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After conducting several research and visits at Escolta, I have learned more about the local culture of the place. Escolta caters business, educational, and industrial activities. During the olden days, Escolta was the shopping capital of the rich and the privileged Filipinos unfortunately it was gone now, it was replaced by more modern edifices, now occupied mostly by banks and fast food stores. Most of the people who come to Escolta do business transaction because most of the buildings and establishments were into a business zone. Some of the buildings were owned by foreigners, especially Chinese. Business in this place is not limited to formal businesses like banks, shops, stores, there are also numerous numbers of street and sidewalk vendors. Vendors sleep at the streets and go home only in the weekends. Maybe that is the reason why there are several informal settlers in Escolta. They went to Escolta for business, but they cant afford to rent or own a settlement which leads to their informal settling. Another activity done in Escolta was under the educational zone. There are different schools and Institution in this place. Students studying in those institution lives near Escolta or has a boarding house.

Those activities can be highlighted to contribute to the local culture of Escolta. Escolta then can be developed or revitalize as a place that has a linkage to different present activities. Thus, it can be focused to make it an attraction for the people to come and visit the place.

Escolta includes educational, business, and some residential buildings. Thus, the most significant activity in this place is business (especially business aligned to financing). It might have more allotment on the business district to maintain the business transactions generating. With this, many people will be attracted to come, including different businessmen, local and foreign investors. If that would be the case, Escolta can be an Eastwood-like development, wherein it caters entertainment, business and residential spaces.

VISION FOR ESCOLTA ESCOLTA: HERITAGE PLACE Escolta can be developed as an Eastwood-like development in terms of type of development that combines entertainment, business and residential spaces. Since the present situation in Escolta already includes those activities, the most suitable concept for its redevelopment will be a proper zoning of the kind of district. A linkage to those activities would be appropriate. Thus, Escolta will not be redeveloped as a high end development that mimics Eastwood City. The rich history of Escolta should not be distorted in the redevelopment because; the history itself is already an attraction. The thing is, it should be properly planned or managed. For better understanding, the redevelopment of Escolta will be a fusion of the concept in Eastwood City and Vigan City.

DESIGN CONCEPT: Heritage conservation and Sustainable development



The design concept will focus on the redevelopment in Escolta that will maximize the full potential of the place in conserving its rich heritage.

The concept will also incorporate a sustainable development for the present situation in Escolta. A sustainable development that links different activities of the people in the place.


The architectural style will be still Neo-classical Architecture, to maintain the historical significance of each building. The architectural details evident in the buildings at Escolta can attract numerous visitors.


The redevelopment will promote heritage conservation to preserve the rich history in Escolta. The design of the redevelopment will complement to the past and present situation of Escolta. The development will not be high end, or something that will distort the true culture of this historical place.

The people involved in the place will be the major consideration, including the informal settlers. Informal settlers should be relocated or might as well be house in a proper settlement, provided by the government. A commercial center should be provided for the street and side walk vendors to allow them to have income without being illegal vendors and would not obstruct the whole heritage development.