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September 7, 2011

Friends dont let friends eat o foam plates


September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener

Quest for 9/11 truth continues at Rye

Ryerson allows International Centre for 9/11 Studies to host a four-day seminar at the International Living and Learning Centre ending on the tenth anniversary of the attacks

Who are the 9/11 skeptics?

A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the scientific study of the attacks in New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001 Their mission is to provide knowledge and to encourage a clearer understanding of the 9/11 attacks The group bases most of their research in engineering and physical sciences Past and current projects include a 26-page response to the National Institute of Standards and Technologys (NIST) report explaining the collapse of the World Trade Center, they are actively promoting the release of all evidence that has been considered by government agencies involved in the investigations including video and photographic evidence, and is funding scientific research such as chemical analysis of The World Trade Center debris In 2009 the group filed a lawsuit against the NIST to try to obtain photographs and video footage during their investigation Some skeptics believe that World Trade Center Tower 7 was brought down by controlled demolition based on video evidence

Ryerson students watch news coverage of the Sept. 1 attacks ten years ago on campus. 1


Skeptics of the official 9/11 account will meet on campus this week for a four-day event, culminating on Sept. 11 the 10-year anniversary of the terror attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. If I had my choice, I wish it wasnt here, said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. The event, which is sponsored by the Texas-based International Centre for 9/11 Studies, will be held in the International Living and Learning Centre (ILLC) beginning on Thursday, Sept. 8. The group has been criticized for being insensitive to mourners of 9/11 victims, as well as those who have lost friends and family to the war in Afghanistan a response to the 9/11 attacks that Canada now plays a non-combative role in. Political professor Anver Saloojee said it needs to be clear that Ryerson is not hosting the event. Universities are about academ-

ic freedom and engaging in difficult questions, but its not Ryerson engaging in these questions, he said. But Levy has no doubts there will be criticism. The group will present evidence of various 9/11 conspiracy theories to a five-member panel that will then, on the last day of the hearings, submit a report. The event is already sold out, but it will be streamed live and for free on its official website. We wanted the world, in a sense to be our venue, said Graeme MacQueen, a member of the organizing committee. He explained that reaching a larger number of people worldwide via the web was more important to the hearing committee than reaching a large audience in person. A DVD recording of the hearings will also be made available for purchase. On the hearings website, Toronto was chosen as a host city to make it clear that the event is an

international one. Also three of the panel members are Canadian. But organizers also wanted a location not too far away from New York so that victims family members ccould more easily attend. MacQueen, who is from Hamilton, says the committee chose to rent space at Ryerson because the campus is conveniently located downtown, modern and easy to deal with. MacQueen said the school in general also, seems to us to be broad-minded. Providing this forum for free speech is one of the hallmarks of this university, according to Levy. A standard fee is being charged to the events organizers. Ryerson Conference Services refused to comment any further on details on these costs citing privacy issues. This group is not the only organization to raise speculation of the 9/11 attacks. Saloojee said there is a whole body of literature written on 9/11 and the unpreparedness of the

Bush administration. Third-year fashion design student Miriam Baker says Ryerson should have said no to holding the event on campus. I think its disgusting. I think they would probably deny the Holocaust as well, she said. I wouldnt support it. Its one of those things that makes me angry. Justin Black, a third-year radio and television arts student and member of the army reserves, has many colleagues who either have or intend to participate in the war in Afghanistan. Although Black said the notion that the U.S. government planned the terror attacks a common 9/11 conspiracy is silly, he does not find the hearings offensive. This thing needs to be allowed, and even encouraged, he said. But Black says fellow members of the army might be offended by the event and its timing. Its part of the democratic process, he said.

Ryersons new library bashed by business group


Ryerson University has changed the designs for the Student Learning Centre (SLC) in a bid to smooth things over with a business improvement lobby group that bashed the building for being out of sync with the rest of Yonge Street. The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Association (BIA) wrote a three-page letter to the SLC building planner in July to express concern and opposition to the building, which is set to occupy the northeast corner of Yonge and Gould Streets where Sam the Record Man was formerly located. In the letter, BIA executive director James Robinson wrote that the proposed SLC does not contain sufficient retail space,

would do little to animate the street and would undermine the traditional storefront feel of the stretch by placing the entrance on the corner of Gould Street instead of directly on Yonge Street. Others have also expressed concerns about the SLC and how it would affect the development of the district. Ward 27 councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam told the National Post in July that the business community had serious concerns about the project and that she had met with Ryerson officials to convey ways to correct the design. In response, Ryersons architects altered the plans to include a second entrance on Yonge Street and made stylistic changes to the retail facade to create a more interesting and dynamic experience for pedestrians, according to vice-president administration

and finance, Julia Hanigsberg. The changes made were very well received by the BIA, said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. The alterations to the design have not impacted the schedule or the budget of the project, according to Hanigsberg. Construction of the SLC is set to begin in early 2012 and the building is expected to be completed by 2014. The centre will be nine stories, with retail space on the ground level and library facilities on the upper floors. A bridge will connect the building to the existing library and the space will also include a new Digital Media Zone. The project will cost a total of $112 million, with the provincial government providing $45 million of the funding and the university financing the rest of the budget.

The Student Learning Centre will open winter 2014 on the site of the historic Sam the Record Man. PHOTO COURTESY OF RYERSON

The Eyeopener


September 7, 2011

Bring on the skeptics

there were explosives inside the twin towers or some government conspiracy to justify invading the Middle East by killing 3,000 people. However, this week Ryerson will play host for those who do believe. The Toronto Hearings will examOn Sept. 11, 2001 I was a 12-year- ine the myths surrounding 9/11, old in math class. Our teacher had from the supposed controlled debeen instructed to tell us that New molition of Tower 7 to analysis of York was under attack. Our first metal particles found in the dust thoughts were to question whether after the towers collapsed. we were safe in our Scarborough elThe climax of the event will be ementary school. Seems silly now, on Sunday, the tenth anniversary but I think everyone thought the of the attack. same thing in that moment. Some are calling it insensitive, It wasnt until I arrived home inappropriate or just plain nutty. for lunch to see my mother, silent Even Ryerson President Sheldon and wide-eyed, staring at images Levy isnt too pleased at the idea of a plane so effortlessly smashing (see page 3). But whats even nutstraight into an office tower did I tier than any conspiracy theorist realize the gravity of the situation. is saying the Toronto Hearings It didnt look real. Planes arent should take their skepticism elsesupposed to do that. where because it will give Ryerson This Sunday, we will all remem- a bad reputation. ber where we were when we found But what reputation would that out. The moment terrorist en- be? That we dont silence voices we tered the lexicon of a generation. dont agree with? That we respect I do believe terrorists committed the right to question governmental those acts of horror. I dont believe bodies? That its our role to offer a it was an inside job. I dont believe place for free speech and open disLAUREN STRAPAGIEL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Mohamed HAIRY BELLY Omar Suraj SEEDY BUNS Singh


course? How dare we. On Sunday, 9/11 will be remembered as we grieve for those who were lost. Those gathered in the ILLC will be grieving too. Questioning the attacks is not denying the horror of that day. Rather they are seeking answers for why the horror happened at all. Skepticism is health. Asking questions is healthy. Telling those who dare ask those questions to please shut up because it makes you uncomfortable is not healthy. And even nuts come in different varieties. Even if youre not interested in questioning trading spikes on Sept. 10, 2001, you cant deny the reasonable nature of asking whether the events of that horrible day justified the killing of many thousands more over the course of two wars. Or the related human rights violations. Or the loss of freedoms once taken for granted. This Sunday, I will remember the day that shocked us all and the grave consequences it produced. And Im fairly certain there wont be any skeptics telling me to do it somewhere else.

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September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener

Long live the (Salad) King

Thai food hotspot Salad King set to open up kiosk in Hub Cafeteria on Sept. 19

Image Arts gets Balzacd


Salad Kings new Yonge Street location. PHOTO: MOHAMED OMAR


The student hotspot Salad King will find a home at Ryerson on Sept. 19 when it kick-starts the operation of its new kiosk in the Hub Cafeteria in the Podium Building. They are such a desired location among students on campus, says President Sheldon Levy, I even go across the street sometimes. Salad King general manager Alan Liu is eager for the kiosks opening saying that since talks began in June, weve just been moving full tilt and trying to get things going. The original Gould Street Salad King location was forced out of its existing home in April 2010 after the collapse of the buildings outer

faade. It was the same site that was gutted by a six-alarm fire in January 2011, resulting in the demolition of the building following the subsequent police investigation. It has since reopened on Feb. 22 at 340 Yonge St. The focus for Salad King is to provide students with more meal choices, says Liu. Running on a four-day menu cycle, the kiosk, appropriately named King at the Court, will offer one meat dish (such as orange or basil chicken), one stir-fry dish (such as pad thai), and one vegetarian dish each day (the vegetarian foods may include fish sauce). Mango salad and spring rolls will be available during the operat-

ing hours of 11 a.m. 2 p.m Monday through Friday. As part of the Hub cafeteria, students will be able to use their OneCards to purchase food. I think this is kind of neat being able to have Thai food [accessible] and not only just any Thai food, good quality Thai food, Liu said. Its definitely going to make a difference. Its going to give students a really good choice. Grace Hawkins, a recent graduate of the radio and television arts program at Ryerson, said Salad King was a favourite restaurant she and her friends liked to go to on campus before it shut down. Its really great that its on campus now, I just wish it wouldve

been sooner, Hawkins said. Salad King is amazing I hope its not just a shitty kiosk. Liu says he sees it as an opportunity to introduce Salad King to campus life once again and for the restaurant to regain its popularity among students and staff. For us, the fact that weve been here for the past 20 odd years at Ryerson we know were going to be successful there [again], he said.


