn some storis, do thts. said don t do that, you ar givifg ioo rnu.h aitent on to the chjld, ma kin g too rnu.h out ol hin and that s why h s demand ing you r attention allthe time- No he mLrst play, he has io play with himsetf, hc has to be wirh himself and then he lL lnprove . . . '

l' ii,l" 1[.


i;:'",",.'"" '". "ti"'


i"". ,. tit*t.4,,'"a,

not ,h;v want Io spoir verythrrg Thev shourd altowed and then thev \ritt be nlce ' ' ()r rrr: i lor rt \' L'r rlrl , e\ j (lrrLr.rrtrr \ liLr

n .r,'rrp' ""'"""^' do"'" thev lll(e' thev want to set up r'!hat *ev rr\rant 10
' ''-'l''

:nd^aL::l:Tl:: tl.'":^''.-


Thev witt sit on Your head:

:.. l-"" rr.n


"n", ""rr ooi

they '"i"*" .n't"", O" tnis for your 'hlldren Be'aus once they kno$r

iime run ," chlLdren is also not a lowed That allthe

JL,4q ,oL

r!s.- \l1tl


r \\Lr ( or


Ir\' ( rLr:r'iL'\! lt()\1') proto(ol of Shri l'4ataii?: o o' r"a rF r'lo

proper Do we teach our children the

""-.;. ",o ,,";."';.""" ',, ",, :.-;;-, "

",;-: "" ";;"

a oo;


" t or'"

Do not spoit them

I r l(),(.r. l,rr!'L

"-ro^FnL '".",16-, d p ro "




ri'i'oo d o od o o'0 o'i- o''1"

with presents; give them presents at the right time. rr8. \l \ iRr \r,r \!r ( r)i r r ( (\ rrr. ( r r.. rr!r l{o1r)



r,.r\r; ( rrrr L)rrrt \ S'\rr\l\ \o(;\


N r\ S,H\ , \ ,

II (ir \
riR.\ L

r\D!r!ir' or\ (


Make you. child collective: f you iust th n ( of your o,,,rn children onLy and iobody


then the

same children wlLL become deviLs and leach you a tesson. And yo(r witLsay next time: "O/r, Godl Don't give ne any chijdrcr! Had enough." But if yoLr make the chiLd coLlectjve, and teach the child io gtve to

others and to enioy that, then from the vry childhood the chit.l becomes

generous...' r,)!o L)r\'1j t,ut\

I. SPorLr\c

\r't lH NIoNty

Don't pay your children: ''...Th rdly, there is so m!ch acceni on money! mony orientaIon tor children aLso here as lhave seen in the educatiof. Chitdren are as(ed to
LL pay five pounds, five do Lars. Then he does something. pay thern. That s the r Llor (, lh at s the ir job, ihat s their respon Don t

th car They

sibiLity.Otherwisifyoustartdoingll<this,youLLspoilyour.hitdrenwith it. At a proper t me yoLr can give them sorne presents or something but don t start giving them money Like this. Othrwise money becoms too




LNJoY ALl. rIlH (lHlLDRllN

:.oo Ho\ ro Iro(.i, i,.l..i\.lr


You are in charge of atl th chitdren of Sahaja Yogis: _. .. So what you have to do is to see that if you have a chlld' aLl right' ol Sahaia you are iust i; charge, as you are in charge of all the children vasudhaiva of your own Be generous 'Udor'

Don't talk about money: ''. . . So yoLr see thjs money orientation

aLso comes fronr chiLdhood. From

Yogls, not

kultunbakan.' Ihe pelsor v\'ho ls a generous prson' for hlm the ' world ls his famlLY... ieN1 ll\\Lrt PL 1. 1 (iND')i


chiLdhood if you talk of alLthese things money orientation chitdref aLso kno$r this and they talk like that. Thre are many other things tor children we shouLd jLrsi avoid. Don t aLLow them to go near atLsLrch things which are creaLing money orlntation, b.aLrse that is !he probLrn ot today, thar everywhere you find peopLe who have nrad mofey illegaLLy, so rnuch money has been made, and there s no need to do that. But stiLL, you see, they go,


your chitd: You enjoy other chitdren as much as you enioy parents and then yoLr enloy other chlLdren as ''... wien vo, becorne the has started ' much as you floy your chil.l, then your gnerosity

this rnoney-orintation is lunny thing. t s a greed, it s madness, telL

reaLmadness. A person wants to have, say, twenly five r.. r S rr (;1\, \, r\ l,! | \. ( r Br.r.r. \




resr l.\\

!'! ^ l-o\DoN



I\ \\ r\J^ \t!rr


R.\.IL)vr.r o\ CltrrL'D'^Rr


Cr.\I-R.rL ALr\r.ri oN

(:Hr r( r tf

ne hasic prittcipLe to keel) the Mooladhara of children h a good sLate, is to allow them contact aith many people other thdl1 the parents, from early ch ildbood. In the \ est p.lrents often keep their children to themseLues, perhaps for fear of losing them later. This spoils the children and deuelops tbeit'ego. One has kt loue them uith detacltment, trLtstittg them to the care of others dnd allowing them to grorL Ltp in the securitl,of the collectiuitl'.
You have to be Mothe.s of atL the chiLdren I '' . . . You hav got a child to expand, the Love that you get lor your ch ld or feelfor yoLrr ch ld, you sho uld feel for all others. You have to be l\/othrs of aLLthe children noI oi Vou r own ch iLd ... I er. \lr i r rr,r. rtrD (lor.r r ( l!r r\'. (lrLrr.r \\L ll()lLr


Possessiveness by fear of losing themr ''.. . n th Wen we want to (eep our chiLdren to our self that s $,hV they run a!!ay. Possssiveness by fear of Loslng thenr .. . '


!rrRr (;^Nr



R.\r\L\c alIIILDrrL\ rN S,\r'\jr \0';'\

R.\r\rN(; (lHn.DRrN IN S.\rrrl.\ YocA

with other Yogis: Altow our children to have retationships

Then su.h ch Ldrcn stand oLt because they are absoLuiely spoilt, they
are vry aggressive, Lhey are very naughLy, thy are very troLrbLesome, they are very possessed. But it yoLr sec thaL you are j!st there to .reate ch tdren

:.'*itii"ii5"l"t""tt a,,,ar"". iit ir" rtl*t*t loss -.ts


and drv' thev and go awal, Parents are Left hlgh sllghtest our children ieetthat '"""",n"'' will leave us at the 0n Io_1 " o r'loooo\

wlll lose their rave the rear in thls countrv that thev ofthe After thv start geltlng older most

tor Sahaja Yoga then the delachnreft







r..r,.IiI.L \rr;n

:. lhe/ -r. 'pr_o 'o o" oon ";"". r"'oo" " r"r """ """'";. "" in?rooo P''|or' a ' od :;.',,"," ;. ," ; ,:.i,": ^ ' ""oo o'o "' '" '"'' """" ''""';


'ld o n

'" "nd

''. . . WithoLrt detachment you LL ruin them, yoLr LL ruln yoLrrseLf. you lL r!in yoLrr marrled llie, and you are good for nothing. You mLrst .emind yourseLl:
''They dre ny children, ny resporslbiiltJa " You sho ! Ld not thifk: "Ihe5e dre hlothefs childten ond we are iust looking aftet then." Sometlnes yoLr have to s.old them, you have to put thenr right. You

onno q o od' 'u4rp r 'n;'o \ bF


o'" orF r'o"o 'Do o oo ,'''4"" " O" '_'" o c ' 6Dd'e r'o no n) ni'a ." ,"",a ".",O"^', way ' in that very sick sotiety rrSi 5 rr (,r\r\L \ PL lr

individuallstic chlLd that it taks ono ,nu .n,,0 u,.o oecomes such an 1'"1



have 10 talk to the rn and tell lhe.rl "Yau are yagis, and yau arc greot peaple." s why we ar marricd . . . '

iqsr\l\ri \(



PeoDle cuddle their children too much: -;;;;.:"" '"""; d a oo rL n '., oFoo p '.c'' ro, .1"",t "\r;ong thlng to do' aLl the tirne carry the child on .""",t". overdo rt ;r' * ;n r'ou, thrs thins Lt s too much rr vou ;";'; i.;. ^"0




!.,! w Ll hnd the ''"8e"


5rme .hild en wil hdie Vou


il"ir'i"c v", *"



to plav thev cannot express lt Attow the child "nd the child whenever lt is ncessarv Let others -ke



l" "l O


How much we are attached to our children: '' . . . Then th thlrd one lincarnatlon of ArlahaLakshmll rame as rhe A,4orher of ahrist. She gave Her chlLd to b cru.lfied. Would we iust lntrospect? Hou/ rnu.h we are atlached Li(e haw(s on our chiLdren? fanybodysays anylhing to the chiLdren, peopL don t like i1. have got rports lrom Swir zerland that if anybody says anything to the children th parents don't Like t. No. Nobody should say anVthing to their chjLdren. Here She g ves Hr chlLd to b cru.lfied lor the eriancipation ol hLrmanliy. cirn L even

look at the crossl While we are so mu.h attachd to our chiLdren




qro lJr\


L'Lr \

take ihe child, not \/ou

'"^"'."-;-: n"

\rrrr (l\Nr \rr\ l'Lr \

It's the Mother who makes the child great:

we rnust undrstand. Are wc nlLowing our chiLdren to grow big? Ar ihey ieaLousl Are they saints? Are they beaLrtllul? Holv do they tal( to othersl Are they confic ent? lomorrow they are golng to be the leaders of Sahaja Yogis. Like Sh valis l"'lother, Like lilamata, how she made the son


Thv are lvlother's children:

d ^ ---."i, '" .", .,no'o, " oo n' 'do'l\{F^r '' \p -o "b"oao" r


ap"' qo d'" o^r'nr roo"oo

d'/" n ooa d"

o "L



.nd not the .hlldren olAdiShaktl

'r "'


greatl t s th l\4other w ro Dra (es the rhild great. And if sh winls all the time to sort of gr;b the chiLd afd the chlLd to srab lhe ['lo1her, then it s s!icidaL. Su cidal lor vou and s!icldal for the chiLdren . . .

eq. l) \1r

l']L, r


l{.\r\r\. (

rLrr L)Rr

\ \ S'\rr\j


\ \r\(


(;r Nr.ll\r \rr!r( I oN ( rJir.L)( rtrr


rr.ucrtvn cene

ith regnrtls tct tltc problem of atttchntent., Sbti Nlttdii h,ts ctftcn en4tlttsi:cd the fuct tliLtt roising chiltlrcn shottld be dortc L:,tt a cctlLattit,c bosis. This does not necassarily nrctn thst one ltos to litc irL an dshrtun rtr send tbe cbild ta Sdhdj scbools. lt itnpLies thot pttrents shottlcl allctu, cttlters antl tba cctllectiuity to take care: of their c:ltiltlren ttntl corrcct thenl ds uell. There shctuLd be a cotnnnn rieu on ruising cbildreu in tha collccti.ue .
C)f ccttu-se one of the tudys tct ttt:bieLte this (uhicb hts bccn ltighh'reatnnendett bl,Shri Nlntnj is to
sertd 1,otrr

chiltl to

ct Sahdj school

if pctssibta.

r. hvrRr rrrr\(, ll,\s lo B[ Doxr or


,r Cor.LEcr]\,1 IlAsrs

Nobodyshould obje.t iia child s cofiected. Everything has to b don on a colledive basis. Nobody sho!Ld obje.t if a chlLd is corrdcd. I you prote.t yoLrr chlld rhn he b.omes .lever He kforrs nobody can say anVlhing and becomes rude . . . '

!r, :r\ \r I \ (. \r L)\ l


r\ \\|.\J\




r{^ An\'rr.r oN (.rrrr



(l(r Lrcrr!L ( 1k

No parents shoutd feet bad if somebody corrects the child: ... . . Now, if another person romes and telLs about the ch ild, that this child has don, imnrediately he (lndian parents) wlLl scold the chlLd He will never

gt angry wlth .nother personi "Why tlid you say abaut tny child?" Bul than ( him and than ( God voLr have told me because he rnlght be spolled
nrore. So thls is anothr

thing want to tellyou

very fran (ly,


no parenls

shouLd feel bad if somebody corects the chlLd. ShoLrld than ( lhat person ' becaLse \rour chlLdrn need too mul:h oicorrction ... i9rr T,\ r r rrLl n1\r11\rrr L)Lr \' lrrRrr

