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Case Analysis Note: Assignment Questions Session# 4 Assignment Questions Gillette Indonesia 1.

What factors determine the demand for blades? How can demand be increased? 2. How is Gillette doing in Indonesia? Has Gillette leveraged its first mover advantage? 3. How should Gillette accelerate the development of blade market in Indonesia? 5 Vanraj Mini Tractors 1. Calculate the breakeven sales for Vanraj Min-Tractors? 2. Evaluate the attractiveness of different market segments for Vanraj? 3. Which market segment would you target? Why?


Suzuki Samurai 1. What factors should influence the positioning of Samurai? 2. What are the pros and cons of positioning the Samurai as sport utility vehicle, compact pickup truck, and /or sub compact car? 3. What positioning strategy would you recommend? Why?


Biocon 1. How has Biocons positioning and strategy evolved over the years? What role does BIOMAb play in Biocons overall strategy? How big is the current and future market opportunity for BIOMAb? 2. Who is the buyer for BIOMAb? What is the decision making unit in this case? What are the benefits that the each member of the decision making unit seeks from BIOMAb? 3. Assuming Biocon receives approval for BIOMAb should it launch the drug immediately or conduct phase 3 trials before the launch? Develop a detailed launch plan for BIOMAb? Provide your rationale for the product portfolio, pricing channel and communication decisions.


UNICEF 1. What is UNICEF? How is it unique? 2. Why is UNICEF rebranding? 3. Evaluate the revised brand essence and brand toolkit? 4. What should Newman-Williams do next?

Session# Assignment Questions 12 Matrix Footwear

1. Should Matrix foray into youth market / fashion accessories market?

2. What are the factors you should consider while making product / market decisions? 3. How does product policy impact the value proposition of Matrix store ? 4. How can Matrix diversify into unrelated areas like fashion accessories without repeating the mistakes of the past? 14 & 15 Mountain Dew: Selecting a New Creative 1. What are the decision filters used by brand managers to evaluate brand communications? 2. Which according to you are the three advertisements to be produced? Evaluate each of the five options using the decision filters and list the positives and negatives of each ad? 17 Atlantic Computers 1. What price should Jowers charge Daytraderjournal.com do the Atlantic Bundle (i.e., Tronn Servers +PESA software tool)? Calculate the prices for alternative pricing strategies. (Note from the Planning the Strategy section in the case that Jowers make a conservative estimate that two Tronn servers plays PESA equals the performance of four Ontario Zink servers.) 2. Anticipate the reactions to your recommendation and formulate plans to address them, for the following individuals/groups: (a) Matzer (b) Cadena & salesforce (c) Sr. Management at Atlantic (d) Customers (e) competition (Ontario Zinks Sr. Management) 3. Compare the topline revenue implications of alternative pricing strategies to the firm over the next three years? 18&19 SaleSoft 1. What is your plan? Do you plan to continue with PROCEED or will you introduce the TH product? Provide support for your plan. 2. What is the buying cycle for PROCEED? Who are the people involved in the purchase of a CSAS solution? What is the role of consultants? 3. What is SaleSoft current approach to selling PROCEED? 4. Quantify the benefits of CSAS to a customer using the information given in Exhibit 7? 5. What value does TH provide a customer? How is this different from the customer value delivered from PROCEED?

Session# 20 &21

Assignment Questions Unilever in India: Hindustan Levers Project Shakti 1. How is HUL placed in the Indian Consumer market?

2. What was the motivation for the Shakti initiative? Was it a CSR initiative?
3. How will Project Shakti influence distribution in rural markets? 4. If Shakti cannot become profitable, should HUL continue the program? Why? 22 Barista Coffee Company Ltd. 1. What is Barista positioned in the market? 2. Should Barista adopt the franchising strategy? 3. Should Barista go for price reduction of its product line or should it continue with its premium pricing strategy? 4. Should company adopt differential pricing strategy or retain the same across all towns? 5. Should Barista contribute with the current product mix strategy or should it offer wider assortment of food/snack items alomg with its core offerings of coffee? 6. Recommend a growth strategy and formulate 2006-2007 marketing plan for Barista Coffee Company Ltd.