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? "Well, its their fault for bringing their kids into a battle. ~that's right~

dan bull--hell yes--samson option--globemaster 3-lust brigade
so star struck still . . . messaging with douglby you shouldnt go wrecking websites like that louise boat! hell yes! BECK

globemaster three re: lockheed martin nyan cat! i was first listening to dan bull in 2009 somehow my fervent adulation yielded some back and forth messaging via youtube. wikileaks, lilly allen, pirate bay, generation gaming. OMG dan bull rules. it feels eerie after the london riots. at which point the people put down the video games . . .

love dan bull we were messaging 5 april 2011 collateral murder day re the pirat gene and checking the scene on the pirates in sweden. so i wrote him about the wikileaks scene this july UK. i just realized he wrote me back. i was thinking it would be fun to skype interview videoblog since i'm far away now. his wikileaks rap last autumn was so keen.

also feeding him ideas about bradley manning and david house laptop theft.

could we get a bradley manning rap from dan bull? for bradley manning music. . . . it felt like a funny prank to play, to start bradleymanninmusic on youtube. like, bradley, if you ever get out of prison, i want you to know you have music in your name. and well, dan bull is super dope, rapping on violence in this new release which hit right before the riots.

also, guest speaking for a 23 september bradley manning event in nashville tennessee via skype unless someone wants to buy me a ticket back to hell. the f-ing police in NASHVEGAS wouldnt ever leave me alone. i smacked punk rock vegan lesbian terrorist etc and was constantly surveilled and incarcerated GOD LOVE

THEM good old fashioned american racist hicks who torture bradley manning and have such a great big runway in IRAQ now. this interview secretly bugged. the dude has a friend who is a contractor in IRAQ. so he's afraid he'll get fired. i do not know his name. kissinger and saudia arabia. this guy was far more interesting and informative than slavoj jijek!

re: the airport the israel destroy plan bush senior weapons for israel samson option i must note israel shamir is a very clever writer if a holocaust denier barrett brown was like no dog and i'm like yes way, read it. its semantic. i got this fun query regarding a projected interview for a cool blog called???? i forgot http://www.lustbrigade.blogspot.com/
From: Adam McIlwee To: mary eng Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2011 6:37 AM Subject: Interview

Hey Mary, Crazy week! Want to get started? I'll only send a few for now, but I'll have more later if that's alright. Feel free to ignore any of these questions if you

don't think they're important. 1. Do you have any idea who shut down your labor law blog? Have you heard anything since you posted about it the other day? 2. Have you written Google about it? They probably wouldn't do anything to explain it, right? 3. Where do you want people to pay attention? You seemed surprised that I had heard of agoraphobic fashion before any of your other blogs. Is braingarbage where you're most active? 4. Who is David House? What happened to him? 5. What do you want to say about monetary theory? Is it completely fucked? 6. When did you start getting involved with/blogging about wikileaks? I feel like I'm just scratching the surface. Let's start with those and we'll figure it out from there. completely in love with the marxist anonymous i met yesterday nothing better than nerdy political boys hooray! we talked a lot of sweden i gave him a quick wikileaks update and we talked about the LOndon Riots coming to america . . . bank of america protests in missouri and maine. it was the first awesome conversation i've had since seeing david house in july i explained the swedish weapons industry creating the trevlig loveliness of the sweden facade and why they hate assange and human traffick chinese kids thru to europe he wants to live somewhere with health care he was talking about swedish punk music and the dark side of sweden thinking tons about claes borgstrom explaining the olaf palme murder to the press. he is the official explainer of the official story

