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First of all, I would like to say that the politics of any state, or nation influences the economy of that

place greatly. Not only economy, but it also influences the social condition of that nation. It is very much necessary that the political parties of any nation remain to be honest and not corrupt because the economy can get affected adversely if it is corrupt and positively if it is honest. I would like to make a contradiction of the economic condition of India and US. Let us consider the times before the recession. Was US weak to us in the matter of economic condition before recession struck thunder to our lives? It is often said that if you want to judge the economic condition of a person, look on his shoes, and if you want to judge to economic condition of a country, then look on it's roads. It can be easily seen. The shining, buttered roads of US and the roads possessing beautiful, cool cracks on them better tell us the state of economy of their countries. Just on the basis of the condition after recession, we cannot say that US is less strengthened than us even when their condition is worse than ours. Still many companies are employing people in India. But I would say that it is not India's old (before the recession) economic conditions that has led it to survival in the recession time, but rather than India's economic 'condition', I would like to use the word 'adaptation' or 'configuration'. It is not US's bad economy that has led it into problem, but we say, too much of anything is bad, and that is what has created problem for US. Anyway, let me tell you an incident, which I had read in the newspapers many months ago. We all know that majority or Russians are atheists, and that means they don't have belief in God. Some months ago, a Russian had come for some touring purpose in India. When he was returning, he said "I have now come to have belief in God after visiting India." People were very happy, thinking that he said this thinking about India's religious aspects, but when asked - why, he said "India does not have a government, India does not have a good politics, India does not have so developed economy, but still everything goes fine in India. This is why I have now developed a believe in God". What can we expect. Of course, there are exceptions in Indian politics as well, still now. Still in the parliamentary politics, there are people having an attitude for the development of India's economy, but again, not 'all'. As far as terrorism is concerned, it is a global problem today. But yes, the problem of naxalites are very much due to the irresponsible politics of India. It is the political people only who had created them first, just like US only created Osama Bin Laden, as a terrorist. It is too much due to political condition of present India, the problem of naxalites. Now comes unemployment. Yes, we can say that our Indian politics of 'today's time' is responsible for it, for not giving our vacancies for long periods even when it is possible and things like that, but again I would like to say that the Indian population is also a culprit for unemployment in India. For the remaining two, that is separatism and poverty, I would like to say one thing. India is the most difficult country, to be governed. Yes, politics is responsible for separatism and poverty in India, but not to the full extent. Poverty in India is like a hereditary gift (or curse, that continues to persist) and separatism is due to the diversity of religions of people. We all often hear this saying very well "HinduMuslim-Sikh-Isai, hum sab hain bhai bhai", which means that people belonging to all religions have fraternity among them, but I think I need not talk about this condition much, for the requirement of police,

tight police security during the Navratra tells us much about it. When it comes to politics in India, we often define the cons only, but I think that we don't have full right to do so, even when the law allows us, because drinking tea in the garden with your wives in the morn is very easy, but to face the bitterness of politics and then turning it into sweetness is really difficult. It also depends on the type of attitude we have towards, the politics of our nation, for it seems that we just hate our Indian politics, because when asked for the aims of life, no kid or no adult says that I want to be a politician, for 'we' think it to be a shame to be related to the politics.

This is generally a great topic to discuss on and totally related to political movements in India. Since our independence, we have faced so many major problems and even we have solved them in a great way due to some quality leaders in the politics. We were once called up with name Golden Bird. Britishers ruled and did as they like. Off course from that point of view we have done great in all areas. In spite of having so many strong points of our country culture and so many enthusiastic leaders from the history, we still not able to combat with problems like terrorism,unemployment and poverty. However we are doing good to establish our self in front of the world but such problems can only be resolved if we have strong political parties. There is great role of our political parties for these problem as we are not able to cover up these fields besides sixty years of independence. We require new faces in political party to tackle such problems in steady pace.


You have mentioned about a Russian who had commented about the Indian politics and economy. Well, I don't know the exact year you heard him say like this but I am sure that now the tables have turned and Indian economy and politics are very matured and they really matter the most, at least for India and India's growth. Congress party is an emerging major power of Indian politics as it rebounded with huge majority in 2009 elections. This has affected the trust of world's bigger nations which are developed countries, on Indian stable economy and its stable government. Indian economy is also an exception to the recent recession not because we don't have a systematical economic system or due to a weak economical system. The main reason behind it is we neither follow American neither Russian economical system. Rather, we are following a mixed one which survives if there is any serious drawbacks in either of the systems. And having a mixed economical system does not make it a weak system. Even America appreciated our

