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Product description Fevicol is a adhesive which helps in bonding various materials. It is otherwise called as a polysynthetic resin. Fevicol strongly binds wood, veneers, laminate, plywood and all types of boards, cork etc. It is also used in sport goods manufacturing and book binding. The bond gives handling strength in 8 to 10 hours and cures fully in 24 hours. After the success of Fevicol, the company launched several extensions to his brand. They are

Fevikwik Fevistik Fevicryl Fevibond . Pidilite also has developed hi-tech versions of Fevicol White glue

Fevicol Marine This product has been introduced to bonding's which are exposed to high humidity and/or water. This product can resist under water for more than 48 hours and 1 hour in boiling water. Fevicol Speedx This product is used to bond things very quickly where time is very precious. It binds itself in 2 hours.

(Q1)Is the company using all the promotion-mix tools in its marketing communications program?
Ans:-The following promotional tools are used by fevicol.. Direct Marketing

Fevicol maintained its leadership position in the market by maintaining a strong bond with the carpenters who are the primary users of glue for carpenting purpose. They introduced Fevicol Furniture Books which showcased furniture designs with illustrations and measurements. These books helped enlighten the carpenters on new styles and trends in the furniture market, apart from building awareness for the brand. Public Relation(Community affairs)

The Fevicol Champions Club (FCC) was another initiative introduced by the company. It served as a platform for carpenters to increase their social contacts and be part of a social network. Through various club activities they helped uplift the lifestyle of the carpenter. In the past, company organized free dental checkups, blood donation camps, or

celebrations during festivals like Independence Day. Today, many member carpenters are actively involved in organizing such events and many club chapters are self-sustained. While the formation of this club has helped carpenters develop a feeling of belongingness, for the company but also this tactical move has helped the company build strong brand equity for Fevicol.

Print Media

Fevicol as a company used newspaper ,magazines etc in there print media.The related data is given in the folder 1. Electronic Media Roadside hoodings

(Q2) Are they integrated and sending a consistent image and message?
Ans:-Yes, all the promotional tools used are conveying the same message which reflects the strong adhesive power which helps things binds permanently. The Unique selling proposition of the product is its strong binding power and this particular feature got reflected in each and every campaign done by Pedilite.

(Q3) Categorize the Company advertisement as to type, appeal and effectiveness.

Ans:-In all the print Ads the only appeal get reflected is feather based appeal as well as product popularity appeal. In public relations Pedilite as a company tried to involve carpenters as well as get acceptance and approval from them which comes under social based feelings of emotional appeals.

(Q4)Critically evaluate one of the advertising campaigns.

Ans:Fevicol has introduced a new commercial features in a ad that is a newly-married couple driving on a highway. The impatient groom is restless, and is unwilling to wait till the destination arrives. And he starts getting romantic with the bride. Who seems to be enjoying his naughty moves, and keeps blushing. Suddenly, the man discovers a cyclist is riding right behind them, and gets uncomfortable. He speeds his vehicle, but the cyclist is still on his trail. The restless groom even asks the disturbing cycle man to overtake him, but the fellow steadfastly sticks behind them. Annoyed, the groom races his vehicle and takes a sharp turn. Both, he and his bride, are glad that they finally got rid of the nuisance. But no, the cyclist is still right behind them,the cyclest was is the same speed as of the vehicles speed. And in the end we discover the cause

of this huge problem. The pick-up van is loaded with cans of Fevicol. And the cyclist is 'stuck' to the van because of this. Here the ad gives a great fun, and the ad is highly entertaining. The casting is superb because of the restless groom is perfect and the rustic, earthy, romantic music track adds to the real flavour of the countryside. The ad is made in such a way that we must never forget it and its always make recall of the brand that is Fevicol. So, just in one word by Piyush Pandey, the head of Ogilvy: PAKDE RAHO ,CHHODNA NAHIN!!

(Q5) Explain how advertisement is used as a strategic tool to achieve marketing objectives.
Ans:- Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. Advertisement can be a cost-effective way to disseminate messages, whether to build a brand preference or to educate people. The advertising objectives must flow from prior decisions on target market, brand positioning and the marketing program. An advertising goal is a specific communications task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time. Advertising is a part of marketing, hence advertising campaigns cannot be conceived without knowledge of the marketing objectives. The marketing plans have a profound effect on the organizations advertising programmes. According to Bovee and Arens (1989),the marketing plan enables analysis, criticism and improvement of companys operations including past marketing and advertising programs. An advertising strategy should support the marketing plan, which in turn supports the company business plan. The first objective of a media plan is to select the target audience: the people whom the media plan attempts to influence through various forms of brand contact. Strategic tools means doing a particular thing for long term goal thus advertisement is made so that they can be appropriately influenced the target audience fulfilling the marketing objectives of that company. Advertising constitutes a main strategic tool in addition to price. Advertising utilizes a wide variety of media, including direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and more recently, directs electronic messages and the Internet.

(Q6) Recognize how an understanding of advertising strategies can lead to business success.

Ans:- Leo Bogart (1984) defines strategy in advertising as the art of deploying available resources to attain objectives in the face of active opposition. He goes on to say, In a competitive economy, the success of a company often hinges on its ability to master the strategy of advertising. An advertising plan aims at providing a flow for the execution of creative media and execution strategy. An advertisement strategy hence can be described as the communication that conveys a brands primary benefits, that is, how it can solve a consumers problem/need. The advertising plan is a natural culmination of the marketing plan which needs to include a section on analysis, advertising objectives and strategy. To develop a winning strategy, the first step is to specify the key fact-a single-minded statement from consumers point of view that identifies why the consumers will or will not buy the brand. The second step is to state the marketing problem, that is, what is the marketing viewpoint from various perspectives like price, promotion, distribution, etc. The third step is to work on the communication objectives, that is, what effect the advertising is going to have on the target audience and how should it positioned the brand. Finally, the plan looks at the mandatory requirement like inclusion of the corporate logo, tag lines, keys, etc. Effective communication must answer the five Ws and one H. It is important because each element is required to help in defining the communication problem. Who- Who needs to be reached. What- The key communication proposition Where- Where is their target audiences located. Why- The organization and the advertiser must brainstorm and ask why they need this. When- Related to the time period. How- what should be the strategy.