After a four-week search Ryerson has named independent coffee house Balzacs as the new caf to open in the Image Arts building. Im thrilled Balzac is coming and I think this is going to be great for the Ryerson community, says Julia Hanigsberg, VP administration and finance. Sheldon Levy says Balzacs beat out other big coffee house names such as Starbucks that were included on the shortlist in response to Ryersons request for proposals published on Aug. 10. The coffee house which has their own roastery in Stoney Creek, Ont., will offer coffee and espresso beverages along with a small collection of sandwiches and pastries. The cafe will be located at the Gould and Bond Streets corner of the building, with plans to open early next year. I felt that we fit because we are local, have strong ties with the art and creative community of Toronto and use a lot of sustainable, organic products, said Diana Olsen, President of Balzacs.

Oakham spends $50,000 on renovations


Congestion, be gone: Oakham Cafe is undergoing a $50,000 revamp to bring a more enjoyable dining experience to the Student Campus Centre (SCC) just in time for the start of term. Spearheaded by the SCC home management team, the construction project which began at the beginning of August and is still ongoing has resulted in the installation of new light fixtures, an expanded dining and lounge area, new point-of-sale machines, cabinetry and grab-and-go scanners. Eric Newstadt, general manager of the SCC, hopes the changes in serviceability will relieve some of the cafes trouble with congestion,

a problem which became apparent after seeing a 120 per cent increase in business and sales over the past two years. Were constantly looking for ways to improve the [SCC], to better serve students, Newstadt said. As a result of the construction, were not just seeing an expansion of space, but an improvement in service. The estimated net increase of 22 seats (not including the lounge area ), full-spectrum lights, and additional service during peak hours are the main elements working together to create a more spacious, inviting and multi-purpose environment in the quaint campus favourite.

One of the things students keep telling us is that they want to use the student centre for various things, [such as] art openings, theatre [and] meetings, Newstadt said. [Flexibility has been] a demand expressed by students over and over and over again. With the upcoming installation of two moveable partitions between the cafe, extended dining area and conference rooms, Oakham Cafe would be able to serve that need by operating in four different settings. Changes like those are what we will continue to make over the coming year. Newstadt said. Tackling the Thomas Lounge solarium is next on the renovation list.

Word on the street

What do you want to eat on campus?
Sheara Guttman, 5th Yr. ACS Ellen Ofori, 3rd Yr. Nursing Dante Matas, 2nd Yr. ACS A real Starbucks on campus More sushi. I usually go to Mac I go to the AMC food court a lot would be good. Not one of those Sushi back in Scarborough. so Im pretty sick of it. We should fake ones that proudly brews Starget shawarmas on campus. bucks. Henry Kung, 2nd Yr. Computer Sci. Some Asian dishes like rice and dumplings. Get rid of that pita place. I lived on residence so Im sick of eating the same foods.

The Eyeopener

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, Sept.1, a security staff person filed a report after she found a used personal sex toy on the first floor of Kerr Hall. The report described it as a clear, stretchy ring designed to be worn on the male genatalia, complete with a nude vibrating attachment. Classes havent even started yet, but one student already had enough school bullshit. Security was called Monday, Sept. 5, when somebody threw a laptop out of a Pitman Hall window around 12:30 a.m. You could have just given it to us, asshole. Security picked up an intoxicated man with an apparent bladder problem on Saturday, Sept. 3. The man was smoking marijuana, trying to pick up passing women and urinating in the Gould Street planters. Police were called and the man was placed under arrest. A distressed faculty member called security for assistance Monday, Sept. 5, when she discovered there was a squirrel trapped in her office. Security responded and were able to coax the squirrel out. It is yet unknown if the squirrel is likely to return.

September 7, 2011

Briefs and Groaners

Security received a noise complaint on Monday, Aug. 29, from a man who was annoyed at the music festival in the Pitman Hall courtyard. The man threatened to come down with a chainsaw and saw the stage in half. Another noise complaint occurred on Tuesday, Aug. 30, when a faculty member called security to complain that two students were disruptive by yawning too loudly.

Tories plan to axe international funding

Provincial Conservative candidate Tim Hudak announced plans to cut a scholarship program for international PhD students after just one year


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Funding for a program implemented to draw international PhD students to Ontario would be cut under a Progressive Conservative Ontario government, according to party leader Tim Hudak. In a recent announcement, Hudak said that money designated for the Trillium Scholarship fund would be diverted to middle-class Ontario families. The program, set up by Dalton McGuintys government last year, would be closed after its first year ends in September 2012. It certainly doesnt send a good message to students who would be interested in coming to study in Ontario, said Sandy Hudson, chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario. There are opportunities around the world that are much better than the opportunities Ontario gives, in terms of financial assistance and it sends a very strong message to students whod be interested in coming to study in Ontario if that program is stopped in its first year, she said. The Trillium program has been developed to give 75 international PhD students with high academic standards $40,000 a year, for four years, to study at Ontario universities. For the first four years of the program, the Ontario government is investing $20 million, with another $10 million coming from the provinces universities. The first batch of students receiving Trillium funding are beginning their studies in the current academic year. The Council of Ontario Universities and all the university presidents were very supportive of Trillium and the opportunities it provides for international students, said Ryerson President Sheldon Levy. Should there be a change, its the government who is providing the money and there is nothing we

can do, he said. Leila Reyhani, an international masters student studying computer networks at Ryerson University, said that international students could suffer without financial support. Current provincial rules prevent international students from working part-time while studying. The cost of living in Canada can be high, so its hard, said Reyhani. Id prefer to have OSAP because then I could work, but OSAP is just for Canadians, so we need funding. While neither Hudak nor a Progressive Conservative representative was available for comment, a press release states that after the Trillium program is closed, the $30 million would be redirected to middle-class families who currently have trouble accessing OSAP loans. The threshold of financial assistance through OSAP would be raised, meaning that more families could have more access to larger OSAP loans. But although Ontario students would benefit, international students already receiving funding from the Trillium program could face problems, according to Hudson. Its going to be really difficult for the students who are coming this year if the program is stopped after the first year, because part of the program is based on financial needs, said Hudson, adding that overseas students bring over $2 billion to Ontarios economy. International students are a net benefit economically to the province, so the fact that were stopping that opportunity doesnt really save as much money, said Hudson. What it does do is it sends a message to international students that Ontario isnt interested in either them or in helping in financial aid, or assisting in the difficulties that many international students find themselves in. With files from Carolyn Turgeon, Associate News Editor

September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener

The unknown fate of Gould Street

The year-long closure is coming to an end and the decision to allow cars back in or let students roam free lies in the hands of community council. Christina Dun reports

Last week we brought you fun facts about his cats Poopy and Gibby but what else can we tell you about the white-haried fellow? Keep on reading: Sheldon: The name is of Old English origin and means steep valley. Levy: A name of Hebrew origin translating to joined. There are 10 cities named Sheldon in the U.S. . Sheldon was portrayed as a young seahorse in the animated movie Finding Nemo. Common nicknames: Shelly, Shel, Sheldor, Sheldinator, Shellz, Donny Know anymore fun facts about our President Sheldo? Tweet us @theeyeopener or hashtag #sheldonlevy to keep us entertained.

Students take advantage of the vehicle-free Gould Street while it lasts.

Theatre students have performed on it, flash mobs have danced on it, and countless carnival prizes have been won on it. Every student has walked across it on their way to class, and every pigeon has landed on it. More than 40 activities and events took place on Gould Street last year, thanks to the pilot project that created a traffic-free zone in the heart of campus. With the one-year trial period coming to an end, the future of this pedestrian-friendly is in the hands of the Toronto and East York Community Council. Meeting to vote on Sept. 12, its members will decide whether the street will remain blocked off to vehicles. According to the meetings agenda, the recommendation from Transportation Services is to extend the contract from Oct. 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012 on the same terms and conditions generally as set out in the existing agreement. And with Gould Street being a central area of Ryersons campus, many find it hard to imagine the streets full of cars, as it was before the initial closure back in September 2010. Thea Lape, a fourth year early childhood education student, has seen a major improvement to the campus atmosphere. Our campus doesnt really feel like a campus when there are cars passing through it, says Lape. [Were] well within the city, so I really like how they closed it off because its just nicer and a lot more relaxing. One of the main goals of Ryersons Master Plan, which was announced by President Sheldon Levy in 2006, is to put people first through pedestrianization of the urban environment. With the success and positive feedback from students and the community, there is hope Gould will remain closed for at least another year and eventually become a permanent pedestrian zone. Even just closing off one little street, it makes me want to stay on campus a little bit longer than usual, says Lape. So its not just like going to class and going straight home. The project is also supported by Ward 27s City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam. I know that Ryerson has ambitious plans to upgrade the street quality, says Wong-Tam, and it is setting a wonderful example of street beautification. Wong-Tam, who worked closely with groups throughout the city to plan the project, hopes the vote will be able to approve the closure permanently. One of those groups includes the Ryerson Students Union (RSU). Since the pilot project started,


we have been working most closely with the Ryerson administration and the City of Toronto on hosting events and showcasing the potential of a permanently closed Gould street, says Sean Carson, RSU vice-president operations. The RSU started the campaign eight years ago and will continue to put pressure on the city to keep it going. Even after the decision from City Council, the Ryerson Students Union will continue to fight for our number one goal: a fully closed Gould Street from Victoria to Church that provides a safe and pedestrian-friendly campus space for our members, says Carson.

