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Circle Round hair loss (Alopecia Areata)

Circle Round hair - usually no reason to fuss the exact causes of Alopecia Areata hair are not
known to cause any life threatening diseases. However, depending on age and life situation, a
different part of wellbeing from. The Hair signalled the social status, customize or
Nonconformist and protest, but also fashion conscious and young, poor, but also attractive. So
sensitive Affected respond to changes in hair growth or in the structure of the hair dress. The
male hair loss over the years is a good example of the consequences of a harmless change in
itself: The baldness affects many millions affected significantly to depression and feelings of
inferiority. And there are many billions spent worldwide to this finding as long as possible to
escape its consequences and to make invisible - unfortunately not always result in
successfully. Big there fore fright when the hairdresser out of the blue says: "You have given
the back a bare body! “ Or the boyfriend / girlfriend discovered the body in the intensive
consideration, less often, the parties themselves are the circular hair loss is discovered, the
medical term is' Alopecia Areata 'with the ICD code L63 (International Code of Disease:
International key number for Diseases).


The Alopecia Areata is reflected in one or more sharply defined bare body without hair, and
so far where usually normal hair has grown. The severity is scientifically in stages I to IV

Diagnosis and delineation of similar images (differential diagnosis)

Most of the Alopecia Areata in the truest sense of the word, a look diagnosis: a sight suffices,
there are no further (laboratory) studies needed. May look similar - now rare - later stages of
syphilis, the psychotic pulling their own hair (trichotillomania) and fungal diseases are more
exotic. Important delineate the scaring alopecia, since they require a different treatment. Quite
typical symptoms is the first body in the rear area of the head. This is the time of the
discovery of about a half to two centimetres in diameter in size and circular. Men seem
somewhat more frequently than women, probably with a slight preference for the so-called
Mediterranean type with black hair and dark complexion. Another frequent localization is the
chin, here it is in men, and the face (including eyebrows), rarely the other body: forearm, legs,
abdomen and back. The pubic remains except in very exceptional cases unmolested. Pain or
itching not exist without the accidental discovery of remains of circular hair loss unnoticed.
An inflammatory reaction with redness of the affected skin areas is not visible. In twenty
percent of the cases are white inclusions of fingernails or Spots observed in connection with
alopecia areata is not unequivocally guaranteed.

At the first observation is usually accurate on a stove. After careful examination from head to
toe can sometimes however small, previously unknown herd will be discovered. The naked
bodies are slowly until after two to three months of their final size of three to four centimetres
in diameter have achieved. Now they are no longer growing. Subject, however, two or more
flock together, they can flow together and cover larger areas. The individual course is very
different. In the vast number remains at one or in any case less than five herds. Also, the herd
is rarely larger than the above four inches. Nevertheless, we must not hide the fact that even
very massive manifestations of Alopecia Areata exist. That means that there are large, bare
areas, this particular burden obviously massively on the head. The complete hair loss
(Alopecia areata totalis) is very rare, usually genetic High variant, which occurs frequently
family. Causes

The exact causes of alopecia are not known. Question of how many skin and hair disorders a
lot of factors, in ways not known closer together. These include, for example, an autoimmune
process; the immune system destroys the body's own tissue because it is mistaken for foreign
tissue is kept. Even subliminal, harmless infection with bacteria could play a role here. The
accumulation secured with relatives speaks for a genetic predisposition. The burden of
modern civilization is also a factor as the personal stress. People, who tend to be more
sensitive skin, including hay fever and allergies, are slightly more affected.

Since the bare bodies without treatment after about six, with treatment after about four months
without success heal without scarring, is the prognosis (cure prospect) is very good. Even
bigger and lengthy histories heal mostly from later. Is known, however, that those who have a
Alopecia Areata suffers, like a boost later developed.


The main rule when the first occurrences of a single stove consists of nothing and wait. This
perhaps somewhat surprising recommendation is based on the secure knowledge that in most
cases - about nine out of ten - after three to six months, the circular bald spot, even without
any treatment disappears. First appear fine hairs on the previously completely smooth skin,
and then individual hairs grow to, finally, in the normal number and quantity. There is nothing
more to see who is Alopecia disappeared. Even the dermatologist associated company is
nothing special, but to give advice, once seen. If necessary, but after the above-mentioned
"concomitant diseases," be. Who is idle waiting too long or too uncertain seems, can - of
course under prescription by a doctor - to be applied externally resort. In the first place, here
is witch Cortisone creams or solutions. Actually makes you a known side effect of these
creams to use, so here tend to be more representatives from the drug class of steroids is
unfounded: the growth of hair. Moreover, it is against the (presumed) immune response. Only
in very severe and longer histories corticosteroids are injected into the skin. Other funds that
are more experimental are the provocation of a contact sensitization, minoxidil,
Fumarsäureester and the antibiotic drug dapsone. The so-called complementary medicine will
include to Administration of zinc, selenium and iron or rub with specially fermented vitamin

Strong and beautiful hair needs to grow specific vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. A
balanced diet helps other factors, in addition to the fact that hair roots in the new hair cells are
formed. Support your hair growth actively through a healthy diet.
Hair need nutrients

Hair root cells are among the the dividingcells of the human body. The divisions require a
high metabolic turnover, many of the nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements are
needed. As the bodies of many of these substances can form no depots, it must be in sufficient
quantities on the diet record.
Healthy diet for your hair

A variety of trace elements and vitamins, which are particularly beneficial to the hair growth,
you will already have the basic daily food. Try several times a day, a small extra portion of
our diet tips listed foods in your meals to integrate - your hair will thank you for it.

