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COMPARING AND CONTRASTING SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES Comparing One thing thats similar is In both of these pictures One

thing that these pictures have in common is Contrasting Whats different in the other photo is On the other hand, in the second photo In contrast, in the second photo

ARGUMENTS AND COUNTERARGUMENTS Challenging an argument Thats inaccurate. Thats no logical. I find that hard to believe. That doesnt make sense. DESCRIBING BENEFITS AND SUPPORTING POINTS One/Another/The most important benefit would be This has the advantage of If we do this One result would be Introducing a counterargument In fact It hardly seems likely thatbecause In reality The truth of the matter is GIVING SUPPORT TO MAIN POINTS Let me give you an example of this. For instance, / For example, You might not realize it but This is important because EXPANDING ON A TOPIC Agreeing formally I am in complete agreement with Theres no doubt that I couldnt agree more with Disagreeing formally I cant agree with I cant accept that I couldnt disagree more with Expanding on a response I have several reasons. First, Take for example the case of Let me explain what I mean by Consider what would happen if KEEPING A CONVERSATION GOING Expanding answers to yes/no questions Yes, I do, and thats because Sometimes thats true, but on the other hand No, Im not, except for Yes, I am, and also Asking follow-up questions What do you mean by? Something I was wondering about is Can you tell me a little more about? Why do you say that? PRESENTATION EXPRESSIONS Introducing a presentation Today Im going to talk to you about Id like to tell you about In this presentation, Im going to Explaining your results What this mean is This shows that The significance of this is Transition in a presentation Weve talked about Next, well tell you about Weve discussed Now Ill explain We have seen Now, lets look at Ending a presentation Before I finish, let me say So in conclusion To conclude,

EXPRESSING AN OPINION Stating your opinion I strongly believe Im convinced that Without a doubt Illustrating your point For instance Take, for example, To give you an idea TALKING ABOUT CHARTS AND DATA This chart explains/represents/stands for/shows/describes/compares As you can see The key point is that Its clear that Its important to note that MANAGING A DISCUSSION Requesting clarification Sorry, Im not sure I understand. Why do you say that? Can you clarify your reason? Taking your turn Can I just add something here? I have a point Id like to make. Sorry to interrupt, but Keeping the discussion moving To get back to our topic Lets hear what someone else has to say. We only have five minutes left. Giving additional reasons Not only that, but Not to mention the fact that And besides

USING POLITE LANGUAGE How may I direct you call? Id like to speak to, please. Certainly. One moment, please. This is How may I help you? Could you please tell me? Im afraid INTERVIEWING PHRASES Getting time to think Thats an interesting question. Let me think about that a moment. Just so that I understand, what youre asking is Rephrasing your answer What I meant was What Im trying to say is Let me put in another way. Asking for clarification of a question What do you mean by? When you asked, did you mean? Are you asking about? I was wondering Would you mind?