Tuition cuts part of new Liberal platform


The Ontario Liberals have promised a tuition grant that will save low- and middle-income students up to $1,600 each year. The initiative is part of Premier Dalton McGuintys platform for the upcoming election and would reduce tuition by 30 per cent across the board, saving university students $1,600 and college students $730 each year. The Liberals also promised to cap student debt at $7,300 per year and reduce loan repayments for unemployed and low-income graduates. But Melissa Palermo, Ryerson Students Union vice president of education, said McGuintys post-

secondary education platform would only benefit some students because the grant is designed for families with an annual income below $160, 000. We believe education should be affordable and accessible for everyone, said Palermo. She also noted that the Liberals have made no promise to reduce tuition fees, which she believes would be a more effective way to make post-secondary education affordable. McGuinty pledged that tuition fees will not increase by more than five per cent annually, but Palermo said thats not good enough for students. What saves students money is a reduction or a freeze on tuition fees, said Palermo.

The Eyeopener


September 7, 2011

The Eye guide to star gazing at Rye

Film fans will be in heaven when the Toronto International Film Festival begins Thursday. Whether youre hoping to catch Brad Pitts newest flick or some subtitled fare, theres something for everyone. But lets get real: while some movie-goers are here to see the most inspiring foreign film of the decade, many are more excited to meet the stars TIFF attracts. As a shameless TIFF addict of four years, Tori Nixon has had her share of brushes with the famous. Here are some of her best tips to help you make the most of your celeb stalkinger, star-gazingexperience.
1. Roy Thomson Hall attracts the biggest stars A good place to start your celeb search is Roy Thomson Hall, where TIFFs galas are held. If youre not on the guest list, join other eager fans in the nearby David Pecault Square and youll see somebody ultra-famous every night. My second time at TIFF, I cluelessly wandered over to a red carpet premiere and found myself face-to-face with George Clooney. Be warned: because of the huge crowds, you arent likely to actually meet the stars here unless you take the fanboy route and camp out for hours. But if youre shy and okay with admiring from afar, this is your spot. 2. Smaller theatres like Ryersons are your friend TIFFs screenings are spread out downtown, from the Elgin to the Princess of Wales to right here on campus. Last year I went to a screening of Ceremony, starring Uma Thurman at U of Ts Isabel Bader Theatre. To my surprise, Canadian film royals Ivan and Jason Reitman also showed up, as did Henry Winkler, who played The Fonz on Happy Days. Check out Ryerson Theatre for younger and edgier films, like last years 127 Hours. It also seems to be the theatre where, in my experience, people are most likely to actually meet celebs. Being able to stroll there from class (or bed) is a bonus. 3. Bring something to get signed This is an important one. While it may seem like a great idea to ask Ryan Gosling to sign your boobs in the heat of moment, but three days later youll have nothing to show for it. Avoid bringing glossy photos of celebrities. Those scream, Im going to hawk this on eBay tomorrow. I was once mobbed by several middle-aged male autograph hounds trying to collect some of those from Chronicles of Narnia heartthrob Ben Barnes. Try to bring something more personal, like an autograph book or a DVD, and dont forget your camera! 4. Dont be creepy Remember: you want to be a fan, not a stalker. Toronto has a reputation for having respectful fans, and perhaps thats why the A-list gladly shows up at TIFF year after year. Go grab your autographs and photos at premieres and parties, but give the stars their space. Its cool to hang out in Yorkville for a few hours on the off-chance you see somebody. Ive done that. Last year I saw Jay Baruchel stepping out of his car and Blake Lively coming down Bloor Street. However, its not cool to sit outside the Four Seasons Hotel with a paparazzi camera all week. Thats just sad.

CLOCKWISE: Bill Murray, Robin Wright, Kerry Washington, George Clooney.


5. Open up and make festival friends One of the great things about TIFF is how alive Toronto becomes. Whether youre seeing a film or even just waiting around to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, TIFF can be the perfect opportunity to meet people. Even if you dont stay in touch with your line-up buddies after the nights over, youre bound to hear stories of festivals past and useful movie reviews. Be friendly to the stars and theyll come back; be friendly to the person behind you in line and youll have a pal for next years festival or, if youre lucky, your own big screen-worthy romance.

September 7, 2011


Pee before you go Get there early

The Eyeopener

No tickets? No problem! Seriously

A stranger may be a friend you havent met, but that doesnt mean they plan on holding your place in line everytime you head to the bathroom.

Whether you hit the box office too late, or just probably isnt the way to go. want a last minute culture fix, Arts & Life Editor Bring actual money Allyssia Alleyne helps you get the most out of Debit cards, credit cards, bank drafts etc. arent accepted for rush line sales, so make sure you bring cash. life in the rush line Pack a lunchbox Dont go alone

Rush lines work on a first-come-first-serve basis, so stumbling to the theatre five minutes before showtime

Hours of waiting will leave you bored, tired and hungry. Cure all of these symptoms by bringing some food along. Healthy snacks are fine, but a Big Mac and a Coke will also do the job.

Even a fully charged iPad will run out of juice eventually. Avoid premature boredom by bringing along a friend to crack jokes and gossip with when playing online Scrabble is no longer an option.

Keep your eyes peeled

Rush lines are perfect prowling grounds for those looking to get rid of tickets. Keep on the lookout for these people, but dont go around accepting wooden nickles. Some sellers are more legit than others.

Dont get your hopes up Stay in line


All of the patience and boxed lunches in the world cant help you if there are no extra seats to be filled. Oh, the cruelty of fate!

If you dont get into one movie, sticking it could put you in the perfect position to call dibs on tickets to the next movie, even if you have to wait a while. Its called strategy.


The Eyeopener is giving away two pairs of passes to LIKE CRAZY on Wednesday, Sept. 13 @ 6:30 p.m. Follow our Twitter feed @theeyeopener and be one of the first two to come to our office with the answer to our skill testing question and WIN. Good Luck Ryerson!

Big films on campus

From Sept. 8-18, Ryerson will host a bevy of TIFF films. Arts & Life Editor Allyssia Alleyne tells you which flicks you dont want to miss Thursday, Sept. 8: Saturday, Sept. 10: Monday, Sept. 12:
Restless, 9 p.m. If youre into: Quirky, adorable couples Melancholia, 6 p.m. If youre into: Science fiction, beautiful settings, being moved Ten Year, 9 p.m. If youre into: Reminiscing about high school, laughing

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September 15, 2011: Last day to create an account for the online application October 3, 2011: Application deadline

Friday, Sept. 9:

Urbanized, 3 p.m. Martha Marcy May, 3 p.m. If youre into: Urban planning, If youre into: cults, the Olsen cityscapes twins (the star is their kid sis)

Sunday, Sept. 11:

Tuesday, Sept. 13:

Like Crazy, 6 p.m. If youre into: British accents, award-winners, love stories


www.ouac.on.ca/olsas/ Ontario Law School Application Service

Wednesday, Sept. 14:

Americano, 3 p.m. If youre into: Travel, Salma Hayek, foreign languages

November 1, 2011: Application deadline for first-year English programs February 1, 2011: Application deadline for first-year French programs May 1, 2012: Application deadline for upper-year programs

Thursday, Sept. 15:

Take Shelter, 6 p.m. If youre into: Family drama, visions of the apocolypse


Friday, Sept. 16:

December 1, 2011: Application deadline for English programs March 1, 2012: Application deadline for French programs

www.ouac.on.ca/teas/ Teacher Education Application Service

Violet & Daisy, 9 p.m. If youre into: Girl power, ass-kicking


Saturday, Sept. 17:

Albert Nobbs, 9 p.m. If youre into: Period pieces, gender politics

www.ouac.on.ca/orpas/ Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service

(Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy/ Physiotherapy, Speech-Language Pathology) January 6, 2012: Application deadline

Sunday, Sept. 18:


Cadillac Peoples Choice Award Winner (TBA)

170 Research Lane Guelph ON N1G 5E2 www.ouac.on.ca

10 The Eyeopener


September 7, 2011
ter, so I spent a lot of time as a child on set. SD: I was a child actor was when I got my first exposure to film. EYE: Whats it like juggling school and your independent projects? SD: Its really hard, honestly. Some teachers really understand, some dont. I find it very difficult to find a balance with studying. It feels like Im working all the time. Its time consuming but I know that, in the long run, its totally worth it. DM: I find Ryerson to have a really unique environment that attracts a lot of great multitasking individuals. Being a film student is so time consuming. Theres all the hours you put into the program, like 80hour [weeks when] you sleep in the studio. The program has this format where were still expected to be on time in class to get the grade, but theres also the focus on production of films. But when youre off somewhere in Ontario shooting for weeks, its hard to get to class. EYE: What advice would you have for an up-and-coming film student? DM: Write your scripts for your budget. EYE: How does it feel to be part of an internationally recognized festival?