The whole society has to control and disciptine the child: "... Nobody dos that and lh.t s !,rhy ndian childrn are much btter' You lrill not, you have, you musl have notlced lnd an children in a group there, hor,! they behave, how qLriel they are, how sweetLy they re lislenirg to everythlng. Very nice. The reason is they are discipLined not only by parents, but by the whoLe society. And the idaa ls lhat everybody Loves your ch ldren. TheV are the childre 1 of ihe whoLe socieiy We liv collectivLy We are not indlvldualistlc. And ll they find anylhing wrong wlth the chlLd, they should .orrecL. Of colrrse if you flnd somebod! who is doing it just to show thelr anser or temper. then yo! can report to lhe leader. buL normaLLy it shouLd be treated. Alter aLL, you are alL parefts and yolr (now what is good ior such chlLdren. was amazed that chlLdrn are not alLowed at allto b cor rer:ted by afybody els," beca!se, you se, a chlLd, you must know, is a big responsi billty and only the lUolher cannot control, only ihe father cannot ' control. The !!hoLe soc tV has to control and dlsclpLine the child

"i" "\' n ^or/4 r .

wjLL tos the il you don'r behave, they wiLL be aLright. They ar very inte igent. So you rnust see that yoLrr chjLdren are bro Lrght to proper tine of !nderstanding bcause they are different children, speclal children, givn to you as a tr!st. Th are r\4y chird,en so roo rn,.h h"",rLi"g "r "",rvL:i;gl""lllliil not necessary. man, somtimes you break their bones the way you do. It s too much. Try this on others chiLdren, tess on your o1,{,f chitdren. Try Io keep yoLrr children oL-It and lov other chiidren. I don t kno!,r what kind of psychoLogy you people rearl but it is simpLe, straightforuard

Fo o lo. bo., ^ ., rvo0dd.d,oJnl ho or6 h dop.. .i..-q- a or .:nq^:J .Jp pend to your chjLdrn, and find th amounl of disciptine they hav io^ ,\0.".4,. or,.o ao/do,nq , ;.-p"; is o -" :: : ". o/ h. 1 o. od, ou.h6^o In\ rp _r " '*-. o^ ,i: "] --J v0 dr!d o. dinqo ,"1.,o,d , , . ,\ i h o . I F , . , " , h" / . this idea. So they don

They should be naturally cottertive: * o rdr ooo r ':.0-. o.

, ,

t Listen to





ifthy know that thev


being coliective. They should b naturaLly collectivet

a. rdn. 10 h6. d .- o q" b.-" ,./ '


.)si5rri (;1\r\r \l,rr\


". d. ro Frn tol ^.ia.,


z. Crr'r_ rge ClFrn u 1o OrtirRs

Send_chitdren to other people so they can clear ''... They mrrst sii r!ith othr peopLe, opn the r out from you: hart to ojhers


l l\rri



( l(,



sr riNr

You should never have two views: ''... So when you ar daLing with your children, you shotrLd be cornbined iogeiher ln the same manneT. You shouLd never have two vlews ShouLd

be: sit down, dlsclss wlth .ch oiher how we are going to lmprove the children. this is what w rrotic. You should never sLrpport your child ll he is doing $'rofg. You should ln fo !,ray support. fanySahajaYogisaysthnt ihis is wrong, therl you must ta (e. notice of thaL...'

peopL have

li doesn t kfo,,,r how to bring Lrp their chiidren. lust the opposiie is ii ndia, the opposjte. think that s one ot the reasons urhy lndtans become colLective very fasi, is thar in chiLdhooil, when,r!e are raising children, or

It is bad manners to tal(e your own child in the presence of others: ''. . As far as the chiLdran are conceTned, it,s a sick sociery. conceTne.l,

childrcf, it is regardeil as

bacj nrnnners

lo r, (e

yoLrr own .h itd

,e\i S|r (,,Nr.|\ i,L

.ir- \11,, \,

l\r .r fr I


It^r!rN(, ( rrrr






GL\r{.\r' '\r)\rcr o\ ('!Lrr'Lr''\RL'

Cor.r.r.1rvr ( r!F

innocence: To devetop the relationship of

d' :""'N";::;;;:;; , r-Lo p !1 o. '," \'''' P " ','* ::-;.",,,". . ..rv.oor^''"r' rl!.oo,r.^ oo.r" give their chirdrn t0 ;;;;:. :;;;" ;;;*"" "ri there, then the'' wourd ' s ceD w lh thern, not with rhem5eltes '- 'r;,"""d'od'on o",ooo' b."" ' e '; "1,-.

thal the

,; ;.",.""" :: !sed lo
ch Ld qetq ::




";"j:,":::"':,:; l: ::: ilfffi ;:J ffi I ::?;[;:ffi l:




"""u o. na..,i t. o mo
,rSi ..'.,n"u"

:"11il;. ii."J;;';

in.."'i" uo' must berreve rn the principLe or


'l"oo'op "f'r

Cr\i'Lrr l'L \ 'd oon" oIr" pd" .l nn ' l


ad o oouFl
For Mooladhara: Let ihem met other pople. Yesterday taL(ed toyou about t\4ooLa. dhara. Let the children have a heaLthy, trusth,orthy tMooLadhara. Lei ihem

othef,,rlse iheV get funny



,1","l o'-


peopte' They must be made to slt "\riih other


";.:: "p aoo,.Le ::";:,

start keeplng them excLuslve' to vourselves'

'eo'd odooen 'o'rp oloou rn d o ' "o ",."", Theny0Ll

Even the peopre

o^ ''e''|"


i s because they find -"l o no^ o

net other pople, be frlndly with others, everywhere, allow thern .. . ' ,eSi Sr r (i\Nr:|\ I'L r

pLay w th everyone, go round

"r";;in" :::


":;,.*;;; :rli;i;;";;;;;;;,''t



. .t'ita, L nuu.'"'n
t m"an

y: *"''l

rn ndia' vou so

li:1,'i:l]1.i1:]'"' to anvbodv srrouse'


i: ;i:L

The origin of sex-orientation: ''... Now, hdve told this blore aLso, why peopLe are so sex oriented, I mean, lh ey are so sensitive to the touch of another prsof. Anybody who iouches them, they get a funny leeLing. The reason is, othr se nsirtio ns are not deleLoped Withir them. That ls aLso beca!se yoLr aLwirys cuddle Vour 0!,rn chiLd. Child o rLy (nows the lr'lother or the farher. A Lrhe r me the chjld ls with vou.

.rr\ r\ S\r!rl.\ \()(i'\

I{.\ r\

r\. (lrr


1r\ \


r,Lrr \ lLr\

(ioLJr.jrvr ( rar

IlLDREN tN AsFlR]\\ls "...[4others in ashrams shoL]ld wor( and not jLrst stay with their children, just Lika if they were in their own house. Nothing great ol
producing a child




be .Leaning your house, cLaning the utensils, dolng everything yoursell bul ln the ashranr they thtr.....t\law we have a baby, sa we orc entitletl ta t\that the baby does, sit dawn and toak aftet tb,,r.,,t wouLd love to ptav with babies aLLthe tim, and have nothing to do with yor.

You would do everything tn your own house: ''... SLrpposing you h.ve yoLrr own ho!se, then you wo!Ld be shopping, yoLr would bc cooking, you wouLd be loo <ing after your chiLd. vou woLrid

tdo thati

r.rsj Srirr (lrNr, r,\ t,L

feeLs the other As a result of that, what happens' the chiLd never a ,boa. r'^ i the other ls an identltY . ruo i, d,d o .on ip /. r o' you suddenlY ,,\'hich is sornethlng dilferent And when Vou gror4l up, then

They are your responsibitity:



ChiLdren are Vour responsibiLity and you have to too ( after voLrl own

o.c oD'


oor d.pdop!r.F,J.


o 'a ood r. ,li \r kr (i1Nr\rL.\ Ir!rr

things. .'

ch Ldrn on somebody eLse who is a Sahaj-;: Yogi, bcause he's staying in the ashrain. tt s not proper. . .. .

Oh, Saturday, Sunday, it's . it's not proper to put your a tiitLe bit they can ptay and do something, bLrt

r!r l1r , {,\ \(Rr\rj 1r ljL,R\()l)j).!r )Nr\

Chitdren should catt oth erc by "uncle" ot "ounty"

.we have to trust others

Thev were looking afler us more than lheir own children:


oo 6(r ,p, .lo altterence. I never felt irny difference between thelr 'hlLdren and owf Me l/loreover. we feLl that Lhey were loo (ing after us iror thaf thelr 'p _..

children...' rrli! I t I \L)'


\lrr L \

Itr !!i( (lrrrr.r){L,N rr S\rr,\l\ Y!)'i\




AD!r(rL oN

CLNTR,\r ADyr(:I oN (turr.D( ARr

t l I




t,.tr !akiuS

carc ,,[ . hitdr,


ull']dtiutts a, u cl!



treatlnents dgainst strong negdtiuity. ()[ cr.nrse most conTmon treatments in Sahdjd Yoga are dpplicable

to children ds uell. r. How To

KLEp fHftR !-tBR,\TIoNs
shoLrld meditate wlth Lrs in

Meditate early: Shrir\lataji has recornmended thai the children

reNr ADvr.r GrlLN
Know their vibrations:

the early nrorning frorn the ag of being young bables.

ro \1.rI


'...Ther are so many other things one has io know about chlLdrn, that yoLr must (now iheir vlbrations. you should be aLert about thtr
vibratjons, try to find out r!hat s wrong wlth them, r!hat they do. No$r for example you find a chiLd who is nisbehavtng. Don t go on aLl the tlme with hlrn. Callthe .hild once, make rhe ch itd s i down. and teLL rhe .hild: "Yau shauld da like this. When yau ate in with t'lothet, pay dttention




\ P!J^

Most vibratory problems come from the parents:

Shri ]\/atirji has aLso explained that Cod can protect the chlldren from most of th harnrf!l vibrat ons, but cannot protect them lrom the vlbralions of th parents. Threlore it is lrnportant that the parents cLeanse thernselves


CIF rr.Dn


S.\ r r,r



RArsr\c CrLr.r,RrN

ri Srrrrt,\




(;L\L.R'\L '\rrvL(r' o)r

has do re

to our prarticat experience as much as po5slbLe. Accordlng are those of the parefts iilrrairry p.fl"ms tt e .flLdren are faclng

aLrnost all

fo wrong. Th child is a reaLized souL and whv shoui.l rhe .hi

io be (ind to the


Lrsr,\Lrr( L (i \r\ ro \loirLLN\

; .

chtLd, better to teave the child at a point where th .h Ldre r ar telt to ihemsetves and are happy. So th s is l\'hat is ihe secret . . . '


He ls fighling yoLrr caLches. So

Trv to keeP Yourself clean:

eti a.r .I !
6!'i na i' F o o 'ns

N. l,1

i \ r\.

5r r o()r

r"oo:' '"",. ;,:""'-' ,.,-,' ; " """ e '"o ooop ^" nor' ,"'','0""0" t,' should not be your vourstf cLean and t"t I "" t*, ," t" t", 'atches ' ""p there. This ls the impodant lhing '
Lrli ( rL r.Lr tr N. L'111\ r"
5( Lro()r\



Diseases will disappear: '' . . . But il you jLrst aLtow the ch iLd to pLay abo ut with everyone, iust atio1,\,, diseases wiLl dlsappeaL you tt be surprised. ALso, supposins vou have a probLern, even !rith the back.gnya. torhers ar handLing, tr disappears. BecaLrs somebody has beLter vibratjons, th bhoots Lea,",e. BLrt tyoulLrst aLLthe time hold, yo! are dLso sutierifg from back agnya yourseLl you are
holding onto the ch Ld, so th chlLd has to s!ffer .. .,. ,i".i SrL( r I irNr s Li!rr

The MotheI giv5 a lot:

thitd relationships' l''lolhr glves a lot Sh maks she has ahe creales alllhe lefi side in vo! because u""t i"to'"t" '"nt'0" deslred for vou, so she .reates that "'- ,"n"'u=ii ta. .ne glves vou all the beaulv of dll'ate ihings and o" the ftexibl mo in"-lr".lf,"t, tf'rt vou get in vour business' are alt qat sonethiug?" "f." iu"rt ,n" *" U"u tilnk: "lrom rT hich r"nknown I r""tt *tn"t. ui.ssing on voLr' You choose vour o"'rn uolher too' in..i;' :

.. t"t t ,i",n".."0

''...As parents and would be parents and aLso the rLatjons of the children. in Sahaja Yoga, we have a great imporiance of too(lng after .hildren b.ause mostLy those who have been married ln Sahaja wav have
soLrLs. That means they ar ch dren ola very high category and these childref are to be Loo (ed after, r,ith very grat care and underslaidlng.

