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Identification And Description Wateen Telecom:

Wateen Pakistans largest communication company in the private sector has become the instrumental catalyst that has radically moved the country forward into a digital revolution with its ability to seamlessly connect and enable smarter, faster, cost effective and flexible solution to reach its valued customers. Wateen offers a complete range of carriers class telecom and multimedia services like fixed wireless and mobile telephony, always-on broad band for data, internet and TV/multimedia along with the host of other value added services and applications to set the standards for a new era of communications and entertainment in Pakistan. Wateens focus has been on bringing in cutting edge technologies to better provide youth with the tools they need to progress providing high speed connectivity, and features. Rich solutions is the Wateens way of not just matching the fast growing needs, but also challenging the true potential growth that technology can offer.

To launch Pakistan into the 21st century digital revolution by providing complete communication and media solutions to Telecom Operators, Corporate and Consumers, to be the leading Carriers Carrier by creating a world-class cutting-edge network and to deliver a diverse range of reliable, affordable and quality customer-centric services.


To provide affordable communication services that meets and exceeds customers' expectations

To deliver high-quality, flexible and innovative solutions that is cost-effective and conducive To provide complete customer satisfaction on time, every time To make Broadband Pakistan a reality
Corporate Values Simplicity Friendliness Quality Innovation Honesty Practical and easy-to-use Customer satisfaction is foremost Premier services; no compromises Always at par with the latest technology Practice what we preach: integrity, ethics and open communication

Naeem Zamindar - Chief Executive Officer Mr. Zamindar brings an outstanding track record of building successful companies, spanning 20 years across USA and Pakistan. He is a founding team member of Mobilink, and was a key member of the leadership team that grew Mobilink to become the leading telecom company of Pakistan. As the VP of Strategy, Business Development and Program Management Office, he led the initiative of making Mobilink an integrated telecom company by enabling the nationwide fiber optic network and through the acquisition of four companies that now form the Broadband Business Division. He has also been an Investment Manager at Intel Capital in the Silicon Valley where he worked on 29 venture capital investments focused on building companies in the internet/new media and wireless broadband space. He is considered to be a leading thought leader in the Wimax world, being invited as the keynote speaker at many international wireless broadband conferences. He qualified as a CPA from the State of Washington and is an MBA from INSEAD. He is also a Charter Member of TiE (www.tie.org) and a co-author of the book The First Mile. He spends his spare time volunteering as Chairman of the Art of Living Foundation and teaching people to live a more peaceful and responsible life. 2

Syed Jibran Ali - Chief Commercial Officer Syed Jibran Ali is heading Consumer Sales & Services at Wateen and brings with him over 22 years of diverse experience comprising of Retail Sales, FMCG, Cellular and WiMax. An Aitchisonian by origin and holder of Masters Degree in marketing his experience includes 3 years with LEE Jeans (USA), 10 years with Coca Cola and 9years with Mobilink GSM. He has been part of multiple platforms which include trainings and workshops by London Business School, Harvard Business School, Insead, MIT, Telecoms Academy (Informa), LUMS, Coca Cola etc... He was also nominated for participant s page at London Business School for the year 2007/08 for the world renown training "Essentials of Leadership" Mian Omer Shah - General Manager Customer Service Mr. Mian Omer Shah started his working career with Pakistans oldest GSM operator, Mobilink and specialized in Customer Service management and was also the architect of semi automated provisioning system, quality management system, and reporting & control systems. He has more than 12 years of rich industry experience across the subcontinent. After having successfully establishing a 400 seat Contact Center he moved on to Warid where he established 2 large Contact Centers with full multimedia capabilities. He also implemented workforce management software for the first time in the country, brining scheduling forecasting to a new level resulting in better operations control. His next assignment was to work on another green field launch in Bangladesh for Warid, where he established, 12 Business Centers, 2 Contact Centers, 1 Support Center and 4 training Centers. He possesses in depth knowledge of recruitment, training and development, project management, sales management, service excellence and team building. In recognition of his extraordinary performance as a key launch team member he was awarded a gold medal. Zafar Iqbal - General Manager HR/ Admin & Infrastructure Zafar Iqbal is heading Human Resource, Administration & Infrastructure Division at Wateen Telecom and brings with him an accomplished Management career; which 3