country's stable economy which is the one of the least effected economies of the world. And also US president Obama asked Dr. Manmohan Singh to give his views by which we will form a new system which will not have any adverse effects in the future. 4.. Yes,political parties do play a role in the country's economy. After all, it is a political party that forms the Govt. at the helm and makes the official rules and regulations governing all aspects, be it the economy, education system, health, etc. This is the case too with each State. The ruling political party of a State is responsible for that State's economy and the collective economies of States determines the national economy. The main problem with political parties is corruption and greed for power. Everybody is bent upon grabbing the most influential post, the largest house, the best facilities, the most foreign trips - an endless list of "I want...." It is taken for granted that bribes will be given and taken, that the 'aam aadmi' cannot get the simplest task done without an under-the-table dealing (sigh!). All this affects the economy, as the ones whose needs should genuinely be taken care of are ignored. For example, our farmers need support the most - what they grow and cultivate is what we eat; without food we cannot work; without work how will the economy work? Then there are the labourers,the artisans, the teachers in the municipal schools all of them are in the background,silently contributing to our economy. Do the political parties care? No! What we desperately need to do first of all is try to root out that corruption and red tapism. It is all very well to announce annual budgets, welfare schemes, and assorted programs. It is quite another to ensure that the funds generated are used properly and not going into the coffers of political parties and that the budget will genuinely help the common man. Prices of basics like milk, bread and rice are simply rising each year. What are the political parties doing to stop this? Nothing! At each election, the opposition party claims it will do better, makes huge promises, and when happily gets the power to rule, it is the same sad story. The rich will always become richer; there will no longer be a clear line between the middle class and the poor; corruption will continue to rule at various levels. All these because of our useless political parties. Yes, some schemes have been successful, but a very large majority either get delayed or remain hidden on paper in a dusty cupboard of a political babu. In the meanwhile, our economy gets covered with increasingly intricate cobwebs of corruption that are difficult to sort out. 5.
Yes, I agree that we must praise our Indian politics also. I already said that it has played some part in saving us from the effect of recession though not full. It is a fact that yes, Indian economy is better than US economy in many aspects. We have better economists in India with the best economist of the world Manmohan Singh. It is true that there are big heads in Indian politics, and I must say that if asked which politics is more difficult to survive in, I would say India rather than US. I agree that there have been many constructive plans in India since the time of independence. The best example I would like to set is the education system, which had ten plans with Rs. 185 crore in the first plan to Rs. 43,250 crore in the tenth plan. Our politics has tried to place many things in place, but the thing is that we say in hindi "ek machli poori taalab ko ganda kar deti hai". There are so many examples like Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Lal Bihari Bajpayee, Mr. Nitish Kumar, Mr. Narendra Modi and many others. I also accept that politicians are corrupt. And it is a common practice of bribing, which is natural. People who take bribes and do the works can be accepted but people who take

the bribes and even then they don't do the work are not acceptable at all. Presently many politicians are there who are being enquired for possessing more property than income. What does it actually prove? Don't you think that there is corruption in US, in China and other countries, but their corruption is way more intelligent than ours, though sometimes, some people feel proud to belong to the most corrupt country. But the reason why I said that their corruption is intelligent than ours is that their corruption is in the seed, ours in the fruit. Wait, let me explain what is actually means by saying corruption in fruit, and corruption in seed. Let me cite an example of 2 farmers provided with 100 kg of hybrid seeds for wheat to use in agricultural practices to increase the production, let one farmer from US or China or Germany and other farmer from India. (Please note that I am not trying to insult indian farmers, they are my own men, I am just trying to explain the meaning of that phrase using the example of farmers). Lets take a constant value that one kg of this hybrid seed will produce 10 kg. What will the Indian farmer do? He will take away t he first 50 kg of that hybrid seed thinking that he will use it in his house for self consumption and use the lest 50 kg to use in the agricultural fields to increase the production. But what will the farmer of US do? He will first use the whole of 100 kg in the fields to increase the produce and then take away the 50 kg of produce to use for self consumption. So lets see the results. Indian Farmer Total produce = 50 kg x 10 (because he has already taken out 50 kg out of 100 Thus, total produce = 500 kg only US Farmer Total Produce = (100 x 10) - 50 kg (because he takes out 50 kg after he produces his crops) Thus, total produce - 1000 kg - 50 kg = 950 kg!!!!! This was a way through which I was trying to actually explain the corruption done by Indian politicians with respect to US or other developed countries' politicians. Through the above example we can see that corruption is in both the countries, but then also, the development is more, even when the rate of corruption is same. I think that we cannot just eradicate the feeling of pure corruption from the hearts of politicians just in 2 years or so. It is something which comes from the core of the heart of a politician. But for the time being, if the politicians can understand how to do "intelligent corruption", then it would be a mutual benefit for both, the country as well as the politician, because the country will gain development and the politician will increase the size of his pocket and the number of packets in it. Please note that I am not trying to tell that we must always do corruption, but what I am trying to say is only for the corrupt politicians, because we cannot eradicate it so easily, but if the corrupt politicians can also do something like this, not leaving their greed, at least there will be some more benefit to India than it was previously (actually, now) than the intelligent corruption. But, I always encourage government officials, at least, to remain honest and not corrupt.


I to agree with your point Manas Kumar, but as you said we elected our politicians. Is that the situation today. Is the election result true. I don't think so. In the recent elections which were held by electronic voting machines, it was practically proved in many places that there is one vote missing out of each 25 votes. And in some places the situation was like which ever vote we caste, it goes to a single alone party. What is the scam behind this? There was voice against this but soon after no one even bothered about all these. This is due to politicians. And in some rural areas where people don't know how to vote, the situation was like this Some uneducated lady asked how to vote to the respective person sitting in the polling room, So that person said vote like this and he showed, that means he already voted for her but that poor lady even don't know what was happening. If this is the case than why are we blamed for electing? Corruption is these in every thing and every human being of the politics in India. There is no politician who thinks for the sake of India's development