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Portfolio Software Company Hosts Economic Forum Featuring Dr.

Art Laffer Alpha Theory , the investment industrys leading Fundamental Portfolio Management S oftware, will host Economist Dr. Art Laffer at an economic forum luncheon next w eek. Charlotte, NC, September 14, 2011 -- Alpha Theory is proud to present Dr. Art La ffer, creator of the Laffer Curve and The Father of Supply-Side Economics, for an ec onomic forum. Dr. Laffer will present on the political environment in Washington and abroad, as well as, the current economic outlook. Dr. Arthur Laffer is the Founder of Laffer Associates, an economic research and consulting firm. Dr. Laffer is considered the father of supply-side economics an d is best known for the "Laffer Curve" which was made famous while he was a memb er of President Reagan s Economic Policy Advisory Board for both of his terms (1 981-1989). He also advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on fiscal policy in the United Kingdom during the 1980s. His economic acumen and influence triggered a world-wide tax-cutting movement in the 1980s. One of his earliest successes i n shaping public policy was his involvement in Proposition 13, the groundbreakin g California initiative that drastically cut property taxes in the state in 1978 . Dr. Laffer was a professor of economics at Pepperdine, University of Southern California and University of Chicago. Dr. Laffer received a B.A. in Economics fr om Yale University, and an MBA and a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University (for a more extensive bio and reference to papers and books please click www.alphatheory.com/drlaffer). We are fortunate to have Dr. Laffer speak with our clients about the current geop olitical environment, said Cameron Hight, President of Alpha Theory. The rancorous discourse in Washington makes Dr. Laffers experience and perspective more valuab le than ever. This event will be held Tuesday, September 20th at 11:30am at The Union League C lub in New York City. For more information contact Cameron Hight, Alpha Theory C EO at chight@AlphaTheory.com. About Laffer Associates Laffer Associates is an economic research and consulting firm that provides glob al investment-research services to institutional asset managers, pension funds, financial institutions, and corporations. Since its inception in 1979, the firm s research has focused on the interconnecting macroeconomic, political and demog raphic changes affecting global financial markets.

About Alpha Theory Alpha Theory, the investment industrys leading Fundamental Portfolio Management p latform, is the premier solution used by hedge and mutual fund portfolio manager s to develop an efficient portfolio using the concept of risk-adjusted return. A lpha Theory leverages research and instinct to build a repeatable system for opt imally sizing positions. For further information, please visit www.AlphaTheory.c om, blog.AlphaTheory.com or view a demo at www.AlphaTheory.com/demo. Contact : Telitha Causey Vice President, Marketing Alpha Theory Charlotte, NC (704) 307-2914 x207 (877) 854-7489 tcausey@AlphaTheory.com http://www.AlphaTheory.com