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Prayer in our Life: What is prayer Lesson on the Sign of the Cross and our Beginning prayers 1.

God created us and loves us 2. God is the source of all life, without Him, we have no energyno life within us a. Would a toaster be able to make toast if it wasnt plugged in? Just like the toaster can not work without being plugged in to the electricity, we can not work or live without begin connected to God. 3. He wants us to be in a relationship with him a. How do we know that God wants us to be close to Him? He sent Jesus to save us. b. Will God force us to love Him? No, we have free will. We get to choose whether or not we will be close to God. 4. We build a relationship with God by talking to him 5. Prayer is how we talk to God a. Prayer can be private or public. Can you give me examples of each? Public prayer is the Divine Liturgy and other services we do at church. Private prayer is the prayer we do at home or when we are alone. Both types of prayer are very important. 6. We begin all prayers with the sign of the cross a. You can remember this by thinking: We point to up to our forehead "of the Father" because God is our Father in Heaven.

We touch our chest on "and the Son" b/c Jesus came down to earth and loves us (touch near your heart) and we do the shoulders on "Holy Spirit" because God moves through us and in us with the Spirit. b. When we bow and make the sign of the cross, this is called a metany. We make a metany when we enter the church or when we are walking in Church and pass the altar. 7. Trisagion means thrice holyThe basic and most ancient prayer of praise to God in the Eastern Church prayed at the beginning and end of every prayer service a. We sing this prayer during church services and we can also pray it at home b. Have you heard it before? Can anyone sing it? When you are older, you should know this one by heart! 8. As Eastern Catholics, we can make a special place in our home to pray. It helps us to focus when we have a special place to pray that is quiet. This is called an icon corner. Do any of you have an icon corner in your home? Here are a few pictures of an icon corner. a. Typically, a family will choose a corner which faces east. The family can collect their sacred objects there. The icons of Christ and the Theotokos, the holy cross, and icons of the patron saints of each family member are most common. Pray with your family at the icon corner each day. If possible, read Bible stories, light candles for the sick, and bring flowers to place before the icons together there.

9. Make lap books Center page for younger children http://www.pflaum.com/pdfs_3_09/pm3.pdf blank 10. Closing activity: When we think about how good God is, we say Glory to God! Everyone stand in a circle, each one of you takes turns telling one reason why we think God is good. The rest of us will say Glory to God. When we ask God to take care of us we say Lord have mercy! Each one of you takes turns telling one thing you want to ask God to do. The res of us will say Lord have mercy. 11. Homework a. Youngest children take home http://www.orgsites.com/md/church-crafts-andactivities/SignoftheCross.pdf and practice making the sign of the cross. b. Primary grades take home http://www.pflaum.com/pdfs_3_11/pm2.pdf and cut and paste the parts of the prayer c. Secondary children use worksheet from Prayer in our Life book d. Teens receive reflection with questions from http://evlogiaonline.com/2011/09/11/how-to-move-a-mountain/ 1-2 graders fill in the