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Source: http://stopcorruptionthrougheducationinindia.blogspot.


University of National Services

As a long term plan a National University may be formed to replace the complete batch of present corrupt leaders and bureaucrats with new candidates (the university graduates). These new candidates will have ethical practices hammered into their minds from an early age of 14 to 17. It will take at least 10 years to create such a new batch of leaders from the time it is decided to implement the University. Ten years are enough for our present leaders to plan their own future and leave the rest of the time for us to plan the blissful future of our country.

Establishment of a National University and the Roles of U.P.S.C and E.C in It: 1. A National university may be established through UPSC where in students may be trained on various aspects of ethical politics and governance together with the basic courses. The students will also be trained to work under constant monitoring of C.V.C and general public.

2. The education from the university should be offered free of cost.

3. The university should offer only eight years integrated post graduation courses.

4. Those who have cleared Class-10th examination of recognized boards, and are in the age group of 14 to 17, should be eligible for admissions in the university. The University may declare number of seats available for the courses from time to time. U.P.S.C may conduct competitive exams for entrance into the university.

5. M.Ps and M.L.As should mandatorily have a degree from this university before being elected.

6. The University should have centers /colleges in every state of the country.

Source: http://stopcorruptionthrougheducationinindia.blogspot.com

Source: http://stopcorruptionthrougheducationinindia.blogspot.com

7. The activities of the students in the university should be made public through mass communication media.

8. The profile of every student and their achievements should be advertised by the university at the time of elections.

9. The entire cost of election campaign should be arranged and monitored by the E.C.

10. The degree holders of the university are free to join nationally registered political parties. It is advised to have only two such national parties.

11. The degree holders of the university who are not elected as M.Ps or M.L.As should be given positions advertised by U.P.S.C strictly on choice and merit basis. They also may be offered positions in other government or public sectors.

12. A special fund should be raised by U.P.S.C which will bear all the expenses of those graduates of the university who have retired from government services.

Source: http://stopcorruptionthrougheducationinindia.blogspot.com

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