In the directors chair

Six teams have six minutes to pitch their film to an audience of over 200 industry professionals. Oh, and theres a $10,000 award to develop the film the line. Hows that for a rush? For Stephen Dunn (right) and Dillon McManamy, two Ryerson Image Arts students, this is a reality. On Sept. 13, theyll be selling their film The Marksman in Telefilm Canadas annual PITCH THIS! competition at the Toronto International Film Festival. Dunn and McManamy checked in with Colton Eddy to discuss TIFF, legends and getting to class on time.
EYE: So whats The Marksman about? SD: Its about a failed young hunter who turns to the dark magic of an enchanted bullet to prove himself to his lovers family, but he soon finds that the bullet has plans of its own. The bullets will shoot what he is aiming at, but eventually the bullets start abandoning his command and reflecting his internal desires, which is ultimately slaying everything that is in the way of the woman he loves.


legends that we heard as we were travelling. EYE: How did you two get started on the film? SD: Dillon and I met at a film course at Ryerson and I was writing what was a short film called The Marksman. Our writing styles worked really well together. We then travelled to Newfoundland together, [and travelled from] the East to West Coasts to research the project.

SD: Its a huge honour and its a very cool opportunity. Were about to shit our pants. Were on a platEYE: When did you first develop a form talking to hundreds of indusDM: Its a classic folk story that passion for film? try professionals and they will hear were trying to update into a modour story, hear our ideas. Whether ern thriller. Weve drawn a lot of DM: I grew up in Toronto and my we win it or not, we feel like weve inspiration from stories and local dad works in studios as a carpen- already won on some level.



Watch Stephen and Dillon compete on Sept. 13 at TIFF Bell Lightbox (350 King St. W.) at noon.

September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener
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September 7, 2011

The ants go marching one by one

Gin Sexsmith and Marta Iwanek show you how to stop your house from becoming an urban jungle

Prevention: Make sure all attics and base- is important for trained experts to ments are completely sealed. get rid of the animals. Keep screens on fireplaces and windows. What to do: Contact your landlord who Youve got bats: will contact Toronto critter conStrange high-pitched sounds in trol (1-800-CRITTER or visiting your house at night often mean you toronto.crittercontrol.com/services/ have a bat problem. Because bats newpage.html) to deal with the can carry diseases such as rabies it problem.

Prevention: Remove easy food sources, put metal mesh fences around gardens and in front of openings into attics, crawl spaces, porches, decks and garages. Have secure lids on garbage bins. Raccoons can dig under shallow fences so make sure theyre placed deep into the ground. Get rid of any rodent, insect or bird infestation which can all be tempting food sources for raccoons itat. They can rip off shingles and chew holes into buildings to make dens. Raccoons often carry rabies, distemper and roundworm and are very aggressive if threatened.




What to do: If raccoons have gotten into your walls, attic or chimney contact your landlord who should contact Toronto Animal Services and deal with the issue properly without you risking your safety. After they are removed, make sure they also Youve got raccoons: get rid of nest garbage which can Raccoons are becoming a com- contain many mites, ticks and fleas mon problem for Toronto resi- that can move into your house once dents, because were living closer they have lost their raccoon hosts. and closer to raccoons natural hab-

Prevention: Make sure your landlord has all cracks and crevices sealed. Scrub entry points with detergent and spray with an insecticide. Keep cupboards clean and be sure to wipe surfaces after eating or cooking. What to do: If you have ants, use a residual insecticide or ant bait that will be eaten and taken back to the nest to slowly kill the entire colony. Try to place bait in a spot where ants frequent. Its a trial and error experience and using it successfully may take several weeks.

Bed Bugs
Prevention: Regular inspection and housecleaning. Vacuum carpet and mattress. Clean up clutter to rid your house of hiding places. Have landlord seal wall crevices with caulking. Be extremely careful when buying used clothes or furniture; ask if items were inspected for bed bugs and inspect them yourself. Do not bring discarded mattresses, bed frames, electronics or box springs into your home. When travelling inspect hotel rooms and furniture for droppings, blood spots or live insects. Inspect luggage before you return to your house. Force them out of hiding spots with a thin knife or hot hair dryer. Before looking at a place check its address with the bed bug registry as a precaution: bedbugregistry.com Youve got bed bugs: Oval-shaped, size of an apple seed, usually bite at night leaving large, itchy welts that will go away on their own without treatment. Some people have no reactions to bed bug bites. What to do: If you spot bed bugs immediately contact your landlord who will need to contact a pest control professional or public health unit to exterminate them. It usually requires pesticides followed by proper inspection and housekeeping. Tenants are responsible for cleaning and cooperating with their landlords efforts to get rid of bed bugs. If a tenant doesnt let the pest control operator in, the tenant will owe money unless they have a legitimate reason that can be dealt with by the Tenants Board. If a landlord will not take action a tenant must go to the Landlord and Tenant Board or Toronto Public Health. Use nozzle attachment and vacuum up all live bugs and eggs. Throw out vacuum bag immediately or place in freezer for several days. Vacuum every day. Wash all sheets, pillows, mat-

tress pad, blankets and clothing in the hottest water possible and then place them in a hot dryer. Cover mattress and pillows with a plastic cover. Put any items that cannot be washed in a garbage bag, tie it tight and throw it out in a clearly labeled garbage bin. For more info: bedbugsinfo.ca

September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener


Fruit Flies
Prevention: Keep fruit in your fridge especially in warmer months. Wash counter tops and utensils immediately after using. Rinse dishes before leaving them in the sink. Keep fruit and veggie scraps in a tightly sealed compost bin. Make sure taps are not dripping to keep minimum. moisture at a What to do: If you have fruit flies, mix pop, wine or apple cider vinegar with a bit of citrus scented dish soap and leave out for fruit flies to fly into in no time youll have a fruit fly morgue.

Prevention: Eliminate possible food and water sources. Make sure the roof does not permit pigeon entry. Place mothballs on balcony and eaves. Youve got pigeons: Not only do pigeons carry diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, pigeon ornithosis and histoplasmosis, but they are also hosts to fleas, mites, biting lice, flies and ticks. Their droppings can ruin buildings and their feathers can plug vents causing more health problems. What to do: If you have a pigeon infestation contact your landlord who can then contact Toronto Critter Control. They will properly remove pigeons and pigeon proof the building to prevent them from nesting, loafing or feeding there any longer. When cleaning eaves and balcony be sure to wear gloves and a mask.

Prevention: Wipe off tables, counters after each meal as well as grease off of stove top and burners every night. Throw out garbage and compost as often as possible. Dont leave dirty dishes overnight even in the dishwasher. If you must, make sure that they are rinsed or soaking in soapy water. Turn bathroom fan on after every bath or shower to reduce humidity. Vacuum and sweep regularly especially in hard to reach places such as under the fridge and stove. Clean pet food dishes daily and empty their water bowls at night. Discuss improvements with your landlord to cracks in caulking and walls and holes around plumbing. Electrical lines between apartments must be sealed and leaks must be fixed. Youve got roaches: They can grow to a huge population on very little food and water. What to do: If you spot cockroaches, lay glue boards (which can be bought at most hardware and grocery stores) to see how big of a problem you have. If you are seeing them during the day you have quite an issue because cockroaches only feed during the day if their population is too large for them to all feed at night. For a large colony, roach poisons are more effective because they cover a larger area and do not rely on the cockroaches to take the bait. Contact your landlord and have him hire an exterminator if the issue is too large for you to handle with roach baits or sprays.

Mice & Rats

Prevention: Keep food away: use sealable containers, throw out garbage and compost every day, keep counters free of crumbs and scraps. Sweep and vacuum regularly. Have landlord seal cracks and openings in structure around doors and windows. Clean pet food bowls at night. Clean up rock and wood piles in What to do: yard to prevent nesting places. If you have a mouse problem contact your landlord and take Youve got mice: measures to get it under control Mouse nests (made of finely quickly. Female mice can have up shredded paper often found in to 10 litters a year of usually five sheltered areas), droppings and or six young. Mice feed on scraps fresh gnawing signifies where mice of food meant for humans or pets, are most active. they infect food-preparation surfacThey are nocturnal and have a es with their feces which can lead to characteristic musky odour. salmonellosis. If you spot a mouse, place prebaited mouse traps along walls. Set the traps the following day after giving the rodent a chance to eat the bait and get used to it. Also set glue boards in groups of two or three along walls. If you have rats use larger traps. If problem persists contact landlord to set poison traps throughout the building or to call an exterminator.

