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1. Aconite
. Primarily used for acute conditions arising from shock
. Sudden and great intensity
. Intense thirst
2. Aethusa cynapium
. Main focus is on gastrointestinal tract
. Intolerance to milk, especially in children
. Infants who vomit after nursing, irritable child
. Projectile vomiting
3. Agaricus
. Neurological remedy (comes from a mushroom)
. Most used and indicated remedy for frostbite (itching and numbness)
. Extreme fear of cancer, fear of death (anxiety about health)
. A lot of sensation of being frozen
4. Allium cepa
. Primarily a remedy for coryza
. Discharge from the eyes and nose, acrid nose
. Hayfever (acute allergic rhinitis), allergies
. Bland lacrimation
5. Antimonium crudum
. Irritable, peevish (cross) children who cannot bear to be touched or even looked at
. Thick white coating on tongue like fur or like snow
. Aggravated by heat
. Main site of action is the gastrointestinal tract
. Cracking at the corner of the mouth, eczema of the nostrils
6. Antimonium tartaricum
. Mostly pulmonary conditions with great congestion and catarrh.
. Can be seen in debilitated patients or children
. Feel so uncomfortable and irritated
. Hate to be looked at and are irritable, can’t stand to be touched
. Can hear the mucus in the throat (gurgling in the chest) but can’t expectorate it (don’t have the
power to)
7. Apis mellifica
. Symptoms of a bee sting (heat, swelling, burning, stinging)
. Patient is restless and irritable
. Lacrimation is hot, lots of redness over patient
. Urticaria
8. Apocynum
. One of the most important remedies for renal failure (condition producing edema)
. There is lots of swelling (in the stomach, and ankles, and feet)
. Gastric irritability
. Mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation (effects causing swelling in the heart)
9. Aralia racemosa
. Good remedy for respiratory symptoms
. Typically have a dry cough, tickling in the throat
. Better with slight expectoration (not better when going to sleep)
10. Argentum nitricum
. Main focus is on the nervous system
. Great anxiety remedy, anxiety for health, while anticipating an event
. Fear of flying (fear of heights)
. There is loose stools (diarrhea) from nervousness and anxiety
11. Arnica Montana
. Used for shock, trauma, and blood trauma, contusions, or sprains
. Person says they are ok when really they are not
. Also an influenza remedy, everything feels too hard (the bed, even the pillow)
12. Arsenicum album
. Fear of death, fearful people
. Great restlessness, pacing or fidgetiness
. Good remedy for food poisoning
. Great burning pain remedy, better with heat, thirsty for small sips and better with warm drinks,
they are extremely chilly
. Sense of doom, they want company and don’t want to be left alone
13. Badiaga
. Considered an important anti-syphilitic remedy
. Cough with forceful expectoration (mucus fly’s from the mouth and nostrils)
. It comes from a fresh water sponge
14. Baptisia
. Prostration is rapid (become weak quickly)
. Described as a drunken or besotted (collapsed) state (they look darkish and unhealthy)
. Bed feels hard, they have sore muscles (aches), no strength to get up or move, looks serious
very quickly (in a serious state, seen in serious infection), influenza advances quickly
15. Baryta carbonicum
. This remedy is for immaturity and slow development
. Chronic inflammation and huge swelling of the tonsils, may nearly occlude the throat
. Hard swelling of the cervical glands
16. Belladonna
. Acute, lots of throbbing congestion, redness
. Patient is out of it, delirious with fever
. Sudden, better when completely still and motionless, likes being in the dark
17. Bromium
. In the halogen family and so has a strong relationship to the glands, especially the lymphatics,
also a relationship to the respiratory tract
. Swelling and induration of glands, with stoney hardness (submaxillary, cervical, goiter)
. Hoarseness or tickling cough from being over-heated (dry cough especially behind the sternum)
. Asthma in sailors which is aggravated on leaving the sea
18. Bryonia
. General amelioration from pressure
. Great keynote is that they are worse with any motion
. Irritability
. A lot of bronchitis especially when cough goes from nose down to the chest
. They must sit up to cough but has to hold the chest to keep completely still
. Hurts to cough, so violent and intense that it rips the muscles (making it more painful and