reflects over 40 years of Multifunctional experience in Human Resource Management, administration Services, real estate and Government Relations. His diversified experience includes 10 years with Intercontinental Hotels Corporation (IHC- owned by Panam), more than 10 years with Lyton, Electrolux, Sheraton and pharmaceutical solutions (KSA), 5 Years with Marriot (Islamabad), 8 Years with Mobilink GSM, 2 Years at Dillard Corporation (USA) and almost 5 years with Warid Telecom. A professional who has the ability to address business challenges of (streamlining and redefining workflows roles and responsibilities) compensation structures, employee retention, building employee relations and translating resource productivity into accelerated business growth Naila Bhatti - General Manager Media Naila Bhatti has extensive experience in Media and Marketing. As GM Media for Wateen, she is responsible for the day to day operations of the Media department, which includes Wateen Cable TV operations as well as the Web Portal. She is the point person who interacts with all local broadcasters, international channel franchisees and media buying agencies. Prior to joining Wateen she was the COO of Wikkid Plus, Pakistans first childrens TV channel. She was involved from concept to transmission and handled personally all aspects like developing the Business Plan, Programming line-up, FPC, Packaging, Designing, Marketing, Finances and Human Resources. Her responsibilities included day to day operations, sales and marketing, financial management and management of a team of 230 plus people. Wikkid Plus built an impressive lineup of local and foreign programming. She developed the first Pakistani Animation cell for local animated programming. She was also the CEO of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council where she was responsible for forming the corporate structure of the council, interacting with various government entities to get the PFDC recognized as well as get it official support Ali Ahmad Khan - General Manager Enterprise & Carrier Sales

Ali Khan is an engineer with post graduate business qualification and has been associated with the Abu Dhabi Group for over 6 years. During this time he has contributed in his various roles in the group ranging from strategic alliances, channel development & management, GSM launch project management, international operations and strategic planning. His last assignment was Warid Congo where he was involved from initial prelaunch stage and later headed commercial functions for two years. Prior to that he was the Franchise and Retail Head for Warid Pakistan. In the past he was associated with internet and data companies in senior management position for over seven years which were leaders in data networking and internet services at the time

Pioneer of Wimax
WiMAX, an approximate acronym of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides for the wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-point links to full mobile cellular-type access. The technology provides up to 70 Mb/sec symmetric broadband speeds without the need for cables. The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard also called Wireless MAN. The name "WiMAX" was created by the WiMAX Forum, which was formed in June 2001 to promote conformity and interoperability of the standard. The forum describes WiMAX as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL"(and also to High Speed Packet Access). Wimax is always on high speed wireless connection which gives you the ability to access your favorite websites faster and lets you experience the web at its maximum potential. With internet speed ranging from 128kbps to 2Mbps surfing internet is whole new experience with increased speed improved productivity and substantial cost saving.

Functions of Wimax:
Wimax internet connections can be accessed at any distance. The speed of Wimax is quite high and customers enjoy using it. The WiMax system provides facilities of internet access through WiMax tower which is able to cover the larger area in the range of 8 thousand square kilometer. WiMax provides connection. In the line-of sight there is a fixed antenna used at home top or office top to connect the network. The line-of-sight is static and connectivity is good. It gives you faster speed with less error. Wimax also provides connection in non-line-of-sight. In this case you need small antenna in the computer to get the connection remotely.

Threat of New Entrants:

Wateen was launched in Pakistan on 16th December 2007. At that time it was the only company offering Wimax so it enjoyed being a monopoly. Being the monopolist was the core competency of the company but Wateen did not take advantage of this position. They had major flaws in their pricing, product and promotion strategies. Now Mobilink and PTCL (smart TV) have emerged as competitors in this market. PTCL Smart Line' is a fixed line service that allows customer the experience of telephony, Broadband and multi-channel TV service all at the same time, on the same line. Therefore no additional cable is required into the customer's premises to receive cable TV / Multi channel TV. Mobilink is a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom and Pakistans largest mobile service provider; they officially launched their Wimax service by the name of Mobilink Infinity. Because Mobilink has already got an established network and a huge existing customer base they would have no trouble competing with Wateen Telecom. Moreover they are

charging quite reasonable prices and providing good customer service so it is surely a wake up call for Wateen because it may not see the light of day in the rest of the country.

