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Server Cvars hostname sv_password

The name of the server. Set server password. Leave blank to disable. Turn on/off friendlyfire. Default: Off Turn on/off footsteps. Default: On

mp_friendlyfire <0/1> mp_footsteps <0/1>

mp_autoteambalance <0/1> Force clients to auto-join the opposite team if they are not balanced. Default: On mp_autokick <0/1> mp_flashlight <0/1> efault: Off mp_tkpunish <0/1> Kick idle/team-killing players. Default Off Turn on/off the ability for clients to use flashlight. D Punish TK'ers on next round? Default: On

mp_forcecamera <0/1> Force dead players to first person mode, effectively dis abling freelook. Default: Off sv_alltalk <0/1> . Default: Off sv_pausable <0/1> Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions Can the server be paused Default: 0

sv_consistency <0/1> Force cleints to pass consistency check for critical fil es before joining server? Default: 0 sv_cheats <0/1> sv_gravity <0/1> Allow cheats on server. Default: 0 World Gravity Default: 800

sv_maxvelocity Maximum speed any ballistically moving object is allowed to atta in per axis. Default: 3500 sv_unlag <0/1> Enables player lag compensation. Default: 1 sv_voicecodec Specifies which voice codec DLL to use in a game. Set to the nam e of the DLL without the extension.. Default: vaudio_miles sv_hltv <0/1> Enables HLTV on the server. Default: 0 Allow clients to upload their custom decals to the serve

sv_allowupload <0/1> r. Default: 1

sv_allowdownload <0/1> Allow clients to downnload files. Default: 1 sv_maxspeed Maximum speed a player can move. Default: 320 Max # of players 1 team can have over another. Default:

mp_limitteams <0-20> 2

mp_hostagepenalty <##> How many hostages a Terrorist can kill before being kick ed, 0 to disable. Default: 5 sv_voiceenable <0/1> mp_allowspectators <0/1> Allow clients to use mic. Default: 1 Allow spectators on the server. Default: 1

mp_chattime <0-120> amount of time in seconds players can chat after the gam e is over. Lower value = faster map load change. Default: 10 sv_timeout <##> After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped. Default: 65 Rcon Cvars rcon_password Set rcon passsword. Leave blank to disable rcon sv_rcon_banpenalty <mins> Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon aut hentication. Default: 0 sv_rcon_maxfailures <0-20> Max number of times a user can fail rcon authent ication before being banned. Default: 10 sv_rcon_minfailures <0-20> Number of times a user can fail rcon authenticat ion in sv_rcon_minfailuretime before being banned. Default: 5 sv_rcon_minfailuretime <1-seconds> uthentications. Default: 30 Round Cvars mp_freezetime <0-60> arts. Default: 6 mp_roundtime <1-9> Time in seconds to keep players frozen when the round st How much time in minutes does a round last. Default: 5 Amount of money each player gets when they reset Number of seconds to track failed rcon a

mp_startmoney <800-16000> (16000 max) Default: 800 mp_c4timer <10-90> planted. Default: 45 mp_fraglimit <##> . Default: 0 mp_maxrounds <##> ult: 0 mp_winlimit <0-20> ges maps. Default: 0

The amount of time in seconds before bomb explodes after Amount of frags a player can exceed before changing maps Amount of round to play before server changes maps. Defa Max number of rounds one team can win before server chan

mp_playerid <0/1/2> Controls what information player see in the status bar: 0 all names; 1 team names; 2 no names. Default: 0 mp_spawnprotectiontime Time in seconds to Kick players who team-kill after roun d restart. Default: 5 Bandwidth Rates sv_minrate <0-25000> ted) sv_maxrate <0-25000> ted) Min bandwidth rate allowed on server. Default: 0 (unlimi Max bandwidth rate allowed on server. Default: 0 (unlimi

decalfrequency Amount of time in seconds a player can spray their decal. Defaul t: 10 sv_maxupdaterate Maximum updates per second that the server will allow. D

