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Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Newsletter of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Florida September 2011


Were Moving! The Palm Beach County REC Finally Has a New Home


can almost taste it. President Obamas Approval rating is barely 40%. And even those people dont think he has a clue about job creation, deficit reduction, morale boosting or leadership. In the head-to-heads were winning with Perry, Bachmann, Romney and Paul. Soon the election will be ours to lose. Our job? Prove that we are capable of governing. We dodged our first bullet on the Debt Ceiling battle. The media had us all set up to implode. The deal was puny and the temptation to shut down the government was great. But we stayed the course. We took the lousy deal, kept the government open and hung the S&P downgrade on President Obama where it belonged, instead of on ourselves, where they all wanted it. Special kudos for Allen West for leading the Freshmen Republicans to a higher plane. Other traps are just head. The next obvious one is the Super Congress 12. They too will come out with an underwhelming deal that they will challenge us to scuttle. Well see. Following that are the Presidential Primaries. We cant all be happy as only one person will be our candidate. The media misinformation machine will search high and low for any Republican who will make noises about a third party or an election boycott. Dont fall for it. Whoever is our nominee needs 100% of all of us. Commit yourself now. Smaller traps to avoid include birther issues and Impeachment petitions. Consider them unnecessary detours. When youre only fourteen months from the prize you dont need to take side trips. The Democrats have forfeited their right to govern maybe forever. My message is clear: Keep your eyes on the prize, the White House in 2012.

The Vista Center, See Page 8

Are you concerned about the future of America? Do you want to make Barack Obama a one-term president? Do you want to experience some more excitement on a Wednesday night??? Then


Fill out and return the application on the last page of this Newsletter. We are making a big difference in Palm Beach County. Also look for our new video on YouTube by typing Join the REC. See Page 8 below for more details.

U.S. Senate Candidate Makes a Visit to Palm Beach.

-Mike McCalister addressed Republicans at the Restore Our America PACs Stop the Spending Cocktail Rally at the Palm Beach Steakhouse.
See Story on Page 4

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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September 2011 issue of the Newsletter, published monthly by the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. The views and conclusions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial staff, REC Board of Directors, or the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee. Letters to the editor are welcomed but should be no longer than 500 words and may be edited for length and content. All submissions are property of their respective authors and may not be reproduced without prior permission of the author. Any comments, questions, or other feedback should be directed to michael.barnett1@gmail.com.



Sid Dinerstein, Chairman Margi Helschien, Vice Chair Michael A. Barnett, Secretary Ira Sabin, Treasurer Fran Hancock, State Committeewoman Peter Feaman, State Committeeman InIn ThisIssue This Issue
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I Still Believe, by Margi Helschien 3 Mike Club of the Northern Palm McCalister at Restore Our America PAC 4 Mission Statement Rep. Recent GOP Club Events 3 5 Beaches....2 Message from Peter Feaman 4 6 The Republican Party of Palm Beach County is The Greatest American.... Poor Jane Fonda, by Tom Mullings 4 6 committed to promoting Republican ideals and The Commissioners Report............3 7 Congressman West Visits the REC 57 principles; recruiting and electing qualified Im A Republican Jew...And Proud!..........4 Profiles in Conservatism 6 8 candidates for public office; developing a Whats Happening in Palm Beach County.......5 New REC Meeting Place, Recruitment Video 8 grassroots organization that will motivate the Club Elections Update......3 The Committeemans Corner: 9 9 electorate to vote; and raising the funds January Photo Feature......3 George Blumel, Kurt Daley 10 necessary to complete these objectives. To All Florida Republicans, by Parker Reid 10 A Citizens Advice to the Governor........5 Sen. Benacquisto Gets a Promotion Letters to the Editor.. 10 Small View of a Big Problem, by Raymond Tresca 12 www.pbcgop.org The Muslim Brotherhood, by Lowell Levine 12
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Vietnam veteran and REC Committeeman Tom Mullings lets Hanoi Jane have it in his newest article, Poor Jane Fonda, Guerrilla Girl. On Page 6

Congressman Allen West Visits the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee, Defends his Debt Ceiling Yes Vote. On Page 7

2011 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PALM BEACH COUNTY Regions Financial Tower, 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 210, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401-2301 Phone: (561) 686-1616 Fax: (561) 686-1898 Email: info@pbcgop.org

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

Page 3 values where everyone could practice their religion in safety. In 1790, George Washington wrote to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island, "May the stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every other one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid." But, we have gotten fat and we have gotten lazy. I believe that if we work hard and cut the fat from what has been going on, we can get in shape and be the strong country that we always were. Any athlete will tell you that it takes discipline, dedication and belief in ones self to accomplish your goals. The framers of the Constitution never wanted the government to run our country, but intended that we the people would run our own lives and oversee the government. I believe in America and its amazing resources and its perseverance. I believe we will overcome our obstacles and our current difficulties, and our spirit must never be dampened or broken. And I believe as Ronald Reagan once said, "America's best days are yet to come."

