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Design Optimisation through Value

Engineering of Fluid Machinery

Programme and Registration Brochure

12 November 2008

IMechE, 1 Birdcage Walk, London


Supported by Aerospace Industries Division, Manufacturing Industry Division, Safety & Reliability Group
and Tribology Group

Co-Sponsored by:
Design Optimisation through Value Engineering of Fluid Machinery
This event will cover the full design optimisation of fluid machinery using the latest value engineering techniques. It will cover the
latest multi-disciplinary, multi-functional approaches, together with specific, practical examples drawn from industry.
Major themes will be country sourcing, cost reduction and the use of advanced low-cost leading competitive techniques – all key
strategic areas for commercial companies to increase sales/profit margins.

Attending will help you:

• Operate at the cutting edge; learn the latest value engineering techniques
• Engineer for value: increase functionality, reduce costs
• Strike the perfect balance between performance and costs
• Run fluid machines at optimum level; reduce fluid machinery costs
• Make machines more robust; minimise lead time delays
• Improve global competitiveness
• Develop improved costing methods including factory parameterised models with real-time costs for each design code
• Study cost engineering methodologies: detailed analogous or parametric estimating
• Learn total life-cycle costing techniques
• Acquire usable statistics from complex situations
• Examine cost and risk modelling for complex products
• Improve use of design in manufacturing, assembly, installation and maintenance
• Examine low-cost country sourcing
• Learn lessons from Asian and Eastern European supply chains
• Hear the latest thinking in gas turbine technology
• Reduce exhaust emissions in diesel engines
• Further continued professional development
• Meet, greet and network with key industry players

Who should attend

• Design engineers
• Manufacturing engineers
• Cost estimating engineers
• Advanced sourcing specialists
• University staff
• Consultants
• Value engineering specialists

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Organising Committee
Brian Haller Director Retrofit Concepts, ALSTOM Power Systems
Kam Chana Head of Instrumentation QinetiQ
Colin Scrivener Consultant Rolls-Royce
12 November 2008

