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29 September 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the BSP Review Newsletter! The purpose
of the newsletter is to keep you fully informed on the:
• Progress of the review
• Outcome of the consultation events and
• Give you the opportunity to comment on the emerging
arrangements for the new-look Blackpool Strategic Partnership.

Consultation Events Principles of Representation

To date there have been four Whatever the final outlook, we have
Consultation Events giving us adopted the Principles of
the opportunity to engage with Representation which will under-pin
over 100 people from across our relationships with all sectors.
all sectors. The events have These are:
been held at four venues Accountability – clearly defined
during the day and evening responsibilities for all decisions and
giving everyone an opportunity actions.
to participate. These have Equality – place equality, diversity and Top Picture:
been very positive events with inclusiveness at the core of what we Alan Cavill setting the BSP scene.
a real sense of openness and do. Bottom Picture:
commitment to improving the Leadership – the sector’s Fred Barnes helping the group get their
future outlook of the Blackpool representatives will need to think and thoughts onto paper!
Strategic Partnership. The act strategically.
events have focussed on the Openness – be as open as possible in Looking Out
new structure, terms of all your dealings and relationships.
reference and governance Purpose – be clear about the local In order to ensure this review is:
arrangements. A shared sector’s objectives and support them • Thorough & Transparent
vision has emerged across all with a strong evidence base. • Open & Inclusive
stakeholders about the future Sustainability – ensuring the • Robust
look of the BSP and this will continuation of the collective voice. • Successful
form a sound basis for Values – identify and build on the We have taken a very outward
developing the new structure. values of the local sectors looking approach, this has meant
liaising with other Local Strategic
What’s Next? Partnerships nationally in order to
learn from their successes and
The consultation period runs for 12 weeks from 3rd September 2008. At challenges. In order to do this we
the conclusion there will be a number of different options circulated for have consulted with the following
consideration. This will take place in late December, upon receipt of Local Strategic Partnerships:
feedback on those options a final decision will be taken on the way • Wigan
forward. All decisions on the future outlook of the BSP will be taken by • Hartlepool
the key stakeholders engaged with the partnership and will include • York
representatives from across all sectors. • Salford
And in addition we are working
closely with GONW in order to
Further information can be obtained from:
ensure the new arrangements meet
Amanda Bennett, Partnerships Officer on (01253)
the needs of everyone.
477032 or email amanda.bennett@blackpool.gov.uk

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