I Still Believe
By Margi Helschien Vice Chair, Republican Party of Palm Beach County Winner of the Jean Pipes Award, 2011

Is our country stable or

are we so unstable that we could fall apart? Our country is going through a lot right now. It is important to remember that we were founded in a time of instability and a time where things could have broken us apart. No one knew whether America would survive and many of the framers were skeptical themselves. Our problems today are vast, from economic problems to poor leadership in the White House. And constitutional debates are always going on. Wikileaks brings up the question of free speech; immigration problems bring up the 14th Amendment, which says, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside"; the debt ceiling brings up Article 1, Section 8, that Congress shall have power to borrow money on the credit of the United States; and the right to bear arms is always being debated. But as much as these issues can tear us apart, it is the meaning of the red, white, and blue that keeps us together. In 1782, Charles Thomson, the secretary of the Constitutional Congress, gave a report to Congress on the description of the colors of our flag. "White signifies purity and innocence. Red hardiness and valour and Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice." I believe in a country where against all odds our founding fathers decided to form a country based on Judeo-Christian

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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has been actively involved in the Securities Industry and as a Corporate Advisor for multiple corporations including Fortune 500 to start up firms. He is also very active in his community of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where his record of service and memberships is extensive. The events keynote speaker, Mike McCalister, Republican Candidate for Hal Valeche, Candidate, Palm US Senate in Florida took Beach County Commission to the podium last. Col. McCalister, whose resume includes a combined career of over 30 years service in the National Guard, Reserves, (active and inactive duty), a PhD. in Business, owner of a small business, and single parent, to name only a few, discussed the real issues that face America and tied everything together. Col. McCalister explained how our spiraling national debt, dependence on foreign oil, open border policy, Muslim infiltration on all fronts, and so many more on going conditions, are coming together to form a perfect storm. He explained his stance on each issue, and a big concern for him was how the federal government and court system attempt to overstep their powers and usurp the 10th Amendment. Several cases in point are the new health care legislation mandating that everyone purchase the program, federal laws dealing with abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, and many more. All of which are States Rights issues protected by the 10th Amendment. With the speeches completed, the evening ended with a number of those in attendance having dinner with the Col. and taking advantage of the chance to get to know him better. Attendees of the event included Palm Beach town councilman Bill Diamond, Palm Beach Business Group President Tom Ross, Palm Beach County REC State Committeewoman Fran Hancock, and Palm Beach County REC Secretary Mike Barnett.
Founded in December of 2010, the Restore Our America PAC is a student-run organization, focused on the education of Americans under the age of 35 about issues relating to our nations financial health, and one that advocates for financial responsibility in government. To learn more about the Restore Our America PAC, our upcoming events, to make a contribution or start a chapter, visit restoreouramerica.com or contact John Clark at john.clark@restoreouramerica.com [If you cant get enough of Mike McCalister, see next page. He also spoke to the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County Ed.]

Col. Mike McCalister Addresses the Restore Our America PAC in Palm Beach
By John Clark, Executive Director, Restore Our America PAC and David DiCrescenzo, American Patriots Press, LLC

While much focus is on the 2012 Republican Presidential

Primary, and rightly so, there is another race that also deserves considerable attention. Achieving a Republican majority in the Senate is a top priority for Republicans nationwide. Defeating Sen. Bill Nelson is the responsibility of Florida Republicans. Four major candidates are vying for the nomination. Each candidate brings to the table his own set of credentials, experiences, and questions that need answering.

John Clark, Dan Mangru, Col. Mike McCalister, and John Browne

The Restore Our America PAC recently hosted Col. Mike McCalister at The Palm Beach Steakhouse, where he addressed an audience of over 50 fellow patriots, on issues relating to job creation, patent law, national security, and how they are all related to Americas financial health. Former member of U.K. Parliament, John Browne, addressed the global debt crisis. Mr. John Browne, a former Member of Parliament in the U.K., is now Senior Marketing Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. Drawing on his vast wealth of experience, Mr. Browne, who also contributes as an Investment Writer and Op/Ed Columnist for the PittsburghTribune Review, had much to say about the current state of world affairs and what is at stake for America and the West if we dont take heed and learn from what is happening on all fronts on the world financial/economic stage. Next to speak was Palm Beach Gardens resident and President of York Street Capital Advisors, LLC, Hal Valeche. Mr. Valeche, a former Palm Beach Gardens Town Councilman, spoke about his campaign for Palm Beach County Commission District 1 and offered a brief resume of his career accomplishments, beginning with his service as a Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy. Since his service in the Navy, Mr. Valeche
Photos Courtesy of Boris Balaban

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Senate President Haridopolos Highlights Republican Club of the Palm Beaches July Luncheon
By Bette Anne Starkey

The July RCPB lunch featured Mike Haridopolos, who was well received as President of the Senate, even if he has ended his Senate campaign. As previously reported, Haridopolos recognized that the importance of leading the Florida Senate would require more time than allowed by being a candidate for U.S. Senate. He vowed that he would not be running for any office while holding his present position.

