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Mark A.

9831 Berwick St. Livonia, MI 48150 (817) 583-3113 | mdarket@gmail.com www.mrdarket.com

Professional Objective
To obtain a Social Studies teaching position in a Michigan school which will utilize my experience, passion, and success with diverse students at all academic levels both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

Education, Honors, and Certifications

Masters Student at University of Michigan-Dearborn (MA Education & Educational Technology certification) Bachelor of Arts Social Studies, with Honors Madonna University, 36600 Schoolcraft Rd. - Livonia, MI 48150, 2007 Phi Alpha Theta Historical Society Member Certifications Michigan: Social Studies 6-12 (CD), Political Science 6-12 (RX) Texas: Social Studies 4-8

He was able to convey the complicated inter-workings of our political system into understandable and interesting terms, making examination on the topic for AP and college credit no big deal at all. My class was able to have fun while still learning, and I feel I am more prepared to enter college having been in his class. It was obviously apparent how much time and effort he put into teaching us, and I couldn't thank him enough for it. Alayna S., (Student 2011) Out of the many teachers I've had throughout school, Mr. Darket is easily one of the best. Not only because he is a great guy and fun to talk to, but because he can balance that fun with in depth note taking and involved class room discussion. He challenged me to think for myself and acquire information through different sources other than the traditional textbook. And when he teaches, it all leads to an end goal. For me it was the AP exam which I passed with a 3 and felt confident in taking. Any school looking for a teacher of high caliber need look no further. Steven H., (student 2011)
He challenges me to work hard. Always reasonable and friendly. He is the kind of teacher that is easy to understand and not complicated. -Byron H., (student 2009-10)

Field Experience (4 years)

High School Social Studies Garden City High School, December 2010-Present Taught: Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics, World War II, Psychology I Coached: JV Baseball Clubs: Disc Sports Extended Year 8th Grade Math SSI Barnett JHS, June 2010 Basic Skills Math Remediation Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) Test Preparation TAKS Test Proctor 7th Grade Social Studies Classroom Teacher Barnett JHS, August 2007 November 2010 Taught 7th Grade Texas History and Pre-Advanced Placement History 7 Gifted and Talented teacher Highest student achievement on district standard end of year benchmark test Tutored for 8th Grade History TAKS Test Raised 8th Grade History TAKS passing rate from 88% to 97% IEP meeting member Bear Buddies Mentor Black History Program Plays TAKS proctor

21st Century Grant Teacher Barnett JHS, January 2008 November 2010 Dropout prevention program for at-risk students Social Studies & English tutor Boys to Men mentor Soccer coach/coordinator Field trip coordination Summer enrichment program 2009 Site Based Decision Making Team Member Barnett JHS, August 2007 November 2010 Social Studies representative to make campus decisions for budget and needs Campus Improvement Plan (2008, 2009, 2010)writer Students Training for Academic Readiness (STAR) Grant Teacher Barnett JHS, August 2007- November 2010 Completed 30 hours of technology enrichment training Increased students access to computers in the classroom via mobile labs Lesson sharing and collaboration Created projects in web pages, word processing, multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, software evaluation, desktop publishing, and custom databases Texas Technology Competency Certification completed Guest Teacher South Lyon Community Schools, Oct 2006 June 2007
Executed standard daily lesson plans.

Mr. Darket is a very creative person. He makes history the best subject ever! -Manuel (student 2008-10)

Mark Darket is a wonderful teacher for many reasons. He takes the time to create lasting relationships with his students and they genuinely respect him. It is easy to see that students love being around him because he has found the balance between firm and fun! Mark is an inspiration to me and makes me want to be a better teacher! I am humbled and honored to teach with Mark Darket at Barnett Junior High School.
-Carmen Johnson, Teacher at Barnett JHS We really appreciated the manner in which you kept us informed of Camerons progress in your classroom and most of all the way that you assisted us in helping him believe in his writing skills. Sometimes kids are told at home that they can do anything or be anything and that they have tremendous potential; however, when this is reinforced by the teacher, it somehow takes on a new meaning. Your willingness to spend extra time to ensure that he was really getting it was really appreciated as well as your frequent emails keeping us aware of upcoming due dates. Your willingness to offer tutoring for the upcoming year is just another demonstration of your dedication to the kids and we hope that you know that you are appreciated. -Parent of Cameron, (student 2009-10)

Maintained normal classroom routines while applying personal resources.

Student Teaching experiences: Student teaching, Millennium Middle School, South Lyon Community Schools Pre-student teaching, South Lyon High School, South Lyon Community Schools Pre-student teaching, Allen Park High School, Allen Park Public Schools Exceptional learner observation, Burger School for Students with Autism, Garden City Public Schools Practicum observation, Garden City High School, Garden City Public Schools

Derek Fisher, Principal, Garden City High School, (734) 762-8350 Sharon Kollar, Associate Principal, Garden City High School, (734) 762-8350 Anne Marihigh, Special Ed. Teacher Consultant, Garden City High School (734) 762-8350 Melinda Howser, Team Leader, Barnett Junior High School, (817) 705-5717 Joshua Church, Social Studies Teacher, Barnett Junior High School, (817) 521-9077 Carmen Johnson, Science Teacher, Barnett Junior High School, (817) 845-9853 Lisa Macpherson, Level Leader, Barnett Junior High School, (817) 793-5780 Cynthia Elwood, Principal (former), Barnett Junior High School, (817) 239-7966 Mark Elliott, Assistant Principal, Barnett Junior High School, (817) 919-8710 Angela Spencer, Assistant Principal, Barnett Junior High School, (817) 449-9945

Your class was fabulous. Jennifer enjoyed History very much. You kept her challenged and interested. You had a great way of connecting with the students -Parent of Jennifer (student 2009-10)