Wateen was launched in a fragmented and new market, leveraged by its infrastructure as the unique selling proposition. The infrastructure comprised end-to-end consumer solutions ranging from triple play for households (Voice, Internet &TV) and targeted corporate solutions across all businesses and catering to all connectivity requirements. We offer a unique product mix allowing depth and breadth in the product portfolio to ensure that we dont just cater for customers needs but become part of the customers life.

Dark Fiber
Dark Fiber is our unprecedented IRU product that entails an investment by the customer, and thus creating an asset for the customer which is supported by a long term SLA, operations and maintenance (O&M) support. Dark fiber is for organizations seeking Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) which varies from 3 years to 20 years. Wateen only provides the customer with dark fiber and the customer is responsible for lighting it up i.e. making it operational by setting up the required equipment.

Lambda Service
Wateen Lambda Service provides 10Gbps connectivity over fiber, by lighting up just a single wavelength from the full optical signal, stretching up on the nationwide fiber network. The allocation of bandwidth over thelit-up Lambda is targeted to serve as the secondary/redundant link forth carrier, ensuring high reliability and availability imposed through the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Managed Capacity

Where customers seek lower capacities of bandwidth, Wateen offers managed capacity on its fibre and VSAT networks. Wateens clear channel circuit or Layer 2 MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) is appoint-to-point pseudo-wire service. It is used to replace existing physical links based on TDM circuits. This model is mostly suitable for customers who have a traditional hub and spoke network topology.

DPLC / IPLC & IP-transit

DPLC provides for domestic transport of data within Pakistan, whereas provides transport across international destinations. For (Domestic Private Leased Circuit) Wateen uses its own optical fiber network both on the nationwide and metropolitan area networks, whereas for an IPLC (International private leased circuit) various submarine cable systems are used. IP-transit is raw Internet bandwidth which operators and large organisations acquire in order to have presence on the Internet backbone.

For our strategic partners, Wateen provides state-of-the-art facilities for colocation/housing, to deploy their infrastructure. The sites have provisioning of intercarrier connectivity, space, security, fire detection/suppression, and backup power and bandwidth capacity.

System Integration
This is the age of policy-based, network-intensive, speedy and high bandwidth and business-critical multimedia applications that bring together secure data, voice and video capabilities. Yet it is unlikely that companies may find suitably skilled and specialized people in their own existing set up. Wateen has the largest team of skilled and certified staff, with international project experience in the products of Cisco Systems, Polycom, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, EMC, Riverbed, Axis, McAfee, Globitel, Barco, Schmid and other multiple leading technology providers. This has enabled Wateen to be the 8

leading Solution Provider in the market, offering customized, cost effective solutions generating quick ROIs with expertise in design, swift deployment and seamless integration.

Retail Products
Broadband Internet
There are three different technologies in wireless communication; a) Buckeye b) Jupiter c) Wolverine d) Dongle Wateen has revolutionized Broadband services and is present in 22 cities across the country. The telecom industry is expanding at an explosive rate and Wateen is miles ahead of its current WiMAX players. For the premium seeking market, Broadband services through HFC and GPON are presently being offered in Multan and Karachi and will soon be offered in Lahore, Multan and Karachi in the near future, is offered.

Data Portfolio The lack of quality enabled data services due to infrastructural issues
generated a large demand-supply gap in the market, making Wateens existing Infrastructure very advantageous. For all our Enterprise customers Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure clear channel circuit ,which is offered in Layer 2, Layer 3 and any-to-any configuration to cater to various needs of different customers.