190 Atlantis Drive, Atlantis, FL 33462 561-602-3777 rccpbc.gopclubpb.org President: Tami Donnally

McCalister Fires Up Central GOP Club

Sept. 1, 2011, Atlantis What impressed me was his breadth of vision, proclaimed one veteran GOP political observer. Given his business, military, health care, and teaching experiences, he really knows how to examine issues on their global implications. Speaking before the monthly PBC Central Republican Club meeting, Senatorial candidate Col. Mike McCalister regaled the audience with a thoughtful yet hard hitting analysis of Americas challenges and the prescriptions necessary to return this nation to greatness. Citing the value chain from Business School vocabulary, he suggested incentivizing American companies to hire other American companies, rather than outsource for supplies overseas. Likewise, he called for abolishing the Federal Dept. of Education which has no constitutional mandate and dividing its funding among the states. Florida ranks 48th in the ACT Standardized Test Scores and we need to completely revamp the system here. Otherwise, we will never outpace China, Japan, and Korea. McCalister also noted that Asia constitutes 57% of the worlds population and Europe 12%. This one land mass is the market to capture. For we must not only rein in our uncontrolled federal spending, but we must also increase our national income. And this requires eliminating unfair trade practices, protecting proprietary technology, stopping phony currency devaluations, and preventing cyber espionage amongst other things. The Plant City conservative was the first of the four Republican Senate hopefuls who will appear before this audience in the coming months. The October 6th guest speaker will hail from the Pacific Legal Fund, an organization that litigates for property rights, limited government, and free enterprise, to be followed in Nov. by Craig Miller. For more information, please contact Club President Tami Donnally at 561-602-3777.

Sen. Pres. Mike Haridopolos and Palm Beach County REC Chairman Sid Dinerstein

Illegal immigration being of interest to many in the group, Haridopolos answered a question about the disposition of the E-Verify bill that did not pass the Florida Senate or even emerge from the House with a vote. This was the perfect segue into the fact that our club will present a program on Thursday, October 27th on the merits of E-Verify with organizations and local businesses who are pro/con. The event was attended by several new members who enjoyed the program enough to comment: I am so impressed with your speakers and programs that I want to be a part of your club.
Next Meeting: Thursday, October 27, 2011 5:30 Meet & Greet 6:30 Program Begins $20 Members, $25 Guests Bear Lakes Country Club 1901 Village Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL RSVP info@gopclubpb.org Club President: Melissa L. Nash

Meeting Place:

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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sight of dead bodies, the smell of decaying human flesh, the unearthly cries of mortally-wounded comrades in arms, getting shot in the abdomen, and spending months in hospitals, where I saw more comrades die. Meanwhile, back here in the world, courageous radicals were bravely manning the ramparts on college campuses across Amerika, trying to end the immoral, jingoistic war that they were convinced was going on at the time and tear down the awful system of government bequeathed to us by our forefathers, that had produced such an unspeakable form of governance. One of the most prominent among those heroes was Jane Fonda, the gorgeous daughter of a legendary actor, and a gifted actress on the silver screen in her own right. Jane, perhaps braver than all the rest, went to North Vietnam, condemned the United States, and visited our POWs, just to makeem feel good. While there, she even posed for a picture decked out in a North Vietnamese Army pith helmet, manning an anti-aircraft weapon as if waiting for one of those mean ol American imperialists to fly by. Had I been her publicist Id have outfitted her for the photo-op in one of those tailored camouflage belly shirts, fatigue pants and bloused combat boots, but even without that guerillachic ensemble, she was the best looking guerilla girl Ive ever seen. Today, Guerilla Girl cant seem to understand why we angry Americans are still so mad at her, so let me tell her. What she did was treasonous and shes lucky she didnt get prosecuted for it. During an earlier war, when our country was less tolerant, she would have been. Furthermore, her actions deeply wounded us vets who actually served in the war, and contributed to the mindless blaming the warrior for the war mentality that took a generation to excise from the American publics psyche. In addition, her attempted mea culpa a few years ago on TV was no apology at all, as revealed by what she said: IF I OFFENDED YOU, Im sorry. Clearly, thats not contrition coming from someone who fully understands what she did and is genuinely sorry for her actions, so let me give poor Jane some unsolicited advice for what she might say to the angry Americans: I deeply regret my actions during the Vietnam War. They were treasonous and deeply hurtful to my fellow citizens, especially those who were honorably serving in our beloved countrys armed forces at the time, and for that I want to offer a belated, but sincere heartfelt apology. Some of us will never forgive her, but Americans are a forgiving people in general, especially for someone who understands and is genuinely sorry for mistakes they made in their youth. So she should take my advice, give us a real apology, and maybe someday she can do a book signing without some heavily armed angry old guy throwing an egg at her.

