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uconeer - units conversion for engineers


version 2.4 jan 2005

copyright(c) 2001-2005 katmar software


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| to install the program run uconeer_setup.exe |
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| after installation use start | programs | uconeer to run. |
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cataloguing category
units converters
engineering and scientific

target audience
engineers, technicians and students

program description

short description :-
freeware units conversion for engineers

full description :-
freeware. uconeer has 397 units in 46 categories. covers all the basic
categories but adds engineering specific categories like enthalpy,
entropy, heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient, moment of inertia,
stress, surface tension, thermal conductivity, torque and viscosity.
converts feet, inches and fractions to and from decimal lengths. converts
between dynamic and kinematic viscosity. converts between volumetric and
mass flowrate for liquids and gases. gas constant in 900 sets of units.
comprehensive steel hardness equivalents. interface is kept simple by
exclusion of all archaic and esoteric units. powerful formatting and
clipboard features.

system requirements
o/s : windows 95/98/nt4.0/2000/xp or later compatible version
disk space : approx 0.35 mb

list of files (after installation)

the complete uconeer package consists of the following files :-
uconeer.exe the main executable file
pad_file.htm the program description in pad format for browsers
pad_file.xml description for automatic processing by web sites
file_id.diz description in old web site format
uconeer.hlp the help file
readme.txt brief description and distribution details
unins*.* information for uninstalling program

installation instructions
this program is distributed as a single zipped file with the name

copy the zip file to a temporary directory (folder) and unzip it

into the same folder. this will produce two files - this readme.txt
file and the uconeer_setup.exe installation file.

run the uconeer_setup.exe file. this will install the program into
the \program files\uconeer directory, although you can select where
you want to install it to.

after installation the program will appear in your menu structure as

start | programs | uconeer and the uconeer icon will appear on your

operating instructions
the program is virtually self evident to use, but instructions are
available by clicking the "help" button or pressing f1 when the program
is running.

version history
version 2.4 jan 2005 added earth's gravity in acceleration category
added in.ozf.s� and oz.in� in moment of inertia
(mass) category
added new normal conditions in gas flowrate
version 2.3 mar 2004 added megaliter/day in volumetric flow category
added million us gallon per day in volumetric flow
version 2.2 oct 2003 added friction factor (piping) category
added "copy" button on "convert to feet & inches"
version 2.1 sept 3003 added pints and fluid ounces in volume category
version 2.0 aug 2003 added steel hardness conversions
added ozf.in in torque category
version 1.9 jun 2003 added force per unit length category
added j/m� in surface tension category
added co to list of gases
version 1.8 apr 2003 added therm in energy category
added ton refrigeration and kj/h in power category
added sg to density category
added valve sizing coefficient category
added moment of inertia (area) category
version 1.7 dec 2001 added fuel consumption category
added gas volumetric / mass flowrate converter
fixed color bug in "available units" window
version 1.6 oct 2001 added carat in mass category
added mpa in pressure category
added bar in stress category
added calculator button on flowrate calculator
updated base value for gas constant to 8314.47
version 1.5 sept 2001 fixed bug in feet & inches calculator. this was
errors when converting to integral inches.
added degrees api to density category
version 1.4 aug 2001 gas constant in energy based units
added nautical mile and knots
version 1.3 jul 2001 fixed bug in display of decimal places
version 1.2 jun 2001 added barrels/day and usgpm to flowrate category
removed barrels/sec and usgal/sec from flowrate
version 1.1 may 2001 added volumetric / mass flowrate converter
version 1.0 jan 2001 first public release

license conditions
this is a copyrighted program. however, it can be used and distributed
free of cost. the only conditions of use are that you use it entirely
at your own risk, you may not change the software in any way and you
may not sell it. the program authors give no guarantee that the program
is fit for any purpose, and disclaim all liabilities, whether direct or

there is no guarantee of backup or support, but where possible we will

help with any problems arising in the installation or use of the
program. please direct queries to "uconeer@katmarsoftware.com"

when you run the program you will see a banner displaying adverts.
these adverts are built into the software and are never downloaded
from the internet. the program will never link your computer to the
internet automatically. the links to the distributors' web sites will
only open your browser if you double click them.

a "sponsored" version is also available. this version replaces our banners

with yours, and is fully supported with technical backup. see help file
for full details

this program may be distributed via floppy disk, cd, web site or any
other medium. no charge may be made for the supply of this program
to anyone. if you were charged for your copy, please let us know.

when distributing this program, please distribute it as the single

zip file containing the uconeer_setup.exe and readme.txt files.