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MinGW Developer Studio ====================== Copyright (C) 2002-2005 by Parinya Thipchart Homepage: http://www.parinyasoft.com/ E-mail: thipchart@gmail.

com What is MinGW Developer Studio? ------------------------------MinGW Developer Studio is a Cross-Platform C/C++ Integrated Development Environm ent(IDE) for GNU GCC compiler system. Currently it supports Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. it offers many powerful features for C/C++ programmers. * Multiple document interface(MDI) * Syntax highlighting for C/C++. * Automatic and smart indentation. * Code Folding. * Project management. * Help integration. * Find and replace facilities. * Debugging(using GNU gdb) * Code calltip. * GNU makefile generation. System Requirement ------------------ Windows version * Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP or higher. * MinGW 1.1 or higher(Optional, if you got the full version of MinGW Developer S tudio) - Linux version * GTK+ 2.0 or higher. * GNU gdb 5.21 or higher.(Optional if you don't use its debugging features) - FreeBSD version * GTK+ 2.0 or higher. * GNU gdb 5.21 or higher.(Optional if you don't use its debugging features) Installation ------------ Windows version * Setup MinGW Developer Studio If you got a self-extracting setup file , just run the executable. If you got a zip file , extract it to a directory (like c:\MinGWStudio)

* Tell MinGW Developer Studio where your MinGW compiler is. If you got the full version(Integrated MinGW compiler) you can skip this step. - Run MinGW Developer Studio. - Go to menu "Edit" and select "Options" - Select "Compiler" tab and enter or browse your MinGW directory. (This directory is MinGW root directory not MinGW bin directory like c:\MinGW not c:\MinGW\bin) Note that if you got a full version and you have installed MinGW Developer Studi o before you may have to tell MinGW Developer Studio for your new MinGW path if you would like to use MinGW Compiler that comes with MinGW Developer Studio. - Linux & FreeBSD version * Unpack the package mingw-devstudio_OS-yyy.tar.gz in a location that you would like to keep MinGW Studio. * OS is linux or freebsd yyy is MinGW Developer Studio version. Remove ------ Windows version * Installer version. Run 'Uninstall' on the MinGW Developer Studio Start Menu folder or open 'Add/Rem ove Programs' in Control Panel and double-click 'MinGW Developer Studio' in the list box. * Zip version. Just delete a folder of MinGW Developer Studio. - Linux & FreeBSD version Just delete the folder that contains MinGW Studio. Feedback -------For feedback, questions, bugs report and any comments: - E-mail thipchart@gmail.com - Homepage http://www.parinyasoft.com/ - Forum http://www.parinyasoft.com/forums - Mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mingw-devstudio/