efault: 60 sv_minupdaterate efault: 10 Server logging log <on/off> sv_logbans <0/1> sv_logecho <0/1> sv_logfile <0/1> sv_log_onefile <0/1> sv_logsdir Bots (1 of 2) bot_add 'bot_add' is a value itself. Adding this to your server configur ation will enable bots bot_quota <1-32> Amount of bots to add. Adding many bots will use more cp u. Start with a few bots, then add more if needed. bot_quota_mode <normal/fill> If 'Fill', the server will adjust bots to keep # players in the game, where # is bot_quota (from above) Default: Normal bot_difficulty <0/1/2/3> ard, 3=expert. Default: 0 Skill of bots. Values are: 0=easy, 1=normal, 2=h Enable server logging? Default: Off Log server bans in the server logs. Default: 0 Echo log information to the console. Default: 1 Log server information in the log file. Default: 1 Log server information to only one file. Default: 0 Minimum updates per second that the server will allow. D

Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.

bot_chatter Control how bots talk. Values: 'off', 'radio', 'minimal', or 'no rmal'. Default: Normal bot_auto_follow <0/1> lt: 1 bot_auto_vacate <0/1> Default: 1 Allow bots to automatically follow a human player. Defau Kick bots to automatically make room for human players.

bot_join_after_player <0/1> Bots must wait for a people to join before joini ng? If No, bots will play without people. Default: 1 bot_defer_to_human <0/1> on a team? Default: 0 Can bots complete objectives if there are humans

bot_prefix Prefix for bot names. A prefix is a tag that bots will have in f ront of their name. you can enter your clan tag or leave blank. bot_allow_rogues <0/1> bots may occasionally go 'rogue'. Rogue bots do not obey radio commands, nor pursue scenario goals.. Default: 0 bot_walk <0/1> The speed at which bots can move. 0=walk+run, 1=walk Default: 0 bot_join_team <any/T/CT> y bot_eco_limit <0-16000> What teams are bots allowed to join? Default: an Bots will not buy if their money falls below thi

s amount. Default: 2000 Bot Weapon Restriction (2 of 2) bot_all_weapons value. bot_knives_only value. bot_pistols_only e value. bot_snipers_only is the value. bot_allow_grenades <0/1> bot_allow_pistols <0/1> bot_allow_sub_machine_guns <0/1> ult: 1 bot_allow_shotguns <0/1> Allow bots to use all weapons. 'bot_all_weapons' is the Allow bots to use only knives. 'bot_knives_only' is the Allow bots to use only pistols. 'bot_pistols_only' is th Allow bots to use only sniper rifles. 'bot_snipers_only' Allow bots to use grenades. Default: 1 Allow bots to use pistols. Default: 1 Allow bots to use sub machine guns. Defa Allow bots to use shotguns. Default: 1

bot_allow_rifles <0/1> Allow bots to use rifles. Default: 1 bot_allow_snipers <0/1> bot_allow_machine_guns <0/1> Operation sv_lan <0/1> sv_region -1 World 0 US East coast 1 US West coast 2 South America 3 Europe 4 Asia 5 Australia 6 Middle East 7 Africa sv_contact Client Cvars fps_max Contact email for server sysop Frame rate limiter. 0=Public/LAN, 1=LAN Default: 0 Geographic location of the server. Allow bots to use sniper rifles. Default: 1 Allow bots to use machine guns. Default: 1

cl_allowdownload <0/1> Client downloads customization files. Default: 1 cl_allowupload <0/1> Client uploads customization files. Default: 1

cl_autowepswitch <0/1> Automatically switch to picked up weapons (if more power ful) Default: 1 cl_c4dynamiclight <0/1> ult: 0 Draw dynamic light when planted c4 flashes. Defa

cl_c4progressbar <0/1> Draw progress bar when defusing the C4. Default: 1 cl_cmdrate : 0 Max number of command packets sent to server per second. Default

cl_updaterate Number of packets per second of updates you are requesting from the server. Default: 20 cl_crosshaircolor skyblue Default: 0 cl_crosshairscale smaller Default: 768 Color of crosshair. 0=green, 1=red, 2=blue, 3=yellow, 4= Size of the crosshair. Lower value=Larger, Higher value= Make crosshair translucent against similar color