Find out what chiLdren are suffering from:

goi children who ar ralized


"" ""-"i, this. s;e s a ',\'oman, .r. lrL I1( ) ! rrr !


""i,t 0"t". a"

s llke use-condemning vour lvother becaLrse she sh s ihis and thit

Don't carrY the child so much:

:. . . *nl"ir'r,. .llLo

U".otes " ."".i"n1, . -nt

;;;;;.;;";" '"in"" ii" i,rn". oi"* ,n" *,"ren

tt,ls, it

bear it' grows up' though a reallzed soul' h cannot sided per lrrltated, becaLrse lhe mother ls a Left i,rituOte "nA the childrei suggesled that lhe mothers shoutd not carrv not carrv the chlld arr are tik thrs shourd "'r" plav arou 1d' teave them aLone' so ihat the

Flrst of alL, all these .hildren wlLl not have so many problems, bul gradua Ly they may develop ihem. Because when theV come tn conracl wlth the socieiyiheywilL stari leellngthe different catches and thev I start expressing ii by cryingor by purtlngrhe riinsrs in rheir mouth or by shour lng, screaming. So many ways thy r,{'iLl try to express the probLems they


dren mother's catches at least don t go to the chl "' must accept lik that Lhev ,1" *otf,""


That we are like put atlth tlme child on our is is tt'," p,oltten tn'ith us, so tet us not because poor child *""s an catchlng on the chakras


lVosilV they feel the t!,ro Swadisthanas. ChiLdren leeL thjs balanc severely. When they have Lft and right Swadisthanirs thy try to show you by pulting that inger in the nouth or by scralch ng that partlcular, specialLy the thumb as you know is the SWadisthana Thls s a particLrlar typ of catch. The mothr should rot ngte.r it at alt. Firsl of aLL she must see that she is noi suffering from this one.


(jrL L.DtrLil\ rj\ S'\rr'\l\ \'1)(j'\

L)11r\ iN S\rr\.1

\ lb.i,\


Lhe left s de Sr'/adlslhana or It the molhr hErself is sufferifg from


6 o o o 1 ;d 'o ' ' " ii"t rj"".ot knorr' hour 1o reLax Even when thev medltat "r" """t"","", ;;".l to il is ror them to nf' otrt rrhat s the probLeri in r;;"";.;;,;;;; to,


.nd \!hal are they suffer ng lrom


Lri \.




,\L \'tBR,\ fl()\_ \r, I l{t'\TNILNT\

Allergies in children: ^'.:;"

f"."r." ir," .niU s fot vel be *" rcrt Nabhi herseLr' That s "rhv the chrLd mLrsr ;:';;;;i;;;* whv not crre ."i,n'"r *l,n ,l"t .'"itv 5o lnstead of punlshing ihe 'hild PuL vour rlght ii" i"n"""r'n "t,n. Nl;her and the leit fabhl ofthe chlld the lLa ne and * *U " "rn' "t the 'hlLd and put vour left hand to n",,0
()\ \L
' Bad eve"

n.o t to ^ ' \o ' ""n ' vor"1s nr'rried So ll ls from ihe molher that rnea

i( I r)r I rLir


, t"i. " ",0."4 f"*"" atta.hed to the tree r T.k sorie salt (in the right h'nd)
r, 5
put tt," Leton on top Lhe Glve a ba rdh.n to the baby 6 - Afr. r that. throur the s.lt and the

i; ,.

lleatment '

dh" pla'e whcre t lrds and cui lt sllght\' at ihe


Or tal(e one of the followins elements and ptace them on a titfle fired coat:
Salt & mustard seed (]\rtiit t/oh.ri in tu.rarhi) or 2. Drled red chiLLies & salr or




cut end faclng the biby



rd along yoLrr chiLd s SLrsh!mna nadj up ind do,,!n


ds (

whoeverorwhatevcrngatvjty sdisturbingorharmtngny.r
Do lhe same lor aLl three ch a I neLs

La shoLrLd

mon away

wasl Your nanas

anr gi\,e a bir

rd han

to the .h ild.


l{\L\Lr( (.rrrL


Yll ri \ L MrLrrr,\(L

ltis cltaptt'r c():7.cnis bttsic tbings Luc sbould tcdch ottt- cbiltlren tltttt. thet,{rccctrnL: tli,gtifiad

btnttrn bcirtgs ;tntl Yogis. T his

inclt.tdes atlt.,ica


tcttcltittg thent hLnt: to babitt,e and bcnu tct tttlk ni.cch,. SI:ri X'lanji hds etltphosizcd t.hc illf)u-t.at.e ctl tatking


u,itb our chilLlrett und



tinte lrn tharn.


f'7 t.", il

'$jj:t '.,'" i:,;-!2R i.L,

e' o



tr q tltt,u lt()\\' To llt ti\vt



Hii$\ i. r \lr,:r &

ol o.-.no

lllhey do anything wroIg, you must teti thcnr it is wrong. you re his parent, as a parent !ou must tell him th s is ,,!rong. Thls shoLrtd not be done, nol Lhis. So thar Lhe rhitdref berome obedtenL nbour ii and !fder stalrd whai thy h.ve to do. BecaLrse if yoLr attow them to go the wa,,, theV l(c, lhy hav no sense olobedierce and r,{'h.tever tt is yo! sho!Ld fot aLLow .hiLdren to hdve their own !v.y. t s a ,,^rroig idea you pcopLe hrve. T Llthe age of 12 years they flust be properLy brought !p; not too nr uch


oo , o '1; , q" a
r\ i ()l I i li).r..

t,r iIr

Tell them what is good: ''.. tven if yo! h.ve the besl .riLdren you .ai '!in ihem by this (lnd of stupid idea, ihnL: 'that s ny child, this is nine . Erpose your ch Ldier to good things,lcll them what is good. Tellthem how to be good to oLhrs, te ll them to look aftEr thrn, rcl thern hor,\r ro prcss rhe fFer oi olhers, how to comb the hair, how to givc lood to othe15. Tea.h thenr, l-"1 lhem .arry LittL trays and leed others, the birds, let them glve r,rat.r tn th-. llowers. Don t ma(e them smaLL. Some of the r,hildr-.f are rer ly dlfiinlc. great saints




R,\r.r\rr (lrrrrLirrr\ \ 5\ri\l\'r()(

II - (lr\tR'\r- ADvrcI oN (lrirrD(rrRr


Iatk to them:

'' . . . After aLL thls is th way the parnts escape thir duty think You have you must to tell .hlLdren what thy have to do You have to taLk lo them' 1ry to have a rapport with them You must talk to them, and yo! must also

gLride them with your xperlence, tlL them what ls good what ls bad

!'rhat But this klnil of a thlng ihat the chitd should be allowed io do western they like, express themselves ihe way they ike lv seen the p arcfts; "'Why, why?"Ihey are not to know' they always will ask

and they behave properly,,,,rhen you come ba.k, Vou have to teLl them: "fhis istrenendaus.Yau have been sa gaod.yau behaved sa wet!, it,s reatlv vety qood. I'n sa praud afyor,,. So fext itrn, evn better . . . , r9rr I \rr o \ir.i \. ( \r.'Nrtr ir
Teach the children to give and share
Tach them to respect toys:

So first of atL, yoL teLl thern how to behave_ Now $,hen they go there

praise them when they do th is.

have limilations. Thev can't knorr! evry 'why'- How can thy understandl thls aeroplane They are llmited and so, first of aLl' they are to bulLd up See up and allowed to go because: "lt s all right now. Supposlng it is not built Let it ga in the sky".What !\rill happen? tn the same wav we have to pul the nuls and boLts properly' into them'
and se that they develop a

lf they break rhe roys and a rhar, tetL therr that if you are breakifg toys yoLr are not going to get any_ (eep thn, arrange them proprLy.
Lt lhem


personaLity 9e:Tri.( LrLr Nti lr\N\rr ro (lrNr.RRr

organize... ' ,So \J \Rnr.\(i 1ND (tor.r.r.:!r\ rj.(.rl

Don't teach your children to be on their own:

Now, becaus of ihis loss of farnity, from very ch dhoorl you are being taught to be on your own. mean, it would be somethjne tike a Lit e Leaf


Give them self-esteem:

Sitdownwiththemforonehourandtalktothem notinthepresenc of othrs. TeLl them that you are like queens and klngs Give thm self
go esteern so thy behave thrnselves and larn ho'r! to




willbe an ny ar.rr. HowcanyoLrbetyouareapartoiabigtree_



or. \lrRRr^r..

rND (loLL

.rr!rrr. Crrr'r!rrnri


your own, to be on your own js wrong. you have to depend on th big tre, whlch is going to sustain you. Now, on your own is being taught lrofi your childhood .. . '

To th ink yoLr are on

Teach them good manners:




\ r \\

. \ r. ( \x

o N


loo muchofprotctivenessisnotneeded and abandonment is also and what You hav to b if the centre, telLyour chlldrn how to behave

is the good manners are- They should know: "Thcse are bad

n0nners we


t,an da:t. ,^/"


r94 T\

Lts Nr,i



" ao; B"dr"n "

. Sr

or r

. . Even with th children, Vou have to be parient. They'LL htt yoLr, they do anything. woLrLd say, that way tn ndia chtLdrn are treated very (indty, and thy i]re speciaL. They wilLdo what they Like when they are chiLdran, but when ihey gro\,! up w do not have teenaee probLms. We {lo nor have the .6 pF o obta-l n Frp I. p , dr! oo


,!3. O\ (l I LI()oLl

Tett them how to behave: '' . . . For xanrple, now if you ar golng to sonebody s house' the chlLdrn behave are solne with us. Before going we lellthem: 'see n at"/ vou have to gaad Na\\t there prcper1y, aLherwise they'll think thot yaur parents are no we ga therc, yau should nat in any way try ta nisbehave Yau shorltln t ask far anything. Just kee\ quiet.

z. 1,,\NGriAcE
Teach them respect: . . lndians musl ta.h you people how to respect.
are very rnuch respe.ted.

n.jia, I mean parents

llth pareits are lirl(ing, tlre .hildren !,rill keep


ll^r!rN.i (lllll DRr'N rN S,\tsrrl\ Yo.rA

\r5r\c (iiurrrrf\

ir' SArrrt.\ \o.i^


II GINrR\r. AD\r.ri oN (lrri D(^RI

quiet they won

respect And if you lf ihere is no respect, then the r,'rhole society wilL be dstroyd

say anything Everythlng wor(s because



'r p6 I ,.d "p"..0 ^or ,rrl\ ( L. t\' rr L t IL tr Lr(. Ptr'(iR\n. ljnr\i1\r

Have a rapport with them:


A tlA pl,oR f \I t rII



Now how do we have rappori wjth them? See now you take them to the nat!r and see how thy bhave, whar is iheif stvle. what is rheir
flowers or doing some sort ot an aggressive act, just ma (e them sit dor!n. tuLL thm: ./Vo'1, r/hdr /5 rhis flower? Do yau knDW the name of this flot/er? Notr this one, da you knavr' what is that ftowet isU,, mean, many iarents don t (fow themseLves, I don t knou/ ifthey c.n erpLain. Then: ,,Wrdl /s rhts tree?" Look at the natur.
more c0ntent and more dep. tnstead otihat, as soo n as thy se the spac they just start runn ng. you don t kfow what to do with ihrn. tt is because


''... No child shoul.lbe aLLowedto ans',\'erihe parents bac( lfIheyanswer ba.(, glve thm t1,!o sLaps That's aLLowd. Teach lhem to be respeclfuL people' and lftoLr do not teach them, thev'Ll be disresp'tfulio othcr ' other peopLe,,!iLl srnac(

o .l



di g.o'

! oooL I. paoco..d






r \\)(.or

r(rr\r r.(rr!\ir1ri ll'rr

", hate" s hould not be altowed. say ",t is 9ood"' nol "l like lt"l ''... t ls good to tach aesthetlcs by saylng: "This is goad That is good"

Putth .ttntion otlhe.hiLdren on to somelhing whi.h wiLl ma ( the


,si (


\ND()urr lirfr(!.IrrLr

''...YoLrr children mun know how to behave ther'seLves' they must know how io ans$,r, ho!,r rnuch they must taL( '' os. \l^(sr \rir ,\rr)(l.rrL.rrr\ L\. ( rr L\rrr\Lltorr)
Teach them to say "600d

you have not taught them how to be, conrentrated on something very in ierst ng. Now see am sittifg her. I arn watching these stones. iven this wiLl be in [4y Head. See lvhat a bautifuL fibre, just see, iusr se. benLrtifLrt ... Thjs is natLrre. And jt once children start appreciatins it, thtr atteniion will be mor on this than on someihing nonsnsicatyoL see ... .. rerr T,\rr o l()r,J:. (t\NLr i i^
Have rapport about televisionl '' . . . Then also you should be careful about th ielevisio r, the things rhat are shown, or what the chiLdren see. yoLr have to be caref!L and teLL them: ''This is wrcng. This is very wrcng, ond this tlti!lbtinq prablens to us. lfvau

nofiing'good evening'qood night"'

Don't let them ask "l/l,y?" atl the time:



quesllons: and of resp.t. Be.aLrse have seen that children go on asking aggrssive nature' that s atl "tyhy? Wry?" ll(e that You see it s klnd of an quesl ons The\r don I want Lo (now anything lust go orr asklng There s At thal tlme you have to teLlthem: "yor dre tot r' knottv this na nee(l fat yaL:."Youhave to shut them The quieter ch td is much bettcr' who observes. \r\rho learns. But the one $rho is aggressive, becomes laLer Thry on a very wlLd persofality So to see that your chlld is not aggressive
are exhaustlng. Thse children are absoLutely


very sensibL The relationship between the chlld a rd parenls should be

h".""ooo- .ooor^r. .0...,o."




ll1\ r r

i l,L



ro.,t " ,poo",....



