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1 ae Gass PIL Missile The Pershing II Missile is a two stage, five section aerodynamic structure transported by and launched from a mobile erector launcher. Using a terminal guidance system, the PII achieves a high degree of accuracy over a range in excess of 400 miles. Each of the five missile sections is interchangeable with any other of the same type in the PII system. LENGTH 418 IN. MAXIMUM DIAMETER 40 IN. WEIGHT 16,443 LB W PII Missile Sections © Guidance and Control/Adapter Section (G&C/A) - The G&C/A section is a two piece assembly that consists of the guidance and control section and an adapter section to interface with either first or second stage, depending on the missile configuration: 0 Radar Section (RS) - The RS contains the radar unit composed of the transmitter/receiver, stabilized antenna unit, and power supply elements. The function of the radar unit is to transmit radio frequency energy to the target area, receive altitude and video return, and route the detected video and altitude information to the digital correlator unit. © Warhead Section (WHS) - The WHS contains an air burst/surface burst: (AB/SB) nuclear warhead, rate gyro, interconnecting electrical networks, and pass-through missile electrical networks. © Propulsion Section, First and Second Stage - Each of the propulsion sections consists of a Kevlar motor case serving as a propellant container and the outer skin of the missile. The training missile will have the same dimensions and weight as a tactical missile. The major difference is the lack of ordnance in the training missile. 1 —Gacva section 4—Secono stace 2— RADAR SECTION 5 = FIRST STAGE 3 WARHEAD SECTION \— iS & PII Erector Launcher Semitrailer Mounted (EL) The EL is a tandem-axle semitrailer used to assemble, transport, count, erect, and fire the Pershing missile. When towed, the EL is capable of cross-country travel as well as travel on unimproved roadways. LENGTH 3701N. neIGHT vain, woTH son. WeIGHT EL WITHOUT MissiLE 23.232 LB WEIGHT EL. WITH MISSILE 39675 L8 10 Ton Tractor The prime mover for the EL is the M.A.N. M1001, 8x8, 10 ton tractor. Mounted on this tractor is a 30kW generator and a power distribution box to provide primary launch site power. Also mounted on the tractor is an articulated 20 ton-meter crane with telescopic extension outriggers, and a 20,000 pound self-recovery winch. LENGTH 314 IN. WIDTH 98 IN. HEIGHT 123 IN. WEIGHT 42,333 LB - 10 Ton Wrecker (Recovery Vehicle) The wrecker for the PII system is the M.A.N, M1002, 8x8, 10 ton truck with a 20 ton-meter crane, 20,000 pound self-recovery winch, and a 45,000 pound heavy duty recovery winch. S14 IN, 98 IN, 123 IN. 41901 LB ._ 7 4 GM Platoon Control Central (PCC) The PCC serves as the control facility and possesses the capability to monitor and control PIT firing platoon operations. Communication between individual missile firing sections, the firing battery, and other headquarters is maintained in the PCC. The PCC is housed in a NBC hardened metallic shelter mounted on a 5-ton, M928, extra long wheel base cargo truck. MOUNTED | UNMOUNTED LENGTH (iN) WIDTH 1IN.) HEIGHT (IN) WEIGHT (L8) I RR Reference Scene Generation Facility (RSGF) The RSGF generates target radar reference scenes and records them on magnetic cartridge tapes. Using the RSGF computer, target radar reference scenes are generated from geographic data recorded on magnetic disks. Reference scene tapes are used to guide the PII missile to its target. The RSGF will be housed in a hardened metallic shelter mounted on a S-ton, M928, extra long wheel base cargo truck. LENGTH (IN 402 149 WIDTH (IN) 7 a7 HEIGHT (IN) 140 a8 WEIGHT (Le) | 33,495 7937 30kW Generator The 30kW generator is a diesel engine driven power source. Its output is 120/208 V ac 50/60 Hz 3-phase power. The generator can be skid- mounted or trailer-mounted. The skid-mounted version is used on’ the EL tractor to supply power to the EL. The trailer-mounted version js towed by either the PCC or RSGF to supply power to them. Games| foscieraot] LENGTH 181 0 wioTH 3 8 HEIGHT 5s WEIGHT 2360 Test Station, Guided Missile (GM) System: = System Components Semitrailer Mounted (SCTS) The SCTS provides the primary rear area ground support test equipment for the PII system DS/GS level of maintenance. The SCTS shelter is a “| XM1006 nuclear biological chemical (NBC) hardened semitrailer van. The shelter contains the automatic test equipment (ATE) used to trouble- shoot PII peculiar electronic hardware. A M931 5-ton tractor is used -| to transport the SCTS. M1006 CHARACTERISTIC © VAN TRACTOR. LENGTH 404IN. 265 1N. wioTH 96IN. OB IN. HEIGHT OIN. — 112IN. WEIGHT 38,158.18 20,358 LB Se rr =:=== 7; ig Rear Area Power Unit (RAPU) The RAPU contains the 60kW diesel generator set and the ancillary r equipment needed to supply and distribute power, cooling air, and high pressure air required by the SCTS to perform UUT test and maintenance functions. The power unit vehicle is a standard M796, 4 ton, 4 wheeled, general purpose bolster trailer with an adapter kit for mounting the Pershing peculiar items of equipment. LENGTH 260 L WioTH” “86 HEIGHT 118 WEIGHT 1221618 60kW Generator The 60kW generator set is a portable, skid mounted, self-contained unit mounted on a M796 bolster trailer. The engine is a liquid-cooled, 6 cylinder, valve-in-head, 4 stroke cycle, turbo-charged, diesel engine. L \\\ v NY AY WY ANN TRAILER MOUNTED 60 KW GENERATOR LENGTH 1701N. WIDTH 96 