Telephony - Consumer

Wateens current Services, range from basic digital voice to enhanced Telephony.The current tele-density now stands at 63%, a number that represents an extremely lucrative business opportunity for extending enhanced Telephony Services to customers.Owing to the scale of their long haul and metro networks the only main players in the Enterprise Telephony Segment are Wateen, PTCL and WorldCall with GSM; and other service providers operating at the fringe level. Unlike the consumer segment, business users are highly quality conscious and require customised solutions to meet their unique needs and Wateen, unlike its competition, can leverage its large and robust IP-based network to address these needs. Wateens fixed line Telephony seeks to enrich the Telephony Lifestyle of its subscribers by offering high quality services, user friendly Call Management features and empowering them through a self-care portal.

Product Strategies:
The target customers of Wateen are home users, business users carriers & operators However their main revenue comes from business users because due to their high costs home users do not prefer it so they are targeting business users more than the others by providing advanced technology that is necessary for business sector. Wimax failed due to the following reasons: Wimax was unable to capture signals in areas surrounded by trees and huge buildings. Instead of focusing on the technology they were focusing on market share Their sales representatives did not guide the buyers properly about the services, whenever a customer asked any question related to their product and WiMAX technology they failed to satisfy the ambiguities of the customers.


The cable service that they provided was not up to the mark. There were very few channels in it so generally people preferred their local cables.

Realizing all these facts they now Have improved their customer service to some extent. The signal problem has also been resolved. People are getting aware of new technology wimax Wateen needs to work over these flaws in order to satisfy their target customers.

Activities Of Wateen Promotion Strategies:

Promotion is a very important element of marketing mix. Wimax promotes its products by: ADVERTISING: Bill boards in busy localities. Newspaper ads Below the line Advertisement Wimax is a new technology in the world and it has yet to prove in the market. Moreover it has many issues regarding product awareness, delivery and its usage since it has been launched. Marketing communication and advertising is considered as strategic decision during the launch of the product and it should be handled with care. It brings a negative impact on brand reputation if the product or services are launched aggressively by spending and putting too much effort in heavy advertisements without product or services placed in the market. It is just like misleading the customers. Such campaign brings 11

adverse effect on brand image instead of building it. The product like WiMax which is still in the introductory stage has to struggle a lot in getting a market share Such mistake at the launch can severely disrupt the companys and brands image within early adaptors of the product. Wateen has placed two ads in print media. One was related to the product launch aggressively offered all the products in line with core focus on triple play. The new website of Wateen is far better than the previous one because it offers product & marketing information in detail which can help customers to know about Wateen product better. However on practically calling the Toll Free number on next day of advertisement, one finds a telemarketer with inadequate information on all the products and delivery time of 2 months. Prospects are being asked to register online and are being told that sales team will contact them in 6 to 8 weeks. While doing advertisement during product launch, companies must behave strategically realistic when the market is competitive and buyers have become knowledgeable. Wateen does have some exciting projects and plans ahead and they are acting quite aggressively but enterprises like Wateen Telecom, must advertise product/service offering only when the product is ready to deliver instead of advertising plans on paper. The second advertisement from the campaign was based on good advertising strategy. It focused on corporate image of company and the feeling that there is a new entrant who will be offering value services in Telecom Sector. The services that is new for the customers in Pakistan. The advertisement was not offering anything in particular and hence is the right Pre-Launch Ad before products are practically ready for delivery. Wateen also has successfully managed to bring certain corporate giants on board including Telenor, Bank of Punjab, Warid, Callmate etc and these names were illustrated on the advertisement, thus strengthening the companys image as promising and trustworthy player.

Placement Strategies:


Wateen is located in 20 cities throughout Pakistan. The phases have been covered with a total route of 350 plus kilometers.