Spend more time with the children: ''.. . f the parents have a rapport with children, chitdref wor) t need so mLrch. YoLr nLrst read some proper stories to be totd to .hitdren, taL( to them. if you kepcornpanywilhthen, / don tthinkthey t as( tortoys,too
rnany toys. They would not. They be very sati3fied, bc..use most of them are realized souls. So raLk to ihrn in su.h : man ner rhat rheV .tevelop thir



i {i Y.( r! ( \\.r



;u"'i .rJh" | /n.,, h"".r"- o,i.,. ']rnq.




\r\ \(r a.rirr DRr \

rN s\rr,\1.\ Yo(

\r\rNc ( ir Lr)rr\ r\ S4rr\r.\ )o.;\


(;L\1,r1'\r' AovrLr

')\ 'lrrrr


I have

wil h our chlLdren iound that we don t spend m!ch tirne

5. ID,\c rNciS ,\BoLiT

Nl ARRt,\ciE


o (_rr.rsrrrv


lr I


(l\Nur rR\

Too much knowledge is not necessary:

:i . . in"'"


"i"ritll"rt nD g 4 tsd

' "" """0 a"

," ,etl


will everythins, when thev are grown up ihev necessarv ln the West of (no\rtedge ls not

( rLri)Nr\^\L)Orrrii




Never make lhem .urious about the Mootadharai ''... f the ch Ldren are kept innocent they never ind!Lge nro ir, and thy would never gt into any probLerns whlch are crealed by cLrriosiiy. Never ma (e lhem .Lrrious. YoLr wiLl feet happy, the chtLdren witL feL happy. ard they LL start thelr llle from the very begtnning, or the basis of noraLity_ This ls what yor have to give io your.h tdren, is a proper noraLsense.....

eer E\sLr i P! J\.

Sr r)NL r


ro lrt \'oc;Is

trom childhood we are taught we witl get married:

. YoLr shouldn t aLlow them to be loLrsy, to be LlrIdy, to be Languid, ti(e Lotus atrs you see, or li(e peopLe who have fo smartness aboLrt thern.

they hav 10 behave betir' Let them feet they are Sahaia Yogis: sahdl'd "vo! in"t ," t0".", tJ" .n"utd put ihe idea into them that: 're yagisdndthol's why we aU respect yau There is great work to do:


Now in lndia. how w gei married ls verV simpLe, you se. Fron chitdhood we are ta!ght that we Ll be rnarrled.
So yoLr mLrst leirr I how to llve wjth yoLrr h!sband, and a rnan is at!,rays toLd how to tr-aat your wife. But they don t (now who s the wife and the
Lrsba nd. But lhe h usba nd and wif ts jLrst as . sort of a sVmboL. They don t (now which one it s. Just couLd b anyone. So once you accept her as a dharrna, il comes as a surprise to yoLi, and j!st enjoy. And th r,hote thing is bui i up to a point, to a moment $rhich has to be auspiclous atso . . . '

;;" no. oqoo o o

d"F" c o Lro "' o'o c o^r"o ri "



l\4ataii for evervthing' Tetl them what is good oI bad Thank Shri go lr an other dlrect ,.nl"""Lize them thev nrlght iu",





'!!i S|nr l) \i |urr.!1\ l) (o

Never meet in private:

Resoect for the Photo:

o noooLo o'op '6 bo " ""-. praise glvlng and sharlng Tach "Teach the children to give at!'ravs '
and thm to pteas others, to be gentle wiLh olhers


_... Now lts not fecessary that we do not meet or we meet, sorn


limes the peopL mel, taL( to ea.h other lor one year, maybe that their marriages are postponed, ther s no a!splcioLrs ttrn, rhey gt some tirne to b logether, bui never in privaie. They never meet pr vateLy.

the illother Earth: Teach about dignity and nature, to respect : . . . t* l"* a-t",,il"t ilbout thelr digritv' aboul whal thev are Also the

n"" ",o,o,,,-oo ",t""


oo" o " 1", ''




o' o oo oiio'po d ooouP ooq \rrrrltl e9r l.\r'ri .\ir(ri.!




yo!r husband or $'ife. that's on that point...

That mornnt js kept as a sacred nrornent, whe n you are golng to met a verV sacred moment. YoLr ar.oncentrated

iestS i t) \rl,rt\.\\Nl)


It.\ r\ L\ r;

(lrrrL0 ir\ rN S^rr\1.\ ).( \






(;FNrRAL ADvtaE oN CHlr.D.Anr

Pnacrrcer cenn
practical ad.uice on raising cbildren. Here are guidelines wbich can be applied to m()st ages. In the follouittg sectictn the guidelines wilL concentrdte on specific a8es.

bri Mataii hds giuen alot



No more than ro hours:


:rhrd en o p.


Lrp at 6.oo a.m. is a good idea, ifyou do that thf they'LL be very good and rhe probLem wilL be soLved. think unritrhv a p ooou i roo . ot dBe r tlit (.Irr_Dnr_N r\Lr Or rrr! topr.\. tr(r!

". '5-o...r r'.o,4,don g" up.op i.o."bou. ^oudb-dDo say 8.oo p.m. and wake them h0 -

about 10.oo p,m. or at 9,oo p.m. ll thy sleep, they shoLrld not slep nrore than 10 hours and they .ho 'a o" ow" e - ta tp|h". I hov \'epp dr dDo-. ...o p.n. I .o

no use, the n ihey willsLeep too long. Then ilthey don t sLeep Later on, they gei up very Late. So the bsi thing is to make thenr sLeep at a tlme, say ai

b"oi-. 'o'ono l-ppro.Fr.o, roro ... .e-, ' pr -o-o,, o o.O.h6.^rcp.lrr

2. FooD
Children shoutd not be fussy about food: ".. . Now anothr thjng is that about tood and ait rhat. chitdren should be taLrght from chjLdhood not to be very fussV about tood bca!se if you fuss aboLrt their lood then children become fussv. But if vou do not fuss, then







\r ,\ ,\'rt:1. oN ( rr Dl,\rt'

I)Rn.ri.\r (


\r!re n higher ducatlon' lhey say, by bus or anythlng tater on when thev ,,\';ulcl go wlth friends The saletv oichitdren ha5 everv\rhere to be loo(ed
after ln this negativ



,si \(

ror \n\iLrr

Men must spend some time with their children every day: - . . . And also rnf sho uLd understand that they ir!st ev'"fy day sprd som are so time wilh their children. t s extremeLy important, be'ause children ' reLaxlng...



ir(Srrtrr \lrr r\Ln^|L \.I l

to your heart, to whom are you going to do it?: '' . . . And then ihe child, ,,!hat does he \"rant? He wants lo feEl ihat som little blt' bodv wants him and someborly loves him. and also pampers h m a
It doesn t go wrong.

lf you don't love and kiss your chiLdren and hug them and take them

j, Mo\Ey


l) \\,oR(

Nolhing is going Lo go wrong wlth a child lf you panrpr hlm tsa whom wrong idea, absoLuteLy wrong. lf yoLr do not pamper your ch ldren' chiLdren and hug are you golng to pamperi lvou don t Love and klss vo!r ' their and take them io your heart, to $rhori are you golng to do it?

,-s l)! irr\(r llrr\rLrl\\L



( \rrL)rll\r

toys: What abaut plaslit toys for the (hiliren is thot a bad lhina? ''...Notverygoo.l lorthem Also these pLasl c napklns vou Lrse for chlL dren, are not ncessary. Then you se you becorn lnattftive to childrer'

It is not prestigious for a child to go and earn money : ''...They're small chlLdren, young girts of twetve years, earty ir the mornlng, going abo!t distriburing rhe rhings (nwspapers). So rhe ]1/tothr sald: "What s wrang?" | .ouldn t answr the quesiion. Butto an ndian mlnd jt cannot come, be.ause, ,,O h Gad, a twelve vear ald child, early in the narning ta get up dnd go outa,, lt s too m uch to bear, to undrstand, to felthat your own ch ild, which is tweLve years oLd, hi!s to
for h s own Living, at th is smaLl age wh n he has to ptay arou n.l. That's the tim for pLay... ' i er! L)I r.rrL \r r,l]l r\ I \ ll\\rrNr) \\, \r. (.\\ri)\ H.\r r
ea rn

put also wlth that. I meaf tovs thev pLay for a whlL but stlLl someLlms they of thlngs m ade o!t it in rhe mouth and ... fVou se, chlldrn are more fond Bul lh pLastlc loys \'rhlch are covered rrlith of cloth or rnarl out


cloth are atlright. Not so dafgeroLrs ,.rr I\r ' rr) \()( !. ( \\3' Rlrr


Let them do the worl(:

course you shoLrLd never pay lor chlLdren s wor(. lthey u/on( then they ar working for thenrseLves. lt is a verv bad habit to pay t rem for doing so m work. They are not laboLrrers... rrNollrRRr\.ir \ND(orLr( \ I I r . ( . I r L I \ I I \ \ I li(i \r)

' ... 0l


R,\ \ L\. (.H!rL)Rr ! \

S,\ rr.\

l.\ Y()(r,\

It.\rsr\(i (lrLr.r)Rr\ r\ S^rirt\ \'o(i,\


Aovrcn AcconorNc

ro AcE

trc of the chaLlenges we fdce as pdrefits is to coltst.tlttly adapt ctur

attitude toutards chiltlren as tbey grou., older. Shri Mataji has also giuen us aktt

of specific aduice tn hout to



these cbdnges dnd hou tct chtnge cwr relationsbip with our cbildrut ttccortlin5l

tu fhcit Jee. l'ractt,al


r. : .i J/1

ittcludetl for edch dge gtoLtp.



r.r' .\( r-otrLir\r; rr) A.;r

r)\ r(ir..\r.(i()rDiN.; ro ,\(

Pns cNaNcv
Special btessings of God: ''... And trmendous things happn when a woman concelves a ralized soul. But even n non.real led souL: when a rnother ronceives her lace just starts gLowing. You can se sh s.reating sornthlng. lt s th spcciaL bless lnss of cod whi.h .ome on her . . . '

,N. L r '


. . . After marriage, don't hurry up to have rhitdren. Think it over properly and then have chiLdren. When yoLr have a proper placc 1o Live in, and allthat, then have chlLdren. WiLlbe a good idea

,s.i \T\kir,\.;

rr.(.rrr L\r\rr l{r)\i)

What are these figures for and who is interested in your figure?: '' . . . ll on ,,,roman in ndla doesn t get a child, she wlLL go and weep and ask every god and every prophet and everyone th at she shouLd get a .h ild. While in Gernrany it ls goirg toward minus fiv percent growth now They pay to a wo nen who has five children as much as the Prlme l\4inlsier or even more than that, bLrt she won t have, she says: "1'll lose my fiqurc." Whre are yoLr going to take ths figures, don t undersland. What are these figures for and who's inlerested in your tigures? .. '


