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Excellence in Crisis

Matt Fisher, EFQM Dublin, 4th February 2011

What is EFQM?
EFQMisanonprofit foundation,basedin Brussels. Itwasformedin1988bya groupofleadingEuropean organisations. Wearethecustodiansof theEFQMExcellence Model. Togetherwithour Europeanpartners,we have30,000member organisations.

The need for a Model

Thepowerofisolated effortsisNOTeffective anymoregiventhe interdependenceofour world. AtEFQM,webelievein aworldwhere Europeanorganisations arerecognised asthe benchmarkfor sustainableeconomic growth.

EFQM Excellence Model 2010

Simple,business focusedlanguage Futurefocused, holisticassessment tool Increasedfocusonkey themeslikeinnovation andsustainability

How does the Model work?

Increase Profitability
Manage& Motivate People Reduce Recruitment Costs ReviewReward &Benefits Manage Customer Relationship ReduceSupply ChainCosts Productivity

Employee Engagement Turnover %Leads Converted

Define& Manage Change


GenerateSales Repurchase Rate


Manage Budgets& Cashflow Improve Profitability Outsource NonCore Processes

DevelopNew Offerings Improve Process Efficiency

TotalExpenses Energy Consumption %Profit Waste

EFQM Levels of Excellence

Committed to Excellence
GainingEFQM Committedto Excellence demonstratestoyour stakeholdersthatyou haveastructured approachto continuouslyimproving yourorganisation. In2009,over250 organisations from18 countriesachieved Committedto Excellence.

Recognised for Excellence

GainingEFQM Recognised for Excellence demonstratestoyour stakeholdersthelevelof sustainableexcellence youhaveachieved. In2009,over250 organisations from16 Europeancountries achievedRecognised for Excellence.

EFQM Excellence Award

TheEFQMExcellence Awardissupportedby themostrigorous assessmentprocessin Europeandisawarded toleadingorganisations withaproventrack recordofsustained excellence. TheAwardAssessment Teamsspendaround 500manhours assessingeach applicant.

Our journey for excellence was really confirmed to our customers, suppliers and employees after our decision to go for EFQM.EFQM model is unique for its clarify and integration. After achieving the C2E level the confidence of successful implementation of TQM increased dramatically within our organisation. We really demonstrated our motto (Manufacturing of Trust) to all our stakeholders.
Dr. Lotfy Lewiz Suffin, ELTA

During the assessment process the assessors spent around 200 hours assessing the evidence available and interviewing nearly 100 employees from departments across the organisation. It is unique for such recognition to be awarded at this scale and demonstrates the consistent level of excellence that Ricoh has been able to achieve across the entire company.
Mr. Simon Sasaki, Ricoh Europe plc

The EFQM Excellence Award process is essential to our continued journey towards excellence. The outputs we received from the 2010 process were of the highest quality and deeply incisive. We have taken those outputs and plugged them straight into our continuous improvement programme. In addition the calibre of individuals involved in the assessment was outstanding, a stellar cast of Europe's finest practitioners of excellence. In summary, for us the process was an outstanding experience.
Finbarr Dowling, Siemens

Thank you.
More information: matt.fisher@efqm.org www.efqm.org

Finalist 2010: Schwarz, Switzerland

Alwaysastepaheadisthe mottofortheSchwarz Alpenresort andalsothebasis forthestrongandtangible cultureofcontinuous improvementandinnovation. Customerorientationisthe mainfocusofallactivities. Theysucceedincontinuously addingvaluetotheircustomers notonlybymeasuringand usingtheinformationof customersatisfactionthrough surveys,butalsothroughtheir enthusiasticemployees,who trytodelightguestsonevery possibleoccasion.

Prize Winner 2010: VAMED-KMB, Austria

VAMEDKMDhasputinplacea strongsystemforHRplanning thatenablesthemtoalignthe quantityandqualityoftheir peopledirectlywithstrategic needs. Thecompanyoperatesavery opencultureinwhich employeesareencouragedto beinvolved. Thisclearlyimpactsonthe performanceofthecompanyas theyareabletoretainhighly skilledstaffinacompetitive employmentmarketplace.


Prize Winner 2010: Bradstow School, UK

Bradstow hasatruly inspirationalleadership team,asconfirmedbythe outstandingOFSTEDreport. LeadershipinBradstow doesntstopwiththe managers;itpermeates deepintotheorganisation. Peopleworkinan atmosphereoftrustandare motivatedandempowered tomakedecisions.

2010 EFQM


Increase Market Share

Manage& Motivate Recruit& Develop Potential Bonus& Commission Scheme Manage Customer Relationship Productivity

Employee Engagement GenerateSales %Leads Converted Repurchase Rate DevelopNew Offerings Identify Market Opportunity Brand Awareness

Executive Sponsorship

Growth Strategy

Increase Advertising

Leads Generated

Increase MarketShare

Develop Partnerships