19. Cadmium sulphuricum
. Excellent remedy for ill effects from radiation and chemotherapy poisoning, intense nausea and
20. Calcarea carbonicum
. Right sided symptoms and patient craves soft boiled eggs
. They have a lot of saliva or perspires easily
. Adults are usually always chilly, children are more on the warm side
. Their sweat is sour and cold, lots of infections with the ears and throat
21. Calcarea phosphorica
. They are very tubercular, there is colicky in children (abdominal gas, bloating, pain and
cramping, baby is always crying)
. These people need to keep moving, they are much better when riding in a car (strong desire to
22. Calendula
. Antiseptic remedy (mainly for the treatment of wounds, abrasions and incisions)
. Used for fever from septicemia
. Used for anything that affects the skin, or after surgery
23. Cannabis sativa
. This is a urinary tract infection remedy
. Used for cystitis with burning during or at the end of urination with the focus of the pain in the
urethra or even more specifically at the meatus
24. Capsicum
. Useful mainly in depression and conditions affecting the mucous membranes, they have
cravings for pepper (hot spicy things)
. They have cough with markedly offensive odor, the cough is explosive (sputum fly’s into pieces)
25. Carbolic acid
. Specific remedy for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
. Can be used in severe anaphylactic reactions to bee-stings (urticaria, erythema, edema)
26. Carbo animalis
. Swollen and indurated lymph glands with great burning (only remedy that has this)
. This remedy has to do with the breakdown of tissue, disability, and decomposition
27. Carbo vegetabilis
. Tremendous bloating and indigestion
. Frequent eructations which ameliorate the patient (passing gas)
. Great distention of the abdomen, especially upper abdomen
. Can’t bear tight clothing around the abdomen
. They are chilly but always ask to be uncovered and desire to be fanned because of their hunger
for air (always want fresh air, they lack oxygen in their blood)
28. Caulophyllum
. Acts primarily on the uterus and to a lesser extent on the joints and muscles
. One of the best remedies in labor and is especially useful for arrested labor
. Used for weak, irregular contractions, lack of tone in the uterus
. Used in the last trimester of pregnancy
29. Causticum
. Excellent remedy for scalds, comes from burning liquid of a scalding wound
30. Chamomilla
. Always great irritability, irritable infants or children, angry at their pain
. They are capricious (impulsive and unpredictable), demands something then throws it away
(often at someone) no sooner then he/she receives it
31. Chelidonium
. Primarily thought of as a liver remedy
. Used in right-sided conditions, some sort of liver dysfunction (headaches or pneumonias often
accompanied by belching or indigestion)
32. China
. Fluid loss aggravates them (after nursing, loss of blood, chronic diarrhea) and this puts them in
a weakened state
. Great anti-malarial remedy (they get periodic fevers)
. Feeling stuck with no way out, chronic feeling of being persecuted
33. Cimicifuga
. Women who have extremely irritability and pain which is so unbearable that they think they will
go crazy (insanity from labor pains)
. Used for hysteria associated with labor pain
. Severe dysmenorrheal, worse as the flow increases
34. Cistus canadensis
. Primarily used for chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, and recurrent upper respiratory illness, cold
sensation, chilly, worse from cold
. Great glandular remedy, used for post-nasal drip, involves cervical glands (adenopathy), affinity
for nasopharynx area
35. Cocculus
. Main remedy for motion sickness (nausea ) and vertigo (spinning and dizziness)
. Great vertigo on watching moving objects or when watching objects while he/she is riding in a
car or train
36. Coccus cacti
. Has great effect on coughs
. It is one of the best pertussis remedies (so great for whooping cough)
. The cough produces copious, thick or ropey (thread hanging) mucous (only 9 remedies have
this symptom)
37. Colchicum
. Main remedy for gout (uric acid crystals in the blood and urinary tract)
. Strong effects for nausea which is worse from odors (smelling foods, especially when cooking
foods like fish and eggs)
38. Colocynthis
. Used in any case of colic (from gallstones, kidney stones, dysmenorrheal but most often