for the public thinking tons of anna lindh and olaf palme the fires in portland make me very homesick for the nordic air in sweden or iceland maybe i can get a job with wikileaks in iceland and by job i mean :drink tea and read wikileaks and law and blog and interview and blah-blah-blah talk. should i submit a digital resume to kristinn hrafnsson???? he smiled at me. he was basically too gorgeous to speak to. so i guess i shouldnt start off on the wrong foot objectifying him for his beauty. um as i laugh at how funny it was i included the term "polyamoury" into my early analysis for finers stephens innocent. as in conservative america, the fact that assange slept with more than one woman in sweden is itself a moral outrage and deeply interesting to the repressed voyeurism. maybe, they could lighten up. is anyone sex positive outside portland/seattle. or non-monogamous doxic? i dont think bliss can occur in systems of economic inequality and power dynamics of master and slave which is why women must attain full civic and economic equality in the USA god love him david house is gorgeous, but i dont want

to be accused by the FBI of raping him, or stealing his laptop. for sure. deary me. and the cryptography of brevik's plans to smash europe we need to smash racism first. i was so appalled at the swastika posters in norway how creepy on at which point assange is walking around with this big SCARLETT LETTER sewn on his bullet proof vest. except i'm not sure what the scarlett letters say: GITMO FILES WIKILEAKS TORTURE COLLATERAL MURDER he has taken on karma so vast love is vast

my friend writes:
I know certain "highly evolved" souls sometimes take birth just to experience tremendous physical/ mental/emotional suffering and give to others, getting nothing but condemnation and sorrow from the world Yet I never aspired to become a martyr - I'm not even famous enough to do that! This life is just a waste, now. But what does it all mean? I've often felt I am just living for other people, to give to them, and that soon I'll be able to return to my own, original world: I absolutely, definitely knew I didn't "fit in," here. I kind of just want to quietly go now. But I wanted someone like you to know my story before it's over. And we must be reaching the end now...

so, note to self: write article polyamoury and wikileaks: love of self and other vikram singh said my high humanitarian drive was related to my loving nature and that this problem with human rights activists having sex in sweden

might be assessed as a part of why life is so beautiful that lust for life is not a bad thing that beauty freedom and autonomy are a part of wanting a better world i want vikram singh, grandson of chandran singh, prime minister of india, to rush his book aout and go on tour and speak. i know he can mobilize the satyagraha. his mother is jain, and chandran was an important theorist of his day and a gandhian. so then, i wrote vik tonight, i want to spend the rest of my life with you, and i need your support for wikileaks and the arab spring. the trouble with my formerly high interest in romance is that i feel i have no time for it, and i am not attracted to people who are unaware or numbing also some larger biological need to protect the children of the world seems far more important than dating and so this wikileaks fever is eating me like jesus fever kurt vile
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jenny koos on braingarbage

"I have to admit I'm not interested enough in Babylon and the Bilderberg group to understand one thing you write or say on your blog, but I still appreciate your nerdiness."

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wikileaks mafia hit list: blogger sweatshop factory fire
RIP laborlawfornonlawyers killed by google blogger censors

so who forced a deletion on my labor law blog? team anti-wikileaks? scientology? wallenberg? bank of america? grassroots campaigns? telefund inc aclu amnesty international (re: unethical labor for nonprofit industries) starbucks? ikea? real raw live life food organic

country resturant zakarian in NYC yarn garden sipperie there are more people, individuals who may have forced this. it reminds me of my economics teacher explaining he was unable to grade my paper. not only had i tried to destroy monetary theory, but i think i shattered his faith in all heirarchies including grade systems. so then, he was lost. google claims it thought it was spam. yeah right. an auto spam detector that just happens to censor blog about the feminization of poverty, human trafficking, and wikileaks? assange said so in IQ.org but its fun and easy to use blogger. funny to experience worse case scenarios. now in the blog i blog about demonetized intellectual bloggers who maybe support wikileaks or anonymous, and work very hard for no pay. so maybe its the karl rove DDOS trolls who deleted it. its wild, bc i had the most inspiring talk with a brilliant "grassroots campaigns" organizer so fully aware GC own telefund, inc. who i ruthlessly critiqued in said labor law blog for promoting food stamps and ramen noodles for their zero-health care low wage amnesty international and ACLU fundraisers. i even wrote about my old prof suing vanderbilt. idit dobbs weinstein v. vanderbilt, for

