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Toro Micro-Irrigation

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Typical Drip System Layout

Components: Keys to Successful Drip Irrigation: rip irrigation systems can Typically Surface Reservoir Obtain a soil be thought of in t wo halves. to pump surface water - and Pump contain used 1. design phase. and water analysis early in the the water may biological or organic elements. First, the "headworks" 2. Determine soil texture and rooting depth. Well Pump Typically used to pump from portion of the system contains the 3. Choose emitter f low rate and spacing carefully. underground aquifers - the water may contain sand, - Closely spaced emitters often provide superior wetting patterns. mineral, or biological elements. water sources, pumps, filters, 4. Make sure your system has a f low meter and Irrigation Controller An electronic device that chemical injection equipment and pressure gauges. activates the valves according to a user defined schedule. 5. Make sure the valves are set for the proper f low controls.Second, the "field" portion and pressure. Chemical Injection Tanks and Equipment of the system contains the Chlorine, acid and fertilizer are commonly injected 6. Know the system application rate in inches per from separate tanks. hour. transmission and emission devices Primary Filters Filters clean the water of organic 7. Obtain t ypical crop water use information for used to deliver precise amounts of and inorganic elements to avoid clogging of the your area. emission devices. water, fertilizer, and other 8. Record system vital signs on a regular basis. Control Valves Regulate pressure and f low; compounds directly to the crop. The relieve air and vacuum. Pressure gauges and f low 9. Ensure chemicals are compatible. meters monitor the system. illustration shows t ypical layouts for Control Valves and Backup Filters Regulate 10. Monitor lateral f lush water often. 11. Schedule irrigation frequency and duration to five different t ypes of drip irrigation pressure and f low at each block; provide secondary maximize the utilit y of your system. filtration. systems:field crop sub-surface drip 12. Monitor soil moisture and crop status Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape Toro drip tape irrigates regularly. an entire field beneath the soil surface in this irrigation (SDI), short term subsurface drip (SDI) application. vegetable crop, longer term vegetable Aqua-Traxx and Oval Hose Toro drip tape fed 13. Leach salts beyond the rootzone as needed. by Toro oval hose creates a wetted corridor along the crop, vineyard and orchard. row in this above ground application.
The Toro Company Micro-Irrigation Business 1588 N. Marshall Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020-1523, USA Tel: +1 (800) 333-8125 or +1 (619) 562-2950 Fax: +1 (800) 892-1822 or +1 (619) 258-9973

Blue Stripe Hose and Emitters - Toro emitters installed with above ground Toro hose target irrigate each plant in this vineyard. Dripline Toro dripline with pre-installed emitters creates a wetted corridor of moisture on both sides of this tree crop.

Drip Irrigation: A Better Way To Farm

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