Abbott Abad Jhelum R.Y. Khan Bahawalpur Karachi Sahiwal D.I. Khan Lahore Sargodha Faisalabad Multan Sheikhupura Okara Sialkot Gujarat Peshawar Sukhur Hyderabad Quetta Islamabad


1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0




North 220 129 112 76 70 63









Figure 3: City wise sales in North

1200 1064 1000





200 40 0 Karachi Quetta Hyderabad Sukker 27 6


Dealer Network
Dealership Criteria & requirements: o Correlated business such as computer vendors, networking solution providers, mobile retailers etc. o Adaptable to a enter a long-term dealership agreement with Wateen o Security deposit of Rs.5000/- (refundable) o Initial CRM balance of Rs.6500/- as billing Wateen offers: o 02 CPEs for selling o 01 Demo line with Rs. 1218/- balance for dealer use o Lucrative Commission on each sale o Outlet Branding and fascia o Marketing Collateral o 24 hour Help line services through exclusive hotline numbers and email address

Dealer Sales Process

Provide Information to customer Coverage check through Backend Help line If not in coverage keep in record for future reference If in coverage fill the CSAF, get Utility bills & CNIC Take Payments Deliver Receipt. Hand over CPE If in case of Indoor coverage Hand over documents to Sales Executive for account creation.


Help line for Dealer

Coverage check Complaints handling Inbound calls from Franchise/Dealer regarding customer issues Static IP processing Email correspondence (Different Channels) Outbound calls to customers regarding their complaints Mac uploading To provide end to end solution regarding Franchise/Dealer customers issue

Helpline number : 042-8250000 Email address: support.central@wateen.com

Dealer Commission Structure

On CPE Account On Account of line Rent On Activation & Documentation Installation *Govt tax apply PKR 375 as fixed subscription fee 60% of the first month line rent PKR 96 PKR 146

Dealer Commission Structure

T e arg ts: In order to make the Business Model viable for both Dealer and Wateen, Com mission is subjected to achievem of a certain targ com ent ets municated on monthly basis. Minim um T e for a de le is 4sa in a m arg t a r les onth. Dealers fulfillingthe target will be entitled to 100% comm ission and dealers fallingshort of the required targets will be given 50%comm ission.


C onditionsfor R le se of Ince e a ntive Payment will be made by 15th of subsequent month. Submission of non-discrepant Documentation with in defined KPI. Remittance of all due paym ent. Payable only for Active Sales at the time of Disbursem ent. Physical Address Verification.

C w Ba la ck If customer is rolled back within 2 months dealer will not be entitled to com missions on that sale as per existing practice. P na e ltieson F kea Discre a nd pant D ocum ents For fake documentation 100%com mission will be clawed back and in a ddition a penalty of PKR 20,000 will be im posed For discrepant docum entation 100%comm ission will be clawed back and in addition a penalty of PKR 1,000 will be imposed for each docum ent

Terms & Conditions


T r s& o d io s em C n it n
New Tariffs (Blade/ZTE/Out door)

256Kbps / 5GB

Upfront Charges Line rent

Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental


S c th in e tiv p n in e is c n e la d fin db th c m a y e e y e o pn P rtn rs e rtsa dw a e ffo n i o th s t o je tiv s A n e e b c e.

512Kbps / 5GB 1MB / 5GB 2,000 499 120 99 Upfront Charges Line Rent 2,000 599 120 99 Upfront Charges Line Rent 2,000 699 120 99 Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental 2,718





Per Month
256Kbpsbps / 10GB Upfront Charges Line Rent


Per Month
512Kbps / 10GB


Per Month
1MB / 10GB


Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental


Per Month

Sle K I asP P y e t /C lle tio a mn o c n S le A tiv tio a s c a n

899 120 99 Line Rent 999 120 99 Line Rent Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental 2,618


Upfront Charges


Upfront Charges

1,500 1,099 120 99 2,818





Per Month


Per Month



256Kbpsbps Unlimited Upfront Charges Line Rent Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental 1,500 1,199 120 99 2,918

512Kbps Unlimited Upfront Charges Line Rent Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental 1,500 1,299 120 99 3,018

1MB Unlimited Upfront Charges Line Rent Telephony Rent(With Tax) CPE rental 1,500 1,399 120 99 3,118