discriminatory staffing policy. maybe vanderbilt ripped it. indeed i was ref-ing this last night re: hyperawareness regarding @lockean's reliance on ACLU who source unfair labor contracting. lockean knows. so would ACLU force a censor on my blog? or scientology? or starbucks? who is smart enough to write google and explain a take down? wikileaks? in a way i feel insulted no one's taken down braingarbage yet. or "creepylandlord." or all 1000 youtubes and 1000 bambusers of prosaically subversive propaganda. now truly, i could have my fingers smashed off like bloggers in russia. or be killed for one tiny youtube video like theo van gogh. in fact, that's why i push the limits of control. if i'm not dead by 40, i am failing to fight corruption to the max.
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google censors my labor law expose blog

Google Blogger Censorship Labor Law Blog by Mary Eng

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the murder of anna lindh on the way to brita sundberg-weitman

feminist nation assasination culture homicide links to thomas bodstrom blaming anna lindh for the deportation of egyptian nationals for torture for the CIA in 2001 thomas bodstrom, refugee of the 2010 stockholm cables, and CIA "employee" partner of claes borgstrom who is after assange an incomplete picture march 7 2011 assange defense re: wikileaks
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stockholm bibliotek at radmansgatan: sans soufles

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speed reading human rights

amnesty international 2010 report at riksdag library arab spring 2011
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the splendour of the swedish war state

the wealth of the war state in the family wallenberg of saab, ercisson, astrazeneca under the swedish presidential consultant karl rove, for fredrik reinfeldt gives advantage to swedish weapons industry versus julian assange and historical armaments industries spawning from the rich ore under the snow for human massacres at gamla stan
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guantanamo hiroshima min elskede bradley manning

moderna museet stockholm
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sydney's finest guitarist nick maybury with the gorgeous bowery beasts: i dont want no other love
some old school soul healing need be via nick maybury guitar

any day of the week

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kevin zeese non plus ultra

FBI Ohio 2004 Investigation-Zeese

kevin zeese is the coolest we have from fighting the torture lawyers to operation want re: sweden war industry after assange to the FBI murdoch NYC office seal to calling out the glenn greenwald stalkers at the FBI to this election thievery for velvet revolution http://www.velvetrevolution.us/newVR/
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police state bank of america swat team v. missourians

missourians organizing for reform and empowerment
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bank of america missouri

the music of his voice! america!
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bank of america maine flash mob

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wikileak knowledge network

wikileak color therapy upon a dumpster dived new york times proclaiming its "knowledge network" an idea to make outdoor installation art guerrilla displays or such.
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green day--holiday
the representative from california has the floor one day in los angeles i sort of walked past a green day concert without caring. i vaguely knew they were antiwar vegan punk
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the oregonian free bradley manning strategy and pirate talk

so the oregonian boxes have this perfect ad slot for adaptation with a piece of useless ap ading with a wonderful white cardbord backside which can be easily adapted for taggers. in the stockholm train system my friends would take the ARMY adverts and write on the back "ingen reklam for krig, tak!" "no advertisement for war, thanks" now the west coast can't have independent media because of too many boeing plants and raytheon exon BAC from LA to seattle. so instead the paper reports on countryside family reunions and such. i called the damn oregonian to see if they wanted some coverage of the london scene especially regarding julian assange. the woman on the line dismissively, said no, they prefer the canned news of the wire service. and of course they are under budget as well. and scaring off people like me with lack of actual news. my father was such a newspaper snob having grown up on the washington post and in london. so he was constantly bemoaning the decline of the written word in hillybilly illiterate south. the usa today was the epitome of everything embarrassing about USA, so thank god we have wikileaks. these horrible local papers make the new york times or---drool--the guardian seem like a luxury, in the information deprived backwater USA. but now, things are different. and we know about the guardian's gag orders and tomfoolery with passwords at the senior center bingo game known as wikileaks.