IN. HEIGHT = 1121N. WEIGHT 7390.8 __- Electrical Shop Set “| The electrical shop contains commercial test equipment, Pershing system peculiar test sets, and tool sets. The electrical shop is the maintenance facility used to test and repair system electrical items that are not | applicable for SCTS ATE testing. The electrical shop set is contained within a modified XMIO07 van and is transported, as required, by an ¥931 tractor. The Pla shop set will be converted to satisfy the PII requirements. = 395 IN. 98 IN, 1321N. 15,106 LB Mechanical Shop Set The mechanical shop supports the repair and test of pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical hardware returned to DS/GS for test and repair. A portable gas service unit (nitrogen) is stowed in this shop which is used to service the radar section and EL accumulators as well as to purge the high pressure air hoses after test. The mechanical shop set is contained within a modified XM1007 van and is transported, as required, by an M931 tractor. The Pla shop set will be converted ‘to satisfy the PII requirements. LENGTH 396 IN. WIDTH = «SB IN. HEIGHT 132 IN, WEIGHT 15,885 LB Missile Sections Handling Equipment Missile sections handling equipment is used for field handling and mating of missile sections. It is used with the crane on the EL. The handling equipment consists of the following: © First stage hoisting beam (1) - used with 2-leg sling to lift first stage out of container. : . © Second stage hoisting beam (2) - used with 2-leg sling to lift second stage out of container. 0 RV sections handling sling (4) - adapts to allow lifting any RV section (G&C/A, WS, RS) out of container. 0 2-leg sling (3) - used to lift all missile section container covers; used to lift first or second stage with hoisting beams. 0 4-leg sling (5) - used to lift protective shelters and all missile section containers. Shipping and Storage Containers The PII shipping and storage containers for the PII missile are designed to be compatible with all appropriate ancillary handling equipment and lifting slings. The containers are designed to protect their contents throughout the stockpile-to-target sequence (STS) against damage due to environmental inputs that might result during transportation and storage LENGTH WIOTH 7 RADAR HEIGHT 48N. SECTION WEIGHT ‘CONTAINER EMPTY 147818 WIMISSILE SECTION 1708 LB LENGTH 961N, wioTH 49iN HEIGHT 4a IN, WEIGHT EMPTY 12508 WIMISSILE SECTION 1840 LB LENGTH 1291N. WIOTH 721N. HEIGHT 7O1N. econo | WEIGHT STAGE EMPTY 4,348 LB CONTAINER] W/MISSILE SECTION 10,158 LB 190 IN, WIDTH 721N. HEIGHT 701N. WEIGHT EMPTY 5265 LB WIMISSILE SECTION 14,410 LB Missile Simulator k The missile simulator consists of two cassettes and a shorting plug. The shorting plug will be connected to the tail plug connector on the erector launcher. The software program will be loaded into the GIEU in the same manner as the loading of a tactical program. L L h | ress) SHORTING PLUG L - L TAPE TRANSPORT CARTRIDGES Platoon Control Central Trainer The PCC trainer is a dismounted PCC with the essential elements mounted ‘in a set of castered consoles that represents the equipment configuration in an actual PCC shelter. The PCC trainer provides an effective means of training firing battery personnel and observing their performance in missile firing operations and malfunction recognition in a classroom environment . Instructors ‘CONSOLE Ccunssive store "ANO WORK AREA, RSGF Trainer The RSGF trainer is used during classroom instruction in RSGF operation. The trainer consists of tactical RSGF equipment removed from the shelter - and mounted on castered frames. Simulated malfunctions can be inserted by loading special software into the RSGF computer. cE PRINTER, CRT DISPLAY, [AND KEYBOARD. SCTS Trainer The SCTS trainer is a dismounted set of SCTS equipment, installed on castered frames, suitable for use in a classroom training environment. a The SCTS trainer will provide the means of training PII rear area maint- enance personnel in 0S/GS level maintenance of missile sections, ground support equipment (GSE) subassemblies, and automatic test station (ATS) assemblies and subassemblies. Missile/EL/GIEU Simulator The GIEU chassis and panels are the same as the’ operational hardware on the EL. The GIEU simulator provides operational-type training in the three types of Pershing system countdown and the three countdown functions. The missile/EL/GIEU simulator is used to instruct selected firing battery personnel in the functioning and practical operation of the GIEU without the need for an erector launcher (EL) or missile. . Rate Gyro Unit Test Set The rate gyro unit test set is a portable, self contained unit, with self- i test capabilities and does not required periodic calibration. The test set will be used for testing the three-axis rate gyro unit when it js either installed in the warhead section or removed for bench test. The test set will be used by special weapons DS/GS level personnel to perform 4 the rate gyro tests. POWER AND SIGNAL CABLES PC CARD LENGTH = 12 IN, WIOTH 12 IN. HEIGHT 12 IN, WEIGHT - 35 LB Code-Recode Device Test Set (S8A) The code-recode device test set (S&A) is used to test the PII missile safe and arm device (S&A). The test set is used to verify stored codes, to verify proper operation, and to recode the S&A device when required. The test set will be a controlled item and used only by authorized personnel. LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT WEIGHT Soe eee aE ee LE