In times of increased hair loss should be added with a cure Pantovigar capsules. Important
vitamins, amino acids and trace elements in concentrated form of care for stimulating hair
Tips for a balanced supply of nutrients for your hair:

Vegetables and fruit


Contain mainly the precursor of vitamin A (provitamin A), which is necessary for the
development of body cells and tissues, and thus also for hair growth.


Are rich in antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and lycopene, a special dye tomato, and thus
protect against environmental toxins and strengthen the immune system. Lycopene is fighting
in the cells, even in the hair cells, an influence from cell destructive.
Green leafy vegetables

Many lettuces contain vitamin E, folic acid and vitamin C. Vitamin C is radical scavengers
and strengthens the immune system so it is important for bone and connective tissue
formation. Also for skin and hair is the ability of vitamin C, iron intake in the hair cells to
promote important because iron deficiency is a frequent cause of diffuse hair loss in women.

Citrus fruit:

Contain much vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and beyond the Iron
Absorption promotes. Brittle hair is prevented and the luster of the hair increased.

Other fruits:

Especially bananas contain the metabolism of vitamin B6, which promotes hair growth and
smoothes the skin, but (as all the B vitamins) only in small quantities by the body can be
Therefore, vitamin B6 daily new record if one deficiency
wants to avoid appearances. Strawberries also stimulate hair growth - with its high percentage
of vitamin C and folic acid.

Nuts / cereals / Oils

Are rich in vitamins of the B complex, which provides important metabolic

processes in the cells, as in the hair root, and thus activate skin and hair strengthening. The
vitamins of the B complex bow beyond inflammation and ensure a healthy scalp.

Distinguishes itself as a supplier of silicic acid, B-complex vitamins and zinc. Particularly
oats and barley are rich in silica, which strengthens the connective tissue and skin and
strengthens hair.
Wheat, however, is rich in B vitamins and thus also strengthens skin and hair. To protect
against brittle hair necessary Zink needs
Allows you to a great extent on yeast (included in Pantovigar) as well as rye and wheat germ

Vegetable oils (such as olive oil):

The vegetable oils found in vitamin E begins harmful free radicals in the body. It also reduces
the moisture loss of skin and contributes to a good flow with. Furthermore, there is a anti-
inflammatory effect on the scalp.

Fish and meat


Contains especially vitamin A and vitamin D. Vitamin A is for the regular development of
tissues important and protects cells from damaging free radicals. Vitamin A prevents
dehydration and scaling of the skin, and provides for strong hair and fingernails. Particularly
fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon are good sources of vitamin A. In addition, most fish
supply our cells with the reinforcing B-vitamins.


Is the best supplier of iron and zinc. Iron and zinc are essential trace elements that the body
for example, his metabolic
processes required. Even for a healthy cell growth and the resilience of hair, skin and nails is a
sufficient iron and Zinc needs necessary. Zinc may be in an active complex with the amino
acid histidine well by the body, what example in poultry, beef and pork available.
Dairy products:

The basic substance of the hair is protein. For healthy hair, the man therefore 0,8-1,2 grams of
protein per kilogram of body weight with the diet. A large part of which can of milk or dairy
products are covered. Besides dairy products supply the body e.g. with biotin, is important for
the fat and protein metabolism and thus to the formation of the protein structure of hair is


Cocoa contains the trace elements chromium, manganese and copper. By trace elements,
many metabolic processes in the body regulate. The addition of e.g. Copper hair structure
prevents damage (thin, brittle hair) and pigment disorders of the skin and hair before.

Green tea:

The polyphenols are contained for their antioxidant and thus cell-protective properties known.
In addition, polyphenols have an inflammatory effect, which also extends to the scalp.

Anatherum mur
Carb potassium (potash)
• Gabe: daily from D12 3 * = 5-10 or 5-10 drops globules or 1 tablet
Immediately with effect
Thallium aceticum + sulf thallium.
Alopecia Areata,
• Gabe: D12 = 3x daily 5-10 drops or 5-10 globules or 1 tablet
Thallium metallicum (thallium)
Alopecia Areata, especially after infectious diseases. Must be for months. Beginning with D 6,
3 * daily 2 weeks, then D 12, 2 * bid
Note D Prescription up to and including 3 / C 1



* High doses
* For women and men capable
* Well tolerated


Traditionally used as a mild-acting drugs for diffuse hair loss and brittle fingernails. For risks
and side effects read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

The slow hair formation and the nature of growth disorders require a regular income over a
certain period. Therefore, for 3 x Daily 1 capsule Pantovigar take 3-6 months.
Package sizes and prices (recommended retail price):

You can Pantovigar prescription in pharmacies receive:

Month packaging with 90 capsules / Kur packaging with 300 capsules