Message from State Committeeman Feaman to the Palm Beach County REC
I want to express my gratitude to Dave Bitner for his service to our Party as Chairman of our Party. He has been an inspiration and a profile in courage. Thank you, Dave. I also want to thank all of you for your support of my campaign for National Committeeman. We all know that for the 2012 election cycle and beyond, we find our great country at a crossroads. Not only must Obama be defeated, but with or without him as President, the drumbeat of the Democrats and mainstream media for more government and higher taxes will continue. We must maintain our sense of urgency concerning the fiscal oblivion heading our way in the absence of significant spending restraint. As long as we put our values before victory, we will emerge with our principles intact and our party victorious. May God bless the Republican Party of Florida, this great state, and our great country.

Peter M. Feaman, State Committeeman


Poor Jane Fonda, Guerrilla Girl

By Tom Mullings

Poor Jane Fonda cant seem to hold onto a job these days in the
movies, on TV or in person, whenever she has a book signing, without getting a lot of flak from seemingly angry people. Why do these angry Americans seem so determined to keep hounding poor Jane? I cant speak for all of them, but since Im one of them, I would like to offer my thoughts about poor Jane, the 60s radicals she was a spokesman for, and a place called Vietnam. Forty-some years ago I was an immature college student, pursuing a college degree, as were many in my generation. Doing poorly in school, after a couple of years I was drafted by the U.S. Army. Anyway, I loved my country and supported the Vietnam War, so I volunteered to walk point for the infantry and serve as a scout dog handler for the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The next thing I knew, I was 10,000 miles from home, in a God-forsaken jungle so thick you had to cut through it with a machete; leading companies of U.S. Army infantryman through the nearly impenetrable foliage by day, and sleeping on the ground at night while being serenaded by music, compliments of the North Vietnamese. While in that breathtakingly beautiful, but frightening place -- the jungle -canopied mountains overlooking the South China Sea in Central South Vietnam, I dealt with, as best I could, never taking a bath, wait-a-minute vines, jungle rot, scorpion stings, poisonous snakes, punji pits, booby traps made from unexploded artillery rounds, snipers, ambushes, mortar attacks, grenade attacks, the

Tom Mullings is a decorated Army infantry combat veteran of

the Vietnam War, who served as a scout dog handler with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. He was one of the three original incorporators of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, and is a long-time Republican Executive Committeeman in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Congressman Allen West Receives a Warm Welcome from the Republican Executive Committee. The Conversation in Washington D.C. Has Changed.
August 10, 2011 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. The Palm Beach County Commission Chamber was packed to the limit for Augusts meeting. Guest speaker: Congressman Allen West (C.D. 22), who recently returned to his District from a tumultuous session in the U.S. House. Nine days prior he had cast a vote to approve the debt ceiling deal, which ultimately passed the House 269-161. Congressman West first spoke to the REC Board and Patriots 1000 members in a private meeting before joining the committee members in the general meeting, where he was met with a welcome fit for a triumphant Roman Emperor. Critics of the debt deal have complained that it ends up increasing taxes, provides no real spending cuts but only reductions in the rate of increased spending, and puts Medicare and our military at risk of massive budget cuts if the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction or Super Committee is unable to come up with $1.5 trillion in spending cuts. Recognizing that there was at least as much opposition to his Yes vote on the deal, the Congressman came prepared to defend his decision. Congressman West first asked for a moment of silence to recognize the ultimate sacrifice made by 31 NATO troops, including several members of the elite Seal Team Six and seven Afghan combat troops. Chairman Sid Dinerstein, who credited Allen for single-handedly saving the Republic, immediately gave him the floor to address the REC members. The vote that I made was the right vote to show that we can governwe are going to cut spending, and we have capped federal government spending Congressman West also stated we won a guaranteed vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment. West went on to say it is important to understand what the left was attempting to accomplish. Barack Obama, he said, was ultimately denied his four goals: (1) to blame Republicans, (2) to have a naked raising of the debt ceiling, (3) not to have to talk about any economic or fiscal issues during the campaign season, and (4) to have take hikes. Admitting that the debt ceiling deal was far from perfect, he told the committee members If you can take a 70-75% plan, and execute it to perfection, thats good enough on the battle field and I say thats good enough for Washington D.C. The Congressman concluded by saying that we are now talking about significant spending cuts as opposed to tax hikes and increased spending. The conversation in Washington D.C. has changed, said West, and that is a good thing for the Conservative arm of the Republican Party.

