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Example Chart of Richard Scotts Forecast and Results for the Dow Jones Industrial s for August 2010

The Sacred Science Institute reports an example result for the Dow Jones Industr ial Average using results to from Richard Scotts book, A Compendium of Astro-Econo mic Influences Practically Applied! Idyllwild, CA September 12, 2011 -- The book, A Compendium of Astro-Economic Infl uences Practically Applied! by Richard Scott, compiles a statistical analysis of the past 110 years of the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (DJIA). Scott analyzes t he market against multiple astro-economic influences and conclusively proves the impact of the interactions between planets on stock market movements. Scotts ana lysis focuses mainly on the interactions between multiple pairs of planets, also referred to as aspects. On August 26, 2010, as documented on two different pages in the charts in Volume 2, the factors Scott analyzes aligned sufficiently to indicate a bottom in the Dow Jones Industrials at approximately 9950. Over the next week, the market move d sideways, then burst out of the intermediate bottom and rocketed upward in a s trong bull market. Scotts two-volume work includes text in Volume I and charts in Volume II. Scott p resents the aspects in a chart format that includes simultaneous hourly times fo r the UK, US, and Australian markets. Scotts work helps to explain why one may we ll see the market decline in one major market such as the US while the market in Australia rallies. Although most of Scotts research focuses on the DJIA, he does include charts and analysis for the S&P 500, DAX, FTSE, CAC, Hang Seng, Nikkei, and Australian All Ordinaries. In one example from 2010, Scotts studies identifi ed an active aspect charted on the S&P 500 beginning on July 7 on page 161 of th e text as an opportune trading opportunity. Following congestion and consolidation at an intermediate bottom in late August, the market, as Scotts analysis indicated moved up by over 1,000 points within th e next six weeks, an extremely strong upward movement. Scott presents his research data in a statistical summation that validates in ne ar unanimity the impact of planetary configurations. He analyzes the impact of a ll planets and aspects. Any trader can tailor Scotts research to meet their parti cular preferred trading approach since the text includes long-, medium-, and sho rt-term forecasting and trade guidelines. Market Analyst, the progressive trading software, is in the process of embodying Scotts research tools into their program and will be announcing availability in the near future. The flexibility of the program and the variety of relationships available allows users to select their preferred planetary influences. As a res ult, users will be able to create and define and model their own individual fore cast(s). The software tool is only available to registered owners of these two v olumes. For more information, please visit the Sacred Science website: www.sacre dscience.com About Sacred Science Institute: The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominati onal, non-sectarian, non-religious, and non-academic Research Institute dedicate d to the rediscovery and application of Sacred Science in all fields of technolo gy, science and philosophy. The Sacred Science Institute is intent upon making accessible the wisdom traditi ons of a variety of cultures, both ancient and modern, focusing on their scienti fic, philosophical and spiritual traditions, so as to promote understanding and communication based upon the core teachings and principles of these great tradit ions. We feel that many cultural barriers may be overcome by developing a deeper

understanding of the laws of nature and the universe, and by discovering the co rrespondences between the representational modes of logic and symbolism used by groups and individuals separated by space and time. Contact: Lee Stein Sacred Science Institute PO Box 3617 Idyllwild, CA 92549 707-843-5088 info@sacredscience.com http://www.sacredscience.com