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An Industrial Visit Report On



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General information Production Department Personel Department Marketing Department Finance Department Swot Analysis Future Plan Suggetion Conclussion Bibliography

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Introduction Company Profile Location History & Development Size & Form of organization General organization structure Organization chart. Co-Operative Society

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The ENERCON LTD. Is located at Sadodar, Jamnager, company produce raw-material for windfarm, like segments blade turbine etc. & company stand up windfarm and after produce eco friendly electricity.

ENERCON LTD. Is German multinational company. In India company has two CTF (concrete tower facility) (1) Sadodar and (2) Shi Rhtti

It has three manufacturing plants in daman. Company work in six state of India, Gujarat, Maharastra, Madhyprades, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamilnadu

WHY WIND ENERGY BECAURSE Renewable source of energy The project is environment friendly. A project with the fastest pay back period. The cheapest source of power electrical energy on a leveled cost over 20 year. A permanent shield against even increasing power price the cost per KWH reduces over a period of time as against rising cost for conventional power project. A real fast track power project with the lowest gestation period. Operation and maintains (o&m) cost are low due to gearless technology and low rpm ( 50 rpm max) machine of Emerson. A project with no investment in manpower since comprehensive o&m is taken up by Enercon.


Establish in 1995 subsidiary of ENERCON GmbH, Germany 150, 9000 certification for manufacturing installation and services Manufacturing & marketing two models with rating 230kw (E-32) and 600kw (E-40) and has installed more than 400 wtg. ENERCONS total manpower strength is 3700 which 350 managers and engineers have undergone extensive training in Germany. First Indian company to export fut set of wt6 to Australia. Technical & Financial collaboration. Foreign promoter: ENERCON GmbH. Indian promoter : Mehra Group ENERCON GmbH has its global slogan ENERCON FOR THE WORLD it launch its operations in India in year 1994 with formation of its subsidiary ENERCON (INDIA) LIMITED its market leader in Germany. ENERCON world wide has 2750 mw of installed capacity of wind energy converters in operation only company in the world who has providing concrete tower to wind energy converters.


Name of Unit Establishment Year Form of organization Registered Main Product Financial Year Other Product

: : : : : : :

ENERCON LTD. (INIDA) 1995 Private Limited. In Germany concrete Tower & Steel 75-MT Tower 2006-2007 Type Of Product E 30 (230 KW) E 40 (600 KW) E 48 (800 KW) E 66 E 70 E 82/2 Raw-material. For windfarm Segments blade. Turbine 1500 Cr. Technology superiority Yogesh Mehra Dr. Hobben ICICI Bank, Bank of India, Canada Bank, ING bank, UBI, BN, AMRO bank, Exim bank, 2600 Around

Investment Name of Brand Managing Director Chairman Banker

: : : : :






ENERCON LTD. Is establish in 1995 in Germany. After pass time company started its work in out countries. Company starts its work 2003 in India.

Location of an Industry in important operation for management design it has to choose regionally as site of the plant location decision should be based an companys technological marketing availability of material etc.

The objects of plant location decision making is to minimize the sum of all costs affected by location. Nearness to raw-material to large proper labor. Availability to basic infrastructure facility.

ENERCON LTD. Is German multinational company. Company located which I visit is located at Sadodar Jamnager. ILE ENERCON HISTORY By founding ENERCON in 1984 the graduate engineer ALOYS WOBBEN sparked off an economic and ecological transformation on Germany wind energy market. The extent of innovation of ENERCON is determined by research and development in 1991 the company took a pioneering step by developing & manufacturing the E-40 as the worlds first gearless wind energy converter. This unprecedented concept gave the decisive impetus to our claim ENERCON FOR THE WORLD. BENCHMARKS OF ENERCON HISTORY
1984 1985 1987 1988 Company founded by AIOYS Webbed development of first generation of ENERCON wind energy converters. Series production and installation of E-15/E-16 with 65kw Contraction of a windfarm with 10 ENERCON E-16 Contraction of employees first own production facility (900 mw) development & installation of E-17/80kw, as well as E-32/300kw prototype. Start of series production of E-40/500kw as first gearless wind turbine world wide contraction of production plant for series production of rotor blades start of development of gearless E 66/1500KW 150 9001 certificate awarded to ENERCON contraction of a E 30 production plant in India. Purchase of a production plant in BRAZIL German environmental award presented to alloys wobben. ( Dip Ing ) Participation in SKET Maschinen Und Anlagendau GmbH. 50