intestinal), they are angry at their own pain and very irritable, intense pain which can be cutting
. Ameliorated from bending forward, and bending double (they lay down and have to push their
knees into their chest)
. Pain is agonizing, great for food poisoning from a shell food
39. Conium
. One of the main remedies for combating malignancy and premalignant conditions (cancers,
. Sexual dysfunction and serious degenerative neurological disorders
. History of breast cancer
. General aggravation from suppression of sexual desires
40. Cuprum metallicum
. This remedy is highlighted by the great tendency toward convulsions (violent cramping and
. Specific remedy for seizure disorders and epilepsy
. Feels like they are under intermitted attack
41. Digitalis
. Indicated for an abnormally slow pulse, bradycardia, conditions associated with slow pulse
(hepatitis, prostate and urinary disorders)
42. Dioscorea
. A remedy for gastrointestinal disorders
. Guiding symptom is a tendency to stretch or bend backward to relieve the abdominal pains
(opposite of colic symptoms)
. Twisting and grinding pain
43. Drosera
. Predominantly a cough remedy and is especially famous for its relationship to pertussis
(whooping cough)
. Violent coughing and so intense it can produce epistaxis (nosebleeds)
. Vomiting at the end of the cough
. For people who don’t recover from chronic effects of whooping cough
44. Dulcamara
. Keynote aggravation is from damp cold weather, changes in weather
. Get cutting pain especially around the navel or umbilicus
45. Eupatorium perfoliatum
. Famous remedy for its use in influenza
. Tremendous aching as if the bones are broken (violent pain)
. Muscle pain, restless, nausea and vomiting worse during the chills
46. Euphrasia
. One of the most important coryza and hay fever remedies, especially when it is centered in the
. Coryza with bland rhinorrhea and acrid, profuse lacrimation (discharge from the eyes)
47. Gelsemium
. Ailments from bad news
. Shock, weepiness, droopy, they want to be alone
. Droopy, drowsy, weak knees
. They are shaky and need to lie down
. 6D’s (Droopy, Drowsy, Death, Dizzy, Discouraged, Diarrhea)
. Fear of death because they feel so terrible
48. Graphites
. Cracking or eruptions behind the ears
. Thick sticky discharge from the ears
. Cobweb sensation on the face
. Eruptions ooze a thick, yellow or “honey-like” fluid which dries into golden crystals on the skin
49. Grindelia robusta
. Used for characteristic sleep apnea
. Waking from sleep with a senation of suffocation or with actual apnea
. Respiration worse when falling asleep
. Gasping for breath, have to sit up to breathe
50. Hepar sulphuricum
. Oversensitive to all external stimuli (even people coming near them, or a draft), chilly
. Irritable and angry outbursts
. Pressure that is ready to erupt or burst, can also be used to take splinters out (this remedy is
great for helping get fluids out of the body)
. Used for splinter like stitching pain (feels like a fishbone is in the throat)
. Pyromania remedy
51. Hydrastis
. Remedy for the mucous membranes, thick, ropey discharges from the sinuses, constipation
remedy, bitter taste in the mouth
. A lot of pain in the rectum after the stool (pain starts during and lasts long after passing of stool)
52. Hypericum
. This is an injury remedy, especially for injuries to the nerves and spine
. Hallmark of this remedy is the sharp and shooting quality of the pains
. Injuries (contusions, lacerations, punctures to parts rich in nerves)
. Injuries of spine (fractures, sprains) with sharp shooting pains
. Injuries to the coccyx
53. Ignatia
. For spasticity and hysteria in the grief state (grief remedy)
. Ailments from grief, ailments from romantic disappointments
. Easily hurt feelings, easily offended, sensation of lump in the throat
. Desire for and amelioration from traveling
54. Ipecacuanha
. Used whenever nausea and vomiting are a prominent element of a case
. Tendency for vomiting and there is no amelioration and can’t stop
. Tongue is remarkably clean and clear despite constant nausea and vomiting
. Constant nausea which is incapacitating, stomach seems to hang loose inside (rare symptom),
nausea unrelieved by vomiting
55. Iris versicolor
. This is a great remedy for migraine headaches
. Especially important in migraines with visual aura, marked nausea and vomiting, generally right-
