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Case Study

Peak / The toilet guardian

Package design
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Brand slogan

Package design

One of the household cleaning brands with the largest product portfolio, Peak has been active on the Romanian market for more than 15 years. Present on no less than five market segments (toilet solid soaps, toilet cleaning gels, detartrant gels, surface disinfectants, grains for pipe drain), Peak evolved in time, scoring an outstanding performance with regards to the ranges market share in the majority of the categories and sub-categories it is represented in. With a portfolio counting approximately 40 SKUs, classified into ranges and sub-ranges that were gradually developed and introduced on the market as far as both product and package design are concerned, in time, the Peak brand became devoid of consistency with regards to the application of its visual identity and package design, which led to the brands shelf impact and coherence to suffer. Having noted the issue on hand, in 2010 the Interstar Chim marketing team decided to turn Peak into a unitary brand replete with a powerful personality on every market segment it is available on.

The market audit carried out by BrandTailors consultants revealed that Peak holds the most complex product portfolio, featured in almost every toilet cleaning products sub-category as well as among various surface cleaning and pipe drain products.

We realized, from the very beginning, that one of Peaks rebranding projects main challenges would be the development of the brand and portfolio architecture solutions, in order to coherently shed light on the brands product offer.

Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator

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Furthermore, the same market audit highlighted that, even though Peak deals with powerful competition, with only a few noteworthy exceptions, the brands in the toilet-cleaning product range lack in consistent positioning, fitting all sub-categories. A distinct feature of this category is the differentiating way each subcategory or individual product range is approached, from both the benefits and package design point of view. Thus, it became clear that the most important and critical aspect of the project would be that of rendering the brand coherent in all of its (sub)categories, and concurrently preserving Peaks relevance in each of them.

To begin with, the brand architecture solution was developed first. It incorporates two sub-brands Peak WC (exclusively for toilet cleaning products) and Peak Out (for powerful products such as the surface disinfectant, the detartrant and the pipe drain products, which can be used either inside the toilet or outside of it). Although holding products designed for various different purposes, fundamentally, Peak stays true to its association with the idea of toilet cleaning, which makes it all the more relevant for this category. Further on, the portfolio architecture pointed toward the organization of the product range according to the products rational benefits: disinfection, perfuming and blue or green water coloring. The product denomination system draws on the main benefit idea and reasserts it in a unique category manner.

Product denominators like Cleansing flower or Emerald water enrich the verbal identity of the brand and get highlighted in the category by means of a high degree of recall.

The new brand positioning, by which Peak WC is the toilet guardian, offers the benefit of encompassing three different aspects Peaks action force, the protection it offers to the entire family and the long lasting effects of the products. The logo design, inspired by the traffic sign indicating a stop, is the centerpiece of the brands visual identity. With a strongly marked conceptual side, Peaks new visual identity ensures both impact and brand recall.

Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator

While precisely following the category color rigors, the stop sign offers individuality to the brand and, together with the slogan Stop dirtiness it firmly and definitely propels the brands message. Ovidiu Pop Senior Brand Designer

The package design concept seeks to emphasize the product benefits set in the portfolio architecture perfume, sanitizing and the blue or green water coloring. The graphic system favors the logical order of reading the package designs graphics and informative elements and, relating to brands of this category for the first time, a unique and distinguishing photographic style for the rendering of the toilet and other sanitary objects images is also instituted.

The package design was conceived to guarantee a bold color contrast in key with the logo, ensuring that the brand receives high shelf impact and greater visibility as against the competitions. Contributive to this result was our having tried to keep the design as simple as we could, avoiding its infestation with too many
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graphic elements, making Peaks brand design effective both from a functional as well as aesthetic point of view.


Melania Moisi Senior Brand Designer

Once the rebranding program was implemented, the BrandTailors team went on with Peaks repositioning process by means of developing the first brand activation campaign. The campaign was enacted by means of a TV commercial whose storyline antithetically presents the pleasant and easy way of bathtub cleaning whilst the cleaning of the toilet is shown as a true home-keeping endeavor. This accounts for the personified toilets feelings of neglect. Peak puts an end to such a tense situation, highlighting the easy and efficient proof of its use, enabling toilet hygiene to redeem its well-deserved importance. Peak is thus brought forward as the toilet guardian the key element that turns toilet cleaning from a necessary and must-do activity into a carefree and pleasant one. The commercial ends with the depiction of the toilet in a majestic role, while the brands video signature introduces Peaks visual identity as a guarantee for the reestablishment and maintenance of the toilets utmost hygiene. One of the functionalities of Peaks communication campaign, definitive for the rebranding program, is that of casting light on the unique personality of this powerful, vigilant and protective brand, which led to the outline of a determined and trustworthy tone of voice, concomitantly charismatic, mild and familiar.

The consistency of the communication strategy developed for Peak is, in fact, a premiere in the toilet care products category and essentially symbolizes the prevalence of a relevant and coherent brand promise, beyond the cumulative showcasing of the products benefits. In Peaks case, the product benefits are meant to support and found the brand promise of saying Stop to dirtiness! in all its forms. Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator

Since being the first communication step following the brands rejuvenation program, Peaks brand activation favors the setting of the brands foundations and the establishment of its role within the category and in the consumers lives.

As far as we are concerned, it was vital for the first activation campaign of the brand, following the rebranding program, to continue the process led by the new visual identity and package design creation. Setting the brand foundations and communicating its new positioning as transparently as possible were crucial, leading us to face a double challenge since the communication campaigns objectives pointed toward the brands rejuvenation as well as toward the future launch of new products.

Brand audit - Andreea Florea Brand strategy - Andreea Florea Naming - Andreea Florea Creative development - Andreea Florea, Ovidiu Pop

Melania Moisi Senior Brand Designer

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Logo design - Ovidiu Pop Package design - Melania Moisi Project management - Cristina Ionescu Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea
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