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Daniel 12:4, Proverb 4:14-19 According to The New Penguin English Dictionary, Campus is the grounds and buildings of a University especially or the grounds of a school, college etc. The campus community is a faithful copy of a large society but in a more complex and dynamic way. It showcases the different latent talents, characters, tendency as well as belief of diverse human beings who come under its influence and tutelage. It is usually an enclosure which usually has all required basic life necessities. Its quest for relevance in the field of every human endeavor endears it to all. The students live on a residential Campus with academic and non academic staff. The level of social life on campus stands out. There is absolute freedom almost without limit on campus. This can easily overwhelm an unstable soul. I. CAMPUS LIFE: POSITIVE ATTRACTIONS

The campus community is full of all sort of positive attractions to meet the positive yearning of those on campus. There is free interaction and highly developed ability to think, reason is displayed at its optimum. Other things common on campus that breed positive lifestyle are: a. Quest for knowledge. b. Research work often in progress. c. Maturity is ascribed to and expected from every one. d. Logical reasoning and programmatic life style. e. Powerful scriptural edification. f. Liberty and freedom of expression. g. Availability of infrastructure e.g. mini-market, lecture rooms, offices, supper markets, health centre, library, cafeteria, hostels, staff quarter, good road network, filling station, bank, Auditoria, common rooms, cyber caf, fellowship centre, etc. h. Scholarship opportunities. i. Enlightenment. j. Numerous academic programmes. k. healthy academic competition and rivalry. l. Conducive environment for learning. II. CAMPUS LIFE: DESTRUCTIVE DISTRATIONS Proverbs 4:14-19, proverb 16:25 proverb 13:20

It must be clearly noted that in the midst of positive attractions, there are many destructive and damnable distractions. The campus is full of all sorts of unthinkable social vices that are capable of doing incalculable destruction to the lives of many careless souls who suddenly found themselves in an environment of unguarded liberty. No wonder why some youths enter the campus as a Christian only to graduate as sinful, backslidden individuals.

Some of these distractions are as follows. a. Agitation / rioting under the influence of the rebellious spirit. b. Satanic, immoral, seductive mode of dressing. c. Cultism. d. Drug addiction. e. Pseudo-Christian assemblies. f. Partying and reveling. g. Pornography. h. shameless display of nudity through beauty pageants. i. violence and destructions of properties. j. Numerous occultic gatherings. k. Alcoholism. l. Immoralities, homosexuality, lesbianism, rape and promiscuity. m. Satanic shows and music. n. Examination malpractices. o. Sexual harassment by lecturers. p. Unwholesome quest for power, fame and money. q. Prostitution etc. These distractions, which are in no way exhaustive, are capable of defeating, demolishing, destroying, devastating and damning the careless soul here and in eternity. B-E-W-A-R-E! III. CAMPUS LIFE: CAUTION FOR THE WISE Deuteronomy 32:29; Proverb 14:16; Ecclesiastes 1:18; 12:1; I John 2:15-17; Proverb 12:15; John 15; Hebrew 10:25 Do not forsake the assembly of the brethren in DLCF (Deeper Life Campus fellowship). There are proliferation of fellowships on campus, beware! Constantly abide in Christ. Avoid wrong company.. Pray and meditate on the word of God daily. Determine to follow the lord to the end. Realize that you will not stay on campus forever; the future is ahead of you. Live with the rapture in view.

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