Know the act to keep your place intact

Laurian Green didnt anticipate having to share her Bloor and Ossington apartment with antennae insects and other creatures. While viewing the place in her third year, the previous tenant told her there were just mice, but that they had gotten rid of them. With people coming to see the place right after her and line-ups for other apartments in the area, the current fourth-year hospitality and tourism student decided to take it. It wasnt until winter when her first freak-out happened. There were beetles, the size of her thumb, crawling on her grey linoleum tiled floors. She told her landlord about it, who told her that if it became a problem to let her know. The sprays and traps didnt work, but Green learned to control the critters and live with them. I mean its an issue of cleanliness, she says. Even one crumb can attract a beetle in my case. The building is old, with many cracks, that she feels it would be impossible to get rid of them completely. There are also ants and fruit flies at times, but thats manageable with cleaning as well. Only a few months ago however, she had a different situation. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something scurry across her living room floor. At first she thought it was a beetle, but then she noticed it had fur. It was her second freakout, but she had to stay calm she had an exam the next day. So while her boyfriend tried to catch the mouse with plates and a spatula, she sat on the couch at one oclock in the morning trying to cram in as much as she could. They never saw the mouse again, no droppings either and Green thinks the mouse fell fate to the neighborhood cats. Greens pests are manageable, but when it turns into a problem, students can be one of the most vulnerable when it comes to housing issues says Geordie Dent, executive director of the Federation of Metro Tenants Association (FMTA). For one, most students have the experience of their parents as landlords, where whatever they say goes. We have an old saying in our work which is dont follow the landlord follow the law, says Dent. Students are also usually less experienced in the rental market and have a poorer understanding of how to enforce their rights, he adds. The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) governs the relationship between most property owners and tenants in Ontario. It covers anyone, including those without leases in rental housing as long as the kitchen and bathroom are not shared with the property owner. For questions and advice there are websites and hotlines tenants can use: FMTA Hotline 416-921-9494 or visit torontotenants.org RSU Legal Advocacy Services: make an appointment 416-979-5255 ext. 2325 Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) 416-9440087 or visit equalityrights.org/cera Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) for explanations on legal jargon. Visit cleo.on.ca/ attracts bugs or rodents presenting a health risk, the tenant could be The Landlord and Tenant Board evicted for putting the safety of the (LTB) resolves disputes between landlord and other tenants at risk property owners and tenants 416645-808 or visit ltb.gov.on.ca If the landlord does not fix a problem: Landlords responsibilities: Ask for repairs in writing (City A residential complex shall be of Torontos Municipal Licensing kept reasonably free of rodents, and Standards website has a temvermin and insects. plate) and keep a record Extermination methods must Take pictures if possible be in accordance with municipal Talk to neighbours to see if they law. have similar problems Openings and holes in a build If the problem still isnt fixed ing are to be screened and sealed to contact your local Municipal prevent entry of the above. Licensing and Standards Office: 416 338-0800 or visit toronto.ca/ The only charge a property own- apartmentstandards/home.htm er can ask is first and last months File an application with the rent, as well as a key deposit. It is il- Land and Tenant Board. legal for him/ her to ask for a dam You can also report the problem age deposit or other additional to the Investigation and Enforcecharges. ment Unit (IEU) 1-888-772-9277 or visit mah.gov.on.ca/ieu Tenants responsibilities: A tenant must keep the rental unit clean, up to the standard that most people would consider ordinary of normal cleanliness If the unit is so dirty that it

14 The Eyeopener

September 7, 2011

Win a VIP GRAMMY experience.


You and a guest could walk the red carpet at the 54th GRAMMY* Awards on Feb. 12, 2012, compliments of MasterCard*. Plus, youll get a tour of L.A. and a professional pre-event makeover! How to enter: Apply* for a No Fee BMO SPC MasterCard between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15, use your card before Nov. 30, 2011 and youll automatically receive one entry. Prize includes: Flights and four nights accommodation for two Access to a GRAMMY rehearsal, awards show and official GRAMMY Celebration after party PLUS, youll receive a $1,000 credit on your BMO SPC MasterCard! For complete contest details or to apply visit bmo.com/smartstudents

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5 Cols. x 215 Lines

Newspapers: York University Excaliber Sept. 7, Sept. 14


September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener 15

Saturdays results
Mens Soccer: Carleton 2 @ Ryerson 1 Womens Soccer: Carleton 2 @ Ryerson 0

Playing up to expectations
After a historic playoff run that ended in heartbreak, expectations have never been higher for Ryersons mens soccer team. But, as Victor Ferreira reports, an inexperienced mid-field and the loss of their best player may be too much for them to overcome
Ryersons mens soccer team had their greatest season in club history last year as they finished in fourth place, making it all the way to the OUA Final Four where they lost in dramatic fashion to the eventual Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) champion York Lions. While expectations are higher than ever for the young Rams, the team will have to fulfill those lofty goals without the strong core of players that led them to the semifinals last year, including twotime CIS All-Canadian midfielder Alex Braletic, who is arguably one of the top university players in Canada. In my opinion hes irreplaceable, said fellow midfielder and last seasons top goal scorer Adrian Mancini. Youre not going to find another player like that, but everyone has to step up a bit to try to fill in. Along with Braletic, the departure of midfielders Jarnarthan Sadacharalingam, Jason Morgan and former Kansas City Wizards midfielder Kevin Souter, who has become the teams new head coach, have left a gaping hole in what was perhaps the most talented and essential part of last years team. The 27-year-old Souter, who has taken the reigns of the team after 2010-11 OUA coach of the year Ivan Joseph stepped down at the end of last season, believes that filling the void left by the lost players will take time. Joseph still remains on the coaching staff as an assistant head coach and mentor to Souter. Weve decimated our whole midfield, said Souter. Weve got a lot of players who can fill those positions, but defensively they dont have it yet. We have a young, inexperienced midfield but they might grow quickly and surprise us. One of the nine rookies that were recruited to the team is centre-midfielder Martin Dabrowski, who in his short time as a Ram has already impressed the coaching staff, earning him a spot in the starting 11. Souter sees a lot of potential in the young midfielder but admits he is still very raw. I like how he moves and what he does with the ball, said Souter. Hes just got to get up to speed with the university style of play. his returning players, and is looking forward to another great season from Mancini. He was our top goal scorer last season, but earlier on he didnt command a spot in the team, said Souter. Its most likely his final year and were asking more of him. Mancini is ready to step up to the challenge, and is looking to improve on his play from last season where he led the team with seven goals. I have to keep building on last year and I want to keep playing a bigger role, said Mancini. We have to continue to get our team recognized and maybe a berth in a national tournament or an OUA banner can do that. Although the transition from a veteran midfield to an inexperienced and relatively unknown one has been difficult, Souters transition from player-coach to head coach has been smoother. Last year, I lead by example on the field and took less of a role in coaching, said Souter. [The team] thinks of me as a player with a lot of experience. As far as the Rams game plan is concerned, Souter is hoping to continue using the same defensive minded counterattacking 4-5-1 formation and zonal defensive system that Joseph has been implementing for several years. While he will continue to build on Josephs defensive minded system, Souter is also looking to add some tactics of his own.; mainly implementing a possession-style offense that involves constant passing that will eventually lead to unlocking an opposing teams defense. Whether or not the Rams can apply this style of play into their already potent defense and rapid counterattack remains to be seen, but for now, all that the rookie head coach knows is that it will take time for the coaching staff to develop their young talent and that fans should not have expectations for a championship in the upcoming season. Theres still room to grow, in a few years well be better than last year, said Souter. Its one step back and two steps forward. Expectations of a championship might be a little too high but thats not to say that this team cant do it.

Sundays results
Womens Soccer: Ottawa 0 @ Ryerson 0

OUA East Standings - Mens Soccer Team Carleton Laurentian Nipissing Trent Queens Ryerson Toronto W L T 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0

OUA East Standings - Womens Soccer Team W L T Laurentian Ottawa Toronto Carleton Ryerson Nipissing Trent Queens 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0

Expectations of a championship might be a little too high, but thats not to say that this team cant do it Kevin Souter, head coach
Rookie forward Jamie Baker has also been making a case for some playing time in the starting lineup. Hes a big strong guy and he can be good as a rotational forward this season, said Souter. In two to three years, [Dabrowski and Baker] will be OUA All-Stars if not more. Based on the stellar performance of last years midfield, Dabrowski knows that a lot is riding on how quickly he and his teammates will be able to adapt to the higher level of play. We have big shoes to fill, but all we can do is work hard and try to listen to everything that the coach tells us, said Dabrowski. A four-time MVP with St. Joseph high schools mens team, Dabrowski is looking for the guidance of the veterans on the team to assist him in his adaptation to the new style of play. The veteran class we have always steps in, said Dabrowski. If were doing something wrong, especially in defense, they tell you. Souter is expecting the same of

Upcoming Matches
Saturday Sept. 10
Womens Soccer: Laurentian @ Ryerson Mens Soccer: Laurentian @ Ryerson

Sunday Sept. 11
Womens Soccer: Nipissing @ Ryerson Mens Soccer: Nipissing @ Ryerson


