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All Saints Conference Center

Summer 2007

Applicants for Counselor-in-Training must have completed the 9th grade and be no older
than just-graduated high school seniors. Your Counselor-in-Training workshop will be
held at the end of Senior High Camp (June 24th-29th), which you will be expected to
attend. This is a non-paid position. However, room and board will be provided. We have a
limited number of openings and early applications will receive top priority. Please mark
the camp or camps to which you are applying. IF YOU ARE A TRAINED CERTIFIED
STIPEND. Please submit your application by December 8th to:

Betty Williams
Office Administrator
The Diocese of Kentucky
425 South Second Street
Suite 200
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

The dates for camp are as follows:

(Indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices of camps to work.)

___ 7th and 8th Grade Camp July 1st-6th

___ 5th and 6th Grade Camp July 8th-13th
___ 2nd-4th Grade Camp July 15th- 20th


Address (Street, City, ZIP)_______________________________________

Age_________________________ Date of Birth________________________

Home Phone______________________ College Phone___________________

Cell__________________________ e-mail______________________________

Church _________________________ In the fall of 2007 I will enter grade ____

1. List and describe specific skills and talents you have and your training and
experience in using these talents.

2. Describe what interests you most about the Counselor-in-Trainin position. In

other words, why do you want to be a counselor?

3. List other camp/conference experiences you have had, including events sponsored
by this Diocese or other church institutions.

4. Do you have a Life Saving Certificate or any training in First Aid? Please

5. What age child do you prefer to work with? Have you had other experiences
working with children? If so, please describe.

6. Please list your interests, hobbies, awards, or organizations in which you belong
that you feel may be an asset in performing the Senior Counselor position.
Your Signature________________________________

I endorse my son/daughter’s desire to be a Counselor-in-Training at All Saints for the

camp(s) listed on this application.

Signature of Parent/Guardian ______________________________________

Please print out this application, complete, and send to:

Betty Williams,
Office Administrator
Diocese of Kentucky
425 South Second Street
Suite 200
Louisville, Kentucky 40202.
Applications must be received by December 8th.

Please include two letters of recommendation from non-family members with this
application. One should be from your priest or youth director/minister and one from
someone with whom you have been professionally related such as a supervisor or teacher.