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Fourth Sunday of Lent

March 2, 2008
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
— Psalm 23:1

University Catholic Center

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead READINGS FOR THE WEEK 

1 hour on March 8! This will begin  

Spring Break as well. Mass times will Mon: Is 65:17-21; Jn 4:43-54

change. Only two masses will be held Tues: Ez 47:1-9, 12; Jn 5:1-16
on March 9: Wed: Is 49:8-15; Jn 5:17-30
Thurs: Ex 32:7-14; Jn 5:31-47
10:30 am and 8:00 pm Fri: Wis 2:1a, 12-22; Jn 7:1-2, 10, 25-30
only Sunday, March 9!
Sat: Jer 11:18-20; Jn 7:40-53
UCC will be closed March 10 through March 14 Sun: Ez 37:12-14; Ps 130; Rom 8:8-11;
No Daily Mass Jn 11:1-45

Triduum Sign ups BLACK BAG TODAY

Many people are needed to help make our Triduum Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a worldwide lay or-
services - Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the ganization of Christian men and women, young and
Easter Vigil - prayerful and meaningful. Please old of every race and color, numbering 875,000, oper-
consider helping out as Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of ates stores in the Diocese of Austin, which sell used clothing,
Holy Communion, or other areas needing help. Sign-up sheets furniture and appliances donated by individuals. Proceeds from
are next to the large cross in the atrium. Thank you! the stores, along with some donated materials, are used to as-
sist families in financial crises. www.ssvdp.org
Be a part of UCC history! Help us capture
the rich history of the UCC through the Our Gifts to God
restoration of the UCC archives in the
anniversary scrap-book project. We need
volunteers to help us document, organize, and create scrap- $4,000
books of the history of the UCC. Please contact Vanessa Mena $3,500
at 512-476-7351 x23 or vanessa@utcatholic.org by March 9. ASH
$2,500 $2,318
Fr. Hecker Quote of the Week: $2,166

I feel like affirming, in the spirit of the young man $2,000

that Christ made to see, for this I know that the $1,500
Church has the life my heart is thirsting for and that
my spirit is in great need of.
The Scrutinies $0
This weekend, the Church celebrates the second 1/27 2/3 2/6 2/10 2/17 2/24
of three scrutinies with the Elect - those who are
preparing for Baptism, Confirmation and Eucha-
rist at the Easter Vigil. We pray for our Elect: Everyone is invited to the UCC Lenten Soup Suppers
Aliya Baig, Chi Elliott, Jaime Fink, Andrew Hui, Nancy Ngo, which are held from 6:30-7:30 pm Fridays during
Femi Olasupo, Adam Shendelman, Vivian Xue. These prayers Lent. Come join us for a simple meal, a social justice
are to assist them in their preparation for the Easter Sacra- message and wonderful fellowship. Please bring a bowl and a
ments and make them firm their commitment as they enter the spoon, and some bread to share. We are in need of 3 or 4 cooks
Church. Please keep them, as well as our Candidates for Full each week to make a meatless soup, to serve about 20-30. If
Communion, Juan Camarillo and Nicholas Chu, in your you are interested in preparing a soup for one of the Fridays,
prayers.. please contact Michael Burkhart at tarazan_fox@yahoo.com.

Week of March 2, 2008

•Monday Mar. 3
∗ 12:05 pm Mass HSC
∗ 6:30 pm Social Justice MT
∗ 7 pm RCIA BSMT
∗ 7:30 pm CLFL MT
Tuesday Mar. 4
∗ 12:30 pm Mass HSC
∗ 7 pm Confirmation BSMT
∗ 7 pm UGAP MT
∗ 7 pm Catholicism 101 SMk
Wednesday Mar. 5
∗ 12:05 pm Mass HSC
∗ 7 pm Men of Virtue (MOV) SMt
∗ 7 pm STRONG Officers SMk
∗ 8 pm STRONG SF
Thursday Mar. 6
∗ 12:30 pm Mass HSC
∗ 7 pm Compass MT
∗ 7:30 pm LA-44 Work BSMT
∗ 8 pm Adoration HSC
Friday Mar. 7
∗ 12:05 pm Mass HSC
∗ 4:30 pm ICC SMk
∗ 5:30 pm Rosary HSC
* 6 pm Stations of the Cross HSC
∗ 6 pm Korean Student Assoc MT
∗ 6:30 pm Soup Supper ATRM;
BE TRANSFORMED! Many of our community were just that this past weekend Saturday Mar. 8
as they attended the 44th Longhorn Awakening in Jarrell. Sixty-two retreatants plus
Sunday Mar. 9 5th Sunday of Lent
over 100 staffers spent time in worship and praise and fellowship being
∗ 9 am RE Classes MT, SF
“transformed” into more loving and open children of God. Ask around, they will be SMt; SMk, BSMT; STML
happy to tell you about it! * 7 pm RCIA Dismissal MT

It's CROP Walk time Catholicism 101! The blind man not only
again. The 30th annual Catholicism 101 meets to study the
gained his sight, but a new
CROP Walk will be held sacraments and how we celebrate our
way of life. How has Jesus
this afternoon at Roy Catholic faith. Everyone is welcome to
changed your life?
Guerrero Colorado River Park. Your join us on Tuesday nights at 7 pm in
generous support of our walkers is the St. Mark's Room. For more info
Guys--you want to exercise your
greatly appreciated. If you are not contact Kraft at kraft@utcatholic.org .
spiritual muscle?
walking, please welcome walkers who
All men are invited to join us as we
are seeking your support. University Graduate look at what it means to be Men of
Students & Professionals Virtue on Wednesdays at 7 pm in the
Carbos for Christ UGAP is a group of post- St Matthew Room. As Men of Virtue,
All are invited for food and college age people who share and live we're called not just to do the "right
fellowship at 12:30 pm on the love of Christ in community thing" but to really develop an attitude
Wednesdays in the Atrium. $3.00 sug- through worship, faith formation, social of the Gospels. What? You're not
gested donation. This is such a wonder- service, spiritual development and perfect yet? Good. Come and work out
ful meal, it was written up in the Daily fellowship. We meet on Tuesdays at 7 with us. Men of Virtue, Wednesdays, 7
Texan! You don’t want to miss out. pm in the Mother Teresa Room. pm St. Matthew Room.