\r\il i)r)


ll rrr. \1,tri\

Avoid looking at eclipses: '' . . . lf you sEe an eclipse during pregnancy you


(EcLipses are astronorn

tio nal eflecis according to lnd ian

calevefis which tr;dilion)


iesr l'l'l{(i\Lr


{.\ \\( t lr,\

Avoid too many setting suns: '' . . . lf you sec a seiting sun during prgn.n.y for

long tirnes, then voLr can qet chlLdren whose eyes are vcrv

p'rlo'l and manv




l{,\r! N(; CIllrr)RLr rN S.\rrAJ\ Yo(;^


\r\r\.r ( I


\ r\

S.rrr rr

r l "t


Lll \r'\ 1t \r ' 'r rr

on of pregnancy' avoid sitting directty During the first three months
Read books about childcare:

the floor or on the earth'

Avoid antibiotics:


to educate oLrseLves in the absnce of

iao'-d ' (rr" q

ataji advised reading books about pregnancy and childcare in order

senstbLe parentaL a.lvic-" whi.h in a soriety such as tnd ia would be avaiLabLe (ihe grandmothr pLaying an


.",,"^,;, ""."'",

, .ou !.Fr d_, "


60 d rv you can get




,s l AD!J(. (,J\Li\ o l\{oIu.R\

Tal(e a daiLy walk:

lil'lt.\1r: Ir iL. Nr!(r\ Tr'\


Think about noble thing5:


:'ll':#;";;" r;;;"li 'o*oi"


b thinkrns about nalre,^thr's'





n, ,o,n.lhlng so that yotlr thoughts Lne ni'c ,

towards God and when


Shrl Matajl has advised a daily walk in the par ( or coLrntry throughout the entire pregnancy li the nrother is fit and hatthy and th pregnancy normal, This, Shri A,4atajl expLains, wiLL heLp towards an easier Labour {This advtce may lndicale th at it is heipfuLlfthe Svradisrhana chakra is ctearl.

rSr ADlr.r (,


o i\lorHr.R\

^l .ri" tn"t dav lhe ,r" il'ot, ""0 /o ,a,F Do o 'hlld "ll " gooo n'8' o ' "r' o a,,0":g a verv it out and thal ls ho"! a child 'an be i"rt, t", ',"rk "i"riir" on" / O.",ooao'"n',.Fn o'F. "r-ra'DD ! HooL !rt\ Crr LLDtr!:. hRt'!r\' 5'




o r' d d''o 'r' I

e dr" l'i


i "- ^^^ """ is condilione'l,so-aLt the good

The mother gives you much more than you knowr ''. . . But the mothr who is your own rnoiher, whom you know as your own molher, who givs yo! physical blrth is the mothr who givs you much more than you know of. Berause her bLood has a vtbralton and,/,rhen sh gives you her blood, she gives yoLr her vibrations. She gives you her sustenance, she gives you her dsire and aLso she gives you a push ii your evolution ifshe ls an voLved person...

Good mentat and sPiritual health:


Tr[ \1or Hr!

kepl clean and

Posiilve r9tl,\o\ .L (ir\r\ ro Nloirrr Rs

hearth is that the mother s mntaL and spirrtuar "

: .W'.,p P ,goi_Po ' "r'c^i' "'r" 'trr / 'aPP, o , o'b" \' " i 'oI o a'''
9sl,\D\'rcf (lr\ L,! ro i!lorrLLN!

chlld. Th mind has to




Rr\ r\ S^HrlA Yo.iA

It.\rsrN(j (lrrrr.r, irir rN S'\rr'\l^ \irG^




,\D!r( r A..(oRDi\(, ro '\.ir


\D\ r(:r .\.r_oRr)r\.i ro ,\rir

FR cl,r'r

o- z yEARs




When a child is born:



the most irnpressionabte...

nost jnporiant ilm is when chiLdren are born becd!se ..

rrSa.,\r^ (.r r)N( I r)n \,\'rLNN\ lor the lirst torry days after the birth, slaV inside: '"0-o o,o ,4 n re., n,,,o,.or. .roo.t rrs6 \D\ (.1 1)N(.r Drl \,\irNN\



mo nths after th birth, you .houlJ lool .fte lhFr /erv L etlr y. ther than parnts shoLrLd not to!.h the child. to I mor lh5 No kissing, yo! shouLd iot touch the.s (in as s uch. After I mo n rhs you .an glve the baby to others, carefutLy .



Altr I rnonihs, et others take the chit.l, not you. They rnt st stt w:rh other pople, open thetr hart to others ... ..


lp r"1 ._.. vLo 4e F,

.a D oo". ooo. , ,"
... ..

eriy then his rvtootadharn irnproves

roi a o.


much (li(e saying good morning). tl ls the most impre!sionirble:ge tor rsped and nobLer teeLings ... ..

,on. dno..-,.. h" ...8-r'" drn'l h-,o"p, "o,, o o\!o op .p,6._ota ert \i^ rr.\(. r)rr\.\ \!



Il,\j'LNr: (:Hr r)Rr\ N S\[:\]^ Yo(j,\



\ L\



Ar)\Il r A..onDrNL ro \(,f

Be dedicated but not attached:

Look properLy .lLer lhe ch Ld for j years. B dedlcated b!t not attached. Look physlcaLLy after then . .. You have to serve childrn, pay at



tention to them b!i,,,r shouLd not give too much attentlon, they have to pLay wlth themselves . . . We shouLd not too mLrch cuddle oI keep the chlLd
on the lap. Take th .hiLd only whef necessary. Let hlm play

""" c " :""'" 5hoLr/d propertv lhF bdbV


d'. ,



Take the child onLy when necessary: ' ...0nc the child has aLlits'neds seen to, (changed nappy, fed etc...),

,J, ^"d a rrrrArrr.r

" ",;""

be Lh dtrer e.rrh

yr\ |) ),1()||

"; a,.or









he shouLdn

be picked

Lrp alL

the tlme as this encourages the ego to

Avoid wind producjng foods when breastfeeding: .'.


r93r lD\ r( r: C



trloiiri r\

o.ou,.'"".'''"" iL"""., ;;:;;,


Avoid coLd drin (s anct omtt a

,!,rit,\rr,(.r.(iJ\ r ro \toIl

ffi] ;[:: l:i:"r'"::l: :i::: ",'




Too much heat from the parents:

not be carrled allthe tlrn, (one hour in rnorn in g, one hour if the vnlng), otherwlse theV get too much hat fron the parents. Pui h m to Lie down on lr'lother Earth ... ' esa ,\rrr..r o\ (lHr DRr.N. \rn.NN \


The baby sho

u Ld

has to be taken with porridge or crisptes or some ring Li(e thal Food for the mothen

Wfn breastfeeding, th mother should not

(e nitk directLv bur ir



Never leave child aLone anyrrhere. No lonllnss. They nrust sleep ln

r. ,,-"o .,.0.rr ,""";".;:, "";"":;:"""i"- ": ""","lsweet bal s ii sug.r 5yrupl


For Lhe mother. some good Jnd alvrsab e


j 5.roi^ir!I r

lt is good to start immedlateLy



ofthe chitd. _... Now lei us see what does the mother provide !s \!iih? Whai part of our belng she is. ,,,ro!ld say that sh is everything. But yorr personaL nother urho has glven you this birih, th s body. Your own rnother t!ho you (now very clearLy that she is your mother. As you know she givs you the
Feel the vibrations

have problem to accept it Later...

the bottLe so that babis don t

. . Whn babies have conslipation, first is l hat the mothr shorldn t h.ve constipation hersell 5he .ai take black raisins or prLrnos f.,ith orenge j! i.e or boiled mit( in th night...


nourishment when you are ln lhe foetus state. And later on lx,hen you grow up, she glves you all the physlcal nourlshmeni ihat is feded for your growth and she nioys lt. Otherwise she feels ovelburdefd. Sh wanis to give ii and everyore apprclats that. t sil colledive enjoyment. lt s go ing on and it couLd be sen from alL the painiings of the worLd, alL over the world in every language, ln every country, every Ieligion ... _



0ne shouLd stop breastfeediig aftr 10


!\. TIr \1.rrir r


R\ sr\f (jrIjr L)rrn \ Srrr,\J.\ Yo(


\ s r\.,



AD\ rcL AccoRDr\(; ro


lRo\r c I YF^n\

COW's MILK _. You can ..



sta( giving cow mllk after I rnonths but you have io give a bii (Like one feed a day). Give fulLy boiLed milk mixd with h,ater to-

Anything put in the mo!th m!st be washed. Throw away LhinCs fatLe;o;
the ground and wash your hands. Make sure the chiLd gets enough caLciLrm (see for products availabL in your coLrntry. tt can be homeopathic)

gether in an lron pot, otherwise the child tan get diarrhoea or.onstipation or cold and runnY nose . . . "

the milk and the water:

When you give cow mlLk to the bables (after 1ir months) always bolL the milk and the water together in an iron poi. Th mlLk should be a llttle

Feeding bottLes sho
u Ld

3. NIASsAG! 'Lero. noor'J

, op..

po(JJ t/,

be prefrably made olglass (not pLastic).

WEANING (startingto give solid food) Give gradualLy havy lood. Starl wlth bolled watr after one month, then glve juices, then solld food after six months (llke rice and nroong daal
coo kd

a day until 5 Vears.

important untiL the ag ot 5 years. t\,4assage babies turice a duy (on." ui night and once dLrring the day ). TWo times a day LrntiL 6 months, and once

"q..\,1".."g.e 1"



Between 6 and 10 months: Babies are to be weaned at six months and fully we.ned at approxlmately ten months. Alllood shouLd be naturaL, no packaged or artificiaL food is to be given. Shri l\ilaiali adviss that the first waning foods shouLd be ric mashed up with suRar and mil(. Do not start babies oflon cLrrd (yoghurt).


AD\rcr. (irvr

r . !lorrrrRr

Add sali to the lood ln a proper way. A bit of bLllter also. lt has to be tasty. llyou can, Lrse a slLver spoon rather than a pLastic on.
Feed on a regular basis: Shri l\,lataji has stronsty advised us to feed on a reguLar basis fron the beginnlng and to establish a flexlble routine for lhe

massaged, the body mLrst be rnassaged, then they becorne qLriet. Secondly, I find that this portion of head, if jt is fot covrecj property with olL, the n they get into troubles. What yoLr have to do is to put sone oit on this palt on the lontanet bone area, quite a tot on the sides every day and push it there llke that, and it yorr want you can ,,1,ash the hair_ fyou don t lr'ant you need not wash, but it can be Washed atso wlth shampoo or something which is not so ... someihing vry soft tike get some baby shanrpoo or something, bLrt the best thing would b to pur th oit, rhar s lrnportant. Oiling is besi d one in the fontdnlarea and ityo! oitthem prop rly you urilL b surprised, they wi be vry quiet chtLdrn and they !,/on't

Massage of the head is atso ver y impo(anl: ''. . . One thirg you nLrst nsist on is th massaging of the bo.lv. that s im po o' n. ldoo '.F Ld'qol op6.E.6,.d., p d Dpo op,.,

j9Ni .i (l I Drr.N r\

r)JIr r


rri !.


has been stressed that, to a reasonable dglee, they should adapt to our Life.styles and should not begln to rule usl


rrrit Arr

.r (ir!rr

ro i\1orn.k\

Massage the head wirh oit, best is coconut oit: ''. . . Also plt olL on th fortanel bone area and of the s dcs. Every day. t makes the chiLdren quiet... '


R,\rsrNL (lHlLr)trr N r\ SArrAJA Yoc,\


SAH^r,\ Y.(; \



lll - AD!rc! Ac(ioRLrrNc ro


lRoM o tr Yf.rR\

onlo lhe head ol rhe babv' Put oil in the nose, ears and

4. Cr-orHrNG
Only pure cotton next to the skjn: Shri lMataji has jnsisted on the importance fo nat!ratfibrs. onty pure c",,o" ,nor,o o" *lilu-lniLdren ol!'raringxooTo
cLorhes shouLd cover the small indentaiion in the colLar bor

