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This document aims at defining the overall software requirement for Basic Image Processing Application. Efforts have been made to define the requirements accurately. The final product will be having only features/functionalities mentioned in this document and assumptions for any additional functionality should not be made by team developing /testing/user of the product.

The specification document describes the capabilities that will be provided by the software application Basic Image Processing Application.It also states the constraints by which system will abide.

The application program Basic Image Processing Application can be used as a standalone application for applying filters to the images and it can also be used as a module in image editor . The application will provide the facility of loading image and will provide the option of applying various standard filters and save the resultant image. The application can also be used as a module in image editor application.

1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations:

DIP :Digital Image Processing IEEE :Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

(i)IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications IEEE Std 830-1993.

1.5 Overview:
The rest of this SRS document describes the various system requirements,interfaces,features and functionalities in detail.

2.Overall Description:

This application is a basic Digital image processing application.It allows the user to load an image and then provides an option of applying standard filters including blur,emboss,high pass,boost,unsharp,edge detection and some artistic options like flatten drop shadow,bevel,outer glow,rank ,solarize . After applying the filters the user can store the image on the secondary storage device.

2.1.Product Prospective:
The application will be windows based,self contained and independent software product.The application will use the secondary storage both for storing and loading the images.

2.1.1System Interfaces

2.1.2User Interfaces:
The application will have a user friendly and menu based interface.All the user interface componants that will be used in the application will be same as provided in the windows os.A brief introduction of user interface is as follows: 1.there will be only one screen that will provide various options to the users. 2.The application will use menu components for loading ,saving and closing the application. 3.The various filtering option will be provided using buttons.

2.1.3Hardware Interface:
1.The application will work on all the resolutions provided by windows os.Higher or lower resolution will not be a problem. 2.The application will not be network based.It will be a standalone application. 3.Support for printer will not be provided with this application.This feature can be added when this application is used as a module in some other image editor software.

2.1.4Software Interfaces
1.Any window based operating system like windows xp,vista or 7. 2.Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-for coding/developing the software.

Software mentioned in pts. 2 will be only used for developing the software.The final application will be packed as an independent setup program that will be available to the users.

2.1.5Communication Interface:

2.2 Product Functions:

The application will not be password protected.Any user can directly use the application. A summary of the major functions that the software will perform: 1.A facility for loading image(any image format ). 2.A facility for saving an image(.bmp,.jpg,.jpeg,.ttf,.png) 3.Bsic filters that will include i)atleast two blur filters. ii)atleast two emboss filters. Iii)atleast two high pass filters. iv)atleast two boost filters v)unsharp filter 4.Edge detectors that will include i)atleast three basic edge detection filter ii)prewitt 3X3 filter iii)prewitt+ filer iv)prewitt 4X4 filter v)sobel and sobel+ filters 5Artictic features that will include i)flatten,solarize ,randomize feature ii)rank(including min, max,median)

iii)Bevel,outer glow,drop shadow features 6Reset feature The features written in pt. 5(iii) will not be applicable to all the image.The image loaded must have transparent boundary pixels.But application will not generate any error message if any other image is loaded.Simply required effect will not be acquired by the user.

2.3User characteristics:
i)The user interface will only be provided in English.so user shold be comfortable with English. ii)The user must have a basic knowledge of DIP filters.

As the application will not use unsafe methods for applying filters,so the application will ve somewhat slow.The time required to complete the process will depend on the the size of the image loaded.

2.5Apporting of Requirements:
Not required.

3.Specific Requirements:
This section contains the software requirements to a level of detail sufficient to enable the designers to design the system and testers to test the system .The details are provided below:

3.1External Interface Requirements: 3.1.1User Interface:

The following interfaces will be provided: i)The menu strip will provide the option for opening and saving the image file.

Validity constraint:
Only graphics file can be loaded in the application for processing. No restriction on size of file. ii)The similar features will be grouped together (as described in section 2.2)

validity constraint:
When no image file is loaded in the application all the features(except for opening the file) has to be disabled so to avoid any exception iii)Shortcut keys will be be provided for the menu items(like ctrl+o for opening a file etc.).

3.1.2Hardware Interfaces:
As stated in section 2.1.3

3.1.3Software Interfaces:
As stated in section 2.1.4

3.1.4Communication Interfaces:

3.2System Features: 3.2.1Opening a file

Description User can open a new image file either by using mouse and clicking on appropriate menu item or using the shortcut keys using keybord.This will be no check on the size of the image loaded but there will be a check that user can only load image files.

3.2.2Saving a file
Description: After applying an appropriate filter user can save the image file.The rrestrictions are discussed in the section 2.2.

3.2.3Applying a filter
Description: User can apply a filter to image by selecting the required option from the give options.The detailed description of the filters is provided in the section 2.2

3.3Performance Requirements:

3.4Design Constraints

3.5Software System Attribute:

The application will not be explicitly protected by password. User can save their image on secondary storage and lock them explicitly if required.

3.5.2 Maintainability
The application will be designed in a manner that new changes can be easily accommodated.Also the application design will be such that information can be reused again.

The application will be easily portable on any windows based operating system.

3.6 Logical Database Requirements:


3.7 Other Requiements