sided pain, blurred vision before headaches
56. Kali bichromicum
. This remedy is always thought of when one has thick, gluey discharges, especially from the
nose, pains are felt in one small spot
. Strong nasal quality to the voice, nasal discharge or post-nasal discharge is thick, purulent,
usually yellow and stringy
57. Kali carbonicum
. One of the most important remedies in the treatment of arthritis, catarrhs of the respiratory tract,
asthma, and peptic ulcers
. Swelling of the eyelids, chilly and worse from cold, aggravated by drafts
. Back pain drives him out of bed at night
58. Kalium muriaticum
. Great value in catarrhal affections, glandular swellings, and sub-acute inflammatory states like
bursitis of the patella
. White or gray coating of the base of the tongue
. Expectoration is thick, white phlegm
. Chronic catarrhal conditions of the middle ear, snapping and noises in the ear
59. Kali phosphoricum
. Used in cases of mental and physical exhaustion (burnout remedy)
. Frustration better with warmth, rest and nourishment (all phosphorus’ are better with rest),
Nervous debility, a state of nervous exhaustion
. Mental fatigue in students
60. Kalium sulphuricum
. Great remedy for snoring
. Wheezing and rattling in the chest during sleep, especially in children
. Generally better from cold and open air, chronic nasal obstruction, and asthma
61. Kreosotum
. Used for long-term frostbite where tissue has become necrotic and dead
. Used for any inflammation of the mucous membranes, everything is extremely acrid and
excoriating, lots of necrosis and saliva
. Used for 3rd degree burns with charcoal (very intense)
62. Lac caninum
. Classical symptom is alternation from right to left and then back again (alternating sides), low
confidence and self-esteem
. Has been considered one of the main remedies for diphtheria (hence the shiny glazed throat),
important for upper respiratory tract infections
. Throat pain extending to ears which is worse with swallowing
63. Lachesis
. Symptoms begin on the left and then move to the right
. General aggravation during sleep or upon waking in the morning
. They have high sexual energy and passion, very intense people
. Aggravated from heat, better with cold
64. Ledum
. Well known as an acute remedy in bites, stings and puncture wounds
. Patient is unbelievably ameliorated by cold, cold applications, or ice cold bathing, bites, and
stings of insects, often with much swelling and inflammation, also great for rheumatism
65. Lycopodium
. Problems with self-esteem and low confidence
. Right-sided problems or right going to left, great liver remedy, used for humiliation, bloating and
distention in abdomen, worse after eating even small amounts of food (as soon as they eat
anything they have an issue)
66. Magnesia phosphorica
. General amelioration from heat and pressure (rubbing the area or warm applications)
. Abdominal pains which are better when they double over (lay down with knees tucked into
chest), full sensation in the abdomen
. Lots of gas and belching, but they are not ameliorated by reliving gas
. Classic remedy for neuralgia
67. Mercurius solubis
. Patient is like a thermometer (sensitive to changes in temperature)
. General aggravation from hot and cold
. Metallic taste in the mouth, craving for bread and butter
68. Mercurius iodatum flavus
. Patient is like a thermometer (sensitive to changes in temperature)
. General aggravation from hot and cold
. Metallic taste in the mouth, craving for bread and butter
. But has RIGHT-SIDED COMPLAINTS, especially pharyngitis
69. Mercurius iodatum ruber
. Patient is like a thermometer (sensitive to changes in temperature)
. General aggravation from hot and cold
. Metallic taste in the mouth, craving for bread and butter
. But has LEFT-SIDED COMPLAINTS, main remedy for left-sided tonsillitis or pharyngitis
70. Muriatic acid
. Acids have to do with exhaustion and collapse
. This remedy is great for exhaustion and collapse that comes on the physical level rather then
the emotional
. Patient is so exhausted that they have to slide out of bed
. Strangulated or extremely painful hemorrhoids after labor
71. Natrum sulphuricum
. Specific remedy for physical conditions (head injuries)
. Confusion, convulsions or mental dullness after a head injury
. One of the most important remedies for suicidal patients (suicidal from grief or head injury)
72. Nitric acid
. Stitching or splinter-like pains (acutely)