REC Members Elected in August, 2011

Janeen Capizola was born and raised in South Jersey where she began dancing at the age of 5. She was a Principal Dancer with the Vineland Regional Dance Company and began teaching and choreographing in high school. After graduating with Honors from Stockton State College with a degree in Political Science, Janeen and her husband, David, then employed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), moved to Buffalo, NY where she began teaching ballet. In 1992, Janeen became an NFL Buffalo Bills Cheerleader and cheered in both the big comeback game against the Oilers and Super Bowl XXVII against the Cowboys. She received the Rookie of the Year Award in 1993. Moving for DEA included a transfer to La Paz, Bolivia, Wellington, FL, Milan, Italy in 2002, and back to Wellington in 2006. While in Italy, Janeen became the dance teacher and choreographer for the American School of Milan, and also created and chaired the Performing Arts Committee. Janeen has always firmly believed in the values and principles of the Republican Party and has raised her 3 daughters, Jordan, Taylor, and Arden, to think right as well. She knows 2008 was a wake up call, and 2010 was just a beginning, so she is determined to take her voice and passion for the GOP into the community, serve on the REC to ensure a return of Republican candidates to office, and she WILL see her fellow registered Republicans forming the long lines to vote in 2012! Keith Sonderling is an attorney at Gunster who focuses his law practice on Employment Law and Business Litigation. Keith has been a resident of Palm Beach County since he was three years old. Keith obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and his JD from Nova Southeastern University. Keith has been actively involved in the Republican Jewish Coalition and is a member of the RJCs Young National Leadership Board of Directors. Keith is looking forward to becoming an active member of the REC and helping the organization grow in the Boca/Delray area.
REC Meeting Photos Courtesy of Boris Balaban

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Out with the Old, In with the Vista View

By Mike Barnett, Secretary Republican Party of Palm Beach County

As a committee member or a guest at an REC meeting, have you ever found yourself complaining about having to park across the street at the meters? Have you ever arrived to an REC meeting late only to find that all seats have been taken? Its not fun to have to stand through an entire two and a half-hour meeting. Once 7:30 rolls around, the temptation to leave early can be pretty strong. Well beginning in October, seating should no longer be a problem for anyone.

Dais and Conference Table

The REC Has Gone Viral.

By Phil Nicozisis Assistant Vice Chairman, Finance

Our recruitment video is up and running on youtube.com! Simply type "Join the REC" and its right there to view and share. Be sure to copy the link and use it to your heart's content: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9k5f3SAsOo I am sure you agree that this is a powerful tool that each one of us can use when recruiting new members. How many of us have been at gatherings where you try to explain just what the REC is? I lived in Florida for 6 years and never heard of the REC. I initially got involved because Sid handed me a business card and told me to 'come to a meeting.' Isn't it amazing how many people have never heard of the REC? Now we ALL have the 'secret weapon'. We have the ability to easily grow and fortify our numbers. Well, we always had this ability before. However, from now on and wherever you are in your travels, you can exchange business cards and send them an email with the link! Just imagine if each REC member sends out an email to his or her email list from time to time (starting now!). The only downside is that Sid, Greg, and Mark might be looking at a larger space again. OH NO! It makes me happy that each one of us at the last meeting was able to be in the video. We all have a stake in growing the REC to be the best in the State. We're probably already there, but that's my biased opinion. Stay tuned; we are working on a Patriots 1000 recruitment video. Good Stuff!

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our Executive Director Greg Langowski, beginning in October 2011 the Republican Executive Committee will be meeting at the Vista Center, located at 2300 N. Jog Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411. Directions to the Vista Center are easysimply take the Florida Turnpike to Okeechobee, then head west on Okeechobee to Jog Road. Then head north on Jog and the Vista Center is on the right-hand side about mile north of Okeechobee. No longer will we have to fight our way through downtown construction and traffic congestion. Our Assistant Vice Chairwomen for Membership Marilyn Parmet and Sue Snowden have been working overtime to increase our membership, and as a result we have finally outgrown our old facility in the County Commissioner Chamber at the Government Center. Thankfully, the Vista Center, a newer facility, will afford us plenty of parking, and should comfortably seat all 252 committee members and their guests. The county charges us a security fee per meeting, and we will soon be offering GOP clubs and other organizations sponsorship opportunities to cover the costs. Call Greg Langowski at 561-686-1616 for details. The Republican Party of Palm Beach County has finally found a new, classier home. As Chairman Dinerstein once said, were definitely movin on up.

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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The Committeemans Corner

Heres Your Chance. Speak Your Mind.

