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Made up of sine wave with fundamental frequency and its entire harmonics.

Sawtooth Wave Graph of Impedance in vertical axis Voltage or current accompanies with reactive components A wiring diagram would be found mostly in: Service/Repair manual in radio receiver Inductor works in stores energy in the magnetic field A zener diode exhibits constant voltage, varying current In positive logic circuit, the logic 1 represents High level It converts high language to machine language Compiler Open circuit test are to measure? Core Loss Short Circuit test on transformer is done by? shorter the smaller voltage winding Regulation is used to? Maintain a constant level of supply When its electron tubes are applied with a high voltage, it emits lights? Phototube Transistor Packaging used during the time of transistor? Transistor Outline Package The ability of magnetic material to retain magnetism even if the magnetic supply was switch to zero? Residual Magnetism Lightning Arrester is usually placed? near the transformer Used to eliminate the use of inductive elements RC synthesis During this potential conduction exist after being idle? Offset Potential/Threshold Potential This influence must be considered during recombination? Emission Coefficient At mid frequency, the loss at lower half frequency is? 3dB Error that is due to inexperience of the user? Gross Error or Personal error This is used to limit variations in amplitude? Limiter Used to have amplification and when saturated it will stay saturated to that level even if increase in bias? Level Clamp The most commonly used FET amplifier for voltage amplification? Common Source Amplifier The most simple converter used for motor? Half wave converter The difference in angle between two vectors? Phase Difference Discovered that the radius of an atom is 10 -14 m? Ernest Rutherford The Output of 175 VDC rectifier circuit? Pulsating DC The most influential factor for conductivity? Electron Structure

The one that holds the current register of instructions? Instruction register Alkaline? are better used on radios compare to zinc-carbon cell Lead Acid is about? 2.1 Volts The one with highest input impedance? MOSFET A variation of Colpitts oscillation that use net inductive reactance on its circuits w/ 2 capacitor elements? Clapp Oscillator Surge impedance of cable 50 An overexcited synchronous motor running without mechanical load Synchronous capacitor Type of resistors connected parallel w/ capacitor in power supply Bleeder resistor Voltage Regulation is negative when bad power factor is Leading Corona is likely to occur at Transmission Line Duty cycle of square wave 1:2 If two perfect sine wave have the same frequency and the same amplitude, but are in opposite phase, the composite wave? Have zero amplitude, because the two sine waves cancel each other What happened to the capacitor that has been connected across the battery? It becomes charged The output is 0 if all the inputs are 0? OR What is true about the step up transformer? The output voltage is greater than input voltage Thermocouple Becomes warm when current flows through it DC motor can be looked up as DC Generator when power flows Reversed The Interactive Solar Power system Allowed homeowner to sell power to the utility The voltage amplifier used in high voltage, high current applications. This is the most efficient amplifier Switching amplifier Which is low efficiency rectifier? Wide Band Rectifier DC loadline of a transistor has a negative slope The two input of an Op-amplifier Inverting and non-inverting The SCR will conduct appreciable current When anode and gate are both positive with respect to cathode Scale error of an instrument is Due to its scale mark not being place at the place Class A amplifier is used when

Minimum distortion desired In class A amplifier the worst case occur when No signal applied The anthropomorphic arm robot is widely used in spray paint because It is most maneuverable The pin resistor used in Industrial electron heating is in hairpin form The apparatus/instrument made by Lawrence and Leavingstone Magnetic resonator Count up to 9 and reset to the next pulse Decade counter The two transistor class B amplifier usually called _________ amplifier. Push-pull The advantage of photodiode Used as variable resistor Advantages of non-servo controlled robot high operating speed low cost high repeatability Wein-bridge oscillator is a Stable sine wave audio generator When correctly bias, Zener diode has a Constant voltage across to it The ripple factor of a power supply is measured by Filter efficiency The Ip/Iv ratio of a tunnel diode is important in Computer applications The number of sub shell in n=4 is equal to 4 In low pass filter, the cut off frequency reduced the output voltage to ____of the input voltage. 70.7 % What is the total collector current of Common Base? IC = aIE + IC Transition Time it identifies the rise time or the fall time of the output voltage. Eddy Current is caused when a moving magnetic field intersects a conductor, or vice-versa Shelf life of lithium cell 5-10 years A filter which pass a range of frequency and all others are rejected Band pass Filter High voltage for transmitting power is economically available in AC current How high in terms of working voltage replacement in replacing a capacitor at least 10-20% high A typical Kelvins double bridge that has the range of 2O 10O has an efficiency of +/- 0.05 to +/- 0.2% Ideal noise factor of an amplifier is 0 dB

What is the advantage of electromagnetic meter over a permanent magnet meter? the electromagnetic meter is rigid The process of removing particle suspended into gas by a electrostatic charge and subsequent precipitation electrostatic precipitation Maximum and minimum scale of a measuring device range of span