Per Month

Per Month

Per Month




Responsibilities in WATEEN TELECOM

Provide the back end support to W-Card and Wi-Max dealer Planning, directing, implementing, and strategizing projects, marketing campaigns for the dealers. Handling there issues regarding stock issuance. Proper follow-up of there tickets and give them proper feedback regarding the quires. Encourage the dealers to boost the sales. Keep the proper record of W-cards. To coordinate with different departments for daily operation. Coordinate with finance and supply chain departments for the smooth operation and try to build the strong bonding with the dealer network Legal contract Processing and record keeping of dealers agreement. Coordinate with the legal department for the processing of the legal documentation of the dealers and record keeping of all the legal documents and keep them up date. To main the track record for the submission of CSAF. Maintain the record of customer Service acquisition forms and ensure that all the data which is given to the company is correct and up to date by making Random Monitoring Calls. Recovered the Wi-Max devices as per the device recovery policy. Recover the devices according to the company policy and did highest recovery in a week among the dealer network. To check TMS queue on regular basis and ensure 100% SLA.


Handle all the tickets of the customers and the dealers as well and ensure 100% service level Agreement.

I learn from Wateen

An internship is like exercise- it builds up your stamina for the work environment while helping you to look good for employers.
This internship provide me with work experience that is directly related to my majors.

It greatly increase the

chances to gain full time employment after graduation. In addition to this, my work ethic increase, and I am confident about my abilities. I learn about time management, discipline, and effective communication skills. It really nourishes my critical thinking .I learn about time management, discipline, and effective communication skills. I able to make quick decisions which are based on logic .it tell me how to excel in a large number of different organizations and industries. It really up-grade my level of motivation, leadership, oral communication skills, experience, and interpersonal skills. It tell me how to use different forms of media and technology. I gained skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and computer skills. It gives me experience of office work that make me stronger. I preformed recovery for wateen it improve my convincing power. I get the practical knowledge of the filed. Get to know the market standards and requirements. I get the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the various subjects like Marketing & Management . It associate with large firms or companies
like IBN juzi, Transworld.

Training in MBA is loaded with lots of assignments and projects, making the me more tough and allowing me to learn the in- depth procedures of the industry.


Fumbles of Wateen

When wateen telecom was launching alot was expected from them and they had major hype but when they finally launched their packages were not too exciting but still people bought connections from them due to the fact that it was wireless and that there was no dependency on ptcl.It was actually a premature launch. One that was initiated in fear of Mobilink's WiMax. A franchise manager admitted this to me himself. What were he numbers? I think Wateen registered 20000 customers in 1 week. That goes to show the "money-only" approach. Instead of ensuring a stable structure first they wanted to suck in as many customers as possible. But Wateen has mostly choosen to ignore its customers problems and keep promising more when they can never provide. The first major excuse that Wateen telecom continues to use is that of the customer being out of coverage even of the customer is in the coverage.Also there is the issue of their Customer Service staff being extremely unhelpful. Giving us redundant suggestions that have nothing to do with the internet. Not to mention their top management is literally hiding from the public. What does this all indicate? That they know of the problem but don't want to be held accountable. The saddest part is that this venture was brought by the same Group that has had success here in the form of Bank Alfalah, etc. Now it seems they've grown a bit cocky. Taking the Pakistani consumer for granted. But times are changing and we do not intend to sit back and let them launder money off us. To save each and every penny Wateen uses every tactic possible they run under-powered servers to save maoney( this has been confirmed from a wateen engineer) and they also try to snatch each penny from customers to. When bills were delievered to customers they were charged with line rent which post paid customers had already paid.Then when that excuse did not stick they made a new excuse that wateen has not received the checks of post paid customers but the banks of these customers told a differnt story.


