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Quiz on Computer Awareness for Bank Exams - 2010

1. A file containing relatively permanent data is a)Random file b)Master file c)Transaction file d)Sequential file e) None

2. One million bytes of information is abbreviated as a) Bit b) KB c) MB d) GB e) None 3. Bing is also known as a) MSN Search b) Live Search c) Windows Live Search d) All e) None 4. Microsofts latest operating system is a)Vista b)Vista Advanced c)Windows XP d)Windows 7 e)None 5. AltaVista is a a)Search engine b)Windows OS c)Browser d)Virus e)Vista Theme 6. What is other name of LAN Card a)MODEM b)NIC c)Internet Card d)Network Connector e)None 7. Which is the latest type of printer interface? a)Serial b)DVI c)Parallel d)USB e)none 8. In Windows XP, which shortcut is used you lock the computer? a) Ctrl + L b) Windows key + K c) Ctrl + K

d) Scroll Lock key e) Windows key + L 9. The maximum number of IDE devices that can be installed in an ATX computer is a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 10. When using characters in Windows, what code does Windows use? a)ASCII b)UNICODE c)MORSE d)IDBC e)WESTRN 11. Which protocol provides name resolution for host and domain names for a TCP/IP network? a)HTTP b)TELNET c)SMTP d)DNS e)SNMP 12. How fast is Fast Ethernet? a)10 Mbps b)100 Mbps c) 256 Kbps d)1 Gbps e)10 Gbps 13. YouTube service of streaming videos online is provided by a)Google b)Microsoft c)IBM d)Apple e)Sony 14. Which one is not true? a)Google is a search engine b)Ubuntu is a system software c)Windows XP launched in 2001 d)Buzz is an e-Commerce company e) None

15. A Laptop or Notebook marked 802.11n in its feature, it means device support a)Bluetooth b)WiMAX c)USB d)Wi-Fi LAN e)3G 16. In EXCEL, the default workbook opens with a) One worksheets b) Two worksheets c) Three worksheets d) Four worksheets e) None 17. In Excel, this surrounds an active cell. a) Cell border b) Cell outline c) Cell rim d) Cell selector e) None 18. In H2O the figure 2 is appeared lowered. Which effect has been applied? a) Superscript b) Lowered c) Subscript d) Laid down

e) None 19. What is the Thesaurus used for? a) Grammar options b) Spelling options c) Opposite Words d) Synonyms and Antonyms d) None 20. What is the shortcut of Research command in MS-Word? a) Alt + click b) F3 c) Ctrl + F d) F7 e) None

Union Bank of India (PO) Computer Awareness Paper

(held on 9th Jan. 2011)

1. A folder inside a folder is called ________. a) Mini Directory b) Sub Directory c) Root Folder d) Child Folder e) None of these 2. A mouse is this kind of device a) Input b) Output c) Network d) Storage e) None of these 3. All deleted files go to ________. a) My Computer b) Desktop c) Recycle Bin

d) My Documents e) None of these 4. a) 5. a) With a CD you can ________. Read b) Write c) Read & Write d) Save a file e) None of these A reusable CD is labeled as R b) W c) HD d) RW e) None of above

6. _________ is the process of carrying out commands. a) Fetching b) Storing c) Executing d) Decoding e) None of these 7. An error in a program is also known as_______. a) Bug b) debug c) cursor d) icone) None of these 8. What is the default file extension for all Word documents? a) txt b) wrd c) doc d) ppt e) None of these 9. If text was highlighted and Edit Copy was clicked, what would happen ? a) Text would be copied from the document and placed in the clipboard b) Text would be removed from the document and placed in the clipboard c) Text from the clipboard would be placed in the document at the place where the cursor is blinking d) Only (b) and (c) e) None of these 10. The background of any Word document a) is always white colour b) is the colour you preset under the Options menu c) is always the same for the entire document d) can have any color you choose e) None of these 11. What do you use to create a chart? a) Pie Wizard b) Excel Wizard c) Data Wizard d) Chart Wizard

e) None of these 12. To move at the beginning of a line inside a document, press -. a) End key b) Home key c) A d) Ctrl +End e) None of these 13. You click at B to make the text a) Italics b) Underlined c) Italics and Underlined of these 14. You can keep your personal files/folders ina) My Folder b) My Documents c) My Files d) My Text e) None of these 15. The base of binary number is: a) 2 b) 8 c) 10 d) 16 e) None of these 16. A _______ contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm. a) programming language b) syntax c) programming structure d) logic chart e) None of these 17. The term bit is short for: a) megabyte b) binary language c) binary digit d) binary number e) None of these 18. Hardware of computer system is consists of a) CPU and storage devices b) System unit and application programs c) Operating system and all application programs d) System unit and all attached peripheral devices to the unit e) None of these 19. Function of ALU is a) To control the execution of instruction d) Bold e) None

b) To perform arithmetic and logical operation on data c) To store the result in main memory d) All the above e) None of these 20. The __________ gives specific information about the type of file a) Filename b) File path c) File extension d) File content e) None of these 21. Print command is found inside the _______menu. a) View b) Edit c) Tools d) File e)None of these 22. A saved document is known as a) File b) Program c) Folder d) Icon e)None of these

23. A file can be created using _______command. a) Save b) Open c) New d) Edit e) None of these 24. A computerized system consists of : a) Hardware, Data, Procedure, Processing, Peoples b) Hardware, Programs, Data, Processing, Networks c) Hardware, Programs, Data, Networks, Peoples d) Hardware, Software, Procedure, Data, Peoples e) None of above 25. Which one of following helps a user in locating information over internet? a) URL b) Search engine c) Domain d) Network e) None of these 26. Backup is a) Deleting all data from disk drive b) Moving all data from original location to another storage media c) Protecting data by copying it from source location to another location d) Accessing data from a tape drive e) None of these 27. Which one of following is an output device? a) Printer b) Mouse c) Keyboard d) Scanner these e) None of

