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Plan de recuperacin grado sexto tercer perodo

Teachers: Claudia Patricia Ortega , Rogelio Salazar. Grado sexto Logro: Los estudiantes del grado sexto describirn en forma oral y escrita situaciones acerca de sus sentimientos, intereses y habilidades utilizando estructuras gramaticales bsicas y el vocabulario visto en clase. Los estudiantes que no alcanzaron el logro propuesto para el tercer periodo debern estudiar los siguientes temas. Regular verbs Irregular verbs Past simple tense. Adems desarrollar las siguientes actividades: Repasar los temas vistos. Desarrollar el siguiente taller. Estudiar le vocabulario de las unidades vistas Aclarar con el profesor las dudas.



1 Put the sentences into simple past

o o o o o o o o o o

They water the plants She helps in the garden Lisa uses her old dictionary We start school at half past eight Paul and Cathy tidy their room

2 Order the sentences o o o o o o o o o o 3 Rewrite the sentences into negative form (use the contract form) o o o o They cleaned the windows last week Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone cooked /last Monday /Sarah /spaghetti John /last night/ English / studied every Saturdays /washed /I /my car yesterday /Susi / to music / listened climbed /two weeks /We /ago /a high mountain

o o o o o o

She worked on her project last Saturday I opened my bedroom door Before money people exchanged food

4 - Change the sentences into questions They studied Maths with a teacher

Laura and John protected the animals

People recycled plastic and paper

They children played in the garden last Saturday

My family walked in the park yesterday

5 Ask for the underlined part of the sentence

Question- When did Jenny climb a mountain? Answer - Jenny climbed a mountain last Saturday QuestionEdward played football very well QuestionLaura studied Maths QuestionJames walked in the park yesterday evening QuestionSarah looked at the clock because it was late QuestionYes, Alex cleaned the window

1. Put the verbs into the correct form (simple past). 1. Last year I (spend) 2. It (be)

my holiday in Ireland.

great. around by car with two friends and we (visit) to a pub. some Irish dances. lots of

3. I (travel) interesting places.

4. In the evenings we usually (go) 5. One night we even (learn) 6. We (be) 7. It (not / rain) 8. But we (see) 9. Where (spend / you)

very lucky with the weather. a lot. some beautiful rainbows. your last holiday?

2. Write the correct questions : what who where- who- how- when. 1. She pushed her bike. _____________________________________________ 2. She carried a bag. _______________________________________________ 3. We waited in the park. ___________________________________________ 4. The policeman arrested the thief. ___________________________________ 5. We ate fish. ____________________________________________________ 6. She watched the match last night. __________________________________ 7. She asked her friend because she did not know what to do. ______________________________________________________________ 8. I opened the door. _______________________________________________ 9. The teacher checked our homework. _______________________________ 10. Cindy had a dog. ________________________________________________

3. Rewrite the paragraph into present I went to Miami last week, there I made many activities I went to the beach, I bought candies and I drove my fathers car very fast. I stayed for 5 days with my family, we shared and spent all the time together, we visited many places, we ate junk food, and watched movies.

In the first, second and third day we slept very late because we talking about many things. In the fourth and fifth day we found a Colombian restaurant, its name is Colombianadas, there we ate beans, and drank sweet water. The journey was very excited and I felt so happy. 4. Find the mistake. a. Did you visited Miami last vacation? ____________________________________ b. they wents to the stadium last week ____________________________________ c. Did she fixes her car? ____________________________________ d. you do your homework yesterday. ____________________________________ e. did she spent a lot of time with her friends? ____________________________________ f. she goes to the mal last weekend _____________________________________ g. do we pray last night? _____________________________________ 5. Complete the table PRESENT spend fix boil fell caught freeze bought leave stood wake drove fly cut 6. Organize the sentences We/ jumped/ sofa/on /the PAST won

_____________________________________________ Friday/ on/ played/ Amy/ game/ all/ a/ night/ _______________________________________________ Mistakes/you/had/many/ the/task/in _______________________________________________

Didnt/ go/she/of/out/house/the _______________________________________________ You/did/do/homework/the/?/ _______________________________________________ She/didnt/the/freeze/water/ _______________________________________________

7. Color with red irregular verbs and with blue regular verbs
go Buy Shout Do jump drink scream play think eat arrive jog mix

Read Have check

cut do



8. Make the questions for these answers ________________________________________ I played soccer yesterday _______________________________________ I went to Pereira plaza last Sunday _______________________________________ Because I like it ____________________________________ I lived with my best friend for many years. ____________________________________ I went to Bogot

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