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Test conducted for Test conducted for

: STRUCTURES DIVISION : The Construction Manager, B.H.E.L., Visakhapatnam.

DETERMINATION OF CEMENT CONTENT Water-cement ratio = Water Cement = = 0.40 170lts 425kgs

This cement is adequate for Moderate exposure condition Determination of coarse and fine aggregate content 0.98m3= (170+425/3.13+1/0.35*fa/2.60)*1/1000 fa = 614kg 0.98m3= (170+425/3.13+1/0.65*Ca/2.80)*1/1000 Ca= 1227kg Mix design for M 30 Mix proportion by Weight with Cement:Ramco-OPC-43 Grade Cement

Coarse aggregate(CA) (20+12.5) 170lts 425kg 614kg 1227(736+431)kg 0.40 1.00 1.44 2.89(60%+40%) Average compressive strength of concrete cubes at 7days obtained with the above proportions 1. 27.3MPa *Slump observed 2. 27.1MPa = 170 mm 3. 27.5MPa



Fine Aggregate(FA)

Chemical added Sikament 170 at dosage of 4.25 kg/m3

Test conducted for Test conducted for

: STRUCTURES DIVISION : The Construction Manager, B.H.E.L., Visakhapatnam.

Mix design for M 30 Grade Concrete with :Ramco-OPC-43 Grade cement a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Compressive strength required in the field at 28days(MPa) Max.size of aggregate(mm) Degree of workability (Specified) mm (Slump/CF) Degree of quality control Type of exposure Min.cement (if specified)(kg/m3) Max.W/C ratio (if specified) Test data for materials: a) b) c) Cement used Specific Gravity of cement Specific Gravity of 1) Coarse Aggregate-40mm 2) Coarse Aggregate-20mm 3) Coarse Aggregate-12.5mm 4) Coarse Aggregate-10mm 5) Fine Aggregate Sand corresponding to Zone Target mean strengthof concrete (30+1.65*5= Selection of w/c ratio corresponding to the above strength requirement (Curve-E) Selection of water per cubic meter Fine aggregate % selected in total aggregate Adjustment required in water(%) ---Ramco OPC 43 Grade Cement 3.13 2.81 2.80 2.60 II 38.3 MPa 0.40 170 39 0% sand in total aggregates - 4.0 -- 4.0 30 20 150-180 Good Moderate 425 -

d) e) f) g) h)

Adjustment in water & sand change in condition For decrease in W/c ratio by (0.6-0.40) For sand conforming to zoneII/III Total

Therefore required sand content as % of total aggregate by absolute volume

= 39- 4 = 35%

Test conducted for Test conducted for

: STRUCTURES DIVISION : The Construction Manager, B.H.E.L., Visakhapatnam.

Reference letter No. : testing of mix design for M 30 grade of concretes for piling and super structures works for construction of 2*520 MW HNPCL Vizag TTP site at Palavalasa village, Pedagantyada Mandal, Vizag District.cement Note : Cement, Sand, Coarse aggregate and Admixture Samples are sent by the partly with description (identity mark) noted below and reference sited above.

TEST RESULTS Date of testing: 28:01:2011

Mix Design: M 30 Grade Cement PROPERTIES OF INGREDIENTS I) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Cement: Ramco OPC 43 Grade Cement Standard Consistency (%) Initial Setting Time (Minutes) Final Setting Time (Minutes) Fineness (by sieving) (%) (As retained on 90 micron sieve) Specific Gravity Ultimate Compressive strength of average of three standard cement mortar cubes a) At the age of 3days(MPa) b) At the age of 7days(MPa) c) At the age of 28days(MPa) Properties of Fine Aggregate (Sand): 31.0 126 242 2.00 3.13

26.8 37.4 --


1. 2. 3.

Bulk Density: Loose (kg/m3) Bulk Density: Rodded (kg/m3) Specific Gravity Fineness Modulus

1486 1692 2.60 2.48

Test conducted for Test conducted for

: STRUCTURES DIVISION : The Construction Manager, B.H.E.L., Visakhapatnam.

