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ATTY. HONORATO CARAG, JR. Administrative Officer Cagayan State University Today, we are gathered as one community to celebrate the 2nd Intramurals of CSU Carig as an independent Campus. We have all the reasons to congratulate and to be thankful to our administrators, faculty members, student leaders, and the entire campus studentry for this perfect opportunity and perfect time to showcase and to highlight our sense of camaraderie, sportsmanship and vast talents. They say that the school is a place where students are nurtured to become a responsible and productive member of the society. It provides a complete means of molding students to become an employee or professional, to the chosen field of endeavor they wish to engage in. The mathematics and science subjects assist students to enhance their logic reasoning, and mathematical maturity, the English subjects hones and polishes verbal and written communications, the General Education subjects promotes socialization and awareness, and Physical Education subject attempts to let the students have holistic and active lifestyle and at the same time learn life from valuing the essence of winning and losing. All these, and more, are learned, experienced, and lived during intramurals. During intramurals, when we compete in athletic, academic, and socio-cultural events, we learn how to channel our energy and time the right way. We likewise learn and develop the ability to work well with other people with efficiency and efficacy. During Intramurals, we win, we lose, which helps us, at the end of the day, the ability to accept bitter defeat and the ability to bounce back strong, triumphing over our adversary. Yes, I say, during Intramurals, during those small battles, we learn how to shine even under pressure. To my dear athletes, ladies and gentlemen, no matter what is the outcome, win or lose, stand up high and accept the outcome of the game. If you lose rebound stronger next time, practice your craft and learn from your mistake. If you win however, never rest on your laurels, keep practicing and always maintain your fierce fighting form. Grab the opportunity given you to learn lifes precious jewels of humility and perseverance. Remember that during Intramurals we compete to grow, we compete to evolve, and we compete to strengthen bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Starting today until Friday, September 23, our Campus will be the noisiest academic community in the City. The cheers, yells, and chants will definitely reverberate not only within the campus but in the entire city. And this activity will manifest a great achievement, that is, we have proven that we enjoyed and played, as one big CSU family. Today, may I then urge you, to forget the things that separate us, and preserve the camaraderie and brotherhood that binds us together. Let us all be on our best for the 2011 Intramurals. God bless; good luck; and god speed!

Cagayan State University Carig Campus Intramurals 2011 September 21, 2011