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143 I(1) love(4) you(3) 3 words, 8 letters, 1 381 meaning (I love you) ^5 High five 2moro Tomorrow 2nite Tonight A? Eh? AFAIK As far as I know AFK Away from keyboard AKA Also known as AIM AOL Instant Messenger AM Away message ASAP As soon as possible A/S/L Age/sex/location ATM At the moment B4N, Bye for now BFN BAK Back at the keyboard BBL Be back later BBS Be back soon BC Because BCNU Be seeing you BG Big grin BI Buddy icon BL Buddy list BMG Be my guest BRB Be right back BTA But then again BTW By the way CFN Ciao for now CID Consider it done CUL, CUL8R See you later CYA See ya DQMOT Dont quote me on this D/L Download F2F Face-to-face FYI For your information FWIW For what its worth G2G Got to go GL Good luck GMTA Great minds think alike GRA Go right ahead GTGB Got to go, bye HTH HT IAC IDK IK IM IAE IOW ITYS JK JIC JTLYK K KIS L8R LOL LMAO MSG NBD NP NM OIC Hope this helps Hi there In any case I dont know I know Instant message In any event In other words I told you so Just kidding Just in case Just to let you know Okay Keep it simple Later Laugh out loud Laughing my a** off Message No big deal No problem Nothing much Oh, I see OTOH OTP PLS, PLZ POS ROFL RUOK SN SYS THX TY TBH TIA TMI TTFN WB WE WTG WU WFM YT On the other hand On the phone Please Parents over shoulder Rolling on the floor laughing Are you okay? Screen name See you soon Thanks Thank you To be honest Thanks in advance Too much information Ta-ta for now Welcome back Whatever Way to go Whats up? Works for me You there?

MSN Emoticons
To Send This:
Smile Open-mouthed Surprised Tongue out Wink Sad Confused Disappointed Crying Embarrassed Hot Angry Angel Devil Dont tell anyone Baring teeth Nerd Sarcastic Secret telling Sick I dont know Thinking Party Eye-rolling Sleepy

MSN Objects
To Send This:
Coffee cup Thumbs up Thumbs down Beer mug Martini glass Girl Boy Left hug Right hug Vampire bat Birthday cake Red heart Broken heart Red lips Gift with a bow Red rose Wilted rose Camera Filmstrip Cat face Dog face Telephone receiver

Type This:
:-) or :) :-D or :d :-O or :o :-P or :p ;-) or ;) :-( or :( :-S or :s :-| or :| :( :-$ or :$ (H) or (h) :-@ or :@ (A) or (a) (6) :-# 8o| 8-| ^o) :-* +o( :^) *-) <:o) 8-) |-)

Type This:
(C) or (c) (Y) or (y) (N) or (n) (B) or (b) (D) or (d) (X) or (x) (Z) or (z) ({) (}) :-[ or :[ (^) (L) or (l) (U) or (u) (K) or (k) (G) or (g) (F) or (f) (W) or (w) (P) or (p) (~) (@) (&) (T) or (t)

To Send This:
Light bulb Note Sleeping half-moon Star E-mail Clock Black sheep Snail Rice bowl with chopsticks Plate Soccer ball Pizza Airplane Auto Island with a palm tree Umbrella Mobile phone Computer Lightning Stormy cloud Money

Type This:
(I) or (i) (8) (S) (*) (E) or (e) (O) or (o) (bah) (sn) (||) (pl) (so) (pi) (ap) (au) (ip) (um) (mp) (co) (li) (st) (mo)

General Emoticons
HAPPY, SMILING, LAUGHING :-) smiling; agreeing :-D laughing |-) hee, hee |-D ho, ho :-> hey, hey ;-) so happy, Im crying :-) crying with joy \~/ full glass; my glass is full TEASING, MISCHIEVOUS ;-) winking; just kidding -) winking; just kidding ;-> devilish wink :*) clowning :-T keeping a straight face AFFIRMING, SUPPORTING :^D Great! I like it! 8-] Wow, ma-a-an! :-o Wow! ^5 high five ^ thumbs up :] Gleep, a friendly midget who wants to befriend you (::()::) Band-Aid; offering help or support ANGRY, SARCASTIC >:-< angry :-|| angry :-@ screaming :-V shouting >:-< absolutely livid :-, smirk :-r sticking tongue out :-> bitingly sarcastic TRYING TO COMMUNICATE :-& tongue-tied :-S incoherent :-\ undecided :- I Hmmm... :-, Hmmm :-# My lips are sealed :-X My lips are sealed :-Y a quiet aside :- pursing lips :-W speaking with forked tongue :( ) cant stop talking FEELING STUPID OR TIRED :~/ mixed up %-) brain dead (:I egghead <:-I dunce =:-) hose head :-] smiling blockhead :-[ unsmiling blockhead |-O yawning |-I asleep :-6 exhausted; wipeout SURPRISED, INCREDULOUS, SKEPTICAL :> What? :@ What? :Q What? :-o Uh-oh! OR surprise ;-) sardonic incredulity :O shocked 8-| eyes wide with surprise :-/ skeptical 8-O Oh my God! :-C just totally unbelieving |-{ Good grief! (Charlie Brown) UNHAPPY, SAD :-( frowning; boo hoo :( sad :-< really sad :-c really unhappy :-C really bummed &-| tearful : ( crying :-( crying and really sad :-| grim :[ really down :-[ pouting \_/ My glass is empty HUGS AND KISSES : * kisses :-X a big wet kiss :-x kiss, kiss :-{} blowing a kiss [] hugs (( )):** hugs and kisses ((((name)))) hug

MISCELLANEOUS :-* Oops :-I indifferent \-o bored :-P tongue hanging out in anticipation O :-) angelic; being an angel

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