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Introduction Below are Mathcad and Simulink models for the 90kW SRM described in the following papers.

1. Radun, A. V., "High Power Density Switched Reluctance Motor Drive For Aerospace Applications," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol: 28, pp 113-119, JanFeb 1992. 2. Radun, A.V., Jones, D.W., Rulison, J.R., Stephens, C.M. "A High Power-Density Switched Reluctance Motor," Proceedings of PCIM 1991 Universal City, CA. 3. Radun, A. V. "Generating With the Switched Reluctance Motor," Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, Vol 1 pg. 41, 1994 4. Radun, A. V., "Design considerations for the Switched Reluctance Motor," Transactions on Industry Applications, September/October,1995, vol. 31, n. 5, pp. 1049 - 1087 Description of Mathcad files The Mathcad programs were saved as version 6 files from version 2001. Since no special features not available in version 6 were used it is expected that they can be run by Mathcad 6 or later. Flux.mcd A program to plot the SRMs flux linkage curves. Torque.mcd A program to plot the SRMs static torque curves. Motorsim.mcd A program to simulate the SRM running at constant speed and driven from a constant DC source. It assumes the SRM phases are independent and simulates one phase for one cycle. It assumes the torque and current for the simulated phase is equal to that for all of the other phases with the appropriate time shift. It predicts the performance of the machine and inverter calculating such things as weight, power out, power loss, and phase current. Figure 1 below defines the dimension names.

pw p







hw Wx

p pw = Rg 2 sin Rgp 2

= ph

180 Nph nrep

180 Wx = ( Rg + g ) sin 2 Nph nrep W =W pw w x

hw = Rsy

W 2 ( Rg + g ) x

Description of Simulink model files There are three Simulink models. They work with Matlab and Simulink 4 release 12.1. The Simulink models consist of 9 files. They are named 1. didtSRM90kW.dll 2. didtSRM90kWm.m 3. SRMdrive_4Q_CS.mdl 4. SRMdrive_4Q_Mech.mdl 5. SRMAngleGen.mdl 6. SRMin.m 7. SRMAngleGenin.m 8. Initlxm.mat 9. initlxangle.mat 10. reinitlm.m 11. Torqueplt.m One Simulink model (SRMdrive_4Q_CS.mdl) is a 4-quadrant drive with the SRM turning at constant speed. The second (SRMdrive_4Q_Mech.mdl) is a 4-quadrant drive with the SRM driving a mechanical load. Note, the inertia in the model is unrealistically low so that the simulation time to reach the maximum speed is not to long. The third (SRMAngleGen.mdl) uses fixed turn on and turn off angles and simulates the generating instability described in [3] and the generating paper you can down load. All of the Simulink models use (call) the same machine model (didtSRM90kW.dll).

To run the Simulnk model all of these files should be in the same folder and the folder location should be part of the Matlab path definition. Typically, making the folder containing these files the default Matlab directory for the session adds them to the Matlab path definition. The file (didtSRM90kW.dll) is an executable s-function model of the SRM and it is called by the all three Simulink models when they run. The user does not run this file. The file (didtSRM90kWm.m) is the same model of the SRM as (didtSRM90kW.dll) except that it is a readable Matlab m-file. It is not used for the Simulink simulation. It is useful if you want to know more about the SRM model. It is also used by the m-file (Torqueplt.m) to plot the static torque curves of the SRM as described below. The file (SRMin.m) is a Matlab m-file with all of the input parameters for the two Simulink models (SRMdrive_4Q_CS.mdl) and (SRMdrive_4Q_Mech.mdl). It must be run prior to running the Simulink models to create the input parameters in the Matlab workspace. Because it is a Matlab m-file, it can be opened to change model input parameters. Once you have changed a parameter in (SRMin.m) you must run it again before you run the Simulink model to update the Matlab workspace and have the change take effect. The file (SRMAngleGenin.m) is a Matlab m-file with all of the input parameters for the Simulink model (SRMAngleGen.mdl). The file (Initlxm.mat) contains the initial conditions for the Simulink simulations (SRMdrive_4Q_CS.mdl) and (SRMdrive_4Q_Mech.mdl). It is loaded in when you run (SRMin.m). The user does not need to worry about this file. Similarly for (initlxangle.mat). The file (reinitlm.m) is a Matlab m-file that can be run to change the initial conditions stored in (Initlxm.mat) or (initlxangle.mat). It is used after already running a Simulink model. When it is run it finds the last value of the stored state variables and puts them in (Initlxm.mat). To run a Simulink model set your folder with the above files to your default directory for your Matlab session. Next run the appropriate input file to set the input parameter values and the initial conditions. Now you can open and run the Simulink model. Note that you can open the Simulink model before running the input file but you can not run the Simulink model before running the input file. If you try you will get an error message saying the input parameters are undefined. There is an additional m-file (Torqueplt.m) that plots the static torque curves of the SRM versus rotor position at constant current for different current values. It also plots di/dt versus rotor position at constant current for different current values.