1994 1996 1997 1998

2000 2002 2003

Doubling manufacturing capacity. German environmental Award presented alloys wobben Erection of the E 112 prototype (4.5MW) in egeln near Magdeburg, the largest wind turbine n the world. ENERCON has following capacity installation by 05.05.03 481 X E 36 3,400 X E 40 121 X E 58 1,458 X E 66

HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT The company establishment in year 1995 in German. Company registered is situated at Germany.

Company first stand up 108mt load windfarm in Rhineland Palatine in Germany. This model only for example it was very success.

The contraction of building and the installation of machinery took around one year 1996. Initially processing to few person ware doing the job to collection concrete and processing and produce segments blade & stand up tower. After company growths day & day out.

It we can look from 1995 to 2008 we can observe companys growths Companys growths is about 40 50 % per annum.


ENERCON LTD. Is a large scale industry and also German multinational company. Companys total investment around 1500 cr. And turn over in year 2008 us 2200 cr. Form of organization of ENERCON LTD. Is private limited unit, user electricity.



Organization is group of people working together cooperatively under authority to word achieving goals and objectives that mutually benefit the participants has goal & objectives for its existence, it is poeticize: the effective ness of human resources.

According to profit. Allan defines as the process of indenting and grouping the work to be performed defining and establishing relationship for the propose of enabling people to work most effectively to gather in establishing of objectives.

In ENERCON LTD. There is a separate personal department for achievement of goals. Personal department is one of the most important part in organization structure all the function related with company are being concern-Ned with personal department personal manager has got maximum authority and get higher status in organization structure.


ORGANIZATION CHART Managing Director Chair Man Chief Executive Officer

Finance Department

Marketing Department

Production Department

Head plant

Account Department

Purchase Department

HRD Department

Admin And Security


Quality Department

Concrete Department

Reinforcement Department

Finishing & Painting Plants

Batching O & M Department Department



The ENERCON co operative society came into being in the month of April 2002. Initially only 322 members ware enrolled with the society. When the co-operative society came into being. There was no such registered employee credit co-operative society in demand. So it was difficult to convince the government of Daman for registration of society.

Today the number of members of enercon co-operative society has skyrocketed from 322 in 2002 to 2800 in October 2006. Since inception of the society. 1700 members have benefited from cash loans amounting to Rs. 2.5 Cr.
5,00,000 4,45,000 4,00,000 3,00,000 2,57,967 2,00,000 1,54,457 1,00,000 0 2,600 2002-2003 , 2003-2004 , 2004-2005 , 2005-2006 15

Year Growth rate of ENERCON co-operative society.

2002 03 2003 04 2004 05 2005 06

Profit (In Rs.)

26,000 1,54,457 2,57,967 4,45,000

Interest Paid (%)

5 5 7 7

Dividend Paine (%)

2.00 6.50 4.25 4.25


GROUP COMPANIES IN INDIA 8,4MW ENERCON Windfarms India Ltd. 21 MW ENERCON Windfarm Karnataka Ltd. ENERCON windfarm Rajasthan Ltd.



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1 Introduction & Importance


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Production & use of it Raw material & its sources. Machinery Production Process Capacity of Production

24 25 26 28 29



Production department has basically to deal with production as manufacturing of goods production is the conversion of raw-material into finished goods as the production if the central indo of any organization the product must be goods quality otherwise organization should have a goods production department for ENERCON LTD. Is a having a cyprinids production department.

Company use raw-material like cement flash concrete steel iron and other chemical.

Production it the very important part for any company it production is weak we can not cover all over market.


