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Hue University College of foreign languages Department of English UNIT DESCRIPTION September, 2010 ENGLISH GRAMMAR MORPHOLOGY AND

SYNTAX Mr. Nguyen Van Huy, M.A Faculty of VSD Office telephone: 0543846970 Email address: nguyenvhuy@gmail.com Allotted time 30 periods Course description and objectives This course is designed for third-year students majoring in all Programs offered by Department of English, HUCFL. Learners of this course are expected to master the knowledge of word structure analysis as well as word formation rules and thus are able to apply this knowledge to learning and understanding new words. Learners are also expected to be able to identify the syntactic category of each word and how they combine to make a complete sentence and to describe sentences syntactically as well as functionally. Course requirements Students are required to attend all meetings and to participate in all learning activities in the class/ language lab or at home. Course readings Than Trong, L. N., Nguyen, V. H. 2002. An introduction to Morphology. Hue: College of Pedagogy Than Trong, L. N., Nguyen, V. H. 2003. An Introduction to English Syntax. Hue: College of Pedagogy Fromkin, V.A, et al. 1990. An introduction to Language. Hartcourt Brace Jovanovich Group Pty Limited, NSW Gelderen V. E. 2010. An introduction to the Grammar of English. John Benjamins Prerequisite: Learners have completed Introduction to Language, Phonetics and Phonology Evaluation a. Participation and Quizzes: 20 % c. Group work: 20% d. End-of-unit exam: 60% Passing grade: 50%

Tentative course schedule (subject to changes) Meeting 1 Date Topic Introduction to Morphology (chapter 2&3) Morpheme, types of morpheme Word, Root, Affix, Base, Stem In-class exercises: morpheme analysis Morpheme, Allomorph, portmanteau morph (chapter 3) Lexeme, Word-form Word structure diagram Morphological processes (chapter 5&6) Word formation processes Presentation & submission of group work Grammar (chapter 1&4) Types of grammar: Prescriptive, Descriptive, IC grammar, TG grammar, Pedagogical grammar Introduction to syntax (chapter 8) Syntactic categories Phrases: NP, VP, AdjP, AdvP, PP Phrase structure: head, specifier, complement Word classes: N, V, Adj, Adv, Pro, Wh-words, Art, Prep, Conj (chapter 10) Sentences: definition (chapter 11&12) Type of sentences: -simple, compound, complex -declarative, negative, imperative, exclamative -kernel and transformed sentences Deep structure and Surface structure (chapter 13&17) Phrase structure Rules Transformational Rules Further practice on sentence analysis Quiz: sentence analysis Functional Grammar: Clause as message (chapter 16) Functional Grammar: Clause as exchange (chapter 16) Functional Grammar: Clause as Presentation (chapter 16) Review: Mock exam

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