Teppers Take: a #winning mentality


They cant compete with other university programs. They put too much emphasis on their teams academic performance. Theyve never been considered as a legitimate title contender. Theyre not even known as a sports school. Say what you want about Ryersons varsity teams, but the fact

of the matter is that most of them will be title contenders in the near future, if not already. A bold statement? Not really. Years of mediocrity have forced the Ryerson Rams to fade away from the Canadian university sports scene, but fourth-year athletic director Ivan Joseph has breathed new life into the schools athletic programs and is making a strong case to be the universitys MVP. Sure Ryersons president Sheldon Levy has plans to turn Ryerson into an all-Canadian campus one over-priced building at a time, but Joseph has managed to recruit some of Canadas most

acclaimed coaches to a university whose accepted nickname used to be Rye High. Now more than ever is a good time to hop on the Ryerson Rams bandwagon: both of their basketball teams and their mens soccer team have legitimate chances to win an Ontario University Athletics (OUA) championship, while their mens hockey team and womens soccer team are both in line for lengthy playoff runs; not to mention the fact that their womens hockey program will be competing in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) for the first time in team history. Couple those programs with a

new rebranding of the athletics department, a wardrobe upgrade and a new facility that may or may not be ready in the next 10 years, and theres a good reason why Eggy looks fiercer than ever. Although you can argue that all of these changes have helped transform Ryerson from a joke of an athletic program into a potential championship contender, the most underrated and perhaps most important change that has come to the school is the support they are getting from their student body. Despite being 98 per cent empty throughout the course of the season, the Rams managed to fill

up Lamport stadium for their historic playoff run, and the stands in Kerr Hall gym were regularly filled with fans that wanted a first-hand look at Roy Ranas mens basketball team. While Ryerson has a long way to go before it can consider itself an elite sporting university, the ground work has been laid and all of the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the future will be filled with success. And although at first he may deny it and pass off the praise to both his coaching and administrative staff, the man you can thank for thie revival of Ryerson athletics is Ivan Joseph.


The Eyeopener


September 7, 2011

Something to prove
After barely missing the playoffs last season, the womens soccer team is looking to prove they are a threat for 2011. Matt Kennedy reports
With a new head coach, two rookie goalkeepers and a brand new team mentality, it would be easy to label this year as a transitional season filled with growing pains for Ryersons womens soccer team, but the players and coaches see things differently. Last year was really the transition year, said assistant coach Ramin Mohammadi, who was last seasons interim head coach. This year I do have high expectations. We should win, we should make the playoffs. The womens squad is looking to rebound from last years playoff run that never came to be. While their point total suffered from a slow start which saw the Rams only win one of their first 10 games, the team fell just one point shy of a playoff berth in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) East division. With a number of drastic changes heading into the 2011-12 season, theres no precedent to predict how the womens squad will perform this year. New head coach and former Major League Soccer professional Kevin Souter says that over the span of the offseason, there have been a number of positive change to help put the Rams over the top. Its my first-year here with an entirely new coaching system, and the girls [have] really thrived off the support, said Souter. They can tell we want them, and expect them to succeed. The teams changes started with the coaching staff, as the objective was to build the staff around Souter, who is currently acting as the new head coach of both the womens and mens soccer teams. Mohammadi and Laura Gray return to the team in assistant coaching roles, along with Filip Postran, who was an assistant coach for the mens squad last season. The girls always talk about having a better support system and now weve got four extra eyes looking at the ins-and-outs, said Postran. A lot of good things have been said about how well we support them. The coaches have spent most of the offseason focusing on the teams defensive formation, as they are looking to improve on the 22 goals that they allowed last season. To help improve their consistency on defense, the coaching staff is them to usher in the rookies. Among the rookies are goalkeepers Katrina Persson-Thomas and Lauren LaSalle. The current plan of action is to rotate starts between Persson-Thomas and LaSalle, and see who becomes the front-runner for the teams starting job. Its a tall task to ask first-year students to come in and be a force in the back, but were confident in them, said Postran. Souter said that the coaching staff has yet to determine who will be their long-term starting goaltender. The best part is that its a really healthy competition, he said. Both of them bring the best out in each other, and that can only improve our squad.

This year I do have high expectations. We should win, we should make the playoffs Ramin Mohammadi Assistant Coach

Starting off on the wrong foot

After a fourth place finish in 2010, the mens soccer team lost their home opener to the Carleton Ravens. Full game recap and highlight video at theeyeopener. com PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE

asking veteran players such as fifth-year midfielder Andrea Raso to help impose a defensive mindset on the teams seven rookies as well as their other returning players. We may not be known for our defense yet, but thats what were working towards. Keeping our shape and avoiding backfield breakdowns is really important, said Raso, a four-time OUA East all-star. The coaching staff will look to rookie centre-back Sarah Slattery to embrace her role as the teams enforcer, as her strong defensive abilities coupled with her size makes her an intimidating force on defense. Shes got the size and the speed to win headers on almost every cross, and the strength to be a real physical force, said Mohammadi. Although they have a number of veterans returning to the pitch, including midfielder Erica Huculak who by league rules was forced to sit out the entire 2010-11 season after transferring from Carleton University, the womens squad will be carrying seven rookies this year. Along with Raso, Ryersons first all-Canadian female soccer player, veterans Kendra Welham and Diana Smiciklas are expected to provide leadership both on and off the pitch. Weve really [made it clear] that veterans are held accountable on this team, said Souter. We need

We may not be known for our defense yet, but thats what were working towards Andrea Raso Midfielder

Although the season started off with a 2-0 loss to the Carleton Ravens at Lamport Stadium, they did manage to tie the Ottawa Gee Gees 2-2 last Sunday. Despite not having a win, Souter says the squads new frame of mind has allowed them to quickly identify their problems and build upon them. [The loss] was disappointing, two goals a match isnt where we want to be, said Souter. With a new plan, a fresh defensive mindset and a dependable veteran corps to usher in their promising rookies, spirits are high in the womens camp. The squad doesnt expect the playoffs to slip out of their grasp once again. We looked at the schedule and saw the games we should win, one we may not win, and where we can steal some points, said Raso. Were looking at the playoffs this year for sure.

The womens soccer team playing against Ottawa Gee Gees last Sunday.


September 7, 2011

It happens to the best of us, ladies. Youre on your way to class and decide to stop by the washroom. Surprise! Mother Nature came early. Its that time of the month again, and here you are: unprepared, without tampons or pads, and left in discomfort when you cant find any products in the five minutes before your lecture starts. Your eyes are locked on the bathroom door, waiting for another woman to walk in so you may uncomfortably ask the stranger whether she has any extra products. No one. You jolt your eyes around the washroom. Of course! Duh. The tampon dispenser. You insert your quarter into the machine and wait for it, wait for it Nothing comes out. Great. Sound about accurate? Bloody right it does. The feminine hygiene product dispensers around campus continue to sit empty and although these products are essential to women, Ryerson University fails to provide them. The Womens Centre at Ryerson said because of this, Ryerson is demonstrating a lack of concern for the needs of women on campus. Its an issue of equity. Feminine care products are not recognized as something that women need, said Laura Hache, a coordinator at the Womens Centre. Theyre not recognizing the physical needs of women, and how theyre different from men. Stefanie Simard once needed a tampon while on campus but found the dispenser empty. She had to ask a friend instead. I dont think its that Ryerson doesnt care about our needs, but I think it would be really nice if they were stocked, said the second year radio and television arts student.

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Hache said women at Ryerson are going too easy on the university. Thats kind of how were taught, to not see it as an important issue. Were supposed to be quiet about it, she said. (Empty machines) are everywhere on campus, and even if its just a few broken down machines, thats a few women who go without the needs they require. Fifty-five per cent of undergraduates at Ryerson are women. It shouldnt be that big of a deal to get our needs met, said Hache. Meanwhile, tampons and pads are given out for free at the Womens Centre (located on the second floor of the Student Centre). The Womens Centre ran a campaign in 2008 that pushed for the machines to be filled, but custodial services never fixed the problem. Adrian Williams, manager of Custodial Services, wouldnt comment on the issue.

A bloody mess


Even though females represent 55 per cent of Ryersons total population, feminine hygiene product dispensers located in washrooms across campus remain empty, leaving women in uncomfortable situations every day. Victoria Stunt reports

Feminine care products are not recognized as something that women need. Laura Hache
Id like to know the reasoning behind them not being stocked, said Alex Say, who is part of the supply staff at the Early Learning Centre.