leave it to david leigh to be a gagged exhibitionist. and then the new york times okays its droplets of truth and blood diamonds through the state department, so the Brown liberals don't get too much information. so that's nice, after everything they did to make the war happen back in the judith miller days. and patrick fitzgerald is chasing down activists like a good mafioso. and then it might be astonishing to think of the perilous forest fires in oregon and california every blimey september. and then the fire control is slashed for the budget concern, bc the idiot potheads in california are too stoned to notice, that all the money is busy making a little war in libya, one way or the other with a little CIA set-up. so who cares if america burns? really. and the smoke might just depress one, if not the collateral murder. @lockean david house cites the ancient baggage code on justia, by which the laptop thieves assert he was at fault for not giving them a password.

19 C.F.R. 148.21 Opening of baggage, compartments, or vehicles.

Title 19 - Customs Duties


Title 19: Customs Duties PART 148PERSONAL DECLARATIONS AND EXEMPTIONS Subpart CExamination of Baggage and Collection of Duties and Taxes Browse Next
148.21 Opening of baggage, compartments, or vehicles.

A Customs officer has the right to open and examine all baggage, compartments and vehicles brought into the United States under Sections 461, 462, 496 and 582, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1461, 1462, 1496, and 1582) and 19 U.S.C. 482. To the extent practical, the owner or his agent shall be asked to open the baggage, compartment or vehicle first. If the owner or his agent is unavailable or refuses to open the baggage, compartment, or vehicle, it shall be opened by the Customs officer. If any article subject to duty, or any prohibited article is found upon opening by the Customs officer, the whole contents and the baggage or vehicle shall be subject to forfeiture, pursuant to 19 U.S.C. 1462. [T.D. 9586, 60 FR 54188, Oct. 20, 1995] why don't they just hire lockean to explain the internet to them????????? and then we can write better search and seizure specs for the "internet age." there is some tomfoolery here with this lack of proper warrant and reason to believe someone is committing a crime, or an ill-fangled "cybercrime" in this criminal wild westery of facebook shenanigans. i mention via twitter, that justia, was started by findlaw, who had to sue the idiotic state of oregon which was maliciously trying to keep its oregon revised statutes in a paper library and off the real internet. via copyright. findlaw, wryly and painfully explained: "Oh, Oregon!"

as if we were a bunch of stoned hippies and illiterate crystal meth heads with brutal murderous racist killer cops.

SUING THE STUPID anti-internet STATE OF OREGON who can't put out a wildfire thanks to no budget and everything is foreign policy for the SUV apocalypse. as then how can we follow your convoluted geriatric contradictory laws when we can't even find them without access to your secret library full of paper books? so thanks justia and findlaw, for putting the law in the hands of the people, who are getting their laptops stolen by the fictitious former government of the USA. we, the people, do now declare an end to such tyranny. the alternating sanctification and abrogation of the constitution has rendered this government, so abhorrently convoluted as to make it now NULL and VOID. i both pity and envy house, that he is made a celebrity through state harassment, but that he feels he must troll through the mud of their corruption so as to expose their criminality. it is heroic, and tragic. this government cannot be denounced in terms we have heretofore known. the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of such invasive search and seizure should not frame the debate. sociologically, we the people, and we the internet, have internationalized, to such an extent, that our perceptions will always be international or supranational. so then, it may be shown, that the

nation state itself is nearly dead under the dagger, that is wikileaks and all its fractals.