1- t;;',"-"""

hoor,o .arro

oo oud/o'lo'rrq

into the ears and the noses ofthe children'" c',.l i"rl" .atd that I don t know

wfvl* 0""?': 1"1;:::: ii" ri" orL ;;'*",.;;;:, *;t not put * in "' l":1t tl:.t-l:::".10,i:l: ,o 'r'r!\ o' ,0 l lli ""1 1:, i ""r u a^ :::J ; ". .' ;;: ;" ' r'":" "": p,i u"v ;::;:;Ji;::;iili;;n* irrnr' soz rr,,o' aort-',fl:1: I:: :::i " ::' "ir'"'n'r' :::; ;')J- ;; il:;; ',ol ljT:::iji:: p.r'qar''d\oqd ;;,.". ^-'-*,'"'"" r: it ' ,; :1j:: ;"J;" to pui lot of oil in .t"l 1rou must trv
li r"r,it "",t ",""e, " -qt' no;"lp'e 6r.eoar'r Il",o aooD' oo/dor ;.":.".,"*"o

;"; ;iT:J:"I:i|;;;l;:;,1:1H , o ,( ,i. 0, ,-""""" ";:.; J": ".,"0^"", rglir lo!J.L CJr!N ro r\t{r.HIss

rr''od ".-g

n'FFenr 'no"



after the rnassage Put the child in the morning sun (but not th face or the head directty)
Do not use babv

1" ";:;;:;-,:;;";:

oils without vitamins: ;d Jc"c dai / o



prv oooc

o'i p ',d

i,",i".,,'.oro "'11"'oo \,ad(5dgF^'

Nlo ri!L(s ! 981 .\D!r'i!: CiLvLi ro

." ;;:1,.":;;;;;";,;trno;d'

the mustard or ghee or butter but not



i "n' Do oleoi"o neo'10^aro' tsPc"h''o

attentjon, and thse are the times when they are dbsoLuttv

tknowwhatdGeasstheymayhaveoltheirs<in,noonereaLizesthis is the (ind of panfles you are using, the kind of Lhings yo! are using for them, lt s very dangerous. don t know what s going Lo t,app"n to tn_elll. The ihings they are using, you nevr used thrn when you were young! bLieve lvle. and these ar the tinres when thy reaLly require compte[


fibre. tt s very dangerous, it s vry bad for th"ir.ki" Wh;;;;;;;;" y0ung you used colton, you had miLls of cotton f,er", una wlV giue tii, horrible stLrftro your childrn, which you nevr hadf SV,t ,ir"i;"V gr"* Lrp to yoLrr age, they wiLl hav aLL bLotches " oi their facs. They,Ll

Artificial materials are very dangerous: ''... mean we don t think that children can t bear these artificiaL man mad

b; ...

,. -r't



Cotton nappies:
Regarding nappies, use cotton ons as thev are much better for vibratjons. However, in situations Like sninars, programs or trave ifg where washing facilltjes are very poor, !{,e can use the disposabLe ones as a ternporary
I eN

Ma5sage for skinnY babies:

- r""nor" rn' "t' :''lT;'" ;;"; rF' d " or 'el' oDed I " /o ' o'ld ni,o "l,r' , bur'' B">'r' o I ; "", "-" "0"n'"'Ln,*'noeu"op'ar"dqp rrith saffron (ror the '.1', -oo'a- and can be r'ixed ^iLnq1""o ";,. iil";t ; ;;;' is th best


crvr\ ro \lo.


9S6 AD\ L.ri



LDRr! VrL'\!r

Use cotton nappies. You can put some cotiof in thrn to absorb. tt shoutd be breathing and with no stitching. use disposabLe onLy ityou are goins



R,\rsrNc CHTLDRtN rN SAIl'U^ Yoc'\



LrRLN rN SAH,\J,\ Yoca



,\L)\ rcr. A(:(.o(r)r\.r ro r\l


l'Ro r . : Yr \N\


two piece outfits are preferable end at the ankle n cotd weathe! to one.piec ones. The garment shouLd fet make sur the Nabhl chakra is ',\,elL covred, and keep the had and covered. GlrLs should be dre5sed llke girls, in dresses or Punjabisuits' and (ir\r\ ir)nlorr! n\ bovs should be dressed Like boys.
To alLolv a good fLow of vibrations,


5. ToYs
NaturaL fibre toys: wood' Regarding toys, these sho! Ld also b made of natural fibres such as Plastic tovs do not have good vlbrations and should be avolded

It is better for chitdren to have fewer toys of better quality than tots of inferior ones: ''... Ptanic s sornelhlng that pnetrats into evrything' lnto everything' girLwouLd hav We also give too rnany toys 1o our children. ln our days, a the plasiic toys, the rrhole room is onLy one doll or iwo doLls no\,! But now fille.i u/lth lt- You have to lust wa{le through to find yoLrr child; alL thls' so
Prhaps we avold havlng rlalionship with our chiLdren to rhern. !.re hav no tlme, so give them some toys, slop them a diversion. And thal's hovr !re don t knorr! our chlLdren at ,r: T\ Li ro \'()i L\. (:\NrLrR \

Wedon'ttal( there Sort of


There should be no loneliness for a




SecondLy, never Leave VoLr child alone anywhere. Larn ir lesson.


6. SLr.!:FING
The best ls ii the chltd sleeps ln his bed, but ln thc sanre roorn as th parents parent s bed (in crib) So keep the ch ld in the parent s roorn but not ln the

Th chiLd shouLd sLep in the room ol the parents until 5 year old or with other chlldren (ln ashram)

yoLr shouLd not Leav the chtLd aLone_ you .an Lave it with sornebody who can Look after the chlLd, who can rLrn a cr6che, r,ho can do somthing ofthat (in d. BuL pay aftention to this po nt that there shouLd be no LoneLiness for a child. ChiLd musl be made to steep in yo!r room, maybe anothr cot, rnay be crjb. When sLightly grown up, he srjLl shout.t be wirh vo!. tf rhere s a grown up or another child or some au nt or somebodv sLeeping with him it is fine. But don t rna (e children fel that they are LoneLy. psy.h.ilogicnlly it wiLLaffect, and also phys caLLy there couLd be a probtcm. n ln1:lir we never, never never aLlow our chlldren to be alon, do Vou know thatT. '

At any cost

5(.ror.\n\|r, rgli

ItrisrN.i Cl|rrr)Rr.\ rN S^ll^l,r )i){;,\

It.\r\rN.j (lirr r)rr! iN S,\liJ\ )o(ii


Ll I

ADVT.L \( LoRDI\c ro l(;r

l r,r \L o I \r\h\

(to be Drotectd kom negativitY) Parents should sleep with clothes good vib;ations (not an old one)' The bed for the child must have
verV early' ln chiLdhood children get up

sn e Ll, mouth smells. With allyour deveLopment, children have no sense of personaL cleanliness . . !9r f N,\i T{r r. tr (\ oor)


Soft shampoo: Wash th head with solt sharnpoo, ltke baby shampoo.
Eyes: Test the child s eyes and pul KajaL. For hom made KajaL, burn camphor and coLLect soot on a s Lver plate. Add ghee, rn x and put it in water. Then strain it af d pLrt lt in a box and appLy evry day.

":i:,;;l*::.; -:":: :: :1:",:::'";, ".it*;l; "' 1'I '" "":":;;':;:: ';,: : '" ;"" ''" ' ,0",.*"" lr ihe s[V !F ci.s
6o o'""e /o F" opooaoo i o'\ou p""" 'n n6 'lo ni o roaoD6 ' ^;";',;,.jr oeo Notn'"g nr a;o n''d "':' o' drni' 'no goo0 r> eqd oeo )o ' "L' P " r)trrit' Q! \ri ri i9st l)L\ I oIr\'i
such bauty

and wnv am

L 5L


Keep the nails

ofth babV clean.

Face: Wash th fare

ofthe baby $rith bread soaked in rnitk.


7. PHYSIcTL cARl'l:
Rarh and

tift the ch ild from under his arms (arrnpits). Do not ptck rhe baby up under the arms as this can damage his shouldrs and b very painfuLfor him. HoLd him at the LeveL of th chest.

urhn bathrng the bab! we sho!ld


leep I


:" o-od od'oo " '


^ r"r'd

d r



F o

. i..o

d .

,Sr AD!r.r (i !.\ ro NlorIi n\

Brushing the hair: BrLrsh ng the hair sho uld be done even if thelr isn t verV mLrch. Brush it fiom the lront to the back on top ofthe head and upwards
towards the Sahasrara at the back and sides. This is io open the Sahasrara and encourage the growth ofthe hair.

is necessarv r,oth everv daV Daily oll massage




o r"


\L\ ro \lorrL'N\
, oaii. e.io
n" .

aontact and cLeanliness:


^; ;: ""^ ,, .oioo dd i'ir,'{r'


.:" "1""':"""""",:-;." :'":: d-"


po ,6 . o. "

or o


r3r AD!r.1.(;r!.\ ro r\1oriri


.i",l"i::i ,,,,;: "" ;1";."".


1: ":"1'""

" ",r.""": ; **,1" ro"r'o., ..u" ""."'',,";,""..,o^.o "1" o "b_. ,'" ' " t- 1 "o.,.r,.o/do.",op ,cr"o. .""",". .;,".".o.o " '"11i. : , ,:": '" r".;, "",,"


'" '" j,



o'1' ', ^"



"".,-ii"i, you tellthem theV'tl Llse paper' they rrvr ' tstLt Itr


rhy iL,si rse.pap,


The Brahmarandra is the most important part of a human being: ''.. . So lt s a very dangerous thing to make everyone pLrt their hands on this pLrLsaiing iontaneL bone area h'hi.h we ca LL as TaLoo. TaLoo ls the Brah' rnarandra and it is th most important pa( of a h umar blng. 5o everybody shouLd be very carelul before thy touch there. YoLr have to be a realized soLrland you have to knor! how to do lt, means you have to be a Sahaia yogl. So for your chiLdren when they are bo rn, you have to be calelul


!ri r l)P Dr.r




I r rr^



rr \\rL{l'Yr"

ll^rsrN.: (lrrrr.L)Rt\






A.(:oRDI\c lo A(;L

|Ro Nr o


Those things which are harmfuL to hurnan bings must be givn up: '. . . For a reallzed sou l, if you put the hand of a prlest who is nol a raLized souland \,rho is not properly entltled to do it, chitdren gel lnto problems I o pr"" be o r- .o-i .. -e D- o-e nn/, I pi orJ -- ^p o d d we had to cure them. So, one must !ndersland though it looks llk a very lradltlonaL (baptlsm) or anVthing ll(e thai, one must see that those ihings ,r!hich are harmfulto human beings rnLsl be given up r8 r

,;il; sh,j

Thin body: "-.,. tl th chitd has a thin body, find out about hi

chandrana s mant,a

il fi,.":i ,;i;;; i";;,;;:X;;jl:h::: ,lil';lli"l,t,illxxii;"']::lf

,+ ,]






l:i:liJii::T:,Jj:,,". :: "^' .'- ;ir' oie ":"1:;, "';.:"; contains vitamin :#, ::".,;;'ili"i"J,i :":';: ,ff$:1":j,'l;;l::*l: :1i: anj j1 . in the evening [it
r86 A NJ.! oN (jlr LDrr
N. \,rrNN1

*n", *" i,""il"l"ll,ljl, *", *" - "; " " i l',i"" :iTl^lii r"

:i^c?r aby s liver.

has a uver say the

shrl [,lataji has advised us to get th child vaccinated against chiLdhood dlseases, as thls heLps 1o strngthen them against negat vlty lf you feel
that the chlLd has ben a tittLe bit alfected on vlbrations by the vaccine, yoL can work on th left S!,radisthana wlth a candle
For the teeth pain of chlLdren you can use e


and coli(: | - rn.r rd ,/o.o-,b"bF..d Fp,pFri-.,eaorob. .)F61 "r. w,th^-do d.o,, \, M",.r,q"/" .,, "r, "";"";;,;::;

rRrA, M, \r ov "n ".w",",^:nq P ace For

\l Al\^rN

Stevemen s Powder or ivory

hod, Bi np'..".

this on the b,rbv s ndvel w rh d warmed ^d !_d'o

,r /ou..e I o, b/

I ,n" , tn d o,v




To give the durnmy a Little

blt is alright but try 10 (eep it alray as soon as


Ltu te d qood handFul sevral t mes d d2v Ano r Fr,goo r ,"v



possible (lt s bad for th teth).