PRODUCTS & USE OF IT ENERCON LTD made material for windfarm and stand up windfarm and after produce eco friendly electricity.


(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

E 30 (230 KW) windfarm E 40 (600 KW) windfarm E 48 (800 KW) windfarm E 66 E 70 E 82 Blade of windfarm Segmets of windfarm Turbine of windfarm



For any production basically need is raw-material without raw-material noting is produce. Stand up windfarm company use segments. Turbine & blade of for segments production company use concrete water. Cement flash chemical steel and iron. RAW METERIAL SOURCES. Company purchase raw-material n our country and foreign company purchase cement from AMBUJA CEMENT LTD. Flash and concreter purchase from vadala and kalawad, steel iron and chemical purchase in Germany.


MACHINERY ENERCON LTD is German multinational company for production company purchase heavy machinery company used number of veichal & machinery.

Company purchase its R.o plant machinery from Germany and production plant machinery purchase from Brazil. HANSA INDUSTRIENIANGEN D- 89241 senden, Germany E-Mail @ hansa industrieanlagen.com Companys targets of 900 machine installations in the year 2007 2008.


LATEST AND MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IN WIND ENERGY ENERCON offers a unique design of turbine with is the latest in wind turbine technology in the world and so far nobody else is having this kind technology. ENERCON gearless machine with synchronous generators, variable slow speed continuous pitch regulation



Production is the most important for company production mean raw-material convert in to finished goods. Company has a heavy machine for produce material of windfarm and after stand p windfarm and also produce ecofriendly energy In sadodar I visit that CTE produce segments of windfarm and blade and turbine produce in Daman. For segments production company use cement, steel, iron, flash, & chemical and also water first they mixed rawmaterial in filter R.O. water after mixed inter in batching plant and cases. When segments become strong they paint it. Company gave a contract for foundation to L&T company after foundation company stand up windfarm & joint blade with turbine and turbine joint with segments. Turbine is very technical electrical machinery.


CAPACITY OF PRODUCTION Company use heavy machinery for produce segments. Company produce segments per day 27 and per week segment production is 117. By windfarm ENERCON product 1000MW electricity in India. Casting of first steel tower E 48 156M foundation by cspy 01 time at vibrant samana an 15th Nov 2006, while also surpassing the cumulative 300th tower during the same fortnight. In 200 windfarm power production capacity is 59GW. To day 40 countries generate mare then 10MW of wind power and ten countries are approaching or exceeding the 1GW mark in installed capacity. potential of generation 45000 MW so far captured on 2500 MW by all player.


MW INS TALLED Sr. 1 2 3 4 5 Country Germany Spain U.S.A Denmark India Installed 11,968 5,043 4,674 2,880 1,702


INIDA SCENARIO FROM 2007 PWER SCENARIO IN INDIA Total demand Total supply Shortfall : : : 1,15,000 MW 1,00,000 MW 15,000 MW

In addition demand for power in India is increasing @ 10% p.a requiring 10,000MW Huge potential for wind energy India. Country has eight principal states which are blessed with conducive wind potential. Mapped potential @ 30 Mtrs : hub height: 25,000 MW @ 50 Mtrs : hub height: 45,000 MW Installed as an 3,00,92,001 1,437 MW To generate 10,000 12,000 MW of energy from renewable sources. It will be translate into annual additions of 500 600 MW.


Wind energy installation in world have grown growth energy at and average rate of 31% p.a. cumulative Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Annual Sales (MW) 1,290 1,292 1,566 2,597 3,922 4,095 Annuals ------21% 66% 51% 15% Installation Capacity Year Installation 4,778 ---6,070 27% 7,636 26% 10,153 33% 13,932 37% 18,449 31%

Source: BTM consult APS March 2001



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Introduction Recruitment and Selection Training and development Wages and Salary Administration Employees Benefits

35 36 38 41 42


INTRODUCTION Personal management involves producer and practices thought which human resources management. Personal management is very important to run types of business because personal management deals with human resources and if they are satisfied they swid certainly perform their task enthusiastically as a result production and profit scan be increase which are know as the fuel to run engine of any business. During my visit in this unit I found that there is an idew man power management because the us a limited is quite satisfied.


RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Recruitment has been regarded as the most important function of personal administration recruitment is a process to discover the source of man power in schedule the purpose of recruitment and job specification. According to profit Flipro recruitment is both positive and negative activity he says it a process of searching prospective employee and stimulating and them to apply for jobs in as organization.


Recruitment Process Request for manpower from HOD Sourcing of data by HRD Data shorting by HRD Preliminary interview by operative HRD department Further interview of short listed ended attest with head HR and function Final interview I assessment by tech head Climb test, medical and psychometric test

The selection procedure is concerned about an applicant thus information is secured in a number of steps. The objective of selection process is t determine whether and placements the qualification for specific job and to choose the applicant he is must likely to perform will in that job.



Every organization need to have well trained and expired peoples to perform the activates that have to be done. In recent area industry a list gave much more importance to the training of employees. To promotion or to develop the industry sand industrial relations generally they gave the training is expensive technical state to give the training ultimately at is benefit to company. It si an act of increasing knowledge and mainly to method of training namely. - on the job training - off the job training a series of rescue trainings was conducted by SFE department in ENERCON LTD employee during September, October 2006, this training program was designed to make the site personal understand the working at new FG-9 rescue device and make correct and safe use of such devices at the time of emergency, these employees ware also thought how to maintain and keep these kind of devices in ready to use condition.



Aiming through training at 1) leadership skill development 2) interpersonal and Behaviaral development 3) Technical skill Development 4) Management Development 5) Worker Development 6) Leadership Potanical Mopping

In ENERCON LTD there is no separate department of training to ready selected people at operative level. He is placed at the work under supervision of a senior worker who gives guidance and introduction abothen particular task. Then the particular employee at this units means that they generally provide on the job training. A managerial level they selected those person who are experienced and after word they are assigned some task which are to less importance and on words they are to less importance and on words they are trained by given them guidance at managerial level also the job training is provided. The employee may be sent to the deferent seminar and exhibitions etc. but the employee must deserve such training. Development is long turn process develop the personality mental ability and maturity of the employees development of employees can improve his job performance it means that he can work efficiently and become a beneficial employee for company.



Time keeping system is very essential for the regulation of employee and for marinating the productivity of the units. The ENERCON LTD. Time for production department is as follows.

(1) for office (2) for worker

: 8:00 am to 1:00pm 2:00 pm to 7:00pm : 8:00 am to 1:00pm 3:00 pm to 7:00pm

NIGHT SHIFT: First shift Second shift : 8:00pm to 12:00am : 12:00am to 7:00am

Every worker has to sign in daily register.



Wages and salary administration reters to establishment and implement ion of sound price and practices of employees compensation the basic purpose of wages and salary administration is to establish, maintain and equitable wage and salary structure. It has been rightly side that People do what they satiety some need before they do anything they look for a reward of pay off. In ENERCON LTD. Go employee are working including unskilled as will as sent and wages and salary is decided by board of director. The company and they determine of the basic of his work hear in this unit their etiology of employee all the employee get his wage and salary and monthly wags at the end of the month.


EMPLOYEES BENEFITS Management is carned with attracting an keeping employees whose perfor mance meets at least minimum level of acceptiabillty. The provision of benefit and services can to and are important in maintain the employee and reducing or keeping turn over and absenteeism low. Employee benefit and services and the other hand are available to all employee based and their relationship in the organization the purpose of such benefit an services is to retain people in the organization they faster loyalth and act as a security based for the worker. ENERCON LTD. Provides so many facilities which we can classify in there categories medican facilis other benefits this is as follows: (1) a. b. c. d. e. (2) a. b. c. d. INDUSTRIAL RELATION ACTIVITIES. Helping to Employee Grievance redressed Managing Harmony and Disciplines Wages Settlement Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring WELFARE ACTIVITIES: Canteen Management. Uniform Medical Insurance


(3) a. b. c. d. e.