Read about the International Student Services Welcome Party at www.theeyeopener.com

Not all university students can afford spending money on cable T.V. Thankfully, living in the biggest city in the country has its perks. Communities Editor Nicole SIena shares a list of where to find free studio audience tickets and satisfy your cable T.V. cravings. 1/ NEW.MUSIC.LIVE. Live Monday-Friday at 5 p.m. 299 Queen St. West. www.newmusiclive.ca 2/ THE MARILYN DENIS SHOW. Live MondayFriday at 10 a.m. 299 Queen St. www.Marilyn.ca 3/ THE MERCER REPORT. Every Friday at 8 p.m. 25 John Street. www.RickMercer.com 4/ GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS TONIGHT. Live MondayFriday at 11:05 p.m. 25 John St. www.Strombo.com 5/ STEVEN AND CHRIS. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. 25 John St. www.StevenandChris.ca


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September 7, 2011

Pissing off the neighbours

has been set up along the side of the church. On weekdays, they sit on the church steps and eat thei lunches.The annoying part is that the church is blocked, said the churchs pastor Christian Schweter. Trucks are parking in front of our driveway. Noise disrupts the Sunday service as well. Schweter agrees with Karakoulas that parking is hard to come by. Ryerson didnt grant his church any permits. Over at MLG, the westbound lame is closed, as well as the sidewalk on the north side of Carlton. Cyclists riding west on Carlton street are forced to ride in the small space between the construction fence and the streetcar track, with cars whizzing close by. Tim Doucette, a security guard at Lexington Condominiums on Carlton, has a front row seat to the construction zone. Just yesterday, a cyclist got knocked off his bike because he ran into some machinery, he said. Another day, the construction team left a generator running and fumes blew into the condos lobby for hours. It was horrible, he said. Inspite of this, Doucette says residents dont seem too annoyed by the construction. If anything bothers them, its the

Construction on campus seems like itll never stop. Rhiannon Russell talked to Ryersons neighbouring communities about the effects its had
noise. Julia Hanigsberg, vice-president of administration and finance at Ryerson, said she understands the neighbours frustration. Theres no question that having a major construction project adjacent to you is challenging. Theres noise, theres dirt, theres trucks. Its never fun. The repeated delays in the buildings openings have been irritating, but if theres one thing Ryersons neighbours agree on, its that the hassles of construction are inevitable. Its nothing Ryerson could prevent, said Schweter of the noise and congestion around the Image Arts site. Thats just construction. Doucette agrees. I think when its all done, [residents] will forget about the pain they went through, he says with a chuckle. Hanigsberg is confident once the buildings are open, it will have been worth the inconveniences. I think it will be a good thing for both ends of the neighbourhood, she said. Its a matter of enduring shortterm pain for long-term gain. We know its going to be over soon, said Schweter. We see Ryerson growing around us, which is a great thing.

Wednesday, Sept.7
CAMPUS GROUPS FAIR @ 11a.m.-3 p.m.- Gould Street SEX AT THE RAM: DIRTY BINGO AND DRAG SHOW @ 4 p.m.-6 p.m. PATIO PARTY IN THE PUB @ 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Thursday, Sept. 8

disORIENTATION @ 11 a.m. 4 p.m. Gould Street COFFEE HOUSE @ 5 p.m. 8 p.m. Thomas Lounge

Construction on campus has been a nuisance for local community members since it began. PHOTO: MOHAMED OMAR
The Ryerson community has been buzzing about the Image Arts building (with those Skittle lights) and the state-of-the-art athletic facility going in Maple Leaf Gardens, but some of the universitys neighbours are less than thrilled by the noise the construction projects continue to cause. The large trucks and wide, fenced-off area around the Image Arts building have limited the number of parking spaces for the two churches on Bond Street. Since Gould Street closed to cars just over a year ago, there are even fewer places for churchgoers to park. Its been a big nuisance for us, says Gregory Karakoulas, president of the board of St. Georges Greek Orthodox Church. Parishioners get frustrated and angry and they choose to go to another church. We see less pews being occupied, he said. Ryerson issued the church 10 temporary parking permit and,though Karakoulas admits the permits have been helpful, theyre not nearly enough for the weekly congregation of 100 to 250 people. ten permits is nothing, he said. Across the street at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, construction traffic is heavy. A temporary walkway for the workers

Friday, Sept. 9

PARADE AND PICNIC @ 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. Toronto Island FROSH FINALE PUB NIGHT. Hosted by Information Technology Management Student Association (ITMSA). @ 10 p.m. $3 advance; $5 at door

Sunday, Sept. 11

RYERSON DANCE PAK AUDITIONS @ 1 p.m in the RAC Studio 1. Arrive early to register

Tuesday, Sept. 13

FARMERS MARKET @ 3:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. Victoria St.

50 Grads. One Weekend. Your Future.

Were inviting 50 of Canadas top engineering students to Waterloo for one weekend to plan their futures. All expenses paid. Want to join us?
The 50 Graduates Weekend is a chance for selected Canadian students interested in masters and PhD studies to learn about graduate programs in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo and experience life in one of Canadas most vibrant communities. You will tour state-of-the-art engineering facilities, explore innovative research programs, and learn about collaborations with the regions growing list of technology, automotive, nancial, health and environmental companies. You will also get a taste of the regions exciting social life with visits to local cultural centres, restaurants and the idyllic village of St. Jacobs.


This was the kick off to our university/ college tour. I couldnt be happier to have rocked at the school I was once attending with special appearance from MuchMusics RapCity T-Rexxx. Words cant even describe the amount of energy that was coming from the crowd that night. Alex V Andre., Lead singer of DUBBS

Its happening

November 3 to 6, 2011

Apply at:

Apply by: September 30, 2011

Details regarding travel expenses can be found at: engineering.uwaterloo.ca/50graduates


-Kick-ass photos -NOMINATIONS FOR community Members OF THE WEEK -Event listings email : communities@theeyeopener.com


September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener 19

The Eyes Reddit challenge

So heres the deal: Ryersons subreddit kind of blows. Hard. The reader base is measly and the posts are boring as hell. Here is our challenge to you.

Part One:

Reddit.com has many subreddits created for college and university communities


Pass the word out to your friends to get on Ryersons subreddit. We want to beat out U of T with all of their boring history and whatnot. Ryerson is artsy and technologically proficient. Our community should have no problem with this.

Ryerson gets Reddited


A favourite website of procrastinators has improved once again. Reddit.com has created subreddits for universities as a contest to see which university can have the most readers by Oct. 24, 2011. Reddit is a forum where subscribers (or redditors) can post photos, questions, comments, or anything else they like for others to view. A subreddit is a Reddit forum with a specific topic or community for readers to follow and post to. The Ryerson subreddit was established about three years ago,

and has a small online community of just over 100 readers. Although established previous to the contest, the school can still compete. Alex Loree, a third-year aerospace engineering student likes to browse Reddit occasionally for light entertainment. Theres kind of goofy stuff going on, he said. By comparison, Ryerson is beating York Universitys 84 readers, but is falling far behind U of Ts 640 readers. Prizes will be awarded for best percentage growth, best absolute growth and an admins choice award. Prizes include school colours on

the Reddit site, and boxes of Reddit merch for the school to distribute. Loree said the Ryerson subreddit is a good forum because it provides an option of Ryerson-centric posts. He said to see a picture or a post and to know where it happened on campus would be an interesting use for the forum. With his heavy workload, Loree said Reddit and sites like it are a nice release from the grind of school. While the Ryerson subreddit isnt substantial, it does provide the potential for an entertaining online community for the university. Its a nice break from all the seriousness I have to deal with, said Loree.

Our favourite subreddits

(Does Anybody Else) (Today I Learned)

Part Two:

Lets make our subreddit a little more entertaining. No more self promoting and I need a friend crap. Start posting funny, random and interesting text and pictures. Otherwise who the fuck cares? At the end of Reddits contest, the Ryerson poster with the best post (in our opinion) will win an Eyeopener prize pack. The prize for more readers than U of T? Friggen bragging rights. So hop on this badass bandwagon and lets see if Ryerson has a community to be proud (or mildly embarrased) of.


When the police behave badly and we wish we could keep treats from them.

Trolling Animals

Animals doing silly, stupid and adorable things. Most posts are pictures or videos, and we like that.

Want to vent your frustration or make us laugh? Use the #eyeforatweet hashtag. If we like what we see, we may print it! Be sure to follow @theeyeopener for all your Ryerson news.

Mosaic Institute Campus-Based Internship Opportunity

The Mosaic Institute is currently looking for one or two exceptional students to help spearhead the Ryerson chapter of its campus-based peacebuilding initiative, the UofMosaic. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students who are passionate about peace, international relations, diversity, development, and conflict resolution. We need people who are prepared to approach complex and controversial global issues with even-handedness, and to pursue constructive means for achieving peace. Hours are flexible, but will likely vary between 3-6 hours a week during the school year. This is a volunteer position. Preparation for the new school year are currently underway. If you are interested, please contact Lorenzo Vargas at lv@mosaicinstitute.ca with a Resume and a brief cover letter describing your interest. About Us The Mosaic Institute is an action-oriented think tank that harnesses the connections, knowledge and resources of Canadas ethnocultural communities to generate new ideas for international peace and development. In 2009, we established our first UofMosaic chapter, and have been growing ever since. Students in our chapters work to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between campus-based ethnocultural communities, and to harness students energies to advance Canadian solutions to intractable conflicts overseas.

@ AnthonyGug


Lesson 1 of 2011. When your school card wont let you in the building, spam swipe and a security guard will show up to let you in. @ Ryerson

You people are all very attractive. #ryerson


Heather is stalking you alex #ryerson


@theeyeopener: Wait, wait, there are Eyeopenerbranded condoms? Thats a...unique...newspaper marketing idea...


Sweet @SaladKingTO, open a @Ryerson kiosk as soon as I graduate. Must reconsider doing a masters now.


