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and long life. Only the harshest chemical strippers will soften the dried polyurethane film.

Polyurethanes are a durable, permanent finish.

IMRON POLYURETHANES Imron 3.5 HG Imron 3.5 ST Imron 3.5 HG-C Imron 3.4 HG-C Imron 2.8 HG Imron 2.1 HG Imron 1.5 PR Imron 1.2 HG-C Imron 3.5 SG Imron 3.5 FT Imron 3.5 HG-D Imron 2.8 FT-C Imron 2.8 PR Imron 1.5 ST-D Imron 1.2 HG Imron 1.8 FT-C

Boyd Coatings Research Co., Inc. is a world leader in the development and application of high performance coatings. From a simple protective paint on equipment to the most sophisticated coating systems for medical device applications, Boyd provides the most complete range of coating technology. Boyd Coatings & Paints can provide you with the most appropriate material for your application. In addition to our on-site inventory, our team of experts can custom-match many of our coatings to meet your exact requirements. More than a distributor of the best coatings technology featuring DuPont products, we are the specialists for industrial, commercial and architectural paints and finishes. PAINTS & COATINGS BASICS Paint generally refers to material used for decorative or aesthetic purposes while coating implies a performance or protective function. Because of these performance characteristics, coatings are frequently applied with a prime coat and a topcoat or prime coat, mid cot and topcoat. Each part of the coating performs a function. POLYURETHANES Polyurethanes are among the most versatile coatings types. They can be architectural coatings, product finishes and maintenance coatings. They offer any gloss level, durability and both solvent and UV resistance that lends to both excellent graffiti removal

EPOXIES In response to the need for greater resistance to the environment, epoxy resins were developed into protective coatings. Epoxy mastic coatings offer high build in fewer coats, environmental compliance due to low solvent content, and inherent surface tolerance requiring less-intensive and costly surface preparation prior to application. Epoxies afford flexibility, barrier protection and excellent adhesion. They can carry high concentrations of performance pigments that will inhibit rust or other deterioration of the surface. When gloss, durability and UV resistance are desired, polyurethanes are used as a topcoat over an epoxy primer which offers the best of both systems. CORLAR EPOXIES Corlar 3.2 PR Corlar 2.8 HG Corlar 2.1 PR Corlar 2.1 ST Corlar LV-A Corlar 2.8 PR Corlar 2.8 HG-D Corlar 2.4 HTA Corlar LV PR Corlar LV SG

NEW! Corlar 2.1 HTA High Temperature Aluminum

ALKYDS In the late 40s and early 50s, red lead alkyd coatings were the standard for long life protection of

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steel structures. Alkyd coatings are slow drying by oxidatin but give excellent protection to the environment. Alkyd tank coatings often last indefinitely when maintained with periodic top coating. Alkyds were considered to be low cost materials with moderate performance when compared with newer materials. However, newer alkyd formulations have been developed to offer better drying and compliance with VOC regulations. However, alkyd formulations have been developed to offer better drying and compliance with VOC regulations. ACRYLICS Acrylic latex coatings are materials where the resin is dispersed in water to form an emulsion. They have high vapor transmission rates which is an asset for coatings that protect wood or concrete; but in materials such as steel, it is a liability which requires use of anti-corrosive pigments. They can be used in mild to moderate environments or as a a topcoat for alkyd coatings. TUFCOAT ALKYDS & ACRYLICS Tufcote 3.7 HG Tufcote 3.5 HG-NI Tufcote 3.5 PR Tufcote 3.5 HG-P Tufcote 3.5 HG-D Tufcote 3.5 HG Tufcote 3.3 ST Tufcote 3.3 PR Tufcote 2.8 PR Tufcote 1.9 HG-D Tufcote LV BF Tufcote LV FT Tufcote SC NEW! Tufcote 2.5 PR High Solids Fast Dry Alkyd ZINC RICH COATINGS Zinc rich primers are the foundation for high performance protective coating systems. Zinc protects steel through an electrochemical process called galvanic protection. When zinc and steel are in contact with one another, the zinc corrodes preventing the steel from corroding. For the galvanic process to work, a coating must contain a sufficient quantity of zinc to assure intimate contact with the steel substrate. Since the dried film is 8590% zinc, other coatings are applied to enhance durability. Zinc rich coatings can be organic or inorganic, but organic coatings are generally easier to both apply and overcoat.

GANICIN ZINC RICH COATINGS Ganicin 4.1 OZ Ganicin 2.8 MCZ CRC COATINGS Boyd Coatings has developed specialty coatings that carry the CRC brand. One example is our line of flouropolymer finishes that deliver a non-porous fluorocarbon surface with superior release characteristics, low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance. CRC customers can be found throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Boyds Research & Development segment will provide you with unique coatings for specialized projects. Our technical team will develop new and exciting products based on the most advanced technology available. For over 40 years, Boyd Coatings Research has specialized in applying all aspects of coating technology to the everyday world. We have grown from a small job shop to a solid force in the industry, serving customers on four continents. Our growth is based on the resources we receive from suppliers such as DuPont, and the expertise provided by our employees. Most importantly, it is the opportunities to provide solutions to customers like you. Our high performance coatings can be applied to your parts in-house by our applications teams, or be delivered to your facility. Our flexible capabilities allow us to supply both small and large quantities, according to your scheduled releases of products. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and operational. Boyd Coatings is a member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, National Association of Metal Finishers, Steel Structures Painting Council, American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society.

51 Parmenter Road, Hudson, MA 01749 Telephone: 978 562-7561 www.boydcoatings.com TollFree: 800 258-0110 Fax: 978-562-9622 Email: info@boydcoatings.com