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Case study

Yammix / Bread, magically!

Visual identity
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Package design

Bread consumption in Romania during the last few years highlights the advent of an emerging trend home breadmaking is becoming an alternative to buying it, due, in part, to the development of bread making home appliances. In this context, the 7Spice company, Vel Pitar groups wheat grinding division and the industrial segment leader of flours and bread manufacturing/pastry mixes market, decides to access the local consumer segment through the launch of a brand of mixes for homemade bread, which would incorporate all the ingredients necessary for this process, in the ideal proportion.

As the flour mix category is almost completely unknown to the Romanian domestic consumer, developing a bread flour mix brand was, first of all, a strategic challenge for BrandTailors consultants. In this case, enforcing a brand on the market becomes synonymous to imposing a product category in the publics consumption habits, which makes the process more difficult and, consequently, more challenging as a strategic process.

An overview of the breadmaking ritual clearly pointed out the consumers high level of trust and loyalty in the flour brands. Consequently, how can a new brand and a new category overtake the use of classic flour and, more importantly, which are the nowadays emergent motivations that have the greatest volume potential on long and medium terms?

Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator

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After researching the consumption motivations and habits of the people who are used to making bread at home, a series of valuable elements for the flour mix brand creation and development were discovered: one of the consumers main frustrations was the endeavour to closely follow the proportion of the required ingredients and the mixing order imposed by the recipes featured in the guide book of breadmaking home appliances. This is one of the reasons young people are reserved when it comes to home breadmaking it is an elaborate process, destined only to cooking experts. On the other hand, though, one of the main motivations of young people aged 25-34 is the joy of experimenting and the desire to rejoice at sharing the bread with their closeones. These premises in mind, the brand platform was developed, based on the intrinsic truth of the product which asserts that the preparation process is extremely simple and easy to follow. With the help of the flour mix, the bread is magically prepared and is ready for serving in the blink of an eye, expression lent by the brand slogan. While the brand positioning ensures a differentiating benefit with regard to the flour category, the brand name was intended to hold the key advantage as against the acquisition of ready-made bread. Thus, after extensive consumer research and inquiries, the name Yammix was chosen as the most suitable brand name, since it brings together two relevant elements for the potential consumers it directly expresses the flour mix category name and reveals the products most important benefit, the taste and the flavor of the resulting bread. The package design is contributive to contemporary graphics, in order to differentiate the product from the flour segment and to enforce the mixes as a stand-alone category, asserting the young, vibrant personality of the brand by means of an adequate imagery flour drawings.

Given the fact that the product image is less generous from a visual point of view, the package design is centered on the images of the products that result from the use of the flour mixes white, Graham bread and seed bread images upheld by the yam particle, pertaining to the name, employed for the synergetic rendering of irresistible taste and flavor. Melania Moisi Senior Brand Designer

The creation of a coherent graphic system was one of BrandTailors designers priorities thus, the graphic solution based on color codes allows for clear differentiation between the SKUs and ensures the graphic premises for a line extension development, in order to align the brand with subsequent related categories, at a later date.

Market audit - Andreea Florea Brand strategy - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Dani Naming - Andreea Florea Logo design - Melania Moisi Package design - Melania Moisi
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Image retouching and printing preproduction - Mihai Prplea Project management - Anca Andronescu, Cristina Ionescu, Ilinca Apetrei
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