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Finding the Pulse Wiper Relay in the W123

Doc. Rev. A2

The pulse wiper relay is somewhat difficult to find the W123 chassis cars, as it is located behind the instrument cluster, hidden by sound insulating material. This guide is intended to help users locate the relay.

As mentioned, the relay is located behind the instrument cluster, and is mounted to a bracket on the firewall. The photo below shows the instrument cluster removed and the relay (marked with yellow tape, and outline highlighted) in its mounted position.

The relay is removed by simply pulling it straight up out of its socket. Note that the relay can be reached without removing the cluster by removing the lower drivers side knee panel and reaching up behind the cluster and feeling for the relay. Note that when using this technique it is important to note the position of the keying tab on the side of the relay. When reinstalling the relay, orient the keying tab in the same position to ease reinsertion

Keying Tab

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