Lockean Danger House State is defined as "Organization with a monopoly on violence in an area". Unrelated, check out the ICE Wikipedia page:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Immi
6 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply

Lockean Danger House (2) How many ICE agents are in the States, period? Wikipedia claims 8500; return from ICE implied at least ~7000. Anyone have an FOIA'd src?
6 Sep

Lockean Danger House (1) How many ICE computer forensics agents exist in the states? ICE claimed 220 agents to ACLU; no other sources. Can't find confirm.
6 Sep

Lockean Danger House Writing riposte for next round in suit re DHS seizure. Want to help weaken border search authority? Let's find answers to these questions:

and regarding pirat party i am not sure if they were stooges or what but in 2009 i was engaged with a gob of these USA pirate types. they were pro-war and misogynist. they got twitter to delete my twitter account @piratepartycali on grounds of proprietary authoritarian control of the pirate idea. pro-trademark pirate twitter fascists? hello marketing idiots! or moles! what irony! their color scheme for the website was depressingly red white and blue. the pro war thing got me the most. it was an army dude obsessed with internet copyright p2p and

homeland security. as with most or any political organizing, it was fraught with egomaniacs and agenda. america is too fraught for pirate talk. too homeless. too unemployed. too high.

it occurs to me why all the people think they can't afford wikileaks is how in debt they are for their student loans and houses and cars and medical bills. so perfectly good yuppies are slaves to debt forever, and slaves to this pathetic IM poster scrambled war crimes government my law school grad brother in law sliced off a piece of 200, 000 debt. but he wrote a genius paper on whistleblowers.

could bradley manning himself have commissioned such an awesome document so relevant to his generation? for 200K? incentivizing disclosure!!!!!! thank you wikileaks! and we need the war crimes whistleblowers out of the prisons. the war government is falling. watch them fall. i assured my BART-riding sister we will march like the hunger striking students of CHILE and we will topple this fictitious financial crisis. take the banks and this fictitious debt culture with its renewed interest in the debtors prison. and they especially now, the overeducated indebted underemployed are tighter than ever. tightening up against the impending sense of doom. so now, how can we crack this, and get the minor

petty cash flowing for a really good march on wall street and march to DC?? a really good letter campaign for bradley manning? how can we get the scared liberal yuppies to fund more democracy and not all this fake liberal greenwashed republicanism. the big SUV fueled by collateral murder oil, should be going somewhere really important. an escalade, full of wikileaks, on a street in bagdad, hot chip. rescue children. wikileaks loves the children. the children of collateral murder.

my favorite part of the pirate ethos is regarding pharmaceutical development, and health care. as the patenting of medication keeps people dying for years until the medicine becomes affordable. people dying of malaria. people denied basic health. that is where swedish weapons/banking firm's CNN advertiser seroquel pushers astrazeneca subsidary really has a grip on wikileaks. and then the pirate bay cables. OMG. we already knew this.


Danger House

@LozKaye Pirate Party is good but is nearly single-issue; does not address many problems in the social arena. Or am I mistaken? plus the swedish pirat party has a lot to take for

granted in the way of health care, full upper level educational rights, and the end to poverty as an accepted social norm. the blank slate upon which you build an informatics society. america on the other hand, with its crippled infrastructure, raging homelessness, and decayed school system, has not the foundation for a party as such. we are more into the public sadism of the hooverville decay. the extreme homelessness as performative USA counterpart of our abu ghraib ethics system. the symbolic crucifixitions rage on http://recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com/2005/ 10/oregon-riaa-victim-fights-back-sues.html
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free topiary
i never met topiary, but when a tech-illiterate government locks up children for computer skills . . . what kind of message does that send to kids: say NO . . . to computers. and yeah, say yes to what. drugs? collateral murder? unemployment? chemical lobotomy? racist wars?
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braingarbage at the white house

raising a shoe to the Vietnam Killers in washington DC getting ready for reaganomics where are the handcuffs? the spray of bullets? the glass in my eyeballs like the collateral murder baby girl? war crimes war crimes war crimes
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braingarbage ponders the sexist draft board
at the bookstore looked at the guardian's david leigh book. note page 135 of the english printing has the wikileaks cable password. for the first time, ponder its merits, the glossary of characters. the point from birgitta jonsdottir about sexism, the story about assange calling jenniffer robinson pretty, which she most certainly is. similarly one might call mark stephens dapper! the splash of wikileaks cables in actual print. i was pondering my article "feminist for feminisnt: for the lesbians of wikileaks." standing in line at the rural post office to get my stamps for letters and postcards to bradley manning, i notice huge selective service fliers saying "MEN blahblahblah register with the selective service." and it occurs to me this is completely sexist!!!!!

