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Weekly Plan for Areas of Experience

Week: 20th June 2011 Mark making

Observational drawing jungle animals Joining dots stripes on a tiger/ zebra

Theme: Animals Cutting /Gluing

Toilet paper zebra Lion face collage

Subtheme: Savanna Animals Math

Counting game and number recognition (no 3) Mathematical concepts: over, around, on, in

Class: Green class/ 3-4solder Book corner

Hippos Holiday Crocodile Smile

Giraffe finger painting Observational painting savanna animals

Role Play

Learn about jungle animals Learn about different patterns in the natural world (spots, stripes, etc)

5 little monkeys teasing Mr. Crocodile 1 elephant went out to play

At the Zoo

Rice and containers

Small world
Plastic jungle animals

Table top
Jungle animals puzzle Sorting game Lotto with animals

Construction Duplo

Plastic savanna animals

Filling and emptying bottles

Areas of development
Week: 20th June 2011 Theme: Animals Sub-theme: Savanna Animals Class: Green class/3-4s'older

Personal, social and emotional development

Take turns, be helpful and share resources fairly Sustain interest and concentration Show respect for others and take care of resources around them

Communication, language and Literacy

Develop listening and talking skills Develop descriptive language Learn new words: savanna, animal, hippo, elephant, lion/ lioness, zebra, giraffe, parrot, rhinoceros

Mathematical development

Learn and practice mathematical language in different contexts Number recognition (no 3) and sets of 3 objects Reinforce 2D shapes

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Learn about savanna animals and their environment Become aware of patterns in the natural world Become aware of cause and effect through own first-hand experience

Physical development

Creative development
Join in with musical games and songs (5 little monkeys,1 elephant went out to play) Use own imagination to draw savanna animals and create savanna animal crafts out of different types of materials Create/ reproduce patterns from the natural world

Demonstrate fine motor control and improve hand-eye coordination when colouring, drawing, cutting along lines Walk and stomp like an elephant, gallop like a zebra, dance like a monkey, roar like a lion.

Five little monkeys swinging in the tree Teasing Mr. Alligator Cant catch me Along came Mr. Alligator Quiet as can be and snapped that monkey right out of that tree. Four little monkeys... Three little monkeys... Two little monkeys... One little monkey swinging in the tree Teasing Mr. Alligator Cant catch me Along came Mr. Alligator Quiet as can be and snapped that monkey right out of that tree (the alligator misses the last monkey) Missed me, missed me, now youve got to kiss me!

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Circle Elephant Craft Shapes, Scissor Skills, Colors, and Counting Practice This craft can be used to teach a variety of skills. You don't have to use all the thoughts for lessons... just choose the ones you're working on with your child. There is a second template with a body that you can optionally use.


scissors, glue, printer, paper

Thoughts for Lessons:


This craft has lots of circles plus a few rectangles and triangles to cut out -- good scissor practice! You can precut the template into separate pieces (roughly) to make it a bit easier for beginning crafters to cut out the circles.


Separate the circles, triangles and rectangles.


verbally instruct the children on how to assemble the shapes using the colors of the shapes. (ie: Take the pink circle and glue it on the grey circle.).


show the children two circles and ask -- is this one bigger, smaller or the same size as that one.


Count the circles, count the rectangles and count the triangles.

Assembly Directions:

Glue the two medium sized pink circles inside two of the large gray circles to make the ears.

Glue the ears to the third large gray circle (the head).

Glue the small circle eyes into the center of the head.

Glue the long rectangle (trunk) dangling down from the center of the head.

Glue the two skinny triangles, point down, to either side of the trunk to complete the elephant's head.

Assembly - Template 2:

to make the body, glue the head you've completed from template 1 onto the large body circle. glue the rectangle legs onto the bottom of the body glue the tail together from the largest triangle to the smallest and attach to the body