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Welcome to 6CB

Mr Chris Boreham cboreham@nist.ac.th

My Family


6CB Essential Agreements

Timetables and Lessons

Veracross https://portals.veracross.com/nist PE lesson on Days B, E & H

Swimming in blue

How We Express Ourselves and Where we are in place and time

How We Organise Ourselves

How the World Works

Sharing The Planet

Who We Are

Units of Inquiry can you help? Do you have expertise in Language and Mathematics related to the Units of Inquiry Some stand alone Language and Mathematics

Specialist Classes

Mr Mark Bourgeois Music

Ms Jane Mycroft Physical Education

Mr Jago Gazendam IT

Ms Warunee Prommanuwat Thai Studies

Mr Tony Abbey Drama

Mr Aaron Kelly Art

NIST Learning Community Seminars

Ashley Sleeth

Counsellor Years 4 to 6 & Transition to Year 7

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Ms Kyla Kopperud
kkopperud@nist.ac.th Tel: 02 651 2065 ext 705 Blog: http://blogs.nist.ac.th/eal/ EAL Parent Seminar Tuesday, 20th September for parents Y2-6 EAL Open House Thursday, 13th October during 3 way conferences

Miss Cassie Seiter

Year 6 Learning Support

Role of Learning Support
-Collaborative planning
-Inclusive classroom program -Focused Learning Groups based on individual learners needs

Communication will be through: Blogs - elementary school and class blogs http://blogs.nist.ac.th/elementary/ http://blogs.nist.ac.th/6cb Veracross Email Paper Notices/Letters (phased out over this year)

Line of Contact
Start here
Mr Chris Boreham Class Teacher

Mr Chris Boreham Year Level Co-ordinator

Mr Doug Edwards Pastoral Issues

Mr Brett Penny Principal

Ms Kate Grant Curriculum Issues

Monday Thursday - not weekends and not school holidays Times are approximate and will vary Reading - 15 minutes Homeroom Assignments - 30 minutes World Language Assignments 20 minutes

ECAs and Going Home

ECAs Extra Curricular Activities

Paul Hodgkinson
Activities and Athletics Director

Please ensure your child leaves the school grounds at 2.30pm if they are not involved in ECAs.

More information at our Year 6 Camp Briefing
Tuesday 27th of September in the NIST Theatre

Camp Tuesday 15th- Friday 18th of November

Camp Venue: Pung-waan Resort, Kanchanaburi Start preparing your child now.

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where We Are in Place and Time
Please avoid planning holidays/absences between January and April.

Transition to Secondary School

Aim: to ease the transition for students and parents for the transition between elementary and secondary school

Planned process of Lessons, Events and Activities planned in co-operation with the Secondary School
Takes place after Exhibition

Please log into Veracross to ensure that your contact information is correct.
If your email address, address, phone number, or any other information changes please make the changes directly in Veracross.