09:30 Registration and Coffee SESSION 2

SESSION 1 11:45 Integrated Design and Supply Chain Engineering: an Air-
Cooled Chillier Axial Flow Fan
10:00 Chairman’s Welcome
Paul Wenden, Head of Engineering, Anthony Geoffrey
Brian Haller, Director, Retrofit Concepts, ALSTOM
Sheard, Vice President – Fan Technology, Keith John
Power Systems
Elkington, Group Sourcing Manager, Flakt Woods Ltd
10:10 Keynote: Demonstrating Value from Value Engineering In an ongoing drive for competitive advantage over the last
Dr David Clark, Principal Fellow, Warwick Manufacturing 20 years, organisations have progressively focused on
Group their core competences, outsourcing non-core activity.
• Adding value can be interpreted as adding functionality Once an organisation has restructured around its core
or removing cost, yet there is a danger that adding competences, however, the opportunity for further gains
functionality can come at the expense of increased through outsourcing in-house activity are reduced.
complexity Another strategy is needed to build and maintain
• Examples will be given from the work at Warwick competitive advantage.
Manufacturing Group, where value engineering has In this paper the authors describe an integrated design
required a fresh look at complexity and a radical re- and supply chain engineering strategy and its application
appraisal of product perception to an air-cooled chillier axial fan. A three-part process will
be described.
10:30 ‘Design for Cost’ of ALSTOM Large Steam Turbine Retrofits
Brian Haller, Director, and Gareth Thomas, Manager – 12:05 Applying Statistical Methods to Generate Cost Models in
Product Cost, Retrofit Concepts, ALSTOM Power the Early Phase of ALSTOM Gas Turbine Development
Systems Hans Peter Knoepfel, Principal Engineer Design
ALSTOM is a world leader in the retrofitting of large steam Analysis Combustor, ALSTOM
turbines for fossil and nuclear-fuelled machines (both full • Advantages of cost models
and half speed). However, to remain competitive it must
achieve a better balance for its products between the • Model structure and area of application
main issues of cost and performance. This paper • Data collection and preparation
describes a new ‘(Re-) Design for Cost’ (DFC) • Statistical methods
programme launched to achieve these aims. The
following aspects will be covered: • Example
• The processes used to launch and drive the ‘(Re-) • Summary
Design for Cost’ programme There is a long tradition of expertise in the power plant
• Some examples of DFC projects and the results business at our locations in Switzerland. Today, ALSTOM
achieved is one of the leading providers of all-round power
generation solutions. We develop, produce, install,
• Ingraining the value engineering culture within the
modernise and service power plants all over the world.
Not only do we supply all the components for a power
• Development of improved costing methods, including plant, but our products, systems and services guarantee
factory parameterised models and real-time material success for our customers in today’s dynamically
costs in each design code changing energy markets, which are characterised by
• Use of automated design and optimisation methods to liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation. We can draw
produce cost-effective solutions on a unique wealth of experience – ALSTOM has
supplied over 25% of the world’s installed power-
• Use of low-cost country sourcing and localisation
generation capacity.
10:50 Deployment of Cost Engineering Methods in Value
12:25 Discussion
Dr Paul Baguley, Research Fellow, Cranfield University 12:40 Lunch
• Value engineering frameworks and their use of cost
information SESSION 3
• Cost engineering methodologies as detailed, 13:25 Gas Turbine Engines: a Quieter, Leaner, More-Efficient Burn
analogous or parametric estimating Professor Peter Bryanston-Cross, Optical Engineering
• Cost and risk modelling for complex products Laboratory, University of Warwick
Each day in the UK 30,000 tonnes of fuel is used for
• Full-life cost and affordability concepts, methods and
transport, 10,000 tonnes for aviation and 40,000 tonnes
a case study
of coal for power and generation. The majority of this fuel
• A word on advanced cost modelling methods is imported and forms a large cost to the economy, as
well as a possibly unstable supplier dependency.
11:10 Discussion
Combustion efficiency – the minimisation of pollution
11:25 Coffee from its burning products and the use of sustainable
combustion materials – is crucial to British industry.
It is unlikely that in the short term the process of comparison between the different injection strategies
combustion for power generation will change was also investigated.
significantly. This paper reviews the possible changes in
This presentation explains the results and findings of
gas turbine technology available to the manufacturer
the study.
and user.
Examples will be shown of significant noise reduction, 15:20 The Optimisation of Internal Pump Geometry to Extend
weight reduction with the implementation of new design Impeller Life
and manufacturing processes, and methods for Roy Spence, Senior Renewable Energy Consultant,
measuring and controlling combustion efficiency directly. SgurrEnergy Limited and T Purdom, Principal Engineer
Stress/FEA, Clyde Pumps Ltd
13:45 Design of an IP Nozzle Guide Vane Cooling System Using
Robust Optimisation Methodology CFD simulations have been employed to perform a
Peter Ramwell, Technologist, Turbine Systems parametric study of the geometric variables within a
Engineering, Thermofluids, Rolls-Royce complete hydraulic pump, to assist the understanding of
flows and pressure pulsation effects. A taguchi statistical
The presentation will detail the design problems tackled
approach allows the percentage contributions of each
in this particular case and general cooling style of IP
geometry feature to pressure pulsations to be evaluated.
guide vanes. It will discuss how the design process was
It is clear that the cutwater and vane arrangement are the
automated and integrated into a system that enabled
dominant parameters, albeit their effect varies with flow
robust optimisation to be performed. This will lead into a
rate. The situation is complex but it is possible to identify
description of what optimisation techniques were used
and recommend certain key features of an ‘optimised’
and what the outcome and implications were.
14:05 Saving Energy, Saving Water and Saving the Planet through The CFD results for pressure distributions across the
the use of Affordable, Premium Bi-Directional Pumping impeller have been used as input to an FEA, which
Rings allows stress distributions to be derived and compared
Alan Roddis, Engineering Director, AESSEAL plc with existing design methods. Areas of high stress are
With increasing environmental legislation, energy shown to be consistent with locations that have been
consumption and water conservation are at the forefront associated with fatigue.
of every plant engineer’s mind. API Plan 23 and Plan 53
The work opens up considerable potential for improved
are two of the most influential seal piping plans available
hydraulic design in pumps, together with a more rational
to plant engineers to affect rotating equipment energy
approach to structural integrity.
and water consumption, yet in many plants and industrial
areas around the world the benefits are not realised.
15:40 Optimisation of a Set of Improved-Performance Cyclic
This presentation will cover the following: Geometry Fan Outlet Guide Vanes for a High Bypass Ratio
• Typical energy and water savings of Plans 23 and 53 Turbofan
• Value engineering developments of innovative Olivier Bron, Technologist, Fans and Compressors,
pumping rings Rolls-Royce
• Aerodynamic redesign of fan outlet guide vanes
• Design optimisation – the next-generation API682-
needed as consequence of customer requirement for
compliant pumping rings and their wider use in hybrid
increased specific thrust
seal support systems
• Impact of complete redesign estimated to be about
14:25 Discussion £650,000 for tooling costs and obsolete
14:40 Tea manufactured parts
• Unacceptable delays, costs and risks in lead time and
SESSION 4 manufacturing

15:00 The Effect of Variations of Intake Pressure and • Alternative design strategy available from recent
Temperature on a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine developments in computer capabilities and resources
Mofid Gorji Bandpy, Associate Professor, Davood • CFD optimisation performed on full assembly using
Domiri Ganji, Associate Professor and Sajjad Soleimani state-of-the-art 3D Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes
Amiri, MS Student, Department of Mechanical solver
Engineering, University of Mazandaran • Optimised solution finely tuned to increase robustness
Diesel engines exhausting gaseous emissions and and performance around full operating range
particulate matter have long been regarded as one of the
• Cost-effective solution reached
major air pollution sources, particularly in metropolitan
areas, and have been a source of serious public concern • Risks related to manufacturing processes eliminated
for a long time. • Lead time delays minimised
The choosing of various injection strategies is not only
motivated by cost reduction, but is also one of the 16:00 Discussion
potentially effective techniques to reduce exhaust 16:15 Summary
emission from diesel engines. The purpose of this study
16:30 Close of Seminar
is to investigate the effect of different injection angles
on a heavy-duty diesel engine and its emission
characteristics. The varieties of injection angle were
The programme is subject to amendment.
simulated and the emissions calculated. The
Design Optimisation through Value Engineering of Fluid Machinery
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12/11/2008 S1367
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