Stupid excuses are given by Wateen Telecom to customers for their services not working properly one such excuse is that there are upgrades being performed at wateen's end but when i asked what these updates are. The representatives have no answer. All of this proves Wateen telecoms incompetance to handle their network which was set up by a company with a great reputation Motorolla. So think at least 20 times before buying any service by wateen telecom

Wateens Strategic Mistake in Product Launch

Advertising is paid form of marketing promotion in which the sponsor is advertised and the message is controlled. Brand Equity refers to the value built-up in a brand. It is measured on a scale determining the extent of customer awareness. Besides awareness, brand equity is also directly related to the consumers experience with the brand itself. This experience finally decides the fate of product in terms of success and brand loyalty or failure within the potential target audience. Within Marketing Mix i.e. Target market and 4Ps (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion), Product refers to the promise made to the customer or solution provided to the customer. Value is the perceived difference between the costs spent by the customer against achieved benefits. The lower the cost in relation to the benefits the lower is the value. Hence, marketing communication or advertising during the product launch is a strategic decision and must be handled with care. Launching the product or service aggressively without practically placing it or making it available might bring critically negative impact on brand reputation. Such campaign destroys instead of building a brand. It is just like a promise made to the customer and then not being fulfilled. Such mistake at launch stage, specifically in case of a product like WiMax which still have to struggle a lot in getting mass awareness and with delivery issues, can severely disrupt the companys and brands image within early adaptors of the product.


Wateen placed two ads in print media. One, related to product launch aggressively offered all the products in line with core focus on triple play. Wateens new website is also much better than the previous one and offers product & marketing information in detail. However on practically calling the Toll Free number on next day of advertisement, one finds a telemarketer with inadequate information on all the products and delivery time of 2 months. Prospects are being asked to register online and are being told that sales team will contact them in 6 to 8 weeks. However there is definitely some good news for DHA residents where finally some services are available. However, residents maintained that it is the Triple Play currently being offered and not the WiMax. Even in case of Triple Play services, Wateen is not actually offering FTTH, instead Co-axial cables are being routed from the OFC distribution boxes. While doing advertisement during product launch, companies must behave strategically realistic when the market is competitive and buyers have become knowledgeable. Wateen does have some exciting projects and plans ahead and they are acting quite aggressively but enterprises like Wateen Telecom, must advertise product/service offering only when the product is ready to deliver instead of advertising plans on paper. The second Ad from the campaign was a good advertising strategy. It was much focused on companys corporate image leaving a feeling that there is a new entrant who will be offering state of the art value services in Telecom Sector. The services which are new for the customers in Pakistan. The Ad was not offering anything in particular and hence is the right Pre-Launch Ad before products are practically ready for delivery. Wateen also has successfully managed to bring certain corporate giants on board including Telenor, Bank of Punjab, Warid, Callmate etc and these names were illustrated on the advertisement, thus strengthening the companys image as promising and trustworthy player.

Wateen VS Wi tribe
IN Paksitan, wateen is a pioneer in wirless broad band when wateen was launche some three years befor, its only competitor was Mircro net, Micro net's market focus was


corporate worlds hence it was not a threat for wateen thats why wateen was launched successfully, wateen when lauched did use all the medium to reach the target audience i.e., tv, radio, news papers and bill boards, wateen had very little competition so it gained significant market share in consumer market (Micro Net has 90 market share in corportae world). Wateen's first threat came when PTCL launched the broadband service , since every house hold has ptcl connection so the home useres preffered PTCL broad band it had faster speed and was cost effective as well, wateen failed to keen up both in compariosn with ptcl, it also stopped its advetrtising campaign for reason unkown to me..the only competitive advantage wateen had over PTCL was that it was wire less but still wateen connection need an areal just like it was required to view PTV few years before cable came in. This year however, the biggest threat came for wateen when overnight wi tribe launched in Paksitan, Wi Tribe came with a tremendous theme (online with no line), it was launched with mega preliminary advertising wi tribe used every medium to reach the target audience and within months every one knows that wi tribe is the new thing around. Wi tribe is providing plug and play modem with high speen internet unlike wateen , wi tribe device doesnot need an arieals to catch the signals at its signals are very strong. Wi tribe lauched itself with a bang and it gained significant market share, every one is now going after wi tribe becasue of flexible packages it is offering, the most convincing thing about wi tribe is its advertising campaign they have placed the bill boards at very good places and they give different messages in accordance with target market, wi tribe is succedding in giving right message to right person and now withing months it is big thing... After successful launch of wi tribe, wateen now has felt the danger of loosing its customers, in reply to wi tribe, wateen has started the campaign, wateen is offering broadband at very low price and free installaiton the monthly fee of wateen is half as compared ot wi tribe and it offers unlimite downloads in comparison with 5 Gb limit of witribe.. with these packages, wateen can easily outhine wi tribe, but then there comes the power of advertising..wateen made the television ad which to my view is the most


