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July 2011



Ruth Isabel Guerra

http://wildthefilm.tumblr.com ruthisabelg@gmail.com 678-588-0939 (cell)


We find ourselves looking up at giant trees that loom high above. We are unaware of the location or time, only that we are in the midst of a forest. The place gives off a sense that feels nonthreatening but calming.

A gentle breeze passes by, making the leaves and branches sway ever so lightly. Suddenly, the view begins to spin slowly and lowers to reveal A GIRL in a white dress. She’s standing straight, feet together, arms beside her. Her body makes no movement.

NARRATOR Once upon a time, there was a girl

CLOSE on her face. Her expression is serene. The wind blows through her long, wavy locks. She stares intently at us, then turns around and runs off in the distance.



NARRATOR (CONT’D) lived in a very special

We follow her venture through the dense woods. It appears that she is exploring, looking curiously behind the greenery. She seems at ease with her surroundings.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) It was a place where all things were still and quiet and beautiful, and nothing from the outside could disturb its serenity.

She brushes her hand against the ridges on the trees and constantly gazes up at the blue sky.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) Because the place was protected by the vast heaven above and wooly walls around. And the girl lived absolutely alone but she was always in complete bliss.

Slowly, PEOPLE WITH ANIMAL MASKS begin to emerge from behind her. We notice A BLACK CAT and A CHIMP first.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) Until one day, creatures began to emerge from their hiding places.




Cat stands with one arm crossed and the other hanging low, with her claws lashing out. Chimp crouches down next to her and gives off A HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. Girl simply stands there, unsure of how to react.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) They were very scary creatures, ones that taunted her and growled each time she passed by.

A CHEETAH begins to come out from another direction. Its demeanor is similarly threatening.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) Ones that controlled her every move and would crouch down low on the ground, ready to attack at any moment.

Then, A TIGER and A LION appear nearby. They stand rigidly next to each other, tall and authoritative.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) Then there were ones that dictated to her right from wrong and followed her with watchful eyes, never allowing her to venture off on her own.

Finally, cautiously and meekly, A RAT crawls out from a far end of the forest. It approaches Girl, protectively, but with one look at her and the others, it turns to stand with the rest of the creatures.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) And then there were others, the scariest of them all, that pretended to be kind and good-hearted but would lay down with the rest of them at night.

All the creatures begin to surround her. By this point, Girl’s heat is pounding against her chest. She begins to sweat. The light that illuminates the forest starts to dim. We can tell that a dark force is beginning to engulf the area.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) And one-by-one these creatures prowled the land and no longer was the girl alone, no longer was it the special place she had once knew. And in time it grew very (MORE)




NARRATOR (CONT’D) (cont’d) dark, and she became very, very frightened.

Girl suddenly takes off running away from the creatures.

POV - A shaky perspective on her journey through the woods. We see only her distressed face and the world she once knew whizzing past her.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) So she ran. She had no final destination in mind, only that her feet would not allow her to stop.

She continues to run forward, occasionally checking for the creatures behind her but never stopping.

After a little while longer, she begins to slow down. She gulps for air. Then, her body slowly collapses to the ground.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) But soon she became very tired so she laid on the soft ground, only to take a break, she had told herself.

She lies on the grass, both hands fashioned together under her head. Her stained dress hangs drearily on her limp body.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) But she could not fight her eyelids for much longer and eventually she lost consciousness.

Her eyes POV - Her vision flutters, eventually closing tight.


NARRATOR (CONT’D) And then suddenly

Her eyes shoot wide open. She rises to her feet very abruptly.



Girl takes a panoramic view at her surroundings. The same creatures as before, lurking from the bushes, were slowly approaching her.




NARRATOR (CONT’D) To the sounds of menacing growls all around her. The creatures, their faces as grimacing as ever, had caught up.

They circle Girl once again until they have enclosed her almost completely.

POV - She shifts her gaze all around, trying to find a way out. There are none. She starts to panic.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) She was certain she could not escape, and so she became prepared to surrender, to become one of them.

Suddenly, she catches sight of a dim glow floating behind one of the creatures. She stares at it for a little while, almost forgetting her imminent danger.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) But as she looked on ahead, as she looked towards the darkest part of her world, she saw a light. It was dim and hard to notice at first but it was there and she could not let go of it.

Girl then jars back into reality. She switches her sight between the light and the creatures, deep in thought.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) And right then she knew she had a choice: to break away towards the light or to remain in place and become a captive. And so she took a risk.

She runs forward towards the light, right in the between the creatures. Gaining immense momentum, she continues to follow the light, never letting her eyes off of it.

Finally, the light moves in towards a clearing. It brightens a single spot in the field, revealing the intertwined vines and flowers that clutter it.

Girl lingers at the opening of the clearing, apprehensive to go in.




NARRATOR (CONT’D) She followed the light, to the depths of the land, until she came upon an opening. It was an area she had never been before. She was hesitant to venture in, into the great unknown, into the darkness of uncertainty

CLOSE on the anxious expression on her face.

We hear WILD ANIMAL NOISES somewhere off in the distance.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) But behind her she could hear the creatures catching up.

CLOSE on her arm dangling at her side.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) She could feel their warm breaths on her arms.

CLOSE on her neck.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) Feel their eyes burning on her neck.

Girl, eyes drawn to nothing but the light, walks ahead.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) And so without turning back, she went forward.

She comes close to it, kneeling directly in front of it. She cups her hands below and pulls out something that is not visible to us. Whatever it may be, it cascades a glow on her face, her arms, her body. It illuminates the hint of a smile that spreads on her face.

NARRATOR (CONT’D) And no longer was she frightened. Because there



NARRATOR (CONT’D) found hope.