EMPLOYEES RELATION ACTIVITIES: Employees credits and consumer co-operative society. Celebration of festival and cultural programs. Sports Family get-together Image building and community development

(4) a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

SECURITY, SAFETY AND ADMINISTRATION. Safety and security of man Vigilance House Keeping Tours and travel management Guest House management Maintenance of Garden an other facility Legal and Local Liaison.



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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Introduction Organization of Department Channel of Distribution Advertising Competitions of the company Marketing in India Customer Perspective

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Marketing consists all activities by which a company adopts. It self to its environment versatility and partially. Marketing management means human activities directing at satisfying need and wants thraught exchange process tool for success. For above said important ENERCON LTD is having marketing change of their department Mr. Shakhar Bhagwal who is well experienced and expert marketing department which play better part in the organization. The head of the marketing department is marketing manager there is line type of organization thus authority follows up words to down and responsibility bottom to top level.


ORGANIZATION OF DEPARTMENT Chief Executive Office Marketing Department Marketing Manager Marketing Assistant Marketing Attend Purchase Department Purchase Manager Purchase Assistant Purchase Attend

In this competitive business world of today marketing of new product important if you product one product it must have market for all. Marketing organization by function based an important marketing function such as advertisements. But whole activity is taken under the supervision marketing manager. They all answerable to managing director. We can come to know that the company adopts alien type of organization for marketing department in marketing. These in no separate clepartment for marketing. The flow of authority is from up word to down word.



Channel at distribution can be defined as the marketing process n which goods and services are transterred from producer to the ultimate company. Or consumer there direct one type of distribution ENERCON direct sell windfarm & electricity to consumer.

Manu Factures



ADVERTISING ENERCON LTD. Is a German multinational company. Companys marketing and production is very fast. Company sometime advertising in news paper. We can says that company newer advertising.



Today any business becomes competitors it the product at services is weak we can not stand in morden market. ENERCON LTD. Is produce raw-material for windfarm and stand up windfarm and after produce electricity. SUZLON PUBLIC LTD. And WESTARS PVT LTD. Are to competitors of ENERCON LTD. They both the company is German multinational company.


Year 1997 98 1998 99 1999 00 2000 01 2001 02 2002 03 Sales in crores (Rs) 54 73 153 225 445 460

Its turnover in year 2002 03 was Rs 4.6 Billion while market share was in excess of 30% and in additional to the EILS Gross back is over Rs. 580 million as on March 2003 and net worth is more than Rs 1.6 billion. Eilenjoys highest credit rating (PLT) warded by CRISIL



Delhi Jaipur Pune Colmbotore Mumbai

To be find up Baroda and Gujarat Chennai and Banglore Mumbai



Ambika cotton mills is a public limited company and its shares are listed with Bombay stock Exchange. The company has 3 units of production in operation and 4th units with 44,000 spindles nearing fast completion taking total to 1,10,000 spindles, the company wind turbine installation of 13.8MW comprising ENERCON make Gearless wind turbine for the use in the state of Tamilandu.



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Bannari Amman Sugar Ltd. Birla Vamanha Ltd. Coksi Tube Ltd. Cepco Industrial Pvt. Ltd. Chordia food product Ltd. Chodawat pan masala industry Ltd. Hotel sun n send Indo sell casting Pvt. Ltd. Kirolsker Copeland Ltd. Liberty oil mills Ltd. Mohite & Mohite New Sahayadri industries Ltd. Parle Product Ltd. Pate Shanti Steel Pvt. Ltd. Pidilite industries Ltd. Sakal paper Ltd. Sambandam spinning mills Ltd. Shilpa antibiotics Ltd. Siddagnagam oil extraction Ltd. Texmo industries Ltd. TVS industries Ltd. Vijay Solvex Ltd.


