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Speakeasy in 1920s

During the days in 1920s Speakeasy was established for selling the illegal alcoholic beverages and it was forbidding in United States and Canada. This word speakeasy came from the customer who orders the alcohol without getting any arouses suspicion by the bartender to tell the customer to be quiet and "speak easy. Speakeasy, also can call blind pig or blind tiger. Here are the examples how they use the term of "speak easy. Samuel Hudson, he is a newspaperman in the late 19th century and he heard the term used in Pittsburgh in the 1880s by an old Irish woman who sold liquor without a license. She told her clients to "speak easy" if they wanted to buy some. Another previous speakeasy still exists in Petaluma, California. Volpi's Restaurant used to be a market with a speakeasy and bar in back. The door to the alley still exists above the bar, behind the Italian restaurant, and the bar is still in business and does not look much different than it probably did in Prohibition days. In some countries there are bans on alcohol and limits on the types of alcohol that can be sold; a speakeasy gives alcohol in violation of the ban. The alcohols were make on place with the simple beers and distilled beverages, and smuggled in to the facility. Organization the smuggling alcohol could be the highest operating costs of speakeasy; because the alcohol costs the result into the danger of expanding the production and smuggling. During the period from 1919 to 1933 in the United States, sale, produce, and conveyance of alcohol were banned as mandated in the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The average of American consumes 1.7 bottles of hard liquor per week, which mean is three times the amount consumed in 2010. However alcoholic drinks were not illegal in all neighboring countries. Breweries and wineries in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean flourish, whether their products consumed by visiting Americans or illegally imported into the United States. During Prohibition in United States, lot of people began to making their own alcoholic beverages at home.

Speakeasy also is a prohibition in Canada, because in the beginning of the late nineteenth century, an activity and order of actions at the local, county and provincial the levels for the prohibition of alcohol.

There were speakeasies in almost every community to serve all the illegal alcohol their customers wanted. But it is not easy to find speakeasies because speakeasies offer hide in simple sight in the middle of other types of businesses and sometimes even run a legitimate business in the storefront. Customers need a secret password to get in.