Vlshuddhi treatment is better'


o . , ,hd .. .,M",oj, h"


Toilet training:



e"a r'red idur'i,



rr,,inooi -Fd l,ndrno

You can start tolLet tralning at the age of 2 or months. lvlake a sound shhh.. and it becorn a reiLex,,\rhen touchlng the pot TemperatLrre: When th chlLd has a temperature or is inltabl or teething trv to give natural rerndies instead ol Paractamol (PanadoL)

rwa -

- spd\


^irh g .hp dno

Lod..U.p, .o, oao,,<d-inr. g^drpr .dbo.r.p.Ano ordi^o,


.6poc i

-dn"id \o8.. co\p .Fen .h,tr ,4,p.

Whn child has diarrhoea give some tea of fenneL seeds and rnint together with a Little bit of sugar, twlc or thrice a day

(ilyou can get it only wirh alcohot).

d cRrr. \x. r:n 1\ r!orl 1r color l /'on o e lo'wo I on h\ o , ./.', o_t rt. ono./ B,rpp !,v 6 o' be o;.pn ,w, p o ody bL, , r o .,o b- oo,t.d hrsr


llAr!r\c Crr-DRr,\



Hrr r)r rN JN S^u,\J^ \'oGA




Ac.oRDr \.i r0 A.rr


rcr: Ar..rorDrNl:r ro A..F

r. PHysrc,rl c^Rii: IRo\! lrlJ6 (jIjDtr r\Es toR SAHAI,\ \i)c^ lrrucArro\,
Massage the chitdren until they are 6 years old. PLrt oiLln their nose and ears. put oil in the hair at njght.


Sahaj techniques:


chiLd is ovractive, l]se Sahaj technlques and put ice on ihe Livr. Put vibrated water in their drin (s a rd !se vjbrated sugar.

Brush their teeth: Rub the gLrms wtrh yo!r finger (!^rirh a drop ot otive and a little bir ofsatt if yoLr wan0.



thn how 10 dress themsetves (atter t) and keep their th ngs nicely. Give them colourfuL dresses, noi bLac ( or with dLrt dusiy coLours.

Chan nas (chickpeas) are good: you can give thm instead ofsweeis.

Give your child to others:

. . I think that's one ol the reasons whV idtans become .ol ective very fast, is that in chitdhood, !,rhen we are raisins chii.Jren, or


popte have children, it is regarded as bad mannrs ro ta (e vour own chiid in the presence ofoihers, absotutelv bad manr c,s. Say now aboLrt My daughters. When thev were taken to t"ly in iaws I couldn t ta(e thenr in tr']y tap xcept for thc mtt(, -lso whn was

nursing the baby. So thy have ta .a',/: "Naw yau bettet nurse." would never demandr ,,6iye ne the .hild, 1'll take her" lleve. I is rgarded irs bad manners ... .. irri Sr ir (, \Nr:rrr tJull


RrrsrN(, CllLr-DRriN r:! SArAld Yo(i^


(ljrj ri) 1i\ iN Sarr.\t,\ \'t)(;r



Arrc oR

D rN

c ro


fRoNl r r. Yr{H\

ln the Ashram: After


2 years,

lfthey llve in an ashrar'' they can sleep ln a

,""r-*Orra* U"- tf,"


coltectlvely' nrilh other chiLdren and an

rRoM r986 Curorrrxts r.on Sra_.UAyoc,\ EDUcATIoN. RoMF

Show balance in giving attention:


You have to serve them, pay atiftion to them b!i w-6 shoutd not give uch attention, they have to pLay wlth themslves . . . ,.




oo nolgive too much ltnowtedge: : .. -ott'"r*1r", tt poot thing. she (the mother) didn't know what to do' " to ce that the child is happy sh hras trying to ptease him allthe time lust don'ttalk' iust stop tatklng' unC ao*ni aitrtg, tutthat's notthe way Just

Don't give them too many choicesl

With food for example, or.Lothes. t can Lead to an lncrased ego. (e.g. don t ask him if he wants crispies or porrldge but say: Here is soie
parents g ve him is good for him.)

poffidge for yau today".Ihis $'ay the chiLd Learns that whatever the

to ask: "14lhv?" ll's very The questions also Chlldren should not be allowed job to ask you questions all the n"t" ," ,tO "*ryl'. lt's not their big style, because it's vry wrong That gives a very


tlme. fhats not thelr ego to them from vrV childhood want to know about What are they asklng with"!v'hyl"? Why do they

''...fhiLdrenshouldn'tbeallourdtoask: "ttryl,,. tisvery$rrong,jtgivs them go from vry chlldhood ... '

The constant asking of questions shou ld not be tolerated. Not until the age of six. Ask thm the questions, gtve thenr probLms to solve bLrt they shouLd nol troLrble you with questions.

everrlnlner G dd d ,\ p\prr'on" .- .-


"", "Io,orouoreqonq ihat ls on the road' thisT:"ihat is this?" T;ere is no need to tllevrything lt's a kind of pestering that *n1n ,l"Vt" g.*n up thev'tl know about it sav that this is tt',"v a*"iop,i pottutlng lemperament, ihat vou should
this tree. thls is that. What's the use of rven wnen thev are grown up you have to tellthem that thev forget? telling thern in their childhood aLso, aLtthese things


"\erv' nq r1"vw a




- A"a i'

. . lt is good to teach asthetics by saying fhis is gaad. That is qaod" but they must not learn: "l like, t like it', .. .'


with too much ofkno'r\rtedg' necessaiy.fhe chitarenshoutd not be pushed into thelr heads' they will aLso b"."r." itu"" o*f, a" tuch ol knowtedg ' become confused and then they witl be in troLrble '


it' is not too much of knowledge, filling it in the head' injecting

"/ hote" is not allowed.


rrsi Cr!rLDt!\ ^iD OrFM





b" odrh.(or, dnqr.q"l"..ooo " /qooo

We must say "God doesn't

/ rdte' is another word that shouLd not be aLlowed. Hote,, Thisis very wrong word. Children sho!ld never tarn such a bad nord. t should

thy are grown up they wlLL There is no need ro tlL everything When is not necssary Ln the West know about things Too mLrch knowLclg (llke names of ih grass' we give them too much unnecessary knowLdge ' to eic-..). Don't teach them what ihey don't need

Iike", not "t don't like".


l iiH , e8 j Ci rrLDN ! r\Lr O rr dt lorL'\'


R^r\rNc CrIr

r !rRL.N

!N 5.\Ir^JA Yoc,\

RA rs

N.; CH l.DRf\ rN S^rrAIi YocA



AD!rcr r\c.oFDr\G ro ALr




Disciptine before 6 Years:


und again lwould request you, to ar with you Also lookin; after ther. ln a proper, senslble mannr lillthey

be very kind


4. Tr,lcnrNcs
IMe bv

,n n.l" oar"',"'.o Foi

seLf slen they have no slf_esteem at alt. lf you give thn the very well By sayirg: "Yau are speciol surprised they lL start behaving like that childrcn,yau are SahaiYagis, yau can't behave othewise at Ho\arthey have to be. There has to be some disclpllne' you starl it' it Iakes sone age of six years you cannot start, and vn if

r!/ovrroora4 Bver'-grh61 gr'' lhpI ,et erroer, ,ouo.o ahoto \ aoi< | ou ot " /n! l /o oo_ you ll be

neatness, discipLine. Most important time, yoLr put alL impressions. you can find out their taLents but don t force everything on every chiLd. Encourage what they like... "

From 2 to 6 years the chitdren are highly impressionable: '' . . . From 2 to 6 years yo! teach them seLf respect, cLeanLiness,


D!r.L: oN Crlr





tlme . ..


991 FINnr T,rr'(,



Do nol glve the childrn attention when they do sweet things,

leI oD" or!.pr ..0 c io-.

t. l\Rt\r. L\l l \l\o r'l\lRAl ADur l oN I Hlr Lr' \kl' ."& r!so CLrtDrr-lfir'.s roll SALIAI^ Yo(ir\ EDLrcA r roN' Roi\1E
Don'ttakeyour own chitd in the presence ofothers all the time' ''...Cive the thild to others so that thy Learn that there ar othr innocent in their relations posslble thar with parnts That makes them
relation with others- othelwise they get funny

. .

is good ondwhatis bad. The chiLd often tries to attract attention. lf h does something wrong, Like saying bad words, ignore it; then he witL forget. Pay attntion to good



o TheyshouLdn'tfrighlenanyoneoranything{Likewithanimals.sna(es..). . Let thm ieelthy are Sahaja yogis and that they have to behave better,

Watch oLrt for sLynss. tnnocnt mischief is sweet. Slyness js huriing.



. .

Never punish the chitdren in pubtic Never shout' don't Listen after 3 tinres then punlsh . Give them notlce 3 times. lftheV in the presence olothers " ihem the 4th tlme and ihe 5th time or on the slde Kisses: Do notglve too rnany.l(iss on top ofthe head pLrtthem down and don'tkeep lf theycryfornothing, orexcsslveLy, thern too often on Your LaP. Do not say "ttlre" allthe tirneAvoid atways giving th chlLd the sam seat'

that they are speciaL. Lt ihenr do things for others_ Teach the children to give, always prais giving and sharing. Teach them to pleas others, to be gnfle with others, especiaLly their
eLders. Teach thm to respeci othrs and the


. . . .

. .

Earth. ^4other Teach them the protocol: They should not put their back or fect towards Shri lMataji s photo.
Tach them gratefulness and how to thank Shri tMat.ii.

. . . . .

Talk about ihe Deities, Shri [4ataii and Her Life. They should onLy compte ln goodnss_

Say 'burs" afd "we". presence ofchildren Be peaceful: The parents shoLrld not argu in th we are happv Adults shoutd laugh wlih the childrn 5honr

Teach thm to say good morning, good evening, good night. Don't teach Lrnimportant conditionings such as where forks and (nite shoLrld be.

Appreclate them.


rs rN

CH r r.D


rN I I




R1r!ING (jrrr.j)rIN r\ S,\rr \ I\


Tll ADvrLr AccoRDI\G lo


liRoi\r I 6 yr^R\

They understand honestyl t understand I.. irrro* *lut ,r" tl" qualitls of Shrl Ganesha They "!on alL those qualities Bul chastlty, thy are too snall They won t understand ' honest' is io be honest one quatity it',ey *llL unaerstand: is to be

roor Sirr r G lN.irr \ lL. \. C^uEr

J. \, rl\ llll'

play too much sport: children up to the age of 12 years shouLd not _...fhey (ln iapan) dor't alLow chlldren to have rnuch sports' to go out to do *rin "nl totiV,n* are in the house or in thp s'hooL Learnlns tweLve of tlLt th ase ttrings wirtr theiihands nnd rnedlcallv Iknowrhat grows on vour newes And this mvelin feari, tt "re l. my"tin .t eath that ' sheath gives You the deflness .

Developing concentraton and Accuracy gei ''...trat Jeftness is, also makes then more con'entrated' they just So that is Later' involved lnto lt. and also. that you can fever acqulre shoLlLd be years, that that is the time a precious tlme ot twelve 'hlLdren do some rud",o do ,oa" drawlngs, not at randorn, but properly' to
carvings, to do 5ome other cLay

FRoM r986 GutDlLrNFts FoR




No dreany fairy wortd. cive thrn reaLity. When you let the child paint, give him jnstruciion (no frestyL painting).
Let them feel nrateriaLs. Lt them apprectate the design of materiats and cLoth.

9r: l'!r.(


iL\.iTd\\\!r ro (l\\H'Rkr
afi and



. .


,"o..ona,..n, prr.d6


So the nuslc,

thls slde is developd tlLl the ag of twetve


or!'rdderoqoo .por .. Bu nav p no ' c ra a c Jr.o !errTnLK orrR!\( lR^\sr I 'Crisrr(\

Ld"Io./" odo"'r'
0\6 ar o


them about trees, their value and the diflerent wavs their wood is !sed. Treat trees as personified, respectfulLy. Look aftr them, give


n? do6

. . .

them about stars and planets. vthat


GoonoLrtings(to rnusLrms,zooetc._.)_preparethemforthe

to expect, holv to respect the

and other visitors. o Avoid playingwith weapons. Avoid stories ofviotence. Don t show thnr instrunents ofwar

R \ r,,

r\. a-HILDni|


\ l.r \



riDrrr.r NS\ts{t,\t"\

ljR()\1 i. rr Yr,^Rs

ljRorl r:

r a,

fr,^ ii

Bv 6 years, they betome independent chitdren: ... . but respect sho uLd be kept Then they take to their edu'ation .