people like David House had to sign up for this sexist propaganda delivery system in order to apply for federal student aid. i take all the fliers. all of them. i feel protective. i am bookended by men. i am so assaulted by the heteronormative advertisement of it. the intimidation. the financial coersion. the sexism. the complete marginalization of homosexuals and hermaphrodites. why would a gay man be subject to this coercive selective service nonsense, when his very existence in the military is a crime under "don't ask don't tell." sign up to be a second class citizen. and women, you can join the military, hope you don't mind the fact that one in three of you will be raped. WIKILEAKS. we need a wikileaks for US military rape. i had just posted a wikileaks flier on the post office greeting cards booth. i shred the selective service flyers outside the door and left them under the plaque dedicated to george bush. women don't have to let men be pushed around by fictitious homicidal governments who collateral murder kids in iraq. i asked david house to really get behind equality for women in america and be sure not to get involved the sexism of the wrong kind of wikileaks supporters. i want him to know this ridiculous sexism of the selective service must be abolished. the male/ female hetero binary too bothers me? what about transgendered, hermaphrodites. european military service creeps me out too,

i debated doing my fake new jersey loud voice and start talking at the top of my lungs about Vietnam or bradley manning. oregonians don't talk. they are completely shy like swedes. the silence is deafening. i imagine saying "My grandma wrote the Draft Board that she would personally shoot the feet off all four of her sons before she'd let them go to Vietnam" that's what kind of strong women we have in my family. she was known as the "scourge of portland." as an enemy of military rape and the high rate of officer upon officer rape in the US military . . . please consider this immediately untenable

Selective Service System Online Registration PLEASE NOTE: A valid Social Security Number is required for online registration. If you do not have a social security number, you must register at any U.S. Post office by filling out a card, signing and mailing it. If you're a male U.S. citizen, age 18 through 25, and are living INSIDE the United States or its territories, or if you have an APO/FPO address, you can register with Selective Service by filling out the form below and clicking on "Submit Registration." If you're a male U.S. citizen, age 18 through 25, and are living OUTSIDE the United States, you can register with Selective Service by clicking here. If you are an immigrant male (documented or undocumented) living in the United States, age 18 through 25, you are required to register. You may submit your registration to the Selective Service by filling out the form below and clicking on "Submit

Registration." Non-immigrant males living in the United States on a valid visa are NOT required to register. If you are unable to register online, or you receive an error message, you will be directed to a registration form which you may print out, complete, sign, and mail to the Selective Service System. EARLY SUBMISSION OF INFORMATION: Now, if you are a man who is at least 17 years and 3 months old, you may complete this form to submit your registration information. The information will be held on file and processed automatically when you are within 30 days of your 18th birthday, at which time we will mail confirmation to you. mary rose lenore eng ponder getting the support kit packet from http:// www.bradleymanning.org/ and making signs to go do an old fashioned protest downtown also ponder going to DC october 6 or moving to a place with clean air like iceland or sweden. clean air makes you feel high all the time. that is my favorite thing about sweden: clean air. even when i met david house, i immediately felt sorry for him that such a bright young person has to live in a land of so much smog and pollution. the air in oregon is so much better than los angeles, but truly so smoggy compared to the crisp air of the north. i miss the air so much. ponder whether or not it is better to be an official student in the USA or a homeless vagabond refugee blogger in sweden.

haiti, sorry about the pedophile rapists from the united nations http://www.sss.gov/default.htm
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the murder of anna lindh
so bodstrom, borgstrom . . . now you want julian assange
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How much information can the world store, communicate, and compute? @overviewproject USC annenberg
How much information can the world store, communicate, and compute? from SCVideos onVimeo.

overview project


The Overview project is an open-source large document and data set visualization tool, designed for investigative reporters and other curious people.

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