George Blumel Responds to Lowell Levines July 2011 Letter on Abortion

Sids [July 2011] article perfectly described our governors accomplishments and challenges, and the other articles except for onefit the season. Well done. The one glaring exception is Lowell Levines letter, which can be interpreted as a pro-abortion statement. It certainly is not in keeping with the Partys Mission Statement (on page 2) that we are committed to promoting Republican ideals and principles. Apparently, Mr. Levine missed the 2010 elections results which were an expression of our ideals and principles and one of those is our Partys commitment to the sanctity of life. Within our party are many factions and we need them all to win an election. A major faction is the pro-life community to whom a pro-abortion candidate is anathema. The 18 abortion bills he refers to were demanded by the people, overwhelmingly Republicans. Would Mr. Levine chuck that faction? We need to be united in the next election with the future of our Republic in jeopardy from the Obama progressives who would destroy our Christian-Judaic culture and value system. To them the state is God. To us the people are sovereign. So, I would tell those who think like Mr. Levine to get positive on our principles and negative on the opponents. Point out the destruction of our economy brought on by Obama regime -- the joblessness, the indebtedness, the onerous regulations and yes, their moral depravity. Levine is also wrong about Medicare-Medicaid and Social Security programs. We must reform them as they are major contributors to our slide into bankruptcy. ObamaCare takes $500 billion out of Medicare to support its numerous new agencies and panels shouldnt that turn off the elderly? Our plans save the programs for those over 55 and restructures them to preserve protections for those under 55. That is our story, not cowardly avoiding the topics so as not scare people.

Kurt Daley: Lets Not Eat Our Own

A young man, Ryan Rhodes, recently asked our President why our Vice President referred to Tea Party members as terrorists. The Vice President has since denied using the term and the President relayed that denial to Mr. Rhodes. Later, I learned that it was Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) who likened Tea Partiers to terrorists during the debt ceiling debate. Mr. Rhodes was castigated by major media outlets for being rude to the President but not Representative Doyle. Even Dana Perino, President George W. Bushs former Press Secretary, joined the fray to calling out Mr. Rhodes. Why do we Republicans eat our own? We have a President who has used gangster imagery to explain how we should contest elections. We have a President who has referred to our elected Republican leaders as the enemy. We have a President who said we must confront our neighbors and get in their faces, to get his point across and yet its the Republicans who were blamed for spewing hatred and inciting the shooting of Rep. Giffords. I am aware that we Republicans will not get a fair shake from most of the press and digital media outlets. But we should do our best to support those who share our core beliefs. We should not castigate Mr. Rhodes or Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) for breaches of decorum. In Rep Wilsons case, his apology should have been enough. Instead we must push our agenda. For example, during the recent debt ceiling debate, I never heard one elected Republican bring up the fact that the last Democrat-controlled House of Representatives did not pass a budget. This is one of the most basic functions of the House, yet it was not done. Why? Because, without a budget there was not check against their spending. Without a budget, the true cost of Healthcare legislation is never known. And without a budget there is no real record to tie the Democrats to the fact that we have a spending, not a revenue problem. So I would ask that we not comment on minor breaches of decorum of our allies and instead focus on pointing out the deficiencies of our opponents.

George Blumel, Atlantis FL 33462

Kurt Daley, Precinct 6172

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

Page 10
brought to our great country perils even novelists would find hard to imagine. Here are just a few: Massive, unsustainable government debtover $16 Trillion. This is inexorably leading to higher inflation, accelerating loss of value of the Dollar and destruction of peoples savings, investments and retirement funds. Instead of reducing this debt Obama and the liberals are demanding even more spending, more taxes, more borrowing, more printing of moneymore stimulus billions on nonexistent shovel ready jobs, more railroads and trains that are proven losers, more bridges to nowhere, more pork-barrel waste. Instead of allowing people to make their own decisions on health care Obama-ism has created a Frankenstein socialized monstrosity that was enacted last year under a Democratic controlled Congress. No one really knew, or knows now, what this legislation really means the then Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated, We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. Unbelievable, but the Democrats selected her.

President Haridopolos Names Benacquisto Deputy Majority Leader

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, announced today that Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Ft. Myers, has been named deputy majority leader in the Florida Senate. Benacquisto will work to advance Republican Caucus priorities under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, along with majority whips, Senators Anitere Flores, R-Miami, and David Simmons, R-Maitland. In her inaugural session, Senator Benacquistos energy was unmistakable, said Haridopolos. She treats her constituents with respect and is devoted to serving Floridians. Senator Benacquisto embraces her role as state senator wholeheartedly, and I know her colleagues in the senate majority will benefit from her characteristic focus and drive.