. Pretend they are in court, don’t divulge information about self easily
. Feel contained, need to expand themselves, feel guilty
. Exhausted (feeling of someone who has been in court for years), PERSECUTION, suspicion
that someone is out to get them, secretive
. They cannot forgive others
. Anxiety and fear about health (most hypochondriacal remedy)
73. Nux vomica
. Great liver remedy (alcoholism)
. Irritable, impatient, easily offended, competitive, workaholic, compulsive
. Chilly and worse from cold, get chills (extreme chilliness), better from warmth
. Restless and angry with their condition
74. Petroleum
. Great action on skin condition and mucous membranes
. First remedy to consider when patient complains of tremendous dryness of the skin (eczema
and fissured skin, psoriasis)
. Chilly and worse from cold, dry, cracking skin (cracks often deep and bloody)
. Sensation is that of burning like fire, they fear death and prepare for death
75. Phosphorus
. Great anxiety when alone, ameliorated in company
. Tremendous thirst for cold drinks, ravenous appetite (wakes up at night to eat)
. Generally sleeps well and greatly refreshed by sleep (can’t sleep on left side)
. Cravings for chocolate and ice cream, worse from spicy warm foods
. Fears that something bad will happen
76. Phosphoric acid
. This is a remedy for grief, especially when the patient becomes overwhelmed by their loss and
is unable to respond
. They get mental weakness and exhaustion then it turns into physical exhaustion
. Important remedy for growing pains (they grow so fast that they get tired and burn out)
77. Phytolacca
. Most of the symptoms of this remedy are in the glands, especially the breast, used to treat
mastitis (great pains with nursing), breast abscess’
. This remedy encourages galactorrhea (milk flow)
78. Plumbum
. This remedy is great for neurological and circulatory diseases
. Important remedy in arteriosclerosis (involving cerebral vasculature) thus producing neurological
. Contracting pains (contractures), advanced atherosclerosis, cerebral accidents, claudication
(cramp-like pain in the legs, usually the calves)
79. Podophyllum
. One of the best remedies for diarrhea
. Diarrhea is usually painless (it gushes out, it is profuse, putrid)
. Long-standing diarrhea, diarrhea mixed with gas and sputtering
. Explosive diarrhea, soils the whole toilet bowl, may be horribly offensive
. General aggravation in the early morning

80. Psorinum
. Anxiety and hopelessness about the future
. Fears poverty and the future
. Face has a dirty look even when well washed
. Must wear a warm or fur hat all year round, even in the summer
. Cough, bronchitis, or asthma with dyspnea, better from lying on their back with arms spread out
“as if crucified”
81. Pulsatilla
. Soft timid, easily influenced, weeps easily, they are whiny
. Used for weak labor pains that start and stop
. They are open with their emotions
. They don’t open up right away and they feel discouraged (“do you love me, am I going to be
. They crave sympathy, one of the main remedies for menstrual problems
82. Ranunculus bulbosus
. Used primarily for arthritic conditions and rheumatism
. General aggravation from alcohol
. Generally worse in cold, wet, damp weather, or changes in weather
. Arthritic pains worse with cold, damp weather or changes in weather
83. Rhus toxicodendron
. Has a strong effect on the nerves, mucous and serous membranes, and skin
. Hallmark of this remedy is progressive stiffness, often coming after a period of restlessness or
. Itching of the skin which is better from scalding hot water
. Arthritis that is better with heat or hot bathing
84. Rumex crispus
. This is primarily a cough remedy, keynote symptom is aggravation from uncovering or
undressing, worse with changes in temperature
. Cold air causes a tickle in the throat, triggering a cough, feels like dust in the pit of the throat
. Marked itching of skin immediately after uncovering or undressing
85. Ruta graveolens
. Used mainly in rheumatic and connective tissue problems
. Most prominently used in cases where there is horrible stiffness in the muscles and tendons
. One of the most important remedies for trauma and injury
. Used for injuries to tendons (sprains, strains) or chronic overuse of the tendons
86. Sabadilla
. This remedy is a big hay fever remedy, the main keynote is tremendous sneezing, where
sneezing is the primary complaint