I juss booked that my first class tmr is in the amc theatre @ Yonge n dundas lol Im gona fall asleep fml those seats r comefortable #ryerson



Visit us at http://www.uofmosaic.ca. Or at www.uofmosaic.ca

20 The Eyeopener


September 7, 2011

iPhone | Blackberry | Android Want to pick up some sick deals? Download Groupon to your smartphone. Groupon negotiates deals with businesses and sends the deals to subscribers. Use it for what you love to spend on, like food, bars and shopping.


Ken Jones, dean of the Ted Rogers School of Management, and Wendy Cukier, VP of research and innovation. Cukier headed the project to have TRSM accredited globally. PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL

iPhone | Blackberry | Android Yes, there is an eBay app and yes, you should have it. The app allows you to sell and buy, but also incudes abuyer alert for your sought after items and a barcode scanner.

TRSM gets global accreditation


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has accredited Ryersons Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM). TRSM now ranks among the top business schools in the world according to the longest serving global accrediting body for business and accounting programs. Its like the university itself has earned a degree, said Ken Jones, dean of TRSM. Only five per cent of the worlds business schools have an AACSB accreditation. There are currently 633 member institutions in 40 countries, including 18 in Canada. The AACSBs 21 standards evaluate a schools mission, curriculum, student support, faculty qualifications, research and improvement objectives. Wendy Cukier, the associate dean of TRSM and incoming vicepresident of research and innovation, led the effort that ultimately impressed the AACSB review committee. It was a truly massive amount of work, said Cukier. Requests from the AACSB included copies of every research ar-

ticle published by 120 faculty members over the past five years, as well as a 200-page report detailing their resums. While TRSM was accredited, a high failure rate in key courses, a shortage of published research papers and a lack of PhDs in the classroom raised red flags.

Its quite startling how our students are able to beat Harvard and U of T at university business games. Ben Samms, decision support analyst for TRSM
TRSM has what students call killer courses. They had horrible pass rates, said Ben Samms, decision support analyst for TRSM. In 2005, some essential courses had a pass rate of only 50 per cent. With changes to course content, improved tutoring and peer study groups, all courses now have at least a 70 per cent pass rate without a reduction in classroom standards. But the doctorate deficit present-

ed a larger challenge. When we started the program, about 30 per cent of the faculty had PhDs. Now its close to 70 per cent. That was a huge transition, said Cukier. Many of the faculty from Ryersons polytechnic institute era received tenured positions when the school became an official university. Now, new hires tend to hold PhDs, and over 20 of the old guard have started doctorate programs. Weve made an incredible effort to pay people to do their PhDs, but it takes a while to turn this kind of progress around, said Samms. The comprehensive plan to improve TRSM didnt account for the considerable increase in student enrollment. All of the planning was based on the assumption that we would have the same number of students. Enrollment and faculty hiring dramatically increased throughout the application and review period, said Cukier. TRSM increased its annual firstyear enrollment by almost 600 students since 2002, when the application was filed. Its really a testament to how well founded our program is that

we were able to establish ourselves so quickly, said Shane Saunderson, president of the MBA Student Association. The AACSB accreditation increases TRSMs status and international recognition, but there is still a desire to stay true to Ryersons career-ready spirit. Cukier said, At many institutions, the reputation is ahead of the reality. I think at Ryerson we are progressing so quickly that our reputation has not yet caught up with where we are. Its quite startling how our students are able to beat Harvard and U of T at university business games, said Samms. To remain accredited, TRSM must undergo a review every five years. Any good organization should strive for continual growth and improvement. Having our process evaluated by an external body is a really good thing, said Jones.


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iPhone | Blackberry | Android If you own a smartphone and dont have Flixster, you need to be released from the rock youve been living under. Flixster is a movie app that allows you to see reviews, watch trailers and check movie times at different venues in your area. If youve seen a shitty movie lately, its likely because you dont have this app.

Feds invest $2 million in Ryerson internships


Ryerson University has received a $2 million investment from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). The investment will support graduate internships in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The investment, part of Canadas Economic Action Plan, was announced at the Digital Media

Zone (DMZ) on August 30. It comes on the heels of last falls $750,000 investment for undergraduate internships in the same areas. Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy said the investment will help place 150 interns in small to medium-sized businesses for sixmonth internships. Its a great investment not only for our university, but for Canada, said Levy. There will be 15 companies collaborating with Ryerson to help interns gain business experience

to compliment their scientific knowledge. Richmond Hill MP Costas Menegakis announced the investment on behalf of Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for FedDev Ontario. While Ryerson is known for excelling in the arts, Menegakis said it is also a university that deserves an investment in the areas of STEM. Ryerson is being recognized for its tremendous innovations in the DMZ, he said. We believe that Ryerson is on the leading edge.

Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy announced the $2 million investment at Ryersons Digital Media Zone on Aug. 30, 201 as part of Canadas Economic Action Plan. 1

September 7, 2011


The Eyeopener


Keep your RelationShip sailing smoothly

Q: My boyfriend spends all day playing video games online. How do I get him to pay attention to me again? -Call of Booty A: Dear Call of Booty, Youre as good as dead to him. Find a new guy. Q: My partner wants to try some new things in the bedroom that Im not too sure about. How do I let them know without hurting any feelings? -Clowns arent Sexy A: Dear Clowns, Communication is key in any successful relationship. Start an open discussion with your partner and tell them what you are and what you arent comfortable with. You might even surprise yourself.

Q: I just moved into Rez and I skype my gf back home all the time but Im worried that it isnt enough to keep the romance alive. What do I do? -Webcam Woes A: Dear Webcam, Youre as good as dead to her. Find a new girl.

Kevin had a beer Mike had a beer Jeff had a beer Paul (The Disgrace) had two beers

Find rewarding work with your students union!
Part-time jobs (10-15hrs/week) earn $11/hour

MystiKais Prophesy
Aries You will fall for a beautiful stranger, distracting you for long enough to have your laptop stolen. Leo You think your first week of classes is going okay, but your teachers can already tell youre a moron. Just a real dimwit. Sagittarius If youre living in Residence, youll be surprised at the diverse range of culinary styles the cafeteria can ruin for you forever.

Apply at the RSU Office by

Mon, Sept 19 @ 2pm

Student Centre, SCC311 Please bring your resume, cover letter & class schedule

Taurus You will be blessed with a successful love life. And Gonorrhea.

Virgo Do unto others isnt the best advice for you, considering the fucked up stuff youd like others to do unto you.

Capricorn BEEEEEEES!

Gemini When picking a major, you had no idea that nursing would involve so much bloodso much blood.

Libra The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is a lack of motivation. Well, that and your looks, intelligence and personality.

Aquarius A world of stress will be lifted from your shoulders when you remember that abortions are legal in Canada.

Jobs are available in the following areas:

Front Line Service Outreach Coordinator Equity Service Groups Campaigns Graphics/Media Communication

Cancer You will discover that drinking Rum with 10 per cent more alcohol than Captain Morgans means it takes 10 per cent fewer drinks to get alcohol poisoning.

Scorpio Your plan to make some money on the side will be crushed when you learn that the government made it illegal to sell sperm and eggs.

Pisces Mixed feelings will arise when you discover that there is a God, but he thinks youre the worst.

NOTE: You must be eligible for the work study to apply. http://www.ryerson.ca/currentstudents/nancialaid/jobsoncampus


For more info visit www.rsuonline.ca

SCC311, 55 Gould St. Toronto, ON M5B 1E9


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September 7, 2011

(Not So)

Corgi of the week
Back to school corgi says, Get on the bus!

September 7, 2011

The Eyeopener


ree f student
What do you get with our Student Life Plan? 20 free transactions per month
(Transactions above your package limit will remain fee liable.)

2 free non-Alterna Savings Interac withdrawals

(For Interac withdrawals, only the fee normally charged by Alterna Savings is waived. Surcharges by other financial institutions will still apply.)

Choice of monthly, quarterly or annual Statements Visit us in branch by Friday, September 30, 2011 and enter for your chance to win a $500 Investment Savings Account! Were located in the Credit Union Lounge 350 Victoria Street Podium Rm POD 158
416.252.5621 | alterna.ca

24 The Eyeopener

September 7, 2011

Welcome back!


Looking for excitement? Youve come to the right place

To our returning students, its great to have you back. Your talent and imagination always inspire. If youre joining Ryerson for the first time (for example, in the new BA program in English), welcome! Were proud to have you on campus for what I know will be an exciting year. At Ryerson, change is in the air. Our award-winning professors continue to bring new and innovative teaching methods into classrooms, labs and studios to enhance your learning experience and expand your boundaries. On Gould Street, the community gardens and farmers market provide the perfect environment to reenergize and relax. Or, if sports are your passion, unwind by cheering on the Ryerson Rams. They have a new, bold logo and will soon have a new, impressive home: the Ryerson University Sports and Recreation Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens. On Yonge Street, anticipation is growing for the Student Learning Centre (SLC). When completed, the SLC will be a stunning, glass building that will feature a unique space on each floor what a spectacular space to study, collaborate and discover. In the Digital Media Zone (DMZ), students are driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Since opening in 2010, the DMZ has incubated and accelerated 29 startup companies. In the Hub, one of our favourite eateries Salad King is setting up shop. Watch for their new kiosk to open this month. The year ahead is full of opportunity, all made possible by our amazing students, faculty and staff. You make Ryerson the place to be.

Sheldon Levy, President