Players of Industry Vastas Gamesa Enercon NEG Micon Bonus

Sold MW Market 2000 Share (%) 805 17.9% 623 13.9% 613 13.7% 601 13.4% 516 11.5%

Sold MW Market 1999 Share (%) 652 16.6% 494 12.6% 488 12.5% 761 19.4% 338 8.6%

ENERCON GmbH is third largest WTG Supplier in the world



Sr. No Particular
1 2 3 4 Introduction Sources of capital Management of Fixed Assets Working capital management

58 59 60 61


INTRODUCTION Finance is primary requirement for starting kind of business without finance not business can be started. Finance is a blood for every business fo morden machinery using economy. Finance may be as the provision of money at a time is required. The basic work of finance department is to how can that money be utilized in the best way where as account department has takeep complete notes of he transacting made by the company and name by the company and make necessary at the company. Clepartment has to deal with money. ENERCON LTD has finance and account department is joint one. The change of this department is work in to cocept of working capital gross and net working copycat as working capital is simple called as working capital refers to the company investment in current assets are the assents which can to cash within an accounting years and includes cash short term sear ties debtors bill receivable & stock the team net working capital refers to the deference between current assets and currents liability.


SOURES OF CAPITAL Capital is a most important for any types of business without capital we could not start business capital is a heart of business capital is basic need. (1) (2) short turn requirement long turn requirement

short turn fund are required for the meeting working capita needs they are usually required for a period up to one year they are raised from sources which can provide fund only for a short period quickly and at reasonable cost. according to period: share, debentures, loan, team loan, advance for commercial bank public deposits. Trade redits. according to ownership: share capital retained earning and surpass burro wet capital according to please : national capital, international apital according to sources of generation : retained earning and depreciation funds securities With share and debentures loan etc.


MANAGEMENT OF FIXED ASSETS Fixed assets are those assets that are permianent on nature and these aren to easily convertible in cash, fixed assets are on the basic of length, of physical and economical lie and their convertibly in cash and there place occupy in the business cycle.

Fixed assets has fixed cost burden having long turn and huge investment and thus burning an the operational officiency of the firm they must crate problem for the firm. They must be managed property for the survival of the firm so such derision are taken only offer seeing the protitablity on such assets and fixed assets are building and plant the management of such assets government low and companies position.

Fixed assets as on Gross blank Deprecation

31-3-06 -------------

31-3-07 -----------



A business organization has to face quit often the problem of capital investment refers to available these projects are quite heavy and to be made immediately gut the return will be available only offer a period of team. Replacement:Replacement of fixed assets may become necessary either on account or new technology. Expansion:A company may have to expand its production capacity an account of high demand for its products and inadequate production capacity. Diversification:A business may like to recoiled its risk by operation in several markets rather then in a single market. Research Development:Large sum of money may have to be expanded for research and development in case of those incisures whose technology is rapidly. Miscellaneous:A company have to invite money project which do net directly help in achieving profit oriented goal.




SWOT Analysis means the analysis of S Strength W Weakness O Opportunity T Threat Strength Enercon Weakness Irregularity in time cost. Opportunity Rapidly and continuous growth in the market, so company will th ink about expansion. Threat Highly competitive market against imported vitrified tiles. india Pvt. Ltd. is giving employment around 3 00 employees.





ENERCON LTD. Future plan is they will generate 1000MW of clean energy by the year 2010. without damage in environment. They want to setting up 240MW wind power project on build operate and transfer basis. Details are under:1. 160MW at Gurgoan / Silkhan in mewat district. 2. 80MW at Madhogarh / Khundhana in ohendraga district




suggest to ENERCON LTD they produce more and more electricity by windfarm because today shortage of electricity in all over world. I also suggest that they minimum damage to environment of INDIA.




CONCLUSION I would like to say ENERCON LTD. Has good repetition in the market there very goods department system in this organization system which help every work enthusiastically when I have visited the office and factory I observe that these was cleanness and discipline every where the overall performance of this unit is good so that they profit increase day and day out. So it can said that ENERCON LTD bright and good future for coning years looking at the god management and maintain of quality of product wish that they may good success in this new project.




BIBLIOGRAPHY (1) (2) (3) (4) Production Management. Mr. Milind Soman Personal Management. Mr. Nimesh Rajput Finance Management. Mr. Suresh Parikh Marketing Management. Mr. Pankaj Sharma