. Sneezing of ten or more sneezes
. Lots of copious discharge
87. Sambucus nigra
. Main use is for respiratory problems
. Respiration difficult at night and the patient jumps up with a feeling of suffocation (has to sit up
to cough)
. They turn blue (loosing oxygen, cyanotic), respiration arrested, has to sit up (worse when lying
88. Sanguinaria
. Mainly a right-sided remedy, great for allergy, migraines and bursitis
. General amelioration from eructation, flatus, or vomiting
. Migraine headaches on the right side, better from vomiting
. Bursitis, especially in the right shoulder
89. Sanicula
. Can be a remedy for motion sickness (they want open air)
. There is lots of vomiting, motion sickness from driving in a car
. They have pain in the whole perineum, diarrhea involved when they drink milk
. Large, hard stools that are too large to pass or sometimes must be manually extracted
. Stool crumbles at the anus after they strain, more frequent for constipation
. Large stool with no desire to go
90. Secale
. This remedy acts mainly on the circulation, one of the hottest remedies
. Burning and heat, worse with heat
. Used for long-term frostbite with affects from gangrene
. Used for dry gangrene
91. Silica
. Patient feels like there is hair in their throat
. Can be used to get foreign bodies out
. Constipation with no urging (stool recedes after nearly expelling)
. Main remedy for when babies move in the womb and the mother experiences lots of pain from
this moving
92. Spigelia
. Mainly a left-sided remedy, general aggravation from smoke and tobacco
. Left-sided headaches generally above the left eye
. The pains experienced is of the most sever character (piercing and sharp)
93. Spongia tosta
. Most common use of this remedy is for acute respiratory infections and coughs, cough is usually
dry, usually worse before midnight, often of a harsh, or barking, croupy character
. Dry cough resembling “a saw going through wood” or a seals bark
. The cough is hollow, there is hoarseness as well
94. Squilla maritima
. This remedy is primarily for respiratory conditions like cough, asthma, and bronchitis
. Sneezing with a cough, lots of irritation in the throat, difficulty breathing, dyspnea, they fell
stitching in the chest
. Involuntary loss of stool and urine through coughing
95. Stannum metallicum
. Weakness in the chest, worse with slight exertion, worse with talking (so weak they cannot
produce voice), better with lying down
. Cough is hard and painful and deep, productive sputum which is green or putrid or bright yellow
and full of pus
. Mucous forms a ball, it tastes sweet, sour or salty
. They feel hollow in the chest, end stage pneumonia or TB
96. Sulphur
. Warm and aggravated by heat, general aggravation from the heat of the bed, aversion to body
odors of others
. Feet are burning and must be put out of the covers or searches for cold spots on the sheets,
itching or burning at the rectum
97. Tabacum
. Headaches with deathly nausea
. This remedy is all about tremendous nausea, they feel as if they could die from it
. They are aggravated with the eyes open, ameliorated with the eyes closed, they always need to
close their eyes
98. Thuja
. Low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness
. Feels unattractive, spends much time perfecting the appearance
. Feels other “wouldn’t like me if they really knew me”
. Intolerance to onions, warts and skin tags on the hands and fingers
. History of repeated smallpox vaccine or vaccine reactions
99. Tuberculinum
. Allergy to cats and milk
. Crave smoked meats and bacon
. Reoccurring chest colds, bronchitis or pneumonia
. Hard, dry, short, constant cough
. They need change and excitement, frequent changing of jobs

100. Veratrum album

- Aggravation from drinking and from the smallest amount of motion
- Great motion sickness remedy
- Indicated acutely in a state of collapse, especially with vomiting
- Deathly pale, cold sweat, nausea which is worse from drinking and any kind of
motion whatsoever

101. Zincum
- Hallmark of this remedy is its use for tremendous excitation of the nervous system which results in
restlessness, abnormal or involuntary movements, twitches, and even convulsions
- General aggravation from wine, they are hyper, over-stimulated and over-sensitive people, always

102. Symphytum
- Arnica for the eye, any kind of eye trauma

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