cl_crosshairusealpha <0/1> s. Default: 0 cl_customsounds <0/1>

Enable customized player sound playback. Default: 0 Override view during demo playback. Default: 0

cl_demoviewoverride <0/1>

cl_drawhud <0/1> Enable the rendering of the hud. sv_cheats must be enabl ed to disable hud. Default: 1 cl_showtextmsg <0/1> ault: 1 Enable/disable text messages printing on the screen. Def

client/server commands These are the most common commands that can be entered in the console. To use th e console commands, bring down the console by using the "~" key (tilde). you mus t have the console enabled to use any of these commands, if you do not know how to enable the console please see the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section. ah 1 Toggles Auto-Help (gives player hint messages throught the game) - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off'. cl_observercrosshair 1 Set to '1' to enable crosshairs in Observer mode, '0' to disable. dm 1 Toggles displaying of map briefings after loading a new map - Setting of 1 = 'on ', and 0 = 'off' cl_hidefrags 0 Toggles hiding everyone else's scores except your own - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' drawradar This turns the radar on fastsprites 0 Sets the complexity of the smoke sprites for the smoke grenade - The range is 02, with 0 looking the most like actual smoke hideradar This turns the radar off hud_centerid 0

Toggles the centering of the auto-ID text - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' l efthand 0 Toggles the use of holding weapons in left hand - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = ' off' listmaps Lists the maps available on the server that the client can vote for - the server admin specifies which maps get listed by editing the mapcycle.txt file. max_she lls 300 Sets the number of shells visible at one time (0-500) max_smokepuffs 300 Sets the number of smoke puffs visible at one time (0-500) nightvision Bind this to a key to toggle the use of the night vision goggles rate 2500 Sets how much data/information you receive from the server that you are connecte d to - for a 14.4 connection, set your rate to 1500 - 33.6k connection use 3000 - 56k modem use 3500 - ISDN should be 5000 - all connections faster than that sh ould be between 5000 and 9999 setinfo vgui_menus 1 Toggles the VGUI menu - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' timeleft States how much time is left on the particular map votemap Allows the client to vote for a particular map Server-Side Commands These are commands for people running their own Counter-Strike server. mp_autokick 1 Toggles automatic team-killer banning and kicking of idle clients - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' mp_autoteambalance 1 Toggles the forcing of clients to join teams to make it balanced - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' mp_c4timer 45 Sets the amount of time in between C4 placement and its explosion - ranges betwe en 15 and 90 seconds. mp_flashlight 1 Toggles the use of flashlights by clients - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' m p_footsteps 1 Toggles footstep sounds - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' mp_forcechasecam 0 Toggles the chasecam to follow teammates only - useful for LAN games - Setting o f 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' mp_freezetime 6 Sets the amount of "freeze" time at the beginning of each round to buy weapons a nd equipment - Use a setting of '0' to disable mp_friendlyfire 0 Toggles friendly fire - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' mp_hostagepenalty 2 Sets the number of hostages a player can kill before they are booted from the se rver - Setting this to '0' turns the function off mp_limitteams 2 Sets the maximum number of players that one team can have more than the other te am - Use a setting of '0' to completely disable the team limiting. mp_logmessage s 1 Toggles logging of chat messages in the log files - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' mp_mapvoteratio 0.6 Set the ratio of players required to vote on the same map before a map will chan ge. The default is 0.6 , which means that 60% of the players on a server must vo te on the same map in order for the server to change to that map. The range is 0 .0-1.0 mp_roundtime 5 Sets the maximum amount of time for each round - ranges between 3 and 15 minutes mp_timelimit 0 Sets the maximum amount of time in minutes between map rotations mp_tkpunish 1 Toggles the forcing of a player to sit out the next round if he has just killed a teammate - Setting of 1 = 'on', and 0 = 'off' sv_restartround 0 Sets the amount of time before resetting the game, including frags, weapons, mon ey, and scores - Use setting of '0' to disable these restarts.