dumbest televison commercial i have ever seen, they are selling internet broadband and in the ad, they have shown that you can impress girls with high speed internet ... it doesnt make any sense, i mean who will impress a girl by telling her the speed of his broad band connection..it doesnt relate.. in contrast wi tribe ad has no model yet their ad is more attractive and deliver the message clearly...Wateen should have made the better ad to convicne the audience ..i my self will not purchase the wateen broadband by seeing that ad..so wateen has failed in delivering the righy message and wi tribe has clearly outshined wateen...if wi tribe reduce the monthly fee and increase downloading limit, they will gain more market share than wateen withing months because wi tirbe is now at the mind of every person...

SWOT Analysis: Strengths It has a low cost potential to deploy and operate, especially for rural areas. It is based on proven OFDM techniques. Support high bandwidth and QoS guarantee mechanism for low latency IP application. Weaknesses There are a lot of security issues Is not up to the customer expectations The revenues are immature . Opportunities Underserved DSL kind network infrastructure or no broadband access at all. Threats Positive attitude from government and local providers. In some countries, 3G licenses are still not issued.

DSL technologies widely deployed in urban and suburban areas, also higher

Initial cost of WiMAX deployment than DSL and Cable access mode.


Restricted and immature regulation and policy environment. Low penetration of population and low ARPU.

Conclusion: For a company to be successful it must follow the marketing mix strategies in an effective manner. However Wimax technology introduced by Wateen was not a successful launch. Being the first such technology it should have been able to capture a large market but due to its poor marketing strategies and services they failed. Currently they have resolved the flaws in their product to a great extent by revising their marketing strategies and taking consumers preferences into consideration. Its competitors are emerging in the market but by taking advantage of their strong financial background they can still capture a large market share. WiMAX service providers believe that if PTA allows them to give WiMAX access to mobile users which will lead to 4G then the communication among the general public or across the globe will become cheaper then ever in Pakistan but it would effect the business of other mobile networks. However in the near future more international ventures are expected to emerge in WiMAX market of Pakistan, then PTA will surely consider them to give mobility services

Few Tips for Wateen!

Wateen has been operating in Pakistan for couple of years now, with being the first WiMAX operator of the country. Despite the fact that Wateen was able to fetch pretty number of customers, spread wide its infrastructure, coverage, back haul, but unfortunately, somehow it could not leave the impression in the minds of customers.


If you just Google around, or ask for general feedback from your friends or cousins of friends, you may hear following

Franchisee has not sent me the user name and password, its been days now Low signal problem Internet browsing problem Frequent disconnections Call center bad experience in resolution of the complaint Vague promise of call backs from call centers

And list goes on!!! Recently, Wateen claimed, they have achieved the 200,000 mark for subscribers base; but these stats are not public as of now, neither we have any independent party confirming this figure, like how much ACTIVE and DORMANT (non-Active) subscribers they have on the board. lets go with official stats, which is, 200,000 customers, that too in such a short time, but what about the retention and satisfaction rate of these customers? When service delivery and service recovery both have issues and there is no technical remedial except, some common solutions that you can hear from call center, such as:

Clear the browser cache Only compatible with IE Internet Explorer , Our technical team will contact you shortly, and this shortly has never come to shot. Solutions to these loop holes: Proper maintenance of browsing issues Customer service deliverance programs for customers Customer loyalty incentives Customer win back programmes Call center staff trainings & development 27

Engineering department has to get efficient for locating problems related to engineering side. Proper Restructuring of Franchise & Retail divisions. Revision of Sale Strategies.

WATEEN can still PLAY in the market because:

Wide Network Coverage Map Experience that it has earned with time Unlimited bandwidth Packages Telephony Wide range of network of Retail stores and Franchises. Largest Subscriber base