28. The content of _______is lost when a system is switched off. a) Disk b) ROM c) Floppy d) Memory e)None of these 29. Which of the following is a permanent memory in a computer system? a) RAM b) ROM c) Buffer d) Virtual memory e) None of these 30. A person who writes program and perform testing is called a) Programmer b) Hacker c) Software Engineer d) Spammer e) None of these 31. A set of instructions telling the computer what to do is called a) Mentor b) Instructor c) Compiler d) Program e) Debugger 32. In many GUIs, the _________changes shape depending on the circumstances. a) Icons b) Menus c) Desktop item d) Mouse cursor e) None of these 33. A silicon chip containing a number of transistors for interpreting and executing most of the commands from the computers hardware and software is called a) Motherboard b) Hard Disk c) CPU d) RAM e) None of these 34. Which of following program execute first during a system boot procedure? a) Notepad b) Operating system c) Power-on self-test d) Logon Program e) None of these 35. In a GUI, user-interface provides a) Information of end-user b) A mean to user to interact with all peripheral devices attached with the system c) A method to communicate with other user d) Both (b) & (c) e) None of these

36. A collection of interrelated records is known as a) Utility file b) Database c) Field d) Programe) None of these 37. The only language understood by a digital computer is called a) Assembly language b) High level language c) English language d) Binary language e) None of above 38. Compiler is the a) name given to the computer operator b) part of the digital machine to store the information c) translator of source program to object d) part of arithmetic logic unit e) None of these 39. What do you mean by a hard copy of a document? a) A printed copy of document b) Result of a program on display unit c) A document saved in pc in digital form d) A very hard document e) None of these 40. The default alignment of text inside a column is a) Left b) Right c) Center d) Justify e) None of these 41. The ability of a computer to execute multiple programs by usings mutliple processors simultaneously is known as a) Multitasking b) Multiprocessing c) Multiprogramming d) Multithreading e) None of these 42. An operating system that is capable of allowing multiple software processes to run at the same timea) Multitasking b) Multiprocessing c) Real Time d) Multithreading e) None of these

43. A __________is secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication to gain access to a resource. a) Token b) Keyword c) Password d) Identifier e) None of these 44. The daily processing of corrections to customer accounts best exemplifies the processing mode of a) time-sharing b) real-time processing c) batch processing d) off-line processing e) None of these 45. ________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer a) The platform b) Application software c) Operating system d) The motherboard e) None of these

Allahabad Bank (PO) Recruitment 2011-12

Computer Awareness Paper held on 17th April 2011

1. Microsoft word is a ____________. a) Closed Source Software b) Open Source Software c) Horizontal Market Software d) Vertical Market Software e) None of these 2. Which of the following keyboard shortcut is used for selecting/highlighting the url address in the text-box of a web browsers address bar? a) Ctrl + A b) Ctrl + S c) Alt + D d) Ctrl + Alt + S e) None of these 3. Which of the following computer softwares is best example of freeware programs? a) Firewall / Antivirus b) Instant messaging / Google Toolbar c) Ms-Office / Internet explorer

d) Adobe Photoshop / Coreldraw e) None of these 4. A ____________is a set of rules. a) Network b) Link c) URL d) Blog e) Protocol 5. A __________is the result/match returned by a search engine when a user search a topic with in a search criteria. a) Link b) URL c) View d) Hit e) Success 6. Each computer have a/an ___________, and some ______. a) Operating System, Application Programs b) Internet Browser, Document files c) Hard Disk, Application programs, d) Operating system, Antivrus Programs e) None of these 7. UNIX is used as an operating system in: a) Desktop PC b) Supercomputers c) Web Sever d) All the above e) None of these 8. The term CPU stands for : a) Central Protecting Unit b) Central Processing Unit c) Chief Processing Unit d) Client Processing Unit e) None of these 9. Primary function of a processor is : a) to carried out instructions in a programs b) to process data and information c) to store the result into storage device d) to manage a network printer e) None of these 10. On which of the following storage devices data is stored permanently for long time and stored data read by a beam of laser? a) Digital Verstaile Disc b) Hard Disk c) Floppy Disk d) Pen drive e) None of these 11. Which of the following is a secondary storage device to hold large amount of data? a) DVD b) CD c) Hard disk

d) Floppy disk e) None of these 12. Which among the following devices is a/an image processing input device? a) Printer b) Scannar c) Monitor d) Keyboard e) None of these 13.The ____________, also called the brain of the computer, is responsible for processing data. a) CPU b) RAM c) Motherboard d) Hard disk e) None of these 14. A computerized system consists of : a) Hardware, Data, Procedure, Processing, Peoples b) Hardware, Programs, Data, Processing, Networks c) Hardware, Programs, Data, Networks, Peoples d) Hardware, Software, Procedure, Data, Peoples e) None of these 15. A __________involves a type of e-mail messages designed to steal your sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, with the intentions of stealing your identity. a) Phishing trip b) Hacking c) Spamming d) Spyware e) Phishing scam 16. A ________ is a person who breaks into computers and computer networks for profit, as protest, or sometimes by the motivation of the challenge. a) Software engineer b) Progammer c) Hacker d) Spammar e) None of these 17. A(n)_______ is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels to share information and resources. a) Internet b) Network c) Server d) Blog e) None of these 18. The use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere is called ________. a) e-commerce b) information technolgoy c) e-learning d) online business e) None of these

19. A way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet is a) WWW b) Web server c) Website d) All the above e) None of these 20. The external devices that are connected to a computer system are known as: a) Slots b) Peripheral c) Buses d) Expansion cards e) None of these