Sen. Benacquisto

Elected to the Florida Senate in 2010, Benacquisto championed and passed bills such as School Choice (SB 1331), Silver Alert (SB 664), the Andrew Widman Act (SB 844) and Qualified Target Industries (Senate Bill 1318). A mother of three children, she previously served as councilwoman for the Village of Wellington, Fla., 2002-2010. We are heading into another exciting year for Florida Republicans, said Gardiner. We have the opportunity to be exceptionally effective by working together, and as conservatives, we also have the responsibility to use that power to make sound, deliberate decisions our kids can be proud of. I know Senator Benacquisto will serve her colleagues well in this role, and I look forward to working with her in this new capacity to advance Republican Caucus priorities. For more information, visit the Florida Senate website at www.flsenate.gov.

Pandering to their far left environmentalist groups, sometimes typed the greens, the Obama-cists tried to force into law another monstrous government program, based on unproven and even fraudulent science to regulate carbon emissions generated by thousands of U.S. businesses. This proposed international legislation was rejected by China and India, which are rapidly industrializing with over 2 billion people. Thus, the Obama-cists were pushing legislation on the U.S., which would have cost Americans thousands of jobs, maybe hundreds of thousands of jobs, with absolutely no effect on global climate, just to impose more government control. Likewise, the Obama-cists have catered to the greens by restricting domestic gas exploration, pipelines, and new refineries. Instead, they wastefully subsidize unproven renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and ethanol, which can only provide a small fraction of our needs. Again this is another waste of money and a terrible loss of American jobs and productivity, all on a dreamy, unproven theory. THERES MOREmany more errors, inanities, frauds are found in Obama-ism. If a genius can generalize from one fact, we mortals should be able to generalize something meaningful from all the above facts. Nations face many threats, both from abroad and from within. Over 2000 years ago mighty Rome faced a threat from belligerent Carthage, (now Tunis). A Roman Senator reportedly ended every speech with the words Carthago delenda est which, roughly translated, reads in English Carthage must be destroyed. Some of our threats today are foreign but are increasingly domestic. As per the Pogo cartoon, We have met the enemy and he is us. Our worst enemy is Obama-ism, essentially a virulent form of socialism combined with liberal fascism. Why not let our motto be Obama-ism must be destroyed. Continued next page

To All Florida Republicans

By Parker Reid Member, Palm Beach Republican Club

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. So spoke Rahm Emanuel, Obamas Democratic Chief of Staff in 2008. NOW its the Republicans turn. The crisis today is the Democrats bankruptcy of ideas, of conduct, of leadership. NOW is the time to lead our country back from the brink of disaster. Yes Disaster. OBAMA-ISMthe disastrous end result of decades of radical left Democratic theories and policieshas

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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If so, heres a plan: ACKNOWLEDGE that destruction of OBAMA-ISM can only be achieved with the agreement and support of the great middle group of Americans commonly called the Independents.

Labor Day Family BBQ Save the Date!

ACKNOWLEDGE that most political contests are LOST, not WON (remember George Herbert Walker Bush who blew it against Clinton and Al Gore who blew it against George W. Bush). ACKNOWLEDGE that many people vote against someone rather than for someone. Recall the slogan ABB (Anybody but Bush). ACKNOWLEDGE that the liberal media controls communications, so Republican candidates therefore must be focused on non-controversial essentials and not make any irrelevant disastrous statements that can be lampooned or not appeal to the independents (like Sarah Palins silly non-sequitur You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.) And that each Republican candidate be required to repeat every morning the maxim attributed to President Silent Cal Coolidge I was never criticized for something I didnt say. Bachmann and Perryplease note. ACKNOWLEDGE that the Obama-cists-the liberal, leftwing Democrats of today, like the communists in 1989, are on the pass side of history. They are also irrelevant, either nave or dishonest, destructive, disproven and discredited, and susceptible to Republican leaders who have the communications abilities to say so clearly, simply and convincingly. The 2012 elections are ours to WIN. If we dont win, it means we made mistakes and LOST. Join us for the Monday, September 5th BBQ in lieu of the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Palm Beach County Tea Partys Jupiter / Palm Beach Gardens Chapter. Our special guests will be U S Congressman Tom Rooney, CD # 16, and State Representative Pat Rooney, CD # 83. Beautiful tent-covered dining area with grassy areas for bocce ball and other fun games. Food will be excellent! Children 10 and under are half price-children 3 and under are free. DATE: Monday, September 5, 2011 TIME: BBQ 5:30 PM, ($15 includes tax & tips, Cash Bar); Speaker at 7:00 PM PLACE: Doubletree Hotel, Palm Beach Gardens Keynote Speaker: Florida State Representative Pat Rooney will speak at 7:00 PM, Q & A to follow. Congressman Tom Rooney, Florida District 16, will attend the entire evenings event and speak at 7:30, Q & A to follow. For More Information Call: 561.463.2174

www.palmbeachcountyteaparty.org BOCA RATON REPUBLICAN CLUB 9/11 REMEMBRANCE

Please join the Boca Raton Republican Club, Inc. for a 9/11 Remembrance with Congressman Allen West, State Committeeman Peter Feaman, & The Palm Beach County Patriotic Chorus. DATE: Friday September 16TH TIME: 5:30PM Check-In, 6:30PM Dinner, $40 per person PLACE: The Marriott Hotel, 5150 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton, FL