Fnolrt r z - r6


'.\r Ar\


o\ ( I I r)!r\' \' I \\r

It is important to give them what they need and all the love they want: '' . . . At 12 years of ag, you see, the sternlrm bone st Ll is relea;ing th aftibodies and, it is important at ihis time to give thm aLl the securit s that th ey need dnd aLL the love th ey want . . . ..

The child shoutd never be corrected in the presence of others


jgNi Llr ( !tr1\ lNir O

I Io I



r IIl

'' . . . Titl the age ol lo years, vou should teach



. . . You hav to tLt yoLrr chitdrn !n L they are 16 years of age aboLrt everyihing that is good and righteous. how to behave and how ro tiv. you hdve to tellthrn these things ... ,,



the age of 12 years they rnust be properly brought up; not too

rnuch ol Love, not too much of thls thing



,So \T,\k

u,\.i 1\r) (_.


j\ ,

. a.rrr



,!ri (l r liNr\ ^ DO



Exlrncrsl axu Spotrs:

''. . . 5o tlre music, art and all ihis si.le is devetopd till the ag ol twelv ye.rs. And then the chjLdref are made to go o!r and play and do all kinds ofexercises afd also sporis.....

e!r lirN riL;trN.Trtr\\| r.( \\ir.kk




! \\Lr.t\ ),,

R\rsrr.c (trrr r)rrN






rvrcL A{:.oRDl\c ro '\cl

ljRo Nr ,6 YLIRs ()N\^rD

Fno nr
About chastity:

r6 YEens ONwano

After the age of t6 yars, they are to be treated just til(e your friends.

Purify your nrind today on that po nt, that vrybody els is nry brother or sister lf you ar married it s all right. But took at everyone, try to Loo ( at everyone as a broLher, as a sister. Both relationships don,t xist (here).


This is a f!nny coLrntry where there is no retationshlp which is pure. t'ssuchafilth teLl you, if you read aboLrt it, you can t bleve lt, sLrch prverslon. Specially innocent popLe Like chtLdren ar attacked. Thin ( of them as virglns. Be carefLrL. And the yo!ng glrLs sho Lr Ld know that they are virgins. ti they go abo ut wlth boys, and they are Sahaja Yogis, they're not. Sahaja yogini s have to be chaste women, powerlul. Chastity is their por,r and (th po!rr of) rnn, too. After Sahaja Yoga mn should become ronscious of thtr chas tity, thal is thir power, too... '

I DI\\arr Pul,\,Hr\!rslir l

Leaving home?: ''. . . BLrt from the very beginning they have th idea that chiLdren wilt go away at the ag of 1E years. Why should children Leave you il you have a properhouse? Evn f yoLr dont have a propr house, if you have allthe

lo\po dlon.pn-n e, 1ol p\F.led "tou... r... I loN r. lj iocrilD. l ,\. A\r i 1\r
No need

leavingthe parnts: Avadut now he s a grown !p boy. WhEn h was young day he asked Me: "tf yau teave your parents, \i/ill the bddhas ofvaut one parents leave you at not?" I said: "No, they nay not teave, the badhas of


We had one

patents." He asked?: "Then


s this teaving the parcnts fara"


It,\rsrN.. Cnr i)RLN rr \rHAlA Yor;.\

RAr\r\c CH


\ rr- S^rrJ,\ Yo.;^



- ADvrcu AccoRDrr"; ro AGt

lRou 6 r6 Yr{R\ / CRrNDcrrrrDkrN

sal.:'l've heard that in the leave thei parents when they are weste;n cauntries, peaple ' children '";on,,"",,"ou tea o 4t pa pn'' oI oq".tl"r: t'AaLld nolti P rc
sald: "Wha


leaving their parents?" :1e

" -,oo.-tth,, |o, o"o"te"

wno wittcauectmel tfltake Wha willtell ne: Don'tda it'?" immediatly the father mean lf a chita tates a clgarett ln th hand' "Nxttme Isee you I'llburnyaut wlll take lhe cigarette and burn lt and say: ' ..

"' the cigdrette in ny hand'v\tha willcarrectmel




forgre." Finished

The fathers kindness can be lost: l .-. und loves rne in such iutt,", Lou". na tusl no^/_l^ol -p,anlo

il" .r"t.l .0,

e'el cn"s'ol l " a1n" l LF iIo ooe dve e r\d/ pL"< o IirFs r. -'fontn" n'" , "rl then it wilL sit on \7our head ' r99r T{r( {r rER NIAHn!'rRi liUlr. L'LnrH
Look after them:


way lhat I should not lose

:.. . ff"y

dre children' u," .o ol"al"nt to begln with, they ihinklhal We out of their simple nature we shouid obev," Ard rhis obedience cornes

thlngs' But !,re should nol try to telL thern too many

rrlith "Don t do this' don't do that nnd we should not controlihem You don t ,ltl tle tirne ii you Ao it tike that, ihe childrer won 1 undrstand ifthey are brought up nr*i",.,1 ,l"n] But ifthey are chaste children' in a chaste society That's

yo!r chitdren: ''-..First and forrnost lor chiLdren is dlscipline and their education. You mLrst pay aLL mony, whatever is needed, alL yoLrr attention, to
Pay for the education of

,rr r.loof" U".urt"

the .f,ifdren have to be chaste' they must understand

why atwayssay:"Bdba'sendyourchildrenta

educate your children. Non, with no education, what s happening is th children have no breeding. Either p!t them in sonr profssion, if they want. Pul them in anything where they can Learn something. That,s rh age
when one has to learn. Not jLrst leave them because iL,s freedom, ler them to have lheir own tim... '

"li* .

rnodern societies ln th Western area specially innocence ' are verv much destroylng our children s parents don t glve any t t',uue seen that in the west the fne *orst tf,ing " they don't look after monev to their chlLJren when they grow up'








A\Htr r r,


2oor Ci!.srrtr P!la. C'\3ELr


R,\r\rNG CHr LDRLN r:r S^H'\i A YocA

R\rsr\c (lHrrDIr

N rN S.rH^r.\ Yo



Ar)\ r(

r )t ( ortDrN( ro


I lo\1 r, rt )r.\r\


GR,qNt crrt Lo n p.ru

descriptiott front Lridal'.lur'tc zo, zoolJ u,hctt \/./.7 \4.r1./ti y.1tp r..t1i .111,,'1 tn , ntat,,,, ,,1 \nl
P'.,,1 ,

rn itt tl. ;a:tl, ,,l t .rl, ll,.


So it is lrnportant lor Sahaja yogis to understand that thV wtLL firsr ot .itr thcjr chlLdrcn. give rhem whalever they need, noLrrtsh thenr,

5he stitl keep on taking care of them with cont;nuous exchanges: She s. d that one the r.ior probLms in Amcrica, as u,eLL as in EngL.nd, s th.t boys and girLs .re Lell by thmseLVes ai too early age and thy are rot adeqLraLcly brought up by rhlr pareils. Parents do not ta(e care of chil drn and lhen childrerr do not ta (e care of parnts. On of consquences of ihe facL trat yoLrfgLifgs are abandon.d to thmseLves too arly is an
increase in co rsum ng al.ohol.

glve lhern guldaice, don

L spo tlhem. And secondty, onc thet are marricd and have .h ldren, they wiLt noi try io possss ihern, and possess the.hlldren, theirwivs...' !!. l) \ \r I IL,rl

thelr lfe and ga n their lndepcndeice, bLrt thcy mLr5t aLways be Lovcd and s!pportEd Shri [4dtaji s.]d that 5he ha5 two.l.ughtrs, who have chlldren. r,ho fave chiLdren, buL she stiLlkeeps on taklng care of them rrith contlnLrous er.hanges

t ls good lhal they

The grandparents can spoilthem, not yor: . . No, yoLr have to be eitremely strict with yoLrr.hitrlren wh{rn ttrey are .' grow ng Lrp. The grirnd parents .an spoitthem, not





rrr j. (


r\rL\\r t,)




\r\rN., (.rjrrr)nr.N r\ S,\I\r \ ''(,(;

Lrsr o! SHRI MArAJr,s'lal-xs oN




ct r r 80




CorLE.r r!rra



HL:iRr VrsfluDDHr AcNE

rr ol 8l
rt- r: 3l
r6 07


ro Mor!trRs

spEE.r 5M


ADvrcE clvtrN

ro MorEEis

ol or-8:r
06 rr 8l

!P AcNyA (]fl^(RA D^r6i,r luJn

(irrLDr r(E auAr.rirrs


RArsrNc CHrr.DRrN rN SA}]^IA YocA



Lrsr oF


MAr^Ji,s TALKs oN Cri[DRf\


.l 3j 04-rit


'r N \ND






R!i1rf sEMrN^n


IrER NliHiyrR^ lLtA


.9 r2-8t

ABour cni,crrr IN lrnlY

$rJ}r .rri D|LN r\




SyDv y



D!rsE oN crIr.DnEN

cL:,Dtsr.rNLs foR S.Y.

TrL( ro SiH\J^ Yocrs





lrNA,. T^L( or


TA,.( BEToRE CoNclRr


r6 06 8rl os-o8 $9

E0DLsrrA l{uDR,r P!Jr




ro !R.{rrrD:

\lr Yoc s


Slki (i1\'ts \ |!i{




.,1 07 olJ

SHir cr\EsH^


] ' 08 90

1o 06

Nav^rA]Rr, sr.coND Nr.jrr

RE.EPrroN oF


'o 90

DrNir-r Pllr




RarsrNc CHrr DRlN rN SAI]^IA Yoc^



PrcruRr Cnno rrs

Tberc dre nanl, pltcttographs u.,hera u,e tlo not knoLr the correct in{ctrnation ctr lttuc noue at all. [,leasc p pb ttos uL cre u,e t1 itl tr, n, k p"n., irrA, rl,|')"r: !: ;'""r:::::) tlo nttt l:not,tuho tou art. Please (i)ntd.t Tt.utrtn dc Grdaf




Srhaj ](jnd.rsrjrcr,,\Lstrii: o \1..',. ,. 1 r, , "....,\,, " Gorindr & firl,cr; p20lerra S.200; An..lrom Betsi!m tr/dduct,rcr D.elio 18. \l^. ,.\. , o.,r-: .: r.r .1,. j.. I']erfu S. DaSlio 2007 C...sh.. \ldrtixnd Nti.kir t-10--j1 cinapftifutc2000l piZ info unkro\r. St\tND & chi di tl2 fetri S. D.glio C.!rp 2007; p,+'' fetra S. - Fxrher & clrildren, Drgljo Camp t00:i p.16 Stl ir Lidir dn,jnq Holi

!rcruRr CRrDrr\: pLl 1i fetrr SchIidr2006



i pt23 H. dc Gra.i (lhildrcn i! lhllrrdi pt24 Ne,lKhg Shri Krishn. I,uja entertiinnrefr crerins Arg.lx llehberg - Vioodhnd Hills. CiLiionix, US]\ 1.1Augur,2004j t12j Shri Ganesh, |uja 1007.,\nst.rliir 0126 Yu].r Shakri
Ashranr L,,idon -17 Jurc 20{r6j pt29

1006 DjJj! par$t Au$ratjaj ; f7,t Easrer h,ii CamF UKi p75 Pcoe S. Dag io armp 2007i pst - arbell. lcrformance, nid 1r90\i f82 Sr\1ND if Au{L.lia in the t9S0: (?) ip90 P.od S. Daglio Camp 1007i p9i ]SPS 1003i f96,97],l,.hael \1.1008 - boys, Yuya Ashrrn + Ale\inJer, VcnDej p98 \Ilchlel \,1.200Ur 0102 s\,tND & Yin |.trtirgcr Mrt'1981. D.N'inj pl09 MichaelNl. 199i Vienna rdlc.de, Li!.oln, G.gan, C ce; r1 l6 Shri c.iesri Put.. C.belh 1'1 Seprer,ber2(102,
Puja. Cabell.l pT-l \lartlre$, C.
19S8, Shnd!

c\L\LJ\. ,.\ luia Cinipftirulc 1000j p62 !tifthc$ (ihper 2006? DiJj\ tir:, Austlilia; t64 Gtrrn luj. 1982; p6tj NIifthcs, C. 2006 Shrj Adi Shakr]
Shri Cin.shr

Yrri ,Ushn C.nrj.h.ric pool Ates

Ahlutr.l1a.(l.rnajoherieUSA,l00i ip1-10Midueltl. 08 YuvrShakri!pl:11

Shri-\4et.ii ]v,th CranJe


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