III) Sieve analysis (Grading):

S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

IS. Sieve designation 10mm 4.75mm 2.36mm 1.18mm 600microns 300microns 150microns

%finer than 100 98 92 81 54 24 3

Note: sand conforming to grading zone II as per IS: 383 1970 IV) Properties of coarse aggregate:

S. No 1 2 3

Description Bulk density : Loose (Kg/m3) Bulk density : Rodded (Kg/m3) Specific gravity Fineness modulus

20mm 1448 1680 2.81 7.04

12.5mm 1424 1658 2.80 6.59

V) Sieve analysis (Grading):

S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

IS. Sieve designation 40mm 20mm 12.5mm 10mm 4.75mm 2.36mm 1.18mm 600microns 300microns 150microns 20mm 100 86 -10 0 0 0 0 0 0

% finer than 12.5mm -100 91 42 8 0 0 0 0 0


Installation and testing of cast-in-situ RCC Bored piles & allied works for 2*520MW HNPCL, Vizag Thermal Power Project Issue of Form V Reg


Bharat heavy electrical Ltd, Report no: 1 W : 0.4

Grade of concrete: M30 Mix proportion: 1:1.491:3.017 Cement content: 413kg/m3 % of fine aggregate: 35

Brand of cement India Cement(RAASI OPC 43 Grade) Admixture: Conplast SP 337 HG4(FOSROC) Dc: 0.80%

% of coarse aggregate: 65

%20mm aggregate: 60 % of 12.5mm aggregate: 40

Mix details: Ingredients Cement Water Sand mm 12.5mm Admixture Slump Qty as per design mix(per m3) 413 165 616 748 498 3.304 Units Kgs Ltr Kgs Kgs Kgs Ltr Cube ID: No of cubes Casted: BHEL S.D Chowdary For Trail Mix 25 10.0 37 45 30 0.2 TM1/29/09/10 09 HNPCL

Initial After 45min 165mm@15.3hrs 150mm SIL

Name: Signature: Date:


Project: Client:

Installation of board cast-in-situ piling work for HGU & DHT unit at HPCL VISAKHA REFINERY in Vizag. M/s. Technip KT India Ltd,

Mix design as per IS 10262/IS 456 2000. SI. no description Design stipulation a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Characteristic compressive strength of 15cm*15cm*15cm cube at 28days Risk factor Standard deviation Target mean strength Maximum size of aggregate Degree of quality control Type of exposure Workability(slump required) :30N/mm2 :1.65 :5.00 :38.25N/mm2 :20mm :good :severe :150-180mm : Value

Test data of materials a. b. c. d. e. f. g. Type of cement Brand of cement Specific gravity of cement Specific gravity of fine aggregate Specific gravity of coarse aggregate Admixture Dosage of admixture :SLAG :DUNCAN :CLASSIC/GAJAPATHI :3.12 :2.58 :conplast SP430A2/sikmer 170south :0.8% to 1.0%

Water cement ratio: Water cement ratio as per specification. Water content : 413*0.4=165lts Determination of fine and coarse aggregates. From table 3 of IS 10202 for the specific maximum size of aggregate for 20mm the amount of entrapped air in the wet concrete is 2%

Taking this into account applying following equation with the ratio of FA: CA=65 V-Va 1000-20 980 Fa = = = = C/Sc+W(Ca/1-% of Fa*Sfa) 413/3.12+165(Fa/0.35*2.58) 132.37+165(Fa/0.35*2.58) 616kg

Fine aggregate Fa = 616 kg/m3 Coarse aggregate V-Va 1000-20 Coarse aggregate = = = C/Sc+ W (Ca/1-% of Fa SFa) 4.13/3.12+165+ (Ca/0.65*2.81) 1246kg/m3 60:40

Ratio of 20mm: 12.5mm =

Mix proportion


Cement (kg/m3) 413 50kg(1 bag) Note :

Water (liters) 165 20.00

Fine aggregate (kg/m3) 616 75

Coarse aggregate (kg/m3) 20mm 12.5mm 748 498 91 60

Admixture (kg/m3) 3.304 0.4

The above mentioned is free W/C/ratio. Necessary correction shall be made for moisture content and water absorption of aggregates. Dosage of admixture shall be increased to get the required workability. Trail mix shall be conducted at site.

CUBE TESTING REPORT INSTALATION AND TESTING OF CAST IN-SIGHT RCC BORED PILING AND ALLIED WORKS FOR THERMAL POWER PROJECT 2*520 MW HNPCL VIZAG CLIENT-HINDUJA NATIONAL POWER CORPORATION LTD PMC: BHARATH HEAVY ELECTRICALS LTD Concrete grade:M30 Cube identificatio n Date of castin g Date of testin g report no:1 Cube testing details Cube Cube size nos./mark L*B*H s (mm*mm*mm ) date: 27.10.2010 Cube wt.(kg ) Applie d load (KN)