Parker Reid

graduated from Harvard Law School in 1955 and is a former member of the Bars of both New York and Washington, D.C. Parker served as a Marine Corps officer, as a Company Commander, and as Secretary of the Marine Corps Board, a policymaking and study group for the Commandant. He worked as a lawyer and owned many businesses in Boston, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia from 1960 to 2000. Parker moved to Palm Beach in 2002 and to West Palm Beach in 2004. He is a member Harvard Club of the Palm Beaches, the Beach Club, and the Palm Beach Republican Club.


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a karaoke version of a president competing with a world statesman. Even those traditional Jewish Democrats who know Obama is doing a terrible and destructive job, find every reason to dislike anyone who can actually do something about it. They are critical of every strong supporter of America and Israel in media and talk radio. I ask a resounding WHY? I felt very invigorated after my first debate in a public forum, but realized there is much work to be done. The organizer of the event said the following day she received many calls inquiring when the next one will be. She said the pool was buzzing with talk of the event. I look forward to the next one. I intend to burst their bubble with facts by destroying the myths they have about their party and Liberalism, and just maybe, change a few minds in the process. While their are many great quotes from our forefathers and great politicians in my lifetime, the one I believe is most fitting in these volatile times is, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Sir Edmund Burke, British House of Commons.
My name is Raymond Tresca, I am a Navy Veteran and proud father of 2 very talented boys. With only half of them being conservative, my work is never done. My first vote in a Presidential Election, was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. I did volunteer work to help elect Colonel West, realizing in essence, that my country needed me once again.

Ray Tresca: A Small View of a Big Problem

Last Monday, on my day off, I was participating in table tennis at the clubhouse in my community. I live in a gated, 55 and over, predominately Jewish development of about 900 homes. In walks, a woman with a hearty smile asked if anyone was from the Tea Party. My survival instincts kicked in as I glanced left and right then inquired, "why do you ask?" She said that the clubhouse would be hosting its first-ever political discussion and she needed a representative from the Tea Party. I gladly accepted. I arrived 45 minutes prior to the event as instructed. I chuckled at a sign that read, "Please check your weapons at the door." I was lead to an adjourning room where I was introduced to the 3 other panelists and the moderator. In the pre-discussion, the Democrat was, well the Democrat. The Independent was as middle of the road as Chuck Schumer. The Republican Representative was rather quiet, so I didn't really know what kind of Republican I was getting. The moderator was a pleasant, soft-spoken gentleman. The room had about 60-70 gathered. We were each to give about a 5 minute opening, after which the audience would respond. The Democrat opened with his best version of, "sipping the kool aid." The Independent gave a speech that would have had Rodney King crying. It was then my turn. My opening was in response to my 2 esteemed colleagues. "Skyrocketing debt is a choice, not a requirement," and as far as I'm concerned, there has been upwards of $14.3 trillion in compromises. The Republican spoke and was a conservative representing himself and us well. The usual banter ensued about teachers, unions, healthcare, and FDR. Yes, FDR. After all, this is a 55 and way over community. A response, directed at me, led me to discuss the vilification of the Tea Party. Another famous party once condemned a group of citizens, and entrepreneurs. I said it was the Nazi Party in the 30's. I knew this would get a rise from the audience, and it did. Although my name happens to end in a vowel, Israel and the Jewish people have few more fervent supporters than me. An unscientific estimate of my community puts the Jewish population at about 85%. When I looked at the attendees, 50% were supportive or indifferent, 50% shaking their heads in disapproval of me in general. With reality in mind, I still cannot believe the support that so many Jewish people give to the Democrats and to President Obama. When Benjamin Netanyahu met with Obama, it was like watching

Lowell Levine: Congressman West to Investigate the Muslim Brotherhood

Congressman Allen West has been recently assigned as Chairman of a Congressional Committee investigating into the operations of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in the United States. President Obama calls the Muslim Brotherhood a peace loving organization. Congressman Ellison of MN. was their keynote speaker at their convention meeting in Detroit a few months ago. Retired CIA agents and retired FBI agents who have followed the workings of the Muslim Brotherhood claim that it is a terrorist organization. They are recruiting new members in the United States for Jihad. The agents claim that they have evidence to support the Muslim Brotherhood gives money to Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban to kill Americans and American soldiers. It will be very interesting to see if Congressman West finds enough evidence during the Congressional hearings to support these claims and, if true, what Congress will do about the Muslim Brotherhood Organization

Lowell Levine, Business Advisor and Coach

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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